Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Does your neighbour have a petrol bomb or two under the bed; maybe even a rocket launcher? A few crates of old Nazi stick grenades left over from the Occupation perhaps?  Has he or she already admitted wanting to kill you; maybe even already attacked your home?

Not nice things to consider for sure. But in the event of such information coming to light then – like me – you would probably think it only commonsense for the Police to advise you and your family about the potential danger you were in? Just so you could take any additional precautions and the like.

But you would be wrong.    

Home Affairs Minister, Senator Ian Le Marquand says you have “no right to know whatsoever” because it would be a “breach of your neighbour’s Human Rights!” Oh yes, and that bolshie Deputy Trevor Pitman really should stop “exaggerating” about such things -.blooming scaremonger! Apparently I had even upset the gun clubs – even though my question had not once mentioned them or even…GUNS period!


As if it isn’t already worrying enough to learn that journalists within the Island’s ‘professional Accredited Media’ appear to think that you spell ‘bomb’ with a ‘G’,‘U’ and an ‘N’ Senator Ian Le Marquand’s latest performance in the States should have everyone supporting the introduction of a ‘recall’ mechanism into local election law as a matter of urgency.

Okay, so after the shambolic farce that was the Minister’s handling of the suspension of former Chief of Police, Graham Power (when he ran away from a fair fight that would have been a full disciplinary hearing) you likely wouldn’t be expecting too much to be fair. But surely a modicum of commonsense might be applied in an instance like this – after all these are potentially matters of life and death we are talking about?

But no – not a bit of it! Just as we have seen with the attitude from our Establishment Party to the victims of abuse at Haut De La Garenne these past few years; the rights of victims count for nothing when set against that of perpetrators. Indeed, Senator Le Marquand was once again about as much use to vulnerable people as a chocolate teapot

So do we give up? Hardly – I actually have a lot more information on this matter than I am currently putting forth. Come next Tuesday I will be giving the Attorney General his chance to tell us his version of just what the heck has gone wrong here. Just as importantly, hopefully give people like my constituent Tony and his poor family a bit of reassurance …

Meanwhile, for the full details of an incredible story that has NOTHING to do with seeking more restrictions on responsible members of shooting clubs and the like please do visit or watch Tony tell it in his own words - see below. If you are not disgusted your name is probably Jon. Or Ian…


Having been hammering home the proven reality that giving multi-millionaires undeserved preferential tax breaks doesn’t automatically then make the ‘economic pie’ bigger for all of us for the last 18 months I am pleased –if admittedly surprised – that finally the Treasury Minister might be taking the blinkers off. I stress ‘might’…

Though admitting to me that he had still not got around to reading the economist that all discredited ‘free-market’ Capitalists should read – Ha-Joon Chang – in conversation Senator Ozouf did confirm that the Treasury are now finally beginning to look at putting proper regulations in place: i.e. that would enforce new 1 (1) K residents needing to commit a set and realistic amount of income to investment in the Island.

This is the only way; of course, that the much-spun and largely mythic ‘trickle down’ benefit to other people can ever have any significant degree of guaranteed impact. Will Senator Ozouf actually follow this through? Let’s hope so. Indeed, if he does I’ll even promise to give him full credit and not make one of those annoying ‘I’ve been telling you to do this for years!’ speeches.


Not a lot you might think. But if we’re talking legal advice to the governments of Jersey and Guernsey in regard to the challenge to the UK’s LVCR ruling you actually couldn’t be more wrong according to my genuinely good friend, Deputy Mike Higgins. About £360,000 cost to us and only £60,000 to them!

Think about it. The same issue which means pretty much the same type of questions needing to be answered. Not to mention a similar amount of work and research to be done. Yet we are being charged six times as much!

Of course, the fact that Economic Development Minister Senator Alan Maclean says that he is “quite happy” with the charge will ensure that these concerns go no further in terms of the Executive. For those of us who live in the real world, however, the next question is to request a breakdown of exactly what this is buying us – and then comparing it with our counterparts in Guernsey.

There can, after all, be only two conclusions. Somebody is getting very good value for money. Or somebody is getting badly ripped off! Either way the Islands’ taxpayers deserve to know about it.


Isn’t it the way it always happens?  You are one of those who actually understand that for a community to really flourish long-term government has to work for ALL in society – not just for the benefit of the rich.

