Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Look – let’s get one thing straight.  Though I have written the above headline I also acknowledge the Jersey Evening Pravda probably still CAN be worth every penny of the huge and inflationary 60p its editor – liar, coward and bully - Chris Bright wants you to now shell out of your pocket each day to keep the old Establishment mouthpiece going a few years longer.  Shocked at the apparent contradiction? Well, don’t be.

You see if you are one of those rare and special people willing to invest time in saving all of the cardboard tubing from the inside of your Christmas wrapping paper; and then spending a few hours each week cutting the Filthy Rag into neat little 4 inch strips to make home made loo roll then it actually does work out very favourably against even Andrex!

Okay, so it is true that you will still always run the real risk of ending up with more s*** (sorry ‘news’) on your backside afterward then had you just chanced to a clean job. But surely this risk is handsomely balanced out by the possible guilty pleasure of wiping your rear end on the smirking face of some of those hell bent on entrenching Jersey as a two-tier society where power shall reside in the hands of a tiny wealthy elite forever: people such as a King Bailhache, Prince Ozouf or even despicable States e-mail thief - and new Pravda favourite in this election year – Court Jester, Deputy Sean ‘Fingers’ Power?

The fact is the JEP is dying the natural death of any newspaper that sells its journalistic soul to undermining democracy for self-interest…

Yet all humour aside for anyone who has not read the ‘Message from the Editor’ published in last night’s newspaper one really should do so just to marvel at the sheer desperation apparent in Bright’s risible attempt to justify the huge increase. Indeed, to this end I have taken the liberty of reproducing the piece below this blog post just to give even those within the ever-growing number who now refuse to by this Establishment mouthpiece and gutter journal out of principle a chance to read it. 

But be warned – it may make you vomit quicker than a Geoff Southern ‘You should never take on the media’ speech!

But honestly, the sheer bulls**** Bright spins in trying to sell this massive increase – a full 20% of the previous price let us not forget and also the second rise to hit people in little more than two years - is quite jaw-dropping. Indeed, it would be truly funny if it wasn’t so blatantly dishonest in its stated justifications. It is certainly best to judge for your self but I’ll also quickly deconstruct the core of the editor’s guff within a few brief paragraphs below.

For starters poor old Chris whines that the huge increase in cost is ‘necessary’ to allow the JEP to maintain their ‘trusted, professional journalism’ set against the current ‘difficult, economic times’. ‘Trusted and professional’, Chris? What year did that special edition come out then – 1891?

Okay, so yes, Mr Bright, times certainly are economically difficult – yet the truth of the matter is, as you and anyone else reading newspapers anywhere know full well, across the globe titles which are far more highly respected and of a far higher quality than the Filthy Rag has ever been are instead ruthlessly and regularly shaving money OFF the sale price to try and entice readers to stick with them.

The majority of people in Jersey simply do not trust the mainstream media (MSM) anymore and with good reason…

Yes, it is also true that advertisers have been deserting the JEP in droves with an obvious consequential knock on impact to its income – indeed, this was privately alleged to me firsthand by one of its better journalists only the week before Christmas.  One can hardly blame them: the Rag’s sales according to the journalist who spoke to me are now allegedly dropping down toward around just 50% of what they were as recently as just 1997! 

But the grim fact is that the JEP’s slide toward the media knackers yard is primarily and indisputably down to one thing. A growing number of people within the community are sick to the back teeth of Bright and co peddling ever more right-wing propaganda and – worse – calculated misinformation and even downright lies to try and smear Leftists/Progressives and any brave enough not just to vociferously fight for the welfare of the ordinary working people the paper so despises; but actually even stand up to the Rag’s bullying.  Add in the generally lousy writing and the advertisers jumping ship is hardly surprising.

Okay, so it’s true the JEP has been lying and seeking to discredit any who they view as serious threats to the corrupt Establishment Empire for generations – probably centuries. Certainly since the aftermath of the Second World War where the Evening Post’s then editor not only happily collaborated with the Nazis but then ensured the Rag did its best to help rig the following elections by smearing the likes of Norman Le Brocq and the Jersey Democratic Movement; even denying them the right to publish their manifesto whilst promoting the right-wing businessmen behind the sham Jersey Progressive Party.

