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You know, if one thing has kept coming up these past few years - both within and without the Assembly it is claims of ‘reform fatigue’ and how the States really ought to put this on hold for a while and, very important matter that it is, focus on some of the more pressing issues impacting on ordinary peoples' lives. Issues such as diversifying the economy; fair taxation; population control and affordable housing.

Committed reformer that I am, it was with this in mind ,that I lodged my proposition P78/2011: Composition of the States: Further Debates  before the outcome of the Electoral Commission. This would have asked the States to make the mature commitment to do this very thing: waiting until the hard-fought Electoral Commission had been put in place and come up with recommendations.

I lodged this not last week but way back on the 17th of May. As I say, so many people including most elements of the mainstream media have regularly been calling for such a move. Yet have any one of you out there seen any mention of it in the JEP; on Channel or BBC TV or on Radio 103?  Not that I am aware.

Funny then how despite already costing the island’s taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds the latest episode in tiny minority-driven call to overturn the majority decision (already debated five times in one form or another!) to reduce the number of Senators by two at the next election has.  Is there some kind of hidden Establishment Party agenda at play? Who knows? But as a direct result I decided that I would announce the ‘Vote of Censure on the Chief Minister’ proposition right here on  first. It will be lodged today: Friday 17th June. Will the mainstream media pick it up?  I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

*P78/2011 can be viewed by going to the ‘States Business’ page on the main website and clicking on the link to the States propositions.

Keep the Faith



THE STATES are asked to decided whether they are of the opinion –

to censure the Chief Minister, Senator Terence Augustine Le Sueur, for his failure to show the expected quality of leadership in protecting the interests of Jersey’s taxpayers; culminating in the paying out of substantial so-called ‘golden handshakes’ to two senior civil servants.



The truth of the matter is that this motion of censure really should be a Vote of No Confidence.

That it is not, rests solely on the fact that the lifespan of this Council of Ministers has only four months to run; a consequence being that many Members who have spoken privately about the clear warranting of such a vote have also expressed the view that removing the Chief Minister (and thus the Executive) at this late stage would only further distract government from the problems – many self-inflicted by this very same Executive it must be acknowledged – facing the Island’s people at this difficult economic time.

Whilst I accept this view to a degree I also feel that given the whole catalogue of mismanagement; elitism; policy failings and general incompetence that has plagued this second period of Ministerial government a  marker really must be put down to demonstrate to the Island’s people that such failings will not be tolerated in the future.

That so many of these failings have only been able to flourish due to foolish cherry-picking of the Clothier recommendations i.e. resulting in a machinery of government system that simply does not work is probably beyond argument. Nevertheless it must be the case that the individual at the top  – the ‘leader’ of government – must be held accountable and be seen to be held so by the public – if the Island’s taxpayers are to retain any confidence in the future.

The appalling handling of the ‘early departure’ of two senior Civil Servants leaving their positions very much under a cloud – yet with ‘golden handshakes’ that amount to a lifetimes earnings for someone on the minimum wage - really has been the final straw. People who fail to work to the standards expected should be faced down and sacked. Not rewarded with hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money.

As a consequence I now lodge this vote of censure in the hope that a majority of Members will demonstrate their discontent with this.

Is a censure motion really merited?

It is well worth focussing on the fact that amongst a variety of necessary qualities the Ministers’ Code of Conduct highlights the following:

•    Leadership

•    Accountability

•    Openness

In the light of the above am I just ‘electioneering’?  Is this vote of censure really merited? Well, let us consider these questions by briefly looking at just some of the major failings during the course of Senator Le Sueur’s Term of Office as Chief Minister; and considering if they could – and should – have been handled better. I believe they speak for themselves.

Yet do I still have reservations about bringing this motion? Yes I do. Simply because given that a censure motion can only be lodged in an individual not a group, I recognise that there is the possibility that  some who should shoulder equal – or very nearly so – responsibility for the significant failings of Senator Le Sueur’s Executive may as a consequence dodge the political bullets their complicity in many of these failings undoubtedly deserve.

The fact surely is that should it be required there is ample written evidence already available in reports and the record of debates of this Executive’s failings.  Just consider Verita; the fiasco of the pay-freeze ‘negotiations; the appalling lack of Civil Service accountability revealed within the Napier Report into the suspension process of the former Chief Police Officer; the broken promises on GST; 

And so it has gone on and on and on: spin; half-truths and the fear of far, far worse buried beneath the surface.  As the Mexicans’ sum it up so pointedly in their saying: ‘Ya basta!’ or ‘Enough is enough!’ Though it is true that it is often observed that under our current system of Ministerial government,  a Chief Minister has no real power over his Ministers; I have to state that I see this as no genuine excuse as to why the Chief Minister should not be held ultimately accountable.

