Wednesday, 1 May 2013


A fairly long post. But let's be quite clear on something right at the start.

I have absolutely nothing whatsoever against Jersey's Dean, Bob Key. Okay, so truth be told I don't actually think the Dean - or any unelected church 'leader' for that matter - should sit in government at all. Indeed, I'll also openly state that as the Dean does currently happen to be incumbent within the Assembly then he really should be speaking out more stridently on 'social' issues.
After all, if a church 'leader' doesn't feel strongly enough to speak out about matters such as the widespread abuse of the 'justice' system here; or the Jersey Establishment's appalling hypocrisy in squeezing Jo Average and the very poorest in the community;  whilst simultaneously treating Finance and 1(1) Ks with kid taxation gloves what point is there in his being in the Assembly?

Now one might respond: 'for moral guidence'  and up until the events of two months ago the argument might even have had some degree of credibility. But not any more. And this takes us to the heart of what was so very wrong; indeed, so very repugnant about yesterday's Establishment Party foot-stomping, gang show.

Caring and the Jersey Establishment just don't mix...

The Dean was back in the Assembly after a two month suspension of his Commission. (Imagine if he had been suspended as 'a neutral act' for two whole years like the shafted Graham Power!) But he was not back due to an investigation having been completed; with suitable castigation given and/or important lessons learnt. Nor with the hurt and damage to the unfortunate victim salved.

The Dean was back in the Assembly simply because the Jersey Establishment Party - not being able to stand one of their perceived 'own' being publicly held to account - had bullied, brow-beaten and cajoled the Church of England into backing down from doing what they should.

Nothing new in any of this, of course.

But what is truly important is the fact that these actions demonstrate that regardless of the fine words, the spin and hand-wringing from the Chief Minister and  his Establishment Party colleagues following the hard-fought and painful victory in securing the Committee of Inquiry into 'historic' abuse - nothing whatsoever has been learnt! Not a single damn thing.

Can this be because all of these people are intellectually challenged...

Some might argue yes. Personally I don't believe that for a moment. The truly disturbing reality, in my opinion, is actually that the foot-stompers simply do not care about such matters. They simply do not care in essence about what is right and what is wrong. And if you just further consider the MSM 'reporting' of what has gone on you will see that neither do so many of their media stooges truly care.

The Dean, let us not forget, is not the victim here in any shape or form. He is, whether through negligence, naivete, incompetence - or a mixture of all three - the individual who through holding responsibility actually enabled the betrayal of a vulnerable young woman to come about.

Yet here he is, thanks primarily to the colossal ego of Senator Philip Bailhache plus his Establishment Party cronies, being hailed like some kind of returning martyr. It is wrong. It is embarrassing. It is, quite frankly, completely stomach-churning. Yet if you relied on the local Pravda for your information you would never know.

The Jersey 'image' must be protected above all else...

Just as happens again and again due to the octopus-like tentacles of the Jersey Establishment black has been transformed in to white. Victim has been transformed in to villain. Wrong has been transformed in to right. Really, reading Lucy Stephenson's article you would believe that the Dean's return before the so-called 'Visitation' has even been concluded was greeted by all with scenes resembling a Justine Beiber concert.

Well it wasn't. Indeed, so sickened by the wholly inappropriate speech from the Bailiff and the rabid foot-stomping were some of us that both Deputy Tadier and I walked out in protest.And there were others also not doing the Constable benches impression of Lance Armstrong's piston legs racing up a hill. Some just looked wholly incredulous; embarrassed.

None of this because we all 'hate' the Dean or because we want some kind of witch hunt. Everyone, after all, makes mistakes. No. We are all just sick of the Establishment's contemptuous attitude to victims and to anyone daring to argue that their 'boys' should ever be held to account. Hell, we are just sick of their double standards.

And then the Constable of St. Mary showed just how right we are...

Anyone in even the tiniest doubt about all of this need only have waited a few minutes for the response to my awful 'bubble-bursting' in making a formal apology for the Establishment's over-the-top behaviour to the vulnerable young woman who is the victim in all of this: HG.

I didn't insult anyone. I didn't say anything that was untrue. I just pointed out how wholly inappropriate the behaviour had been. How the victim had been completely pushed aside; forgotten. How the triumphant foot-stomping of the crazy gang hadn't got anything whatsoever to do with me.

