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The straw that finally breaks the Scrutiny camel’s back?

I am putting up this latest post with some genuine disappointment. For regardless of my long-held concerns I am one of only a small number of politicians still giving considerable time and commitment to the Scrutiny process. Yet I put the post up as I also believe that it is absolutely crucial the public are informed accurately as to what is going on behind the scenes of our so-called democracy.

As many members of the public are sadly now all too aware possibly the biggest flaw within the current set up of Ministerial government has been the way power has been concentrated in the hands of a minority. This problem has, of course, been further compounded by the unchecked opportunities for megalomania amongst a number of individuals who really should have been more responsible.

Indeed, as can be seen quite clearly in reading my Censure motion on the Chief Minister a small number of individuals on the Executive appear to believe that they are completely unaccountable to both Assembly and the public. Worse – if that is possible – not only do they think that they can do as they wish; they also believe that they can dictate to; ignore or bully into silence any who would dare question; criticise or reach a different conclusion to the Ministerial spin.

These attitudes have already rendered the Scrutiny function next to impossible. With only 13 States Members now still hanging in there to keep it going many felt that the Executive manoeuvre – aided and abetted by Senators Ben Shenton and Sarah Fergusson – to remove Deputy Mike Higgins from investigating problems at the airport saw us rapidly approaching the last straw.

I’m afraid that what is currently unfolding with the Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian le Marquand – yes, the rumours are true – he is attempting to remove me as Chairman of the Scrutiny investigation into the process underlying the BDO/Alto review - that final straw has almost certainly been reached. The Executive simply cannot be allowed to dictate what can or cannot be scrutinized; or, indeed, who can or cannot participate.

Completely out of control

Given the stunning allegations drawn from the Home Affairs Minister during my questioning of him in the States last week, incredibly he states his ‘surprise’ that Scrutiny should even feel the issue worthy of investigation. He then wholly oversteps his authority by wanting my panel to refer it to the Chairman’s Committee.

Not content with this Senator Le Marquand then complains to me that I have excluded Deputy Jeremy Macon from the review – and worse(?) replaced him with Deputy Daniel Wimberley!  Incredible to say the least and utter hokum. Firstly, Deputy Macon will confirm that with the review likely to eat into the summer recess he opted out of his own volition.  

Secondly, upon this decision being advised to us ALL States Members who could do Scrutiny were e-mailed to register their availability, interest and willingness to give up their time.

Only two responded as being so willing. Deputy Shona Pitman was obviously going to be a non-starter with me – her husband - chairing the review. The other was Deputy Daniel Wimberley. No rigged selection process to appoint a ‘stooge’. No  pre-judged outcomes. No sleight of hand. Just the same transparent process with which we always undertake our Scrutiny.

Yet as if all of this was not enough the Home Affairs Minister further makes the insulting and ridiculous allegation that I cannot be allowed to Chair the investigation because I am ‘conflicted’. Further still, if I refuse to step down he will be left with ‘no option’ but to have the Chairman’s Committee and PPC ‘adjudicate between us’! Given our subsequent conversation a threat if ever I heard one.

The Minister’s justification for this megalomania? The fact that within my Censure motion against the Chief Minister (oddly still not even mentioned in our Island’s only newspaper!) in one of the thirteen  examples of failed leadership I also touch on the subject of current concerns relating to the BDO/Alto review. Do I pre-judge the outcome of the review as the Minister would have as an excuse to remove me?

No. Not at all. In criticising the Chief Minister for failing completely to deal with a Minister who stated he didn’t really want to give information to an official Scrutiny hearing because he had already promised ‘a scoop’ to a local journalist regarding the suspension of the former Chief Police Officer I mention revelations that the Minister confirmed from his own lips in last week’s States sitting!

This being that content from a confidential and, at that time, uncompleted and unpublished report had apparently been ‘leaked’ to a UK journalist. A ‘leak’ the Minister tells us came from one of the police officers who was a central player in the investigation used to undermine the Historic Abuse Inquiry – not least because of the Senior Investigating Officer’s alleged inappropriate interaction with the media! My observations thus far refer to this worrying revelation alone. I cannot obviously know what else may underlie why and how this happened.

As I have already pointed out in my reply whilst I have most certainly asked a great many questions on the related – but clearly separate – issue of the suspension of the former Chief Police Officer; and upon analysis of the evidence, like a good number of my colleagues, most definitely come to different conclusions to the Minister the records show I have voiced no opinions or conclusions that would conflict me from the BDO/Alto review. FACT.

Democracy or dictatorship?

Am I tempted to say more here? Yes, I certainly am. Yet I will not at this point. I believe Senator Le Marquand’s letter – attached below along with the Scrutiny review’s Terms of Reference says it all. Complaining that if left in place a panel review might have three out of four (only there?) members who have reached different conclusions on the separate suspension review spells the reality underlying this loud and clear

Attempted bullying? Paranoia? Elitism? Arrogance? Hypocrisy? I will leave readers to make up their own mind on such things. Personally I believe that an attitude of ‘do as I say – not as I do’ is simply not acceptable within a democracy. The Executive – a minority seemingly drunk on power and zero accountability – cannot be allowed to dictate who can or cannot sit on Scrutiny. Similarly, what subjects  they are allowed to scrutinize.

Consequently, I will not be allowing myself to be intimidated into standing down as the Minister so desperately wants. Of course, should I eventually be removed in the same underhand way that Deputy Higgins was all I can say in conclusion is this. Democracy is either upheld by States Members or the best thing that could – and should be done – is to dissolve this Council of Ministers and the Assembly and call a general election immediately. That I’m afraid is the political crossroads that we are now at.

Keep the faith



  1. If you want this to be above board what is wrong with Le Marquand's observations of the Sub Panal? Just go along with it.

