Monday, 30 May 2011


• £800.000 ‘Golden Handshakes’ for the boys…
• 17 multi-millionaires paying less than £5.000 tax…
• Yet we can’t afford to help the worst off eat healthily!
• As for a level playing field for those on the ‘hit list’…forget it!

A fairly short posting tonight as tomorrow Shona and I are off for our first week’s break in over a year. After our bereavements and then my mother’s illness I’m quite happy to admit – we both really need it. Yes, so much for those ‘two month summer holidays’ that a certain JEP reporter claims all States Members take! Time to name names perhaps, eh Ben? 
So below I outline a few thoughts on events unfolding around the ‘healthy food’ debate.

Similarly the three written and two oral questions I have lodged for the States sitting of June 7th. Being pretty self-explanatory to anyone who follows local politics I add only the briefest of comments to their background. The old 1970’s hit record told us that there are more questions than answers. Come the next States sitting my ‘Progressive’ colleagues and I had better make sure that is no longer allowed to be the case.

Should I have access to the internet from my Guerrilla camp deep in the jungle I will do my best to field any posts once or twice during the week.. Should this not prove possible, then I’ll just say ‘Thanks again!’ to all of you who have shown an interest whether reading or sending in comments during the two weeks that the ‘Bald truth’ has been up and running….

Are ‘healthy food’ exemptions ‘bananas’ or is the real problem a vegetable?

Isn’t it strange how both in the media; on his blog and during his lamentable performance on BBC Jersey alongside Deputy Shona Pitman Senator Ozouf claims that a GST exemption for ‘healthy foods’ such as fresh fruit and vegetables just cannot be done: ‘there isn’t time’ and anyway its ‘bananas’.

Very strange then, one might think, how not only has the Health Minister in answering Deputy Pitman’s questions in the States just weeks ago advised us that work on achieving such a list is well under way; but Deputy Rob Duhamel quotes the States’ GST Director, Steve Lowthorpe only this month as confirming that the proposition is indeed ‘a viable option’! 

What price that the Minister will be working overtime to ensure such opinion has magically vanished ‘1984’ style by the time the debate comes around?

1 (1) Ks – Truth or Fiction?

Given that we are all having to tighten our belts as Senators Ozouf and Le Sueur have assured us that there really is no other option I hope the Treasury Minister will be focusing all of his attention on the issues raised by the following. Particularly question one – if he, or any of you - have read the quotes from interviews with John Christensen on page 240 of Nicholas Shaxson’s bestselling economics book ‘Treasure Islands’…



“Does the Minister stand by his statement that historically ‘no deals’ were or have ever been entered into with 1(1)(k) residents and, if so, would he categorically confirm that at no time has the Treasury set minimum annual tax levels which were met exactly by the prospective resident, irrespective of their wealth?”


What increase in tax take would result from 1(1)(k) residents being taxed at the rate of 25 per cent rather than 20 per cent, based on the current number of 1(1)(k) residents?

Did the Senators say we all had to tighten our belts? Doesn’t seem that way for some…

I tried to get answers on this subject from the chief Minister some  months ago. That I could not was all hung on that lovely old Establishment Party excuse ‘confidentiality’. Somehow I don’t think that will wash very much longer. And remember, it was only a few weeks ago that my continued questioning drew out the fact that another six former employees also shared more than £255.000 between them outside of contract entitlements. Why?


Will the Chief Minister clarify whether or not the reported 'golden handshakes' amounting to approximately £800,000 were paid/are being paid to two senior civil servants; what the sums are in relation to each individual; from which fund they are to be paid and under what justification?  Further still, how were these sums determined and who ultimately made the decision to pay these sums?

OK. Call me pushy if you like. But just for good measure I also have an oral version on the same very interesting subject…


“Will the Chief Minister clarify the exact sums allegedly paid in the region of £800.000 ‘golden handshakes’ to two civil servants; clarify who was paid which sum and explain why such huge payments were considered justified?”

Last but not least the strange case of BDO…

Well, where does one begin on this fascinating subject? I’m yet to hear if this question has been accepted! You could easily write a whole post on this alone. But far better I’ll just refer you to the blogs of Mr. Rico Sorda and Voiceforchildren…


“Did PAC ever examine the report written by BDO/Alto into the management of the Historical Abuse Inquiry expenditure; if not why not, further still, would the Chairman undertake to scrutinize the expenditure incurred by the Wiltshire Constabulary in their investigation(s) into the Historic Abuse Inquiry (also including Operation Blast) and submit a report to the Chamber with their findings?”