Yet in response Constable Juliet Gallichan of St. Mary felt the need to spring to her feet and inform the Bailiff - and listening BBC Jersey audience - that my apology to the unfortunate HG - homeless and alone on the streets of London didn't speak for her! Really.

Yes, just like so many of her colleagues all that matters to the Constable it seems is that the Establishment have got 'their' Dean back. Once again - the 'Jersey Way' in action in all of its glory. Still, at least perhaps thanks to the Constables we can begin to guess what the 'B' in Option B probably stands for...


Keep the Faith - The 'meek' will indeed inherit the earth. Its just that some of we more... forthright people might just have to take up 'arms' on the way to ensure that they survive to enjoy it.


  1. I too was utterly appalled by the behaviour of St Mary Constable Juliette Gallichan.

    She really does appear to have no insight or compassion.

    I propose a campaign of ironic retaliatory foot stomping whenever she is in mid-sentence, regardless of what she is saying.

    Btw, is the fellow airplane passenger going to put up or shut up against PB? He has thrown the gauntlet down.

  2. Off topic, but interesting all the same.

    Interview with Ian Gorst where - in coded language - one might come to the conclusion that he wants to change the law so that he can fire Rob Duhamel. That's how I read it anyway.

  3. Can we name and shame the foot-stompers?

  4. trevor if it comes to taking up arms i will stand side by side with you as they say when you have nothing you have nothing to were not alone in feeling sick at the establishment,s foot-stomping lackeys.what a mess poor jersey is in some thing will have to give one day it just can not go on like this.hope you and shona keep up the good work kind regards martin

  5. Dear Deputy Pitman,

    Did you know?

    Section 13 of the Magna Carta was repealed in the U.K. by the Statute Law Revision Act 1863 (c. 125) and Statute Law (Ireland) Revision Act 1872 (c. 98).

    This repeal of section 13 of The Magna Carta in the U.K. did not extend as far as the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands!

    What does that mean?

    It means that section 13 is still in force, and enforced here in Jersey!

    Deputy Pitman, first look at the relevant section of the Magna Carta:

    Magna Carta

    13. Et civitas London. habeat omnes antiquas libertates et liberas consuetudines suas, tam per terras, quam per aquas. Preterea volumus et concedimus quod omnes alie civitates, et burgi, et ville, et portus, habeant omnes libertates et liberas consuetudines suas.

    13. And the city of London shall have all it ancient liberties and free customs, as well by land as by water; furthermore, we decree and grant that all other cities, boroughs, towns, and ports shall have all their liberties and free customs.

    It means Deputy Pitman, that each parish (bounded by water) is an island within an island, and by each of these “island” parishes having a port (do some more research), by default they also have a constable whom is a representative of the City of London Corporation (do some more research to understand how it works).

    That’s right, the Constable is a Private policeman empowered by the City of London Corporation, whom unelected represents the City of London Corporation sitting in the States Chamber!

    Divide and rule!

    The island has been sub-divided by the City of London Corporation, that way, instead of having one representative, by division (into islands) it is able to have 12 non-elected members in one island representing its interests in the states... for centuries!

    Yet no one has understood this, do some more (original) research Trevor...


  6. Deputy Pitman, break the Constables!

    Break the Constable's and you will break the City of London Corporation's hidden hand which those foot-stompers represent.

    Make sure everyone knows who the Constables truly represent, they are the fingers of the hidden hand of the city of london Corporation's grip around the heart of power in the States Chamber!

  7. Deputy Pitman, they may possess a weak-willed Dean; You, Deputy Pitman have God on your side!

    And that Dean will one day come face-to-face with God!

    And there will be a reckoning...

  8. Trevor - your posting echoes every single sentiment I felt on Tuesday, and indeed yes, my stomach did churn when I heard the footstamping in the Chamber, and again when Constable Gallichan stood up to speak.

    I would also take issue with the Bailiff making mention of the Dean as being 'our' Dean. He is certainly not 'my' Dean. My religious leanings or otherwise makes him nothing to me. Indeed this is on a par with PB sending a letter on behalf of 'all' Islanders when clearly it was not.

    You are so right Trevor when you say these FSL's just don't care. Whilst they sleep warm and comfortable in their homes with food in their stomachs and clothes on their backs, do they ever stop to think of a young lady who is rough sleeping on the streets in the UK with no light at the end of her tunnel, courtesy of 'their' Dean?

    To say that this has appalled me is an understatement. Shame on every damned single one of them.

