Saturday, 26 January 2013


Having refused to bend the knee to the ego of 'the Man who would be King' over Plemont the word is Jersey's Planning & Environment Minister is now being lined up for a Night of the Long Knives, Jersey style...

If ever you wanted further proof that 'investigative' journalism is all but dead within our MSM (Main Stream Media) the story I outline below surely provides it. Readers/viewers of the Bald Truth blog and BTR videos will no doubt remember I made reference to a new story being leaked to me by my Ministerial Mole over a week ago. Having had no time to publish this myself due to the sad events culminating in this past Thursday's funeral for Shona's step-sister I really did half think (naive fool that I am) that one of our media outlets would have picked up on it by now.

After all, with the exception of the local Pravda whose main role established over generations seems to be to spread as many vicious lies about Progressive politicians as possible; 'breaking important stories' surely is the MSM's core business? Isn't it? So why then you have to ask haven't they picked up on this one - its a beauty and goes right to the very heart of what is wrong with 'Chief Minister' Gorst's excuse for an Executive.

What's it all about? Well, to cut to the chase the real Chief Minister, Senator Philip Bailhache is still fuming and sulking over his defeat in attempting to commit a blank cheque of your taxpayers' money to forcing through the purchase of Plemont via Compulsory Purchase. The consequence?

Instead of taking this wholly democratic defeat on the chin with the same backbone  we Progressives have to do so regularly, the Senator and his trusty side-kick, pretend 'Chief Minister Gorst are, according to my Ministerial Mole lining up Planning & Environment Minister Rob Duhamel for a choice where whichever option he plumbs for he is likely to be well and truly politically stuffed.

Unless that is, enough States Members are willing to stand up and say that whatever one thinks of the Deputy's politics etc in this situation they really have to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with him. Otherwise we may as well just sign things over to the Polit Bureau now without any further pretence.

You see regardless of the fact that Deputy Duhamel acted entirely within the law and, indeed, within his mandate in taking and announcing the decision to grant the planning application on Plemont, Bailhache and Gorst, the Mole informs me, just won't accept this. Just like Gollum with the One Ring they have to have their 'precious' no matter what.

Thus the word is that they are now working overtime to try and fly the story that in not publishing the report on the application prior to the decision this in some way negates the whole validity of the Minister's decision. In fact the Mole tells me that the bottom line of all this is that they are attempting to force the Minister to retract/rescind  his decision or face the consequences!

Of course even should Deputy Duhamel feel he must bow to this bullying he will know full well that in doing so his Ministerial career would still almost certainly be over. For he would almost certainly then face a vote of no confidence from some who would use such a decision to oust him as having failed and supplant him with one of the Establishment Party favoured head-nodders.

Yet on the other hand if the Deputy rightfully stands his ground and sticks to his guns he then knows he faces being frozen out of the Executive 'picture' even further than he and a number of others are now. Ultimately being forced out of his job simply for doing it to the best of his ability. With political friends like this, as the Mole says, who needs enemies?

And to think Gorst even has the effrontery to claim he promotes 'consensus' government!

For it is hugely important to remember here that emotive as the Plemont issue is this latest development and quite appalling display of petulant, elitist, far-right politics at its worst has nothing to do with the actual Plemont issue or conservation whatsoever. This is about colossal political egos.

This is about individuals who pontificate via the local Pravda about politicians needing to 'respect' each other; and about not 'wasting time and taxpayers' money by re-debating decisions already democratically taken'. But who are actually so puffed up on arrogance they can't even see the wood for the trees (no Green pun intended, honest!) No. Whatever you think of the Planning & Environment Minister's politics generally on this one you just have to give him your full support.  

Because without it - trust me - he is the aforesaid political Dead Man Walking. And whatever your take on Plemont or right, left, centre or Green politics that just isn't right. He has done nothing wrong apart from ruffle a few large egos. It is democracy at stake here once again, plain and simple. To my colleagues I say: please don't fail it again.

Keep the Faith - The darkest hour always comes before dawn...


  1. To be honest I don't rate Duhamel that much. By this I don't mean his green leanings because I am with him on most - though not all - of those. I simply don't rate his approach to politics and in St. Saviour.