Given that the Home Affairs Minister is also up for questions without notice on June 7th I have a sneaky feeling this subject might come up more than once!

Keep the faith



  1. look forward to next states sitting,untill then have a great break,you both deserve it

  2. Hi Big Trev. Another brilliant post. I bet the Zoof Party just loves you exposing all his spin like you do. Eight hundred grand for two bozos and yet we can't give some OAP taxx free fruit and veg.LOL. The only word for it is sick.

  3. Good stuff again but I reckon you must have been in a hurry to catch the boat as your ususal typing excellence isn't up to its normal standard. You need a few breaks in the text mate.

    Paragraph starting with SHOULD needs to have a free line above it. same thing with the sentence starting with WHAT PRICE.Further down in your question to PAC (is that the invisible man Shenton?) there should also be a break before the line that says GIVEN THAT.

    I will put my cheque in the post, mate. But all things considered keep up the good work. You are one of very few taking the fight to the b***ers.

  4. Still tuning in from the jungle? Good to see a politician who never sleeps. A question for you. Is offering these deals to High Value incomers even legal? Anyone know?

  5. Trevor - excellent post again. Enjoy your well deserved break, the lull before the storm maybe.

    I was far from impressed with PO's post on Shona's proposition. In all honesty, it would not take the ordinary man in the street too long to compile a list of 'healthy foods'. The sad thing is most probably cannot afford to buy them!

    I am a great advocate of healthy eating, but it is a fact that most families are driven to buy pre-prepared 'Iceland type' foods simply because it is all they can afford.

    Then we get Messrs Pollard and Ogley (allegedly) being paid obscene sums of (hush) money. No small wonder that there is a lot of unrest here at this moment in time.

    It just does not make any sense at all, and more power to your elbow Trevor. Keep the questions coming thick and fast.

  6. Trevor.

    Has this question been accepted?


    “Did PAC ever examine the report written by BDO/Alto into the management of the Historical Abuse Inquiry expenditure; if not why not, further still, would the Chairman undertake to scrutinize the expenditure incurred by the Wiltshire Constabulary in their investigation(s) into the Historic Abuse Inquiry (also including Operation Blast) and submit a report to the Chamber with their findings?”

    Damn good question and I;m sure your fellow Scrutiny Panel Members have questions along the same lines.

    How the hell was the Wiltshire investigation able to "take on a life of it's own" and rack up such a hefty bill and nobody scrutinise it? The BDO/Alto Report has gone beyond funny. With what evidence is available there is a strong argument to say that the compiling of that Report included Law Breaking on some-ones behalf. How were BDO/Alto able to quote from Lenny Harper's "confidential" statement to Wiltshire?

  7. I'm afraid that Senator Ooozouf is showing exactly the traits that you identified in your assessment. Everything he says and does is driveen by his politicAL ideology. His attempt to dismiss Shona's proposition smacks of desperarion. Keep going you two you are both doing us proud.

  8. Hi

    Yes. I am still checking in from the jungle now and again. Very sad I know. As to the question to PAC and whether it has been accepted I will not know until Thursday.

    The exemptions on healthy food clearly could be done and as something that is targeted makes a lot of sense. Clearly the Senator is not really interested in either improving the health of the island's people or in saving millions of pounds of taxpaayers' money over the coming decades.

    All the more evidence to demonstrate that it is time he went, as posters have said. Then again like our Chief Minister his whole understanding of economics is stuck in the past. If anyone has a couple of spare copies of Ha-Joon Chang's latest book please send them to the Senators before it is too late.

    The comments on Jersey being a 'business' are something that I am going to be doing a post on once I get back. Thanks for the links.


  9. Amazed at the waste of the wastes of space!1 June 2011 at 13:07:00 BST

    £500,000 for a discredited civil servant and yet we are allegedly in dire financial straits? The common denominators in how we got to this farcical situation? Terry Le Sueur and Philip Ozouf.

  10. Stop rocking the boat. Cream always rises to the top.

  11. This does come across as envy of wealthy people like mentioned elsewhere and its not positive politics when all you can do is slag people off with money all the time.

    What proper solutions do you have to Jersey's problems or do you actually not have any?

    By the way, nobody in the finance industry will be rushing out to vote for you this time.

  12. What a foolish comment about envy. Anonymous, I work in finance and because I am intelligent enough to understand that criticism of how something is wrong to degrees does not by nature make somebody anti per se I will definitely be voting for Trevor Pitman if he stands for Senator which I hope he does.

    You seem unable to do anything other than pump out the same old scared message that people like the Deputy have rumbled the spin that has allowed the greedy to grow fat for decades. I wonder why that is?

