Sunday, 11 March 2012


Maybe it is just because we’re both apparently radical, irreverent lefties (or political democrats as they are called in proper democracies) but finding it hard to believe what even our cynical political ears were hearing during last week’s Electoral Commission debate, both Deputy Montford Tadier and I both found ourselves thinking Jersey politics had finally taken black humour a step too far.

Yes, the debate had certainly been meant to be about securing the already agreed and much-needed fully independent Electoral Commission. But unfortunately ‘real Chief Minister’ Senator Philip Bailhache and his political glove puppet ‘pretend Chief Minister’ Senator Ian Gorst actually wanted to ensure that Jersey stays in the political Dark Ages. And so the debate quickly descended into farce.

This clearly left Montford and I wondering if – depressing as it was - there was not possibly also an opportunity here to boost Jersey’s ailing tourism industry. That’s right – Jersey to be re-named ‘Royston Jersey’ after the village in the famous cult TV show. Just close your eyes; picture it…the shop from Royston Vasey to be replaced with the States Chamber… Edward and Tubbs to be replaced by Philip and Ian. Episode One. Action…

“Independence? But this is a LOCAL Electoral Commission for LOCAL right-wingers – we’ll have no democracy HERE!”

Funny? Yes, on the surface. But the truth is that what is happening in Jersey now behind the façade of ‘democracy’ is anything but. Few in politics disagree that the entry of Philip Bailhache into the local political arena was anything other than the last, desperate throw of the dice for the Old Guard that has run Jersey as a private club for the wealthy and powerful for decades.

Indeed, the truth is the old Establishment Party is slowly dying on its feet. Even with the desperate spin from the State Media the reality is obvious. Most of the ‘big guns’ of the past are either no longer in politics or long-discredited. The anticipated ‘heirs’ to the throne – Senators Ozouf and Le Marquand – have proven themselves unpopular and incapable respectively. While some of the new generation only managed to get elected by means as desperate as smear campaigns against Progressives; or via personal begging letters to constituents to support them from the likes of Senator Paul Routier.

Consequently, stopping a fully independent Electoral Commission really was essential for them if they were to hold back the clock inevitably ticking toward democracy for another decade or two. And with the surprise capitulation of Deputy Andrew Green to join with Establishment wannabees Baker and Bryans in selling out their electorate and sending a tight vote the way of the far-right just for a moment it really looked like they were going to get away with it.


Luckily, however, our Establishment Party really are even more lacking in judgement and commonsense than most of us could ever imagine. Actually, I am probably being far too kind. They really must be plain daft! Why? Just consider the two politicians put forward to join Senator Philip Bailhache on this allegedly ‘independent thinking and fully open to the evidence’ body that we are meant to entrust with reforming our government for the 21st Century:

Constable Juliette Gallichan of St. Mary.

Deputy James Baker of St. Helier.

Noticed the little credibility problem here already? No? Then let me explain it for you…

Firstly, Senator Philip Bailhache has already made it quite clear that in his view the Constables MUST stay in the States no matter what. Foolish enough in itself given that the whole point of the Commission as agreed just last year was to appoint members not already holding publicly stated and entrenched ideas. 

Then consider the reality of the situation – as I made sure I drew out an admission of from the Senator himself during the debate. The reality is that we can either have a fair system of representation with all voters, town or country, being pretty much equal with regard to the ‘weight’ or value of their vote. Something we have never had before.

Or we can keep the Constables in the States as they are now. But we can’t have both. FACT. This was confirmed by the States visiting electoral expert only last week. The ‘democratic deficit’ between St. Helier with more than a third of the Island’s population and the tiny parish of St. Mary for example is just too large. We really need just one type of States Member – call them whatever you will. FACT.

So what does Senator Bailhache and his front man ‘Chief Minister’ Gorst do? They only nominate the Constable of that very same tiny Parish, Constable Juliette Gallichan! That’s right – the Constable with the least tenable seat in the whole States Assembly if we are to give any genuine consideration to fair and equal representation. Priceless! Absolutely priceless!

Yet after this it actually gets even better – or worse – depending on one’s outlook.

