Thursday, 22 May 2014


Another snapshot of the Jersey ‘justice’ system – where ‘the law’ is changeable according to who you are…

Being pleased to receive some assistance from our cousins across the channel in France relating to our Strasbourg application – this arising out of complete disbelief on their part at how those who control Jersey’s ‘justice’ system continue to twist and abuse it at will to secure the desired Establishment result – the conversation got me on to thinking of how the Data Protection ‘law’ was infamously manipulated against former Senator Stuart Syvret.

Indeed, the timing for putting up this post seemed pretty ideal as I had decided that due to some rather interesting ‘happenings’ I have set for around the end of September/October I needed to take a break from regular blogging at least until nearer the election. And secondly, I had just had yet another experience of what passes for ‘law’ in the Birt and Bailhache epoch Jersey Twilight Zone via Viscount Michael Wilkins’ collusion with the State media regarding our politically manipulated ‘Désastre’.

More about this episode in a future post no doubt. Yet in the meantime please check out this link to my interview on the excellent Voiceforchildren Blog.

Stuart Syvret and the notorious Data Protection ‘secret court case’ scam

Here, should any readers not be aware, four Establishment proxies (there was actually meant to be five but one refused to go along with the ruse having been written to by Data Protection asking him to come in and join them) including one middle-aged, internet troll and convicted petty criminal we shall call for the sake of humour and upsetting his sense of deluded importance, Boozy D’ Eathreat were provided with the better part of £500,000 of our taxpayers’ money by the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office. These monies being to cover ‘legal advice’ costs to take former Senator Syvret to court and prosecute him regarding material on his internet blog.

The actual cost of the whole scam in fact ran in to millions as I know firsthand from one of those involved in the process. However, what really needs to be focussed on for the purposes of this particular post is that Mr D’ Eathreat was allowed access to this taxpayer’s money despite the fact that what Stuart Syvret had actually written about him being an abusive and cowardly cyber bully was demonstrably true. As at least nine other complainants to the police I am now aware of can confirm. Imagine that, readers – in Jersey such is the break down of law and order that you can now actually be taken to court for telling the truth! All our judiciary need to do to succeed is simply ban you from providing the evidence or calling any witnesses.

Yet it must also be flagged up – especially given the anti-Syvret propaganda pumped out by Establishment Party organs such as the Jersey Evening Pravda – that whatever one thinks about the former Senator’s decision to name the secret court case proxies on his blog it remains an undeniable truth that the former Senator does have a wholly sustainable defence in his claim to have done so in what he considered to be – rightly or wrongly – the ‘public interest’. Certainly one hell of a stronger case than Viscount Wilkins’ has in his pandering to the whims of his mates in the Establishment court and media in our ‘Désastre’ case!

The differing judicial attitude to Syvret and Boozy D’ Eathreat actually sums up ‘the Jersey Way’ to a T

You see this Establishment proxy – a perma-Stella-ed, work-shy, scumbag, who has for years viciously attacked not just Syvret himself but many others including Shona and myself and even victims of child abuse on the internet using a whole plethora of fake avatars (James Le Gallais, James Pearce, Sue Young, Julie Hanning, Percy Luce, Monty Man Hunter etcetera) to try and conceal his sick and cowardly actions can have no such defence whatsoever. NONE! Boozy D’ Eathreat’s abuse of innocent people is down to pure, twisted maliciousness and jealousy. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Yet guess what? When approached for the same support to take this truly horrible bully to court - surprise, surprise - the Data Protection Commissioner claimed that she ‘could not do so’. Because this internet troll is apparently – and I quote here: ‘not a data controller like Syvret is’. In fact according to the Data Protection Commissioner’s very own words once again our Mr D’ Eathreat ‘is just a kitchen table blogger’. ‘Syvret’ in contrast she told me ‘even calls himself a journalist.’

Wondering what a ‘kitchen table blogger’ is?

Me too!  Because, even though I asked the Commissioner to kindly explain, her answers left me largely none the wiser. You see someone writing on the internet can call him or her self whatever they like – investigative journalist; reporter; political activist – anything. Most of course use plain and simple old ‘blogger’. The best are also quite open about who they – we - are.

The key issue here then is that such claims don’t actually automatically have any legal standing whatsoever. Syvret, after all, may use the term ‘journalist’ even though – just like other individuals such as Mr Rico Sorda for example – he is not actually employed or contracted by anyone. Indeed, such people in truth are ‘employed’ only by their social conscience; their ‘contract’ being only with their commitment to social justice.

Indeed, it is a similar story with the guff used in court against Syvret in throwing around the term ‘data controller’. Is Syvret any more a ‘data controller’ writing his blog than the sick and vicious internet troll who sets up and controls fake political forums where he uses avatars to both register it and spout his easily identifiable hatred as if this was coming from real people?

Or who even sets up bogus blogs - again registered under fake names - to do the same? Indeed, is Syvret or any other of us who write in our own name on personal and genuine blogs more of a ‘data controller’ than the sick and twisted troll who undoubtedly ‘controls’ the hateful bile he pumps out – i.e. the ‘information’ via Twitter of Facebook? Hateful information we know even pillars of the State media such as BBC Jersey Managing Editor, Jon Gripton are evidently happy to re-tweet as ‘amusing’.