He is, after all, our equivalent of the Prime Minister and must be expected to lead from the front. This I contest Senator Le Sueur has failed to adequately do again and again. Thus below I briefly outline thirteen major failings of leadership and incompetence why our Chief Minister fully merits this vote of censure. I am equally certain that other members may well be able to add to the list:

A catalogue of failures

1.    The broken promise of ‘inclusive’ government.  This promise made within Senator Le Sueur’s election pitch for Chief Minister sadly set the tone for what has transpired over the subsequent years of his office. What must be seen as hollow promises with the benefit of hindsight; delivered one can’t help but feel, made to help secure his tenure. Even Senator Frank Walker had found room for ex-Senator Stuart Syvret in seeking some degree of wider political inclusion. Senator Le Sueur offered nothing in terms of consensus building and 'inclusivity' at all. Indeed, far from ‘inclusion’ we have seen the majority of Ministers and Assistants regularly appointed by merit of allegiance rather than any proven ability or expertise in a particular field;

2.    Health and the Verita Report.  The tragic events that underlay this eventual investigation were bad enough. The issue of the appalling subsequent treatment evident in the suspension of Mr. John Day, however, at huge and unmerited cost to the Island’s taxpayers should have been reason enough for any self-respecting Chief Minister and Executive to stand down. As was to unfold again and again this was further compounded by a tooth-and-nail fight to try and prevent Members from gaining information as to how these failings came about. With a fourth Health Minister in as many years floundering where was the necessary leadership from the top?

3.    The Public Sector pay-freeze.  Another prime example of a Chief Minister and Executive’s arrogant and contemptuous attitude to its employees. Would any self-respecting, democratic government really treat staff and union negotiators with such contempt that officials were left with no resort but to finally publicly complain that those sent to meet with them did not even have the mandate to negotiate?

As bad, if not possibly even worse, was the fact that this Chief Minister  - the Chairman of the SEB let us not forget – allowed the hugely damaging portrayal to unfold  of thousands of hard working employees as inefficient, greedy and over-paid. Indeed, as many employees have told me this creation of a false ‘them and us’ between public and private sector workers may have consequences that have negative impacts for long to come. Where, I ask again, was the expected quality of leadership here?

4.    Comprehensive Spending Review.  Again, whole chapters could be written about a process that in being pushed up to 65 million, also saw embarrassing hasty retreats from Executive colleagues with regard to the Minister for ESC’s proposals on cutting support for fee-paying schools. Indeed, to many observers this week’s vote to overturn the policy – with the Chief Minister away in China and not even there to defend his colleague’s policy – was a case of this Executive finally being holed below the credibility waterline. With firm political leadership once again conspicuous by its absence the CSR has appeared to many members of the public to be driven at times by random pressures from external lobby groups rather any consistent logic.

5.    The suspension of the former Chief Police Officer fiasco.  A shameful saga that seems to go on and on despite the Executive’s determination to bury it. Obviously this is inexorably tied up with the HDLG inquiry which in all fairness has its roots in the failings of previous regimes. Nevertheless, would any other ‘government’ survive such disastrous displays of incompetence and/or bad practice as played out within a ‘disciplinary’ process that never was; and which resulted in not only revelations of clear senior civil service failings but zero resultant accountability?

Not only this but an unprecedented public media promotion of accusations against an individual with an outstanding record of public service. Yet with no equal, balanced official portrayal of what would have been – had there ever been any genuine intention to hold disciplinary proceedings - the case for the defence. A Home Affairs Minister who did not wish to give information to a Scrutiny panel because he had promised ‘a scoop’ to a JEP journalist! All of this cruelly spun out, of course, over a period of not months but years. 

Yet still further questionable leadership followed with regard to the agreed TOR.  And yet even in the past few days we also find ourselves about to be faced with damning revelations relating to the independence of the so-called BDO/Alto Report. How could a UK journalist be able to quote from an interim ‘independent’ report - not just before it had been published but seemingly even before it could have been completed?

6    Broken promises on GST.  Of course, as history will record our Chief Minister had infamously said that he didn’t care if 100.000 Islanders signed a petition saying that they did not want this regressive tax, and that government should find other, fairer taxation measures. Nevertheless, his Treasury Minister gave the categorical promise that with GST in place it would not rise above 3% under his current stewardship at the Treasury.

Indeed, the Chief Minister’s Treasury Minister gave this undertaking at a time when not only were many ‘non-local’ businesses not paying a single penny in tax into Jersey’s coffers; but more than 80 of our super-wealthy 1 (1) Ks were paying far less than the much-trumpeted £100.000 tax ‘benchmark’ – 17 of these actually paying less than their likely cleaners or gardeners at under £5.000 tax! If ever there was an example of a Chief Minister failing to lead; and with his Executive happy to condone and even promote a two-tier society by default if not deliberate intent this is surely it. 

7    The Zero/Ten fiasco. Just how many people outside of the Executive argued that what has eventually come to pass on zero/ten was the only outcome possible? Not just States Members but also external tax experts such as Mr. Christensen and Mr. Murphy. Of course, what all of these critics had in common is that all were viewed as coming from outside of the Executive fold so were dismissed as just ‘enemies of Jersey’ once again ‘doing the Island down’.

The misguided zero/ten policy being the inevitable result of the so-called race for the bottom – a race that no-one ultimately wins in terms of ordinary working people; the Chief Minister and his Treasury Minister would insist again and again that all was well. It wasn’t and to suggest that they couldn’t have known is only another argument for why this Chief Minister and his Council really should have fallen on its sword and been replaced . Few would argue deserving of a censure motion in itself.

8    Health Director’s salary. An obscenely over-the-top salary arrived at by a highly questionable process involving the very same agency the appointed individual had apparently come to Jersey from within. And all, it appeared from States ‘Question Time’, whilst the Health Minister was wholly oblivious or unable to grasp what was going on. Yet again the Chief Minister – Chairman of the SEB - failed to display political leadership; ensure accountability and act. The Health Minister surely should have been axed. The result of it all: the taxpayer picked up a tab far more expensive than it should have been

9    The creation of the new role of ‘Minister with responsibility for International Relations. Of course a new role of ‘Foreign Minister’ in all reality, it is not the question of whether this position is needed that is at issue. But once again, the manner in which the Chief Minister set this in motion. It was neither brought to the Chamber for approval nor even discussed.

