Saturday, 13 April 2013


Committee of Inquiry members named as Option B & the Jersey Evening Pravda keep spinning the lies...

In the week that finally saw the first two names for the hard-won Committee of Inquiry into decades of Establishment-concealed child abuse announced the crucial importance of all of these people being 100% independent of Jersey's self-proclaimed elite could not have been more strongly reiterated.
For if the Committee of Inquiry is to finally get to the bottom of what went on at Haut de la Garenne and other institutions (States and otherwise) they will need to have a commitment to truth burned into the forefront of their approach at all times. Of course, this fact would likely go without saying in most jurisdictions. But sadly Jersey is not 'most' jurisdictions. It shall we put it: different.
Both different in that it is fundamentally one of the most special places you could ever hope to find. But 'different' too in that we unfortunately have a clique of people at the apex of power desperate to hold on to power here for whom truth appears to come a very long way down their list of priorities.

People who regularly try to rubbish true proponents of political equality,transparency and accountability - yet are quite happy to throw such words around themselves like so much confetti at a wedding. So long as it helps them get what benefits THEM.
Option B for Bullsh*t...
Anyone doubting this fact really need look no further than those at the forefront of the campaign for Option B in the forthcoming (hijacked) Jersey referendum. Already the pages of the local Pravda (more on this later) have been swamped with letters whose lack of honesty (it surely can't be just ignorance, can it?) should tell you that buying a  secondhand car from the authors might just be one hell of a risk.
Why do I say this? Well, it is quite simple. The cold, hard truth of the matter is that Option B - if it were to become law - would create voter inequality that would make Jersey the laughing stock of Europe. Indeed, this would not just be because of a degree of resultant inequality that would cause riots on the streets of any normal democracy; it would be because no other country in Europe would actually even consider risking putting forward such non-ECHR compliant, neo-feudal claptrap as a government-backed initiative in the first place.
Thatcher may be dead but the self-interest mentality lingers on...
Yet here in Jersey, of course, we see people such as former occasional visitor to the States Chamber, Ben 10 Shenton; Clothier saboteur Pierre Horsfall and even young Thatcherite wannabees like James Rondel all spouting the demonstrable garbage that Option B will create a 'fairer' system! Really boys?
Then why is it, let me ask, that not a single one of you B faction brigade can ever manage to explain exactly 'how'? Why they are so quiet on this issue and keen to adopt the standard far-right diversionary attack of branding people who differ 'wreckers' is because they know they are talking the aforesaid utter tosh.
Option B is the choice for people who say that they want efficiency, stability and equality. But actually want an entrenched two-tier society that will continue to let those with the deepest pockets and the lowest ethics carry on riding the elitist gravy train a few years longer. Ride the gravy train even in the knowledge it will ultimately - certainly within the next 20 years -lead the majority into the economic and social Abyss. Please make sure you look at what they DON'T tell you.
To this regard a few weeks ago the A Team were using a catchy little slogan that played on this truth with a tongue-in-cheek 'No Plan B'. May I politely suggest that a more honest slogan would be:
'Vote B and you'll B stuffed - Forever!'

Which brings us neatly on to that bastion of Establishment Party lies...the Jersey Evening Pravda
Now the fact that the local Pravda  is already up to its old tricks in support of the B campaign (lovely big photo of 'thumbs up for inequality' Shenton) should come as a surprise to nobody who follows local politics. This newspaper has been actively working to undermine democracy and spinning Establishment propaganda since at least the end of the Second World War. Doubt my word then just go and sit in the reference library for a few hours.
Indeed, the JEP's consistency in this strategy has been remarkable and has never once faltered: whether this required such diverse ploys as refusing to let the Jersey Democratic Movement publish its election manifesto; portraying heroes of the Occupation such as the legendary Norman Le Brocq as rouble-grasping, anti-Jersey 'wreckers' or just about anything else.
Psst! Need a couple of Lefties portrayed as fraudsters even when all they really did (like some Establishment candiates!) was help a few elderly and/or disabled people register for a postal vote? Yup - Pravda are the boys for the job!

Want a child abuse investigation trashed and years of buggery, bullying and unheeded cries for help from children painted as secondary to what PC Plod had for dinner - once again, we're your guys! Want a dodgy copper leaking information during a live child abuse investigation to a hack Daily Mail journalist instead painted as a 'whistle-blower' - give us a call!
No wonder more and more people are deserting the MSM for Citizens' Media...
Of course, often this most vile of 'newspapers' takes a more subtle approach.

