Friday, 18 April 2014


It really should come as little surprise to learn that ‘Sir’ Philip Bailhache has awoken from his political slumber following the debacle of his sabotaging of the reform referendum to now try to do the same with the latest moves to put an end to the non-ECHR compliant anachronism of the role of Bailiff. Bailhache’s whole career after all – through both his time as Attorney General, Bailiff and now as a Senator has, in my opinion, been marked by his utter contempt for justice and democracy.

Like his brother William his name is now synonymous to an ever-creasing number of people with child protection failures and the application of ‘law’ only according to who a person is. Indeed, at a time when generations of Establishment cronyism and corruption to ensure our Island was run as a private club to benefit the rich and powerful at the expense of the wider community is finally in sight of its Endgame simply due to the Party having run out of credible ‘big hitters’ to run the show Bailhache is the last desperate throw of the dice as I observed back in 2011.

Yes the political Left has failed over these long years to put aside what have generally been inconsequential differences of political priority to put together a strategy to outflank the endemic corruption of the ‘Jersey Way’. Just as the wider community who have become second class citizens under the ‘Jersey Way’ and its appeasement of Finance at all costs have failed to rise above the culture of fear; the apathy of moans and non-political participation to do the same. 

Yet the reality is the Establishment Party is finally facing its first glimpses of its nemesis because of things even its corruption and bullying cannot control: time and the reality that in a shrinking media world the anachronisms which have helped maintain its power can no longer be talked away with smarm and a dry sherry.

So now we see The Man Who Would Be King – surely King Philip the First and Last - desperately tilting at windmills to sustain the ‘Jersey Way’ and all it allows a little longer by attempting to defend the indefensible position of the Bailiff. A role let us not forget that has absolutely no mandate from the public. A role that allows an unelected judge to control what those who have faced and won election to the States Chamber via the public can say or put forward as policy proposals.

Hells bells - a role that allows these unelected judges – and as the recent past as shown us so dramatically not even ones who uphold justice for all as per their Oath – to strut about in ridiculous red cloak and gilded bog chains as the Island’s ‘First Citizen’ assuming the position afforded some kind of President!

And yet Philip Bailhache wants to keep the anachronism in place. Of course his aforesaid brother, William has already been announced as the next Bailiff - even before the vote set for later this month! But the key reasons why really do not any longer even need to be spelt out. Its removal will be the final cutting away of the critical first leg of the three-legged Establishment Party stool upon which the fat, bloated backside of the ‘Jersey Way’ squats. Once gone the final and long-overdue fall to earth will follow as inevitably as night-time follows day.

Yet to distract from this Philip Bailhache instead waffles via the State media about the importance of maintaining ‘tradition’! Really, Sir Philip? Leaking through the heady aroma of a nice Chateau-Neuf-du-Pape in the luxury of the Atlantic Hotel perhaps do not even you detect just the faintest whiff of sickening hypocrisy in the air? Perhaps then I should give you a little clue: Jersey's link to the Diocese of Winchester. Wasn’t that built around 500 years of ‘tradition’ – yet you threw it away without a thought in your desperation to dodge the holding to account of yet another member of the Establishment Party – the Dean - who had also failed to act on abuse.

Really, Sir Philip have you learnt nothing in your overbearing arrogance since as Attorney General you allowed the convicted paedophile Roger Holland to remain in the Honorary Police setting in motion a reign of abuse on young girls?

Have you learnt nothing since - as Bailiff - you illegally banned an elected Member of the States, former Senator Stuart Syvret from taking up his seat in the States for six months?

Have you learnt nothing since as Bailiff and Chairman of Victoria College you happily allowed a Vice-Principle – John Lyndon Le Breton - with a proven history of disregarding evidence against yet another predatory paedophile, Andrew Jervis-Dykes to be rewarded with a job as a Jurat ‘administering justice’ in your own Royal Court?

Indeed, have you learnt nothing since your grotesque and disgusting Liberation Day speech where you claimed global media reporting was the ‘real scandal’ above the appalling suffering of the victims of Haut de la Garenne which your generation of power holders had allowed to come about?