  2. Hello Trevor,
    I just read the paragraph Le Marquand has referred to in the censure document and I have to agree with him. The language you have chosen 'damning revelations' and 'so-called' BDO/ALto report make it look like you already think the report was a joke. It is difficult to see how you can chair the panel investigating it with the necessary impartiality. Perhaps Roy Le Herissier could take over. He is as honest as the day is long and not as deeply immersed in the subject matter.

  3. Stunning and scary. Great post. Le Marquand should go now.

  4. This is a farce. I have read through your censure vote and the paragraph does not conflict you in any way.

    How much longer are you people not on the council of ministers going to take this garbage? I really hope your colleagues support you Trevor because otherwise you are wasting your time.

  5. Agree with your every word. How can a minister who didn't want to give information to scrutiny because he had promised a scoop to journalist be taken seriously anyway? How can he even remain in office?

  6. Big Trev.

    How embarrassing is ILM's letter? That chap really has no shame.

    If he had nothing to hide, he would be saying to your panel "do your worst, everything is above board" His protestation brings further evidence that he has got something to hide.

    This proves what I, and many others, have been saying all along. We live in a dictatorship, the whole system is totally flawed and thanks to ILM and his protestations everybody else will see the dictatorship we are living under.

    Getting the truth behind the BDO/Alto report will be less damaging to our government than Le Marquand getting his way by not letting you look at it.

  7. Only a lunatic will try and defend Senator Le Marquand on this. Stay strong Deputy and fight your ground.

  8. No other word for this. Joke!How can we have someone as deeply conflicted as Ian Le Marquand telling you and Daniel Wimberley that you are both conflicted? Stinks.

  9. Ian Le Marquand knows you will get to the truth and that's why he doesn't want you on the panel. Don't let him intimidate you.

  10. Le Marquand will more than likely get Sarah Ferguson to have a word with the AG about you.

  11. Wake everyone you are living in a dictatorship this is terrible how can this senator remain in office?

  12. Hello Deputy. I have read the comments that the Minister says conflicts you. I can't for the life of me see how he can reach this conclusion. I would say stick to your guns. If they remove you it opens up a can of worms.

  13. How conflicted is Mr. Le Marquand. with Mr. Warcup providing to Mr. Ogley and Mr. Lewis Mr. Le Marquands own serious concerns and at this stage is in the process of talking to Mr. Power and isn't getting very far.

    Did Mr Warcup get as far as talking to Graham Power or not at that stage of passing concerns to Mr Ogley and Lewis?

    Part 5 at 4.32

  14. A case of teapot and kettle? Stand down Senator.

  15. Deputy, when you announced the intentions of the Sub Panel you obviously sent out an email asking who would like to sit on the panel so it could be open, who replied?

  16. The BDO/ALTO ''independant'' reports are damning, totally one sided no matter which side your coming from. Thats what makes them damning revelations. SPIN for want of a better word.

  17. Trevor,

    It is quite clear that Ian Le Marquand’s view of the panel is that you are out to get him from his letter.

    The truth is your report if not evidenced and factual will back fire on you, so it will no doubt be as straight as a laser light. There is a lot of evidence of strange and weird goings on with the BDO Alto on the internet.

    If BDO Alto did act un-professionally then big money will be lost as the states could not employ them and their reputation would take a dive, and probably a court case to boot.

    The good members of the States ( an election in four months remember) must keep you instated and go through your report with vigour. Then and only then can Minister Ian Le Marquand respond to the findings. Which is completely correct.

    Ian Le Marquand should have no concern, as facts speak for themselves and no doubt he is confident of his own integrity and honesty and dealings in this matter, or is he ?

    Tim South.

  18. You are behaving like the scrutiny panel has already found something before its even started any work though and do not forget you are challenging a professional accountant as well.

  19. Hi Trevor.

    But up the Audio of Mr Lenny Harper Being interviewed by our Local BBC Radio, form this morning.

    You can Lisen to this HERE

  20. You've got him worried Trevor why else would he be trying to scupper your review?

  21. Big Trev.

    I've got it sorted. All you have to do is get a "journalist" from the JEP to be on YOUR SUB PANEL

  22. Deputy,

    you have the evidence.The States of Jersey is a corporation,a for profit limited liability company , it is bound by commercial law as all corporations are,because of this it is compelled to maximise its profits for the benefit of its owners and shareholders.

    Government by corporation is the definition of Fascism

    ILM is a life long company man, and being a lawyer knows the implications of corporate government.

    For more than one hundred years this fact has been kept quiet,with good reason, it is by far the weakest link in'the powers that be' near total control of this rock.

    There is but a thin veneer of democracy here, any politician wanting to bring justice and a fair society to Jersey should start digging into the corporate nature of SOJ

    Who are the owners?
    Who are the shareholders?
    Where is the annual return filed?
    Where are the articles of incorporation?

    Find the answers to these questions and we will be halfway to our remedy

    keep on keeping on big Trev

  23. STINKS of desperation! should we, Joe public, take the word of a man who is implicated? He is so conflicted himself in the matter!!! Those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Deputy Pitman, I applaud you. ILeM isn't the only minister (I deliberately use lower case) who is worried about Oct 19th elections (dismantle of the 'gang'). You just couldn't make this up! A very, VERY alarming read. The very principles of Scrutiny undermined by the 'yes men'. Keep going Deputy Pitman...Jersey does actually NEED you.

  24. People of Jersey, there is not any prospect of a Scrutiny Panel accessing and reporting the full truth. It just never will happen. There are layers upon layers placed in the way of meaningful transparency in anything to do with the historic abuse scandal because so many in power are too conflicted now to survive the charges which would result from exposure.

    You do not have a working government. There is only a very small advantage for an honest representative to put anything forward through a sytem which is so corrupt it is now utterly owned by a truth denying industry. By small advantage, I mean that you have at least publicly tried for something which would only be successful in a democracy, and can be remembered for that.

    Yet you have my sympathy.

