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An extra post just to cheer everyone up in time for the Monday Bank Holiday...
The Bald Truth is that after several years in politics I would be misleading readers if I claimed I was ever really surprised to see what is - to use the technical term - a complete load of old tosh being passed of as journalism in the local Pravda. But whilst cutting this Saturday's edition up into strips ready for the smallest room in the house I have to admit I almost was.
You see this particular piece of inaccurate, vitriolic garbage attacking yours truly was not written by one of the usual suspects - it was actually accredited to  none other than Jersey's newest Chief of Police, Mr. Mike Bowron. Yes, under a Letters page heading entitled 'No complaint against me!' Jersey's Chief of Police had launched into an angry rant about how I had 'impugned his integrity' and only done so apparently from 'the safety' of the States Chamber. 
Good old JEP - fearlessly highlighting yet another attack on his betters by that bolshie Leftie, Deputy Trevor Pitman...
Exciting, controversial stuff this was to be sure. And all arising as it did because of States questions asked of the Home Affairs Minister; this involving an alleged complaint made against the Chief of Police and an external report apparently relating to the matter. Indeed, so agitated and aggrieved was our Mr. Bowron that in attacking me he took the trouble to accuse no fewer than three times. In fact let's spell out for Bald Truth Jersey readers exactly what our top and most experienced policeman actually wrote about me at one one point.
'Perhaps Deputy Pitman will check his facts in future before he impugns my, or anyone else's, integrity within the safety of the States Chamber.' Ah, the strong and forthright approach to police work - you can't beat it, can you? Well, yes you can actually. Because unfortunately there is one small but ever so important thing wrong with Mr. Bowron's tirade against me...
I wasn't the politician who happened to ask these questions!
No - not a one of them. Just as a quick and cursory checking of Hansard or even the audio supplied by the excellent TJW Citizens' Media service would confirm.
The questions, and actually, when you know the background very interesting ones they are too, were asked by none other than my excellent colleague, Deputy Mike Higgins. Indeed, having spoken to the Deputy if Mr. Bowron would like to take the trouble I can tell him Mike Higgins will even be only too happy to confirm these facts himself.
So whatever can have happened to make the nice Mr. Bowron cast aside his spiffing new white police hat and have a secretary run off this not very nice letter about me for no reason at all? Of course, as you might understand I was deeply worried about potential consequences. Would I be the next one to have the door kicked in and be frog-marched off to a police cell to be left in my underpants and 'Viva Chavez!' tee shirt? Hell, would the Establishment never leave me alone?
Would it never end I asked myself? Wasn't it already bad enough that me and Shona had recently learnt that - unlike proper justice systems - the Bailiff's Office had allowed our defamation case against the newspaper to be presided over by a jurat who regulary shared din-dins with a defendant's director? Indeed, a Jurat who the Sharp Report makes quite clear felt it quite normal to have requested Victoria College governors to allow a predatory paedophile friend and colleague to stay on and work out his notice teaching children? Deeply concerned I knew I had to act fast.
Evidence - the foundation of all the best police work...
Luckily, having a standard policy of going on 'facts' and looking for 'evidence' in only a few minutes research, and without even arming myself with truncheon or high-powered taser (in fact without even having to illegally enter a local foreign Consul and steal someone's laptop or pretend storing sophisticated petrol bombs to attack your neighbours is something occurring in every normal household) I had ascertained just how this bizarre attack on me had come about.
Chief of Police Mike Bowron had been stupid enough to accept what was written in a Jersey Evening Pravda report on the States as being based in 'fact'.
Foolish beyond words I know you will agree - but there the offending article was when Mike Higgins kindly pointed it out to me. In Wednesday's account of what had apparently taken place during Tuesday's States Sitting the good old JEP, under the watchful eye no doubt of ace editor Chris Bright, was once again telling their readers I had said words and made accusations that never happened. Indeed, as I was to further discover, their report had about as much truth in it as did the equally bizarre column attributed to 'the Fly'.
For this piece actually had me apparently 'glaring menacingly' at my States neighbour and good friend, Deputy Richard Rondel in order to prevent him footstomping wildly for the second-coming of the Dean. Quite an achievement actually, as if Lucy Stephenson had only looked down from her eyrie she will have known Deputy Tadier and I had both walked out in protest at the appalling display of Establishment party insensitivity to a shamefully betrayed victim of abuse.
Still, 'facts' and the Jersey Eveing Pravda - at least when it comes to left-leaning politicians who have the affrontery to fight for justice and democracy - have been complete strangers for a good 70 years. Why should anyone expect things to be different now? No reason at all. This is a key aspect of 'the Jersey Way'. Indeed, the Establishment simply could  not continue to survive without such '1984' style twisting of events.
So look out by all means for the large and heartfelt apologies from both Police Chief Bowron; and Editor Bright too for letting this latest shoody reporting happen in the first place. But please don't hold your breath whilst doing so. It probably wouldn't be too good for your health...