    But having said that I am with you 100% on what you report here. Bailhache really needs to discover some humility. Gorst needs to find out whatever happened to his political balls.

  2. Could the establishment be turning on its own and all because one man can't take people saying no to him?

  3. Anonymous

    There has never been any honour amongst...

  4. Next you will be suggesting Senator Paul Routier would probably take his place.

    Oh God no, at least Duhamel thinks for himself.

    Thanks for bringing this out into the open Deputy Pitman, let us see if they now have the nerve to do their worst.

  5. Senator Routier for Planning & Environment Minister? My, but you can almost imagine the panto in Question Time...

    'Plemont? I don't even know what or where that is - next question, please!'

  6. Trevor

    I hope Deputy Duhammel reads this. You might just have saved his much loved position as Minister for the environment by revelation of this latest skullduggery. What a sordid little pond establishment politics is.


  7. A no surpise post but I do just wonder whether this is the kind of gossip the MSM are actually interested in?

    1. No 'surpise'? is that a legal term or some kind of Establishment defence speak?

      Gossip? No. Just something that illustrates how this wholly without ethics Council of Ministers operate.

      As to why the MSM have not reported it, well...

      Given that, as so many have pointed out, the local Pravda all but ran PB's election campaign giving far more space and emphasis on his mainly incoherent, elitist ramblings the truth may well be a bit too difficult to marry up?

  8. What sort of so called environmentalist votes against saving a totally unique coastland area from development?

    Personally I like the fact that he getting mauled by the equally repugnant COM neo cons. Hopefully he'll take a few down with him.

    1. Perhaaps one who has to abide by the framework of the Ministerial role he is in?

      Perhaps one who, whatever is own feelings understands that, unlike so many within the Establishment you cannot simpkly side-step law and principles as and when you see fit?

      Perhaps one who knew - like most sensible people - that Bailhache's attempt to con the States that Plemont would cost us only £4 million was utter tosh? Not just that but the fact that Compulsory Purchase in such a situation was manifestly wrong?

      I say all this and I am not even one of the Minister's friends or fans. Fact is politics cannot be allowed to be abused according to which self-appointed member of the Old Boys club desires it.

      We see enough of that within our not fit for purpose 'Justice' system.

  9. Golly gosh Trevor, that came as a surprise to me, I am shocked!

  10. Dear Deputy Pitman

    It really is so very simple to see why P.B takes the stance he does, when you have been a Law Officer through all the 'ranks' and then presided over the elected body of the States of Jersey in an un-elected role and that role gives you the 'right'? to say which member will be allowed to say what and when, this farce culminating in the 'switching off of the father of the house (Senator Stuart Syvret) microphone because P.B did not like what he was saying in his Christmas address to the members!! is it then any wonder that he cannot accept the word "NO" when he wants his way. Sad but true.

  11. Two messages...

    Ref: post making claims of 'blackmail' against a Minister. Send me the evidence and I will be happy to publish.

    Ref: post about Christmas; corruption and a SS blog post. When I clicked on this with the others above it bizarrely vanished into space. If you want to send again please do.

  12. Continuing the theme of the deplorable standard of ADVOCACY IN JERSEY

  13. It did not come as a shock to me, not because I had any previous knowledge it's just that the Big Boss cannot allow anyone to think they can ignore his orders without consequences, so another one to be made an example, the problems with this crazy strategy is that it may have worked before the internet blogs gained traction but not now. I would assume there comes a point where those who have been trampled outweigh those who have succumbed, I see trouble ahead.

    Incidentally, I did not know that Bailhache had been promoted to Deputy Chief Minister, as reported in the Saturday Guernsey Press, if that is wrong, perhaps someone from the Jersey States can contact the Guernsey Press so they can make an correction as I'm sure they would not wish to embarrass or undermine the real Deputy CM.

    Bailhache is an assistant and at times I believe he should be reminded of that, it cannot be right that anyone can act above their station.


    Talks of Jersey/Guernsey police forces joining up, for heavens sake surely Guernsey are not going to introduce the Jersey way of policing and end up with millions of pounds of extra money wasted by the need for endless inquiries.