  25. This is incredible stuff. Fair play to you. But watch your back. You could be heading for the Syvret treatemnt.

  26. I doubt you will get the Syvret treatment unless you decide to post utter crap about people.

  27. This is just shocking, again this lot 'up there' never cease to amaze me with their antics- unbelieveable. Le Marquand seemed quite sensible in court although it was hard to get the Mr Bean thought out of my head when watching him, but since he's been in this role he has really turned into a 'liquorice allsort'- remember the advert? Whatever is happening???

  28. Suddenly everyone is talking about this again. So much for posters who claimed everyone was bored with the subject.

    These recent events have started to put a whole different complexion on things. My question is what happens next?

  29. Hi

    In answer to a question from a poster... As I outlined in my post, upon it becoming apparent that the full panel would not all be available I asked our Scrutiny officer to e-mail all of those who could - potentially - have brought us back up to four members.

    The only two who responded and advised they would make themselves available were firstly, Deputy Daniel Wimberley, and secondly, Deputy Shona Pitman.

    As I explained in the post - there is obviously a chance that this review could go on into the summer recess. Some of us - certainly Shona and me both - work right through the summer recess generally. Some States Members don't work at all in the recess.

    The fact is our hands were tied. We can hardly force anyone to join a review. Besides which I feel that I have to say Deputy Wimberley is an excellent and very analytical States Member with skills that are ideal for Scrutiny.


  30. "As I explained in the post - there is obviously a chance that this review could go on into the summer recess. Some of us - certainly Shona and me both - work right through the summer recess generally. Some States Members don't work at all in the recess."

    Going by roll call today I would suggest that some members are already on summer recess.

  31. Time ILM went on gardening leave. Forever.

  32. The Minister for Home Affairs should be suspended as a neutral act

  33. I couldn't quite believe it the other day when you said you didn't support Lenny Harper, so I can't see how ILM thinks you're unsuitable for this role!

  34. I have said it before and I will repeat it here - the arrogance of Ian Le Marquand is beyond belief.

    What is it with the truth and transparency that this man does not like or adhere to? Too many big holes dug, tied up in too many knots methinks, but it is you Mr Le Marquand in the dock now.

    I know you won't, but along with all the other people who are now more than desperate for change, please do not be bullied or intimidated by this 'unfit for purpose' minister or indeed CoM. Keep up the good work, and let this review get under way without fear or favour.

    The times they are a'changing.

  35. Deputy Pitman is unwell today so will not be able to respond to any comments posted.

  36. Big Trev.

    Is Philip Ozouf a modern day politician, as he claims, or a FRAUDSTER?

  37. Trevor

    If theres moves afoot to try and block you from this review would I be correct in thinking that it would have to come from the Chairmans panel? Should this be the case you surely would have to protest if hugely conflicted people like Senators Fergusson and Shenton were involved.

    Look at Shentons "Lenny Henry" persoanl attacks and Fergussons alleged role in trotting off to the AG to object to some of Harpers actions in trying to tackle corruption.Worrying as all of this is in the long term it probably plays right in to Scrutinys hands.

  38. Gee Gee

    no offence but, why would any corporate agent be interested in truth and transparency?

  39. Talking of corporate approaches I bet the phones have been ringing off the hook between Home Affairs and those behind the review.

  40. Shenton is conflicted - "Senator Shenton says that he was threatened with legal action by former deputy police chief Lenny Harper over his comments"

    from: November 2008 - Graham Power should go, says Health Minister - By Ben Quérée

    Also heavily conflicted is the Home Affairs Minister - having called Mr Harper a "maverick".

  41. Take heart. This is so clearly all being done to try and distract from the truth and throw you off the scent. How on earth is it that somebody can remain a minister when you highlight how they wanted to keep back information from scrutiny because they had promised a reporter a scoop? As you rightly ask where was the leadership from the chief minister in all of this.


  43. This Home Affairs minister must be one of the most incompetent members ever to be elected. Giving media a scoop rather than full facts to a Scrutiny review is shocking.

  44. keep going Deputy.

  45. Le Marquand is in a panic so you're doing something right keep at it Big Trev.

  46. Mr Pitman, I applaud what you are doing, but do you really think you can get rid of these Corrupt Individuals. I know you will have to backing of myself & a lot of people, but it is so hard to believe any of you at the moment & I am sure you know why. If you are genuine & want these people out then it will be a Hell of a Fight for you, but as a victim of haut de la garenne who had people imprisoned for their hedious crimes, I know what a battle it is to get Justice espically as some people still deny it, but if they had the balls to talk to us victims & hear our stories which would make some people curl up & die, then they might take a different view.
    I hope you all the luck in the World Mr Pitman & for gods sake please don't let Ozouf get Chief Ministers Position, he can go back to picking spuds.

  47. Le Marquand - journos first for the spin - scrutiny second for facts - what a joke this Minister is. If they pull you off the inquiry Trevor someone should find a way to ask the uk to step in. This gang of ministers is a disgrace. A lot of eyes will be on your co-members for their support.

  48. Deputy Pitman.

    Instead of wasting your time trying to get the majority of your fellow States Members to agree with your censure motion on our incompitent present Chief Minister.

    Why don't you instead, put into action the majority of the Jersey voting public opinion on the subject?!

  49. Please tell me if I am being foolish but reading your censure proposition on TLS I really was intrigued about what you say is in this code of conduct. If TLS has failed on being open and transparant, and he surely has, where does this leave ILeM with his scoop behaviour?

  50. What is happening on the blogs at this present time is ground breaking. It is riveting reading, educational and eye opening.

    God bless all of you and good luck with your vote of censure Deputy T Pitman

  51. No to Mr. Ozouf as Chief Minister from me. If that is a done deal nothings changed

  52. Deputy Pitman

    I read about your vote of censure in the paper today. Fascinated, pleased and to be honest amazed that any one of our politicians was actually thinking along the same lines as mosst of us I looked on the States webpages. Imagine my surprise when I saw the date on it. Front page news you would assume in most places the day it was approved. Yet in Jersey not a word until they probably ran out of snaps of sixth form prom night and pullouts about the great community work of the finance industry. Is there an establishment party? With proof like this we really don't need to ask. Keep us in the dark. Keep us quiet. Peddle the spin. Welcome to a democracy.