For next up we then have Deputy James Baker of St. Helier. Surely questionable in itself given that this Deputy not only never participates in any debate, EVER – three whole months into his term of office - but also appears to be striving to take over the mantle of former Senator Ben Shenton as the States new regularly ‘invisible Member’. Just where does the Deputy disappear to?

But of even more of a concern than the possibility of a Commission member who never participates and – on evidence so far - may not even turn up for hearings has to be the following. During the election Deputy Baker made a huge play out of the fact that he was the son of a former…Constable.

Not a problem in itself under any other circumstance of course. But in this situation you can surely see where this is leading? The Electoral Commission is meant to be ‘open-minded’ as I said. Indeed, this is absolutely essential if work that is going to cost the Island’s taxpayers in the region of £100,000 is to have any credibility at all. Yet what has our Establishment Party and its spineless hangers on given us? I’ll hammer it home one more time…

Senator Bailhache: Pro-Constable. Desperate to keep the reality of their bloc vote in favour of whatever the Council of Ministers proposes. Wants ‘reform’ to be sure - but only along the lines of the Barclay Brothers in Sark. His ideal reduction in numbers would see St. Helier being even further under-represented in numbers than it is now – and the Parish is already a full four Deputies under. FACT!

Constable Gallichan: Pro-Constable. As the sitting Constable of little St. Mary thus having the least tenable seat in the Assembly Constable Gallichan has the most to lose. And consequently the most to gain by managing to find the ‘evidence’ that the Constables’ position really needs to be protected regardless of the ‘democratic deficit’ that will make fair representation impossible

Deputy Baker: Pro-Constable. Not only the son of a former Constable but supported by and supportive of ‘Chairman’ Philip Bailhache during the election – just remember the back-slapping ‘love-in’ with Establishment Party ‘Grandees’ outside the Town Hall. Indeed, even supported Bailhache for Chief Minister and voted against the wishes of the St. Helier parish Assembly to say ‘no’ to any politicians sitting on the Commission!

What this all means? With an Electoral Commission now going to number only six following the narrow defeat of the amendments of Deputies Le Herissier and Young the above demonstrates quite clearly that already the ‘Keep the Constables in’ vote cannot be outgunned. No matter what the argument. No matter what the evidence.

This is no longer an ‘Electoral Commission’ it is a farce and an insult to the people of Jersey. It should be abandoned. Now.


  1. A short post for you Trevor but hits the nail on the head as usual. This commission really is a bad joke now. Nobody regularly following politics will be able to take anything they come up with seriously. We need a Royal Commission to do the job for us.

  2. Trevor.

    "This is no longer an ‘Electoral Commission’ it is a farce and an insult to the people of Jersey. It should be abandoned. Now."

    Amen to that! But you can be sure that the State Media will keep the "good" people of Jersey ignorant to the feudal highjacking that is taking place. This, once beautiful island, of ours is being allowed to go further, and further, down the pan all because we have no independent media that will keep the public informed of the facts and how much danger we are all in if Senator Bailhache is able to get his way.

  3. Royston Jersey...if you're a democrat they'll never let you leave...

  4. 3 months then bring it back to the States. This farce cannot be allowed to stand. Play them at their own game.

  5. Team Voice

    Totally agree. But don't despair yet. The key to all of this is the huge 'democratic deficit'. The Establishment Party may have been able to get away with ignoring this decades ago - but now they might just have bitten off more than they can chew. Watch this space for more news.

    Keep the Faith


  6. What has to be drummed into the people of St. Helier, St. Saviour and St. Brelade is that if Bailhache gets his way their votes are not worth half of those of a country parish voter. This means that their interests will never be fully represented or considered.

  7. Trevor.

    With a complicit State Media and majority of Establishment Foot Stamping Lackeys in the house, "Keeping the faith" is easier said than done.

    Agree with the commenter who said.

    "3 months then bring it back to the States. This farce cannot be allowed to stand. Play them at their own game."

    But would add taking it to the Privy Council. This is the biggest assault on democracy since the occupation........IMO.

  8. Inadequate Jon

    You are right: I won't post your tired drivel. Who are you today?

    Team Voice

    Do keep faith. As it happens I am over at Westminster later this week...

  9. Have Baker and Bryans managed to say anything at all since peeople were daft enough to vote for them?

    If they have it must have been highly forgetable beccause I don't recall it happening?

