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I reproduce below - with full permission - a letter e-mailed from a local resident and businessman to Chief Minister Ian Gorst. Should you not wish to read the explanation here but only the letter itself then simply go straight to the subheading entitled 'Letter' in blue several paragraphs below.
As the reader can see, given this gentleman's quite understandable anger and abject disgust at his - and my integrity - being scurrilously attacked by Senator Sir Philip Bailhache during the last States Question Time he has written to the Chief Minister to demand explanations. Having again contacted me my constituent also copied in PPC Chairman, Constable Simon Crowcroft at my advice. This being suggested as some kind of safeguard (hopefully) that the matter will not be simply swept under the carpet in time-honoured Establishment party fashion.
So I ask readers, does the information and detail contained suggest anything 'fictitious' or 'malicious'?
Indeed, as it has also been described as an e-mail 'purporting' to be from a member of the public; though I have been asked to keep the gentleman's identity anonymous thus far - this being simply due to his understandable fear of repercussions in the true 'Jersey Way' -the original e-mail has also been viewed by a small number of very close political colleagues who can verify its authenticity.
Please read it and make up your own mind. And then perhaps ask your self this: what exactly will Chief Minister Gorst now do about the behaviour of his Assistant Chief Minister? A politician, let us not forget, who whilst regularly lecturing other members about 'respect' (often whilst attacking them personally) is also currently the individual we have to trust to represent our interests in Jersey with the hugely important role of having 'responsibility for External Relations'.
And remember too, Chief Minister Gorst has not only already demonstrated himself to be only too happy to accept, without question, his Assistant Minister's claim that he was only reading the Korris Report - and thus feed this back to the States Assembly as being truthful fact. He has also since attempted to fob me off with the additional line that whatever the Senator has done he was apparently 'not acting as an Assistant Minister at the time': merely a States Member and a member of the Church of England!
So what will he now do? This should - and certainly would - in any professional jurisdiction be the end of Senator Bailhache's 'ministerial' career. After all, Chief Minister Gorst has,of course, recently also been revealed as one of only two complaints to PPC out of many thousands of States employees who I e-mailed simply requesting views about public sector pay and the serious failings within the 'justice' system.
Will he now be asking PPC to initiate serious sanctions against the man we all know is really his political master? Will he be sacking him or demanding the Senator's resignation? My bet? Of course he won't. The Chief Minister just simply does not have the Testicular Fortitude. As for PPC - they only really pursue complaints against political Leftists and progressives.
They call it 'the Jersey Way'. And this is what the people of Jersey will continue to to get so long as they allow themselves to be hoodwinked by people who believe you all exist simply to keep them in power.
Keep the Faith
Letter: 21st May 2013 to Chief Minister Gorst...

Sent: 21 May 2013 14:25
To: Ian Gorst
Cc: Trevor Pitman; aascrowcroft
Subject: Private and Confidential

Dear Chief Minister,

I am writing to you in response to the recent public allegation from Sir Philip Bailhache that I am the creator of a fictitious and malicious email which I sent to Deputy Pitman on 22nd March 2013 so in basic terms ‘a liar’.

You will see below a copy of the original email which I sent to Deputy Trevor Pitman on the 22nd March following a flight that I had boarded on the 21st March.

At this point I would like to point out that I personally do not have a great interest in politics nor do I really have a great understanding of politics but my interest and understanding has certainly grown since the 21st March.

I find it quite unbelievable that Sir Philip Bailhache has publicly stated the information contained in the original email below is of a fictitious and malicious nature. I can 100% assure you that there is only one person in this situation who is fictitious and that is certainly not me.

I have no axe to grind with any of our
current sitting states members and can see no reason why I would. That was until being publicly called a liar from an Assistant Chief Minister when they know the real truth, I really do not feel this is appropriate conduct for any states member.