    I find it very encouraging that much to my surprise we have politicians who are widely read enough to have studied the likes of groundbreaking thinkers such as Chang. I somehow doubt Jimmy Perchard will even know who Chang is.

    As for suggesting that the Deputy does not have any ideas have you ever listened to a States debate, or read his political principles for that matter? Doesn't sound like it.

    Fair taxation...real population control...using some of our money to actually invest in and re-invigorate industries... All sounds pretty refreshing to me.

  13. By the way, we are really bored with people who just give out this same old message that any who criticise are jealous of the rich. We think everyone should pay their fair share of tax and that has to include the most wealthy. Why should someone pay less tax in real terms simply because they have more cash? This thinking has gotten the world into a right old mess.Or are we wrong?

  14. Big Trev

    Your question to PAC seems to be absent from the States Order paper on line. Was it blocked for some reason?

  15. What exactly is "healthy food"?. Shona was asked on BBC Radio Jersey Talback last week and refrained from giving an example. The presenter of the programme was rightly made to look foolish for having asked.

  16. The beauty of Shona's proposals is surely that the health Minister and her experts can define a list of their choice. Just as it should be. Ozouf's bluster is nothing more than that.

  17. Big Trev

    Wherever you are and whenever you get back can you please fill us in on what has happened to your BDO question to PAC please. It isn't om the States website. Could there be somthing a miss?

  18. The sensible answer that would have avoided all of this coming back to the States again and again was to have gone with what Deputy Shona Pitman brought forward back in 2008/9? Fresh fruit and veg.

    Love to see Shenton's tax expert brother come up with excuses as to how we would be sued for this. LOL. Some of these people should be comedians.

  19. No doubt there is a grouping that behaves like a party in Jersey government. However, since this is an election year - could somebody suggest a list of those who are in it - and also a list of those who might be termed "progressives"?
    Presumably, there will be some who are neither in nor out but terms are used rather freely in Jersey and they are meaningless to many "voters".

    TOM GRUCHY says

  20. Perhaps the latest list of those who chose to shaft us plebs by rejecting Alan Breckon's GST exemptions is the most illuminating "party membersship roll" to go by?

  21. Add to that the "contres" when Shona Pitman brings her proposition on healthy foodstuffs. One thing is for sure I won't be voting for any who fail to support this.

  22. Talking about party politics I still think it is the best way to ensure accountble government. I'm sorry to say that I think young Geoff has set the case back a few years just when a lot of people were beginning to come to this conclusion. Shame.

  23. I don't support Shona's healthy GST option. I think its bonkers - but that does not mean I would not vote for her at an election.
    She has many policies some of which I do not support but to reject everything for the sake of one issue is hardly politics based upon reason.
    What are the really important issues this year that should lead to a rejection in October?

  24. Trevor. With all this attention on Shona's healthy food proposals maybe you should be renting her a page on your website? The poster who says that the proposals are bonkers is a bit over the top in my humble opinion. But he or she is quite right in pointing out that it would be daft if we all rejected a politician just because we came across one particular policy, perhaps among a whole raft of ideas that we really liked, that we could not agree with. For example I don't agree with you on naming very serious offenders (i.e. rape, muder)potentially from age 12 upward. But I also appreciate that owing to your professional background you quite probably know an awful lot more than me on the subject. I just disagree on the subject but probably still support your views on 95% of things that come up in the States. But going back to healthy food exemptions being considered bonkers I just feel that encouraging people, and making it easier for them to buy healthy food by it being cheaper than unhealthy stuff makes complete sense. On an additional note I would also just add that I too was really impressed with Shona's handling of Philip Ozouf on the BBC. Lovely to see our representatives so fired up and sounding like they care.

  25. What will be the outcome of these questions to TLS about 500K handouts? Stonewalling as per usual like you say? Surely they can't get away with it again though? Not after this. 500K!

    I know they will try and spin it as how this kind of thing will never happen again under ministerial government, but it was under most of these same people that these bl**dy contracts were handed out in the first place!

  26. Big Trev

    Your ansafone says that you are back in the island as of Monday. Once you are could you please enlighten us as to what happened with the BDO question. Hope you had a good weeks break. I know you two certainly deserved one after the horrible year you have had.

    Cheers and keep fighting

  27. Doesn't look like you are going to get an answer on the golden pay-offs issue, does it? What is the point in keeping on trying/ They just don't care and do what they like.

  28. Trevor.

    With your Scrutiny hat on you "HAVE" to look at THIS

  29. Home Affairs not up for questions without notice now. Wasn't this changed a few weeks back because a minister was going on holiday or something?

