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If anyone still doubted just how inadequate and completely morally bankrupt this Council of Ministers is then surely Assistant Treasury Minister, Deputy Eddie Noel’s stand-up comedy routine last month should have torn the last strands of wool from such people’s eyes. .

Unable (as usual!) to answer even the most straight-forward of questions on 1 (1) Ks convincingly Deputy Eddie Noel had then proceeded to tell the Assembly that a report - which he had claimed “verified” that our super-wealthy tax evaders benefited the rest of the community by between £50 and £70 million - was in fact so secret and so sensitive that not only could Members not see it…they couldn’t even be informed as to who had complied and written it!  

Such a publication it seemed would lead quickly to Armageddon! I really wish that I was joking about this but I’m not. As a former colleague was often want to comment: you really couldn’t make it up.  

Of course, I’ll be looking at the sham and semantics of the politics of tax evasion and avoidance (don’t get hung up on the manufactured differences!) at length as we build towards the most important election in Jersey’s history. But for now let’s just briefly look at perhaps the most basic of myths spun to make this sickening hypocrisy half-palatable to ordinary working people all of these years…

This being the pure fiction that allowing the wealthy a bigger slice of the pie across the world  automatically always leads to everyone else being better off.

The politics of stupidity & greed

The States Chamber is not the first legislature to be treated to the despicable antics of free-marketeer ‘politicians’ trying to keep straight faces whilst deadpanning through their teeth that – far from the natural, ultimate consequence of such greed-based ideologies – the economic meltdown of the past three years is in fact all really down to over-paid and bloated public service workforces. Oh...and those damned 'lefties' of course!

Indeed, how many times have we heard the likes of Senators Le Sueur, MacLean, Shenton, Ozouf - never mind his political glove puppet - infer this garbage whilst screaming cut, cut, cut and cut again? No mention of incompetence on the part of Ministers; the waste caused by inefficient little empires created by untouchable, very senior Civil Servants... Many of these politicians and the sycophantic head-nodders who support and keep them in office do know better, of course, but we’ll talk about that and why they keep so quiet in a future post?

Personally I have lost count of hearing this desperate mantra of protecting the status quo at all costs; all too often in tandem with this standard right-wing tactic of shameless ‘guilt or blame transference’. But it’s not as if this smokescreen even ends there. For hand-in-hand with such garbage always go the groundless barbs hurled at any like me and the other ‘progressives’ in the States - who believe equality and social justice should actually be more than just words on a Strategic Plan - that such criticisms are based on envy; ‘not understanding’ or plain old ‘Socialist’ embitterment!  Worst of all any critics must be anti-Jersey!

Confronting the propaganda

Oh but you would say that you might respond? Well, fair enough. So just to clarify the reality far from relying on the word of one of us so-called ‘radical lefties’ let us instead briefly consider the findings of a true, renowned expert in the field: award winning economist Ha-Joon Chang.

Chang isn’t anti capitalism – he is anti unregulated, free-market capitalism. Because he is acutely aware that .the spin peddled out of elitist self-interest that making rich people even richer still automatically make the rest of us richer too is demonstrably untrue!

Let’s put it this way. Chang knows, and illustrates in his writings adroitly, that alleged wisdom that ‘we must give the rich a bigger slice of the pie’ because it will then automatically benefit us all is absolute tosh! No, not an anti capitalist message at all: Chang just knows - as many of us ‘progressives’ here in Jersey know -  that there is simply a much better way to operate it.

We’ll look at what this needs to entail in future posts over the coming months. Likewise the ethics (or lack of them) that allows many of the politicians you and me have elected in good faith to then go on to sell ordinary, hard-working people short: down the economic river in fact. For now let’s just end with a snippet of what Jersey’s ‘Establishment’ Party, like their counterparts around the globe, hate and fear so very much: facts. And what interesting facts they are!

Some very inconvenient facts

Utilizing data from the World Bank Chang points out that whilst the world economy used to grow in per capita terms at more than 3% during the 1960s and 70s, since the 1980s it has been growing at around 1.4% per year. (For the record Chang’s data is from 1980 – 2009).

Put in a nutshell what Chang demonstrates is that while since the 1980s the rich have globally been given a bigger slice of the pie due to the right-wing spin that they would automatically create more wealth and help us all by making the pie bigger – not to mention giving the rest of us a bigger slice - they have actually slowed down the pace of the rate which the pie is growing!