Yes, good old Mr Harrison even secretly attended meetings and supported the opposing and bogus Jersey Progressive party but was such a stickler for fair play and democracy that he ‘refrained’ from actually joining. What a man he must have been! Almost Bright-esque?  Problem is now as Bob Dylan so rightly sang: ‘the times they are a-changing’. Though the names and faces of those democrats attacked by the Rag have come and gone these decades of smears and lies - and possibly most importantly the rise of Citizens’ Media - have finally taken its toll. Put in a nutshell essentially the JEP is now dying by its own hand.

99% of the journalistic professionalism now existing in Jersey is with the burgeoning Citizen’s Media…

Indeed, one particular line within Chris Bright’s ‘message’ cuts to perhaps the most important truth of all. Of course it is not the least surprising the soon to be ex-editor pumps out the standard Establishment lie that – and I quote:  

‘In an age of information overload and on-line gossip and rumour, it is more important than ever that readers can turn to reliable publication whose journalists are trained and professionally motivated to distinguish what is true and important and to help make sense of the complexities of modern life.’

But though a bigger and more desperate lie was likely never spun put into its right perspective the irony of what Bright was trying to spin to his fast dwindling readership is pretty much spot on.

This is that the examples of both the JEP’s incessant propaganda and lying and the manner of how they have been left in the dust over the past few years when it comes to investigating and then breaking news of real importance by local blogs such as Voiceforchildren, Rico Sorda, Stuart Syvret and indeed this one - as well as an ever-growing collection of others - is now there for all to see if one is only willing to look beyond the vested interest driven propaganda of Bright and his ilk to frighten you away.

Indeed, for just one revealing example simply compare the way the JEP and it’s local MSM ‘competitors’ Channel and the BBC have happily published again and again appalling and demonstrable lies to try and help trash the investigation into decades of institutionalised child abuse concealed by the Establishment; and with it of course the reputations of those such as Lenny Harper, Graham Power, Stuart Syvret and Shona’s and my own who were caring and resolute enough to seek justice for the victims. Lies remember that undermined the hope for justice for people – then young children - who have faced a daily living hell for decades!

Just like certain Bailiffs, senior politicians and civil servants the JEP and its MSM ‘competitors’ knew then and know now – they just don’t want you to know…

After all its not as if Bright and his paymasters couldn’t publish the truth even at the late hour of early 21st Century – the Scrutiny investigation alone which I chaired into the alleged mishandling of the finances of Operation Rectangle blew the tripe Bright, his counterparts and lackeys were peddling to the public as ‘fact’s into a cocked hat in one single document. Gods - you can almost picture the news meetings…

‘What… so some little brat from a broken home got buggered a few times years ago? No, no, no can’t find space for that – not good for our image as a financial centre. Besides, look what we’ve got scooped – a policeman travelling with Lenny Harper ate two helpings of lemon meringue AND had an Irish coffee! Hold the front page, Rob!’

Yet in contrast the blogs listed above also added to the revelations of the Scrutiny review ten times over. Just as they have also done with countless other stories as diverse as the Lime Grove House scandal; the shafting of the Controller & Auditor General; the senior Police Officer spun as being allowed to leave the force for ‘personal reasons’ yet who had actually sexually assaulted a civilian member of staff; all the way up to the Plemont-motivated attempted political assassination of Deputy Rob Duhamel finally falling flat only two weeks ago.

The JEP – happy to even benefit from those who make excuses for abuse…

Yes, throw in the JEP’s willingness to keep quiet – and even years later consequently financially benefit – from outrages such as individuals like the disgusting John Le Breton who (yes, I’ll keep on publishing it!) deliberately disregarded sickening evidence against his predatory paedophile friend, Andrew Jervis-Dykes at Victoria College and yet was then allowed to sit as a Jurat by both Philip Bailhache and Michael Birt - whilst the blogs would eventually unfold the whole, horrific truth - and one not only understands the how and why the JEP is now facing the consequence of reaping what it has for so long sown.

You also understand how this most revolting of ‘newspapers’ inevitable demise should not merit either tears or regret. The truth is it did only damage and disservice to the vast majority of Jersey’s ordinary working people whilst pandering, decade after decade, to the interests of the self-proclaimed elite. No its final passing when it comes should not be mourned by any who cherish fairness and democracy. After all, as the legendary Malcolm X once famously stated: ‘If we’re not careful the newspapers will have us hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people doing the oppressing.’