The short details I have given in the email below are true of the event that occurred on the 21st March flight from Gatwick airport, I was also travelling with my business partner who is also quite astonished at the allegation that has been made towards me of being a liar to which he is happy to also confirm.
I think the question that needs to be asked is if it was fictitious and malicious where would I get this type of information from, ‘ letters from a Robb ****** (signed I will always Love you like a daughter, love Robb)’, maybe Chief Minister you should actually read this letter yourself ,if you have not already, just to confirm this was how it was signed off because I can assure you that neither Mr ****** nor the victim in this would have ever showed me this letter.
So whilst Sir Philip Bailhache still stands by his response that he was only reading the Diocese of Winchester independent review I would just like to confirm to you again ‘exactly’ the details of what I was able to see of what Sir Philip Bailhace had in his possession on that flight of the 21st March from Gatwick to Jersey: 
Police Witness Statements – Printed on States Of Jersey Police Letterhead. 
A4 pages of text messages sent from the victim

Printed and Handwritten briefs of emails sent – from memory the handwritten were on yellow A4 paper.

A letter from the accused addressed to the victim and signed off with ‘I will always love you like a daughter, love Robb’
You will note that in my list above you will not see ‘Diocese of Winchester independent review’ as I did not see this document. 
*The above emphasis in red by me.
Personally when originally giving this information to Deputy Pitman I was merely a concerned member of public that was appalled I was able to see such information being openly read by one of our States members on a plane and at the time I did not really understand the severity of this, now I understand that not only should he have not been openly reading this information on a plane but he really shouldn’t have had it in his possession in the first place, this is something however that I suppose is not for me to question being just a mere member of the public. 
The question however I do feel strongly I can ask: 
Why would an ‘upstanding, credible and honest’ States member deceive the rest of the States assembly in his answering of recent questions from Deputy Pitman regarding the data protection breach by fabricating his answers to protect himself and why would an ‘upstanding, credible and honest’ states member publicly accuse a mere member of the public as being fictitious and malicious when they know this is a complete lie themselves?? 
I guess the answer to that question is: that very States member is not so ‘upstanding, credible and honest’ 
I now find myself in the position that I regret deeply the way I cast some of my votes at the last election and I know for sure that I will not be making that mistake again. 
Since my first email to Deputy Pitman I have always requested he keep my identity private purely as I do not really want to get dragged down with the Jersey way and given the recent response’s from Sir Philip Bailhache I am actually quite concerned as to what else he could be capable of, so I respectfully ask the same of you and those cc'd on this email. 
If you would like to meet me in person just so you can be assured I am not just a fictitious email address then I will be happy to arrange this with yourself and Deputy Pitman in attendance. If you feel it necessary to meet I will also ask my business partner who was with me on that flight to also attend as he is also happy to confirm the validity of this information. 


And a reminder of the original 'malicious' and 'fictitious' e-mail...


Sent: 22 March 2013 16:25

To: Trevor Pitman

Subject: Private Information

Hi Trevor

How are you, long time no see or speak! I trust your life in politics is going well!!??

I am writing to you just to welcome your thoughts on a specific matter that arose yesterday afternoon on a flight back from Gatwick.

On taking my seat on the place I noticed that seated in the aisle seat on the opposite aisle to me was Sir Philip Bailhache to which I certainly commend him being seated in an economy class seat!

What disturbed me greatly was on taking off he produced a large amount of documentation to read regarding the recent issues with the Dean of Jersey. Now not wanting to be nosey of course when you are open to read such information I spent 35 minutes glancing at the various Police Statements, pages of mobile phone text messages (which has now confirmed for me that the police can in fact trace logs of all text messages), letters to the Bishop and letters from a Robb ****** (signed I will always Love you like a daughter, love Robb) just for clarification that I have seen this information!!
Not only was I privy to this information but at one stage an Air Hostess was also glancing at such information while she was waiting for a new pot of tea to be brought to her, she smirked when she noticed I had been watching her read! At one point he was actually holding parts of the documentation up in full view to the person sat next to him while he reviewed paperwork from his knee!

