Thursday, 2 February 2012


Just a few fairly brief pieces in this post as constituent cases seem to increase by the day. Not that I’m complaining – ordinary people and their issues are what politics is all about or should be. But short as it was if not particularly sweet this Tuesday’s States Sitting still threw up some interesting information. Though perhaps not as interesting as the information that our slowly crumbling Old Order continue to cling desperately to keeping suppressed!

Worth asking if only to see the Home Affairs Minister’s face when I sprung it on him! The question of just why our police raided the German Consul last year; not to mention what they took away; why, and did they have to give it back is a fascinating one. Even more so what happened between the German and UK governments next!

The Establishment Party ‘Big Wigs’ have been trying to pretend that it didn’t happen. But it did, trust me. I have had the information now from three different reliable sources; both Island-based and from across the water. Thanks to all of them. A ‘Diplomatic’ incident? Ssshhhhh! I can say no more just now.

The big question that has to be asked once again though is surely: where were our ‘accredited’ investigative media? To be fair the JEP did surprise me with a phone call asking for info. Funny how when they had a highly detailed press release blowing out of the water all of the nonsense being spun about the Electoral Commission by Senator Philip Bailhache  they didn’t use a word. Then again, I suppose they were among those helping him spin it…

But this particular story will be blowing up a storm very soon!


If the Home Affairs Minister’s face was a picture last Tuesday then it still probably had nothing on the scarlet, rosy cheeks of the biggest ego in politics, Senator Philip Bailhache when I revealed the fact – and it is FACT – that he has been lobbying to get the Committee of Enquiry agreed by a large majority of us after Senator Francis Le Gresley’s proposition last year torpedoed. How do I know? Again, that would be telling.

Let’s just say that sometimes you have to play people at their own game. Who knows – I might even be adding a new series of ‘guest’ posts to the blog in the near future. Never mind the JEP’s ‘Fly’. What about the ‘Ministerial Mole’? Contrary to the report in the newspaper if you heard the answer to my question put to the Chief Minister; or read through Hansard it is quite clear that Senator Gorst DID acknowledge the accuracy of what I said.

But the question that the media really should be putting to Senator Bailhache - and any and all - of the motley little band of ex-Senators; farcical hate bloggers etc who continue to be so desperate to scupper the full truth coming out about the Abuse Saga is simply to ask: WHY?

Meanwhile, look out for some massively inflated, deliberately exaggerated estimates of ‘likely’ costs that are going to be spun soon as an excuse not to do it. Likewise an attempt to at the very least try and sabotage Deputy Montford Tadier’s essential amendment…


Just as Senator Philip Bailhache wants to sabotage the Abuse Saga Committee of Enquiry his other reason d’etre is, of course, is to ‘reform’ the States. ‘Reform’ it into a sham institution where the interests of the wealthy and powerful will for ever be protected by hamstringing any potential for strong representation for the ordinary people who have made Jersey the success that it has been.

As you likely know the Senator has already managed to convince the right-wing dominated PPC to propose whittling down the contents of Daniel Wimberley’s excellent Electoral Commission into just the bits he wants to bend to his own ends i.e. primarily reducing the number of States members whilst simultaneously making keeping the Constables a non-negotiable.

An off-shoot of this, however, has been the setting up of three PPC Sub-Committees. The first to examine Public Elections. The second to examine Standing Orders and Internal Procedures. The third to look at the Machinery of Government. The only one of these Senator Bailhache wanted to be involved on was – surprise, surprise – looking at internal procedures. His goal being to disenfranchise all of those in areas such as St. Helier and other urban parishes by reducing the ability for their Deputies (who will always be excluded from ‘inclusive’ government) to hold Ministers to account.

This would be achieved by a brutal hacking away of ‘back-benchers’ rights to ‘dumb down’ government to the aforesaid ‘rubber stamp’. For example: reducing question time; limiting speeches and, perhaps worst of all in a display of total contempt for democracy seeking to restrict anyone wishing to propose alternatives to Ministerial policy via propositions. To this regard it was essential that we didn’t allow these Sub-Committees, which will have a heavy workload, to be dominated by the Establishment and their sycophants. 

As such I am pleased to be able to report that I am on both the Public Elections Sub-Committee and the one looking at proposals to change Standing Orders and Internal Procedures. Hope you have your gloves ready, Sir Philip…


Finally for now, anyone still under any delusion that giving totally unwarranted preferential tax breaks to the most wealthy automatically then makes the pie bigger for all of us really should go back to my first post on the works of award-winning economist Ha-Joon Chang.

Better still - go read the full works of the Great Man himself. They are highly accessible to anyone and unlike the vested-interest driven con men who will seek to tell you otherwise Chang never attempts to baffle people with jargon. Sorry, Senator Ozouf and Co but –shock, horror - he isn’t even anti-capitalist!

But in the mean time just to give you further food for thought. Here’s the latest very interesting statistics for how much most of our multi-millionaire  1 (1) K residents REALLY pay. Read the spin that they ALL pay at least £125.000? Think again…

Less than £5,000                23 individuals!

