Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Nomination Night Speech

I publish below the speech kindly written by my proposer, Janine Catterson, in support of my nomination for re-election as Deputy for St. Helier No. 1 District at the Town Hall last week. 

Unlike many candidates who, as is the established practice, had written the speeches for their proposers to read out I had not seen Janine's speech until minutes before she read it out!

Thankfully, I can still thank Janine most warmly for her both her support and her time in putting this together. Indeed, what an excellent  contrast to the awful, arrogant and misleading speech read out by former Senator Horsfall in support of one of the Ozouf/Walker favoured candidates Mary O'Keefe-Burgher.

Yes, 'the fight back does start here' Mr. Horsfall. It is time to take our island back from the speculators, anti-democrats and tax avoiders who have such contempt for ordinary working people who made this Island the success it has been!

I would also like to thank my other nine proposers for their support and list their names below. Of course, that same sincere thanks goes out equally to all those others who also offered to be amongst the ten names but were not needed. I look forward to meeting you again whilst canvassing.

Keep the faith.


Janine Catterson
James Loader
Raymond Foster 
Joy Foster
Venetia Bucholz
Mathias Bucholz
Stewart Bannon
Eileen Bannon
Diane Keedwell

Ladies & Gentlemen

My name is Janine Catterson , I am a Compliance Officer for a local Trust Company. 

I am pleased to be here this evening to propose DEPUTY TREVOR PITMAN for RE-ELECTION in St Helier No 1 District.

As a resident of the Havre des Pas area I first met Deputy Pitman through my local residents association, for which I am the spokesperson.  

The local residents of Havre des Pas Gardens and adjoining streets needed assistance in dealing with a pressing planning issue and Deputy Pitman was kind enough to attend several of our meetings and provide clear and independent guidance as to how to navigate what might otherwise be a complex process.  He also enlisted assistance from his colleagues and his advice proved invaluable to us.  
 Deputy Pitman’s commitment to the local community was clear long before his election to the States in 2008.  Whilst pursuing a career in business management Deputy Pitman was extensively involved on a voluntary basis in youth projects and eventually retrained to become a Full time professional youth worker.

Since his election in 2008 Deputy Pitman has shown himself to be a very active member of the states concentrating his efforts on a wide variety of issues with a very strong attendance record at State’s sittings.
In addition to his work directly for his constituents such as myself Deputy Pitman has been actively involved in :
  • St. Helier Representatives Group
  • P.o.St Helier Police Advisory Group
  • The St. Helier Youth Committee
  • Friends of the Town Park
  • The Privileges & Procedures Committee (PPC)
to name but a few.

Deputy Pitman’s key policies are:
  • Social Justice
  • Fair Taxation
  • Making Politicians Accountable
  • Protecting Public Services
  • Diversifying the economy
  • Protecting the local environment
  • Affordable Housing
  • Education and investment in youth
  • The regeneration of Fort Regent
These clearly cover a wide variety of local issues affecting our Community.  I am sure you will agree that we are privileged to live in this small island and the issues that affect us are naturally interlinked.  The phrase “joined up thinking” may be a horrid piece of management jargon but for me it aptly describes what is needed.

It may seem strange that, as finance employee, I am here encouraging people to vote for someone whose policies include diversifying the economy.  However, I think it is important that we recognise that Jersey needs the Finance Industry to thrive but that it shouldn’t and needn’t be to the detriment of other industries nor is it right to allow an economy to lean so heavily on one industry. 

When the public and politicians alike talk about diversifying the economy and making efforts to boost tourism, surely there is an inherent link to our planning policies. Creeping over development, (or. should I say. the relentless march of construction: lining the pockets of some and yet damaging our beautiful island, whilst new office developments remain empty - sometimes for years on end) cannot be allowed to continue unchecked.  Otherwise this beautiful island - which we hope people will want to come and visit - simply will not be a place they want to come and visit.

In this way our policies on the economy, environment and planning are intertwined and need to be dealt with accordingly.  Having grown up here and seen Jersey, especially St Helier, change almost beyond recognition, I for one want politicians who won't allow another monstrosity such as the Waterfront and who will push to redevelop existing facilities such as Fort Regent.  More to the point I want to know that the politicians we elect and the departments of the States will be accountable for these decisions .