Ever so accidental pictures of favoured Establishment candidates such as Sir Philip Bailhache given much greater prominence, likewise with quotes/text than other candidates. Respected US journalists (shockingly monitored whilst a visitor to our island and then banned upon revealing what she was researching) stuck on the pages of Pravda when her visa is returned... ever so accidentally next to a big feature on illegal immigrants!
The truth is the Jersey Evening Pravda is both terrified of TRUTH and contemptuous of it in my opinion and, indeed, in that of so many others. Okay so we know they are desperate to bury this... But just consider our case against them and Broadlands for the horrible, cowardly lie that my wife (Deputy Shona Pitman) and I had increased our salary by 4 times with my entering politics.
Bad enough as this despicable lie was in itself given our income had decreased and, of course, a belated, desperate attempt to spin this as a reference to a mortgage muliplier ignored the ever so inconvenient little fact that that 4 x wasn't even the current rate.But if you have been reading their recent appallingly written stories from the likes of Richard Heath and Andy Sibcy (what happened to you guys?) relating to facts of the case and material sent to the UK Justice Ministry then you'll oddly NOT have been made aware of the following very interesting FACTS.

Never mind Article 6 and Human Rights - we're the Jersey Establishment!
Firstly. the editors and owners of the Pravda are desperate that you don't know the cold, hard FACT that this newspaper is seeking to gain financially from a court case that was NOT ECHR compliant. This being because our esteemed Bailiff's Office - whether through negligence or, it has to be asked, something more sinister,failed to ensure that Jurat John Le Breton who is an evidenced personal friend of a defendant company director did not obey the rules on conflict of interest and recuse himself.
Whatever could have been Le Breton's motive for not doing what was required, I ask?

The Jersey Evening Pravda - aided and abetted appallingly by BBC Jersey in this instance - claim they CAN'T report this for risk of getting into 'Big Trub'. Slightly odd then you might think how journalists in both the UK and beyond have reported what is cold, hard FACT? Obviously the Establishment tom-tom drums have been beating frantically to try and keep the Bailiff's Office's failures quiet at all costs.
Then secondly, the reality that Jurat John Le Breton is highlighted within the Establishment suppressed Sharp Report as refusing to look at EVIDENCE against his friend and Victoria College teaching colleague, predatory paedophile Andrew Jervis-Dykes. Not just this but then writing in support of this vile individual. And yet was then actually put forward and supported by Establishment grandees including a former Education Committee President to become a Jurat!
The role of a Jurat? Looking at and deciding on... EVIDENCE!
And then we have the little fact of the Jersey Evening Pravda trying to con their readers that it is only Shona and I who have written to the UK Justice Minister expressing their deep concern at this abuse of justice. Of course the truth is that a dozen prominent Islanders wrote in support of our challenging of this sickening farce. All but three current or past States Members.
Funny how the Jersey Evening Pravda don't tell their readers that?
Opting out of ECHR obligations on the excuse that Jersey 'is small' just isn't an option...
But Lord above, would YOU not be concerned if you found an individual like John Le Breton awarded the job by the Bailiff's Office of deciding on evidenced fact in your case?! Deciding on evidence that could impact your whole life? Yes, I repeat: no wonder the Jersey Evening Pravda want to keep this little scandal quiet. Conflicted to the hilt AND a proven record of being happy to look the other way on evidence!

Yet what possibly makes this even worse? The aforesaid fact that despite this appalling reality the Pravda and their lawyers still appear quite happy to try and gain financially on the back of court proceedings that as a conseqquence wouldn't stand up in a Third World country like Zimbabwe.
Or maybe its all a whole lot more sinister still?

Maybe Le Breton's being allowed to get away with sitting on our case against the JEP/Broadlands even when it is beyond question that he was impossibly conflicted wasn't just down to him? Maybe what is happening now isn't just a consequence of cynical opportunism? Maybe it was yet another manifestation of 'the Jersey Way'?

Maybe it was all part of a deliberate strategy?
After all, the Establishment can always use the get out/excuse 'well, if you are unhappy you can appeal!' Knowing that most ordinary people simply can't afford another £30,000 + nor should have to due to failings entirely down to the Bailiff's own Office probably don't even enter into their considerations.

Or maybe that too is all part of 'the Jersey Way' plan...
But to return to where I began with the selection of the Committee of Inquiry members to examine decades of States concealed child abuse: all i can say is thank God that this selection is in the hands of a decent man like States Greffier, Michael de la Haye!

If we can follow in this vein all the way through and keep the Establishment 'wreckers' at arms length maybe the inquiry will eventually be able to succeed. We must certainly do all we can to ensure this happens. More than enough children and adults have suffered already.
Keep the Faith. Yes, they can destroy us - but ultimately the Truth will always win in the end...

Truth - especially the BALD TRUTH - to paraphrase Corporal Jones - the Jersey Establishment and their mouthpieces just don't like it up 'em!


  1. Don't know about "Louder than Freedom's revolver and twice as shiny" but "telling it like it is" you certainly do! Keep it up Trevor. We will win in the end.