Between £5,000 - £10,000                   10 individuals

Between £10,000 - £20,000                 14 individuals

Between £20,000 - £30,000                 14 individuals

Between £30,000 - £40,000                   7 individuals

Between £40,000 - £50,000                   4 individuals

Between £50,000 - £60,000                   4 individuals

Between £60,000 - £70,000                   4 individuals

Between £70,000 - £80,000                   No individuals

Between £80,000 - £90,000                   4 individuals

Between £90,000 - £100,000                 4 individuals

Those paying £100,000 and above      39  individuals

Number paying less than £100,000      88 individuals!

Funny, but with the ‘personal’ taxation burden growing for so many of us, at the ‘Top’ end where the very wealthiest lord it over us mere peasants the number of individuals actually paying LESS appears to have never been higher? But hey – I guess I’m just following the politics of ‘envy’? Hell, it’s what the apologists for Greed Appeasement will try and say anyway.

Sleep well. Your government is fully committed to a ‘fairer or more equal’ society. Honest…

Keep the Faith



  1. As far as the committee of enquiry into the child abuse goes a more conflicted man than Bailhache you could not find. One needs to ask the question why is he so determined to scupper this enquiry?

    1. I suspect that it has a great deal to do with connections that were built up at an early age (and sometimes you have to look in odd places to find this stuff)

  2. Wowee! what a post Trevor! How the rotten truth must hurt that motley bunch (or does it?).

    Incidentally when I spoke to Mr Gorst in the Royal Square after the States meeting he flatly denied to me and another observer that PB had anything to do with trying to scupper the Inquiry, but did say that there were 'housekeeping' issues to take into account.

    Housekeeping!! When have the States finances ever been handled properly.

    Finally, was the raid on the German Consul a legal raid or an illegal one 'a la Stuart Syvret'? Interesting stuff - keep it up Trevor!

  3. Brilliant post. Bailhache is a menace and must be stopped. As for the tax being paid by most of our 11 Ks the only word is obscene.

  4. Have just listened to the recording of the questions you and the others put to Le Marquand on the Jersey Way. What more can you all do?

    Good questions but Le Marquand just flaps, waffles and more or less says it just doesn't matter what evidence you produce.

    At least you really owned him for all to hear. I honestly think though that we have to go to the UK to bring change. We need weight of numbers.

  5. Trevor.

    “At least you really owned him for all to hear. I honestly think though that we have to go to the UK to bring change. We need weight of numbers.”

    The commenter has hit the nail on the head. It (IMO) has now got to the stage where intervention from the UK is the only course of action left.

    You, and other decent politicians, as well as Bloggers (Jersey’s only independent media) have exposed all the lies, untruths by omission, spin, and Fairy Tales told by those ruling us, still nothing changes. Indeed it gets worse and nothing will stop this out of control Judicial System, the COM and their State controlled media locally.

    Time to put pressure on London to fulfill their obligation and restore the rule of law on this island.

  6. These tax dodging parasites make me sick. How many people coming on here and reading this will be paying more than dozens of these millionaire scroungers? Plenty I would guess. This type of thing just can't be justified in this day and age of economic meltdown.

  7. Anonymous and VFC say let's go off to the UK. But isn't that just the Syvret and Farnham way? Can't we sort out our own problems any more? Is Sir Philip really so very bad that we can't leave things in his hands and first see what happens?

  8. Interesting that some people are viewing Question TIme in the states as some kind of triumph. Le Marquand to my mind seemed to bat away questions on Power's suspension with distracted ease while everyone in opposition huffed and puffed to little avail. Momentum has been lost, I feel.

  9. Donald Pond.

    "Is Sir Philip really so very bad that we can't leave things in his hands and first see what happens?"

    There are those who would argue that it's precisely because things have been in his, and his brother's hands that things have got so bad. PB wants to scupper just about anything that will bring democracy to this island. He wants to scupper the Child Abuse COE. He allowed a convicted Paedophile to remain in a position of power, who went on to abuse again (Honory Police), not only that, he allegedly tried to blame it on somebody else.

    There is a strong enough argument to suggest he is the cause of the problem not the solution.

  10. Le Marquand 'batted away' all questions 'with ease'? Are you Le Marquand in disguise by any chance? He was embarrassing to say the least.

    If you had said 'batted away all attempts to get to the truth by a mixture of stonewalling or playing dumb' (not hard for him I would guess) I would have agreed with you. Don't you care about truth and justice?

  11. The comment from James looks weird and out of sycn on my computer screen.

  12. Agree. What are you trying to say James? And Trevor how come James comment has jumped in far earlier up the page than it should be? I also agree with Voiceforchildren that it would be hard to find someone less appropriate than Bailhache to be running things. In the light of his previous I would go as far as to say that in my opinion he never should have been allowed to even stand for election. The cock-up when Attorney General really was that serious.

  13. Trevor.

    Lest we forget.