Of course, what needs to be secured by politicians to even make such a concept potentially begin to work is to ensure that those lovely tax evaders/avoiders actually invest more as a result of their wholly unjustified tax breaks courtesy of world governments. Which brings us neatly back to ‘Eddie’ Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

Would you buy a secondhand car if you couldn't look under the bonnet?

A report has been written which in the limited case of 1(1) Ks apparently demonstrates this very thing. Only… politicians elected by the ordinary people of Jersey are currently not allowed to read it for themselves. No – just the chosen few who advocate such policies in the first place…. Makes you proud. And to think - we haven’t even considered the matter of morality yet!  

But would Treasury Minister Ozouf offer more ‘enlightenment’ when I followed up, questioning him in the States this very Tuesday? Would the Bald Truth (sorry, couldn't resist it!) finally reluctantly unfold if we kept the pressure up? Would the Council of Minister’s protestations of a solid commitment to openness, transparency and ‘political inclusion’ turn out to be of any more substance than America’s proclaimed commitment to supporting democracies that don’t accept that their interests must always come a poor second to that of the USA?

Well, judge for yourself…

Earth-shatteringly we finally got to know who wrote this most Top Secret of reports! But more on this particular angle in the near future…And we also got the promise that we could even have…an ‘executive summary’ of the report!  But as for the report in its entirety and quite possibly sight of all the bits that don’t quite back up the Establishment party spin… What do you think?  Nah. Don’t be silly! This is Ministerial government - Jersey style. Asking for that…well, anyone would think I was an elected Member of a democratic government or something!

And yet perhaps the most interesting development of all was not the contents of the report itself at all. No. It was the fact that the cold, hard World Bank data that I gave - that I have given now on two or three occassions - telling us that pandering to bullying and spin from mega-rich parasites and their apologists with tax breaks doesn’t actually automatically benefit those of us who have to live in the real world wasn’t  even disputed! Now you might have thought that the JEP might have picked up on that within their report on Thursday...

Never mind. Trust me. This one will run and run…


  1. Trevor.

    The Report (if it exists) could have been written by the Wiltshire Police and ended up in Ian Le Marquand's "redacting machine"!

  2. Good post Trevor, and welcome to the world of blogging!

    I will follow your blog with interest. You are a most honourable politician.

    Good Luck.

  3. Add that report to all the other dodgy goings on in our chamber of secrets.

  4. It is worth exploring the “anti Jersey” slur that is aimed at all critics of Jersey’s political elite and its tax haven economy. The idea of Jersey has been hijacked to mean the interests of the rich and powerful. Disloyalty is implicit if one challenges those interests. We need to turn this around. If we recognise that the island has been captured politically and economically by international finance, then our struggle to free the working people makes us the true patriots. We are engaged in a national liberation struggle.

    I can recommend the series of interviews with Ha-Joon Chang regarding his new book “23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism”, which is to be found on The Real News site -

  5. Tom Gruchy says

    Pleased to see you are joining the bloggers and hope that many more of your colleagues will follow to engage the public.

    That you might be prepared to confront the dubious ethics of the finance business is a hopeful sign.Perhaps others will be brave enough to follow you.

    Also pleased to see you attacking the secrecy that prevails in Jersey government but not so happy that the Scrutiny process - of which you are a part - is so resistant to transparency.

    My blog and others have been attacking the worst aspects of scrutiny for months but have hardly received a comment or response from our so called elected reps. We have certainly received no support in our efforts to break down the barriers. That includes you.

    My own view is that the whole Scrutiny
    system is so discredited and near to collapse that it might as well be scrapped. The moreso since it has virtually gone into hibernation before the October elections.

    If you reallly want to address secrecy - tell me please of your proposals for the Scrutiny system of which you are part.

  6. Well done Deputy.

  7. Trevor.

    Although you have been Blogging for the last couple of years. You have also participated and commented on numerous Blog Sites and have been generally accessible to the public throughout. Do you think that yourself, your Blog Site and website will be afforded the same mainstream media coverage as Senator Ozouf has enjoyed just recently?

  8. Hi, Trev
    Welcome back to the "blogosphere", we've missed you. Something isn't sorted yet on the site though - I get a blank page there. I don't want to link it until it works.

  9. Deputy Trevor Pitman7 May 2011 at 14:10:00 BST

    Hello to all who have posted since last night. Thanks for your interest and comments. I am still learning at this so am not surprised if I continue to have a few teething problems for a few weeks.

    Contrary to the date on my first post the site only finally went 'live' late Friday due to other pressures. I will do my best (with my helper 'Gnomes' to sort out any problems with linking etc as soon as I can.

    Hope to get another post up soon but have to shoot off now as I have two constituent meetings this afternoon.