As to the 60 million dollar question of just how long the rapidly sinking Pravda ship can manage to keep afloat my money is on it being gone before the final demise of the archaic dual role of Bailiff. Though for reasons I just can’t seem to put a finger on right now I do hope it can at least hold on until we get our case to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Still… that quarter of a million plus pounds of taxpayers’ money the newspaper has got from its friends in government for so many years – monies you never got to vote on of course – for publishing vast and time consuming works like the Gazette ought to keep the sherry cabinet stocked for a few years more at least. Won’t it?

Keep the Faith

*Just a quick message to Paul Carter: in reading my factual outlaying of what I have been told by a JEP employee – who obviously wants to remain anonymous whilst he (or she?) ‘looks for a better employer’ - should you be considering a letter of the type sent to Citizens Media Investigative Journalist, Rico Sorda’s place of work in a clear attempt at intimidation – please save the company a stamp! As the JEP really should know by now I simply don’t do being bullied no matter what the cost along the way to ultimate vindication.

The message from the JEP Editor - ‘The price of your JEP – and its value’

Dear readers…

‘The cover price of the Jersey Evening Post will rise by 10p to 60p from Saturday 1 March. This increase, the first since 2011, is a reflection of the current economic circumstances, changes in the media landscape and what we consider to be the true worth of local newspapers like the JEP.

We hope that you will agree that a price of 60p for a comprehensive daily package of news, comment, analysis, features, information and advertising, offering both a vital daily snapshot of Island life and a forum for debate and discussion, still represents excellent value. The Jersey Evening Post has been serving this unique and special Island since 1890 and continues to reach the whole community at a level which is among the highest in the newspaper industry.

Recently, we have added electronic editions and an enhanced website, to help us offer the kind of multi-media news and advertising services which modern readers expect. More change will come as, in common with publishers across Britain, we find new ways to keep bringing you the kind of trusted, professional journalism which is so important to local democracy and the life of the community.

Maintaining the specialised organisation required to achieve that aim presents a commercial challenge in these difficult economic times, which have had an inevitable impact on the advertising revenues upon which newspapers like the JEP have traditionally depended, and to a great degree still do.

The 10p price rise, although unwelcome, will help us to redress the balance and invest in maintaining the standards which so many Jersey residents have rightly come to expect.

In an age of information overload and on line gossip and rumour , it is more important than ever  that readers can turn to reliable publications whose journalists are trained and professionally motivated  to distinguish  what is true  and important and to help make sense of the complexities of modern life. The increase will support the JEP’s continuing efforts to fill that role and remain one of the key elements which binds the Jersey community together.
The increased cover price will continue to absorb GST, as we have done since that tax was introduced.

And there is also a way in which readers can keep enjoying their JEP at the old price. Daily subscribers using the JEP Extra or JEP Digital services will not be affected by the increase. Details at

Whichever way you choose, we hope you will stay with the JEP as we evolve to meet the challenges of a new era.’

Chris Bright, Editor


Well, fingers crossed, eh Chris…


  1. Trevor it would seem once again the powers that be have yet again got it wrong, they perhaps thought by silencing you and Shona (i.e getting you out of the States) that all their troubles would simply go away, oh dear wrong again. You mention the occupation and I must say it has always intrigued me the famous photo of the German officer in the JEP print room with the then editor discussing censorship, but who was telling who just what to censor? I think the current chairman should perhaps start cashing in all those tens of thousands of 'share options' he has before they are perhaps worthless, and no that is not idle chatter, as an ex.share holder in Guiton I had to sell up because 'the big boy's and girls' wanted to sell out their own huge holdings but I also received the yearly report so I know full well how many share options were made available, year on year.

  2. As you say Trevor the Rag should be bringing its price down, to attract new and extra readers....
    Then these new and extra readers can then decide for themselves how cr*p this wafer thin ar*e wipe has become!?

  3. "...shackles..." one doesn't need to type anything more about the JEP.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  4. When a newspaper has to tell its readers "trusted, professional journalism", then you know they probably know, the public have serious questions! Hey lets face it, their readers are the best judge and perhaps many have expressed their opinion by not buying it anymore!