  30. Trevor.

    "The Voice" is now on twitter. Don't know how any of it works but the twitter account/name is "TheVoiceJersey"

  31. As per usual you step up to the plate and ask the questions that 99% of our shrinking violets would not go near. You must get so frustrated with the wall of silence/couldn't give a monkeys. But hang in there you are doing a great job.

  32. Excellent questions again as B says. Fact is they know that there is simply not enough of you with the guts and persistence to bring them down.

    Not your fault of course just depressing. How will we ever get over this I just don't know unless more decent people start to vote. Anyone else agree?

  33. When is your next post Trevor? can you give us some news on the £800000 pay offs? Cheers.

  34. just read your previous posts

    you saying pro AGW papers outnumber anti AGW ones by 3:1 is not science, its politics

    try these numbers:-

    the atmosphere of hot Venus is 93% CO2
    that of cold Mars 97% CO2

    Earths atmospheric CO2 content is 0.039%

    CO2 helps make earth green not hot/cold

    please read the CRU e-mails and the harry_ read_ me file, then come back and tell us you have no problem with the probity of 'team hockey stick' scientists

  35. Hi Anonymous

    Thanks for the info. I will check out.

    But I'm afraid that I doubt that these will change my view - the wealth of material that I have read certainly does force one to come down on the side of human impact climate change.

    I'm not quite sure about the term 'Team Hockey Stick' science so you will have to enlighten me on that one.

    But I certainly DO have problems with the 'science' of the likes of 'Team Jeremy Clarkson & Assorted Fruit-loops Sponsored by the Oil Industry' though!

  36. Meant to add:

    thanks for those who kept on posting even though I was away for the week and wasn't able to update or comment as I would have liked. Much appreciated.

    I will have at least one and possibly two new posts up in the next couple of days. One regarding a proposition that I hope to have lodged tomorrow afternoon (Friday), The second to do with some of the mad-cap antics unfolding in the States these past three days.

    Early next week I also promise to finally have a post completed answering some of the qquestions and criticisms that have come up in the first three weeks or so of the site being live.


    Phil... If I don't get these posts up in the next two days don't start worrying that I have been kidnapped - I just have an awful lot of constituent work on: partly due to the luxury of finally getting that week's break.

    Anonymous... If I don't meet my deadlines please don't stay up all night again and miss your breakfast watching for the page to change. Your wife moving out really ought to tell you something about priorities!

    Keep the faith!

  37. Did I hear right in the States that Senator Ozouf had been off to London to have din-dins with William Hague the former Tory leader? I thought Philip had always claimed that he was a Liberal?

  38. Hi Anonymous

    Be fair - Senator Ozouf is half right when he says that he is a Liberal. What he just forgets to do is stick the word 'Neo' in front of this, that's all!

  39. Trevor,

    Not commented before and have just started reading your blog. The most stupid mistake, the establishment gang made was trying to get rid quickly of Graham Power on the cheap.

    The reason I mention this is because middle class friends started to have doubts about Jerseys top administration, getting most of their information from the JEP.

    The payoffs has united and angered all classes except the clique who have snouts. They are to busy trying to protest their backs.

  40. Hi Trevor.

    Just to say I've but up the Audio of Question 3, 15 & Question's to the Chief Minister.

    You can listen HERE

    Here is a Link to other Question's from the 07/06/11. Including your question.

    Click HERE

    Will put your Blog on my List.

    Hope these recording's are of use to you. If not at least you can have a laugh! or cry!

  41. Trevor,

    Been reading your blog since you started it and wish a few more had so many sensible things to say and the willingness to get on the net. As you probably know Stuart who was always my big hero in Jersey politics and still is I suppose to a much lesser degree doesn't seem able to stop having a pop at people like you and a few of the other good people in that cesspit of the States. I find this so depressing because the likes of you have worked so hard since you got in and more importantly been true to what you said beforehand. What do you think about all of this silly sniping? I just wish people could focus on the Ozoufs and Le Sueurs of this world. Its all so counter productive.

  42. Hi Anonymous

    You know, I have said this before, but whilst I fully understand why some people need to or at least feel they need to be anonymous in their postings it would make things a whole lot more personal if we always had names.

    Anyway, in answer to your comments I will say only this - much as I appreciate your concern and agree with the basics of what you have to say - I have absolutely no interest in getting involved in tit-for-tat exchanges with other people who are, or hopefully are, on the same side yet just want to slag those others off.