  2. An excellent posting Trevor and food for much thought for those who still believe that all in the Jersey garden is wonderful.

    The one very satisfying piece of news is the fact that Michael de la Haye is leading the panel for the selection of the Committee Members for the CoI. An honourable man who, along with Ed Marsden can be trusted to make the right choices. I don't think anybody can disagree with that.

  3. Funny thing GeeGee in a private meeting our pretend Chief Minister Gorst told two of us that he believed that Jersey's 'legal' system needed an independent investigation.

    Then he suddenly went quiet.

    The only thing that had happened inbetween? He had spoken to our Bailiff. His excuse to us? 'I can't go against what the Bailiff says'. FACT.

  4. Estate agent but an honest one!13 April 2013 at 14:34:00 BST

    Glad you posted this the JEP think they can bully anyone. The whole pack of lies underlying the pathetic attempt to defend the horrible cartoon about you from Broadlands was sickening. The joke that the statement alluded to a mortgage multiplier was particularly farcical.

    Everyone knows that back in 2008 you could get a lot more for your shckles than 4 x the salary. Besides to even have been half way convincing the statement would have had to have added 'joint' salary. A desperate excuse from bullies.

  5. The fact that the Rag is again backing the useless waffle merchant Ben Shenton says just how desperate our 'betters' are becoming. He was a complete joke during his six years in the States. Nothing more than a populist pretending to be a man of the people. And hardly ever there for more time than it took to yell a few sound bites. Tony bellows has summed Shenton up nicely with a whole new meaning of the word to 'shenton'. Check it out.

  6. You are so right about our establishment gangsters and truth. It must be like Holy water is to vampires. Deadly.

    You were definitely fitted up in court and in my view likely being too generous giveng Michael Birt the benefit of the doubt.

    If Le Breton sitting on the case was just a terrible mistake Birt would surely have held his hands up and said so. He knows what has happened is indefensible yet does nothing. Obviously hoping you and Shona will crack under what must be a terrible strain.

    You need to take this all the way to the Europen Court of Human Rights if you can keep going. All the best to both of you. You are both what so many of our States members are not. Brave and for the greater good.

  7. Excuse me if I am missing something important here. But I cannot even understand how this option b has been allowed to be put forward? The Electoral Commission was not independent as had been intended.

    It was run by a politician who had already decided he wanted constables over democracy. To me it is thus a government body and has still incredibly put forward something breaching international standards. This is shocking and there can be no excuse for it happening.

  8. Hmmm! Broadlands eh? Wasn't that the name of the estate of Lord Mountbatten? Are there any links here? Knatchbull - isn't that name linked with royalty and the Mountbattens? Wasn't there an Estate Agency in Jersey called Knatchbull & Taunton and is there any link here? Seems to me this is and has been for very many years a very royal island. Are the Nom-Doms going to be investigated by the British Government taxwise? Are the links with Monaco, Gibraltar and other tax havens going to be investigated regarding Nom Doms?

    The Killer whales (bloggers) are getting in amongst the tightly packed shoals and causing them to waver.


  9. Can Jurat Le Breton be criminally charged or disciplined for his refusal to recuse? And the state media saying they can't name Le Breton for legal reasons has been shown to be another lie because he was named by the big issue and there hasn't been any problems.

    1. A good and fair question. But one with a sadly predictable current answer.

      Le Breton should never have sat on the case as he was wholly conflicted.

      He knew that.

      The Bailiff's Office knows that.

      The JEP know that.

      The JEP's lawyers know that.

      I know that.

      You know that.

      Oscar Puffin probably knows it too...

      Yet jurats and judges who abuse their positions - and a political colleague has another instance involving a magistrate are protected.

      Yes, under the Jersey Way it doesn't matter whose life these people ruin with their incompetence or dishonesty - the public can't take them to court.

      Of course, just as absurd in Jersey is that even when it is clear that a person is entirely unsuitable to be a jurat - and being happy to look the other way on evidence against a paedophile surely qualifies - removing such a person is all left to....

      the 'Superior Number'. ie. the Bailiff and the unsuitable person's mates amongst the other jurats!

      Jersey...the island Justice and democracy forgot.

    2. Do you think the UK will step in to restore the rule of law in Jersey or wait until there are riots on the streets?


  11. An interesting point came up last week Trevor on a blog of course after it was heard in the States, and it should be shared.

    If 7,000 people vote for A and then vote for C as a second choice. Then if 5,500 people vote B and then C as well, C will easily have the most votes and nothing changes. It was actually Ian le Marguand that pointed out the maths saying the choices were not fair as the second choice could triumph, which was not the intention at all ( or was it ? ).

    The point being only vote for ONE choice otherwise the weakest stands a very good chance of being successful.