Obviously certain facts and names are kept strictly confidential from these types of cases but now I for one can name the woman in question and others that have involvement because of this lack of discretion of information being reviewed in a public place.

Correct me if I am wrong but I do strongly think that this is extremely inappropriate? I wasn’t sure how was best to convey this information over so as I know you personally I thought you would be a good point of contact or should I write a letter to the JEP?

I welcome your response.



End note...

As a former Senator used to say in the States: 'You couldn't make this stuff up!' Unlike the Establishment who seem wholly unable to tell the truth - even whilst casting aspersions that others who question them are liars.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


This is a 'local' democracy...

One of my old University lecturers absolutely loved the old saying that suggests - on occasions - 'less' really can be 'more'. Whilst reflecting upon what single topic I might post about this week; and being pushed for time between a raft of new constituent and corruption cases the truth of this really came home to me for some reason.
Of course it would be very easy and quite justified to write a lengthy, detailed post on any one of a half-a-dozen issues that have come to the fore in Jersey politics this past couple of weeks. Yet given the gravity of what some of these happenings reveal, why I thought, not instead just flag up the 'basics' of two or three in a few paragraphs on each for discussion?
After all, if the reader can't grasp the seriousness of all of these headings from considering just the fundamental basics of the problems then our island, you have to conclude, may well be beyond saving. Do we want to have things like justice, democracy, transparancy and genuine community as central to our way of life? Or do we just want to be the equivalent of a mad, black comedy where the only thing that matters is keeping the rich powerful and the poor powerless?

The choice as they say is yours. For if you don't DO politics, then politics in the shape of the Jersey Establishment will DO you...
Bailhache-Gate. Or liar, liar your pants are on fire? 
Now this issue all arose from my daring to bring States questions on serious concerns raised by a member of the public who stated he had been able to see damning confidential documents (revealing both the identity of HG in the Dean suspension case, and her alleged abuser). All of these being allegedly carelessly read in public by Assistant Minister with responsibility for External Relations, Senator Sir Philip Bailhache during a flight from Gatwick on March 21st.
As I have said, the details provided by this member of the public in contacting me revealed - beyond any question - details that are not in the public domain and could not have been faked. Yet how did Senator Bailhache respond? Was there an explanation; an apology? No. The claims were 'fictitious' and 'malicious'; the document containing them being described as 'purporting' to be an e-mail from a member of the public. In essence both this gentleman and yours truly were, by extension, liars. Ah..the 'Man who would be King' or at least El Presidente: how dare we mere mortals; we peasants question HIM? It was all a wicked Lefty plot it seems.

But... unfortunately, for both the Senator, Chief Minister Gorst and the MSM who failed to do any investigative journalism on the story whatsoever - it ISN'T. The gentleman, a successful businessman, has thus quite understandably become so disgusted and outraged by the Senator's reaction that he has now written to Chief Minister Gorst giving...even more details of this 'fictitious' event. And guess what else? The whole episode can also all be verified by the man's business partner who was travelling with him. They have even offered to meet with the Chief Minister accompanied by yours truly.
Misleading the States? Testicular Fortitude required I fancy. and a large dose at that. But has our Chief Minister actually got any... 
The alternative 'Jersey Way' reality unfolding in Court No.2... 
Now I spent this Tuesday morning in court again - and just for a change it didn't have anything - directly - to do with me!

That's right: I wasn't challenging a 'justice' system that had allowed former Jurat John Le Breton to sit on our defamation case against the JEP and the estate agent Broadlands even though he is an evidenced long-standing friend of one of the paper's directors. Not to mention being a man who was allowed to become a Jurat even though proven in the Sharp Report to be quite happy to look the other way on evidence against a friend and colleague who was a predatory paedophile!