Deputy Pitman stands for all these things and has a track record of having done so.

It is perhaps unsurprising, given his involvement in youth Projects before his election in 2008, that Deputy Pitman continues to take a keen interest in youth and education. He is particularly interested to ensure that local school leavers have access to education, be it vocational training or university to ensure that as far as is possible our school leavers are equipped to gain jobs within our economy. 

Since he was elected he has served as Vice-Chairman of the Education, Sport & Culture/Home Affairs Scrutiny panel amongst others 
As a professional educator Deputy Pitman is therefore keen, should he be re-elected to stand for Education Minister.  I am sure we would all agree that it is important that this role be undertaken by someone who has experience of both working with young people and the Education Department itself.
It strikes me that Deputy Pitman’s policies represent the joined up thinking that this Island needs and if you would like to know more I would strongly suggest you have a read of his blogsite: “the bald truth Jersey”. 


  1. What a good and lovely speech, Trevor. I am pleased to say that I agree with everything Janine says. You will have my husband's vote and mine once again. This certainly also puts to bed the myth that you do not have support within Finace. Many of us know only too well how our industry needs to change and become more responsible.

  2. Well done Miss/Mrs? Caterson. A well crafted speech. Is there any chance you could give some lessons to Senator Le Main?

  3. Top speech for a top guy. My family live in your district (I don't) and they will be voting for you, although they never voted for you last time but have been hugely impressed by you over these past 3 years. You won't need it but good luck.

  4. Got one of your leaflets through the door on Sunday. Didn't need it i'll be voting for you based on the commitment you have shown since being elected, good luck in the election.

  5. Hi

    A poster asks privately about a candidate standing in St. Helier No. 2.

    Saying that this person currently still has allegations of planning corruption made in the Royal Court waiting to be investigated and either cleared or charged accordingly.

    In answer to the first question posed: no - it is certainly not one of the three genuine people's politicians currently serving the district so well as Deputies. Where have you been?

    It is, of course, Senator Terry Le Main recently having bottled standing to fight for his Senatorial seat after years of doing very little positive.

    Why has this case been left on the backburner by the authorities for so long, the poster asks? Well, who can tell... I'm sure the Senator and any others facing such deeply serious and worrying allegations would like the chance to clear their name as soon as possible.

    Wouldn't they? And what possible reason could there be for leaving this until after the election?

    As for the final point of the poster's comments. The politician apparently found guilty of making what he/she describes as threatening or intimidating phone calls?

    I have heard the story too. Yes, I know the identity. But who knows - maybe some paperwork will turn up to back this up and bring it into the public domain? If fact it would after all be deeply worrying background for a politician and totally destroy any credibility they had.

    Keep the Faith


  6. Trev - who ever typed this story in (was it you?) you missed out one of your proposers. only nine listed.

  7. Hi Anonymous

    Thanks for the tip about the nominations list. You are quite right. For some reason I forgot Jackie Thacker - so apologies to her. I will get her name added ASAP


  8. Have you paid BDO Alto yet?

  9. You have my vote too you rebel rouser! Seriously anyone who holds Ozouf to account deserves to top the poll.

  10. Big Trev.

    Here's where Jersey (and its media) are sick. You said, in the States this morning, that the reason Deputy S. Pitman was not in attendance was because she was "mallad" (sick) She was sick due to the threats she has been receiving.

    This (in any normal world) is frightening, certainly newsworthy. A member of our parliament has become that ill that she can't carry out her Democratic duty, yet our media report nothing about it???????

    I didn't have chance to listen to BBC Jersey at But I bet it wasn't headline news, further still I bet it didn't even make Christie Tuckers "round up" of this morning's State session.

    When members of our parliament are prevented from doing their duty because of threats and our media say nothing then we are in a very sick and dangerous society......Very, very sick and very, very dangerous.

