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Below I list the oral questions that I have on the Order Paper for next Tuesday 17th January. Pitched to both ‘Chief Minister’ Ian Gorst and Chairman of PPC Constable Simon Crowcroft not surprisingly they both focus on the appalling attempt to sell out the States large majority decision of only March 2010 to put reform in the hands of a fully independent Electoral Commission.  See my last post for the full details.

QUESTION 1: Deputy T. M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Chairman of the Privileges and Procedures Committee –

“Will the Chairman advise whether the recent decision by the Privileges and Procedures Committee at its January 4th meeting to seek the agreement of the States to reverse its majority decision to have a fully Independent Electoral Commission and allow it to be chaired by a States Member was made unanimously and if not would he advise which Committee Members voted in favour of the proposal?”

QUESTION 2: Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of Chief Minister 

“What justification does the Chief Minister have for withdrawing his support for a fully independent Election Commission, and proposing instead that his Assistant Minister chair the Commission, especially given that this was a factor in garnering the support of several Members in his election for Chief Minister, and will he now be offering his resignation as a consequence of going back on this commitment?”


Forget the rubbish about a clear four to two vote that was claimed in the JEP. If my good – but clearly misguided friend, Simon Crowcroft says anything other than the truth i.e. that the decision to risk sacrificing all of Daniel Wimberley’s excellent hard work on the alter of Senator Philip Bailhache’s colossal ego actually was passed by just one crucial vote – that of Philip Bailhache - then the words ‘Sir, the Chairman is misleading the House!’ will be echoing around the Chamber. I’m sure I will have no need…

As for ‘Chief Minister’ Gorst it is really quite difficult to imagine what his response will be. It should be something like a short and humble: “I’m really very sorry. I apologise. I have gone back on my word about inclusive government. I have gone back on my word about revealing the details of the disgusting ‘golden handshakes’ paid out under by predecessor. I have been pressured to go back on my word to support a fully independent Electoral Commission. But today I am going to show that I do have some backbone and say “Sorry Philip, I’m not going to let you hijack this after all!” Should we hold our breath? Sadly I doubt we should…


QUESTION 1: Deputy S. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Social Security –

“Will the Minister advise whether there have been long-standing problems within his Department concerning the loss of documents, data being mislaid and conflicting information given out to the public from different members of staff, if so, what measures will he be implementing to resolve this situation?”

QUESTION 2: Deputy S Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Housing –

“What action if any, is the Minister taking to ensure that Housing Trusts take responsibility for maintenance matters?”


The only answer to Shona’s first question can really be an emphatic yes – and it really isn’t acceptable. It is also equally true to remember that this problem has not been of Senator Le Gresley’s making. It has been inherited from the former Minister, Senator Ian Gorst who proved wholly ineffectual in both accepting this and rectifying it. To be fair this was probably not helped by him choosing an Assistant Minister who was spectacularly useless, the now thankfully ousted by the public, former Deputy Angela Jeune. 

Hopefully Francis can give some assurances that he is finally going to sort things out. I mean, promising young cancer victims that the Department will meet the cost of resultant dental care – then going back on this. Just how low can government sink?

The second question is one that should have been tackled way back when the ‘partnerships’ with Housing Trusts was first set up. It wasn’t and I and a number of others have spent a great deal of time lobby the various Housing Ministers over the last three years to put it right. I am actually confident that Deputy Andrew Green will do what his predecessors failed to do so badly.


Given the JEP’s disgraceful and desperate attempt to reinvent Det Sup Mick Gradwell as some kind of ‘whistle-blower’ these three questions to Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand about the ‘Abuse Enquiry’ are a nice little wake up call. I say ‘Abuse Inquiry’ rather than ‘Historic’ Abuse Enquiry because we really shouldn’t be buying into the media PR nonsense that this is all something old and long ago that doesn’t matter any more.

It isn’t. It is current. Just ask the victims still suffering everyday while clowns like Ben Shenton, Jimmy Perchard, Sean Power and co try to muddy the waters with innuendo about the News of the World. Which reminds me?  Come on boys, you had a lot to infer about Harper and wholly un-evidenced ‘leaks. Surely you would like to write in and condemn what we now know about the behaviour of Mr. Gradwell? Or is that…different?