Meanwhile, let's hope there isn't anything in these allegations of some kind of serious complaint: otherwise our Police Chief will look even sillier than he does right now.
Keep the Faith.


  1. Bloody hell! Has Bowron completely crossed to the dark side and joined the filthy rag? The evil empire gets everywhere. But says stacks for what kind of editor Chris Bright is letting this happen.

  2. Let's just say, it was you, that had asked the questions of the Home Affairs Minister in the States Chamber.

    Can the Police Chief not see, that is the case of someone checking facts on and for the record.

    How worrying the Police Chief did not have the audacity to do likewise and appears to have taken the word of others or chose to play ball with the media directive.

    Egg on face.

  3. Highly amusing. So Bowron is attacking you for not sticking to facts only to go off on one due to facts that aren't facts at all? I do hope he writes a nice letter to the JEP to explain himself and say sorry.

  4. I think a simple straightforward letter to Bowron, copied to ILM, Chris Bright and Mike Higgins, would be in order. You need to point out that Bowron was misled by inaccurate reporting and suggest the he should check his facts before making such accusations publicly.

  5. Trevor.

    One has come to expect "allegations without substance" from the disgraced JEP but from Jersey's most senior Police Officer?

    Of course we now have the benefit of the Leveson Report where he recommends apologies in "news"papers should be given the same prominence as the offending article. Chief Officer Bowron, and the JEP, should both be apologising to you for such an attack based on shoddy "journalism."

    If ever any more proof was needed not to believe what you read in the JEP then surely this is it. You must press for a full apology from Chief Officer Bowron and the JEP.

    "Allegations without substance" #priceless

  6. Ho ho ho, very amusing stuff - if it weren't so tragic too.

    I won't be applying for that job vacancy of civilian internet-snoop for that shower, who would want anything to do with them?

  7. Hi Deputy,

    That's why I do it, They should not be aloud to get away with this way of Politics. The Police in that short but to the point was wrong And just shows they are Corrupt. Some one would of hat to of told him that you said that And he just took there word without checking the facts.

    He speaks for the Police force so that tells us a lot. Well will there be a report done about him now?


  8. What a dope our Mike is. Plonker par excellence.

  9. Hi Deputy.

    Well he was the Chosen One after all

    Blogs that give you the FACTS.


  10. How is Chief Bowron to blame? The JEP messed up so how is that his fault?

    Are you all saying he should have launched an investigation with tax-payers money to find out whether the JEP was wrong on this occasion? Or breach data protection for the good of the island in mind to find where the truth was in their story?

    Also Trevor, while in the States on Wednesday when the question was asked did you speak at all during during that question?

    1. Dear, dear even poor Mike can't put all of the blame on the habitual liars at the Pravda.

      All he had to do, and should have done was phone me up or even send an e-mail. Pretty much what the JEP's useless editor should have done instead of relying on his 'accredited' journalist.

      Still, maybe they'll do a nice big piece on former jurat John Le Breton and how this man conveniently fails to recuse himself fom friends cases? Friends like directors of a newspaper's owners.

      The 'Jersey Way' indeed. Meanwhile, I hear this a move to get the Jervis-Dykes affair looked at properly within the 'historic' child abuse Committee of Inquiry. How timely...

    2. Trevor did speak during the question and thanks to the invaluable TJW the audio of the question, and what deputy Pitman did (or didn't) say will be published exclusively on VFC later today/early tomorrow.