  9. The foot stomping for the dean was a heinous act of defiance and an embarrassing spectacle for all concerned with the safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults in Jersey. Constable Gallichan and the foot stompers clearly displayed "the Jersey way" is still to dismiss victims of abuse and hail those culpable for that abuse as heroes.

  10. Trevor.

    The Dean being welcomed back as a hero was a slap in the face for all victims of abuse. It might have been a little more palatable if alleged victim HG was given ANY kind of recognition but that is not "The Jersey Way" and shows that nothing has changed in Jersey despite the Haut de la Garenne and Savile atrocities.

    Credit to you and Deputy Tadier for showing support for the real victim in all this. The unelected Bailiff does not represent me neither do those, who stamped their feet, nor Juliette Gallichan who further went on to slap abuse victims in the face by declaring you do not represent her.

    This island is so sick.

  11. Deputy Pitman,

    The stomping of feet (are the blows of the axes) who’s downwards strikes with the heels of the feet (axe blades) are directed at the head of the body to down an opponent!

    The axes were once an Old Norse tool used in psychological warfare to down an opponent, although from today, a very blunt one Deputy Pitman...

    Perhaps Deputy Pitman, the use of these blunt tools within the states chamber should be removed, let them leave such weaponry outside the door of democracy!

    Perhaps the axes upon the shield of St. Helier should be removed once and for all...


  12. I often wonder how you manage to both keep your temper, and to carry on doing your best to reveal the state of government in our Island. May you continue, and stay strong enough to shine light into very dark corners.

  13. It is these very same axes that once stood true with shield an axe to protect our children and the vulnerable; which now sit crooked upon their corrupted seats of power.

    These blunt axes represent the City of London Corporation’s cold silent heart, the hidden hand which now wields the power of these axes against the innocent.

    It is the drumstick of a hollow and empty vessel that strikes such loud beats upon the war drum of their empty vessel of power...


  14. Deputy Pitman, a body whom stands true will use that fools bauble – the Mace – to beat the true drum of that chamber so loudly it will shake it to its very foundations and will reverberate the truth throughout this land for all to hear.

    Aye laddie, by your will, you will!

    The crooked will fall...


  15. Very well spoken. If only those who think they are our betters would show some humulity now and again they might not be held in such contempt.

  16. Dear Deputy Pitman,

    Well done you for standing up and to both you and Deputy Tadier for walking out of that debacle. The woman who castigated you is a disgrace, likely toadying to the bosses or looking for a raise. Definitely no morals.

    I'm delighted to hear it was broadcast, surely the people of Jersey will throw that shower out of office in your next elections?

    Seems to me if the Jersey Junta want to preserve the island's good name, they should allow child abuse, past and present, on the island to be thoroughly investigated - without interference.

    Do they really think this is going to go away? It's too late for that, too many people now know about this abuse, especially at the House of Horrors that was Haut de la Garenne.

    Do they not realise HDLG is part of the growing British anti-child abuse campaign alongside the Welsh care homes, English care homes, Kincora in Northern Ireland, etc? HDLG is right up there, day after day, on online blogs and all over twitter - which of course means the entire world knows about it now too. What's more, we will continue to keep HDLG and the Jersey abuse to the forefront of the world's awareness and conscience.

    If it's tourist revenue the Junta are so anxious to preserve, better they allow an open investigation. HDLG really did happen, sadly the past cannot be changed, worse now is the continuing cover-up. There is no excuse for inaction by government officials when self-preservation is their main objective. Now this has come to light, people in this day and age simply won't stand for it, particularly where children have been raped, buggered, sodomised and murdered, especially by those in power who we, as voters, entrusted to protect the most vulnerable amongst us.

    People of Jersey, do the right thing and next chance you get vote out the old-school - those dinosaurs who will always be looking to protect themselves first and foremost from scandals past - and vote in the good among you. We all need to. Abuse is everywhere. No matter where you live now, it's there. The only way we are going to clean up our respective societies is to vote in good, decent, moral politicians who would never stand for what happened in the past.

    All my best to you, Deputies Pitman, Tadier and Syvret.

    Liz Jordan

  17. Trevor

    Everything you write here is right on the money. Jersey will never be the great place it should be until this establishment gang are ousted. We all need to start working together for 2014 and quickly.