So you understandably breath a big sigh of relief that one of the local media ‘Tory Boys’ has apparently given up writing gushing nonsense praising any local politician to the right of Maggie Thatcher (or the slightly more socially-aware orientated Genghis Khan). Moved on instead to apparently reminisce about his secret love for 80’s Brit-Pop band Blur,

And then, whilst you’re cutting up Monday’s JEP to put it into the smallest room in the house for safe-keeping you are stunned to notice that this apparently was nothing more than a pleasant dream! Yes, that’s right. My old friend Ben Quérée (quite a nice bloke for a Chelsea supporter!) is spouting lyrical on behalf of the Establishment Party yet again! Not only that but what he is writing is about as accurate as the shooting of £50 million pound, one-goal-a-year flop striker Fernando Torres.

Yup! Not content with last week’s ‘The Fly’ column where I was described as asking ‘silly’ questions about a mere ‘dispute between neighbours’ (see the petrol bomb story for how insulting this must have been to my terrified constituents) now old Ben is trying to shift the blame for the likely sabotaging of the Electoral Commission on to the ‘left-leaning opposition’ in the States!

You really might have thought that barely four months on the JEP would have been quite content to have gotten away with giving far more slant, focus and space to supporting the regularly incoherent political ramblings of Senator Philip Bailhache during the election than was afforded to others standing? Yet apparently not if you read Ben’s latest offering.

No. Senator Bailhache now attempting to hijack the long-agreed, fully independent Electoral Commission to try and ensure the role of the Constables is a non-negotiable; not to mention Senator Ian Gorst doing a good impression of a forked-tongued Hissing Sid in going back on his stated pre-Chief Minister election vote commitment to this were apparently wholly irrelevant.

The real villains it seems – at least according to Ben’s deep and obviously unbiased ‘political’ analysis is that it now ‘gives the left-leaning opposition (I think you mean democrats, Ben) an excuse to back out of any reforms that don’t suit them’. Something which apparently comes close to ‘defeating the point of the whole Commission!’

Well, thanks for clarifying that one for us, Ben! I must confess I had completely missed it. As apparently had every other person that I have spoken to! There was us – even that old radical Deputy Roy le Herissier - foolishly all getting agitated over one man putting what he wants ahead of the interests of the ordinary people who made this Island the success it has been. Really, where do we all get it from?

You know at this point I must admit I was quite tempted to write something a bit cutting about my good friend, Ben. But then I mellowed a bit. After all, I thought, given that there is now about as much likelihood of his once dominant football team winning any silverware this year as there is of Senator Bailhache still being in politics in a year’s time if his attempt to hijack democracy is unsuccessful, poor old Ben has probably suffered enough!

I just hope he has a holiday booked if his latest hero doesn’t get his way…

Keep the Faith



  1. Trevor.

    Your readers really ought to watch the interview with "Tony" and read his story HERE to be able to put that stalwart of "journalism" Ben Queree's words into perspective regarding the "silly" question.

    As is so often the case Ben Queree and the rest of Jersey's State Media are all "on message." Totally misrepresenting you, your constituent and just putting out a "party line" with no regard to the truth and the facts.

    Tony's story is horrifying and tells an oh so familiar tale of Jersey's judicial system and public administration that has completely failed him and his family. The State Media portray this as you having a go at the gun club......priceless!

  2. Have a look at this Mr. Queere.

  3. Ha ha ha! Absolutely brilliant! You know what must peeve these numpties more than anything is that you don't only just stand up for the people who elected you. You even write to a far better and rib-ticklingly funny standard than our 'on message' journalists.

  4. Maybe you can explain why it is always you that these moaners go to? If things were really that bad then why aren't senior politicians like Senators Ozouf, Gorst, Bailhache and Farnham being approached? Wouldn't it have been better for Tony to just let the police do their job rather than get a Deputy involved?

  5. Can you tell us who the magistrate was in this case Trevor? Also do you know anything about the person's background as it seems there are rumours of powerful family links with the establishment?

  6. I am only posting to say now that I have seen the interview with Tony and you on Voice For Children and read your last two posts I understand what this was all about.

    Being a shooter I was very disturbed with what I thought you were trying to do according to Channel Television. To be honest I thought you must be losing the plot. I even told a few people as much.

    Basically I am now saying that I am sorry for getting the wrong end of the rifle. Not that I think it was my fault. You are quite right to highligh this story and Tony's treatment really isn't good enough.


    Another Tony

  7. Hi

    Hope to give a few answers to questions later this evening has tied up until then.

    I shouldn't need to repeat it but obviously won't be publishing any posts with abuse or attacking my constituent. So please don't waste your time sending any more.


  8. Right.

    'Alan M':

    I'm sorry but your ridiculous use of the term .moaners' makes me doubt your sincerity. But let's give you the benefit of the doubt.