  14. Leah McGrath Goodman is being talked about a bit today isn't she?

  15. The spoof video about Jersey is neat. Might make some of the bozos who want to cover up child abuse cover ups think a bit about publicity. We should get one up about AGs who allow convicted paedophiles to rejoin the honorary police ruining their good name. What was that chaps names again? Think he is a poll yopping Senator now?

  16. Thanks for the update on the 'blacckmail' issue. The questions you raise are valid and ones I will try and look in to.

  17. Hi Trevor, did you get my re post ref Ian Christmas?

    1. Strange this. Can I suggest you send it again in two smaller parts so I can try that way?


      PS Nothing libellous now!

  18. Roisin Pitman? Want to run that by me again? LOL!

  19. The heated local criticism of Leah McGrath Goodman is only going to help her sell more books and call attention to her highly suspicious ban from journalistic visitation. Given her credentials and international success, the nit-picking from Jersey trolls falls flat. Nobody at all in the Jersey MSM is held to any account for their scandalous failures of accepted journalistic standards, but the criticism of Ms Goodman is for petty misinterpretations of her wording over banned books. How very hypocritical is that?

  20. I spent an interested evening discussing corrupt Jersey Law Offices and what passes for justice in Jersey. I was stumped when it came to........"how come Ian Christmas is in jail then?"

    So I came back home and did some research, and guess what I found on Ex Senator Syvret blog in that infamous posting about nurse m? Now the super injunction and its timing makes perfect sense. Please read that post again.

    I republish here below:

    The purpose of the meeting will be to receive an oral brief from Mr. Faudemer who will be able to answer questions which you and others may have, followed by a general discussion to determine the way forward.

    The meeting has been arranged for Thursday 20th May at 2.15 p.m. in the Conference Room at Police Headquarters and I look forward to seeing you.

    Yours sincerely,

    R. H. Le Breton
    Chief Officer

    c.c. Legal Adviser – Mr. Ian Christmas, Deputy Viscount – Mr. P. De Gruchy, Chief Executive Health Service – Mr. G Jennings, Deputy Chief Officer – Mr. R. Jones, Superintendent – T. Garrett, Director of Finance – Mr. M. Szpera.

  21. After I tweeted about this Hater Campaign, one of Leah's most hostile critics from Jersey replied to me that the media in Jersey was very independent. That was just too amusing not to retweet.


  22. Do questions ever get answered in the States these days? Todays evidence would suggest not.

  23. Hi Deputy.

    Just put up the Audio of the Questions without Answers From the States Sitting today, you & your readers can listen HERE

    Hope it helps,


  24. Tell you what, that Nick Palmer really makes a complete prat of James Rondel on his own blog regarding the attacks on Leah Goodman! Top notch disection of your favourite Bailhache acolyte. This kid could be the new George W Bush he talks so much guff. Would copy and past here for you but too long. Check it out. The kid talks out of his butt!

    1. Hey anon. I quite respect James Rondel but that particular post was just silly. I suppose he felt Jersey was being attacked by the entire USA (!) so felt obliged to tell us all out here that the USA wasn't whiter than white.

      He got some admiring likes from the new Anti-Leah Face book page so Sam Mezec used a short "JR - you used strawmen" response but I felt the circumstances needed a little extra padding to rub it in.

  25. Fair comment Nick. Anyway James Rondel is entitled to his views like anyone else. In fact the more he spouts ill-founded reactionary neo-con nonsense the more he exposes him self.

    Readers should keep in mind that old truth about whilst I don't respect/agree with someone's views I respect/agree they have the right to hold them. Besides, James has already demonstrated that whilst he likes to attack others he simply can't handle his views being challenged in return.

    Let him rant. He is probably just upset that in the young, future politician stakes he has been well and truly left in the dust by the growing stature of his contemporay Sam Mezec.

  26. Don't know how I missed this before...

    Hope that trouble maker Leah McGrath Goodman doesn't stumble on it. She might get the wrong idea!

  27. Were they afraid he might write a song about child abuse?

    1. "Were they afraid he might write a song about child abuse?"

      *loud cheer*

  28. Looks like your mole is bang on the money then?

    And so it starts......

  29. Trevor Pitmans mole whistle blower was spot on.