Wednesday, 2 May 2012


Four eye-catching  headlines – even if only one of them does have any truth in it. Come to think of it, a bit like the ratio of true and accurate answers you’re likely to get from some Ministers at a States ‘Question Time’?  The second, third and fourth headline, of course, do relate to today’s States Sitting. The first one I admit: yes,  I did just put it up to give everyone’s least favourite internet ‘stalker’ a tiny  bit of excitement in his sad and bitter life of trolling and posting cowardly abuse.  

But first to a real man the like of which we could certainly do with a few more of today….

Sad passing of René Liron – Funeral held for a legendary fighter for social justice…

Knowing René’s son, Bruce well I was very, very sad to learn of Mr. Liron’s passing on April 19th. As a union leader of real stature René Liron really personified the type of focal point the unions in Jersey really need today.

By this I mean not only a very genuine, sensible and ‘up front’ man who was passionate about social justice and looking out for the least well off. But just as importantly the quality of man that would not be ‘rolled over’ by the Establishment Party bully boys who dominate the Executive today knowing the cost of everything but the value of nothing.

Believe me: the unions and public sector generally are going to have to find some of René’s backbone very soon or they will be the ones being made to pay for the stupidity and incompetence of the Establishment party’s policies for a very long time…

A final point on this. Having received a few e-mails on the issue I can say that: yes, I too fully agree that it was sickening to see the Jersey Establishment Post now gushing about what great men René and the late Senator Norman Le Brocq were - when they had so little good or true to say about them when they were in their prime and politically active. But then again – what’s new?

When will this new Assembly come to life?

I think it is fair to say that regardless of the clichéd nonsense about ‘inclusive’ and new, ‘positive’ government etc spouted by the likes of Rod Bryans – making his first contribution to a States debate – ANY debate – a full six months after his election the Strategic Plan today really summed up what a mess this new States is in.

Indeed, when you actually get Officers (who don’t officially have or give opinions) confidentially confiding in you as to what a worrying, ‘dumbed ‘down, shadow of a democracy our States has now become since the 2011 election you really have to conclude that something is very wrong in Jersey politics. And you can’t even blame it all on the pathetic and totally unwarranted deferring to ‘Sir Philip’ sycophancy as some people would try to say!

Hardly any questions – again. Hardly any attempts from the new Members (with very honourable exceptions such as the excellent Deputies John Young and Richard Rondel) to hold the Great and the Good of the Executive to account; or even to contribute to debate - again. Et cetera  But more on this important issue in a full length subsequent post..

Strategic Plan passed in record time…

To a degree I felt some sympathy for Chief Minister Ian Gorst with this Strategic Plan. At least he had tried to – and succeeded to be fair – in cutting down much of the superfluous spin, padding and downright lies traditionally put in Strategic Plans in the past. But the problems with what was presented were very well articulated by Deputy Geoff Southern.

Still nothing about the real, core issues that underlie all of the problems that we need to overcome if we are to move forward to a genuinely ‘inclusive’, ‘fair’ and socially cohesive society. But though Senator Philip Bailhache got very tetchy with Deputy Montford Tadier during one of his brief sojourns into the Chamber the fact is Montford too was pretty much spot-on: this Executive not only know we aren’t going to get a ‘fair’ and genuinely ‘equal’ society under their redundant ‘free-market’ and ‘elitist’, ‘them & us’ ideology – they very likely wouldn’t want it anyway!

As for the lack of amendments – Geoff Southern really summed this up very well too after I reminded him just how many there had been last time, when he said that actually one almost could not amend the plan because it was so fundamentally wrong in its starting point. Sadly exactly the way I felt this time myself.

Tazers – No we don’t need every officer to have them…

It is funny but chancing to be talking to a constituent last week when the news came in about part of St. Helier being sealed off and flooded with armed police because somebody was apparently running amok with a screwdriver we both looked at each other and said: ‘this is being used to justify pushing through Tazers!’ That these devices should probably be available I am quite happy to accept may well be true.

But the argument that all of our police need to carry them is a complete, and in my view, ultimately dangerous joke. If we are going to have them then let’s just have them available to the armed response teams. Intending no disrespect whatsoever I would also absolutely not, 100% ever agree to these being made available to our Honorary Police. To this degree I was consequently very pleased to find the two Constables I spoke to about this issue wholly agreeing with me.

As someone who also used to do crowd control at premier league football matches back when I was at University (initially in the hope of being able to catch a few games I can now admit!) the key to dealing with this type of thing really is, at the bottom line, proper training. Most of my friends in the police agree with this view in private it is interesting to note.

And as one of them said: ‘Suppose we get these Tazers. What happens when the criminals up the ante? Do we just escalate what weapons we want to carry as police?’ I will consequently be very interested to see what the final outcome on this issue is.