    I think it is surely quite clear that Tony has given the police every opportunity and more to do their job. Come on, watch the interview Tony has given.

    Doesn't it speak for itself? 14 months he and his family have been waiting for this to be resolved.

    As for why what you term 'senior' politicians are not being approached by people I can say only this. People approach politicians based on trust and knowing that they follow through on things. This probably answers the question in itself.

    However, to enlarge on this I can also say that many people who get in touch with me and other Deputies have tried approaching these 'senior' politicians. All too often they say that they have been given short shift or not even responded to.


    I am informed the Magistrate for this case was Magistrate Shaw.

    I make no comment on this. At present I am particularly interested to have an explanation from the Law Office/Police Legal Advisors angle as to how such a case apparently came to be thrown out on grounds of 'lack of evidence' as this is what my constituents' find so bewildering. Me likewise.

    As I have indicated previously, yes, I do know a great deal more about the background to this case e.g. who is involved, even relevant incidents that have happened previously etc.

    I would hope you would understand that this is not for airing at this point. What matters is getting Tony and his family justice and some peace of mind.

    Another Tony:


    Would I be right in suspecting that you are the same Tony who used to do some work for ESC back before I was first elected? I remember you used to shoot and often tell me about it.

    If so, then don't feel that you have to say so on here. Send me an e-mail privately so we can catch up. As for getting the wrong end of the stick - or 'rifle' as you put it - no problem. I am not surprized at all how many people got the wrong idea.

    Not your fault at all, nor mine for that matter. As the interview I gave with Tony makes clear, and as my question not even mentioning guns should have done in itself, the confusion is all down to the slant put on the story by the States Media.

    Anyway, thanks for your support and for taking the trouble to post your comments saying how knowing the facts behind the story you fully support me raising it. I really appreciate this.

    It is odd really but I had another individual also incredibly called Tony would you believe who was abusive when he had the wrong end of the story, yet was still unable to refrain from this attitude even after I had provided him with the correct facts.

    Some people just can't admit when they are wrong I suppose - though I suspect that his attitude had far more to do with just not liking my politics!

    Keep the Faith


  9. Was just about to knock off when I came across another new post.

    I read this (maybe wrongly?) as suggesting that Alan M going on about 'moaners' is the same person (a troll I suppose is the suggestion) that happened to post soon aftreward asking about who the magistrate was etc.

    Maybe you are right, poster, though the tone and pitch of the questions semed entirely different. As we all know some people get their 'kicks' in bizarre ways!

    Next you'll have me thinking that all of these Tonys could be the same person! Think I'll go to bed...

  10. Trevor.

    Anyone who is following the deceit and lies coming out of the suspension of Graham Power, will know that all it needs is a couple of good questions to ILM for him to finally say OK enough is enough I can't go on with this any longer. (or words to that effect).

    Surely between yourself and your good colleges Deputy Higgins and Tadier, you can get your heads together and compose questions he (ILM) will have no way of getting out of.

    Maybe ideas could come from here from fellow bloggers?

  11. Good to see Senator Gorst finally keeping one promise - however belatedly - about revealing more information on the 'Golden Handshakes' scandal.

    As one of those who kept asking the questions about this, only to be told that no comment could be made due to 'confidentiality' it is a big step forward.

    As I have also commented elsewhere - now all Ian Gorst has to do is keep the other two promises that earned him my vote for Chief Minister.

    This being a commitment to genuine 'inclusive' government based on experience and ability to do a job,rather than 'jobs for the boys (and girls); similarly in stepping back from his silly and devisive bowing and scraping to Senator Bailhache's desire to hijack the Electoral Commission.

    You can always hope, can't you?

  12. Trevor.

    Unfortunately Senator Gorst has spectacularly failed on both counts already.

  13. I certainly wouldn't disagree so far! And no - I am not holding my breath in the hope that he still might.

    Let's see what transpires with the Electoral Commission debate next week.

    Because if Senator Gorst supports Philip Bailhache and the independence of the Commission is scuppered as a result the consequences may be far bigger than he realises in terms of putting the spotlight bacck on Jersey again.

  14. This huge £500,000 + pay out to Ogley could have paid for a new youth facility or some care workers. What a total disgrace.

  15. This case you have taken up for Tony is shocking. How can it be explained away? I don't think that it can. But does anyone else in power but you and no doubt your Mrs even care? I hope you get some support on this Deputy.

  16. Shocking! Jersey and justice just should not be mentioned in the same breath.

  17. Actually, the comment I tried to post regarding Alan M's accusation at Feb 28, 1:13 PM, was that the next comment down answered Alan's question. Why do the so-called "moaners" go to you for help?