    In answer to Team Voice's question. Will I get the same coverage in the JEP as Senator Ozouf? Unlikely - unless it gives them yet another chance to twist the facts and slag me off!

  10. Deputy.

    You seem surprised that not a one of your colleagues challenges your revelations on the outcomes of three decades of global policies promoting'tax breaks' for the super wealthy as you describe it. Why I cannot fathom. Money makes money and money talks. Very loudly.

    Are you right when you speak of morality? No doubt you are. But this is the real world. I have benefited a great deal by re-locating in Jersey. It has made and saved me a fortune. Do I care about morality set against this? No not really. Can I sleep at night? Yes very well thank you.

    What really surprises me about you is that you appear very capable. This raises the question in my mind. Why do you not wise up, put what are really no more than philosophical ideals aside and try to be a little more accommodating?

    I'm fairly confident you would be welcomed on board to where the real power lies before very long. Is it really so worthy to be another loan voice in the wilderness? Think on it.

  11. It's good to see another elected member choosing the internet to tell us the truth that is so often hidden by the likes of the jersey evening post even Phillip Ozouf has had to turn to the internet to get his version of the truth out because of the JEP. Great work Deputy Pitman and i look forward to following your blog with great interest.

  12. Deputy Trevor Pitman do you, or does anyone realise the changes that will happen at the next local election?

    There will be at least 35 new faces.

    The voting people of Jersey will have had enough by October.

    No pay rises this year, GST going up to 5% in June, will give this current lot in power no credit.

    And dont expect any progress of any important investigations, reports or meaningful change until after the new lot are in and have their feet firmly under the table.

    This could take years, if at all.

    Do you agree Deputy?

  13. Anonymous @ 12

    35 new faces come October? believe me in many ways I would love to see it happen. I certainly hope it happens - especially if I could select the 35 who would pay for their greed and/or craven stupidity in allowing this beautiful island of ours to be run like a private club for the rich and powerful.

    Sadly experience of following elections over many years tells me this is unlikely to happen. Nevertheless, we can certainly hope to bring about enough changes to begin to make a real difference.The key to this - and the key to why I want you to be right but have my doubts - is getting enough people who moan and moan again to instead get off the butts and VOTE!

    What all of us who really care about this Island; its ordinary people and economy need to do is - as far as is possible - work together and support each other. Shona and I have already had a number of meetings with others along these lines and it is the key to everything.

  14. Anonymous @ 10

    I am sorry - your analysis and suggestions as to me putting aside 'merely philosophical ideals' in order that I might then be 'welcomed on board where the real power lies' leaves me almost speechless - and believe me that doesn't happen very often!

    In fact what you say actually needs some real hard-hitting response. Gobsmacked at what you say as I am right now I think once I have recovered I will do just that. I'll do my best, but I'm afraid that I might not be able to guarantee that it is very polite.

    Maybe for now I'll just see what others think of your views... Is it me who has got it all wrong or you?

  15. Whoever posted that nonsense doesn't deserve a reply.

  16. Excellent stuff Trevor

    In a response to me the Treasury Minister said:" With regards to your comments about the next election, I couldn't agree more - it is my hope that if anything positive can come out of the difficult times we have been going through as an island, it is a better quality of politics, in terms of focus, efficiency, and transparency."

    So, why not release the report into 1 1ks

    Action speaks louder than words


  17. Trevor,

    Good to see you on board the Blogsphere in your own blog; I've added you to my list of local blogs on my blog.


  18. Hi Rico

    Yes, indeed - actions do speak louder than words! But remember, when all is said and done with regard to this Council of Ministers there is always a lot more said than done!

    The chances of a secrecy obsessed group of elitists like our Establishment Party releasing this report in full is absolutely ZERO!

    But if not... Come on, Philip - prove me wrong!

    Jacques and Tony - thanks for the comments. I will put a link to Tony's site in the very near future.

    Still trying to make it easier to get back from the blog to the Home Page for those too lazy to click on the back arrow at the top of their screens! Why must some people make it so difficult for techno-dummies like me?

    Meant to add in response to Anonymous who posted when the site was launched on Friday - thanks for the info on Ha-Joon Chang's YouTube interviews. I have his books amongst my economics collection but hadn't been aware of the YouTube stuff.

    Anyone else who wants proof that the madness of unchecked, free-market fundamentalism isn't the only - let alone anywhere near the best way of doing things really should check this gentleman out!

  19. Just a quick post to let people know that time permitting I hope to have a new post up tomorrow - though it won't be until the Liberation day celebrations and a constituent meeting that I have are out of the way.