    As you will know if you have been a reader of the blog since I started it, I nearly fell into this very trap just a few weeks back out of utter exasperation at one individual who was constantly attacking me and other so called progressives completely losing sight of who we really need to focus on if we are to restore Jersey to the place it once was.

    Consequently, I won't be responding to any such garbage. Pretty much the only posts I have knocked back these past three and a half weks have been rubbish attacking the likes of Stuart and Geoff. I haven't published them so far and I doubt I will ever change my approach. What is there to be gained by printing some cowardly rubbish with unknown people swearing and insulting others? Nothing in my view. As you say such stuff is completely counter-productive.

    Like everyone else I am a long way short of perfect and well aware of the fact. But my record of consistently standing up for people and for keeping my word speaks for itself. Being the person on the Vulnerable Children's Scrutiny review who was the driving force for the push to get a proposition calling for a full committee of inquiry (and having all the e-mails that back this up!)is just one example. My consistent questions in the States and in my work over the past two and a half years all back this up completely.

    Quite honesly not only do such attacks not concern or intimidate me in the least I find them rather pathetic - but most of all very, very sad.

    I don't think the likes of Voiceforchildren and Rico Sorda etc who have done such a great job would be supporting me if I had not been true to my word and such support means a lot to me - as does that from all the many people who write, phone or talk to me in the street and via the blog. That is really all I want to say as the bald truth is I have much more important things to do.

    Indeed, having just come back from seeing an 88 year old lady who had been treated appallingly by the States such garbage really is put into perspective.

    Regards and thanks too for your kind words of support.


  43. Hi Trevor,

    Will you or any of the other fair minded politicians be questioning the blatant, conflict of interest shown by William Bailhache sitting on Stuart Syvret's court case?

    Given the history of their "relationship" - How can anyone believe justice will not only be done, but seen to be done.

    He's gone too far this time. It's time you all challenged this wretched man.

    Regardless of any differences you may have with Stuart.

    Do the right thing.

    This is just so important for Jersey

  44. trevor
    i have just seen todays paper sat 11th the head line is social security drop charges for high earners because money is no longer needed is this a joke,gst went up we have to work longer but again the rich or well off dont have to worry says gorst and ozouf.

  45. Anonymous

    Firstly, it isn't a question of me having differences with Stuart - as you should have noticed I have allways refused to get drawn down into the consistent, and wholely groundless sniping at me.

    But whatever I may think, in answer to your question, yes - I am very willing to challenge such a scenario. Even by Jersey standards I find it difficult to believe that anyone could be so foolish when our lack of transparancy is so under the spotlight. I will check out the details over the next couple of days.

    Martin. Yes, I too was sickened to read this latest from Philip Ozouf - a 'politician' who really is, in my view, not fit for office. I challenge him to stand for election if he really thinks his shameless pandering to the wealthy and tax evading parasites has the backing of the ordinary working man and woman.

    What can people do meantime as I know he does not possess the guts to stand? Vote all of his and Terry Le Sueur's YES MEN & WOMAN out in October.

    If people can't be bothered to vote then frankly Jersey does deserve what it gets.

  46. Well said Trevor. It really saddeens me that someone like you gets flak from Stuart. Totally undeserved and its about time he grew up and stopped to focus on the real enemy where he was always at his best.

  47. Fully agree with Anonymous.

  48. trevor
    i have been told that as a member of the public i can not bring a vote of no confidence in ozouf and gorst but you could and i ask now for you to do so i know it will not come to much but it will show them how most of the public feel.

  49. Stuart's universe has been gradually moving away from everybody else's perception of reality and acceptability. There is absolutely no call for insulting and sniping at so many people because it just turns it all into a circus.

    I was never impressed with his attacks on you and Shona or anybody to be honest. Its a small Island and differences in opinion should be accepted without the fear of personal insult for just having a view.

  50. hi Deputy,
    I agree J.Clarkson is a real divvy,the big oil/energy claim has long since been shown to be disinformation (loved by MSM), so now alarmists say the Koch bros. fund sceptics(also false).
    the bald truth(sorry couldn't resist)is BP and Shell have sponsored CRU since the mid 70's and Exxon have given Stanford university's global climate and energy project $100 million over 10 years.
    It's interesting to note how alarmists change terminology to suit their political cause; global warming has morphed into climate change,
    no sceptic doubts climate change,the geological record shows CC to be a frequent and natural part of Earths system.