Yet another example of failing in leadership, openness and accountability that left many Members with the feeling – rightly or wrongly – that here was yet another instance of ‘jobs for the boys’. Further evidence, as if any was needed, that to this Chief Minister whilst there may be 53 democratically elected Members in the Chamber the only ones that matter are a small and secretive inner circle.

10    Opposition to a Committee of Inquiry into the Historic Abuse saga. Few would deny that this sad saga in Jersey’s history could merit a book’s worth of material setting out the failings in itself. Suffice to say that the flawed and deeply insensitive treatment of those who suffered abuse when they were meant to be being protected by past governments; and the feeling of many politicians that even getting an official apology was akin to pulling teeth is all that really needs to be said in reminding Members of this further damning failing of the necessary leadership, accountability and openness. Add to this the drawn out, tooth-and-nail Executive fight to resist a Committee of Inquiry into what went on and little more has to be stated. In a word: shameful.

11    The ‘top secret’ 1 (1) K report.  A report which was claimed by the Assistant Treasury Minister to “verify” that ‘High Value Residents’ are worth in excess of 50 million to the benefit of other Islanders. Great news, indeed, if accurate. Yet we ‘backbenchers’ as elected Members outside of the chosen ‘inner circle’ could not see this to verify for ourselves. Once again, so much for transparency, leadership and taking Members and the public with you. A disaster only deepened by proposals from the Treasury Minister to effectively allow the richest to pay even less – purely because they have more.

12    Non-implementation the Freedom of Information law. That such an important piece of legislation has not been driven forward vigorously by the leader of our government is surely incredible to many members of both the Chamber and public alike. The excuse of cost – highly questionable suggested costs at that – simply cannot be acceptable in a 21st Century democracy. Such a fully functioning law is at least a decade and a half overdue. Following on as it did from the Chief Minister’s incredible U-turn on support for the common sense step of initiating an independent Electoral Commission; like many I view this as further evidence of highly inadequate political leadership in the key area of political transparency.

13    ‘Golden handshakes’ allegedly totalling in the region of £800,000 to discredited civil servants.  And so we come to the latest in a catalogue of failures under Chief Minister Le Sueur. Two very senior civil servants inextricably linked to some of the events outlined above. Accountable, it seems, to no-one. Just as to why one has left and the other is effectively on ‘gardening leave’ on his way to joining him we are doggedly denied clear cut answers.

Details can only be revealed, so we are told by both the Chief Minister and his Treasury Minister, in ‘exceptional circumstances’. What I ask are exceptional circumstances if not these? Whatever the rights and wrongs of these individuals’ situations to say that they found themselves departing ‘under a cloud’ would be a statement few if any would even seek to contest.

Yet as I have pointed out above: with GST rising to 5%; some companies contributing nothing to the economy in tax; and many of the Island’s ‘High Value Residents’ paying an effective pittance in taxation we are told that we – elected representatives of the public of Jersey - cannot have full details of how these huge payouts came about. And, though we managed to extract the deeply worrying information that one negotiated the payout of the other, neither could we find out full details of who ultimately decided upon, authorised them and why.

As I have already said: if someone is not doing the job to the expected level they should be dismissed – not given huge payoffs. For me like many other Members, this insulting affront to the hardworking people of Jersey is the final straw. Zero leadership. Zero openness. Zero accountability.

Thirteen reasons…

And I haven’t even talked about the Reciprocal Health Agreement saga which obviously, in all fairness, had its roots within the failings of the previous regime. Yet even now I have little doubt that we will still hear a plethora of excuses wheeled out as to why - whatever the failings and shortcomings of this Chief Minister and Executive - we shouldn’t support a motion of censure.

To any such Member I would simply refer them to the examples highlighted from the Code of Conduct above. Can any Member really argue that sufficient leadership, openness and accountability have been displayed on all too many occasions during this Chief Minister’s regime. The answer I suggest must clearly be: no.

This vote of censure is both fully merited and long overdue. That it happens to come late in the life of this Executive should be of no consequence.

Financial and manpower statement

There are not any financial or manpower implications arising from this proposition.


  1. And that is why you have my full support Deputy Pitman. You are doing what a good decent politician should be doing. I think you nailed it Trevor. Not even Max Clifford could spin Terry's leadership when he leaves office but I bet the MSM will. The man is a weak disaster and has let Ozouf run wild.

    BDO 10

  2. excellent post and as you say long overdue just a shame it can not go for all the ministers. so we shell see who stands up for tls. then vote accordingly in october. keep up the good work both of you.

  3. Hi Trevor,

    Great (& sad) to see this comprehensive list of failures by this bunch at the top.

    I think the main work now has to be focussed on exposing the local "mainstream media" bias, to a wider audience.

    Their actions over all of these issues must be tackled. Every right thinking person who has read the blogs such as yours, VFC, Rico Sorda & Stuart Syvret's can see how these have been spun and distorted over many years.

    Worse still, their constant silence is the most sinister. This demonstrates the total control over their management by their political masters, and the cowardice of the "alleged" journalists. This must be exposed.