I’ll leave further comment until after we have the answers. Though the one about how much of our taxpayers’ money the Minister has spent and how many convicted/disciplined Police Officers we have had as a result looks like it may be absolutely fascinating…

As for my other written question to the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee this is an issue that I have pursuing for a long time, Not that you would know it from the JEP reporting! I will obviously be supporting Deputy Roy Le Herissier’s proposition but I think this work needs to be championed by PAC too. It is, after all, our taxpayers’ money that the Establishment Party is giving out to keep the silence of so many failed senior Civil Servants. It needs to stop and politicians and whoever else be held accountable.


“As a part of the Historic Abuse Inquiry did the investigators research and consequently obtain a full list of all individuals who were, at any time, on the Board of Governors of Haut De La Garenne (whether in paid or purely voluntary roles) under each of the various authorities under which the facility operated during the period of investigation?

Were all those individuals still living subsequently interviewed and, if so, will the Minister provide Members with a full list of those interviewed or advise where such information can be viewed?”


“Will the Minister provide details of how much money has been spent on external inquiries and reviews in respect of alleged disciplinary issues since November 2008 and how many police officers, if any, have been convicted of any criminal or disciplinary charges as a consequence?”


“What investigations, if any, have taken place in respect of the allegations that States of Jersey Police officers acted illegally during the investigation of the case of Curtis Warren and others; and if there has been an investigation, what was the total cost and the outcome?”


“Will the Chairman advise whether the Public Accounts Committee intends to investigate and subsequently publish a report into the amount of taxpayers’ money used under the last Council of Ministers, under Senator T.A. Le Sueur, to provide ‘golden handshakes’ to senior Civil Servants leaving their posts early; further still, will the Committee be investigating the absence of detail on such payments within published States accounts?”


Disappointed that instead of improved transparency the new ‘critical friends’ running Scrutiny are going to make all of their non-hearing meetings closed to the public? Perhaps I can suggest an alternative? Get down to the next PPC meeting instead. Why? Well, if nothing else you will be able to see that regardless of what he spouted on the hustings, lecturing States Members about ‘respecting’ others what Senator Philip Bailhache says in public is very, very different to what he actually does! 

Indeed, no wonder he wanted the media – and just as importantly Daniel Wimberley and I who were also watching proceedings - removed before he would speak! Luckily this demand was challenged by Deputy Judy Martin or we would still not know exactly the low and underhand manner in which this horrible, arrogant little coward really works.

What am I talking about? Well, not content with trying to hijack the independent Electoral Commission (as documented in my last post) now Bailhache even wants to try and dictate who can sit on other sub-committees! Worse, sub-committees only being set up because he is too lazy and pompous to include them in the Electoral Commission’s work as Daniel Wimberley had set out in his successful proposition! Even worse again, of course, he wanted to try and have another member prevented from participating but wanted it done in secret so no one would be any the wiser! So much for all that pious talk of ‘respect’ eh Senator?

The target of the Egotistical One’s spite today was Deputy Geoff Southern. He had foolishly offered his services to contribute to a sub-committee being set up to look at election laws, campaign timescales etc. Bailhache’s objection? Southern (like my wife, Deputy Shona Pitman of course) had been prosecuted and convicted for the awful, heinous ‘crime’ of assisting a few elderly/disabled people to complete an application form to request that they could be registered for a postal vote in 2008

Of course, this isn’t a ‘crime’ in any known democracy in the free world. In fact it is actively encouraged. The candidate assisting the elderly/disabled person to apply to be registered to be able to participate in the democratic process is, of course, long gone by the time they are actually sent their voting slip several days later.

But leaving that aside Bailhache had then had the appalling arrogance and downright gall to insultingly compare Southern’s action with an analogy of ‘If you created a criminal law commission to look at burglary you wouldn’t invite a convicted burglar to join the commission.’

As I really had to ask of the PPC Chairman and this pompous little man when Daniel, the reporter and I had to leave for part B of the agenda. Having put forward my own name for the sub-committee hopefully we would be able to look at the legitimacy of such non-Human Right compliant local laws? Even more so the fact that why Deputies Southern and Shona Pitman were taken to court for ‘crimes’ they had stood up in the States and openly said that they would be left no option but to commit out of principle, wasn’t it funny that two other individuals in the very same St. Helier No. 2 district in 2008 did exactly the same – but didn’t get prosecuted.