  11. Brilliant Deputy Pitman now make sure PPC get it in place in time


  12. So Terry Le Main, James Perchard and Sean Power are all happy to contribute to an inernet site that threatenes, smears and tries to bully politicians who don't go along the party line? Thanks for being brave enough to stand up in the chamber of horrors today and telling us how it is. Le Main and the other two are a disgrace. I can't do much about Perchard and Power but living in number two I can assure you I will never vote for that horrible little maggot Le Main. Hope Shona is back for the gst proposition tomorrow. Making healthy food more affordable could make such a big difference to preventing illness long term. One reason why these idiots won't vote for it. At least we can use the vote as a marker of who not to vote for.

  13. Big Trev.

    First of all congratulations on your propsition.

    Here is how our politicians voted on your SUCCESSFUL Proposition to have an open vote for CHIEF MINISTER

  14. Senator Le Marquand's Pet Pixie15 September 2011 at 20:06:00 BST


    You deserve a medal.

    You have single-handedly, with the help of those democrats who supported you obviously, scuppered Ozouf's chances of ever being Chief Minister! An open vote for Ozouf? No chance.No way. No how.

    Bully the Progessives they can try but the world is starting to crumble. Over to Stuart on the hustings next with Phil the Fool. Then comes BDO? Maybe there is a God?

  15. Wasn't it Mr. Cohen got front page JEP promo article, due to alleged threatening letters and distress that caused. Will Ms. Pitman be giving the same support from our local paper?

  16. I have been deeply disgusted by some of what I have read elsewhere and heard from other people. What I would like to know is this. Are individuals like Terry Le Main and Rod Briantz in Saint Helier 2 and Sean Power in Saint Brelade 2 happy to have supporters who threaten women?

    The only word for people who carry out these kind of cowardly attacks on identity concealing blogs are sick, sick, sick. As for the pathetic personality politics of Le Main and Briantz on the election website, if they think this kind of stuff would make people vote for them they are living in cloud cuckoo land.

    Le Main we all know has done nothing for working people in twenty years at housing. Perhaps Rod Briantz can come on here and tell us what precisely he has done for our community in all that time? I have lived in this part of the parish 17 years and I don't recall anything at all. Shona, Geoff and Debbie too since she has been in could not have worked any harder.

    As far as I am aware none of them have supporters who appear to be nothing more than cowardly thugs either.

  17. I have told Stafford Police about that blog, because I had my Google account hacked, and one of the devils who run that blog not only posted a post bragging about how easy I had been to hack, he also posted the intention to hack Carolyn Labley. I told Stafford Police that there people running that blog were friends with some corrupt Jersey politicians, and that some of the Jersey politicians had actually been posting abusive comments about people on the blog, and told them to have a look to have a look at what was posted there. Do you knopw what Stafford Police told me? "We are going to draw a line under this".

    I am a survivor of child abuse, not a politician, and you dont expect politicians to be joining in a tirade of abuse against ordinary people who find it difficult to get their lives on track, without being reabused.


  18. Also look at the abhorrent way Deputy Jeremy Macon has been treated by pro-establishment politicians and sites. Who can forget Blakely’s shocking bullying on CTV either? Macon has stood up for himself and done a good job for St Saviour No1.

  19. Trev, you really should know better by now. Ozouf and the 1 1 k's poodles don't want to know about facts. They will never forgive you for exposing the lie that they all pay at least 100,000k. Allowing these parasites to pay as little as less than £5,000 is simply revolting. Great result yesterday. If I heard you right that you will start a petition to end this 1 1 k obscenity please count me in.

  20. shona and yourself were great in the states friday i wish you both all the luck in the world in the up comeing election(not that i think you need it)just a shame i im unable to vote for the both of you,ps doint let the bastard,s get you down. regards martin

  21. Big Trev.

    A story of Jersey's "accredited" media in a few short VIDEO CLIPS

  22. Big Trev.

    An "answer" from Channel Television that Philip Ozouf would be PROUD OF

  23. Darius Pearce's Bottom Lip17 September 2011 at 20:25:00 BST

    Deputy Pitman

    Hello. Could I ask if you could put up your recent proposals on ensuring our 1 (1) K incomers pay a fair amount of tax? I listened to those debates and I also listened to yesterday's debate.