    I live in hope there may be one or two genuine reporters amongst them, looking to further their future careers outside of the island, who would be brave enough to stand up for the truth.

    When the wider public wake up & the history of all this comes to be written, the JEP, CTV BBC should hang their heads in shame.

    Can I suggest a counter-campaign of foot stamping in the states chamber by you & the non-establishment members? This would go out live on BBC Radio & will send a message to the listeners that change is coming?

    Interesting to see how their sound department would be instructed to silence that !)

    Good luck.

  4. I think you are quite right to make this a motion of censure rather than a vote of no confidence.

    Geoff Southern has brought endless votes of no confidence, and it is like setting off nuclear missles only to discover that all you really have in your arsenal are sparklers from 5th November; it is a nuclear option that fails, and then rebounds on the person bringing it as wasting time.

    A motion of censure is a much better option, as it is like a rap on the wrist, saying they should pull their socks up and make matters better, and even if it fails, it will be harder to defend the arguments it raises.

    Incidentally, you forgot another case of total muddle and bad judgment - when Terry Le Main was told that all by Terry le Sueur that all needed was a little re-education when he resigned from Housing. Ben Querree put it perfectly:

    SO that's sorted then. In case anyone was in any doubt, it's essentially fine for a minister to pester the Law Officers to drop a prosecution against someone who has donated to his campaign costs for decades, and then to plead with the Royal Court to go easy when it comes to sentencing. And if this campaign contributor - not 'friend', dear me no - happens to have been caught breaking the law that the politician is meant to enforce as a minister, that's not a big deal either. These things are good to know. And it's probably good to know too that 'essentially fine' means that the rules were broken, but that it doesn't really matter - that the whole thing can be dealt with by a little 'training and education'. Try that one out next time you get a parking fine. Exactly what kind of 'training and education' Chief Minister Terry Le Sueur has in mind for his erstwhile Housing Minister Terry Le Main was left tantalisingly hanging in the report, released last week, into the whole sordid mess. Pointing out that the code of conduct exists might be a start. Or perhaps a slide show of some kind, or maybe using glove puppets to represent the distinction between the executive and judicial branches of government. Or possibly just sitting down in a little room while someone reads the ministerial code of conduct out loud. Very . slowly.'

  5. Financial and manpower statement :
    "There are any" or "There are NOT any"?

  6. Brilliant post Deputy. You spell out exactly what so many, the majority in fact, really think. So many of us are sick of the cowardice desplayed by most politicians. I live in St. Helier number 1 and you definitely have my vote again.

  7. Trevor

    Spot on. I didn't even know about your proposition to put reform debates about reducing or increasing the numbers of States members until after the electoral commission. Nothing in the media like you say. I have only seen it now by following your instructions and links to the States website.

    All round I think you sum up what so many working people as opposed to millionaire tax evaders think. Keep it up and best of luck with the vote. Out of interest I think you must have been typing this late at night after a long day. You missed an h out of has at the beginning putting "as" instead. You also seem to have missed out the words "further debates" from the title of your P78 proposition. Not being picky just thought I would point this out to you.

  8. Stunning post. Please stand for Senator in October. Any States member who does not support you in this vote should be voted out come the election. A master stroke. Sorting out those politicians there for the people and those just there for a job!

  9. Deputy. Excuse my honesty but I really want to dislike you.

    You look like a middleweight boxer rather than a politician. Your (admittedly quite often clever and humourous) speeches regularly slice people up in the chamber in a way I often find too in your face for my liking. Your politics too have also often seemed a tad too near to the left for my own natural instincts.

    Yes I really do want to dislike you I am quite sure of it. But to my amazement the points you make just keep getting better and better. This Chief Minister should go his record really is awful. Seeing it all laid out like you have leaves no doubt at all.

  10. Simply top notch. Says it all. Thank God for a politician with the guts to speak the truth.

  11. Well done Deputy.

    Perhaps you could have added the incinerator .. oops, sorry, "energy from waste" financial disaster to the list?

    Then again, it is not as if you were short of ammunition to write about.

    The Beano is not the Rag

  12. Great stuff. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the bald truth. If I had one small criticism it would be "why did you let him off so lightly?" Seriously well done. If only more of our elected representatives had such Testicular Fortitude! Regards to the wife too she is also doing a sterling job representing us peasants.

  13. No mention of this in our wonderful accredited media. Can you really believe that?

  14. Trevor.

    I shall be interested, not only to see how people vote on this, but who actually gets up and talks. Deputy Ann Dupre who has consistently voted with the establishment and hardly uttered two words since she's been in the States.

    She will un-doubtedly vote against the vote of censure, like she's told. Let's see if her and others, in an election year, have the COURAGE to stand up and tell the electorate why she will vote like she/they will.

    Terry Le Sueur's "leadership" has just been one disaster after another. If I have one criticism of your proposition is that you've not listed even half of the shambles this bloke (TLS) has been the "leader" of!

  15. Okay Deputy Pitman. So Senator Le Sueur has made one or two minor errors of judgment. Are you saying that you have never made a mistake? We all make mistakes and at the end of the day what damage have his little political faux pas errors done - tell me that? Anyway could you or anyone else really suggest a candidate who would have done better?

  16. "Anyway could you or anyone else really suggest a candidate who would have done better? "

    Errr could suggest a few. Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Fatty Arbuckle, Harold Lloyd, Frank Spencer?