  10. Though some might see it as legitimatizing this farce - something that I really wish Geoff Southern had not done by putting himself forward to try and make an alternative case - I actually think Daniel Wimberley should now put himself forward for this 'Commission'.

    If only to keep an eye on what will be going on. He certainly has more knowledge than the other three put together. And having gone with three pro-Constable politicians they can hardly now object on the grounds of Daniel being a former politician himself.

    A more likely scenario? Frank Walker, Pierre Horsfall and Bill Ogley? Come on - it would not be any more blatant than what has happened so far!

  11. Tomorrow I will mostly be trying to post bitter and twisted attacks on CTV calling myself Shone, Trev, Rico and Nick....

    On Tuesday I will be Tony and A resident....

    On Wednesday I will be putting charcoal in my imaginary girlfriend's wellington boots so that I can follow her footprints when she dumps me....

  12. No one seems to understand the true reality here. Bailhache and the other so called establishment crowd honestly believe that the future of Jersey can only be protected by them.
    I feel sure that some of our more intelligent and morally intact politicians are genuinely worried about the lack of democracy in all this, but they are honestly persuaded that the Bailhache plan is the only way that Jersey can survive. Democracy will have to wait!
    My personal view is that they are wrong. I worry about the calibre of our politicians generally and feel that many are completely out of their depth - being intellectually deficient and with an almost total lack of relevant experience.
    Maybe Bailhache and the others should have the courage to tell the public why they are really doing what they are doing. Perhaps being honest with the people is beyond them? Whatever the true position, reasonably intelligent people like me should continue to deplore the obvious lack of honesty coming from the States now and over recent years. There are too many skeletons hidden away. Some are being discovered .......
    Our leaders need to realise that a time will oon come when

  13. Anonmous

    Seems like you must have gone over the word limit? I actually agree with what you say about some of these people genuinely believing that their way is the right way.

    The saddest thing is that even the most unaware should quickly be able to work out that it is not. It is the road to ruin.

  14. Troll

    You have just stuck on another 1000. Then again, women do say you exaggerate a lot.

  15. They call me the Shadow.11 March 2012 at 17:27:00 GMT

    I wondered where that Trev post had gone. That was funny when they read it out live on CTV. Dear oh dear and you can't even handle any of it lol.

  16. Would you mind an outsider's opinion? The feudalistic Old Guard has now voted itself enough rope to hang itself with. Consider that blogs and online news are the only source of public information most outsiders will use to form a view of Jersey. The local mainstream media spin is utterly irrelevant to anyone who is not already struggling to remain deluded. Outside of Jersey, Haut de la Garenne still holds its infamous influence on public opinion, and even before the PR spin Jersey spewed to discredit that investigation, a global media audience had heard plenty of convincing evidence from candid abuse survivors and from international pundits who described Jersey as a place of entrenched concealment of shady secrets, and a shocking lack of sympathy for abused children. The best selling book, "Treasure Islands," was another confirmation that your beautiful island was run in opposition to the best interests of its own local people. A shrinking number of them, nearly all of whom live in Jersey, would believe anything your government is claiming about being a democracy. This recent vote only confirms that view and adds to the evidence that Jersey's oligarchy is desperately trying to protect a corrupt fiefdom. The outside public will automatically connect this anti-democracy action to ever more entrenched concealment of what really happened to children there. A quick glance at the international blog readership on will show what I mean. the whole world is indeed watching. You will be among the very few who will look clean when an accurate history of Jersey is written, which it will be, because the world's information access is quickly becoming truly democratic.

  17. Trevor,

    As Bailhache brought this vote upon the assembly with the intention of reversing an already democratically agreed decision, can another vote not be brought to attempt to reverse the reversed decision?

  18. I agree (partly) with what you have to say but be honest, until you get numbers on your side within the States you cannot expect to change a thing and it has been like this for years. The COM groom others to vote with them but you know that already.

  19. Choices need to be made. That is the role of our Govt. Where do some members think a "£20m / annum road funding" is going to come from?

    Above is a tweet from James Baker @JBakerJersey
    How does Mr Baker make a choice if he has not attended any debates EVER? I dont get it.