No, Sir Philip, quite clearly you have not. Or perhaps the truth is that you simply revel in all of this because all that matters is trying to prop up the ‘Jersey Way’ and ensure the Establishment Party hangs on to power a few more years no matter what? Either way the bottom line is that although I believe the craven deference afforded you by so many of the poodles currently passing themselves off as politicians will ensure you win the vote on the Constable of St. Helier’s re-working of Shona Pitman’s proposition to replace the Bailiff ultimately you will fail.

Indeed, if I may paraphrase a favourite rock song ‘This isn’t the end – but at least we can see it from here’. Justice eventually comes to all. Even in the tiny Neo-Feudal State of Establishment Jersey. Sleep well…

Keep the Faith


  1. Trevor.

    Not only did Philip Bailhache denounce the victims of Haut de la Garenne at his now infamous (political) Liberation Day speech. Throw away 500 years of tradition by splitting with Winchester in favour of protecting those who either abused, or failed, abuse victim HG after she was allegedly abused by a church warden and then failed by the disgraced Dean who wouldn't co-operate with the Korris Report. He went one further and in a letter to the ArchBishop labelled the victim as THE ABUSER.

  2. Yes VFC it truly says much that when our Establishment are trying to convince the world that Jersey is a jurisdiction where justice is guaranteed and all is whiter than white that a former judge can refer to a victim as 'the abuser'!

    Yet for all of this it does perhaps make easier to understand just how corrupt Jersey's 'justice' system lauded by the likes of Michael Beloff (who didn't even bother to read the Sharp Report or check that contrary to his 'judgment' it came out AFTER john Le Breton had been rewarded with a jurat's role) really is. Completely unfit for purpose. Rather like most of those who preside over it.

  3. indeed, with reference to the Dean I can still not get over the sickening foot stomping or the crooning pleasure of the Bailiff upon his return from suspension.

  4. The Bailiff has no place in a democracy period.

    1. I agree, but are we in a democracy when the island has sworn allegiance to the Crown?

      The Beano is not the Rag

  5. The sooner Philip Bailhache is removed from embarrassing Jersey by protecting pedophiles and attacking victims the better.

  6. Keep up the good work big Trev Bailhache is an embarrassment to this Island.

    Lawrence Byrne.

  7. Do we hear that even more complainants have been to the police about the bully Haworth? The file must take up a whole room by now. Surely need an independent investigation as to why no actions has yet been taken given all of the evidence?

  8. Lets not forget the Roger Holland affair whereby they tried to shaft the Constable at the time Bob Le Brocq actually arresting him and putting him in a cell for the day under investigation, as head of the Parish and its honorary police force when Holland interfered with a disabled girl.

    It was the AG's office, under Phillip Bailhache who had sole responsibility to check the suitability of honorary police candidates.

    Philip Bailhache did not own up to signing off Roger Holland whom he discovered had a previous offence, but he felt was not that relevant, then his secretary an honesty lady blew the whistle when Holland got arrested again for his latest offence.

    The integrity of Phillip Bailhache is nil, its all about self.

    Take the case of Roger Holland, a 43-year-old St John Ambulance volunteer who openly declared the fact that he was a convicted paedophile when he applied to become a part-time policeman in 1992.

  9. Justice... What about poor Martin Hacon, the local man who in August 1985 fell off scaffolding poorly erected at Ronez Quarry, scaffolding which had no safety certificate. In his court case for compensation, Mr Hacon unfortunately found himself in front of a Judge (Vernon Tomes) whom was the brother-in-law of the owner of the building contractor using the scaffolding (Mr. John N. Bailhache) at Ronez. The conflicted Judge in the case, Vernon Tomes denied compensation to Martin Hacon (in fact, Tomes' brother-in-law John N. Bailhache did not even appear in court)...

  10. Trevor, I see that the States Assembly has voted to split the role of the so called Bailiff, which is about time, but do we have the names of the 18 members that voted against the proposition as I am sure the public will wont to know before the upcoming October elections and who to vote for

    1. I think the States MSM must have been misleading you anonymous!