    My opinion is that you are one of very few NOT conflicted, apathetic, lazy or corrupted, so of course people with unaddressed problems go to you. The next anonymous comment at 1:20 PM implied there was a possibly improper relationship between the alleged attacker of Ton'y family and "powerful family links with the establishment." That would also answer the question as to why those with serious problems that had not been previously handled properly by authorities, would go to you.

    I'm sorry if it read like I was trolling. I was stating what I thought was obvious about why Tony and others like him would no longer find the police and other authorities to be trustworthy, and would see you as their best political ally.

  18. Another blow for Senator Bailhache's attempt to hijack the Electoral Commission!

    Tonight at a well attended St. Helier Parish Assembly the people of St. Helier voted 53 to Le Herissier 3 to Bailhache in support of keeping the Electoral Commission independent..

    Even more telling given the nonsense Sir Philip has been telling people about how everyone voted for him purely because they supported his ideas of reform - he even used the St. Helier Hustings as his example of this remember...

    asked by Deputy Judy Martin for a show of hands, even from those who voted for Senator Bailhache, whether they did so because of his anti-reform views NOT A SINGLE PERSON said this was the reason!

    With the JEP and Channel both there let us now see if they report this accurately. They should, I mean, nobody mentioned guns....

    Keep the Faith



    JTM. Sorry but I can't use your tragic post about how you feel alone.

  19. Tonight I have mostly been sulking....

    This afternoon the Library had not kept the book 'Coping with being ignorant' for me....

    Then at tea time I accidentally burnt my little sausage....

    I had eaten all of the lard last night when I was drunk.

  20. Thank you Mr. Pitman for continually asking questions about the golden handshake situation regardless of the JEP failure to acknowloldge your persistent approach.

  21. Today im 'Karen' from channelonline

    I like being a cyber women

    It gives me sensations

  22. LVCR - Guernsey are making the case using in-house counsel, Jersey have engaged PwC - simples
    Why didn't SofJ asked Guernsey to split the cost? Answer - they did and Guernsey said no as it wasn't necessary!

  23. Here are my two oral questions for next Tuesday.

    The first one obviously relates directly to this case. Interestingly, it now bares hardly any resemblance to the original that I sent in.

    This was not accepted because it referred directly to the case at hand which clearly needs some answers. The justification being that under Standing Orders a question must be made directly to the person who has been responsible for the actions.

    Clearly this is not the Attorney General which I fully accepted. The question then arises, however, how do you get answers to questions when the person/people DIRECTLY responsible do not sit in the States Assembly?

    Very convenient to say the least. However, one cannot let such obsstacles deter the pursuit of truth. We will see where my follow-ups get us on Tuesday.

    I will then be adopting a much more public approach to getting answers if none are forthcoming. Remember, Tony and subsequently I too have tried the correct routes without luck thus far.

    I won't be allowing the matter to drop.

    Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of H.M. Attorney General –

    “Will H.M. Attorney General advise under what circumstances a case in court may be dismissed through 'lack of evidence'?”

    Incidentally, a message for Bean2me relating to this matter:

    Thank you for your post on this case. I hope you will understand that I have felt unable to publish it as yet for the following reasons.

    Being somebody who only studied Basic Psychology as a module within my University qualification I am certainly not in a position to judge whether your assessment of the situation/individual is correct. You may very well be 100% correct.

    However, given that I am still seeking answers for Tony and his family; further still that what really matters at this stage is finally getting justice and peace of mind for them AND securing whatever treatment/help may be necessary for the perpetrator I feel that I have to progress as planned for the time being.

    Thanks again for taking the time to contribute.

    Deputy T.M. Pitman of St. Helier will ask the following question of the Minister for Housing –

    “When deciding to raise social housing rents by 20%, will the Minister advise what discussions, if any, he had with the Minister for Social Security regarding whether the housing component of Income Support would be increased by the same amount and, if not, how will he proceed to ensure that those who can least afford the increase will not be affected?”

    Keep the Faith


  24. I would guess that a court case can be dismissed for lack of evidence when there isn't enough evidence.

  25. Duh! Your name isn't Sherlock Sharrock Holmes, is it?

    Talk about state the obvious. Watch the video.

    What we are talking about here, however, is not and never could be (at least to any right-minded person in my view) a 'lack of evidence'.

    All documented in police paperwork. Confirmed for my constituent in my presence by police.

    I rest my case.