  20. Ah our poor Troll!

    I only published the one about the fake posts on Channel TV because it played right in to my hands. LOL!

    To think this sad little nobody really believes that he is smart. 'Sinister and evil'? I think I would add 'plain thick'.

    Won't be long now, eh Troll? What was that about 'making me famous'...

    Keep the Faith


  21. Reference Deputy Baker...

    I don't think anyone said he never attended a Sitting - just that he becomes 'invisible' pretty quickly. This has been commented on by many Members already,

    As for 'tweets'...I have been copied into a most interesting one that this inidividual was happy to forward...

    A yes man plain and simple. Why do think Sir Philip wanted him for his Keep the Constables in Commission?

  22. Hi Trevor.

    Just put up the audio of Mr Harper being interviewed on Jersey radio this morning.

    You & your reader's can listen HERE

  23. Another brilliant post Trevor. Thank God we have you in there telling us the truth. As for this pathetic troll Jon. I wouldn't even bother with him. He is a sad, friendless loser who is jealous of people like you, Shona, Stuart and a few others who get up off your backsides and try and help people.

  24. This electoral commission really does need to be scrapped now. I could't agree more about its lack of credibility.

    Whatever was Bailhache thinking when he plumbed for a numpty like Deputy Baker? Gallichan will just do whatever our ex-Baylef says so how on earth they expext this to stand up to any scrutiny is beyond me.

    Was it you who said that they may as well go back to just letting PPC look at things? Certainly couldn't have any less credibility.

  25. Big Trev

    If the League of Gentlemen are going to film here then there really ought to be a role for the bampot JTM.

    Maybe he could play a distant, slightly creepier and crazier cousin of Dave?

    They could have him knocking on the doors of unsuspecting single women then bundling them into his caravan?
    "Ha, ha, JTM's wife, now!"

    What do you reckon?

  26. Today I have mainly been lurking behind my net curtains...

    Tomorrow I will be crouching below my letterbox and barking when the postman brings the letters I have sent my self.


    Sorry Trevor just couldn't resist!

  27. I hope questions will continue to be asked about this joke of a Commission. Just because it has been bullied through this far doesn't mean real democrats should just accept it as a given. It has absolutely zilch credibility as you have said Deputy. Please keep the fight going.

  28. What do you call a State/society who automaticly include unelected `POLICE officers' as part of the political process? A `PO;ICE STATE'! The sooner the Hobby Bobbies are removed from what passes in Jersey as the ademocratic process' the sooner true democracy will start to manifest itself! Read your history on Jersey, and how the honary POLICE have time after time been the stumbling block to democracy in our our Island!

  29. This morning I covered my face in hair gel.

  30. Bad news on the LVCR front for sure. The blame must mainly go on the low standard of right wing politicians that have dominated Jersey for years. But you also have to ask the question as to how seriouslyy political light weights like Philip Bailhace sre taken at Westminster?

    A man who manages to top the electoral poll simply because he had a high profile job even though he wasn't very good at it. We need to get people to move beyond voting on such nonsense and looking at what people have to say.

    The left would win here hands down if they could get away from the big egos of the past that saw Stuart, Ted and Geoff and Alan Breckon throw away opportunities. That's what I think anyway.

  31. Just got back from a few days in London. Bleak news about LVCR indeed. Also had interesting conversations with some UK politicians on our farce of an Electoral Commission. Jersey's credibility as a functioning democracy slips even further it seems. Hopefully get a post up over the weekend.

  32. According to the JEP States members could face 'mini trials' if they have complaints made against them. Shame this wasn't in place when Sean Power had to resign from Housing. Who will the 'judge' be? One of the Bailhace Bros?

  33. Today I have mainly been consuming pee soup.

    It doesn't taste great but it is good to be self-sufficient...

  34. Today I have mostly been shaking my trousers and tomorrow I will proudly be parading around the house in my new dungarees.

  35. Any word from Simon Crowcroft on Rico's new evidence?

  36. No more posts from JTM today, please.


  37. Today I will mostly be watching the wheels on the bus go round and round.

  38. Mini trials for politicians? What a joke when we can't even have thugs like Jon the troll put away for cowardly death threat phone calls. Time this island got its priorities right.