    Reading the report in the Jersey Evening Post I had the impression that this must have been a completely different debate! Almost zero detail of what was said. This is as you say a very important issue Deputy.

    When I heard it confirmed that Deputy Noel of St. Lawrence, being an Assistant Treasury Minister, openly says that the 1 (1) K system is immoral (which we all knew as it isn't rocket science) but still supports it it makes me furious that this has never got into the Jersey Evening Post or other media.We need the whole story not spin.

    Could I also say a big congratulations on putting an end to the secrecy of electing Chief Ministers. It may not seem it to you Deputy but this is one of the most important decisions and battles won since we changed to the disaster of ministerial government.

    Philip Ozouf will never be Chief Minister now and that is largely down to you!

  24. I am sorry to hear about these threats to you and Shona, Trevor. Given that Terry Le Main and this Bryans man both support Senator Philip Ozouf and his policies, and both have been quoted on the blog that suports the concealment of child abuse, would they like to tell us why anyone in their right mind would consider voting for them? I would also like to know what would happen if Le Main did manage to somehow get elected but then ended up in jail over these on going corruption allegations? Would there be another election? Come to that why is it that someone facing as yet uncleared allegations of somthing so serious is allowed to stand for election anyway? Just doesn't seem right to me.

  25. Why has he gone to the Liberal Democrat conference?

  26. Darius Pearce really takes the biscuit trying to get Southern kicked out of the election becuse his proposer stumbled over the nomination paper.

    What matters is that a declaration was made in writing by Southern and I am told that it was. Smacks of desperation by another candidate who will be kucky to get into double figure votes.

    This is a man who tried to stand in the 2007 Constable's election with a paper signed by people who thought they were nominating someone else. A candidate who then spent Christmas in La Moye! A candidate who is a convicted benefit cheat! Darius have a word with yourself son.

  27. If there was a prize for the district with the two ugliest candidates then ours here in St. Helier 2 would win it. Just check out the posters for Tel Boy and Rod Byrans. Enough to frighten my grandchildren. I also heard today that Sarah Fergusson is to stand for Chief Minister. Have you heard this story Trevor? Isn't there anyone to the left of Vlad The Impaler standing for the job? Heaven help us is all I can say.

  28. Hey Darius, why not remember the democratic principle of letting the voters decide?

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, Darius-

    "In November 2007, he appeared in the Magistrates Court, charged with assault on his wife which took place at his home. He was released on conditional bail and advised he must not go near his home or wife. However, he disregarded this order, and, on 10th September 2008, the Jersey Evening Post reported his imprisonment for two months for contempt of court, effectively finishing his career in local politics." - Wikipedia

  29. That was an interesting link about the horrible hypocrite Darius Pearce. My but I bet you look a mug tomorrow in the Royal Court Tory Boy. I wonder if costs will be set against you? Let's hope so.

    But talking about wholly unpleasant, deluded people with genuinely nasty convictions who then go on about others with convictions for things that shouldn't be 'criminal' anyway and aren't anywhere but Jersey.

    Has anyone got the link to the full Rag report on Jon Haworth being found guilty of that horrific threatening phone call to those terrified innocent people easrlier this year?

    Now there is an area of law that Jersey really needs to get its act together on and ensure proper sentences.

  30. Agree 100 per cent anonymous. How people who commit crimes relating to violence or threats of it don't automatically end up inside is beyond most normal, decent folk. I don't know if Trevor or any other reader can shed any light on this but I have heard on very good authority that one of our Senators has some kind of conviction for intimidating phone calls to Housing tenants back in the 80s? Anyone know any more?

  31. Linda's blog poll What do you make of the poll Trev?

  32. The Twitter hash tags for the Senatorial hustings are #jerseyelections and #jsyhust

  33. A surprisingly good start by the green candidate in the St Clement hustings tonight.

  34. Big Trev.

    Your readers might want to view the speeches of Senator Freddie Cohen and David Richardson HERE

  35. Regarding Srates Members who have SOJP convictions, there is one who has been a States Member for many years now, (an ex- car dealer, "Del Boy" type of character),a clown to boot,part of the establishment, so that makes it O.K.!
    As for that other clown with the cardboard cut-out at the St. Clements hustings, he should be "sectioned"

  36. I have never been more sickened than reading the so called manifesto of the Horsfall/Ozouf party candidate Mary O'Keeffe-Burger. This stupid woman's air-headed, arrogant drivel about social hosuing made my blood boil. What planet do these people come down from, Trevor?