Hell – Southern was even originally charged with one of these individual’s offences! We still have the relevant police documents. The only difference? The other two weren’t in the JDA.  Just for the record one individual had a five letter name beginning with the letter ‘A’. The other is detailed as having a three letter name beginning with the letter ‘R’ and is also described as having a beard. FACTS…

Still, sickening as all of this hypocrisy and spite is at least the ‘Historic’ Abuse Committee of Inquiry should be safe from hijack. I mean you, wouldn’t invite a former Attorney General who allowed a convicted paedophile to be sworn into the Honorary Police on to a body set up to investigate best practice on child protection matters would you…

Keep the Faith



  1. Woah! tell it like it is Trevor! Good for you. Hope your cowardly anonymous colleague is reading this and will maybe start to feel a twang of guilt.

    Bailhache is a disgrace and will provide the coup de grace to democracy if people like Constable Crowcroft aren't big enough to stand up to him like you do. Please bring Bailhache's cowardly actions up in the States. People daft enough to vote for him need to have their eyes opened.

  2. Good questions Deputy. Keep the pressure on. It is a long struggle but I think it is clear we are slowly turning the tide. Anyone else agree? Bailhache being dug up and hurried into the States was a sign of just how desperate they are with the old guard slowly disappearing. Viva la revolution!

  3. Another very interesting post. With Stuart out of the States I am so pleased that we at least have you in there.

    These people like Bailhache are just so arrogant they make me sick and ashamed to be a Jersey girl. His attempt to get Southern prevented from being on this sub-committee but wanting to do so in a way that meant nobody would know is pathetic.

  4. I guess Ex-Senator Syvret is really kicking himself now having given up his seat.
    He could have delivered so much if he was still a member of the States.
    It's up to you now Trev & Shona .

  5. Take that Sir Pip! You have been 'outed'as the hypocrite and fake that you clearly are.

  6. The way many would of read the article, in the JEP was that Mr. Southern had led voters by the hand to vote for himself at the polls.

    I cant say I am disappointed in Mr. Gorsts turnaround it's as I expected.

    I think the clue was in the proposal fully independant. I do not see anyone more conflicted than Mr. Bailhache as pointed out by Montford in his questions asked late 2010 of Mr. Bailhache

  7. Very few of the electorate will understand the difference between a Scrutiny "meeting" as opposed to a "hearing". The outrageous gravity of the decision to close all "meetings" to the public will not be appreciated especially since much information was gleaned and reported from "meetings" on my blog in the past. Now they are to be wholly secret with only the much delayed minutes (when they are published)to reveal a little information about the proceedings.
    It seems that the regular "meetings" with Ministers will fall within this ban too.
    "Hearings" are those scrutiny panels that have witnesses ( such as Ministers or civil servants)and have been traditionally open to the public with video recording allowed in some few cases.
    In fairness, it must be said that Sen Le Marquand always permitted bloggers to record him but the civil servants ( and most of the Ministers) from other departments refused to allow any recording.
    Now only the "accredited press" will apparently be allowed to record the initial 5 minutes of the proceedings. Are these latest decisions driven by the civil servants or our "elected reps"?
    How odd that such important constraints on freedom of expression and the public's right to know are not even discussed and agreed beforehand by the States Assembly and without any consultation with the paying public....

  8. It appears that some of Stuart's past criticisms of Phil Bailhache are proving to be true!

    The words ... hijack and democracy spring to mind, what is he running scared of?

  9. Oh I believe our elected politicans run scared of Bailhache What is it about people and power?

  10. Tom

    I don't agree with what has now been decided about Scrutiny meetings and the increased restrictions on public and Citizens media access. I went up to Scrutiny and voiced this on Friday.

    The answer I was given was that it had been voted on by all the 16 current members of Scrutiny. Whilst people are all fully entitled to vote in what ever way they see fit I personally don't think that it can be a good thing for democracy that now Scrutiny are going down the same slippery slope into secrecy as the Council of Ministers.