  17. Hi

    Thanks for our ever-present Grammar Police for pointing out my typos etc.

    No excuses other than that I tend to come to do a lot of my paperwork and the blog very late as this job does mean a long day. At least if you take it seriously.

    A reader asks if I am saying that I have never made any mistakes? Of course not; far from it. But the key thing as I have always been told is to make sure you learn from your mistakes and don't do the very same thing again.

    In all fairness to myself I would also have to venture that I don't think I have made quite as many mistakes as our Chief Minister. As for who would do better. That is for other people to comment on.

    I will also have part two of my three posts on the next Chief Ministerial candidates up sometime next week...

    Keep the faith.


  18. Can't decide if anonymous is, taking the mickey,one of Le Suers family or just plain daft!

  19. Trevor.

    A vote of Censure against a political "leader" in a western "Democracy" that had a free Press, would make the news, if not headline news.

    Have Jersey's independent impartial and free media been fighting to get an exclusive with you? Or are they waiting to be told what, if anything, they are allowed to report?

  20. Hi Team Voice

    Have the 'accredited' or mainstream media been beating a path to my door you ask? The straight answer Not an e-mail. Not a phone call. Not a knock on the office door. Not a proverbial sausage.

    This does surprize me to a degree in the instance of CTV but there you go. As I said in the post - many in the media like a lot of others have been going on, long and loud, about the need to put reform on hold for a while to focus on other issues.

    I bring the very proposition - back on May 17th - yet not a mention.

    Odd in comparison how that very occasional visitor to the Staates back when he was a Deputy, and now staunch champion of Democracy, Lyndon Farnham - (check out the number of votes he apparently missed in his last year in office alone! I think Rico Sorda put them on the net somewhere) - is still getting in the JEP for his desperate election campaign on the minority interest driven reduction of two Senators issue?

    To be fair the Treasury Minister was arguing with me that having 2000 signatures as it apparently has this was much more important an issue to the public than GST. I did point out that the GST petition had 18.000 more signatures or near enough but...

    Still, perhaps with regard to the vote of censsure proposition the media are all waiting for it to appear up on the States website with a P number which can take a day or two?

    I'm sure you understand that things have to be 'officially' released. Unless it is something like a 'scoop' that can't be told to a Scrutiny Panel but is OK to give to a journalist from the newspaper... Or maybe a leaked confidentail interim report...

    Maybe Monday will prove us all wrong?

    Keep the faith.


  21. There shall be no criticism of The Leader! By Order! LOL

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Will be interesting to see if that 2000 signature petition gets a faster response then the one promised in the States for the JCAN petition re Copenhagen and climate change. Still waiting for the report within 6 months for a conference held December 2009.

  24. Today's news in the JEP with Farnham claiming that things have been put on hold down to his miniscule petition is highly dubious. Worth checking out for spin I would say. On the plus sside if this madness is allowed to pass and the States go bacck on a decision made five times already it really opens the floodgates for other, genuinely important bad decisions to be challenged again. The end of Jersey's long history of independent governing as well for sure.

  25. Farnham was a terrible Deputy hardly ever saw him. Says it all if he got back in which I still don't think for a minute he would,

    A case of last one left in Jersey please turn the lights off when you leave. Bad enough with people like Ozouf running the island like a private club for the rich.

  26. Hi

    Just a quick posting to say that while I somehow let a comment slip through about the long defunct and exposed as fake Farce blog I will not be allowing any further comments on this subject.

    Nor will the site be accepting any comments about pathetic individuals who make death threats to innocent people. As an e-mailer rightly commented: neither are of any interest to anyone genuinely interested in politics or in creating a prosperous future for Jersey.


  27. I decided not to visit this blog again when I saw the commen,t you refer to above, allowed. I am glad I checked back in.

  28. Well done in sticking to the policy you have adhered to so far. Don't let certain individuals lower the standard of what you are doing. Fair enough much of what you say is hard hitting but this is fine in politics. Quite different to going down the route of some others no matter how tempting.

  29. Ask Farnham if his companies owe any money and ask him how he will help reduce this Islands debt?

  30. Got any suggestions for appeals to the UK Privy Council? Seems to me that the establishment party old boys may have opened up a can of worms they will come to regret. What does any one else think?

  31. I think the 'pathetic individual' you quote has been severly intimidated on the Net by someone. Thats pretty well known.

  32. Hi Deputy Pitman

    This is simply Horrific

    BDO 11

    Police leaking reports to Child Abuse Deniers whatever next


  33. Can you just explain how the Island can be prosperous after you have wrecked finance industry?

  34. Hi Deputy. I understand as this is your website it is up to you to publish what you wish. I also acknowledge that being open to different views and that is a good thing. But I do think publishing plain silly comments like the one saying 'how can the island be prosperous after you have wrecked the finance industry'are counter productive.

    I have been right through your main website - which is very impressive I have to say - and I can't see anything at all about 'wrecking the finance industry'. I have never heard you say any such thing either and I do try to listen to the states debates as my work allows. So my question is why do you give such nonsense any space when it is clearly just somebody trying to cause trouble?

  35. Accusing someone of wanting to destroy the Finance industry is the standard method of attack for those who support greed when confronted by those who won't just go along with it for a quiet life. Ozouf uses this method all the time in the States. Who ever that poster is I really suggest he goes back and look at trevor's first post where he references ha-joon chang. says it all.