    I urge all residents of St. Helier district 1 NOT to vote for this awful woman under any circumstances. Does this smug so and so not realise that many people work very hard but will never own their own home. The reason being the crass stupidity of Mrs Burger's half-wit proposer Piere Horsfall and his like minded cocktail party wasters of taxpayers money. While on the subject please don't vote for the other Ozouf man Mr Baker either.Another waste of space who has done nothing for St. Helier.

  37. Darius Pearce dead in the water before he even started a campaign. What a plonker.

  38. Mark Forskitt has an election blog I like the comment on the St Clement hustings

  39. Hello Trevor

    I have just been presented with a manifesto - and believe me I use that description loosely - from a Mr Rod Bryans. I cannot begin to tell you and your readers how dispicable and petty minded it is in content. One might think this man would be trying to sell himself and anything he may have done for the community. But no, it is basically a whining, badly written attempt to try and discredit all the hard work of Shona and Geoff Southern due to their breaching of the law that made it illegal to assist disabled people and the like with getting registered for a postal vote! What I find most revolting of all though is that this desperate little man clearly seeks to give the impression that this is reason enough to vote for him. Dear Mr Bryans. Sorry to disappoint you but reading this any chance of a vote from me has gone straight out of the window. Unlike your manifesto. That will go down the toilet where such petty garbage belongs. Being endorsed by Adrian Walsh of the infamous hate-peddling website was hardly a smart move either was it? Good luck to Shona, Trevor and you too. Shona, Geoff and Debbie will again have my vote. Please pass that on if you would.

  40. The question is why does this Bryans feel the need to resort to publishing lies? Just consider the letter from one of the two bozos.

    Byrans talks about 'integrity' which is a bit strange when you read Stoker claiming that Shona is never seen in the district.

    Strange one would have to say given that Shona not only lived in Winchester Street for years but rented an office there until a month or so ago when I know the proerty was sold.

    Duh! Winchester Street is here in No. 2.Perhaps if Bryans spent a little bit less time as an Ozouf party want to be he might have known this.

    You have my vote too Shona and the wife's. But Trev, maybe you could do an article on Byans and the other Ozouf candidate Terry Le Main to show what these people are really like?

    I would also echo what someone else said earlier. Perhaps Rod Bryans should come on here and explain why he is lying to people.

  41. Hi Trevor.

    TheJerseyWay Here. Jersey Calling!

    Having some ploblems with my computer I.D. not coming up.

    Put up last night Ozouf asking for the vote for Chief Minister to be Transparent. "Only Joking"

    This was from your Proposition, which I have put a few speeches up. Deputy Martin always lightens up the day, what do you think & what do you think about them changing the rules to debate this again.

    Wish I could vote for you!

    You can Lisen HERE

  42. Thanks Jersey Way

    Ozouf and transparency? Surely that is as unlikely as his fellow anti-democrat Mr. Horsfall calling for such revolutionary ideas!

    Will have a new post up tomorrow I hope.

    Contrary to what Philip Bailhache - another man who appears to think the world smells of fresh paint and tastes of caviar - some of us who are not in the exclusive and elite Executive 'club' do have rather a lot to do in helping constituents. Not to mention on-going Scrutiny work.

    Its called working for the ordinary people of this Island. Perhaps Bailhache should try having a go at it himself sometime - surely more productive than trying to end Jersey's links with the Crown?

    Keep the faith.


  43. Meant to add, thanks for all the contacts expressing disgust at the desperate antics of Rod Bryans.

    Yes, it is sad that someone is so pathetic that they resort to spreading lies about other candidates - but there you are. When you have as little to offer as Bryans obviously has I suppose this type of thing is almost inevitable.

    Also thanks to the great response from those I have talked to on the doorsteps of No. 1 District so far. Such support and positive comments really are appreciated.