    But then we shall have to see if this Scrutiny actually does anything to really try and hold Ministers to account. Given the foolish comments from the new Deputy of St. Martin I believe following on from Philip Bailhache's uninformed twaddle about Scrutiny formerly being used for people's hobbyhorses I would hazard a guess it is more likely that most panels end up with the equivilent of count doggy doo on the beach.

    Should this be the case then you can be sure of many comments from the Great One and the rest proclaiming how 'improved' Scrutiny now is!We will have to wait and see.

    As for PPC are Citizens Media being advised of these meetings? They are obviously up on the States website. I intend going to them all, commitments allowing, and should you or anyone else wish to go I suggest you contact the Chairman direct to make your request official - especially if there is to be any request to film.

    On a different but related matter - hopefully we can yet save the independent Electoral Commission from Senator Bailhache's ego.

    Whether we do this or not, whilst I certainly have my differences of opinion with you I would suggest that you get in touch with PPC and put your name forward to be one of the members of the public on the Electoral Commission.

    You have a great deal of knowledge and what we must do again is ensure that this doesn't get stacked with the self-proclaimed 'Great and the Good' and all of their friends. Common sense should dictate that States Members throw Bailhache's ego trip out simply on his ludicrous idea of making the Constables position a 'no go' area for the Commission.

    But this, of ccurse, is Jersey...

  11. The Bald Truth

    Packing more punch than a Tyson upper-cut

  12. Way to go Trevor - talk about hitting the nails on the head!

    It is also refreshing that it appears that you and others are attempting to work together whatever differences there may have been in the past. This can only be for the common good.

    Both you and Shona do a lot of unseen, good work for your constituents and more power to your elbows.

    Thank you.

  13. Trevor.

    Good questions submitted, in particular to the Home Affairs Minister Senator Ian Le Marquand.

    “Will the Minister provide details of how much money has been spent on external inquiries and reviews in respect of alleged disciplinary issues since November 2008 and how many police officers, if any, have been convicted of any criminal or disciplinary charges as a consequence?”

    The answer, in my opinion should be that he has spent literally millions of pounds on personal vendettas which haven't produced as single disciplinary charge let alone a criminal one. This man, in my opinion, has done nothing more than waste millions of pounds on smoke screens, mirrors and vendettas which in any real functioning democracy would have him removed from office.

    Furthermore if we had anything that resembled a challenging media you not have to be asking these questions.

  14. How many secret pay offs will be discussed in the secret Scrutiny meetings and how many of the minutes will go missing that highlight these secret pay offs?

  15. As someone who wanted to put a stop to personality politics and stopped states members time wasting and going over old ground Philip Bailhache has so far insulted one former states member and one current serving member. He is now wanting to go over old ground, waste time in the states, pee everyone off and change the electoral commission. What a beginning to a political career...

  16. Well said Trevor and Shona. I shall be listening on Tuesday and I hope you sound as angry then as you do now, give 'em hell.

  17. You could also ask Housing why the JEC,(States owned?), have most of their residential units rented out to non-qualified tenants when there is supposed to a housing shortage.

  18. I think the office shredder will earn it's keep over the comming months and years?

  19. Excellent work Trev and Shona but you watch Le Marquand worm his way around giving true and concise answers to your questions, as usual he will just play dumb suggesting as usual he dosen,t have the information available.what a waste of space he has turned out to be, he has to go.

  20. Very good post Trevor. Thanks for highlighting what reall goes on behind all of the spin. I often think how funny it is, though obviously sinister, how it is the establishment gang who are always decrying others behaviour, calling people anti-Jersey and the like. Yet if you look back it has been these establishment people themselves who started this lowering of standards. I first noticed this back when Guy De Faye was in the States and he and Terry Le Main regularly used to attack and insult people like Shona, Judy Martin and Geoff Southern. All while Bailhache as Bailiff did absolutely nothing.This has gotten worse over the last three years what with Ozouf's attempts to bully people when he attacks them in the States and tries to belittle people for having different views. The last year or two has probably seen a new low with the political persecutions of Shona and Geoff Southern for helping disabled people register to vote. Funny how Bailhache junior did not prosecute the others is it not?Rod Bryans smear campaign against them was also absolutely sickening too.This is all very dangerous really because you only have to look how far complete nobodies who are not even in politics can sink having maybe been influenced by such bullying. That awful case of that revolting Howorth chap being convicted for making evil threats to the innocent family ex-Senator Syvret was staying with last year is a fine example. All I would say is difficult as it must be hang in there. People like you, Shona and a few others, bloggers included are making a difference slowly. Don't be bullied.