Nor was I finding myself in Petty Debts Court because of holding to the ever-so-silly principle that an contract built on fairness wasn't being applied that way! No. I was there simply because of a quite unbelievable, indeed, bizarre example of the 'Jersey Way'. This being a truly staggering case that had seen a good, decent and hardworking local businessman Mr. Martin Kane not only ARRESTED but having to report DAILY to the police station - all because of an alleged breach of a Planning regulation/by-law! 

I really am not making this bizarre case up I assure you. Its true. And, though I make no claim to be an expert in the area, like others who have also now examined the case, I have to say that in my view the pursuit of this individual and his company is the biggest waste of taxpayers' money since... a cowardly, abusive, convicted petty  thug was given our money to take one of the people he himself was abusing to court!
Believe me, I would love to say more on this astounding 'court case'. But I won't just now. For without the full details as yet being in the public domain you would probably end up thinking I was just pitching a script for a fantasy film. A 'malicious' prosecution as is being claimed; or just a misguided mess that never should have happened? What certainly can be said even at this stage is the complex web by which it is all being held together to progress just this far goes right to the heart of 'the Jersey Way'...

And one other thing is also certain: it will all cost we the taxpayers an absolute fortune. 
BBC Jersey ask: should 'backbenchers' not willing to spout Establishment propaganda be allowed to talk to foreigners...

This truly bonkers issue was incredibly given the bulk of the Beeb's Politics Show recently and arose from that naughty Lefty troublemaker Deputy Montfort Fawkes - sorry, Montfort Tadier giving an interview to the French newspaper Le Parisian. His 'offence'? He didn't have permission from the Establishment Party Fueher Bunker; and he didn't espouse the party line that 'Off-Shore' (or tax havens - you take your pick) must be viewed through rose-tinted spectacles.

Now enough has been said about the damning attitude of arrogance and contempt for differing views that the swivel-eyed reaction of the Treasury Minister and Finance industry 'big-wigs' has revealed here. The angle I want to put up for discussion is just what such a reaction from within our MSM tells us? I mean, can the local BBC really believe that it is in any way compatible with a modern democracy that elected representatives of the public should not be free to speak to international journalists unless they adhere to the majority party whip on tax evasion/avoidence?

Frankly it is both embarrassing and a damning indictment of the mainstream - or State - media itself. The Bald Truth is that such a debate would be laughed out of the boardroom in just about any other jurisdiction in the world - no matter which political philosophy held the majority. It wouldn't even matter if the Deputy's views were right or wrong. true democracy guarantees his right to hold and voice them.

OK. The head-in-the-sand approach might be comforting for the MSM, the Finance industry and even our Neo-Liberal politicians alike I accept. But the cold, hard truth of the matter is that the sun is setting on the view that tax 'dodging' by big business and the super-wealthy is socially acceptable. To contend otherwise is akin to King Canute commanding the tide not to come in and drown him. The sooner the Establishment - both politicians and MSM apologists - wise up to this truth the sooner economic diversification can become more than just pre-election buzz word.

Saying sorry but really not meaning it: part 98...

Meanwhile, isn't is strange how having been exposed by me yet again as a regular purveyor of pathetic and malicious 'anti-Leftist' fake letters the Jersey Evening Pravda have still got the offending missive attacking Montfort Tadier up on their website. Complete of course, with scores of similarly fake comments using avatars of one Mad Jon the Cyber-rash - exponent of drunken death threats and scavenger of takeaway dustbins. All doing exactly, of course, what these fake letters are meant to achieve: trying to negatively mislead wider public perception...

And the moral of this post?

If the above 'snapshots' above conjure up the type of Jersey you want to live in then keep voting for the Establishment. But if such a 'democracy' is really not what you want then let me say quite bluntly here: you had better make sure you aren't one of the apathetics who just sit on their butt and moan. Doing nothing is as sure a way of ensuring this attitude to democracy continues as is putting your 'x' next to the name of an Establishment candidate on an election ballot paper. In fact it is precisely what their bullying, lies and manipulation hopes to achieve...