  53. This probably sounds a silly thing to say but if they kick you off the investigation Trevor I think it will be their biggest mistake. One removed politician might be half plausible. But two? Hang in there.

  54. Keep up the good work Trevor.

  55. Big Trev.

    Jersey "journalism" at its best. Matthew Price gets the LG to read his speech out to him. Licence fee payers are shelling out for this GUMPH.

    What did the LG say to Matthew Price that he hadn't read out in his speech?

  56. What a novelty some of our politicians fighting to use their time and our money for an issue that actually matters.

    Sadly no matter what this review may or may not turn up the Shentons and Perchards of this world will say it doesn't matter if it goes against their jaundiced view.

    From the other side if the review doesn't end in a public hanging you and your panel will get hammered for selling out.

    I wouldn't do your job for £85000 let alone 45.Good luck you will need it!

  57. Any news on whether the investigation is going ahead or not?

  58. Hi Trevor.

    Just up up the Audio of our Departing Lt Governor's Speech.

    You & your reader's can listen to it HERE

  59. Hi

    Another fairly brief post I'm afraid - really just to update people on what has been happening.

    As regular readers will know I only posted on this issue due to the concern as to what I felt was the underhand and wholly wrong attempt to get me removed from Chairing the review.

    Obviously with Scrutiny having its own website where documents/transcripts etc are posted for the public to see (private interviews excluded) I would not have been posting on my own site. Nor will I be doing so whilst the review is live.

    I highlight this for the following reason.

    Following an emergency meeting of the Chairmen's Committee after today's States sitting I am very pleased to say that Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand's complaint was dismissed.

    Thus I will be Chairing the review; Deputy Tadier and Deputy Wimberley will be staying on the panel and - most importantly - the review will go ahead as planned.Beginning on Monday of next week.

    I say 'most importantly' because had members of the Executive been allowed to dictate to Scrutiny on what subjects they could review, and who could do the reviewing the whole Scrutiny function would finally have been finished. Indeed, the whole ESC & Home Affairs panel would have resigned and with us a number of other Scrutiny members.

    Other than this all I will add is that the discussion around the issues was both frank and valuable. There was, it must be said, a comment made that I found completely unacceptable. But as I will have to think long and hard about this I will not say any more at this time.

    Just for the record the decision was supported by everyone present - apart from Senator Ben Shenton who announced that he was abstaining (as is his right) and left before the discussions were concluded.

    Further information of hearings will appear soon on the Scrutiny website.

    Regards. Keep the faith.


  60. Do you have any comment to make on the LG's speech today?

  61. Dear Deputy Pitman,

    Hansard for 20th June 2011 has been published, and they have misquoted you.

    You said:
    "...leaked the interim BDO-related report to a UK child abuse denier journalist"

    Hansard says:
    "...leaked the interim BDO-related report for U.K. child abuse to a journalist"

    One should give the benefit of the doubt to the clerk who transcribed this, as you were talking quite fast at the time. All the same, the historical record is not correct and should be corrected.

    See which is different to what is recorded at

  62. Hi

    Thanks for the tip on Hansard. I will pass this on.

    The individuals who do the transcribing do a brilliant job - can't be easy quite often - so the odd mistake ought to be allowed them. Surely you would have genuine sympathy for anyone having to try and put some of the Island Plan speeches into English?

    But you are right - the record should be accurate. If only the meeting I had to go to this lunchtime had been recorded and live on air - one individual's political career would be over...


  63. Hi Jersey Way and thanks for the service you are doing people.

  64. Do I have some comment on the Lt Gov's speech?

    Very likely that I will have something to say as - just like the last time - I feel it is a shame when someone who is meant to be generally non-politcal waits until he departs to suddenly...make poliotical comments.

    I know for a fact from another States Member that this Lt. Gov has had other highly political things to say behind the scenes in the past. Just a shame he didn't say those in public then and engage with the people he talked about. But there you are.

    Most of all I think it is a shame when somebody in such an influential position talks about the Historic Abuse issue but doesn't even get it right.

  65. Le Marquands complaint thrown out! Maybe there is hope for democracy after all? Chuffed.Really chuffed.

  66. Good luck with the censure vote. Should have been a no confidence vote but understand why you are doing it this way. If one good thing comes out of it this will be that all who vote against it can be marked down to vote out in October.

  67. When are we getting part two of your candidates for Chief Minister posts? There must be a couple of candidates better than the two you have talked about so far.

  68. Talk about a typical JEP spin job. According to one of Le Marquand's special friends the most newsworthy part of his pathetic complaints against you being chucked out is not this but 'panel members told not to blog'. This paper really has no credibility left. Le Marquand should resign.

    Anyone who witholds evidence from Scrutiny because he has promised his mates in the JEP a scoop just isnt't fit for office. Certainly shows how conflicted he was in the Power case. Only interested in giving the required spin to the media rather than ensuring justice. Go now you pathetic little man.

  69. Hi

    A poster (I can't publish it because of what it alleges about an individual)asks if I have any comment about recent promotions within the States of Jersey Police.

    I would refer him or her to my oral questions for this coming States session. He or she can read these via the link to the States website on my links page.

    As so often I will be asking the questions - having done a bit of digging - that many would think would have come out already via our press etc.

    You know - the press - the people who write headlines like 'panel members told to stop blogging' rather than the real core of the story that the arrogant and deluded objections of an incompetent Minister had been thrown out being wholly groundless.

    The poster also refers to what he or she calls 'credible' witnesses. I have no comment to make on this other than that every story has two sides and both should always be heard.

    Unless - like some Senators - you just work on the basis that 'I know best' and look no further. Weighing up the evidence should be taken seriously and claims then supported or dismissed accordingly. This obviously can't be done unless one is prepared to examine ALL the claims and counter claims.