    "team hockey stick" refers to scientists involved with CRU e-mail hack/leak. The hockey stick graph was used to try to remove the medieval warm period (MWP) so as to give some credibility to claims that late 20th century warming was unprecedented,however, hundreds (yes hundreds) of peer-reviewed papers from dozens of countries going back decades confirm the MWP. Vikings grew grain in Greenland and grapes were grow as far north as newcastle,suggesting the MWP was somewhat warmer than today. Andrew Montfords book 'the hockey stick illusion' is compelling reading for anyone interested in this controversial subject.

    Another oft repeated mantra, that there is an overwhelming consensus in favour of AGW theory
    is also false
    Mike Hulme, co-ordinating lead author for IPCC TAR says this:- "Claims such as 2,500 of the worlds leading scientists have reached a consensus that human activities are having a significant influence on the climate are disingenuous.That particular judgement,as are many others in the IPCC reports, is reached by only a few dozen experts in the specific field of detection and attribution studies"
    Review article for progress in physical geography, 12th April 2010

    Hundreds of scientists have gone on record to refute the AGW hypothesis read them at US senate committee minority report here

    keep up the good work


  51. Tired of in-fighting Man12 June 2011 at 19:26:00 BST

    Big Trev

    Couldn't agree with Anonymous' thoughts more. There is no excuse for the attacks on people like yourself and Shona. Heavens knows we have few enough people in the States who are both trustworthy and have some steel in their spines and you two definitely fit the cap for both. You are right not to get dragged in to such rubbish. It just makes things easier for the Ozoufs and the sycophants who follow them. Totally destructive. Please don't bite on such nonsense. I support both of you and I am very tired of such antics from soneone who should know better.

    Cheers and good luck.

  52. Hi Jersey Way

    Thanks for the links and thanks for your offer to put a link to my site on your blog. Much appreciated. The chance for people to listen to the States who might otherwise miss it due to work commitments is a real service - so good on you. If only we could get them all to come and watch! What fun people could have trying to find Ben 'Vlaue for money' Shenton after lunch most days!

    Keep the faith.


  53. As I see that you must be on your site Trevor can I ask that you get a new post up soon? I know you will be busy but its pouring with rain and to be honest the only sites worth reading these days are yours, mr Sorda's and the Voice.

  54. Anonymous

    I will definitely have a new post up tomorrow. Another small bit of news that I can give is that I will shortly be Chairing a Scrutiny analysis of some of the concerns around BDO/Alto. Cannot say any more just now as I hope you would understand.



  55. With regards to the comment of "the money is no longer needed" over the Social Security issue, are you in a position to raise a vote of no confidence in Mr Ouzouf in the big House?

    The Beano is not the Rag

  56. Trevor,

    Reading up on the many posters asking for you to put up posts, they may not realize how much research and reading an active States member has to do to become, and stay informed.

    That is of course the free thinking States members that actually bother to study, and not the easily manipulated who vote as they are told.

    Thanks for asking the questions that really matter.



  57. Hi

    Just a final point of the evening as I have work on a proposition to do. For whatever reason there has been an upsurge in contacts to me seeking to stir up issues attacking Stuart Syvret in recent weeks.

    I won't insult all of the unknown people who have sent these saying that they all must be Trolls. Quite possibly most are very genuine. Nevertheless as I hope I have made clear - I don't see any positive in publishing them.

    I fully appreciate peoples' support but would just say that I am more than capable of standing up for myself if I should feel the need. So don't feel the necessity to send in this kind of stuff no matter how well intentioned. As to any Trolls - find another site full of garbage like The Farce was.

    Consequently, unless there is ever some very good reason to do so I won't be using any such posts.


  58. Hope you allow this post because I simply want to say to you "well done" for your response to being attacked I.E. not just firing back as I'm sure you must be sorely tempted to. It really does show a real Statesmen if you don't mind me saying so.

    Trust me one hell of a lot of people support both of you and it saddens the ones I know to see such damaging antics going down. Concur with Boatyboy - thanks for asking the questions that matter and hardly anyone else will.

  59. I thought the Farce blog was excellent so strange you are being no better in attacking a view point which you simply do not agree with. Believe it or not but what many people see as a farce is stuck in their minds forever and you, Rico and others will never change that because the case is now closed.

  60. If you liked the Farce Blog where 90% of all posts were fakes by a handful of nutters (check out the way the posting times were removed) and was set up by a motley collection of dysfunctional odd-bods including a number of far right politicians you really must be a very confused puppy. Deputy Pitman's blog is a real political site and all the more power to his political elbow for that.

  61. "martin said... trevor i have been told that as a member of the public i can not bring a vote of no confidence in ozouf and gorst but you could and i ask now for you to do so i know it will not come to much but it will show them how most of the public feel."

    I agree with Martin.

    Ozouf certainly needs to face a vote of no confidence.