Keep the Faith



Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Who would want to be seen to vote against final implementation of our decades overdue Discrimination Law? No one, surely? Well, unless perhaps you happened to be one of the last surviving residents of the local valley of the political dinosaurs. But as I commented there are certainly a number of people who deserve an extra 'pat on the back' for their efforts in getting us here.

Former Senator Wendy Kinnard is one - being in at the very start. Deputy Geoff Southern is surely another for being fleet of thought enough to grasp the opportunity to slip this through back in 2011 at a time when most Members were distracted by thoughts of their summer holidays. The current Minister too, Senator Le Gresley also deserves congratulations.

Yet it also simply had to be highlighted that a staggering hypocrisy exists when on the one hand so many can voice their strident commitment to equality. But are nevertheless quite happy to deny this very fundamental facet of a modern jurisdiction to the residents of St. Helier - a third of the Island's population - in the desperation to maintain a grasp on power; and/or simply to hang on to the £46,000 salary for being a Constable.

Discrimination isn't just about 'black' or 'white'; 'male' or 'female'; 'straight' or 'gay' etc. The sooner those significant number of  States Members who fall into this category finally take this on board the sooner this government will finally begin to be taken seriously as a conduit for the fairer, more equal society we always hear so much about from the Establishment party around election times.

So let's start demonstrating this core democratic principle right away by kicking Option B well and truly into the long grass reserved for proposals not fit for the 21st Century. Indeed, let's make sure we bury it a good six feet deep. Should we not do so then all of today's fine words will in truth be lip service of the most contemptible kind.

It will also be an utter betrayal of what so many local people fought and struggled for some seven decades ago.