    In considering these issues the Committee might find it helpful to be alerted to the apparent relationship between the suspension, and what was said to the media and the outside world in general on Wednesday 12 November 2008. During the course of his enquiries on behalf of the Minister, the Chief Constable of Wiltshire has disclosed to me a number of documents. The two most relevant in respect of this issue are the draft media presentation script which was shown to me by Mr Warcup on 5 November 2008, my last working day before a short period of leave, and the script actually used on 12 November 2008. There are significant differences between the two which must have resulted from changes made between 5 and 11 November 2008. For example, the draft script says “It has never been suggested by the States of Jersey Police that Child Murder took place at Haut de Ia Garenne.” The script actually used in the briefings on 11 and 12 November 2008 says “Statements which were issued by the States of Jersey Police suggested that serious criminal offences had been perpetrated against children and also that there was a possibility that children had been murdered, bodies had been disposed of and buried within the home.” Other differences between the scripts are of a similar nature. Against this background it is legitimate to consider another possible explanation for the actual sequence of events. That is, the decision to suspend was taken on or before 8 November 2008 by persons unknown for reasons at present unknown. The media script was then subjected to significant changes (I believe that “sexed up” is a popular term used to describe this type of process) in order to enable the Minister to claim that he took a decision after being shown the content of the presentation on 11 November 2008, and in order to conceal the real reason or purpose behind the action taken. This may or may not be what actually occurred. Until the truth is known we cannot be sure.

  14. People, when people are conflicted they simply step aside.

    This kind of talk is clutching at straws and why Deputy Pitman + other bloggers are so worried about what Sir Philip B is doing all the time is getting paranoid.

  15. Trevor, your blog times (comments etc) are a few hours out. To correct this, go to your 'home' dashboard and click..

    Settings (for this blog)..
    Formatting screen..
    Time Zone control..
    ..(and Save Changes)


  16. "huffed and puffed ", it sounds like him, the sort of thing that he would say, so presumably he is here, reading this blog. Which is good, because I would like to pin his ears back, I think he's an absolute scoundrel, I have just spent hours transcripting his waffle for Rico, and it makes me feel sick that he can stand in that chamber and tell such great big whoppers. I don't like to keep complaining, but I have PTSD, its horrible because the way I live is as though someone is coming to get me all the time, PTSD means that your fight and flight mechanism never really shuts down, so you are on edge all the time, and the reason I am like this is because so many of the Pindown abused get persecuted to try to shut them up. And thanks to their relentless persecution and fit up of Stuart Syvret, lenny Harper and Graham Power, we can all see how these spivs operate, very clearly. I want to help Rico, but I can tell you that it is certainly not a labour of love to have to listen over and over to that unprincipled black hearted piece of craftiness muttering and stuttering lie after excuse after lie. I wish he would just pack it in and stop avoiding the inevitable and just fess up, instead of dragging out the confession he is going to have to make one day of what he and his colleagues have done.

  17. Multi-millionaires! Jeez, can I be one please? i've paid more tax than 23 of these so and so's since three years after I left school. And I was actually born here! Sick! Sick! Sick!

  18. To an Anonymous poster.

    I would be very happy to publish your recent post stating that a certain politician was one of those who 'ran' HDLG etc - I assume you probably mean was on the board - if you can verify what you say for me.



  19. I try to picture the kind of Jersey PB would create with unlimited power, and it is very scary. His idea of a perfect pseudo-democracy would be unchallenged feudalistic control over all decisions, with polite group-think consensus on every bit of legislation, assisted by professional media consultant spin to be endorsed by State Media, and with unanimous election support from ignorant, unquestioning voters. There would initially be lots of boats out in the morning for those who prefer to see checks and balances or to have their legitimate questions answered. PB has already accumulated enough taste of absolute power to be corrupted absolutely.

  20. Deputy

    I posted to you recently asking for your thoughts as to whether the recent upsurge in UFO sightings could be a sign that we are being observed by Higher beings due to our scant respect for democracy. This was a serious question.

    Most recent sightings are from places where money has replaced the spiritual as our Master or at least driving force. USA, Britain, Japan for example. China and even India too recently. Jersey certainly fits the pattern does it not?

    Perhaps the time of a Higher Judgement is drawing near? Do you think this is a possibility?

  21. Dear Anonymous

    Sorry if I offended you by assuming that your previous question was a bit of tongue-in-cheek fun. I keep an open mind on such things as UFOs; as I do with things many people tag as 'spiritual' or generally not yet explainable.

    Do I think that we might be being observed due to our lack of respect for democracy as you put it? No, sorry I don't. Though in some ways the idea is certainly appealling.

    Actually I think a more likely possibility or explanation for apparent UFO sightings near the Channel Islands could be that our Council of Ministers has actually been infiltrated by aliens!

    Far-fetched? Come on - have you ever sat through a States Sitting? Some of our Establishment Party characters are definitely from another planet...

    Keep the Faith or May the Force be with you!


  22. Thanks for the advice. I'll try and correct this ASAP.

  23. Glad to see that the Rag has at least published a bit on Deputy Le Herissier's sensible electoral commission amendment. I.e to try and ensure this goes back to being fully independent as had been passed by the States last year. You said that the Rag wouldn't publish your press release on the subject a couple of weeks back so why do you think they have printed this latest piece now?

  24. Reference the Rag. Did you notice that they still had to slip in the spin about Bailache 'topping the poll' blah, blah, blah.