  26. Jonnie Alan Marriott McNut1 March 2012 at 20:15:00 GMT

    Hi Big Trev

    You have just beaten me in a response to the last anonymous comment but still had to reply. Honestly, what a plonker this poster must be. Probably Karen-Jon-Split-personality or else another real wally. The trollish one is even calling himself Trevor now on Channel on line. Must have got tired of being Graham, Lenny, Rico, Neil, Nick and Bob? Wonder when he will be calling himself Monty?

  27. The way CTV blatantly misled viewers regarding your position, would that not make a great example for you to present as evidence when Scrutiny looks at media bias?

  28. The issue of so-called 'lack of evidence' is an interesting subject - certainly in Jersey.

    Just remember once again the reality of the political persecution of Deputies Geoff Southern and Shona Pitman whilst others who breached the same A39A legislation were not.

    As I have pointed out before - and will keep on doing so - Southern was originally charged with an offence clearly committed by another (crucialy a non-JDA) candidate.

    The witness statement attached originally to the police charge sheet had this other individual's name and description QUITE CLEARLY DOCUMENTED. Deputy Southern still has a copy as do I.

    Of course, though I have stood up in the States with both relevant documents when bringing this up a couple of years ago no doubt if Deputy Southern ever published it he will be charged with some luicrous Data Protection infraction.

    Anyway, whilst quite possibly this inclusion of an offence committed by somebody else was done deliberately by a concerned police officer who may have wanted to let all in the JDA know how this 'law' was only being enforced on selected individuals; the fact is that when the case came to court the witness statement with her name/address on had miraculously vanished from the NEW charge sheet.

    This other individual was, of course, never charged - as wasn't the second non-JDA individual documented in the official police transcripts relating to Deputy Shona Pitman's helping two elderly and disabled constituents complete their application form to register for a postal vote!

    A disgusting abuse of a 'law' in itself I mention the case again now only because the fact of the Deputy Southern incident is very relevant here due to this fact.

    The 'offence' subsequently to somehow later disappear was apparently 'evidenced' enough to warrant Southern being charged with it. He likely still would have been charged with it if he hadn't pointed it out himself!

    Very odd then how the offence never came to be charged against the non-JDA candidate who had actually COMMITTED IT!

    And they try to tell us all are equal in the eys of the law?

    Certainly my constituent and his family aren't feeling very equal right now. As they have not been for the past 14 months...

  29. Anonymous

    If only Scrutiny WOULD look at media bias!

    Unfortunately, with the PPC Chairman now being too busy doing what Senator Bailhache tells him, or so it seems to many, and his saying PPC are likewise currently too busy; President of the Chairman's Committee Deputy Tracey Vallois is also not willing to take this on.

    Too controversial for her I think.

    The reality is because the evidence is just so strong it would be damning and we can't have that, can we? Remember Senator Bailhache's pathetic comment to the media 'what exactly have the media done?' No, don't laugh - he did say this honestly.

    Where he has been for the last few years whilst the mainstream media spin, mislead, misrepresent and pretty much try to carry out character assassination in certain instances most fair-minded people would conclude we can only wonder.

    But I am going to bring forward something on media myself in the not too distant media. Even if it gets defeated it will certainly ensure the issues are dragged out into the daylight at last.

  30. I think if Scrutiny had to look at cringeworthy examples of extreme media bias in Jersey it would be an endless task. Take today's JEP for example, with Walker seemingly blaming Stuart Syvret for Bill Ogley's departure. Other places reportedly use Jersey media to study effect of a cozy bias.

  31. The oral question I tried to ask the Attorney General:

    "Will The Attorney General advise how a case may come to be dismissed through apparent 'lack of evidence' when an individual has admitted attacking a couple in their home with a catapult and heavy ball bearings; walked into the police station armed with throwing knives and a Kantana sword and upon his home being searched petrol bombs also having been discovered?"

    I publish this not out of disputing the ruling under Standing Orders but to firsly highlight the appaarently mind-boggling suggestion of 'lack of evidence'. Secondly, to show the seriousness of this needing to get some answers.

  32. "Incidentally, a message for Bean2me relating to this matter:

    Thank you for your post on this case. I hope you will understand that I have felt unable to publish it as yet for the following reasons.

    Being somebody who only studied Basic Psychology as a module within my University qualification I am certainly not in a position to judge whether your assessment of the situation/individual is correct. You may very well be 100% correct.

    However, given that I am still seeking answers for Tony and his family; further still that what really matters at this stage is finally getting justice and peace of mind for them AND securing whatever treatment/help may be necessary for the perpetrator I feel that I have to progress as planned for the time being."

