Sunday, 17 March 2013


Another week ankle-deep in the cesspit of the Jersey 'justice' system...

Do you ever wonder why reliance on the 'mainstream media' (MSM) is declining the world over? Then just take a few minutes to analyse the political situation here in the UK Crown Dependency of Jersey.

Not just the fact that our MSM are largely quite happy to look the other way and even collude with a democratic deficit in terms of voting equality that would embarrass the average 'Banana Republic' Dictator. But the fact that we have a judicial system and attendant 'legal' industry that is set up to ensure justice is guaranteed only dependent on the depth of an individuals pockets; or according to their social standing i.e. being 'in the Establishment club'.

And that these people keep getting away with it is largely because it is only the victims of these unfit for purpose institutions who get to know the true painful facts. Why? Because those at the apex of our aforesaid mainstream media possess neither the morals nor Testicular Fortitude to expose what is going on. And that in a nutshell is why the audience and respect for so-called citizens' media in the island is growing with each passing year.

We (for I am proud to consider myself one of them) WILL undertake the required research. We WILL risk the illegal visit from the local Stasi. We WILL stand up against the inevitable hatchet job tagging us 'wreckers' and being 'anti-Jersey' that will always follow from the Establishment or its very same media mouthpieces.

By doing so we risk losing everything. A line in a forthcoming book says: 'there are none so bitter as Old Gods almost dead; none so desperate as those who see long years of power finally slipping through their fingers like sand'. Yet huge and draining as the risks are the truth is that to instead do nothing would ultimately lead to us losing a whole lot more: our pride; our integrity - our ability to simply look those who have been made victims and need our strength squarely in the eye.

This is why we 'freedom writers' continue to write and so fight. In the words of the legendary EZLN spokesman Subcommandante Marcos: 'our word is our weapon'. And trust me - we aren't about to cease hostilities until justice in Jersey finally prevails and those who pervert our institutions to their own ends are brought to book.

The examples of abuse within the 'justice' system just grow and grow

In a month or so a couple of us will be presenting a dossier to the Island's Lieutenant-Governor. The examples within are as diverse as they are shocking. That the details are laid out in all their full, appalling glory is essential. But just as an aperitif here's just a couple of recent examples of Jersey 'justice' to consider...

Do you think it is all above board to blackmail a prisoner on remand to the tune of: 'Plead guilty to the charge and we won't implicate your mother in your offence. But plead not'll find her facing charges of conspiracy and a guarantee of years in jail'?

Is it all simply par for the course to falsely arrest a person over a planning case so without substance that it wouldn't even stand up in North Korea? Just as bad - to then keep up the sick charade and ruin their reputation and livelihood in the process - incredibly with the collusion of the court simply because backing down would now certainly reveal the truth of what has gone on?

Do we really want to live under a 'justice' system where a magistrate is able to send a woman - a mother of young children - to prison for drink driving even when the States own analyst says she simply could not have been over the limit?

Can it honestly be acceptable that a lawyer can attempt to charge a person in the region of £50,000 worth of fees for work that he quite demonstrably never undertook? Can it really also be satisfactory that any sanctions to be applied for such fraud must be left entirely in the hands of his friends on the Jersey Law Society?

Well, call me a trouble-making Lefty rebel-rouser if you like but the answer to my mind is no, no, no and no!

All of the above is no more acceptable than our Bailiff's Office breaching all rules on conflict of interest by not ensuring a jurat  being an evidenced friend of a company director of a defendant did not sit in judgement of FACT in our defamation case. They are all wrongs; abuses which must be righted. And if doing so is contested and resisted then clearly one must conclude that they cannot even be genuine, if barely credible mistakes.They can only be something a whole lot more sinister...

I began this post with a line from the famous quote by German poet and playwright, Gunter Grass: 'the job of the citizen is to keep is mouth open'. And it is in this great tradition that Jersey's citizen media 'bloggers' are doing just that to expose and oppose such travesties of 'justice' that I highlight above. So to my noble 'comrades in arms' - the Ricos; VFCs; Toms; Stuarts; Sams; Montys and so many more - I say: take a bow. Your work is both brave and important beyond words.

And, just in case you should ever doubt yourselves or waiver under the strain and intimidation I'll end this short post with a literal translation of another that is equally incisive for you to hold on to. They are words from the the famous poet and philosopher Jose Marti - hero of the Cuban revolutionary war for Independence. 'He who uses the office he owes to the people against them is a thief'.'

Those who strut and preen in the regalia of the Jersey justice system - in all of its many guises - yet allow such travesties that I outline above to go un-rectified are nothing less. They are actually a whole lot worse. And we must fight them to the bitter end.

Keep the Faith - The darkness can't last forever...