    Talking of 'credible' witnesses - it is deeply worrying to have to report it - but at least one Senator who sits (well, now and again before pushing off to his day job)in the States has recently let slip his true prejudices on such matters.

    This being that someone who might happen to be a mere manual worker really is apparently not worthy of Scrutiny hearing or taking seriously for investigation of what he has to say! I'm sure this political waste of space (who I must apologise that I voted for in 2005 - never again!) might likely feel differently if the such people were millionaires?

    So much for election spiel about being a man of the people, eh Ben?

  70. From the very start Ben Shenton has been discrediting Lenny Harper and the child abuse enquiry. Is this why he declared a conflict and didn't vote to sling ILM's flimsy and desperate attempts to get you slung off the scrutiny panel?

  71. What did Shenton say about the manuel worker and was he wearing his grandfather's uniform at the time?

  72. Sounds like this post is well worth enlarging upon?

  73. I bet the seldom seen Senator will still be after the votes of us plebs come election time. Nice to see so much honesty in a politicians comments.

  74. is it correct that the harper hearing starts at 11.00am on monday please?

  75. Would the implication from Mr. Shenton, that you yourself are the mere manual worker?

  76. No. I don't know if Ben ever got to university but he knows that I did and he knows my background. But many of the best people I know are manual workers so I have to wonder what his problem is.

    Of course it is also quite possible that a free-market fundamentalist like him also does have contempt for people who were professional educators - rather than being driven by the God of just making money.

    But his comment wasn't aimed at me at all. It was aimed at a type of person he obviously must have real contempt for. After all, what does it matter what job someone does - it doesn't make them a better or worse person; more or less honest.

    Everyone around the table was completely shocked and appalled by it because there was quite simply no excuse.The comment of an arrogant idiot clear and simple.


  77. Stop sitting on the fence! LOL!

  78. Have to keep my ID secret but Deputy that was the best use of the Scrutiny process that I have ever seen. I say that having seen more than most. Real issues and real questions. Well done to you and the panel.

  79. Working so couldn't go but I hear it was pretty interesting to say the least? Anyone else around who actually managed to get there? Is it right that it came out that Mr. Warcup prevented BDO talking to Mr. Harper?

  80. Will have the first video instalment of the hearing up tomorrow.

  81. Trevor

    Can you tell me how Senator Sarah Fergusson could be allowed to sit on this Chairmens committee deciding whether you could chair the review? She must be one of the most conflicted of all our politicians in anything to do with Harper or Power. I find the double standards of some of these people incredible. Shenton too for that matter.

  82. Checking in to read comments about the Scrutiny panel hearing and questions from politicians and manual worker.

    I look forward to reading your own personal comments once you have receive the go ahead from Mr. Le Marquand.

  83. Hi

    I couldn't possibly comment on Aunty Sarah - any more than I will be commenting on the review itself.

    But I will, of course, be defending myself from any personal attacks. Besides...Big Sister is now a regular visitor to The Bald Truth and is probably taking notes in her naughty book even as I type...

    Keep the faith


  84. Hope to get a new post up this week. Tomorrow or Wednesday sees my proposition to stop debating reform until after the Electoral Commission reports back debated.

    What? You haven't heard about it? Well, not one of the medias has covered it even though everyone I speak to says it is what they want.

    Funny how a declared Senatorial candiate Lyndon 'I went missing almost as much as Shenton' Farnham gets a full page in the JEP to promote himself and his minority interest petition?

    Will we all get this JEP? Funny too how my proposition was lodged three weeks before Deputy Labey's and the JEP cover this but not mine? No bias there then...

    Come on, Ben. Fair's fair???

  85. Dear 1000th Anonymous

    My last comment of the evening as I have to get my papers in order and write out my supplementary questions for tomorrow.

    I repeat - I will not generally be commenting on the hearings - other than what I have said in answer to the various media about how things are progressing.

    But I can say there was a record number of members of the public there today which was good to see. The more who know what Scrutiny does - or tries to do - the better for democracy.

    I'm sure many different views from people will come forth in good time...

    Night, night, Sarah.

  86. I thought it was very unprofessional and possibly even a bit malicious if the quotes attributed to Senator Ferguson in the JEP are true, calling your questions to Senator Le Marquand "somewhat aggressive".

    She ought to try listening to her self sometime via the radio. She scares the children and the cat!

  87. Seeing Lyndon Farnham get the full page 11 in tonights post I though How blatant is the JEP campaign, in its support of the proposal, along with the publicity Mr Farnham had with their his petition.

  88. The scrutiny hearing was packed out with bloggers.

  89. I wonder if you have been offered a full page comment article for your excellent proposals calling for no more reform debates until after the electoral commission has dones its work? I haven't seen anything about it the jep at all.

  90. Deputy

    A job well done, sir. just seen the first bit of video on VFC. Very impressive.

  91. Big Trev.

    E-mail to BBC Jersey.

    from voiceforchildren voiceforchildren
    to bbc radio jersey
    date Tue, Jul 5, 2011 at 5:38 PM
    subject State Controlled Media.
    5:38 PM (25 minutes ago)


    Just in case Christie didn't hear it, or has forgotten, the Chief Minister was exposed as a liar today by Daniel Wimberley and you, or she, might want to give it a mention on her "round up" of the states today. The departure of supt Gravett was also very uncomfortable questioning for the HA Minister by Deputy Trevor Pitman.

    God forbid you might think any of this newsworthy but a mention on the "round up?"




    Yep you guessed it, not a word of it mentioned!

    I then sent a one liner e-mail asking how long the BBC could get away with covering this stuff up?

    Is it any wonder the Blogs are thriving???????

  92. Hello Deputy. I hear on the gravevine that you have amended Senator Ozouf's laughable proposals on our super rich 1 1ks. Is this correct? I can't find it on the States own website. Thanks & good luck

  93. Hi Trevor.

    Just put up Question's 7,14 & 17 from today.