    Noted and fair comment. I think your approach is right, but at least I have given you food for thought, which may help in untangling this mess. I hope I am wrong because then there is a chance to get a resolution for both sides, but given my view, my thoughts are primarily with Tony right now.


  33. Just to say thanks to Bean2me for your understanding.

    I also totally agree - it is Tony and his family who come first in all of this. Hence my continued work on his and their behalf.



  34. Another quick thank you to the person leaving the message about the troll's continued sad antics on Channel TV's website.

    Just like the anonymous JTM post yeasterday about being a 'cyber woman' today the troll is even calling himself Shona it seems! Trevor yesterday I'm told - how much more obvious and desperate can the sad little creature become?

    Really you just have to laugh. I wonder why the troll can't make real friends?

  35. Trollucinations: When a Troll drinks too much stella they sometimes see things that are not there. These are called Trollucinations. (Hallucinations)

  36. Hey Trev u r prod 2 be bald. What's the story on the big O?

  37. Trevor.

    North Korean style protocol not worth the paper it's WRITTEN ON

  38. Hi

    Sorry no idea what anonymous is getting at with reference to the 'Big O'?

    My mum - who is 81 tells me that the singer Roy Orbison was nick-named the 'Big O' but I'm sure you are not referring to him?

    Which leaves only our Legendary Treasury Minister that I can think of?

    Give me some clues and I'll try and answer. Until then I'm as baffled as I regularly am listening to an Eddie Noel speech!



  39. Team Voice

    The Scrutiny approach to Citizens' Media is a bad joke. In fact it is now worse than it was previously.

    All this spin about the 'new attitude' from those doing Scrutiny is just as bad.

    Not to mention the childish attacks from the likes of the Scrutiny Chairman's Committee Vice-Chairman in e-mails sent around; all following hot on the heels of ill-informed similar guff from Philip Bailhache in his election campaign is.

    The question they should be asked is: come up with all of these examples of people using Scrutiny for their own ends, and name names or shut the hell up.

    I can tell readers that the reality of the new 'meeker than a sleeping poodle' Scrutiny is that a few members are already getting fed up with the over-cozy, secret meetings of some of the Chairmen alone with Ministers i.e. freezing panel members out.

    'Critical friend' was never an appropriate term to describe what Scrutiny should be. Obviously it should also not be opposition. It must be a check and balance with teeth.

    Those teeth never materialized and as people saw whenever people like me did meaningful reviews that asked difficult questions the Ministers started squirming and blubbing to the media.

    What it certainly should not be but it appears to be heading for with this Ministerial contempt to the public and cozy secret meetings is a toothless Ministerial lap dog.

    And that can't be good for anything or aanyone in relation to democracy.

    I will as it happens be putting forward a media related proposition next month.


  40. Hi Deputy

    Being on line can you give us your prediction for the vote on tomorrow's electoral commission debate? I'm just hoping there are enough states members with the back bone to tell Philip Bailache that he is wrong to want politicians sitting on this.


  41. Why don't you publish the childish attack emails?

  42. Trevor.

    A prediction for tomorrow, out of those who vote in favour of Bailhache one, or two, MIGHT have the courage to actually speak. Hopefully their won't be many in favour of this hijacking but the vast majority won't say a word and just press the button they've been told to press.

  43. Hi anonymous

    Well, the tom-tom drums will be beating tonight that is for sure as the anti-democracy or 'the Constables' position must not even be looked at' brigade try to rally and bully up support.

    But I actually think it will be close.

    No Deputy from St. Helier should support having politicians on the commission as the public made their feelings quite clear at the Assembly.

    Similarly those from St. Clemnt.

    But 'back-bone' as you highlight is not something that many States Members are known for once they have been given a nice little Assistant Ministers job to let them think they are important.

    My prediction such as it is worth...

    If back-bone holds 27 to 24 in support of Deputy Le Herissier.

    If back-bone doesn't then turn the result around the other way!

    Keep the Faith


  44. Why give them any more publicity? Scrutiny is heading to fall flat on its face very early if the present attitude carries on as a couple of people have already told me they are close to walking.

  45. With regard to the Electoral Commission debate.

    I have just had a phone call from a member of the public asking what they can do to try and get the message to their representatives that they don't want any politicians whatsoeever on the Commission.

    My advice to her was this. Either phone or e-mail your representatives or any and all States Members for that matter expressing your views. They should all lissten to what you have to say as this is part of the job.

    Other than this I am also told that there are a number of concerned people meeting at around 12.30 in the Royal Square to try and express their feelings to States Members when they come out for lunch.