Hey…I wonder if they will start ‘Tazering’ people who attack pensioners in their own home with heavy catapults and steel ball-bearings; go for a stroll with swords and throwing knives – maybe stockpile a few petrol bombs? Nah – that would be just plain silly, wouldn’t it…

The Sharp Report. No wonder the Executive don’t want ‘backbenchers’ to have it…

I won’t say too much on this issue today because having read the report at length (having had to acquire it from a Child Protection website in the UK let us not forget having been blocked by our ESC Minister in getting it officially) there are a great many things included that are still very relevant and need consideration and action today.

All I will say for now is how utterly sickened I was to read of a former Vice Principle of Victoria College being stated as arguing that a colleague of his who had been found to ply boys with alcohol and then abuse them should apparently be allowed to both ‘resign with dignity’ and ‘work out his notice period’. Even worse, arguing that he felt no pupils ‘would be at risk’ if the offender was allowed to continue teaching in the classroom! Can the judgement of such an individual have ANY credibility whatsoever?

I also really must add that I found the fact that the current Minister would not condemn such a stance and confirm that it would not be acceptable today both disappointing and rather worrying. Has so little really been learned? A school’s ‘good name’ is worth less than nothing set against the safety of those in its care. Really, if the community and more importantly the victims of abuse are to have any confidence in the Haut De La Garenne Committee of Enquiry then this just isn’t the way to set about it.

Finally, a big ‘Thank you’…

I really couldn’t finish this post without saying a big thank you to all of those people who have sent in messages of best wishes and support for Shona and her 87 year old Grandmother who is very ill in Scotland. Though things are not looking very good they are still very much appreciated and I will ensure that they are passed on. 

Having had to travel at short notice on Monday Shona’s question about the compensation for abuse victims on Tuesday obviously fell by the wayside. She has asked me to assure all of those people who had been in touch about the issue that she will ensure the question gets answered at the next sitting.


Keep the Faith



Coming soon – a PPC ‘special’…


  1. Good to see you back on line. The whole tazer scenario is a joke. Getting them in would be a huge mistake IMHO.

  2. Regards to Shona. Hope her gran pulls through.

  3. All I will say for now is how utterly sickened I was to read of a former Vice Principal of Victoria College being stated as arguing that a colleague of his who had been found to ply boys with alcohol and then abuse them should apparently be allowed to both ‘resign with dignity’ and ‘work out his notice period’. Even worse, arguing that he felt no pupils ‘would be at risk’ if the offender was allowed to continue teaching in the classroom! Can the judgement of such an individual have ANY credibility whatsoever?

    No. That's why he was made a Jurat.

  4. Trevor

    Why don't you start training up at the Fort again like you used to? You might see somebody really (un)interesting up there in the gym trying to build his muscles up the same as his typing fingers.

  5. SSTAG says
    The first AGM of SSTAG - Social Security and Tenants' Action Group - will take place from 6.45pm at St Pauls Centre, St Helier on Thursday 10 May.
    Following the election of a committee there will be a general discussion and ALL are invited.
    for more information

  6. trevor im sorry to hear about shona,s gran will you please pass on my best wishers.Allso i am happy to see you back on line.regards martin

  7. Hi

    Could I just pass on a message to the poster who asks a few questions (which I will be very happy to answer in due course) and also comments how he voted for me.

    Firstly, thanks for the vote - it is appreciated. All I would like to know before replying is if you could kindly shed some light on why your IP appears to be the same as two foul-mouthed posts recieved within a very close time period?

    I'm not very technical with such matters so I rely on other advice, but this does seem strange. Could there be some bizarre mistake/explanation? It just seems a bit contradictory as I'm sure you will understand.

    Not just that but as the Attorney General tells me that such abuse can breach two of Jersey's laws, these dating from 2002 and 2008 respectively (harassment, that type of thing) you should probably be aware of it should a third party have access to your computer.

    Still, I'm sure that you can set my mind at rest with a personal email. In fact, send me a phone number and I'll give you a call tomorrow after I'm done with the two PPC sub-committees that I am on.

    Kind regards


  8. Thanks Martin and as I said earlier, also to all of those who have sent private e-mails, phone calls and the like.

    I should also say that I know Shona hasn't got access to her e-mails in Scotland or her office telephone which is off; and, of course, she will obviously have much more pressing matters on her mind right now.

    But be assured if anyone has asked for her to get back to them she will upon her return.

    Thanks again.

  9. Do you read Twitter Trevor? I have not noticed any posts from you on it? Anyway the reason I mention this is because the subject of some of our new members never opening their mouths to offer us their wisdom was being tweeted about just before Deputy Bryans and Deputy Moore suddenly spoke. Coincidence?