  36. Hi Anonymous

    You ask why do I let comments such as the one about my apparently destroying the finance industry through; saying that you cannot find any evidence of me wishing to do this. Maybe you didn't realize it but you have hit on the answer 100% right there your self.

    I let such comments through precisely because there is no evidence of my attempting to do this - because it is complete and utter nonsense! By accepting the post and intelligent people like you taking the trouble to look at the facts I show this kind of rather sad slur for what it is worth. Nothing.

    What I do talk about, of course, is morality; and the fact that so much of the free-market fundamentalist spin that making rich people richer automatically benefits everyone, and is the 'only' way forward etc is demonstrably utter rubbish.

    Just like the claim that if the very wealthiest had to live in the real world and pay a realistic degree of tax they would all leave. This had been pumped out for years in Jersey. You may recall me putting Senator Ozouf on the spot in the States with the result that he finally had to concede that there was actually zero evidence to back this claim up.

    The spin surrounding the policy of appeasing wealthy bullies is fast collapsing in many places around the world as the reality, and the immorality becomes ever clearer. If Jersey thinks it can live in a bubble we are mistaken. The tide is turning toward a world where all must be treated fairly. That is what I promote.

    Keep the faith.


  37. Looking at the States website I'm glad to see you are asking questions about this u-turn on higher earners social security contributions. I find it amazing that such a large number of our elected representatives don't ever seem to use this method of holding ministers to account. Is there a reason for this do you know?

  38. Big Trev.

    Thanks for the interview and your support for Citizens Media. Part one is HERE

  39. What is the point of having Assistant Ministers? Once again in the States today Deputy Noel couldn't answer a single question of yours. Isn't there a process where you can complain and say that these non answers are not acceptable? As for Deputy Rondel I was disgusted. We want people in the States raising importabnt issues not speaking for the sake of it. Most of us care about unfair taxation and incompetent ministers. Who gives a damn about chaains down the harbour and where a particular vessel happens to be. All this man does is prattle on about irrelevancies.

  40. where were the other progressives today to back you up/ Where was Tadier? Where was le Herissier? Martin, Le Claire, Wimbely?

  41. Deputy Pitman

    A very well written report and a fully justified censure call. This doesn't change that you must know you are not going to win? So why if you don't mind me asking are you bothering?

  42. Big Trev.

    Thanks to your question in the States today, we learnt that ILM is hanging Mick Gradwell out to dry. Why the hell didn't any of your fellow Scrutiny Panel members question Le Marquand on it?

    In the meantime you can listen to the audio HERE

  43. Agree with anonymous and vfc - where were the others? Joke. Sorry to hear Shona was not well. You're two of very few worth voting for.

  44. Hi Trevor.

    For your reader's, the Audio of our Home Affair's Minister blaming Gradwell for leaking that report to a Journalist that used it to trash the Child Abuse Investigation.

    You can Listen to it HERE

  45. It must have taken you ages to narrow it down to just 13 point's, if you would have listed all his failings your speech would have lasted a few sittings.

  46. Hi The Jersey Way

    Thanks again for the link. Good for everyone to be able to hear the following silence..


  47. Hi Mac

    You are not wrong there. One of the problems is that there have been so many complete c**k-ups that everything starts to blur. I'm fully aware that there are probably as many again that I didn't highlight.

    No doubt we will get the usual defence of this all being 'personality politics'.Fact is what it comes down to and the beauty of the motion is this:

    if a Member thinks all of this is fine and that if senior people are not up to the job you give them nice big handouts to go away - you vote against me.

    If you think that these failings really must not be allowed to happen again/be swept under the carpet; and that failed civil servants should be faced down and sacked - you vote for me.

    Simples as they say in that TV advert.


  48. Whilst watching the video of the interview you gave to Voiceforchildren, my husband appeared over my shoulder and asked ''whos that'' I explained who you were and then he said ''what you listening to that xxxx for? that lot are all the same bloody politicans, once they are in the club they dont give a xxxx''

    You get the picture Trevor, anyway I replay the video and he listened. His comment was, His right the mans right. Now I just have to drag him down to vote.

    Keep up the good work and please dont join the ''club''

  49. It's not 'personality politics' it's about accountability and any member who accuses you of this is not worth their place in the chamber.

    The Island is facing one of it's toughest times due to the worldwide financial crisis, overspends and the inability of our Ministers to held accountable for their failings.

    We can't change what is happening in the rest of the world but we can change what is happening over here with strong and open leadership. So we're fecked really!

  50. Big Trev is nearly always right. Apart from when he is left. Keep it up Trev.

  51. I saw the interview too and you do speak complete sense. Sadly this is likely to mean that you will never be one of the Chosen Few mores the pity. I don't think anyone has to worry about you joining 'the club' thats for sure.

  52. My name is Anonymous and I wish to complain about people stealing my identity!

  53. Your proposition got a mention on CTV's lunch time news

  54. ''Nowt in the JEP'' You beat me to it.

  55. Clearly the Beano doesn't like you. If you were called Shenton - front page. Newsworthiess decided by who it originates from. Makes you proud don't it.

  56. Hi

    Hope to get a new post up around Friday depending on how we progress with the Island Plan debate.

    This is bound to have a knock on effect to other work but if certain people keep insisting on speaking on every amendment even when the Minister has accepted it we will be back again nect week for sure.