    If nothing else Ozouf & Co have proven why Ministerial government is a dangerously failed experiment, arguably its greatest "success" being to foster political distrust and discontent amongst islanders on a level never before seen.

    Please bring that vote of no confidence. Please.

  62. Does anyone realise that a vote of no confidence cannot just be set in motion by one individual. It takes three others to sign up to it. Maybe Trevor can tell us if he has tried and if there are even three other people with the said backbone.

  63. Hungry of St. Lawrence13 June 2011 at 14:59:00 BST

    Ah so you are on line? Or do you have an assistant helping you? When can we expect your next post? No I am not being rude it is just that your blog is as somebody else said one of only three worth reading anymore.

  64. Trev. Can we please have the next part in your analysis of who are the contenders for the next Chief Muppet?

    Don't fancy a government with either of the main two contenders you wrote about last time. I have a bet that one of them is Alan Maclean.

    Am I right or am I right?

  65. to anon
    im sure bob hill would sign as would shona mybe mr tadier they are all not spineless in the states the way things are some thing will have to give. so please trevor try to bring a vote of no confidence in ozouf and hes sidekick gorst.

  66. anon flags up what I reckon is a real problem. This is all too many of our decent politicians not being willing to work together using the flimsiest of misgivings not to support others. I don't mean the likes of Trevor and Shona but rather the fence sitters of which we have a whole load too many in the States. Would Bob Hill good bloke as he is sign a vote of no confidence? I'm not quite sure that he would.

  67. Anon
    People not working together is a real problem so you are dead right. makes the case for party politics really doesn't it. Speaking of not working with people what happened to Richard Nixon?

  68. Keep up the good work Big Trev. It is unfortunate that the "discredited" media don't report on the more controversial issues that you've never been afraid of tackling. Perhaps we could set up an interview later in the week to discuss some "real" issues that you are involved in?

  69. Martin, The Beano is not the Rag & others who have asked about votes of no confidence.

    For the record I fully agree that a Vote of No Confidence in Senator Ozouf is well warranted. However, one of the Anonymous posters has it spot on - you cannot just bring such a vote. It needs three Members to counter sign.

    The fact is that I have had such a vote approved as a consequence of a number of people - from a variety of political perspectives going on about this since last week.

    Funny thing is though that when it comes to the crunch of people putting their names to it - even though individuals maintain that they would vote for it in the Chamber - only two that I have spoken to remained true to their word and had the backbone to be willing to counter sign.

    One was, indeed, Shona, who to her credit has never ducked a difficult decision. The other had been Debbie - and all credit to her. Some people I'm afraid are all talk. Hope that answers some of the questions people have been asking both on here and in e-maails and phone contacts to me.

    Successful or not - and the excuse most of the disgruntled use to hold back is that such a vote would still almost certainly be defeated due to the amount of nodding dogs in the States - a real value in bringing this would have been that a marker could be set down that, certainly for the next Assembly, this style of government will no longer be accepted.

    But there you go. I guess this just re-affirms the cold, hard fact: the only real way forward is for all those unhappy with the status quo to get out and vote - just like I say on every page of the website.



  70. Thanks for this post. Hard to believe was my first thought. Then I thought no it isn't really. Peoples cowardice says so much. Keep fighting though and don't let the b's grind you down.

  71. Hi

    Just to let readers know that it appears there have been some problems with my contact website e-mail advertised on the contact page.

    Thus if anyone has used this and not had a reply please contact me using my government address - also lissted on the page - and i will get back to you via this whilst the problems are sorted out.



  72. Trevor,

    You make the point that as we cannot vote Ozouf out at this election we should vote out his political allies.

    Surely that means there is no better time than now for a vote of no confidence to be brought against Ozouf?

    1) It would send a strong message on behalf of a visibly growingly discontented public.

    2)It would firmly identify those politicians who have aligned themselves with Ozouf, making it a lot easier for the electorate to pinpoint them come the election.

    Over the past couple of weeks public calls for Ozouf to resign or face a vote of no confidence have been appearing on local blogs and websites with increasing regularity. Meanwhile, Ozouf is on his Twitter account joyously proclaiming the couple of hundred followers he's collected over the past 6 months!

    He has to go.

    Please call a vote of no confidence.


  73. "and the excuse most of the disgruntled use to hold back is that such a vote would still almost certainly be defeated due to the amount of nodding dogs in the States"

    Have they never heard of doing something because on principle it's the right thing to do?

    Is this indicative of how those individuals generally conduct themselves in the States, because if so, is it any wonder there is so little public respect for politicians.