  1. Good and very informative piece as usual. The mainstream media are disgraced in Jersey. They are beyond redemption having sold out years ago. That said they are nothing compared with our bent justice system. When but when will the Uk step in and clear out the maggots?

  2. Very well stated. This is an international topic of immediate relevance. Not only in the "Arab Spring" examples, where social media and bloggers refused to be silenced, but wherever the press follows their lead, at best.

    A recent US rape case in Steubenville, Ohio, where convictions were handed out only today, much of an entire town rallied behind the offenders and vilified the victim, who was an outsider. Even the local media and police failed to aggressively gather and report the fuller evidence until a blogger, Alexandra Goddard, and internet activists pushed this case and associated local corruption into the limelight. The mainstream media, at their best, only followed their lead.

    Jersey's heroes are those who stick their heads above the parapet, even when demonized for doing the right thing. I applaud you and your fellow pro-justice bloggers for your courage, and I have faith you will prevail in Jersey.

    You are on the winning side of history, even as the complicit state media is rendered all but irrelevant. One day, Jersey will be proud of your roles in bringing about a better system.

  3. Leveson makes this a timely national issue. They have failed to understand the role of the internet and as a result, may only shackle the mainstream UK media further. Inadvertently, the irrelevance of the MSM may lead to it becoming too over-regulated to even follow the lead of online investigative journalists.

  4. You forgot Ian and his work

  5. Trevor.

    Bloggers are now arguably the most trusted news source in Jersey and have "come of age." Bloggers ask questions whereas the State Media repeat whatever the establishment tell them no matter how ludicrous.

    After being blacklisted from BBC State Radio for 11 months I was finally allowed on (after the obligatory interrogation) to discuss the role played by the media during the Hillsborough disaster/cover-up which mirrored that of the role Jersey's State Media played in the Child Abuse atrocities/cover-up.

    The questions being asked then are still as relevant TODAY.

  6. Keep up the fight - I want to thank you and Roy le Herissier for raising questions about the Dean's suspension. I know nothing of the legalities in Jersey but find it impossible to believe that Bishop Dakin would not have sought legal advice about what he could do. Anyway, it needs sorting. Once again, thank you.

  7. Jacques Michel Chartier18 March 2013 at 20:22:00 GMT

    Good evening Trevor, I hope that you will be able to add my case to your list. Jersey Post used an English firm of investigators to follow and go around to, my Mothers house. It is one thing for Jersey Post to have me followed but intimidating an OAP is reprehensible.

  8. Talking of reliable MSM reporters..., one notes that David Rose is busy again at the Mail:
    The Great Green Con

    The Beano is not the Rag

  9. I head on Radio Bean this morning a trail for their "Politics Hour" (a whole hour a week!!) but for some reason they couldn't be bothered to actually include the time it will be on!

    Do they assume we're listening to their drivel all day long anyway?

  10. This is a very good piece and absolutely correct. So called bloggers have come of age in Jersey with people like Rico, Voiceforchildren and your good self. Of course there will always be the bullies like one infamous Jersey yobbo but we mustn't such sad and twisted individuals distract from the great work that is carried out to get important information to the public.

  11. Good points made on the Dean situation. How unsurprising that Bailhache had to stand up to try and defend him. The Jersey way continues.

  12. Trevor.

    The Jersey Establishment closes ranks AGAIN

  13. Isn't this Solicitor General the rudest most grumpy man you have ever met? Talk about a superiority complex.You get the sense that he really believes States Members aren't entitled to know anything.

  14. Senator Philip Bailhache should get his backside down out of his gilded ivory tower.

    If we didn't have over paid wallies like him draining the tax coffers when employed as useless Attorney Generals and Bailiffs Jersey would have more money to speng on crucial things.

    The man IMHO is a complete waste of space and appears to love the sound of his own voice.

  15. Heat there is a good article highlighting your rigged court case where the court allowed the rag to have a pet jurat, and also some of our wider justice problems in a mainland magazine this week. Can you point us to it as my source could not remember. Not his fault he tells me he had slept since he read it! Thanks.

  16. When it comes to MSM censorship of the facts (truth) the famous photo of the JEP editor and the German occupying forces officer springs to mind, only I really do wonder just who was telling who what would be censored. The truth of all this is that in a large room full of well fed fat rats a few Jack Russells have been dropped and to say the least the rats are not happy, in fact they are about to soon become extinct.

  17. Loved the "dogging" joke Trevor! Class. But can we talk about FACTA briefly. I really marvel at how anyone can believe a word that comes out of our Chief Minister's mouth. Committed to fighting tax evasion! Jersey's finance industry has been built upon promoting tax evasion/avoidence. The world's attitude to tax cheats is changing. When will the Senator finally begin to understand that fact?