Monday, 26 September 2011


And the only ones not happy are Horsfall, Ozouf, Le Marquand and the rest of the Establishment Party gang who hold the public in utter contempt…

With apologies for the shortness of this post following on from a couple of weeks when I simply haven’t had the time to focus on the internet. Many States Members it is true have been doing nothing for some weeks. Others, such as Senator Terry Le Main have to be roused from their snoring even when actually in the States being paid by you and me!

Inconvenient as it certainly is when trying to run an election campaign I’m pleased to say that I have not been one of those taking it easy. Constituent work has continued to grow and grow. Whilst with my Scrutiny colleagues Deputies Roy Le Herissier and Daniel Wimberley we are also putting the finishing touches to the much anticipated report on the review into the Historic Abuse Inquiry finances.

The report is set to be completed by the end of the coming week – yet a late, surprise piece of evidence may still yet have to be incorporated. Watch this space…

If a candidate won’t tell you clearly who they would ideally vote for in the race for Chief Minister do not vote for them.

Canvassing this past week, and judging by the amount of people who have stopped me in the street, phoned or e-mailed, my successful proposition to turn back the tide of ever-increasing secrecy under Ministerial government has been one of the most widely supported States decisions of recent years. Indeed, it is such a fundamental part of a democratic and transparent government that one really would have thought that it would have been passed unanimously.

It wasn’t, of course, for the truth is we have many in the States who support democracy and respect for the ordinary working public only as lip-service. Anyone in doubt should just consider the words proclaiming commitment to a ‘fairer, more equal society’ we see the Executive happily sign up to with Strategic Plans: words that then strangely never make it into policy.

My proposition was actually won by just two votes. There are still those desperate enough to risk trying to scupper it when it returns for what is normally the formality of a PPC motion to put the wishes of the majority into Standing Orders. The list of the democrats who supported me and the nineteen supporters of the Old Boys’ network who voted against already available on this and other sites, my advice to all readers attending hustings in the coming weeks is quite simple.

Ask all candidates who they would like to vote for as Chief Minister. This simple question is guaranteed to reveal who is worthy of one of your votes and who isn’t. Should a candidate refuse or claim they cannot say yet he or she will be revealed to be either a liar or a supporter of Senator Philip Ozouf and the policies running Jersey directly into the Abyss of a two-tier society. Quite probably they will be both. Either way he or she giving such answers can be guaranteed not have the interests of the Island’s ordinary people at heart.

Want an example? I am told that Mary O’keeffe-Burgher was asked this question by former Senator Ted Vibert, one of the six people who turned up to her recent ‘Meet the Establishment party candidate’ meeting. Apparently she refused to say. She supports secrecy and keeping the public in the dark. Say no more…

Grouville Hustings

Grouville was the first of the Senatorial hustings that I have been able to attend. As these hustings are being reported elsewhere on the net I will say only this. Love him or loath him – and I have certainly had my strong disagreements with the man - the undeniable fact is that on the night Stuart Syvret was simply streets ahead of the other candidates in terms of the quality and depth of his answers.

As for Philip Bailhache, not only did he not manage the same level of applause as Syvret – even in his home parish – the fact is that his incredibly arrogant and frankly plain stupid statement that too many ‘backbenchers’ haven’t got enough to do, and that there are apparently ‘too many questions’ preventing the Great and the Good from doing their work really said all that needs to be said about what an out of touch and politically lightweight candidate this man really is.

Yes, strip away the self-promoted myth of the great Statesman and the truth is actually pretty threadbare. As for his truly bizarre attempts to suddenly pretend that he isn’t a proponent of independence from the UK at all – this really is too ridiculous for words. Though many in the Establishment party might like it to be so we aren’t quite yet living in the pages of Orwell’s 1984!

Keep the Faith



  1. Excellent post. I couldn't go to the Grouville husting but I am fascinated by what you say about how Syvret was received. Perhaps our ex-Bailiff should open his eyes and look at the wider, deeper reasons why so many members feel they have to bring private member propositions i.e. because ministerial policy is so deeply flawed. Such comments would suggest that here is another who wants the States to be just a rubber stamp for ministerial decree.

  2. Big Trev.

    A few words taken from a comment I left on Deputy Tadier's Blog concerning "sir" philip.

    "Phillip Bailhache allowed a convicted paedophile "Roger Holland" to remain in a position of authority, namely a Constable's Officer. He had the opportunity to remove Holland when the conviction was brought to his attention.....He declined to do so.


    Need there be anymore said about this man?

  3. The open vote seems to have gained almost total support. Obviously this doesn't include the nutters like the Troll who attacks whatever any progressive politician does, or the anti-democracy lobby people like Horsfall, Ozouf, Farnham and company. But who takes them seriously anyway? These people are the enemies of Jersey's lower and middle classes.

  4. Big Trev.

    Senator Sarah Ferguson talks to Citizens Media about, (among other things), INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM

  5. Tiz asks: who takes the anti-democracy lobby (and let's ensure that the name of Jeune is added into the list) seriously? The answer, unfortunately, is that the JEP does.

    Bald Truth readers and others know that much of its reporting is recycled garbage, but far too many people have yet to catch on.

  6. More Public money wasted, a pointless out of place granite wall! It just doesn't look right there, quite apart from the cost compared with the previous simple metal 'armco' barrier.

  7. Well done Shona and Debbie. Only two worth voting for in No.2.

  8. Terry Le Main was useless on this phone in. Bluster and desperation. So the three deputies are a bloc vote Terry? What does that make numpties like you who vote every time with the council of ministers against the interests of working people? I though the lie spreader Bryans and the man with the orange suntan from Trinity were bad the other day but Terry takes the biscuit.