  18. ''Constable Juliet Gallichan of St. Mary felt the need to spring to her feet and inform the Bailiff - and listening BBC Jersey audience - that my apology to the unfortunate HG - homeless and alone on the streets of London didn't speak for her!''

    Trevor is the above true?

    1. That the Constable felt the need to spring to her feet to disassociate herself from my apology to HG is on the record.

      Though Hansard is not available yet hopefully the Jerssey Way (TJW) will have the audio up very soon.

      As for the current plight of HG the information is as accurate as any of us can presently establish. She is in contact with a third party I'm pleased to say.

      People must not believe everything (maybe that should be ANYTHING?) they read in Pravda. I mean today they were telling you all that there had been no Data Protection breach by Senator Bailhache that the document he was allegedly reading was in the public domain.

      No it isn't. The document Gorst tried to fob the Assembly off with does NOT reveal names. What the member of the public saw DID. But will the MSM challenge the two Chief Ministers? Don't be foolish - of course they won't.

      And never forget. Both the JEP and Broadlands know very weel that the case they are seeking to benefit from was NOT ECHR complaint thanks to the impossibly conflicted jurat John Le Breton.

      Trust me - the Jersey Establishment has no shame. FACT.

  19. Trevor.

    Lets hope that you ask more questions at the next sitting, regarding P Bailhache reading private documents on a local plane flight, for all to see.

    Its also going around in the establishment circles, that the real victim in all this had a record of harassing people before she came to Jersey.

    How sad is that?

  20. Dear Deputy Pitman,

    All is relative, all is connected, the first lines of communication between these "City of London Corporation" spiders were weaved in 1853!

    Which explains:

    On the 23rd November 1852 the first four Post Boxes were erected in Jersey; in David Place (nearly opposite the rectory), New Street (in front of Mr. Fry’s, Painter and Glazer), Cheapside (Top of the Parade) and St. Clements Road (Corner of Plaisance).

    These pillar boxes were made by the local firm of Vaudin & Son, and were hexagonal, cast-iron, about four feet high and red in colour.

    The Royal Arms appeared on three sides, the words ‘Post Office’ on two sides, and on the remaining face, the words ‘Letter Box’ beside the vertical aperture. These boxes were mounted on a granite block, two feet deep and raised four inches from the ground.

    The first corresponding mainland pillar box was manufactured by Abbott and Company and erected the following year in September 1853 at Botchergate, Carlisle.

    Victoria Lodge

    Meeting Place
    Jovial Butchers' Inn, Botchergate, Carlisle, Cumberland

    Serial Number: 2105
    Date of Warrant or Constitution: 1852
    Warrant of Constitution: 19 Oct. 1852

    Lodge Number (1832): 882
    Notes (1): United with " Union Lodge" No, 389 [No. 555 of 30 July 1796], 10 October 1855.

    And later in 1855 followed by a further four in London, these being erected in:



    Fleet Street


    Pall Mall



    Under the lights of Piccadilly Circus there is a Masonic courtroom that had it's entrance via the Criterion restaurant (this
    entrance has now changed to another secret one) you only end up here if you reveal any of their secrets!.


    The Strand



  21. Deputy Pitman,

    Do not forget the stamp of the Victoria Lodge...


    Historically, it has always been the victor that has re-written history and tries to re-write the future!

  22. Another 100% analysis of the dispicable Jersey way Deputy. When will we ever get enough good people like you, Shona and a handful of others to close these horrible, self-interested people down? The Constable of St. Mary is beyond a joke. The smallest mandate in the States and yet Bailhache puts her on a commission looking into reform. Farce.

  23. I don't know how you and your group of colleagues do it. You have my admiration. You must feel like you are climbing Everest every time you ennter that viper's next. Simply because you few are struggling to stand up for what is right.

    I honestly don't think that I could manage it. But respect to all of you. If goodness, justice and integrity ever prevails, no matter how many years it might take, you can certainly hold your head up high as one of the champions of the victory.

  24. Deputy Pitman,

    Now you have begun to understand the paper trail and carrying "stamps" left behind, then you will begin to understand the victor Hugo “Pen and Ink drawing" of an octopus...


    And now the Penny has finally dropped!

    V. H.

  25. That was a good letter in the paper from the Chief of Police about your behaviour in the Chamber. Mind you he will already be aware of the other complaints made about you and Ian Evans from his officers already.

    1. Yes, it was an excellent letter wasn't it Jon sanity? Shame its made him look a complete prat.