    I know it has been said before but what a different story when Syvret was the most popular politican. Not briefly but for years unlike Bailache. Yet come the election for CM it counted for nothing.

    Same story with Breckon losing out to the numpty Le Sewer. Nothing like good old double standards!

  25. Today I have been mostly eating my toenails.

    Tomorrow I plan to paint my bedroom carpet brown.

  26. As I pay 5 grand tax on a workers salary could you let me know which states member I should email to ask why a 1(1)k resident is paying less than me. Why the hell doesnt the JEP report this?

    I was going to email Phil Ozouf but I wonder if I should be emailing another person, if thats the case please tell.

    I will add I have nothing against the rich people being rich, many of them have worked hard to get there but why the heck should they be paying less tax than me when we live in the same island. Its disgraceful, I was going to say how do they sleep at night and leave it there but the fact is they sleep well knowing they are taking the preverbial.

    Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves eh!!

    Cant believe the rag has put up a story about the German Consul person, I wonder if they already knew about it before your mention of it in the states. Ah well, nothing to see here people!

  27. Anonymous

    Which States Members should you be e-mailing if not Senator Ozouf?

    You should, indeed, be e-mailing Senator Ozouf and all of the other 50 (me included) to stress your disgust at this insulting farce of a 'policy'.

    Just remember the Treasury Minister's 'independent' reviiew on 1 (1) Ks and their alleged ;high value' was carried out by a mixture of two things.

    One: paying a company who are not accountants or financial experts but primarily a legal firm who make their core money promoting tax breaks for 1 (1) Ks and their counterparts elsewhere.

    Two: by the good Senator - on his own admission - chatting to TWO 1 (1) K residents and a taxi driver who all apparently told him he had it all spot-on! I spoke to twice as many 1 (1) K residents myself in putting together my amendment!

    Like you I have nothing against anyone being a multi-millionaire. Good luck to them if they have made their money legally and more imporatntly (to me at least) ethically.

    But as for the spin that the richest should pay less just because they have more...that boat just don't float as the saying goes.

    As I have demonstrated with Chang's data from the World Bank on this blog last year the argument claiming that giving the very wealthy huge tax breaks automatically makes the financial pie bigger and makes us all richer is nothing more than a con. Global statistics going back to the 1960's prove this.

    I have raised this fact in the States many times and it is never challenged by our right-wing economic gurus. Why? Because it is FACT.

    AS for the German Consul story... The JEP story is not the whole story though they are now on the right track. I do know more but jusst now it is not the appropriate time to publish it. Let's see how this unfolds first...

  28. Trevor.

    " I do know more but jusst now it is not the appropriate time to publish it. Let's see how this unfolds first..."

    It has unfolded! You mentioned it in the States, the State Media regurgitated what they were told by the police job done, that's how Jersey Journalism works. You don't think the State Media are going to start "investigating" something do you?

    You mentioned this in the States on Tuesday, how many "journalists" have contacted you?

  29. Maybe I am being a bit naive but isn't this approach to taxation discriminating against the average member of the public? Like your poster above I work hard but I am never going to be a millionaire unless I get lucky on the lottery. I have no problem with my lot in life but just cannot understand how a government can be allowed to treat its own locally born people as second class citizens by allowing outsiders to pay far less tax.

  30. How many journalists asked about the background to the German Consul question?


  31. Trevor.

    There you have it then. The one that did ask has repeated what they were told. After talking with people today I became a bit more knowledgable on the subject and if you would give me an interview on the subject it would be much appreciated?

  32. Trevor. Perhaps you should have asked about dog s**t then you would have had all of them ringing your phone. That's all the BBC phone in ever talks about anyway. Correction - that's all the BBC want us to think people are interested in.

  33. Interview is fine. Give me a call and we'll set it up for early next week.

  34. Trevor, you have your very own TV channel. Voice for Children!

  35. Today I will be mostly sending emails to myself.

  36. I have been a member of the board of the Finnish Alliance. In one meeting I heard in my own ears, when chairman Heikki Tala told the board that Helsinki District Court was ready to ban our organization! An official had told this threat to our chairman in a meeting in the Ministry for Internal Affairs.

    This happened before the New York Times interviewed our chairman and published an article about Finland on December 25, 2005. This article mentioned our organization.

    As far as I have understood, president Halonen, Prime Minister Vanhanen and other leading politicians were behind this threat to ban the Finnish Alliance - without any reason!

    A government's threat to ban a peaceful organization (because of its opinions) violates the principles of democracy.

  37. Is it correct that the States are paying for new members to attend coaching coures for dealing with the media? If so I think this is money that could be far better spent in any number of ways.

    Surely with cut backs on services for children and young people alone this is a joke? You yourself manage to be clear and appear very confident when interviewed so I presume you didn't have any expensive coaching for this?

    My point being why do new members need this now and when money has never been tighter? More warped priorities.

  38. Can Ari or someone else tell me what the CKY Finnish Alliance is please? I am told it is relating to a rock band who try to promote peaceful change but can't find much about it. If you are getting readers from Finland Trevor then maybe it is more due to your proclaimed love of the excellent Finnish Goth rock band HIM rather than Jersey politics? UFOs and now Finland. Whatever next for Jersey?