Monday, 6 May 2013



An extra post just to cheer everyone up in time for the Monday Bank Holiday...
The Bald Truth is that after several years in politics I would be misleading readers if I claimed I was ever really surprised to see what is - to use the technical term - a complete load of old tosh being passed of as journalism in the local Pravda. But whilst cutting this Saturday's edition up into strips ready for the smallest room in the house I have to admit I almost was.
You see this particular piece of inaccurate, vitriolic garbage attacking yours truly was not written by one of the usual suspects - it was actually accredited to  none other than Jersey's newest Chief of Police, Mr. Mike Bowron. Yes, under a Letters page heading entitled 'No complaint against me!' Jersey's Chief of Police had launched into an angry rant about how I had 'impugned his integrity' and only done so apparently from 'the safety' of the States Chamber. 
Good old JEP - fearlessly highlighting yet another attack on his betters by that bolshie Leftie, Deputy Trevor Pitman...
Exciting, controversial stuff this was to be sure. And all arising as it did because of States questions asked of the Home Affairs Minister; this involving an alleged complaint made against the Chief of Police and an external report apparently relating to the matter. Indeed, so agitated and aggrieved was our Mr. Bowron that in attacking me he took the trouble to accuse no fewer than three times. In fact let's spell out for Bald Truth Jersey readers exactly what our top and most experienced policeman actually wrote about me at one one point.
'Perhaps Deputy Pitman will check his facts in future before he impugns my, or anyone else's, integrity within the safety of the States Chamber.' Ah, the strong and forthright approach to police work - you can't beat it, can you? Well, yes you can actually. Because unfortunately there is one small but ever so important thing wrong with Mr. Bowron's tirade against me...
I wasn't the politician who happened to ask these questions!
No - not a one of them. Just as a quick and cursory checking of Hansard or even the audio supplied by the excellent TJW Citizens' Media service would confirm.
The questions, and actually, when you know the background very interesting ones they are too, were asked by none other than my excellent colleague, Deputy Mike Higgins. Indeed, having spoken to the Deputy if Mr. Bowron would like to take the trouble I can tell him Mike Higgins will even be only too happy to confirm these facts himself.
So whatever can have happened to make the nice Mr. Bowron cast aside his spiffing new white police hat and have a secretary run off this not very nice letter about me for no reason at all? Of course, as you might understand I was deeply worried about potential consequences. Would I be the next one to have the door kicked in and be frog-marched off to a police cell to be left in my underpants and 'Viva Chavez!' tee shirt? Hell, would the Establishment never leave me alone?
Would it never end I asked myself? Wasn't it already bad enough that me and Shona had recently learnt that - unlike proper justice systems - the Bailiff's Office had allowed our defamation case against the newspaper to be presided over by a jurat who regulary shared din-dins with a defendant's director? Indeed, a Jurat who the Sharp Report makes quite clear felt it quite normal to have requested Victoria College governors to allow a predatory paedophile friend and colleague to stay on and work out his notice teaching children? Deeply concerned I knew I had to act fast.
Evidence - the foundation of all the best police work...
Luckily, having a standard policy of going on 'facts' and looking for 'evidence' in only a few minutes research, and without even arming myself with truncheon or high-powered taser (in fact without even having to illegally enter a local foreign Consul and steal someone's laptop or pretend storing sophisticated petrol bombs to attack your neighbours is something occurring in every normal household) I had ascertained just how this bizarre attack on me had come about.
Chief of Police Mike Bowron had been stupid enough to accept what was written in a Jersey Evening Pravda report on the States as being based in 'fact'.
Foolish beyond words I know you will agree - but there the offending article was when Mike Higgins kindly pointed it out to me. In Wednesday's account of what had apparently taken place during Tuesday's States Sitting the good old JEP, under the watchful eye no doubt of ace editor Chris Bright, was once again telling their readers I had said words and made accusations that never happened. Indeed, as I was to further discover, their report had about as much truth in it as did the equally bizarre column attributed to 'the Fly'.
For this piece actually had me apparently 'glaring menacingly' at my States neighbour and good friend, Deputy Richard Rondel in order to prevent him footstomping wildly for the second-coming of the Dean. Quite an achievement actually, as if Lucy Stephenson had only looked down from her eyrie she will have known Deputy Tadier and I had both walked out in protest at the appalling display of Establishment party insensitivity to a shamefully betrayed victim of abuse.
Still, 'facts' and the Jersey Eveing Pravda - at least when it comes to left-leaning politicians who have the affrontery to fight for justice and democracy - have been complete strangers for a good 70 years. Why should anyone expect things to be different now? No reason at all. This is a key aspect of 'the Jersey Way'. Indeed, the Establishment simply could  not continue to survive without such '1984' style twisting of events.
So look out by all means for the large and heartfelt apologies from both Police Chief Bowron; and Editor Bright too for letting this latest shoody reporting happen in the first place. But please don't hold your breath whilst doing so. It probably wouldn't be too good for your health...

Meanwhile, let's hope there isn't anything in these allegations of some kind of serious complaint: otherwise our Police Chief will look even sillier than he does right now.
Keep the Faith.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


A fairly long post. But let's be quite clear on something right at the start.

I have absolutely nothing whatsoever against Jersey's Dean, Bob Key. Okay, so truth be told I don't actually think the Dean - or any unelected church 'leader' for that matter - should sit in government at all. Indeed, I'll also openly state that as the Dean does currently happen to be incumbent within the Assembly then he really should be speaking out more stridently on 'social' issues.
After all, if a church 'leader' doesn't feel strongly enough to speak out about matters such as the widespread abuse of the 'justice' system here; or the Jersey Establishment's appalling hypocrisy in squeezing Jo Average and the very poorest in the community;  whilst simultaneously treating Finance and 1(1) Ks with kid taxation gloves what point is there in his being in the Assembly?

Now one might respond: 'for moral guidence'  and up until the events of two months ago the argument might even have had some degree of credibility. But not any more. And this takes us to the heart of what was so very wrong; indeed, so very repugnant about yesterday's Establishment Party foot-stomping, gang show.

Caring and the Jersey Establishment just don't mix...