  74. I agree, I liked the Farce Blog as well, so slagging it off isn't that democratic and makes this blog no better to the others.

  75. I think the point Trevor and others have made is that the Farce blog wasn't even a genuine blog. It was just set up to smear and rubbish people who were not hardcore right wingers or stood up against sweeping things under the carpet.

    A site dominated by an individual recently taken to court about death threats to innocnet people also can't exactly be seen as a bona fide seious political site. This one and most others whatever their political leanings clearly can. How anyone could 'like' such a site is beyond me if they are serious about their politics.

  76. Where is the revolting farce blog now? Trevor this revolting blog of Jon and Adrian and their political mates should not be given any credibility by talking about it on your site. Which if I can say is everything a blog should be. Stick to the politics as you have done so far. Thanks.

  77. Trevor

    Living in St. Helier No. 1 district can I just let people know that I think it is very important people are aware that the recently declared "Lib-DEm" candiate for the elections is both supported by Philip 'Neo' Liberal Ozouf and a rightwinger.

    We certainly don't want anyone with that kind of leaning in our district as a working peoples district. A vote for her will be just a vote for Ozouf and the continuing selling of Jersey to the rich. So Mary Mary Quite Contrary please go somewhere else with your elitiest policies. Ozouf is a blight on this island and so are his supporters.

  78. Big Trev.

    After listening to parts of the States debate today, I'm curious. Could you tell us a little bit more about Senator Perchard asking Senator Ozouf to "get his chopper out?"

  79. VFC

    We're talking 'chopper' as in 'cut, cut, cut' policy, dear boy! Whatever were you thinking?


  80. An apology for not having a new post up as promised. Two reasons - or excuses - take your pick!

    Having to put constituent and Scrutiny work back due to being in the States again this week when a bit more restraint in the over-long speech and speaking on every single issue departments last week (is there an election around the corner or something?) would have allowed us to finish by last Friday.

    Secondly, the time spent on the two propositions that I am about to lodge and the lack of assistance from one particular department in getting information.

    But I will have a post up by Wednesday evening - so no going without your breakfast Anonymous - it will be up when its up.

    Thanks again for all the comments and apologies for the delay in getting back to anyone due to my techno-dummy problems with the e-mail link! Hopefully be sorted tomorrow.

    Keep the faith.


    *Final point.

    I won't be publishing ANY swearing rants about the thankfully defunct Farce Blog, so get over it.

  81. Neever mind the chopper - the point about Shenton and Perchard being two of the very worst offenders for wanting to destroy the public sector so long as any cuts don't threaten their voters was well made.

    Shenton and perchard have both been absolutely useless since 2005 and if one good thing comes from the reduction of two Senatorial posts should be them losing their seats it will all have been worthwhile.

    Fake men of the people who have done little but pander to the interests of big business and finance. Good rid.

  82. Well done to Shona for shuting up the wittering Constable of Trinity whilst she was speaking. Every time I listen to States debates I can hear his yapping and the heckling of Senator Le Main to other speakers.

    Funny how our esteemed Deputy Bailiff just sits there and does nothing yet jumps on progressives for the ssmallest of things. Indpendent speaker is what we need for sure.


  84. Just learned about your blog and have to say it brill. So much better than than some of those boring old farcical rants from people who support tax evasion and cover ups. Great stuff.

  85. By the way have you got any questions lodged for next week?

  86. Really good to see blogs growing and some of our better politicians even getting involved. I obviously don't mean Philip Ozouf who only blogs on his terms but at least he is putting his thoughts out there. I just thought it might help new readers to know how to spot a real blog like this one with real people taking part aand making contributions. The biggest giveaway of a fake blog is if you notice none of the usually huge number of 'posts' have timings. This is because these 'posts'will have been made up by one or two losers with no life, one after the other and to publish the times would blow the con. The best known example of this was a farcical 'blog' run by a person convicted of making horrible death threats. I too have heard this is now being monitored by some peoples lawyers which has to be a good thing.Genuine blogs also carry posts that sometimes support and sometimes criticise and this is another good guideline to ensure you don't waste your time. Hope that helps people.

  87. Hi

    Two things...

    Firstly, after much delay due to me being tied up in what I am paid for and enjoy most - working for the people who voted for me - I can tell you that I will finally have a new post up early tomorrow morning.Honest!

    Secondly, I just want to reiterate for the last time that because I assume that everyone who comes on to this site - supporter or critic - is genuinely interested in politics I WON'T be putting up any childishly insulting posts/links etc to the long exposed as fake and redundant Farce Blog. End of.

    Keep the faith