    If you can't phone or e-mail and happen to be in town lunchtime tomorrow then why not joing these people and speak to politicians in the flesh?

  46. The one thing I meant to say was that I hope (and am actually fairly confident of sticking to it!) to have a new post up tomorrow night.

  47. Trevor.

    Did I hear the Attorney General correctly? I thought I heard him say that the courts are not politically swayed?

  48. Hi Trevor.

    Just put up the audio from today's Questions with out Answers. You & your readers can Listen HERE

  49. so much for confidence

  50. Can anyone remind me of the composition of the PPC who lodged comments (P.198/2010) opposing a public referendum on the issue of teh recomposition of the States ?

  51. Trevor.

    Credit to you for abstaining from the vote and refusing to legitimise the feudal highjacking of the Electoral Commission.

  52. So you got the vote spot on when you said that there would be three votes in it. Sadly you were right about the lack of backbone which meant the vote was lost. Well done anyway the points you raised in your speech were spot on in my opinion.

  53. What was Geoff Southern playing at? As for putting not just a Constable but the Constable with the least mandate in the States on this Commission this has now descended in to pure farce.

  54. Please tell me this is all a bad dream? Juiliette Gallichan on an electoral commission! How? How? How? She can not be objective in a million years as this is her job we are talking about.

    You were on the money when you took the P about the unfairness of what maintaining the Constables in the States brings.

    You are also right about needing guidence from the UK because Bailache won't go anywhere near this other than to say it is all fine.

    James Baker too! Does this man even turn up anywhere? He wasn't at the Parish assembly again last week.

  55. I had to look that up evisceration. Good analysis. electoral evisceration

  56. Trevor.

    There are those who would say that Juliette Gallichan has earned her stripes to be sitting alongside The Feudal King SENATOR BAILHACHE

  57. AS soon as this effort to change the original independent reform debate came about it was obvious to anyone or everyone that the goal post would change. If anyone thought different, myself included then they and me were delusional.

    It is exactly as expected and we will have another god knows how many years under their feudal landlordship.

    Democracy in Jersey means if you dont like it we will vote again until you do like it, providing you have the money and want to be on the winnig side!

    As Charlie Sheen said WINNING!!

  58. Hi

    Sorry for no post but once again other issues have proven more pressing and more important.

    I fully understand where people are coming from in comments about the make-up of this 'Electoral Commission' that really isn't any longer any such thing.

    Zero balance. Zero credibility.

    It was important that I managed to drag out for the record from Senator Bailhache, who will now be Chairing this, that the choice for the people of Jersey will, indeed, be quite stark. Either...

    Keep the Constables in and accept that we will NEVER have a fair or even remotely 'equal' system where both town dwellers and country parish dwellers individual votes will be worth the same.


    Change the system to a new one where 'constituencies' can be made as 'equal' as possible and DO have a fair system where votes count pretty much the same.

    To most of us it would be a 'no-brainer' but to this 'Electoral Commission'...

    Yes, in answer to questions I agree putting the Constable of St. Mary forward - who has the most untenable mandate in the Assembly - really has made a complete mockery of the whole shambles.

    To be quite honest I also could not believe who they put forward - as I know many other people in the Chamber also recognised the negative impact of this choice.

    Finally, pleased to be proven right about Deputy Judy Martin being initially offered to come on board as the 'token leftie/progressive'.

    How Senator Gorst could deny this when I bet him on the fact is beyond me - Judy is always the 'token' leftie/progressive' they put forward so that they can pretend they are being 'inclusive!

    I will try and do a full post during tomorrow after my arranged constituent visits, but I do have to also say here that I really did not agree with people 'legitimizing' this whole shambles by contesting the Chair.

    It was in my view a big mistake and I really don't know why Geoff Southern took it on. Or why Roy Le Herissier and Montford Tadier suggested it. Of course it must also be said that they had every right to do so.

    I should also point out that I made sure the issue was raised about what options were open to those who did not want to legitmise this motion by voting because I felt the public had a right to know.

    For the record I was one of the four Members who 'abstained' after the Bailiff changed his mind and said this was possible.

    I was not the individual who still deliberately spoilt his paper. With the option to abstain to register your feelings this seemed entirely unecessary.


  59. It is encouraging now that their is a fresh wind of change running through the assembly. Along with the desire to work inclusively as parliamentarians we should achieve a lot together over the next three years don't you think Deputy ?

  60. Trevor.

    Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) set the STANDARD

  61. In the light of the latest development concerning the demise of the PCC, it is clearly more vital than ever that our government should commission a review of our local media's performance.