    Had a very good meeting with constituents down at Havre des Pas who I am trying to help tonight after the States; and now trying to polish off a proposition so not much time to post.

    Sitting on Monday obviously didn't help either. maybe I should have just done a Ben Shenton and not bothered to turn up at all? You might think someone in the mdia would mention Ben's regular invisible man act but no.

    Begs the question as to why we all swear an oath to attend when a few people totally abuse it - yet there is never any comeback from either within the States or in the media?

    Keep the faith


  57. Also had a very productive Scrutiny meeting in the States lunch hour reference the BDO review.

    Yesterday's answer to my question about the identity of who leaked a confidential report from the Home Affairs Minister certainly opens up some new questions.

    We will be putting out a press release about the review on Thursday.

  58. Gradwell responds you can read it on my comments section


  59. Big Trev. I bet you a pint of whatever that you will find your review blocked in some way. What would that say about everything?

  60. Big Trev.

    You can bet your life Le Marquand (the Law Offices) will be doing everything they can to block the Review of your Scrutiny Panel.

    They (the Law Offices) know that you are capable of exposing EVERYTHING with this Review and will be in a panic.

    If they can talk Le Marquand into blocking this Review, in any way, then Le Marquand is dafter than I thought................If that's possible!

  61. Why all of this talk about this review being blocked? It won't happen SEnator Le Marquand would not be so stupid. An attempt to block would make it look like something needs to be kept hidden. Get a life. If I am wrong I will hold up my hands and say that yes something must be very wrong.

  62. Tom Gruchy says

    Have not heard anybody mention - during the Island Plan debate - the disgraceful housing problems faced by the 10,000 or so working non-quals adults in this Island (and their children).

    Strange how our politicians bleat on about social equality but when it comes to the crunch they don't give a damn, decade after decade, about this most shameful part of the Jersey socio/economy. Even the recent Planning Inspectors said that they should be given more attention and that the Island was committed to adequately housing all residents. But who really wants to help the non qualified beyond taking their vote?

  63. Does Tom Gruchy ever stop bleating on always tarring all our politicians with the same brush?

    What does Tom do for a living and why doesn't he get up and stand for election to help the few good ones that we have? Come on Tom. I don't know you but I'm told you spend all your time at States meetings so why not give the few a hand?

  64. Tom Gruchy says
    Is my critic here not concerned with the scandal of the 10,000 non-qualified in Jersey? Can he or she be so politically and socially un-caring? Hope he/she doesn't claim to be a Pitman supporter because he/she sounds more like the NF to me.

  65. Perhaps like me Tom thinks the island plan debate has been as boring as hell so far? Too many people like Leclare, Tadier and the idiot Le Main spouting rhetoric to try and get re-elected. bit harsh to suggest that somebody might be in the NF just because he or she didn't take up the point about the 10,000 Tom.

  66. Deputy Pitman

    All this talk of some kind of block being put on the BDO review seems a bit strange. I thought this was all cut and dried. Can you tell us anything about this?

  67. Hi

    Just another quick post tonight I am afraid. I have noted the sudden spate of questions about the BDO review. Interesting to say the least how stories circulate.

    Please bare with me till tomorrow. Right now all I can say is this. A press release most definitely WILL be released on Thursday confirming that the ESC/HA sub-panel most definitely WILL be reviewing this.

    Will I be 'joining the club' or bing shut up? No. Trust me. I don't do being bullied...

    Keep the faith.


  68. Typo!

    Obviously I meant to say 'being' not 'bing'. Bing being a chap who lives down the road...

  69. Trevor,

    On a different subject but to comment and ask about the ever expanding expensive management at the General Hospital. After the Verita report saw no disciplinary action taken against the present management,because they helped to write the terms of reference and wrote in that no disciplinary action would be taken. To make my point.

    Lets get in a plumber we need work done, he charges £45.00 an hour two hours repair completed. Pay the man / woman job done.

    Could most families employ an outsider for forty hours a week costing over £45.00 an hour, joking right?

    Hospitals need locums like ordinary people need help occasionally.This is to cover for holidays, illness etc as trained stand ins, you get the picture but they are very expensive but necessary. They get paid three or four time more than a resident doctor and get paid several thousands of pounds a week depending on position.

    Now ask Anne Pryke and her expensive line up of managers, why in the General Hospital, a locum placement (the longest serving so far ) but there are others keen to continue, has been continuously employed for more three years, that's a fact. Most hospitals only use locums as essential stand in cover, and actually try not to because of the cost.


  70. Tom Gruchy says
    Interested in your reference to a Scrutiny meeting during the States lunch break when the BDO report was discussed.
    What Panel was this and was it open to the public?

  71. Deputy. You are doing a great job and can be proud of your record since entering the States. I have no doubts that you would ever become one of the boys like so many have. Thank you.

  72. Why is that you only hear Paul 'ME!ME!ME!' Le Claire in election year? These fake rants make my blood boil. Do some work Deputy and shut up. You don't even make sense most of the time like Constable Norman said.

  73. anon
    constable norman is no better the le claire he has done sod all for st clements all talk not much else. the parish would be better with out him and he,s yes minister attitude.

  74. An anonymous poster sent in a rant which I would have been quite happy to use had it not been in the usual childishly obnoxious style that some people seem unable to avoid. But two interesting points arose from it which I am quite happy to answer.

    First, the rather bemusing asertion that I apperently 'support Lenny Harper'.