  21. What differences of opinion do you have with me Deputy?

  22. A second great post Deputy. Nice to see some honest, no holds barred political speaking.

  23. Brilliant work in the States today Trevor. You have blown the lid off his scam to sabotage the independence of the electoral commission. Gorst's promises are obviously worth didly squat!

  24. Listening to the states this morning confirms my suspicion that as a result of the new intake of politicians Jersey has been taken back decades. Bailhache MUST be stopped!

  25. Downtown Abbey Bailanche certainly looks the lacky in JEP monday 16th photo of him carrying Gorsts papers at a meeting in Dublin!!doesn't look a very happy bunny does PB.

  26. Oh what have you done voters of St Martin!!

  27. Non answers from ILM to your questions Trevor. Is this man having a laugh?

  28. Donnie Darko's brother17 January 2012 at 14:34:00 GMT

    You are a LEGEBD Big Trev. You expose the lies that so many duck their heads from confronting. As for Crowcroft doffing his titfer to do Bailhache's dirty work on the electoral commission DISGUSTING!

  29. Face it - Bailhache is the most dangerous threat to democracy that we have faced since my Grandaddy was a whipper-snapper. He is here for his own ego as Deputy Pitman rightly points out.

    What gets me is how guilible people can be. Bailhache wants to end our links with the UK yet the JEP allow him to spin his way out of that at the elections to get people's votes. He wants to ensure an elitist, snobbery based phoney democratic government is in place forever.

    This man wasn't fit to be AG. He isn't fit to run an electoral commission.

  30. Has Deputy Rod Bryans actually opened his mouth yet? What a waste of spce this bloke is. Come back Deputy De Sousa. What a joke that this numpty is apparently being handed responsibility for our youth servce too> Lord help us!

  31. Trevor and Shona - a great performance in the States this morning, and pleased to hear Shona get applause.

    Keep this up all you progressives. I bet Bailhache was silently gnashing his teeth whilst listening to a bit of the truth.

    So very disappointed in Simon Crowcroft and Ian Gorst already.

  32. JEP two page spread.
    Inspiring people and creating optimism for the fute will be top priority for the States over the next three years.

    How to take part.
    Paper document are available at the States Greffe bookshop, the Library and Cyril Le Marquand House. You can also order a copy by phoning 440422

    Reform Government and the Public Sector. Buzz words here. Openness and transparency is key

    Good old JEP doing Bailhaches work for him

  33. God! What planet is this Bailhache idiot from? 'Respect States decisions blah, blah, blah'. As Trevor so rightly said what about Bailhache respecting what the States greed on an independent, muppet free electoral commission.

  34. I listened to the States today and I have to say that I have changed my mind. I didn't think there was too much of a problem with Senator Bailhache taking over the commission. Listening today to his arrogance and complete lack of understanding I think that you are right. It must ve independent.

  35. Trevor, I've just been listening to the debate on the minimum wage in todays States proceedings and I just want to applaud you for your comment after Senator Bailhaches speech where you pointed out his hypocrisy. That made me grin a lot!

  36. Why doesn't Gorst do as you asked and resign? Everybody else knows Bailhache is is the one wearing the trousers in there and Gorst is only in place to take all the flak for him.

  37. I said le marquand would worm out of answering questions what an absoulute pratt.

  38. Where can i listen to the debate please.

  39. With luck the jersey way blogger will have the debates recorded. I hope so anyway as I look forward to listening to them.

    I dont know of any other way of listening to the debates unless you are listening online via CTV and I dont think they are recorded so you can listen later. The Jersey Way blog is the only way I know of so just have to hope the blogger recorded it. I do hope so.

  40. Trevor

    The JEP story tonight trying to paint a positive picture of the Bailaches hi jack of the electioral commission doesn't make much sense if you read it closely.