    I guess they need the extra 10p so they do not have to take a wage cut.

  5. JEP = PRAVDA = "Central Organ of the Jersey Bourgeoisie"

    There is a place for a local newspaper, but alas it is not the JEP with its current management. There needs to be a purge if the paper is to survive and rebuild trust. This would involve a complete change in its political complexion and function.

    It exists primarily to tell people what are acceptable views to hold. Telling the truth has never been its role. It has been a bulwark ideologically for the ruling elite, ensuring that the minds of the people are completely befuddled with Nationalism, xenophobia and deference.

    The sackings of journalist and staff will begin soon and morale will plummet. Perhaps some of the “better elements” will survive to write again in the service of a democratic Jersey.

    The courage of the 5th Estate is setting a different agenda but there is a long way to go before that journalism becomes sufficiently acknowledged. Most still rely on the rubbish they read in Pravda. The public is crying out for an informed media that does something more than legitimise the snobs running the show.


  6. Forget this daft newspaper with a 10p rise its just killed itself off.

  7. Gave up buying it after reading about Gradwell Warcup's scathing attack on the two honest professional cops Harper, and Power during a live investigation, which was the only part not mentioned by the paper., but should have been.

    Not only was this obviously stage managed, ( after reading logic and balanced information on the blogs ) It was clearly an attempt to tell a different story from the truth.

    How can you ever trust a lying newspaper again, and actually pay to read it.

    In our household you cannot. May they slowly go under for the deceit and highly selective reporting which is supposed to hold leaders in society and Government to account, but normally looks the other way.

    1. Made all the worse when a certain award winning television programme was based entirely on lies and smears orchestrated by a tax-payer-funded professional propaganda campaign.

  8. Dear readers. You may well have seen loud mouthed, surly and aggressive old windbag - disgraced former Housing Minister Terry Le Main having another cowardly rant at my wife, Shona. As you will likely know, Le Main has always hated Shona, mainly because she always did shed loads of constituent work in contrast to Le Main who just sat on his rather large bottom thinking he was 'someone'. This hatred went into overdrive when Le Main - who had been bragging to all and sundry that he would top the poll in St. Helier No. 2 following his chick ending out of defending his Senatorial seat in 2011 having been rumbled as a complete waste of political space - was consigned in the dustbin of Jersey political history after Shona thrashed him, and even Geoff Southern beat him in the election. An election where though he ran what can only be described as a smear campaign against her, as did the equally useless Rod Bryan's he was getting doors slammed in his face as if it was some kind of new community participation sports craze. Anyway, point is if you see this revolting old bully boy out and about please take five minutes to check that he is ok. After all, his behaviour shows he is clearly feeling unloved.

  9. I thought I would share this comment off Syvret's blog:

    The first of Newsweek journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman's Jersey series has been re-run in it's entirety by the Irish Examiner
    "Dark Side of a Golden Isle"

    The Irish are particularly sensitive to cultures of cover up.
    Britain should be.


    As it happens, when this Newsweek article came out the JEP headline was:


    Obviously I did not buy the rag or read their partial analysis or their pretence of caring about poorer jersey and middle Jersey families feeling the pinch.

    In spite of being on a broader subject, and not mentioning 'payday loans', the well researched Newsweek article contained important explanations of the the JEP's specific 'loans crisis' which no doubt the JEP omitted.

    1. GST on food etc.

    2. Shifting the tax burden off financial businesses and hence onto earners and families.

    If you want to be misled by half the truth ...... buy the JEP !

    Being misinformed has massive hidden costs so the JEP would be expensive even if it was free.

    The JEP has been the smoke screen blinding islanders from the most ridiculous perpetration and concealment of abuses, which will leave this island's reputation in tatters for a decade or more.

  10. As far as I'm concerned what Mr Le Main is posting on Facebook about you and Shona is not just defamatory but it is cyber bullying and you should make a complaint to Data Protection or the police. He has a fan in a St. Helier number 1 candidate who's life's work looks like cyber bullying.

    RIP Simon Abbott.

  11. The filthy rag would have been long flushed down the toilet before we see the end of real journalism by the Jersey bloggers. Keep going Trevor and forget about the internet bullies like Le Main and Morgan.