  10. No I don't use twitter currently. Not really interested in what I have seen of it. Maybe I am wrong. I am sure it does have its uses in spreading news of happenings and stuff.

    This aside the two-liner style of 'tweets' that users have shown me in the past doesn't really appeal. Each to his or her own though. One thing I really don't agree with is States Members 'tweeting' or whatever when they are sitting in on debates.

    I'm told that this does happen with some people. What do you think about such activity?

  11. Another message for my voter poster with the questions.

    Thanks for getting back to me. Quite understand.

    But just to clarify. No, you don't need name, address etc to ask questions and just as importantly no, I wouldn't put such things up anyway.

    It is the IP issue that was the concern.

    I am only being more 'cautious' now with questionable anonymous posts (or rants as you describe them)having been advised to do so due to a particular sad sack and his childish abuse.

    Of course, I am not the only one who gets it though the police used the term 'fixation'in talking about his obsession with me. Some people just need help I suppose.

    But you can always just pick up the phone like so many people do and ask your questions. Sounds like the answers don't need to be up on the site anyway?


  12. Signing off now as need to go over the PPC paperwork for tomorrow. Only thing to add is to 'Agnes'. Yes I think you should. You can never be too careful in such circumstances.


  13. If we have three times the number of guns as they have in the uk then maybe it is too late for thinking about these tasers anyway? I mean to say if there are 10000 guns out there some must be in the hands of loonies.

    1. Ah, but they are local loonies - so that's alright. It'd be a different matter if they were immigrant loonies...

  14. Jt broadband customers do not have static IP addresses (that costs extra). This means a users IP can and does change regularly.

    I think on average this is every couple of days, but you can force through changes by rebooting your router or flushing the IP settings.

    Unless you have access to JT's IP log which specifies who was using a particular IP address at any given time I'm not sure how acurate IP monitoring is.

    How this helps.


  15. The Sharp Report is over 12 years old. Is this the pittiful state of your politics these days, picking at the bones of the past?

    1. It is the pitiful state of Jersey politics that it took thirteen years to get a park built after the States accepted a 17000-signature petition; and that it has taken thirteen years and counting to not get equality legislation implemented that the UK had 35 years ago. You might ask Terry Le Sueur and his tax haven^D^D^D offshore finance buddies why it takes so long to get answers.

  16. Moaning about the Sharp Report? Sounds like someone has something to hide?

  17. S StB - Blogs are outside of the scope of the telecommunication laws so IP addresses are meaningless.

    1. I believe such activity is totally out of place. States members are paid a tidy sum to be in that chamber working on behalf of the public.

      Therefore, whilst in the chamber they should be giving their full concentration to all issues which come up for debate and discussion, even if those issue do not immediately concern them.

      They should not be messing about sending tweets. That should wait until after WORK has finished.

  18. Refering to a comment about the Sharp report and jurats I would like to know how a person, any person no matter who they are, can be allowed to hold such an important position if they really felt that a paedophile should be allowed to just resign "with dignity"?

    I find this absolutely gross and highly offensive. Aren't there any rules ensuring such people have to have sound judgement and so forth? Attempting to defend such action is impossible.

  19. Hi

    I'm not the expert but according to what police have told me I am not sure this is correct. The key element on the IP issue is that they can help prove a person's actions in the cowardly harrassment of others (others who they would generally be to spineless to approach face to face.) Don't you agree?

  20. You are better off having traceable e-mails, phone calls and text messages as they are within the scope of the telecommunications law. Like I said Blogs are not up to speed with the law and if they were a few would be a lot less noisy!

  21. Got some of these too! Slowly-slowly catches monkey...

  22. I don't really understand all of this IP stuff that some of your posters are going on about. But even so surely it is of more use to be talking about the point you raise about a strategic plan going through in only a few hours? Has our politics and government really become so rubber stamp like in quality in the few short months that have gone since the election? Now this is scary.

  23. Are you suggesting that some of those responsible for issuing of the licenses for the 10.000 * guns are racist?

    I'm actually more worried that it appears someone can have stuff like a rocket launcher, a bazooker or guns powerful enough to kill a rhino and says that they are waiting for word from God and the Consstable still won't take away the license!

  24. On the gun issue someone reminded me only today how Lenny Harper had been raising some of these very concerns shortly before his retirement.

    Whether you are a supporter of Mr. Harper or not you surely do have to concede that such concerns are highly valid.

    I mean, if you consider the over reaction we had with the screwdriver incident recently it then just doesn't add up if wholly unjustifiable weapons as you mention are then ignored.

    Maybe I should raise this in the States? Then again the Establishment Party media would only twist it to garbage about me apparently being 'anti- gun club members.