The Dean was back in the Assembly after a two month suspension of his Commission. (Imagine if he had been suspended as 'a neutral act' for two whole years like the shafted Graham Power!) But he was not back due to an investigation having been completed; with suitable castigation given and/or important lessons learnt. Nor with the hurt and damage to the unfortunate victim salved.

The Dean was back in the Assembly simply because the Jersey Establishment Party - not being able to stand one of their perceived 'own' being publicly held to account - had bullied, brow-beaten and cajoled the Church of England into backing down from doing what they should.

Nothing new in any of this, of course.

But what is truly important is the fact that these actions demonstrate that regardless of the fine words, the spin and hand-wringing from the Chief Minister and  his Establishment Party colleagues following the hard-fought and painful victory in securing the Committee of Inquiry into 'historic' abuse - nothing whatsoever has been learnt! Not a single damn thing.

Can this be because all of these people are intellectually challenged...

Some might argue yes. Personally I don't believe that for a moment. The truly disturbing reality, in my opinion, is actually that the foot-stompers simply do not care about such matters. They simply do not care in essence about what is right and what is wrong. And if you just further consider the MSM 'reporting' of what has gone on you will see that neither do so many of their media stooges truly care.

The Dean, let us not forget, is not the victim here in any shape or form. He is, whether through negligence, naivete, incompetence - or a mixture of all three - the individual who through holding responsibility actually enabled the betrayal of a vulnerable young woman to come about.

Yet here he is, thanks primarily to the colossal ego of Senator Philip Bailhache plus his Establishment Party cronies, being hailed like some kind of returning martyr. It is wrong. It is embarrassing. It is, quite frankly, completely stomach-churning. Yet if you relied on the local Pravda for your information you would never know.

The Jersey 'image' must be protected above all else...

Just as happens again and again due to the octopus-like tentacles of the Jersey Establishment black has been transformed in to white. Victim has been transformed in to villain. Wrong has been transformed in to right. Really, reading Lucy Stephenson's article you would believe that the Dean's return before the so-called 'Visitation' has even been concluded was greeted by all with scenes resembling a Justine Beiber concert.

Well it wasn't. Indeed, so sickened by the wholly inappropriate speech from the Bailiff and the rabid foot-stomping were some of us that both Deputy Tadier and I walked out in protest.And there were others also not doing the Constable benches impression of Lance Armstrong's piston legs racing up a hill. Some just looked wholly incredulous; embarrassed.

None of this because we all 'hate' the Dean or because we want some kind of witch hunt. Everyone, after all, makes mistakes. No. We are all just sick of the Establishment's contemptuous attitude to victims and to anyone daring to argue that their 'boys' should ever be held to account. Hell, we are just sick of their double standards.

And then the Constable of St. Mary showed just how right we are...

Anyone in even the tiniest doubt about all of this need only have waited a few minutes for the response to my awful 'bubble-bursting' in making a formal apology for the Establishment's over-the-top behaviour to the vulnerable young woman who is the victim in all of this: HG.

I didn't insult anyone. I didn't say anything that was untrue. I just pointed out how wholly inappropriate the behaviour had been. How the victim had been completely pushed aside; forgotten. How the triumphant foot-stomping of the crazy gang hadn't got anything whatsoever to do with me.

Yet in response Constable Juliet Gallichan of St. Mary felt the need to spring to her feet and inform the Bailiff - and listening BBC Jersey audience - that my apology to the unfortunate HG - homeless and alone on the streets of London didn't speak for her! Really.

Yes, just like so many of her colleagues all that matters to the Constable it seems is that the Establishment have got 'their' Dean back. Once again - the 'Jersey Way' in action in all of its glory. Still, at least perhaps thanks to the Constables we can begin to guess what the 'B' in Option B probably stands for...


Keep the Faith - The 'meek' will indeed inherit the earth. Its just that some of we more... forthright people might just have to take up 'arms' on the way to ensure that they survive to enjoy it.