  9. Hello Trevor

    I have heard a rumour that your Scrutiny panel's BDO review is under another attack from those who would like to silence your work in this area. Can you shed any light on this issue as to whether the rumours are true or not?

  10. Hi Trevor - I wonder why BBC Jersey do not display the names of the candidates they are interviewing each morning on their website. Only found out this is happening by chance!

  11. Trevor

    One of your banners has vanished from Green Street roundabout and been replaced in precisely the same spot by one of Gino The Baguette man's. Did you move your banner for him or is this a case of dirty tricks?


  12. If NO-one knows who and what Trevor is by now, they never will anyhoo!

    The relevance of nothingness hey :)

  13. Who and what Trevor is? Only the best of the recent intake of States members by a full nine yards, Ian. If only we had more like him.

  14. Any news on the banner, Trev? One less vote for Gino if he had anything to do with it and you hadn't just moved it yourself.

    You and Shona should also know that following on from his hateful letter Bryans is also busy trying to tell people that Shona, Geoff and co don't do any work around the district! LOL!

    Incredible given that this is how the three of them have built their names. Disgusting too but perhaps an indicator of how desperate some people are. Anyone reading don't vote for the Ozouf supporters.

  15. Thanks for taking the trouble to call. Much appreciated and don't worry - you certainly have our two votes. I don't how some of these establishment jokers have the front to even stand.

  16. Big Trev

    Your banner that had disappeared or that you had taken down? I see that tonight this has re-appeared. Not only that but it is back in its original place and Gino The Transaparancy Man's banner that mysteriously appeared in exactly the spot overnight yours had been has moved along a bit! Could it be correct that someone looking vaguely like a well known fast food owner was seen in the vicinity? This all sounds remarkably cloak and dagger like, dare I suggest, 'certian parties' took your banner down and then got rumbled and put it back up. If you know otherwise of course please do tell? All sounds a bit dirty tricks against you and then panic knowing that you take no nonsense. I suppose this type of thing will happen more and more with the kind of smear tactics the likes of B. Riantz is using but all very sad.


  17. Are you on the radio tomorrow with the two Ozouf party candidates, Baker and O'Keefe-Buger, Trevor?

    Also did anyone notice how in the JEP's article on couples standing for election they only mentioned you and Shona, and Mr and Mrs Kevin Lewis?

    Why didn't they mention Mr Baker and Hedi Green?

  18. Oh Glenn you silly silly Voice.

  19. Bryans really exposed for the horrible little liar and bully he must be tonight. Well done to Shona for an excellent and I have to say very brave speech. Highlighting these creeps like Bryans with their slime ball tactics really has to be done.

    As for Le Main, even with Bryans and him bringing every friend they had for fake applause old Tel getting laughed at when he tried to have a go at people about personality politics was a classic! The man is a disgrace to local politics. What has he done for the last twenty years. Apart from have to resign from both IDC and Housing due to his behaviour? Nothing. Good bye Tel and good rid come the 19th.

  20. As one of those in St. Helier district 2 who has been posted the revolting material from Rod Bryans trying to mislead people about your wife Trevor I would like to say that I would rather not vote at all than vote for this man. The same goes for Terry Le Main. Why is my money as a taxpayer bing used to pay somebody so lazy he goes to sleep in the States? These types of people, bullies is all I can call them, make me ashamed to be Jersey born. I would urge all decent people in the district to vote for Shona and Debbie and Geoff too for that matter. But please whatever you do don't vote for the Bryans and Le Mains of this Island. They care only for themselves and what their master Ozouf tells them.

  21. What's going on with BDO/ALTO, Trevor?

  22. No doubt Jonnie Troll will be busy trying to amp up his Ozouf party heroes over the radio interview (I would put odds on it) but I was slightly surprized at how lacking in depth James Baker was on the BBC.

    Mary O'Keefe-Burgher was as shocking as I thought she would be. No substance whatsoever. But Baker really knew very little about St. Helier generally and almost as zilch as Burgher about the No. 1 district.

    I'm just as sure the Troll will try to make out that you didn't come out on top yet the truth is you did so easily. Same as Stuart at the Senatorials you had the most in depth answers by far.

    Poor old Gino. A nice bloke but really what planet is he on sometimes? Most people I have spoken to didn't understand a word.

  23. Nice to speak to you today Trevor. I was going to moan about your lack of new posts but I understand you are tied up with the election and continuing your constituent work. I must say I find it a bit daft that all sitting States members facing an election are not allowed to just drop their workload until after the elction is over. Having to work when other candidates may likely be off on annual leave must put all of you at a disadvantage. And as we also all know some candidates never work at all! I have had one of those knock on my door twice. No I won't be voting for this pushy, smarmy twerp.

  24. Hi Suzi

    I can only apologize for not giving more attention to the website. Truth is that you are quite right - the election and trying to keep up with my constituent work takes priority. For those of us who take the constituent work seriously and have large case portfolios this just can't be underestimated.

    If only people like Rod Bryans actually knew a little more about being a town-based Deptuy and politics generally - rather then spending his time spreading lies about people - he might understand this. Still, if you hang around with the likes of Terry Le Main - the Snoring Senator - it is probably not surprizing he has so little idea.

    But new post up tomorrow night hopefully. Hopefully have a 'guest post' from Shona too. Great response so far in the canvassing so thanks to all of those of you who I have talked to.



  25. trevor and shona i wish you both the very best of luck for tonight kind regards martin.r

  26. Hope all goes well today.


  27. Congratulatins Trevor & Shone well deserved keep up the good work.

  28. Well done you guys, CHRIST! only a few left!!!

    The Monster's Ball

  29. Congratulations on being re-elected.

    One of the St John candidates - Dave Ward - inferred that you would both be booted out tonight. He came bottom in St John.

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