    You & your reader's can listen HERE

  94. In view of the most recent departure of a police Superintendent and the hopeless answers given in the States by the Home Affairs Minister yesterday, does anyone remember this from the JEP in March 2010? Something is very, very wrong in this whole set-up.

    "A SENIOR UK superintendent walked out of the States police less than a week into the job after realising he had entered ‘the eye of a storm’, the Home Affairs Minister has claimed.
    Senator Ian Le Marquand believes that the officer was put off by ‘vicious and scurrilous’ attacks on police officers on some of the Island’s internet blog sites.
    Now the minister fears that such attacks could have a major impact on the recruitment of ‘high quality’ employees from outside the Island.
    The UK superintendent was recruited to replace detective superintendent Mick Gradwell, the senior investigating officer in the historical abuse inquiry, but it is understood that he left within four days of his appointment at the beginning of March.
    Article posted on 22nd March, 2010 - 3.00pm"


    article above posted on 22/3/2010

    It should be simple enough, to find the vicious and scurrilous attacks on police officers, as claimed by Mr. Le Marquand, to have been published on Island blog sites. They must have been published during the four days of this particular Superintendents employment. The first week in March?

  96. Nice one Shona showing the irony of how they claim senator's are crucial to the house and Terry Le Main has had to be woken up twice after people complaining about his snoring.

  97. With Senators like Terry Le Main and the even worse Ben 'say-a-lot-but-do-bog-all'Shenton how can anyone argue that they are needed? Le Claire complaining about not being able to hear because of the snoring and Shona Pitman rightly highlighting this says it all. As for the bone idle Shenton's childish personal attacks on Trevor these really show what a worthless buffoon he is. I live in St. Helier number 2 and I can tell you Terry you are wasting your time if you want to stand here. People like Shona Pitman, Debbie de Souza and even Southern work their socks off for people. Seems like you can't even stay awake!

  98. Shenton. 'Be a man' Try doing some work for us instead of working for yourself while we taxpayers pay you. Keep it up Trev people like Shenton are a joke.

  99. Ben Shenton Sean Power and Jimmy Perchard why have they all tried trashing the abuse investigation, what have they got to hide?

  100. Trev

    It was pretty rich for the part timeer Ben Shenton to attack you when we all know he would not even be in the States without his dad's name in politics.

    I voted for him like you say you did and I have been disgusted at his personal attacks on working people and the politicians who support us. If I could take my vote back I would.

  101. Is it possible Mr. Shenton, Perchard or Power spoke to tabloid paper, Specifically News of the World, could a question be asked in the States?

    If yes, could we find out when?

    Is it poss phones of mentioned could be hacked and that is why so much spin was in the tabloids.

  102. Anonymous is spot about Shenton not even being in the States without his father's name to help him. The man has done nothing since he got in apart from support the rich, sell out the poor and attack good States members like you and Roy Les Herrisier. Oh and bug Freddy Cohen.

  103. Forgot about the leaks to David Rose. This was from within Health wasn't it? It was before Pryke so was this when Perchard was there or Bonehead?

  104. I nearly voted for Ben Shenton and I'm damn pleased I didn't. A more useless windbag you could not meet. Done nothing in six years.


  106. Are you ever going to tell us what Shenton said at the Chairmens Committee? Surely this doesn't come under your understandable not talking about details of the review?

  107. Hi Deputy Pitman,

    Stick to yur guns, if you can, we need states members like you. Good upstanding TRANSPARENT representitives for the people.

    Good luck. I think you're going to need it.

    It's time this dictatorship came to an abrupt end!!!!


  108. Hi Trevor.Put Some Audio up from last weeks Debate on getting back the 4 lost Senator's. A must listen.

    You can Listen HERE

  109. With Ben Shenton nearly always missing to go to his day job office and Tel Boy caught snoring by other members how the heck can Deputy Labey argue that we need to keep them?

  110. Hi Trevor,
    I have been following the BDO scrutiny panel's investigations with interest and, in the light of the News International phone hacking controversy, will the scrutiny panel be holding Lenny Harper to account over his entertaining News of the World journalists at Jersey taxpayers expense? The headlines at the time by that paper turned out to be sensationalist and untrue. I think Harper needs to be questioned over this.

  111. Going back to the fragment and lets get some clarification here.

    If you check out the States of Jersey Police Press Release of 24th May 2008 which features Lenny Harper it clearly says:

    "they were reverting to their original position that they could not date it because they now thought that it could not be collagen "unless it is extremely degraded."

    Deputy Pitman, is the Scrutiny panel looking into the costs of investigate this fragment which went on for months?

  112. Would you please ask witnesses whether or not they believe the Sworn Affidavits of Lenny Harper and Graham Power are truthful? If they do not believe they are factual, would witnesses provide facts in evidence which contradict these sworn statements?

    Thank you.

  113. Hi

    Thanks to all for recent posts. As I have said before - having got the Chairmen's Committee issue out of the way with common sense prevailing - I will not be commenting on details from the review whilst it is live.

    People may still feel free to raise their own points, of course, with the usual proviso that these are not insulting or potentially defaming of others.

    I do hope to get another post up soon it is simply pressure of work. For instance today was our wedding anniversary - yet constituent's needs meant I spent a good part of it at the States building going through paperwork with people on a new case. And then another case at Havre des Pas. Tonight I am putting the final points to a proposition.

    Still, as I said at the very onset - much as I enjoy it and really believe the internet will play a growing role in the future of politics -the website and the blog will never come before any of my other political work. So I hope people understand.

    Keep the faith


  114. I think there are possibly even bigger questions to be asked as to how a Senator and an investigating officer in all of this allegedly leaked false information to the Daily Mail. I wonder why Shenton isn't asking that as well?

  115. During their audit of his expenses, did BDO Alto obtain any hard evidence to impeach the Sworn Affidavits of Lenny Harper or of his chief, Graham Power? Should any items of evidence suggestive of overspending, as claimed by Wiltshire/BDO, now be checked against the explanations these officers have since provided in these Affidavits? Did BDO Alto ask why they were forbidden to communicate with the subject of their audit? Did BDO Alto accept such terms as ethical? Does BDO Alto now accept their own findings and auditing activity as being above reproach?