    Says there was no casting vote. Yet if you look at the facts there has been one vote in it every time. Bailache's deciding vote when surely as the person who instigated this attempt at a u turn he should not even have been voting as you rightly pointed out. Can you tell us more on this?

  41. Another question. can you or any other politician enlighten us as to why seven of you abstained and three more voted against the appointment yesterday on to the Jersey Financial Servies Commission? This all seems a bit odd as I would have expected this to be a straight-forward thing?

  42. Hi to all

    Just to let readers know that due to constituent work commitments and a a couple of IT hitches to boot I won't be responding to any posts before tomorrow.

    Keep the faith


  43. The questions you asked Ian le Marquand. Do the answers seem as complete as they should be to you? They look underplayed to me in terms of the totals. Haven't Ministers got a responsibility under the Code of Conduct to be as honest and open as possible? Worth looking in to Trevor?

  44. Jason the Muppet (JTM)20 January 2012 at 21:14:00 GMT

    Today I have mainly been consuming lager.....

  45. Trevor.

    Have e-mailed you and Senator Le Marquand. On the face of it, it appears he hasn't been as forthcoming as he could have been.

  46. Can you or anyone else tell me when the Hansard of this week's debate will be up to read please? I would like to see for myself what Philip Bailhache really said when attacking Geoff Southern about respecting States decisions.

    I have to say that I find it very hard to believe that he really said this given that he is wanting to take over the independant commission. But if true then I will hold up my hands and say total plonker and hypocrite.

  47. Today I have been mainly watching children's television.....

  48. Deputy. Have you got any thoughts on the recent sightings of UFO's just across the channel and even over toward Alderney apparently? Do you think that we could be being watched from outter space due to our backward position on democracy?

  49. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  50. Trevor. There has been some really good debate in these last two stories that you have put up. Two really excellent posts from you to get the debate going too obviously. As others have commented, it is so nice to see real debate on important issues on the blogs. Too often all we get is the idiotic slaging of the progressives on the MSM blogs by the trolls or one issue stuff with people saying the same thing over and over. So having said this can I ask that you consider knocking back posts that add nothing like the one about UFO sightings? Sending up people's silly opinions is fine because that often highlights ignorance or prejudices that need to be challenged. But does anyone really belive that thee are space ships watching us?

  51. I have just finished reading Mr. Hills latest blog posting. I hope its ok to post the link here. what is the point on

    How can the Chairman of PPC ride rough shod though Daniel Wimberley's proposition and ignore a decision made by States members last March?

  52. Today I have mainly been being ignored.....

  53. Comment removed:

    A comment slipped through inadvertently a few minutes ago that contained a word of bad language. This has been removed as soon as it was noticed.

    I would apologize to anyone offended in the few moments it was displayed; and also remind readers that whilst strong opinions are welcome such language should be avoided.

    Bad language may be acceptable to abuseive, low-brow sites like the Troll's redundant Farce but not here. Should anyone not feel able to comply please post elsewhere.


  54. Reading the Rag today it seems the JEP's rapid slide into third rate, rightist, anti-democracy 'journalism' is gathering ever more pace. Just read Ben Q's latest rant against Danial Wimberley reference the Electoral Commission.

    Wasn't it bad enough last week when he was trying to say that everyone hates all politicians? How that got past a 'professional' editor was beyond belief. And now this.

    Something really needs to be done about the standards at the JEP. Not least the butt-kissing of incompetents like Bailhache, Le Marquand and until recently Ben Shenton. To think this 'newspaper' gets £300.000 just on from government!

    I wonder if we will ever see the day when a 'reporter' at the JEP is big and brave enough to do a story on the many appalling gaffs of Sir 'Humphrey' B such as the Holland affair? I doubt it somehow.

  55. Could someone post Mr. Querees opinion piece for readers who have not seen article?

  56. Couldn't agree more with the post on the JEP. Rabid anti-progressive garbage time and time again. Just look back at the Senatorial election. Bailahce given more coverage in text and photos than anyone else. Syvret trashed at every opportunity. Little more needs to be said.

  57. Syvret trashed himself, you should of followed twitter and what about the rag's treatment of Freddie Cohen with bogus letters even? Are we suffering from selective blindness? I doubt the Public use the JEP as it's main source to select people, I like anybody else generally prefer to look at the manifesto and thenmake up my mind.