  11. So there is no truth in Pravda?

  12. The survey sent out by the JEP to find out what people thought of the paper made me smile. The JEP is one of the most badly written, ungrammatical publications that I've ever come across, and I have often re-read a piece in order to make sense of it. Local news makes up a small part of the paper, while most of the contents are copied and pasted from elsewhere.
    I recently corrected them on a piece concerning a member of my family, only to be informed by the editor that their source was unimpeachable, and that my facts were wrong! Yes, it did leave me speechless.

  13. All those who allowed the disgraceful John Le Breton to remain as a jurat for so many years after the Victoria College abuse scandaland cover up should be investigated

  14. Like yourself Deputy Pitman, Deputy Higgins is normally a very astute researcher and hunts the facts, which is the correct approach to follow.

    Mike Bowron is disputing the facts and blaming you instead of Mike Higgins so there are two parts to this story.

    I am sure others will have noted, they cannot both be right so who is ? If Chief of Police Bowron is wrong with all the resources at his disposal ( as he was wrong in accusing the wrong Deputy ) then what does that tell Jersey, about the integrity and professionalism of Jersey's Chief of police.

    The King street communicative Mike Bowron, had better shape up and prove he is right or apologies ( he should to you anyway ) otherwise Jerseys' police force will have just lost a whole lot of public respect, due to the stupid actions of it's Police Chief.

  15. Seems to me that two years into his contract the Chief of Police could be planning for his early retirement with a generous "Ogley supplement" as compenstaion for all the bullying from States Members and bloggers he has receievd.
    PS Does he still do his lunchtime walk around his manor? I have tried to "bump" into him several times recently (to compare notes in our respective notebooks) but he is nowhere to be see. Perhaps he has found something more interesting to do at this hour?

  16. Face palm!

    And to the poster at 6 May 2013 13:06:00 BST. One would have thought that after the Leveson enquiry a gentleman like Bowron would have known better than to rely on the main stream as a source for an 'investigation'.

    One hopes that other decisions made by members of our Police force\service are made with more grounding. I look forward to being stopped on the way in to work tomorrow morning .... :-)

    The Beano is not the Rag

  17. One of your readers says:

    "How is Chief Bowron to blame? The JEP messed up so how is that his fault?

    Are you all saying he should have launched an investigation with tax-payers money to find out whether the JEP was wrong on this occasion? Or breach data protection for the good of the island in mind to find where the truth was in their story?"

    Oh dear.

    Look - if a person in such a significant public Office as the actual Chief of Police - is going to start writing letters to the newspapers - attacking the free, parliamentary speech of members of the said parliament - and because of all of the connotations that unavoidably flow from such an action on the part of a Police Chief - he checks the facts very - very - carefully first.

    Unless, that is, he is a complete and utter clown - with, in truth, not the first real grasp of what he is doing - and is wholly out-of-his-depth.

    And that is quite without getting into the very serious and significant question - as to whether a Police Chief should, in the first place, be attacking what certain members say in a parliament.

    Defending the Police Chief in parliament - should it be necessary - is the job of the democratically elected and accountable Home Affairs Minister.

    Bowron is an inadequate fool.

    Which is, of course, precisely why he was chosen for the job.

    The Jersey establishment and their friends in London learnt the hard way the "dangers" of having a high-calibre Police Chief.

    They were never going to make that mistake again.


    1. Bowron was plain daft to trust a rag like the JEP to get facts right. He must know by now that they hate Stuart and Trevor and Shona with a vengence. If only we could get Stuart and Trevor together come 2014. You two shake the old boys network up like nobody else ever has. Telling it like it is and long may it continue.

  18. The man is only Intrested in one thing his own image that's why he's known as game show Mike ,he has no care for officers and the word on the street is its a worse regime than when Lenny was there at least with lennie they knew where they stood this guy is very slippery ,there's probley been loads of complaints but brushed under carpet ,ask how many officers have left and why that would make interesting reading,Trevor you won't get a apologies from the paper as he's in there pockets its well known ,how come never came about his mate coming over a superintendent only temporary I believe but I bet he makes next deputy chief good old slippery game show mike

  19. Should be big front page apology from Bowron, if he believes what he reads rather than do what he says, check facts, heaven help us all.