  116. Trevor

    A dispicable attack on you in the Rag today from Shenton's daddy. Showing his true colours at last is old Dick. Apparently we should only have wealthy idiots in the States now. People who do politics to prop up their businesses or for a hobby.

    Sounds like Dick's useless and bone idle son to me? Wonder if Dick has the TF to tell his lay-about to drop the soundbites and do some work? Probably not. But we can hope.

  117. Todays JEP article.

    Senator Le Sueur has served the Island well and the elderly are better off because of him.

    From Dick Shenton.
    YOU published a letter from Bridget Murphy with regards to the Censure Motion against Senator Le Sueur (JEP, 8 July).

    How right she was to express indignation at the effrontery of Deputy Pitman to waste the States Members' time.

    I have crossed swords with the Chief Minister in the past but I respect him and others like him who gave of their time to make the Island a better place.

    Terry Le Sueur was educated in the Island and reached the top of the academic scale. He started his own accountancy practise and when that was established he was voted into the States. He served the Island well as president of Social Security and many elderly people are better off because of his foresight.

    He is a good family man who believes in tolerance and respect, something lacking in todays world.

    I shall listen to the debate to see how many of the present Members support Deputy Pitman and save my comments until election time with regards to those Members who rely on the States and the taxpayer to support them. End.

    I also will listen to the debate, particularly Members who actually respond to the points made in the motion.

  118. In todays world, respect is earned, not given to those that demand it. Earned, by all members of society including manual workers.

  119. Poor old Terry Le Sueur - only two supporters left outside of the States. Barking BBC Brigit and one of the dinosaurs who cost this island a fortune with shambles like the Les Pas fiasco all those years ago. I admit I used to like listening to the former Senator sometimes but if he really has become so out of touch he thinks we need good for nothing, non too bright political posers like his son then he really ought to keep quiet now. The fact that Shenton senior clearly just wants rich people in the States also probably says everything that people need to know.

  120. IMHO the letter from Dick Shenton sums up everything that is wrong with Jersey politics and which allows the establishment/wealthy elite (whatever you want to call them) to hang on to power year after year.

    Politicians like Ben Shenton who really should have been fighting alongside the likes of Stuart, Trevor and the few other decent States members but is really only interested in seeing their face in the paper.

    Ben Shenton shook Stuart Syvret's hand back in 2005 and it was said that this would be the start of real change for the better. But has Ben Shenton done since 2005? Hardly a thing.

    Unless you count jumping on the fee-paying schools issue to try and get himself re-elected. Trust me. We are doomed if the Shentons are our only hope.

    Don't be intimidated Trevor. Mr Populist isn't worthy to clean you shoes. (Dr. Martens?) We need more people from a hardworking/working class background not less!

  121. This is an email I sent out last week. Check it against the letter by Dick Shenton lol - our first 10 pounds

    So, the challenge for all you States Members who want to defend the Chief Minister is to do so without copying or even coming close to the speech I have just written. Here is my Speech. Anyone who Copies it, like I said, should pay a donation towards Holiday for Heroes because you have not addressed any of the issues raised in the motion and therefore not defended the Chief Minister.

    "Sir, it is with great regret that I am having stand in front of this assembly and defend the reputation of the Chief Minister. Sir, the Chief Minister has acted with the utmost integrity in these difficult times. The Chief Minister has shown all the characteristics of strong leadership and courage in making the tough decisions that sees Jersey well placed on the International Stage.

    Sir, whilst I have the utmost respect for the good deputy, surely this censure motion is nothing more than political point scoring. In a time when we seem to be spending more and more hours in the States Chamber surely the good deputy would be better placed in concentrating his efforts in bringing more urgent and pressing issues before the house.

    I do not wish to take up much more of States members' time on this. Sir and fellow States members, you will have noticed how I have managed to make a very short speech in defending the Chief Minister without referring to any of the very serious issues raised in Deputy Pitman's censure motion. In doing this I would urge all members to reject the censure motion and make a similar speech to mine where it is short, unsubstantiated, does not cover any of the issues raised and gives £10 to Holidays for Heroes".

  122. Deputy Paul Le Claire - after his speech kissing Le Sueur's botty today - does not deserve a vote at the next election and won't be getting mine. The bloke is a turn coat.

  123. Nice try with the censure motion Trevor we now know who the cowards and turn-coats are and will remember this at the next election.

  124. I live in number one and believe me Deputy Paul Le Claire you are FINISHED! I will NEVER, NEVER vote for you again.

  125. Great speech Big Trev you showed up Dick Shenton's letter for what it was. An Establishment Lackey posturing as a man of the people. As for dopey Ben is it right that he was seen wandering around the town with a sandwich heading in to TEAM Ass Management? Did he even show up as he didn't speak?

  126. Trevor. Le Sueur really should resign as Judy Martin said. I;m glad a few people brought up the coconut scandal again as we really need to get to the bottom of how this bone got swapped for something else. Cheers.

  127. Good work today Big Trev and credit to you for sticking to your guns. Le Sewer's tenure has been one disaster after another and Le Claire showed his true colours.

  128. Nice 3/4 article promoting Mr. Ozouf in todays post. Has he forgotten a certain member claiming someone was full of **** or members not only time wasting but no shows?

    (Think Tom Watson)using his insignificant voice.

    Keep up the good work.

  129. I was going to say that Ozouf was embarrassing today but Paul Le Claire was worse. Pathetic. Vote this comdeian out.

    Sucking up to TLS and stabbing those wwho elected him in the back. Great work Paul!

    You say you might not stand? Good idea because as far as I'm concerned you are not fit to represent us anyway.

  130. Deputy Trevor Pitman.

    You were superb today.

    What was really annoying was that this highly entertaining/embarrasing and very important debate was hardly publisized by our local media.