  58. Stuart Syvret certainly did himself no favours in some instances I would agree. But you can hardly blame him for the one-sided rubbish written by the JEP time after time. He also gave the most in depth answers at hustings.

    The fact that Bailhache got glowing write ups even when most of what he said was typical clueless toff drivel also can't be ignored as if it didn't happen. As for the comments on manifestos and then making up minds, please! Until the JDA for all of their faults came along manifestos were just telling people whatever the snob party thought might con them a vote.

    Fake letters? You don't see any attacking our failed Bailiff do you, and I think Trevor could point out how it is Shona who has been the victim of the JEP fake letter scam more than any one. Face it the JEP are establishment through and through. They should be looked at by the Trading Standards in my opinion.

  59. Whoever writes the letters is neither here nor there and its no different to the anon people writing on here or anywhere else. It is the content that matters and its either true or false. The way people are commented upon on the Net after writing letters like say Roy B, are people really surprised they hide their identities? Some of these blogs just cannot handle or cope with other peoples freedom of speech.

  60. 'Whoever writes the letters is neither here nor there...'

    Sorry to disagree with you Anonymous but there is EVERY difference. Deciding that you want to remain 'anonymous'on the net either through fear of consequences or just plain cowardice (like the Troll) is one thing. I can even accept the first excuse in certain circumstances; though have never felt the need to hide my own views.

    Making up almost exclusively negative/anti 'views' in letters that are neither genuine or from a genuine person but rather created simply to try and give a false and damaging impresion; trying to con people that the identity of the 'writer' is a real person is quite another.

    As for the fake letters in the JEP. Firstly, you have to consider that the Mainstream media are meant to be way above the lowly world of blogging. Likewise the fact that they claim that writers must give their real name and address in order that these can be checked.

    I know individuals who have written in either in support of 'progressives' or being critical of 'establishment' figures and have been contacted for this very purpose. Fair enough.

    Which makes it rather funny to say the least how fake and malicious letters to the JEP attacking 'progressives' such as Shona do not seem to get the same vetting? Even more telling, of course, is how even upon being confronted with the demonstrable proof that such letters are fake the JEP still won't do the decent and professional thing by apologizing...

  61. Yes indeed. The MSM are meant to be so much better than the blogs. The examples you give demonstrates what nonsense such claims are. If a newspaper isn't somehow involved or colluding with these bogus letter writers then why oh why would they not say sorry to people and their readers once they have been made aware of this despicable practice?

  62. I have never seen any letter against a progressive in the paper that I would describe as malicious. Are you sure you are not over reacting and is it not expected for all States Members to be thicker skinned than this? Philip Ozouf for example on This is Jersey is hammered regularly by so called 'Trolls' but you never see him react.

  63. Mike Rumfitt (Jurat) died a few days ago but when he was editor of the JEP he stopped publishing my letters on the pretext that I gave my Bristol home address rather than my Jersey lodgings.
    It wasn't quite that simple because (Deputy) John Rothwell had raised some matters with AG Vernon Tomes for me and the question arose from the AG about me apparently writing from Bristol....the result was that my letters were stopped unless I appended a Jersey home address (which I did not actually have as a lodger).
    How times change - now the JEP will publish comments without a name or address. Then I submitted 13 complaints to the Prerss Council protesting that it was for me to determine where my home address might be etc but the authority of the editor was not to be challenged.

    I am still more or less alive - Rumfitt, Tomes,Rothwell and even the guy at the Press Council are all dead so it does make me wonder whether some battles are worth fighting. My name appears here as Tom Gruchy although it is actually Mike Dun - a simple bit of information that seems to interest some people so much more than anything I might actually be writing about.
    It's not always obvious what might really be important enough to fight for.

  64. 'I wonder if we will ever see the day when a 'reporter' at the JEP is big and brave enough to do a story on the many appalling gaffs of Sir 'Humphrey' B such as the Holland affair? I doubt it somehow'

    I would suspect that any passionate, real, professional reporter would love to do some proper honest reporting of the sort that the public want and need. However, I fear that all reporters at the JEP must be brainwashed, and we must not forget also that anything anti-establishment would not pass the the 'high-ups' at Five Oaks in any event.