    Taxi for Bowron, the meter is running, give it a few more months and allow it to run up to £500k.

    Perhaps a deputy can pose a question in the States, to ask if the Home Affairs Minister thinks it acceptable for the Chief of Police to write into the JEP and not only wrongly attribute words to a politician but also by doing so in a manner that impugns his integrity.

  20. You can't just blame the newspaper here as one of your readers suggests. Bowron has been in Jersey long enough to know how the establishment line works. If he doesn't then he must be a mug.

    If he is so touchy about the substance of these questions then he should have contacted you and taken you to task. He can now do the same with Mike Higgins as you have put him straight.

    What he must still do though is apologize to you. If not then he should stop whining or pretending he isn't one of the JEP gang. Simples.

  21. Bowron should sue the Rag for making him look an idiot. He could then frame the farthing damages on the wall of the little room in which Trevor shreds the Rag.

    A word of warning to Trevor. When I was small and before the advent of even the shiny medicated toilet rolls, we used to cut one of our national newspapers into neat squares, punch a hole in the corner, thread a piece of string, and hang the result on the little room wall for post poo bum clean.

    The one thing I learned from this was that the MSM is only good for spreading the brown stuff and nothing else. Thank God for today's luxury tissue.

    1. Wise words Polo. Though isn't there a case for a certain satisfaction to be had in introducing some faces to the physical equivilent of what they write?

    2. You mean faces in faeces. Beautiful image. Should be on the masthead of the JEP.

  22. Trevor,

    Have you read the interview with the Chief Officer on p50 of the May edition of Connect magazine?

  23. It seems to me that Bowron's 'integrity' was already impugned before he was 'The Chosen One' for heading the Jersey Police Force. You only have to Google Mike Bowron Carroll Foundation to find some interesting reading.

    That aside though, I was amazed to read that letter in the JEP based on unfactual reporting, and as you so rightly say applied to the Fly column as well.

    Maybe Mr Bowron will take issue with the JEP for making him look a fool! However breath holding is NOT taking place!

  24. Two quick points.

    I have been sent confirmation of the details of the alleged abuser in the HG /Dean suspension case. I have chosen not to publish these currently for a reason that will become clear fairly soon.

    Second point. Anyone trying to phone me on my mobile but not having the usual quick answer... My phone was mislaid but I am pleased to say as turned up at a constituent. Should be back on it sometime this afternoon.

  25. Trevor.

    Chief Officer Mike Bowron, the JEP and FACTS.

  26. JSH

    Thanks for your comment on unemployment.

    But with respect I think you need to appreciate that many unfortunate people out there are working flat out, attending courses, writing letters etc to try and get back in to a very difficult job market.

    If you just sit at home moaning and blaming everyone else that will not change anything. You say you are very good at IT. Why not send your CV to every company you cn think of that will have IT departments?

    Unless you have some type of unpleasant criminal record which would impact on things this approach could just do the trick.



    1. Thanks Trevor.

      You are right. I have just got into this mind set where I blame everyone. Thanks for not publishing the actual comment it was a bit poor pityful me on reflection.

  27. Worth googling mike Bowron Carroll foundation and he has the cheek to instigate a investigation into the Curtis warren investigation how dare he .the old jersey saying comes to mind for Mr Bowron there's a boat out in the morning ! How come the home affairs minister has not done anything about this man

  28. Libel - a plaintiff must prove four elements.

    First, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant made a false and defamatory statement concerning the plaintiff.

    Second, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant made an unprivileged publication to a third party.

    Third, the plaintiff must prove that the publisher acted at least negligently in publishing the communication.

    Fourth, in some cases, the plaintiff must prove special damages.

    One essential element in any defamation action is that the defendant published something defamatory about the plaintiff. The Restatement defines a communication as defamatory "if it tends so to harm the reputation of another as to lower him in the estimation of the community or to deter third persons from associating with him."

    Sounds like a good case to me Trevor.

  29. Oh Trevor - how wonderful humble pie must taste when served up by the JEP! Savour it slowly and enjoy.

    However they still got the header wrong - instead of 'wrong question' they should have put 'politician wrongly named'.