  12. Trevor - it goes without saying that I cannot disagree with one single word you have printed about the JEP.

    However, apropos Terry Le Main, he seems to have very conveniently forgotten his own 'shortcomings'! Pots and kettles spring to mind albeit the kettle is shiny and clean and the pot is not...

  13. Slightly off topic, forgive me.

    Jersey's biggest internet troll is often found polluting local websites, ranting on and on about deputies not living in the parish that they represent.

    He's strangely silent on Morgan (of St Saviour) standing for a seat in St Helier. If his sad little Facebook hate site had any credibility he'd be going into a tailspin over that. Welcome to hypocritesville, population troll boy and his multi-avatars.

  14. Leah McGrath Goodman : Journalism & finding the truth -How Much Is Too Much to Sacrifice?

    Interesting first comment from Daren O'Toole (darenotoole) who seems in this instance to be a particularly rabid child abuse denialist.

    Elsewhere Daren O'Toole claims to be election campaign manager for Paul Huelin

    Are the views of this slime ball(?) unchanged, and are they shared by Paul Huelin I wonder.

    A poor choice of campaign manager and does not bode well for Paul Huelin being a man of the the future, not a man of the past.

    I see Paul Huelin is a Centenier. Is he okay or is he a bona fide member of the Parish Mafia?

    1. Mr Huelin is likely a very nice man. In my opinion it would quite wrong to accuse him of any failing in appointing the foulmouthed BO Tool other than alarming misjudgment.

      The main point in the St. Helier. No. 2 election is that while Bernie Maning is a really, really nice chap and would be an honest addition to the. States, Sam Mezec is by far the best candidate and rather like Manchester City can only snatch defeat from the jaws of victory himself by being complacent.

      I don't think Sam will be complacent so he should just watch out for the dirty tricks and ignore the abuse he is getting on Facebook from a tiny band of haters who simply can't stand democracy or equality.

    2. I know nothing whatsoever about Bernie Manning, but with him being proposed by the likes of Rod Bryans and Bob Keys there is no way he'll be getting my vote.

  15. Terry le Main took his wife canvassing with him and introduced her to the constituents (did not get him many votes). He became very fidgety when I asked him about his integrity and left when I mention my support for SS! Rob Bryan was the one slagging Shona, telling us that she did nothing and that we should not vote for someone not living in St Helier 2 except for Le Main as he was a good man. He also told us that he was hot on education but did not mention that he left his teaching post to go into finances!

  16. I am reminded of my second posting on dated 6 September 2010 which dealt with freedom of the press and related issues - past and present. Then PPC was about to present its anti-blogger Proposition 100 to the States and I linked this to Mathieu Alexandre's "first" Jersey newspaper and how he was sued for libel by the ruling group (Bailiff et al) in 1787 when they tried to silence his voice.
    Time moves on but the basic issues remain the same except that the NET and other media possibilities have changed the rules .
    Other places do survive without a "daily" paper but it is useful to have such a journal that can be accessed simply now and for generations to come as a simple "record" of events.
    The political content of the JEP is really not so important as the adverts in the long term and I suspect that it is less influential in our much changed Island where the population is now so diverse.

    Unfortunately the political opposition in Jersey has not yet managed to harness the alternative media potential fully and frgmentation still prevails. But it is at least odd that so many glossy freebies circulate in the Island seeking the same limited advertisement revenue and clearly something has to give. If the JEP folds then it is likely that another will fill its place - probably as a freebie or given away at the supermarkets along with the Nationals?... It is unlikely to follow the current format but I wonder if any readers here have suggestions to offer on a better style of publication for the future...

  17. Dear Trevor...please ignore the trolls and idiots like Jon, Morgan and Le Main what will be achieved by you going to Court with Le Main, please just ignore them. I have looked at Wilkipedia what electoral fraud means and and it clearly says anyone who interferes in the election process of the law of that particular country etc by going to Court you are taking a big chance of losing and allienating your supporters, my advice hold your head high and ignore them, please remember your beloved Mum is unwell and would not wish to see this.