No - Syvret is not

The truth is this whole ‘data controller’ concept is actually one originally intended to be utilised in relation to big business and institutions and was never constructed with the idea of being used against the likes of Syvret at all. It has simply been seized upon here in the courts of Jersey – the Hazzard County of the English Channel – as a convenient additional tool of Establishment oppression. (Who is Jersey’s Boss Hogg? Answers on a postcard…)

As for an individual like our Mr D’ Eathreat being able to pump out his cowardly hate to bully people he becomes fixated upon year after year without fear of falling foul of either Data Protection or the police because he is a ‘kitchen table blogger’ this also utter garbage. The term’s legal standing is zero. Both agencies are fully aware of who this creature is and what he does. They both know there is a huge file of complaints about him. They also know that he could – as both honest local and UK police officers have confirmed to me - be charged under the Harassment Law and should have been.

But charged he isn’t

As for me personally, having pursued all of the correct complaint procedures following the years of sickening and vicious abuse from this social inadequate scumbag and yet still seen the authorities do absolutely nothing I actually can’t wait to be taken to court having decided my last resort was to stand up to this thug.

You see one little thing the Jersey Establishment Party may not have realised in deliberately allowing this freak’s reign of abuse to go on and on is that - finally - there are a great many of his victims who are now willing to give evidence about the how they have been abused and then betrayed by the authorities meant to protect them. And unlike James Pearce, James Le Gallais, Sue Young, Julie Hanning, Alan Gower and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all – they are all real!

Keep the Faith


In the meantime should you be one of this thug’s victims yet somehow suddenly find yourself down the police station due to one of his own bogus complaints (D’ Eathreat has made dozens of them!) please just remember this.. The police actually need a Centenier to charge you. It can’t – as it appears happened recently - be attempted by a couple of the mates the troll is always bragging about. And when you get out of the station if you haven’t got anyone else to turn to feel free to give me a call so I can add your name to the list… 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bailhache: the ‘reformer’ again exposed as ‘wrecker’

Of all the many things that can be said about yesterday’s States vote to yet again hold back the tide of desperately needed political/constitutional reform in the Island surely the most crucial point to take on board above all else is this: not only did the manner by which democracy was thwarted see the States Assembly sink to an all time low but ‘Sir’ Philip Bailhache has now been exposed beyond argument as having free rein to abuse the system by whatever means he sees fit to maintain the Establishment Party’s grip on power.

Bailhache, of course, was carried into office by the likes of fawning Establishment organs such as the Jersey Evening Pravda on the back of farcical propaganda that he was the very champion of ‘reform’. That such claims were – as I and others from the progressive Left made clear at the time – utterly fake and in fact highly dangerous for Jersey’s democratic and socio-economic future – have now been proven 100% accurate. What after all it must be asked has the ‘Great Reformer’ Philip Bailhache reformed? The answer is, of course, absolutely nothing.

Indeed, Bailhache's track record on this could not be any more appalling if he tried. lets us not forget his very first move was to hijack and deliberately sabotage the reform referendum - wholly deliberately turning it into a loaded shambles which could only result in one outcome: failure.

In deeply disturbing contrast Bailhache is in truth a political reactionary of the very worst type – a draconian dinosaur in fact. A man absolutely desperate to preserve not only the ‘political stability’ that the Finance industry which has so captured our Island demands of its co-conspirators to guarantee its spiv culture of individual and corporate tax avoidance; but with it the two-tier society of an all-powerful Establishment minority totally immune to the democratic norms of the wider modern world.

And as yesterday shows, terrifying as it is, without outside pressure and ultimately intervention the conclusion must be that in this Bailhache is currently winning. At least until time takes its natural course and he and his aging band of power-obsessed neo-feudalists wither away and pass into an embarrassing history. Anyone who doubts this should simply consider the basic facts of yesterday’s debacle.

In what was so transparently nothing more than a blatant wrecking motion ‘Sir’ Philip Bailhache was allowed to bring an amendment to the Constable of St. Helier’s rehash of former Deputy Shona Pitman’s proposition to put an end to the role of Bailiff and replace this in the States with a democratically elected Speaker and President. Though sad in itself this amendment was, of course, not actually the real problem as I will explain.

It was the fact Bailhache was quite outrageously allowed to bring an amendment which if successful had clear and undeniable potential financial benefit to his own brother: Little ‘bruv’ William after all had already been named in an act of true arrogance and provocation by ‘Sir’ Michael Birt as his successor to the role in advance of the debate.

This is a blatant abuse and manipulation of the intent and spirit of Standing Orders and any claim to the contrary is simply untenable even with the most liberal interpretation of Standing Orders imaginable. Indeed, that ‘Sir’ Philip Bailhache was himself then even allowed to participate in the debate of such an amendment demonstrates just how utterly corrupt and craven the whole system is.

Yet where were the champions of democracy themselves – the voices of the progressive Left – in raising all of this to public attention? From what I heard – and I acknowledge I didn’t listen to the whole debate so depressing was the quality of much that was said within speeches – it appeared they just let the blatant abuse of process pass unchallenged. My word - but not a single one of the Left appeared to stand up to challenge the absolute joke of a claim that the judiciary in the form of the Bailiff could influence or interfere with the democratic process! 

Has no one from the new political party noticed that the Bailiff completely controls what an elected Member can say, what questions he or she may ask and what propositions may be lodged in support of those who elected them? If I missed this then I apologise but regardless it is something surely for the newly announced political party Reform Jersey at least to get to grips with fast if they are to live up to their name as I truly hope they can do.

Who needs a future it might be stated when ‘Sir’ Philip Bailhache can give us a whole new past?  As for me…depressing as the Bailiff debate and abuse of process was I took solace in the fact that I have a project likely to make a far bigger impact on the democratic deficit here in Jersey on course for the early autumn…

Keep the Faith