Tuesday, 14 May 2013


Who would want to be seen to vote against final implementation of our decades overdue Discrimination Law? No one, surely? Well, unless perhaps you happened to be one of the last surviving residents of the local valley of the political dinosaurs. But as I commented there are certainly a number of people who deserve an extra 'pat on the back' for their efforts in getting us here.

Former Senator Wendy Kinnard is one - being in at the very start. Deputy Geoff Southern is surely another for being fleet of thought enough to grasp the opportunity to slip this through back in 2011 at a time when most Members were distracted by thoughts of their summer holidays. The current Minister too, Senator Le Gresley also deserves congratulations.

Yet it also simply had to be highlighted that a staggering hypocrisy exists when on the one hand so many can voice their strident commitment to equality. But are nevertheless quite happy to deny this very fundamental facet of a modern jurisdiction to the residents of St. Helier - a third of the Island's population - in the desperation to maintain a grasp on power; and/or simply to hang on to the £46,000 salary for being a Constable.

Discrimination isn't just about 'black' or 'white'; 'male' or 'female'; 'straight' or 'gay' etc. The sooner those significant number of  States Members who fall into this category finally take this on board the sooner this government will finally begin to be taken seriously as a conduit for the fairer, more equal society we always hear so much about from the Establishment party around election times.

So let's start demonstrating this core democratic principle right away by kicking Option B well and truly into the long grass reserved for proposals not fit for the 21st Century. Indeed, let's make sure we bury it a good six feet deep. Should we not do so then all of today's fine words will in truth be lip service of the most contemptible kind.

It will also be an utter betrayal of what so many local people fought and struggled for some seven decades ago.


  1. A short post for you Trevor but a very true and thought provoking one for all of that. I wonder how many of those proudly sitting up on the platform on May 9th will do as you suggest and vote for the inequality of option B?

  2. Trevor.

    As well as the discrimination against true democracy for the island still prevalent in the States, so too is the discrimination against ABUSE VICTIMS

    Furthermore Senator Bailhache, in question time today, said he didn't "recall" reading a document revealing the name of HG's abuser on the aeroplane. By saying he "didn't recall" reading a document would suggest he wasn't sure. That being the case how could he go on to personally insult the member of public who said the Senator WAS reading such a document?

  3. Philip Bailhache launches yet another personal and abusive attack. This time on an innocnet member of the public.

    How his true colours have been exposed after all the glossy JEP spin of the election. He should resign after this latest petulent explosion.

  4. Trevor.

    Great question today, not quiet sure what Wife Shona did to shock the Teflon Brothers, but it worked....

    Maybe you can elaborate?

    P. Bailhache, today, saying he didn't recall, surely was a sign that he had been well and truely caught out. Thankfully his Brother W. got him out of the s##t by swiftly moving onto the next question.


    Hope you recorded it around midday.

    1. To be quite fair that was the Bailiff 'moving on swiftly' not WB.

      However, in my view comments criticising Senator Bailhache's whole attitude to ANYONE daring to question or challenge him are on the money.

      Does he really think someone - an identifiable real person of course - is just going to decide to make such things up? Would be laughable if it wasn't so serious.

      Yet he calls their genuine and clearly true concerns 'malicious' and 'fictitious'. Truly incredible.

      Of course, what it also does is highlight just why members of the public are so indimidated/worried about raising genuine concerns. a fact only compounded by knowing that 'Chief Minister' Gorst is completely lacking in bottle to hold his Assistant Minister to account.

  5. Trevor,

    I heard your question without notice to Senator Le Marquand today, about whether he had brought certain information to the attention of the Metropolitan Police's Operation Elveden.

    I give the Senator the benefit of the doubt; he did (I think) genuinely mishear you at first and thought that you were talking about "Operation Alpha" (sic) into Jimmy Savile and others. He was obviously corrected by someone sitting near him and then realised that you were talking about Operation Elveden, not "Alpha", and to his credit, corrected himself. (Listening on the radio, the audio quality of the word "Elveden" was a bit iffy. It would be good if you could ensure that Hansard uses the correct spelling, for the historical record of course...)

    It is worth remembering that Elveden concerns the improper dissemination of information by UK police officers to the media, whether for payment or not. As I think you know, Elveden prosecutions have occurred where no money changed hands.

    If I heard correctly, the Senator gave a commitment to you that he would discuss the matter with senior officers of the States of Jersey Police.

    Well done for asking this important question.

    1. Also well done for making this a question without notice, which avoided a prepared answer. You now have this on the record. The Minister must surely have a duty to supply any relevant information to Elveden?

  6. Trying to defend Bailhache is impossible. He is an embarrassment and a danger to democracy in our island. His behaviour today was atrocious and arrogant in the extreme.

  7. Trevor,

    A reflection on the referendum and a brief comment to justify why Option B should not be passed into law.

    I will do something more comprehensive in the coming weeks on how to oppose Option B and get a system that is fair for the people of Jersey.