    Unfortunately for this sad individual not only do I not 'support' Mr. Harper I have never met him, spoken to him, or even been in the same room as him. In fact I doubt Mr. Harper even knows who I am either. Perhaps more importantly still - I also have no interest in knowing or 'supporting' him.

    All the panel members - Deputies Le Herissier, Taddier,Wimberley and I are doing is undertaking a Scrutiny investigation into a matter where there are clearly questions that need to be answered.Senator Le Marquand's answer to my question in the States this week made this inevitable.

    Secondly, another rant about a press release never materializing. Sorry once again - but the press release outlining exactly what the panel are doing and our terms of reference was issued to all media (including Citizens Media) earlier today from the Scrutiny Office.

    If the mainstream media haven't as yet done anything with it you can really hardly blame me or the panel But I expect you will Anonymous - your rant suggsts you are that sort of person.

    Nevertheless, if it keeps you happy I can say that, as further matters have unfolded today which demonstrate just how out of control some within this Council of Ministers are I quite likely WILL be issuing a further personal press release within the next 48 hours.

    Finally, as for rants and insults about a former States Member - save your fingers the typing: I really have no interest in him or in giving publication to your views.

    Keep the faith.


  75. Is it essential for a deputy of the SOJ to be rude when responding to the public all the time?

  76. Well done Trevor. Let us hope that this is one Scrutiny meeting that will be, and should be, well attended by the public.

    People need to spread the word as well, because I still speak with a lot of people who know nothing at all about this (thanks to our MSM).

    When you know when the meeting will be held could you please inform us all (via the blogs of course).

    Thank you.

  77. I sent in the post asking about rudeness. I would like to say sorry because I now understand what you mean. Could I ask that you remove the post please as on reflection I was wrong. Sorry.

  78. Big Trev.

    A timely reminder as to how our media DO MAKE IT UP

  79. Trevor

    The JEP actually have a small piece on the review tonight. Disgraceful that they still haven't covered the vote of censure on the Chief minister. Like one of my friends was saying they are really showing up their bias. Keep it up and good luck with the elections. Not that you should have any problems. You have done those of us who voted for you proud.

  80. Very pleased to hear that the Civil Partnership issue is being brought forward and shortcomings being looked at by Home Affairs scrutiny. This should have been in place moons ago so really hope it gets through without too many problems. Will mean a lot to so many people.

  81. I agree with Jon and Adrian on the civil partners issue. Tough enough to be gay in Jersey without legal discrimination that dates from another time.

  82. Hi

    Two quick points as today's States sitting ran till getting on toward 7pm and I then had to visit constituents with the Housing Minister Andrew Green down at La Collette. (He is doing an excellent job - just as I knew he would.)

    Another meeting as well after I left Andrew so little time to post.Certain people just going on and on grandstanding in the States - many who you never hear a boo-to-a-goose from until the election draws near - have meant many people have had to keep putting other commitments back again and again when this could have been avoided.

    Firstly, Tom asks about a lunchtime Scrutiny meeting I mentioned in a comment. This meeting was a quickly arranged one just to finalize a few last minute review details having already spent days waiting for the Home Affairs Minister to get back to us. It wasn't a public meeting for that reason.

    Secondly, Jon and Adrian's mention of the Civil Partnership legislation. We have discussed this at the panel and we are actually going to be bringing an amendment on these proposals - hopefully to make them better still. Always believing that credit should be given where it is due Monty deserves special mention here.

    That's it for now. But yes - I will have a post up during the weekend as stated. I also have a new proposition being lodged on Monday as well.

    Keep the faith.


  83. Tom Gruchy says

    I contacted the Scrutiny office enquiring about the "press release" referred to and was sent a belated copy.
    Perhaps somebody had better prevail upon that office to send out any future releases to all local bloggers. It only requires somebody to enter the blog addresses once.
    I have attended most scrutiny meetings during the past two years - what more does one have to do to "engage" with the scrutiny system or are we now developing an exclusive list of "accredited bloggers" too?

  84. Hi

    Just to add that the panel hopes our amendment in support of Civil Partnerships will be lodged this week.

    All the panel are fully comitted to this and, as someone who has played a big part in combatting homophobic attitudes through my work at the Youth Service over many years, I am really pleased this is finally coming to fruition.

    I think it was only the Home Affairs Minister who spoke and voted against this when it was inititally brought forward by Senator Philip Ozouf so hopefully it will get through without any problem.

    Out of interest it has been brought to my attention that a well known local troll who must clearly be deeply homophobic is apparently trying to stir this up - making false posts in other people's names. The authorites have now been informed.

    Still, thankfully most people in the 21st century have moved on so this sad individual's horrible views will fall on deaf ears. The Civil Partnership proposals are somthing that I and every one I know are 100% behind. Consequently I would urge all of my colleagues to get behind this when it comes to the House.




    Lenny Harper will be on BBC RADIO JERSEY just after 7 tomorrow morning


  86. I appreciate that the majority of politicians are busy but you are late in getting up a new post Trev. There must be something new to report?

  87. Hello Mr Rico

    Mr Harper is on the BBC tomorrow? Great news. I thought nobody was interested in this story but with all the new facts coming out obviously people are.

  88. Being someone who thinks that the whole ministerial system has failed completely I'm pleased to see this review of what went on with the abuse inquiry. Most of the people I talk to think it has all been swept under the carpet.