  39. Surely the electorate should be voting in people who are capable of representing the public and be able to converse in a manner that is clearly understood. If they are not capable of dealing with media questions in an open and honest way how on earth can they represent their voters!!!

  40. In answer to the two questions above...

    Yes, the States have laid on a course for new Members to get coaching in dealing with the media. I have no idea of the take-up but I believe as a result the coaching has now been offered to others. I certainly won't be attending - though have no comment as to whether others should or not.

    This sort of thing is nothing new, of course. A few years back I seem to recall the motley bunch of right-wing apologists for greed calling themselves 'Elect Jersey 2005' set up this type of thing for their favoured 'independent' stooges.

    It ran alongside their smear campaign against anyone to the left of Attila The Hun or daring to suggest that genuine, opne party politics might be a better way to achieve political accountability rather than the covert sort our Establishment Party 'elite' practice so successfully.

    A good number of the 'independent' candidates some of you will have innocently voted for only last year were also actually provided with coaching and even the writing of speeches and 'manifestoes' by a group of Establishment Party Grandees.

    As you might have already noticed some aappear to know absolutely nothing about politics at all when you hear them speak. They were persuaded to stand and supported to win election simply to try and help maintain the status quo.

    As for the CKY Finnish Alliance question I'm afraid that I know no more than you anonymous.

    I looked it up and could only find limited information in line with what you suggest. Perhaps Ari could tell people more? So long as it promotes democracy, equality and is not racist then that is fine. Should anyone know any diifernt please post and if necessary I will remove the post.

    Keep the faith.



    I can confirm that I do get a small number of readers from Finland. Maybe they are HIM fans too? The only poster I get who I sstrongly suspect is not of this planet and is possibly posting from a UFO is Jon the Troll!

  41. Is your time setting problem sorted out yet? Think it is likely to be something simple that is just not clicking in with our true time zone. Have you got Admin support? Or have you moved to Latin America to visit some of your political friends?

  42. Obviously not sorted! Yes, I will get my excellent Admin to have a further look. Just been too busy so apologies for not sorting as promised. Posting this at 17.19 according to my watch.

  43. Today I answered all the emails I sent to myself yesterday and I made sure I copied myself in.

  44. Thanks for you response re me paying over 5k tax and who i should email. Just got all the data I need to fill out my 2011 tax form so will wait till i get my new pay as your earn statement so I can back up my argument.

  45. Thanks for the link to Sam's webssite VFC.I would strongly urge all readers to play their part.

    As I have made clear within my earlier posts wwe just cannot allow the independent Electoral Commission to be hijacked by Senator Bailhache and turned to his own desired ends.

    We need to move forward into the 21st Century not go backward to the 17th! Make no mistake - if the independence of the commission is lost that is where we will be going in terms of equality and fairness of representation for ordinary people!

    Don't let it happen!

  46. In doing my best to stick - belatedly - to my New Year's resolution to try and post something new every week or two I hope to have a new post up on Thursday.

    Not 100% sure yet but depending on a few facts being verified by then a truly stunning instance of Jersey 'justice' could well be featured. A real eye-opener to be sure!



    Please don't forget to go and listen to the latest PPC meeting this coming Thursday. Full details on the States website!

  47. Trevor.

    The PPC meeting is on Wednesday (not Thursday) at 2pm. If you are going there in your capacity as a Blogger, you'll not be made very welcome as this explains.

    The definition as approved by the Privileges and Procedures Committee as previously constituted is as follows -


    The States aim to promote wide accreditation and welcomes local, national and international media organisations, all of which may apply for media accreditation. Accreditation applications for media organisations can be made to the States Greffe, Morier House, Halkett Place, St. Helier, JE1 1DD. Applicant organisations will be required to demonstrate that their work meets the following criteria:

    (a) They operate in a regulated environment. They and their employers adhere to principles and standards set down by independent bodies such as the National Union of Journalists, Ofcom, the BBC Trust or the Press Complaints Commission.

    (b) They do not act as lobbyists, paid or unpaid, for any individual or organisation that might seek to influence the political process or benefit from inside knowledge of the political process.

    If requested, individual journalists and media personnel should be able to provide identification which specifies the media organisation they work for, so that accreditation can be verified. Freelance media who require accreditation are required to demonstrate that they work in a professional capacity and that their work is likely to be used by an accredited news organisation and will require a supporting signature of an Editor/Head of News/Pictures Editor or equivalent.“ (END)

    Not sure how things would stand if you wanted to video record the meeting as a States Member?

  48. Interesting.

    Just on first reading I would say to all 'Citizens Media' journalists. Give your 'organisation' a name. Not difficult and most will have a name for their blog or website anyway.

    'Appoint' your blog/website an 'Editor' who can provide a counter signature and present yourself alongside the JEP, BBc, Channel etc and see what happens.

    My guess is even more excuses will be found. But let's try!

  49. My guess is that you would be proven right.

  50. "They do not act as lobbyists, paid or unpaid, for any individual or organisation that might seek to influence the political process or benefit from inside knowledge of the political process."