    TAlso tanks again for people already showing interest, whether that is the ones who have told me they are now checking out the site simply for a different view on things; those who have already posted in the two days the site has been up; and also to those who have already made themselves 'followers' of the site.

    I don't pretend to understand this concept for a minute - but thanks very much anyway! It is appreciated.

  20. Let us all hope the Bayleaf won't use his liberation day speech to hijack the day and make a political speech to abuse the abuse victims all over again.

  21. just a quick line to wish all jersey people a happy liberation day and look forward to the day when we are liberated from the ministerial government martin

  22. A lovely day for the Liberation Day celebrations. Seeing those couple of tanks made me think though - what a great way to start the revolution we need now without anyone suspecting until it was too late! Freed at last from this Council of Millionaires and their self-interest. You have to live in hope!

  23. anon there are people ready they just need a strong leader ?

  24. Count me in Martin. Got any suggestions for who?

  25. Well done Slaphead ;)
    Spell check in your page header - needs an S
    "The website explainS at some...."

    Keep up the good work!

  26. anon unfortunately im no politician but i will stand up and fight if its right and just i will not back down but im just one and that never will beat the many thats why we need a strong leader

  27. Trevor.

    Part three of in-depth and exclusive interview with former Deputy Chief Police Officer LENNY HARPER

  28. Are you standing for Senator this time on an Island Wide Mandate so you can put all these views to all and sundry throughout the Island?

  29. All power to your blogging, however I can't see that adopting the combatative, and cheap tabloid stylings of other more established blog sites in the search for a few cheap laughs, endearing you to the more serious minded voters of this island. I want a mature, sensible politician who can work with both friend and foe for my contribution to your wages, not a comedian.

    Nothwithstanding the above comment, if we had a States chamber consisting of 53 Trevor Pitmans, in what ways would the island be different in 5 years time, in respect of social, Government finances, industry diversity and taxation ?


  30. Hi Trevor

    Was lovely passing in front of the Pomme yesterday and saluting the Bailiff lol nearly as funny as Hollywood Harper and the 7 grand


  31. Please don't stand for Senator Deputy. You have been great here in number one district. Certainly you are the only one my wife and I see around regularly. Besides Senators will soon be a thing of the past. Just look at the standard with the likes of Perchard, Shenton and Le Main. What would be the point?

  32. I was at the Liberation day ceremony and I'm pretty sure I saw Rico on a truck with a gun? Has the revolution started? I mean it could have, our media would probably not even tell us.

    Well done Trevor with the website. Good to see politicians putting their views across to the public by alternative means.

  33. Hi. Just a short post having just come back from a meeting with constituents in the Havre des Pas area that didn't finish until around 9.30pm. (Still haven't worked out the timings setting on this blog by the way!)

    Having promised that I would have a new story up today I'm afraid that it will now be tomorrow, Wednesday evening. Had a particular story half-written but then an e-mail camee along that really says such a lot about my first blog that I really am tempted to focus on that to follow up instead!

    Will sleep on it tonight. meanwhile, thanks for the comments from people - even the one who called me a 'slaphead'(I think) As for the questions about standing for Senator I welcome the question and will write something in due course.

    Thanks for pointing out the missing 's' too. I have alsso noticed that there is 'n' where an 'm' should be in Home on one of the pages too, so will get my helper Gnome to sort ASAP.

  34. Hiya Trev

    I hear the Troll has come out from under his stone and with his hate site now defunct is going to try and get on here to stir up trouble. I should think his posts will be pretty easy to spot. Attacking other progressives and pretending to be one of your constituents with imaginary gripes. Hope you don't give him the time of day. The blogs have all been much the better for not having him spreading his evil.

  35. Interesting comments Anonymous @34.

    I have just knocked back my first post because the poster was clearly just out to cause trouble as you say i.e. referring to a former politician and those who have come on here with messages of support for me as 'scum'.

    The truth is I don't like censoring opinion - and won't if it is constructive or adds something to a particular debate - but I would rather do that than give space to sad sacks who really should get a life.

    On the same general theme. To Ali? who left me a message but no number - thanks for your concern and passing on the information.

    Yes, I agree that it is pathetic. But I'm pleased to say that I also could not care a jot about what a certain individual has to say on his blog. It is in all honesty totally irrelevant.

    As I made clear on the Home Page I have no intention of letting this site go the way of some others.

  36. Looks like Ted saw that you and Shona were right all along.

  37. Thanks for the information on Chang his views are absolutely fascinating. If only a few more States members were interested in such facts. Has anyone else read any of his stuff other than the new book?