  18. Trevor.

    Roland Wright victim and anti chid abuse campaigner TOM PERRY

  19. The jep are sending out emails every 2 days telling people that there are some great photos about the storm so you must not forget to buy the jep.
    Now is that desperate? The only way back for them is to print the truth! Rico and all the others tell the truth and show you the evidence. If some rich person bankrolled them they could have a great newspaper and we could say goodbye to the jep.

  20. The biggest problem with central publication lies in its vulnerability to 'legal' interference by the establishment. All publishers will ultimately end up 'playing it safe' unless they have the wherewithal to support a sustained legal campaign supported by government funds, which most do not. Also, the establishment is starting to put pressure on the service providers that host publications as in Stuart Syvret's case.

    The core of the problem lies in the boundary between lawful publication and unlawful or defamatory publication. As the establishment writes the rules it has the upper hand in determining where that boundary lies within its territory as we have seen. The solution lies in total anonymity of the publisher, publishing outside the island and articles written under pen names. The publisher would have to be able to be reestablished at any time its access to services are denied. It's not an easy task to create a publication that benefits from the freedom of speech in an island that purports to 'subscribe' to such ideals while actively censoring media channels through the hushed and pliable environment represented by the courts.

  21. Rod Bryans had to find a job out of finance as he was not suited there as well as education. Total waste of space only wants to be recognized as someone for the 1st time as incapable of doing it any other way. Roll onmain election time & rid states of him & baker , 2 of a kind

  22. Trevor.

    Exclusive interview with Stuart Syvret concerning his Google suspension and MUCH MORE.

  23. Some good news for all victims of a certain local drunken bully. His abuse about me and attacks on my family have finally put him nicely in line for a long overdue rather big fall. Think I'll just bide my time and savour the coming moment.

  24. Bernie Manning seconders Bob Key, I Macfirbhisigh, Rob Bryan! He is not getting my vote.

  25. Something strange is going on - our Jon seems to be into Warp Factor 9 with his hate-filled posts even allowing for his own frenetic standards. What is behind this? My bet is that after all of these years being left alone in his darkened hovel he is subconsciously getting it all off his chest before the prison cell where he will have no anonymous IT access. Karma for all of his victims indeed...

  26. Forgive my ignorance but did the Pitman's choose to have themselves declared bankrupt in oredr to deny their creditors ant financial recompense, or were they automatically declared bankrupt which would suggest a more sinister, political motive.
    Most importantly, were they offered repayment terms which would again negate the suggestion of political motivation?

    1. To answer your question Harry - both the JEP and Broadlands WERE offered significant lump sums. they were also offered exclusive share of the profits from sale of the house whilst we separately continued paying our lawyer and the TWO UK defamation specialists who confirm the cartoon WAS defamatory - contrary to paedophile protecting Jurat. John Le Breton and his junior colleague. They also had the option to arrest a part of our income. By bankrupting us they ensured they would get nothing for the foreseeable future if at all. Unless, of course, they have received payment from elsewhere? A very plausible possibility given the whole point was to silence us about judicial corruption and child abuse concealment by the Establishment by getting us out of the States - something they knew they could never do at the polls.

  27. We regret to inform you that Ex. Health Minister Syvret is currently far too busy having his rights violated to even think of getting his blog re-hosted outside of the reach of your immaculate government.
    It is now time to move on and accept that you [in Jersey] are well and wisely governed and that there was NO CHILD ABUSE in Jersey, and no cover up.

    It is critically important to your government that you do NOT read these posts in particular:

    "I am a researcher for the Technical University in Eindhoven, currently completing my PHD in informatics at the University of Nottingham. My main interests are Internet tunnelling, freedom of expression in cyberspace, and the suppression of freedom of expression by governments all around the world."

    I think that you will all agree that your government has been very wise and prudent with your money having the original blog removed in order that it can be replicated across the world.

    There are multiple copies in existence and more being assembled.

    Comments are NOT being accepted for the time being
    so please be patient ..........

    Commenting facilities are available at:


  28. Piece of S**T so called, "newspaper". Occasionally I pick one up in the shop without thinking. Luckily, while navigating my way to the till, I become aware of what I am doing, shake my head and put the paper back in the rack. I then purchase my habituall tin of beans and sausages,(my favourite, by the way), pay for them and leave the shop without buying the JEP. I do this most days.