    That rules out all the local MSM then!

  51. Poor old Jon has sent me yet another post that I can't use because of the abuse contained. But the basics of it was that all members of Citizens Media are apparently criminals.

    Given the sad little twerps conviction in 2010 perhaps this wasn't meant to be as malicious as it first appeared. I mean...he could just be thinking everyone else on the net has standard as low as his own?

    Then again, no. Most peeople for all of their faults just aren't that cowardly!

  52. Actually was that 2010 or 2011? Doesn't really matter I suppose. A more apt question would likely be when will the next one be?

  53. Why don't you post my comment on convicted blogger criminals? What's the problem with it, I mean you liase with scum so you must be scum yourself yer?

  54. Le Braye Slippy Rollers8 February 2012 at 21:53:00 GMT

    Is Jon able to articulate what laws the local bloggers have actually broken or is that just a very very very silly question?

  55. Dear readers

    Please don't be offended by the post I am about to publish (it will appear just above this)I do so only to demonstrate the depth of the embittered, ignorant trash that decent people in Jersey are up against.

    Of course the wimp hides his name but that says so very much when you are posting abuse and have no real reason to conceal your identity.

    Keep the faith.


  56. Pathetic. Why doesn't this dweeb try and get a life? My idea of 'scum' would probably be the sort of person for example who makes terrifying death threats to innoceent people just because they are friends of a politician the little geek is hugely jealous of. Time we had a full review of what is a 'hate' crime I do believe.

  57. Hello, hello.

    Some people are getting a bit feisty aren't they? Can I get back to politics by asking if Trevor or anyone else went along to the PeePee C meeting today?

  58. Today I have mainly been eating lard and frozen bacon....

    Unfortunately I am too drunk to cook.

  59. In answer to the question about today's PPC meeting I'm afraid that I was unable to go due to constituent commitments.

    I am told it was rather an uneventful meeting though and half of the Committee were missing. Senator Bailhache - who was in Brussels telling people that we are not a tax haven. Senator Fergusson - who I believe is still unwell. And Deputy Tadier who was on holiday again - lucky chap!

  60. Today I have mainly been sleeping off a hangover...

    Tonight I will mainly be pretending to be someone I am not on the intranet.

  61. High Value Peeved Individual9 February 2012 at 17:55:00 GMT

    Getting back to these joke figures that our so called High Net Value millionaires are paying. Can an investigation being launched in to this?

    It surely, but surely must be discrimination of locals like me that I am paying so much more tax in real terms? How is this justified in law and can anyone point to the law on the internet somewhere?

  62. Tomorrow I will mostly be eating welks.

    I will also be starting a petition to make being drunk in charge of a computer a jailable offence.

  63. Correction.

    Tomorrow I will not now be eating mostly welks as I have just discovered that last night we must have thrown up on them.

    Good morrow...

  64. Deputy, I though 1.1.k's were under contract going back years and if it means they pay little tax at the time the contract was drawn it cannot be broken. Are you saying all these tax contracts can be broken?

  65. Please can you stop me posting on here as I am very embarrassing? If not then later tonight I will mostly be dribbling.

  66. To Anonymous & High Value Peeved Individual:

    If you recall when asked this question Deputy Eddie Noel at first said one thing then changed his mind.

    The first impression given was that the taxation of 1 (1) Ks could be increased like any of the rest of us. He later suggested that legal advice meant such contracts couldn't.

    Sadly, and wholly wrongly in my view, I believe that the second position is likely the binding one. This just shows all the more how foolish it was to enter in to these 'contracts' in the first place.

    'Discrimination against local tax payers'? Absolutely with you on that. Phone Senator Ozouf and the Tax Office and complain. Let us know what response you get.

    As for 'JTM':

    Yes, you are embarrassing. I did reject your post about how you would be eating your Iceland diner for one tonight and a couple of others with abuse. I don't like banning people but to prevent you from dribbling excessively tonight I am going to ban you for 24 hours. Sorry.

  67. Trevor,
    Why haven't you, or any of your political colleagues in the States Assembly, picked up on the disgraceful treatment of the lifeguard supervisor who was cast aside when the RNLI completed their hostile takeover of the Jersey lifeguard service?
    the poor man deserves a champion having lost (on a legal technicality) his employment tribunal?
    who is going to take up the cause of this poor man in this shameful episode for the workers of Jersey?

  68. Your blog is very excellent. I like also Mister Rico's and the Voices for children. The more of all people who protest about the cover ups being made the better for all peoples. Committee of enquring must also go ahead.

    I would like to see all politicians who have made much noises to get stopped and blogs that support attempts to undermine child abuse investigation like this sick blog Farce fully investigated in this enquiring too.

  69. Shane

    If the individual is known to you and he wants help from a politician please advise him to get in touch.


    Thanks. You also make a very good point about the politicians who were always doing their utmost to undermine, as you rightly say,the 'Historic' Abuse Inquiry generally while doing very little else. Likewise the very sick and similarly focussed farce blog.