  8. Bailhache,=(Chief Minister, Mr untouchable)what arrogance in question time yesterday, the person who says he or she saw this paper work should speak out and not accept being called a liar in public, they should not worry about exposing the truth, my guess is that Bailache already knows who he or she is by checking with the airline who was sitting next to him, also was there not mention that a stewardess also saw this paper work? maybe she could back up what is being said.

  9. How does PB come to the conclusion that the email presented to Ian Gorst by Shona Pitman was "malicious and fictitious", given that its author was anonymised?

    Is PB saying that the author of the email sent to you is being malicious and fictitious WHOEVER THEY ARE when, by definition, he does not know their true identity?

    I imagine the person wants to remain anonymous to avoid having The Jersey Way visited upon them. I would be very impressed if they did find the courage to come forward. Care should be taken that THEY do not have the full force of the Data Protection Law brought down on them, of course.

    1. Philip Bailhache's reaction to my highlighting the concerns expressed by a member of the public show just how arrogant he is.

      Perhaps most telling, however, is that ian Gorst does absolutely nothing as 'Chief Minister'.

      Does Bailhache really expect people to believe that someone sitting on the plane with him just decided, on a whim, to invent such a story? If so he must be living on a planet even more distant than the one on which we thought he resided.

      The person is real. The concerns are genuine. Fact seems to be that our future El Presidente has been caught bang to rights and as we know. just can't handle anyone daring to pull him up on things.

  10. Housing moves are another nail in the coffin of a caring society. I tell you the way this place is going within 5 yesrs Jersey will be either a wasteland - or finally ripe for the left to win. Probably both but will it be worth fighting for by then?

  11. trevor i said to shona a long time back that gorst is and will all ways be a disgrace and as for bailhache i would not piss on him if he was on fire.

    1. I understand your anger/frustration martin 100%. Though I myself would not put it in the same words.

      What will be interesting to see is just what Chief Minister Gorst will do about this. After all, whichever way you slice it the fact is this is no 'purported' email; it is not 'fictitious' or 'malicious' in intent. It is genuine.

      Yet the Senator als effectively calls the member of the public a liar. In any other jurisdiction his head would be n the block for such unprofessionalism.

      And just imagine, given what the Senator has said in attacking this concerned member of the public, if the allegations can be further confirmed... by a third party...

  12. Trevor.

    Hope that you are not going to let this: (P Bailhache been caught to rights/with his pants down), rest until the truth is known.

    Because this if pursued could take him out.

    Do you agree?

  13. The way forward would be for the witness/s (if they can find the courage) to make a sworn Affidavit and get it Notarised by a Notary Public. A sworn Affidavit is the King of all legal documents :)

  14. What we need here is to find a second traveller on that flight who can vouch for the person's description of what he/she says was seen.

    Seems absurd to suggest that someone would make this up, especially as it appears clear that information was available that was not in the public domain.

    But we know our establishment gangsters. Without such back-up people like our pretend Chief Minister Gorst will bottle doing anything about this.

    What that something that needs doing is is sacking Bailhache. We just can't afford having a man who is so careless and unprofessional representing us internationally.

    As for the calling you and the member of the public malicious and fictitious, basically liars within the States it is unforgivable.

  15. Your tweet "Jersey...Imagine if a second person was to come along to verify the allegedly 'malicious' and 'ficticitous' documents being read on a plane?" sounds intriguing.

    1. It would also be interesting to know exactly who Bailhache was going to visit with those documents on his trip and whether it was tax-payer funded or not.

  16. Trevor.

    Turning a blind eye to Child Abuse is not illegal..........YET

  17. hi trevor vfc
    it is now 19.37pm not less then 10min,s ago i found a child,s bridge,s top and bottom look like new i went to an off duty honorary officer to hand them in and i was told to put them in the bin with the words it has nothing to do with me.trevor you know were i live i will leave my name and vfc there is so much going on in this parish with bent honorary,s it is one thing some states member,s should be looking at.but as allways it,s hard to get the prove?.

  18. Link

    Interesting in view of the Mick Gradwell question asked.

  19. two quick points.

    1 - Will have a new post up either late tonight or tomorrow morning.

    2 - Fruitcake Jon. Please channel all your sexual/intellectual frustration away from sending me your garbage and into getting yourself some psychiatric help.

    You know you need it.



  20. Look forward to a new post. What about something on Bailhache calling you/your constituent a liar? Surely you won't let that type of behaviour lie?

  21. Trevor.

    P Bailhache's pants down on a plane, S.S's latest postings and your recent straight talking in the States, seems to have sent P. Bailhache and co into silence....

    Nuff said!?

  22. Trevor where do things currently stand with regards the dossier of legal miscarriages that you plan to deliver to the lieutenant governor ?

    1. Still growing in number and, along with Deputy Mike Higgins, still both assessing, speaking to people and trying to separate the genuine from those that possibly don't have enough 'legs' if I can put it that way. Sat through a truly fascinating case yesterday...