    1. The timing of the report that there are this many guns is curious.

      The full details of the Harper affidavit were published on Stuart Syvret's blog on 18 June 2011, but there were references to the same topic as long ago as April 2009. It is also a matter of record (I presume) that the various people arrested for holding unlicensed firearms were found guilty and fined way back when. So why is it news now?

      It wouldn't have anything to do with the Home Affairs minister trying to force public opinion into accepting we need to give the Police Tasers, would it?

  25. Hi

    Probably a last comment for tonight but I just had to share it. Going through stats, sources and the like amongst all of the sensible stuff I stumbled across this...

    Amongst all of the various search words/patterns all were very straight forward, logical and sensible. Apart from one...

    'Trevor. Communist. Poster'

    Oh how I laughed.

    But must go, seemed to have misplaced by black beret. It has my favourite shiny red star on it too!

    Hasta La Victoria Siempre!


  26. Big Trev

    Compared to people like Bailhache, Le Marquand and Ozouf you probably would be seen as a communist. Once Bailhache has finished shafting Daniel Wimberley's electoral commission my money is on us being so far toward a dictatorship that even Joe Stalin would be happy to annex us as a satallite state.


  27. Trevor.

    BBC State Radio, (who have now publicly aligned themselves with the State "news"paper the Jersey Evening Post by advertising them every weekday) is towing the Party Line by refusing to add balance to the propaganda they are churning out concerning the gun issue. I will be publishing a Blog on this very soon.

    In the meantime.

    Last night's live interview with Former Deputy Daniel Wimberley can be viewed HERE

  28. Like the Berlin wall came down we need to be getting a class action together to take to the European Court of Human rights,as the torpedoeing of Wimbo's paper a social catastrophe....and we must go to a higher authority.

  29. The taser business is a done deal. They have already been ordered - or my name isn't Rumple Le Marquandskin.

  30. Some interesting news on two 'highly likely' votes of no confidence set to be lodged before the summer recess has come my way.

    One from the not quite so shoulder-to-shoulder anymore ranks of the far right; one not.I will try and get a post together around this over the weekend.

    With a bit of luck this may even finally have some input from the 'Ministerial Mole' who had suggested that he/she/it would like to offer comment anonymously a couple of months back.

  31. Trevor,

    The scandal of NO serious investigation by JFSC when a Jersey registered bank made off with a small Canadian investors retirement money will be arriving on Ozouf head like a ton of bricks as Treasury Minister.

    Will he be one of the two you have suggest will be facing a vote of no confidence. According to the video now on youtube JFSC complacency could cost Jersey dearly.


  32. Hello
    The votes of no confidence do not link directly to the subject of your post. But...

  33. Team Voice

    Good stuff with the live TV development. Keep it up.


  34. A vote of no confidence should have been brought in Gorst after his selling out of the electoral commission. Also seems like we are down to one day States sittings now as a norm. A complete joke.

    Bailhache is obviously calling the shots yet someone who failed as Attorney General like he did with Roger Holland should not have even been allowed to stand. This place is worse than Korea.

    Face facts Trevor there is only you, Shona, Mike Higgins and Monty with any TF now that Bob Hill and Daniel Wimberley have gone. We are almost certainly doomed to be a nation of peasants under a dictatorship.

    I honestly wouldn't blame you if you upped sticks and left. I would if I could afford to. But thanks for fighting anyway.

  35. Trevor.

    We would like to have you on as a live guest for our Blog TV. Many subjects we could talk to you about but the judicial system and State Media (the real power in Jersey) would be our preferred subjects?

  36. Thank you for linking the youtube for JFSC


  37. Team Voice

    Happy to come on a new independent TV show. All we need now is a new non-Establishment party newspaper!



  38. Trevor.

    A "NEWS"paper is what we need.

  39. Hi Trev

    If Voiceforchildren are asking you to go the Blog TV network then I think our Jurats would be a very interesting subject to discus. Not least being how these people are selected. How many working people are among their number. What criteria do they have to meet, by which I mean have they got any past records of poor or clearly suspect judgement?

    If they are not all whiter than white then they should not be in this position. Juries are made up of all sorts of people. I may be wrong but I bet our Jurats have nothing like a decent cross section of people and backgrounds. Something to look in to?

  40. Thanks Anonymous.

    I will be happy to go on to Blog TV as I have said. Yes, the jurat system is something that is well worth looking into. I have already had some contacts on this issue. The lack of decent independent 'mainstream' media also.


  41. Never mind politics for a moment who is going to win the FA cup final? My money is on Chelsea with Torres to make his old team mates suffer. Anyone want a bet?

  42. Is the troll dead or are you just ignoring him and his vile drivel now? Good news if either is true.

  43. Trevor,

    If any of your readers care about what happens with the islands Electoral Commission, please read this blog post -

    It contains a template email that anyone can send forward to the EC so we can collectively pressure them and let it be known that we need a proper democracy in Jersey.