    The question that really should be put to these people is 'try and justify your motivation for your strange and rather sinister seeming obsession'

    Let's be quite clear any website that does this, along with featuring what Deputy Martin made quite clear were stolen personal e-mails has to be pretty sick and the people (admittedly only one sad troll with input from three or four other cowardly creeps) likewise.

    In fact your point is so good and on the money that I will bring up what you say when next this comes to the Assembly.

  70. Paz's comments are well worth following up Trevor.

    I have heard that people on the farce site were being traced for identification anyway for exactly the reasons highlighted.

    You would have to say this would all make sense.

    What kind of sicko would actually try to distract from protecting vulnerable children?

    You would have to ask what might people behind the site have to hide?

    Roll on the COE.

  71. Jonny Chunders & the Fartbreakers9 February 2012 at 22:37:00 GMT

    I have now changed my name and also given up welks, winkles and lard. I am also trying to remember to put on my pants before answering the front door. Can I come back on now and share my thoughts...

  72. brilliant work trevor ....made my day

  73. Firstly, as readers will have noticed I didn't manage to get the new post up last night as hoped. The simple reason for this is as follows.

    The post was to - and still will - revolve around a couple of very serious complaints about handling of cases by our police. Sensitive in themselves, with the rise in complaints about some police action having now been confirmed and highlighted in the media I want to go over a number of matters again with the constituents who have asked me to raise these.

    Such is the seriousness that it is likely I will also be asking questions about them in the States at the next Sitting. This said I still hope to get the post up once I have met again with the two constituents - likely by end of the weekend.

    A second point is just to say: carry on little Troll.

    There really can be little more enjoyable than watching the noose deservedly tighten around a revolting little coward and bully who appears to get his only pleasure in life from attacking and threatening others - always under the cover of concealing his identity of course - and spreading lies about people.

    Fortunately this little wimp isn't nearly as smart as he thinks so all I can say is the clock is ticking Troll. No amount of trying to transfer the blame for your cowardly, thugish behaviour will prevent the truth coming out.

    No blanket over the head next time I would be quite certain. Just the full glare of publicity as you are carted off to become one of Deputy Tadier's constituents for several months!

    Keep the Faith


  74. Tonight I will mostly be staying in chundering.

    Passing Blockbuster Video today I noticed a huge poster advertising a new film "Troll Hunter".

    I don't think it is fair that Stuart Syvret has been allowed to make a film about me...

  75. Incriminating Fingerprintz10 February 2012 at 20:55:00 GMT

    This rise in complaints against the police must say something about how professionalism has dipped since Power was hounded out of Jersey? What do others think?

  76. I believe that most police officers will try to do a very good job; the same as most people in most professions.

    The actions that I am supporting constituents with certainly leave a lot to be desired to say the very least. Whether one can link this purely to a different individual at the top, however, is a different matter entirely.

    Mr Power certainly had excellent feedback on the improvements he made on coming to Jersey. Mr. Bowron also deserves praise for the recent moves that have increased police visibility.

    It would also be totally wrong for anyone to try and link the appalling political shambles and treatement of the victims of abuse and those trying to get to the bottom of it with a new police chief who obviously had nothing to do with what went on then whatsoever.

  77. Troll

    Listen up because I won't be wssting my time responding to you on the net again.

    Yes - of course I have copied all of your threats and slurs. I would have thought even a buffoon as stupid as you would have worked out that one!

    Did you really think that I just delete them? When added to your threats to others it is all building up to a very serious case. I suppose you should have thought of that before you started.

    When you also consider the evidenced threats to women one has to conclude that you are a very sick individual indeed. Your downfall will, I'm sure, be cheered by many you have attempted to intimidate. Face it - you are just an inadequate.

    As such I think other people are right. Like them I really shouldn't even give you a line of acknowledgement here - managing as you do to be both hysterically funny and tragic at the same time.


  78. Trevor.

    Is that why Senator Le Marquand looked so uncomfortable on CTV last night?

    Scrutiny about to happen from an ex-scrutiny member?

  79. Whats the bet that our present Home Affairs Minister will be resigning next Tuesday?

    Realistically he has too much on his plate!?

  80. Anonymous

    I don't think that there is any chance of a resignation Tuesday week. As you have probably noticed it doesn't matter how damning the evidence produced.

    The Scrutiny review that revealed what a lot of absolute nonsense had been put out; the farcical 'interim' report that is frankly embarrassing; now the misleading letter on which Power was suspended etc

    Things will carry on as they are until external pressures alongside internal ones forcing through the COE take things past the point of no return. But don't fool yourself. We are not there yet.

    Having said that I do know that there is another Member considering a vote of no confidence. There is also a very good proposition relating to all of this in the pipeline.

  81. Good to see some exchanges on here all the other blogs seem dead tonight. Maybe they don't all have such quiet lives and are out boozing it up on a Friday night? Come to think of it they are probably the ones with the right idea.

    What I was going to chip in was about the Deputy Les Herissier amendment to the electoral commission. He is now going back on what he had proposed about making the commission look at voter registration like former Deputy Wimberley had outlined at the start.

    What do you think on this Trev? To me voter registration is a really big issue. It should be centrally based for a start shouldn't it?