    Let's hope that the egg on Chief Officer Bowrons face tastes just as good!

  30. A stamp sized apology from Bright and the Rag bullies tonight Trevor. Not even a particularly factual one. Your question had absolutely zero to do with the police chief.

    Point is I do hope you will not be allowing Bowron to slither away from his outrageous bullying behaviour toward you? You must demand a letter of apology from him or else put in an official complaint. Isn't that why we were setting up an independent complaints authority?

  31. JEP Wed 8 May 2013 Page 4
    Wrong Question.
    A REPORT in last Wednesday's JEP incorrectly attributed to Deputy Trevor Pitman certain comments made during States Question Time.

    It was, in fact, Deputy Mike Higgins who asked the Home Affairs Minister whether he had seen an external report about an alleged complaint made against the Chief of Police, Mike Bowron, who subsequently wrote a letter for publication criticising Deputy Pitman. During the same exchange, Deputy Pitman had asked about an outside police force being brought in following a complaint.

    The error is regretted.

  32. One has to say the JEP seems to be making a fine art of the 'apologies' ditty, it is now occuring on a very, very regular basis, unfortunately it is always AFTER the damage has been done to the individual in question and always by way of a 'very small' column put somewhere usually no one will see it. What makes me really laugh is that (presumably the editor?) seems to think we the ordinary people do not see through this crap, but then again the 'sheeple' did vote in Option B and that pretty much says it all.

  33. I know absolutely nothing about that Carroll Trust affair but there is something very suspicious about just about every URL found on Google relating to it. They all seem to have been set up in similar way with the same content. There are lots of websites and blogs setup to use impressive names like, 'buckinghampalace.carrolltrust', 'jerseypolice.blogspot' etcetera.

    I am surprised that apart from one strange interview (using the Sky News logo), there are no 'reputable' links to this story, eg Guardian, Times, etc. Is that a real Sky interview? At first hand, that person, whoever he is, doesn't strike me as an objective, unbiased witness.

    Like I say, this is the first I have heard about it and I know nothing of the facts so I am not passing an opinion about them, just about the web content which seems to be the result of a concerted effort by someone to spin the story and spread it on the web.

    Jersey has a lot of citizen journalists - here is a job for them: track down who created those web sites, what their link to Jersey is, and why are they trying to spread the story. Just a thought.

  34. Trevor, I assume that by know, the Chief of Police has personally apologised to you and has emailed an apology letter for the JEP to print, yes/no? Especially as we know just how fastidious he is in ensuring other get their fact correct!

  35. So, we have had the correction, printed very very small, not labelled as a correction, but in a column of "News", and headed wrongly as Gee gee said

    We (that is, all of us) are still waiting for the apology - one to you and one to Mike B.

  36. Rob - you may well be correct, but it seems The Times, Mail on Sunday and Guardian have all reported on this story in the past. There is a helluva a lot of reading to be found.

    This aside though, it seems rather strange that Mike Bowron was so quick to get a letter defending himself to the Rag, yes appears to have done nothing to disassociate himself from the claims on the www.

    I rather tend to think there is no smoke without fire, but no doubt time will tell!

  37. Our one chance to get off our knees is finally upon us....Let us take it PROUD PEOPLE OF GREAT BRITAIN

  38. Grateful Jersey lady11 May 2013 at 16:29:00 BST

    I don't want to leave my name, Trevor, because of a handful of very unpleasant bullies or trolls as they seem to be called. But can I ask you to pass on my profound thanks and respect to your wife Shona.

    It is so good and very rare to see someone with the bravery to stand up for people who suffer from the horrible and misunderstood condtion of ME/CFS. Perhaps her brave stance will help our very wealthy but sadly uncaring powers that be to channel some funding this way.

    Must surely be more worthwhile than giving thousands of pounds of taxpayers money to British warships!

  39. Trevor

    Completely off subject of your post. But hope you don't mind me saying a big 'well done and respect to Shona' for what she had to say on BBC radio Jersey this morning. I have a good friend who has had his life blighted by M.E. Shona and the UK specialist who also spoke were absoultely correct about how more needs to be done for sufferers. In Jersey it appears that we are still in the dark ages on treating such people. Never mind attacking politicians like Montfort for telling the truth. Lets see some of the cash wasted on finance offices in the Middle East directed into health so we can start treating people as a modern country/island should.