    By the way Routier at the very end of the debate and what he said and when he said it was complete cringe material!!!

  131. Routier was always the worst sort of politician: a follower. The unquestionning pen pusher behind a desk that just enables the real crooks to get away with their actions because people like him are just too scared to challenge. Sign the paperwork. Don't even ask. Condemn the innocent. The sort who are also so shallow before an election that they manipulate free prsecriptions, even for millionaires, just to garner enough votes to get in.

  132. well done in the states mr pitman both you and shona spoke up well on what most of jersey thinks,by the way is mr tadier up for a ministerial post if he gets back in?anyway keep up the good work you are both doing there are to few states members like you

  133. Trevor - I was disappointed not to be able to listen to the censure motion debate yesterday, but from what I have read and been told you did a sterling job. Whilst I am sure you did not expect it to be carried, it is reassuring to know that there are five politicians who realise what the man and woman in the street have grave concerns about - all raised by you in your censure motion.

    There is no doubt that the Chief Minister has been a dismal Chief Minister, and it is a great shame that it fell to you plus four to let it be known. I really do not know what the others who voted were thinking, when they must know what the general feeling of the population is.

    Biggest disappointment - Monty. What were you thinking about Monty? And to boot you resigned from Scrutiny halfway through a most important review. You could at least have seen this one through to its conclusion and then resigned. Really, really surprised and saddened by what you did yesterday Monty.

    However Trevor, upwards and onwards, and the ballot box looms. I think people will taking note of the way politicians are voting now.

  134. 'Testiculat Fortitude'is very thin on the ground in our States Chamber of 'Horrors' it seems following this debate.

    I think I heard you say that Deputy Paul 'Zero Zero Brabo' Le Claire had been trying to get some of you to ask him to bring votes of no confidence in all and sundry? Yet he comes out with but-kissing nonsense like how none of this is doing the States any good?

    I am sick of this hypocrisy. There are far too many people in the States who are all talk and who do try to be on both sides at once. Until Le Claire publicly apologzes to you and the victims I will be telling everyone I know not to waste a vote on him.

    As for Monty Tadier seems like he has gone the same way as Tracey Vallois. Good rid.

  135. Just what is the point of anything any more.
    We r fcuked by the establishment because in this disgusting island money talks.

  136. People must never give up. So long as there are even a few decent men and women ready to, in Trevor's words, stick their head above the parapet there is hope.

  137. Hi Trevor.

    Senator Ozouf's Speech about the Chief Minister, you can listen to it HERE

  138. Change will only happen by the oppressed taking to the streets in large numbers. As they can't be even bothered to vote it will never happen.

  139. I can't believe its not bull****!15 July 2011 at 21:40:00 BST

    I don't think we would be hearing so much from the everything is fine/trust in ILM brigade if they had bothered to come along to the Scrutiny hearing today, Trevor.

    Even if this review was not a set up as some would claim not a single soul could come away from the hearings with one shread of confidence that this was credibly run or overseen.

    This just begs the question how can it be that ILM has not been doing the same amount of screaming from the rooftops about the lack of control and consistency here?

    Maybe it only matters when it suits...

  140. What was the result of today's Scrutiny hearing?

  141. JEP 13th July ''Following a question at the IoD lunch by Le Rocquier head teacher Richard Rolfe, who asked why some States Members would 'drive a coach and horses' through decisions made in the House, senator Ozouf told Iod members that he was also troubled by the attitude of the House''

    'There are concerns over decisions taken and time-wasting in the States,' he said we spend weeks debating unacceptable things like votes of censure against the Chief Minister.

    Keep on driving that coach & horse but dont go getting a Stetson.

  142. time to fight words will not do it time for every true jersey man and worman to bare arms

  143. The following may be helpful in light of recent UK press scandals.
    MediaWise provides free and confidential advice and support to members of the public on the receiving end of inaccurate, intrusive, unfair or irresponsible journalism.

    If you need advice or help with making a complaint about a print or broadcast story, or you are unhappy with the way your complaint has been dealt with, contact MediaWise on:

    0117 939 9333 (office hours)
    07968 031 532 (outside office hours)
    MediaWise, University of the West of England, Oldbury Court Road, Bristol, BS16 2JP

  144. Hi Trevor

    I know you have made it quite clear why you can't go into details about the review while it is still in progress but can you at least tell us what your feelings are on how it is going?

    Obviously I wouldn't expect views on what eventual conclusions might be as I know you will be waiting to hear all of the evidence. But with little in the MSM or other blogs yet to be kep informed would be appreciated.

    Meanwhile, and I know you will be very busy, but you normally have a new post up at least every two weeks. It is two weeeks now so can we expect something soon?

    All the best. You are doing a grand job.


  145. Big Trev.

    Jersey's media called into question by Bloggers at SCRUTINY HEARING.

  146. Please don't feel pressured by this but I have a bet that could buy me a free pint down the pub that you will have a post up by Monday lunchtime. I would like to win!

  147. Trev

    I see you were dead right when you pointed out months ago that the sure way to spot a blog full of fake posts was having all the post timings removed. Seems some people still have to do this even when the only person they are half way fooling is themselves. Maybe its a case of split pesonalities?

  148. Big Trev.

    What could BDO/Kellett have seen in Lenny Harper's STATEMENT TO WILTSHIRE?

  149. I hope you realise that you are the main hope for democracy and probably civilisation in Jersey? But don't get stressed about it!

  150. Re ``only two supporters left outside of the States. Barking BBC Brigit........'' If I am correct, Barking Brigits origins are Southern Irish. Similarly, didn't her family have to leave the Island for thier safty after the German Occupation? They lived close to what is now De la Salle! Isn't funny how people forget!!

  151. Barking "BBC" Bridget" as you call her was informed that she would not be allowed to comment on the now disbanded lunch time "Pone In", that was around 6weeks before the last programme, she has now proposed Nick Le Cornu in his election campaign.