  82. Two are legends one is a loser. Facts is facts.

  83. Shane

    Thanks for getting back in touch.

    I didn't publish what you said because I wasn't quite sure if it was meant for publication or not.

    Please tell Paul that if he wants to get in touch I will do what I can to try and help.


  84. Back on line again and on a Saturday? I hope you are not allowing your blog to get in the way of writing a proposition to try and get rid of Le Marquand? It just has to be done. Please do it.

  85. This point is well off subject but I would be interested to hear what you, Trevor or others think about it.

    Looking at the front page of the jep today I was really angered by the story about the 20 year old serial burglar. What really got to me, apart from the staggering number of offences that this young lad had built up, was just how young he had been when he started. 10 years old according to the paper. TEN! I remember that you brought a proposition to the States a couple of years ago that was calling for not all, but very serious young offenderss to be named as a part of trying to prevent them from carrying on down a path of crime. I know that it was heavily rejected then but I have to ask in the light of this case. Were the States wrong to reject your proposal?

    Don't get me wrong I'm not for just locking people up without any attempt at rehabilitating them. Nor do I want youngsters punished as if they were adults. But I really do wonder if the horrible shock of being confronted with what you have done and all and sundry knowing about it might have prevented individuals like this one sliding as far down the slippery slope of crime as he has? One of the biggest learning experiences in my personal opinion is when we have to face up to the consequences of what we have done wrong. Most of us go through it to some degree or other and it generally proves to be a positive thing even if it does hurt or embarasse at the time.

    Do you still think the idea behind your proposals to name those who committed very serious or serial crimes was right Trevor? If so, would you consider bringing it back again?

  86. Think about this.

    If Le Marquand resigns, or gets ousted.

    Who would dare take on this position at his moment in time!?

  87. Hi

    Just an update to again apologise for not being able to get the intended post up. Hopefully I will be able to do so by Tuesday night.

    Unfortunately, have had to take the step of involving some external 'contacts' including an internet specialist with regard to more cowardly threats etc. Sad some people certainly are. Clearly inadequate too.

    Of course, these pathetic creatures would never be brave enough to behave in such a fashion in person. But as I have said before even though such revolting cowards think they are safe in their bullying the truth is that there is always someone who knows more than them...

    A sad part of the modern political world and beyond it seems. Perhaps even hardly a surprising one when you even get newspapers publishing fake letters from people who don't even exist attacking politicians and the like.

    Keep the Faith


  88. Jessica the maggot (JTM)13 February 2012 at 22:02:00 GMT

    Today I have mainly been wearing black chiffon and an A line skirt.

    Yesterday I was mainly calling myself Alan...

  89. Lets talk football a moment. Who can't have been sickened by the attitude of Liverpool's Luis Suarez on Saturday?

    Not only did he let down his Manager but he let down his team, club and whole nation with his disgraceful behaviour.

    He should never have racially abused Patrice Evra in the first place but if he had held his hands up and said sorry then I think most people would have been satisfied.

    All goes to show just how backward we have been here in Jersey by not having race laws in place.


  90. Racism will always be a hard one to crack in football because the sport will always attract a lot of people who sadly are not that bright. Drinking also is a big factor in this type of behaviour which needs to be considered.
    I used to watch quite a few live games in the pub in town and there was this geezer Jon or Jon-Jo I think he was called. Really summed up the extent of the problem. Dead end job, never seemed to have a girlfriend or friends for that matter. Didn't seem too bright to be honest.
    Too much time drinking alone or likely sitting at home on the net. Basically a scrawny little so and so to look at who probably felt inferior because of it all. So with a half-dozen beers in him out would come all the abuse at black players on the television. What I'm saying is rascism is really about ignorance so the key to cracking it is education. take this a step further and we can see that jusr because he is a premiership footballer being paid hundreds of thousands of pounds we shouldn't overlook that Suarez may well be as thick as a telephone directory just like the geezer I used to see in the pub. Education. And yet here we are in Jersey with our Council of Ministers cutting its funding!

  91. Today I have mostly been buying bacofoil...

    Tonight I am dressing up as Gary Glitter.

  92. What is all of this stupid fuss about tazers? Certainly our police don't need them. But more importantly there are much bigger issues that our government should be tackling.

    Unemployment, unfair taxation breaks for the filthy rich. Worst of all the collapse of the rule of law that has seen a police Chief driven from office because he dared look into matters that our establishment gang would rather keep under wraps.

    Let us see some real priorities for Heaven's sake.

  93. Big Trev

    You should be aware that everyone's least favourite troll was drunk as per usual in the pub blattering on and laughing about sending emails attacking you. The Alan post seems to be on the money. Though to be fair he wasn't wearing black chifon but a smelly jumper.

    Take care

  94. Hello

    Have discovered a bit of interference with the site. Passing it over to appropriate people to deal with. Have the belated new post up tomorrow.


  95. hahaha, government hacking you Trev, they are at me non-stop.

  96. Why are school leavers being paid £1 an hour, i know a team of world famous experts went to china did they see the slave labour working over there.Is this legale?