  40. "Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations." - George Orwell

  41. re: trouble finding IT work

    Trevor do you fancy looking into why Digital Jersey is only open to management types? To register and become a member you have to run a company/partnership/sole trader. This kind of leaves us mere mortal workers out of the picture!
    Why can't the workers (in work or 'between jobs') of the industry join in, network, meet future employers at their events?

    Thanks, if you decide to get involved.

  42. I too would like to add my thoughts regarding Shona's illness. My partner's mother suffered with M.E. and it was much maligned and misunderstood those few years ago - I think this is where the saying 'Yuppie Flu' derived from. A very active lady, struck in a most debilitating way, but with nothing outward to see, a lot of the time people would think nothing was really wrong.

    Maybe now those who have knocked Shona for her absences from the States Chamber will take those words back, moreso as she does a lot of hard work for her constituents, and is well thought of by those very people.

    Hopefully the words of Shona and the specialist will be taken on board by the Health Authorities instead of wasting time and money on 'snooper's charters'.

  43. Thanks to those who have posted comments relating to Shona's decision to try and raise awareness to ME by talking about her own experiences. I will, of course, pass the messages on.

    One thing I would say, however, regarding talk of 'absences' is simply this. When various Members have experienced bereavements, having sadly been through an incredible 5 or 6 close family/friend losses these past two and a half years, I fully now understand why people need to step back a while.

    Perhaps what needs saying though to people who don't follow politics closely is they realls should look at the Members who, having said present/e then disappear for most and sometimes even all of a sitting. the people who only come back, texted by their mates, for votes and then vote having not a clue on what has been said.

    Not for nothing was a man I voted for, Ben Shenton, known by many jokingly as Ben Ten, due to how long it would often take him to depart to his business.

    James Baker is another one. A States Member who beccomes an Assistant Minister yet never speaks; has never brought a proposition; held Ministers to account and in my experience has never attended a singly constituent meeting in the district. A Member who was missing again from the Liberation Day States sitting.

    What it appears none of the Option b supporters understand or care about is that should we cut back to 42 Members is this.

    Thoses of us who do the majority of the grassroots constituent work - the Southerns; Shona Pitmans; Judy Martins; myself; Jackie Hiltons etc will still have to do this work. Indeed, should such politicians not be there then urban parishes such as St. Helier will find themselves having to take on more paid employess.

    Employess ironically enough who will beyond doubt be on higher salaries than States Members. This is a concern that needs to be considered equally seriously as the matter of how essential it is that we can maintain the Troy Rule.

  44. Dear Jersey Evening Pravda.

    As a St. Helier No. 1 Deputy could you please tell me where I might find Mr James Pearce of 17B Marrett Court? I happened to be seeing a constituent today in this very block and must have walked right past it...


  45. Funny because we thought you stay in your over valued shithole of a house up St John which nobody will buy. Still it was a good letter, well do9ne James, and just highlights the shit we have in the States, except of course you and your wife, soon to be made bankrupt.

  46. I just published this to show what real politicians have to put up with from sad, drunken, embittered half-wit criminals like 'Sue' Jon 'Young'.

    Well, cn only be a matter of time before your usefulness to the cowards of the Establishment run out and you are inside where you belong, eh 'Sue' Laugh...I nearly made a late night phone call!

    1. Su Jon Yung. Sounds suspiciously North Korean-like to me.

  47. Readers. Please remember to look out for Jon Sue Young's (L0L!)comments attacking Shona on the BBC Jersey Facebook page.

    Indeed, look out for some more fake comments from inside the Royston Vasey that is Jon Haywire's brain.

    If you spot any please write or call in to ask Jon Gripton what kind of 'accredited' media organisation he is running i.e. one still spreading hate.


  48. You can tell this sicko's writing a mile away Trevor. What a sad, inadequate little prat. Wonder if he is the same person as Young Jon Sue Howiff? #Loony

  49. I would like to thank Shona for speaking up on behalf of M.E. sufferers. I think it might give me the courage to speak up about my problems with alcohol and trolling on the net.