  65. Anon who says

    "The way people are commented upon on the Net after writing letters like say Roy B, are people really surprised they hide their identities?"

    should perhaps reflect that. Roy Boschat wrote the letter to a newspaper. He expressed his view publicly.

    Clearly Anon has a very unusual conception of free speech. If you have the freedom to say something then others have the freedom to respond. It's fairly basic, but our right wing establishment kakistocracy seem unable to understand this most basic idea.

  66. To anon - reference: not seeing any malicious letters attacking progessives.

    Obviously you never read the horrible fake Belmont Road letters attacking Deputy S. Pitman mentioned? Attacking Mr L. Harper too I recall?Perhaps you are 'B. Riantz' himself? Perhaps you are the same person who wrote the later fake letter I am reliably informed that was attacking Deputy M. Tadier that the newspaper wanted to build up by getting a response from him on? A 'letter' that I have heard was challenged by the Deputy and then could never be produced, so I am told,or was published because it was obviously from a non-existant person.

    Politicians probably all accept the need to have thick skin but then what excuse is there for 'professional' media or editors to publish obvious nasty lies. Even worse as has been pointed out to refuse to apologize for such scandalous behaviour when they have been caught out redhanded. There is no excuse is there.

    As for Ozouf I have never seen him get this treatment in the JEP even though he is regularly rude and appears to be a bully in the States. He is forever attacking others and trying to misrepresent progressives in my opinion.

  67. The post from Tom Gruchy shows clearly just how the system in Jersey works. No doubt Tom was writing letters calling for equality and a fairer society. This is probably why he was blocked. I know people who this has happened to as well.

    If Tom had been writing in saying "isn't Frank Walker great!" I'm sure it would not have mattered if he had an address in outer Mongolia. We need some form of local monitoring of our media here that can have real teeth.

  68. Today I have mainly been obsessing over Stuart.....

  69. I see Helier Clement has written in support of Shona highlighting the loss of documents down at Social Security. I have had problems down there myself in the past so I know this is a real problem. Ministers have to support their staff but being a new Minister like Francis Le Gresley he should know that he needs to check facts out for himself before just trying to say I'm told it isn't a problem. This is the disbelieving attitude that gets so many decent people so frustrated and angry down there.

  70. I have not commented about Ozouf in the JEP but I did leave comments about his policies on his Facebook and Blog sites until he blocked me on both.
    He does not like criticism.
    It is interesting that I praised his initial "bravery" for engaging with the public on the net but now his blog appears to be more or less dead. He has presumably beeen censored by the new CM - although I have no idea what he is up to on Facebook or Twitter.

  71. Hi Tom

    I happened to speak to Philip Ozouf about blogs during a coffee break in the last States sitting. He commented that he hadn't really bothered with his blog for some weeks. I think 'Twitter' is more his thing now that the election is over. Though hopefully not during debates when we are in the Chamber and meant to be (giving the appearance of?) listening to one another!

  72. I think Senator Le Gresley will do a good job in the long run. Needs to find his feet like anyone in a new job. I do agree that there appears to be problems down at Social though. Just as bad as documents going missing from my experience is staff - some, by no means all - being very off with people. With proper training there is surely no need or excuse for this.

  73. Today I have mainly been dancing drunkenly in my Y fronts....

  74. Trevor,

    I am interested in the JEP wanting letter writers to give their names and addresses, which obviously they validate otherwise why bother ?

    Just Like Fly on the Wall and Helier Clement, who write anonymously.

    What a truly strange way to manage a local newspaper, not exactly courting confidence by the readership are they, especially charging the same price as a major UK title ?


  75. Don't know if the current 'Helier' still does but the writer of this JEP comment piece used to live for many years in Sark. Probably explains why he often got things wildly wrong?

  76. Trevor.

    Open letter from Former DCO Lenny Harper to Home Affairs Minister Senator Le Marquand.

  77. As ILM has been shown to be a complete liar or buffoon, what can you, or will you, do to get him out of the States?

  78. Just to say that a new post will be up by tomorrow. I know Christmas and the season of goodwill may well be past - but still always nice to give the Troll something to look forward to!