    It would seem that Deputy Vallois, as Chairman of the Chairmen's Committee, might well agree with this. Her problem is that she feels that it might be outside the remit of Scrutiny. We should find out if this is the case. If so, this is surely something that our government might find a way around. After all, we can spend millions on abortive attempts to find Graham Power guilty of something - or anything at all!

  62. Hi Trevor,

    I hope you don't mind this post.

    I've posted the following comment on Simon Crowcroft's Blog to see if it will be published, or whether he'll apply the same degree of censorship with the web, as does the JEP.

    With all's that's been going on this week, he seems more interested in bric-a-brac stalls at the next Friday market.

    "With the Independent Commission on Electoral reform being hijacked by Mr Bailhache & his cronies, (the biggest threat to Democracy here since 1940), is this the best analysis of the situation you can come up with?

    Please let us know if you will be adding more detail?

    Please also give your opinion on whether any Committee of Inquiry into the HDLG investigation, should be held WITHOUT anyone with a perceived and/or actual conflict of interest?Will the terms of reference be comprehensive & not tinkered with after agreement.

    Should the terms of reference include media coverage good & bad?

    Is it just better to brush things further under the carpet?

    Just wondering.

  63. Dear Deputy

    This post has nothing to do with anything on your blog so I hope you don't mind me sending it. You can publish it or not as you see fit.

    I just felt that someone should say well done to you for your decency and public spirit in assisting the elderly lady in the Royal Square this evening. I do hope she will be okay after what looked a nasty fall.

    Well done as well to the young lad who came to assist you with helping her. I also know that the staff from the pub came and gave you some blankets for her so well done to them too. It is good to know that not everone just walks by even in this modern, uncaring world we have made.

    Time our constable looked in to the unevenness of some of those paving stones as I have seen more than one person come a cropper.

    Best of luck and keep up the good work in the Mad House!

  64. Hi

    With regard to a post that I was asked not to publish due to the sensitive nature as an acknowledgement: 'thanks to Dave for your comment'. I will give the matter some thought as to how to progress it.


  65. This is a message for the lady who left a message on my answer phone about my possibly halping her friend, MARGARET H. with a police related matter.

    Unfortunately you did not leave a contact number and as I had a nother couple of messages left after yours I was unable to try and trace you via 1471.

    I did contact the police station and ask that if this case was indeed coming to the police the next morning then could they pass my contact details on and the above message. They would obviously not give me any details at all due to Data Protection.

    If you or 'Margaret H' should read this or anyone knowing the person (I obviously cannot publish the person's surname)please get in touch and leave a contact number and I will do what I can to help.


  66. Anonymous

    'A fresh wind of change'...

    I will be doing a full post on this so I won't make any further comment here just yet.

    Well, apart from flagging up the comment of another politician who observed when this phrase was used on Tuesday "wind of change or very bad smell?"


  67. Sarah

    Yes, I got the vote spot on. Just a shame that I got it 'right' in the way that no true democrat could call likely to be beneficial.

    I never would have thought Andrew Green would have folded up to the orders of the Senator though. Deputies Bryans and Baker showing utter contempt for democracy AND the wishes of the St. Helier electorate not surprizing at all.

    I will enlarge on this in the forthcoming post.


  68. Dear Anonymous (post not published)

    The incident you refer to has nothing to do with that person's website.

    I do know firsthand, however, that a certain individual very fond of cyber bullying is nearing his downfall.

  69. 'Nutter Jon'

    You really shouldn't talk about your associates like that.

  70. For the past week I have mostly been cross...


  71. Trevor.

    Why did the cadaver dog alert to the scent of human death at HAUT DE LA GARENNE?

  72. Poor old troll - heading for the La Moye Hotel. Tick-tock goes the clock..........

  73. I have blocked a post attacking Deputy Baker. The message just doesn't seem to be filtering through to Troll-Land that these attacks from social inadequates just won't be published no matter who they are aimed at.

    I accept that it is fair comment to point out in a post how Deputy Baker, after all of his election talk about 'leadership', has contributed next to nothing in any of the debates since he was elected. In fact only speaking once in three months which I believe is indeed correct.

    Similarly that he never seems to be at any meetings and did not even turn up to the Parish Assembly relating to the Electoral Commission - then voted in the exact opposite way to that parishioners had requested. All fair comment I acknowledge.

    But mindless personal abuse. NO.

  74. I have told Jonny Chunders to behave and he will do as he is told.He is a poodle at heart. Let us stick to the political debate and not be distracted by his pathetic mewlings.