  38. Is there a problem with Blogger or something? No posts for a while?

  39. When is the next post coming up I thought it was meant to be Thursday?

  40. Hi. In answer to the above, yes, there have been some problems with making new posts and my replies over the past 24 hours. A few posts have even 'vanished' which has led me to get an IT friend of mine in to look into this.

    Hopefully should have the second post up within a few hours; certainly late Friday evening all being well.

    We have also identified a well known Troll in the cyber woods. As per the warning from a reader - don't worry we will not be giving this sad sack any time or space whatsoever.

  41. Trevor.

    All posts and comments from yesterday should be coming back. There has been a problem with Blogspot.

  42. Trevor

    What do you think of accusations that some of your colleagues are desperately electioneering already to make up for having done very little?

    Paul Le Claire is launching a new group every five minutes. Talking gibberish in the States every five minutes too come to think of it. Monty is prattling on about bin sponsorship and Ben Shenton has suddenly discovered an interest in fee paying schools.

    Don't know what others think but I reckon these people must think the public are b****y stupid!

  43. Is it election year? I thought the people you mention just talk bollox year in year out?

  44. Trev - somehow you have missed out the 'comment' option on the latest post. Can you sort it - I want to have a say on these climate change deniers.

  45. I would just like to quickly flag up that for some reason a couple of very valid posts (in my view) got classed as spam for some reason.

    Finding this - as I am learning this process as I go along - I have now published them. One is about Scrutiny, the other about not liking a humorous approach and my thoughts on governemnt five years from now if progressives hold the majority.

    I will do my best to answer these over the weekend. Possibly, given that the posters may have assumed their input wasn't being published to the time delay I will slot them in to the latest blog once I have sorted out the problem with commenting.


  46. God help whoever transcribes Hansard if Nick Palmer ever gets elected.

  47. Come on Trev! The new posst is a good one and I would like to post some observations. Get your IT support to sort it. What is the problem? Are you paying the same minimum wage that Jimmy pays or did you make the mistake of using one of those volunteers like the ones Ted talked about who don't want to do any work?

  48. Apologies to both those who phoned me up (least it shows the contact page was worth it!)and anyone else who hasn't but still wanted to post for the problems with the 'Thatcherissm to Flat-Earthism' blog.

    Having just come in I will try to ensure it gets sorted out ASAP.

    Steve: whatever do you mean about Nick? Are you saying he talks a lot or that he uses words/terminology that the transcriber will never understand?

  49. Trev, you will find out when he posts on here.
    Switch off your word count before opening the submission.

  50. Yeah, Trevor, the Green lads were all good people. Nice to see you supporting them. One thing is for sure if you had to live in St. Lawrence believe me most would rather have Nick Palmer representing them than JLF and his Gofer.

  51. Can anyone explain the mystery of how Little Eddie got elected anyway?

  52. Bod.
    Actually, John le Fondre was/is (probably) very popular amongst the St Lawrence hierarchy and so he walked back in as a Deputy.

    It was suggested to me, by more progressive elements in St Lawrence, that I stood because they did not want Hugh Gill to have an unopposed shoe-in for the second Deputy's place.

    I was undecided about standing so left it very late to put in my nomination paper. In the meantime JLF's election machine allegedly promoted Eddie as the ideal second candidate to avoid Hugh Gill.

    Notoriously, in Eddie's election leaflet he advised the parish to vote JLF back in because he was such a good egg, thus hoping to gain admiration from JLFs supporter base.

    I am told that Eddie previously worked with Terry le Sueur.

    Again, I don't think Eddie was wheeled out to stop green/progressive policies but rather to avoid Gill getting in.

    Anyone who went to the nomination meeting or the hustings should have been embarrassed for Eddie - his toe-curlingly inarticulate attempts at public speaking had many people writing him off as a possible. I was surprised that he got so many votes - it's clearly not what you say that gets you voted for in the parishes!

    He's Ok if he has a prepared speech to read but, even after almost two years in the States, he goes to incoherent pieces if he has to speak on the hoof.

    No doubt, as an accountant, he can add numbers up properly but the trouble with that way of looking at policy making is that it depends which numbers you look at and which you ignore. Thus measures of money and "efficiency" and savings/cuts are given a lot of attention by the Le Sueuer/Ozouf/Noel lot but measures of human misery, insecurity and stress are virtually ignored.

  53. Would that be Eddie, assistant minister, who on top of that, States business, and constituency business still has time to take Fridays to see clients of his accountancy business. What a remarkable man.