    1. PLEASE use BOTH votes

      A #1 ......... AND ........ C #2

      Voting C 2nd choice is NOT a vote against A because your 2nd vote does not count unless your first choice is knocked out in the first count,

      Your 2nd choice vote ONLY counts if your first is knocked out ...... USE IT !

      Do you want B to win because you didn't use your backup vote?

      The current system i.e. "C" is bad and undemocratic but least it is not "B", which is worse !!!!!!

      I am right about using the 2nd vote, aren't I Trev ?

    2. If 7000 people vote for A and 5500 for B and C then A's second choices wont be counted. Remember, second choices are only counted for the option that goes out in the first round.

  12. Can I just say that your writing, like so much within citizens media locally, is vastly superior to the awful kak that we are served up in the Jersey Evening Post.

  13. St. Helier Boys Rule13 April 2013 at 22:16:00 BST

    If you and Shona need any help to get out in town and leaflet about this disgusting abuse, this clear miscarriage of justice, please just put an appeal on the blog. I for one am quite sure I can round up a few people to help.

    An impeach the Bailiff and jurat le Breton seems like a good and very apt slogan. Who the hell do these arrogant people think they are? Victoria College boys in all their sickening glory.

  14. On the BBC Jersey 'Politics Show' tomorrow (Sunday) morning between 10 am and 11am. Talking, along with PR chap about government spin and the Council of Ministers Propaganda Unit.

  15. If the Bailiff does not put this abuse right and quickly then he should be sacked. Simples. You also have to ask what is the point of a L-Governor here if he does nothing about such abuses of our court system?

  16. Hello Jonnie Troll here. Can you please ignore this post because I sent it whilst still under the influence of too much Stella. I just wanted to tell you that I have been 5 people on Twitter today accussing you of spin by going on the BBC this morning to talk about spin and PR. I would tell you who I am but I would rather be anonymous as this is important to internet trolls too spineless to post in our own name.

    1. Thanks.

      Reminds me of a telephone call I heard on the internet a couple of years ago.

  17. Some interesting points raised in the politics show by you and Chris from the pr firm. Good to see the positive agreement between you both on many issues.

    What I would say without two politicians to debate is this. Every time you brought up something a bit contentious the girl seemed to want to steer you away on to something bland.

    There are serious issues around government spin, not just here but globally. I just wish we had a few msm journalists who would face up to that. Better still then take on the challenge with someone like you who is not afraid to ruffle a few feathers.

  18. Heard you on the radio Deputy, clear concise and relevant making a lot of well informed sense.

    Two other observations, the Chief Minister Gorst was asked to speak about the Comms unit and refused, but gave a statement, through the communications unit. Then the Comms unit were invited to comment but refused, because the diatribe issued on behalf of the CM sang their own praises.

    Then the other speaker, seems a nice sensible guy who used to work for the communication unit said. The good thing about the states communications unit is they breakdown complicated reports and make everything transparent, and yet Gorst would not speak in an open radio broadcast and nor would they. What are they all afraid of the truth ?

    Yep very clear and transparent we don't think !

  19. I admire you and Shona for standing up against such clear abuses of justice. What I would ask you and your readers I suppose is what can other people do to help?

  20. Can you tell us more about the statement you were refused to read out today?

  21. OMG if anyone out there needed more proof why you should not vote for the B Option it came in tonight's RAG, PB is backing Option B, yes he who by his own words said is was less democratic than what we have now, but he is going with B!!?. What's the words of that old song?...ah yes "I've got the power". Listen up people you had better get your brains into gear on this issue or you and your children will reap the consequences if you vote anything other than Option A.

  22. Trevor.

    Just caught the end of the CTV news at 7pm. They seemed to be promoting Phil Bailhache with you in the back ground saying nothing. Desperately promoting B me thinks.

    1. I have seen this piece featuring Bailhache. CTV approached two politicians to talk about media. One was me, the other Bailhache.

      The separate piece I shot - saying that if journalists aren't brave they shouldn't bother etc - was filmed overlooking St. Helier

      Obviously they approached me as representative of a politician who supports democracy and common sense. Philip obviously supports something else.

      Think they call it Option B...

  23. Hi Deputy.
    Speech of Senator Maclean, tells us the commission have given us a load of Cr*p. no one could of but it better & we weren't expecting this to come for him!

    You & your readers can Listen HERE


    1. Thanks TJW.

      Yes, it was the best speech Alan Maclean has ever made. That's why we kept up the far-right style footstomping for a laugh.

      Interestingly chatting to Alan later that afternoon I put it to him that people like him were actaully responsible for the mess the referendum has become because he voted to allow Bailhache to hijack it.

      He conceded that his support for Bailhache that day was a misstake. Fair play.

    2. That's just the trouble though Trevor, they all concede the exact same failures as Maclean just has, then the next time there's a vote on an important issue they go and repeat that same mistake, bringing us to the conclusion that indeed, these are not mistakes....