  39. Poor old Jon the troll, eh? Just couldn't help himself.

    But coming soon - a 'special' posting on the cowardice of Jersey internet trolls and how something will soon be done about 'them'.


  40. Trev. Talking about the net and trolling you have a very interesting looking oral question on the order paper for next Tuesday. Can you tell us any more about what is behind it?

  41. Hi Anonymous.

    Why not wait until Tuesday? I should have a post up by then anyway which MIGHT explain a little about it. Or maybe not...

    More important right now is the statement that will be coming out from Ministers regarding the loss of the LVCR battle.

    Similarly, the question Monty will be asking the Attorney General - and the one I will be asking Simon Crowcroft as Chair of PPC. This being in relation to the hijacking of the Electoral Commission.

    Speaking of this have people heard about the plans to add yet another MUST have the Constables stooge in Mr. Horsfall? They sure know how to shoot themselves in the foot.

    For once I am very confident that they have over-stretched themselves with the brazen disregard for Jersey's people to have equality of weight in their voting wherever they live.

    But meanwhile, let us give them all the rope that they seek. It will make the final outcome all the more sweet...

    Keep the Faith



    Troll Boy

    Keep the threats coming!

  42. JMT AKA Jason Muppet Troll19 March 2012 at 20:32:00 GMT

    Since February 14th I have mostly been sulking...

    I only received one Valentine card and yet I know for certain that I posted myself six...

  43. An excellent press release from former Deputy daniel Wimberley on Voiceforchildren. You can get to read it via the link above.

    Met with Daniel - a politician who is sorely missed in the States - yesterday. The hard work that he put in on behalf of the ordinary people of Jersey was a real credit to him.

    To say that it has been dispicably hijacked by Senator Bailhache and the sycophants who bow to whatever he wants is an understatement.

    Will they yet get away with this afront to democracy? No. So long as people are willing to work together for once.


  44. Hope readers managed to catch the BBC3 TV programme relating to the Richard Bacon link above on the sick issue of trolling.

    Shows how sad, sick - but above all wholly inadequate - trolls like Jersey's own politician fixated cowardly internet thug is.

    Couldn't be more timely with my question in the States tomorrow.

    When one considers the amount of vulnerbale and often very young people that are bullied in this way it really demonstrates how our government needs to act.

    Indeed, if our Home Affairs Minister proves to be as indifferent or just plain inept to tackling this problem as are our police, Data Protection and Lwa Office then they are about to get a bit of a push from me.

    As for one little thug the word this creature should go and look up in his dictionary for the near future is...


  45. Whoops - meant to type 'vulnerable'. Sorry for typo!

  46. Yes, Little Troll, tomorrow should be very interesting! Do keep those threats coming...

  47. Certainly time somebody did something about Jersey's sickest cyber bully. Threatening behaviour like vicious anonymous posts to respectable websites, and even pretending to be another person to cause trouble for them on public media sites should carry a jail sentence.On this score it is good to see that at least Channel finally seem to be cottoning on to the behaviour of this low life with his multiple fake posts attacking progressives.

  48. Anonymous

    Jail sentences? Yes, I agree.

    What we need to do first is raise awareness to these cowardly thugs.

    The Bacon TV show was very informative with regard to the motivation that drives these sad nobodies.

    One thing jail sentences as you suggest might actually help with is shaming those amongst these cowardly thugs who have children.

    Imagine having to explain to a wife or child what you do for a 'hobby'? A great wake up call in itself.

    And Troll

    That is four posts that you have sent in the last half hour. Don't you have any other life? Silly question really I suppose?

    Still, if sending stuff to me stops you picking on the vulnerable then fair enough.


  49. Make it 5.

    Night dickhead.

  50. Dear Jonnie

    There is a huge difference between posting 'political opinion' and cowardly, abusive rants and threats from a social inadequate.

    I am actually tempted to publish your last post (was that 8 or 9 now tonight?) with its lovely, highly intellectual sign off of 'Goodnight D*******' just to demonstrate yet again what an utter maggot you are.

    But then again everyone who knows of you is surely fully aware of that for themselves already.


  51. I cannot endorse what you did this morning against anybody. It was outrageous and my name isn't Jon dickhead.

  52. Brilliant. Well done for raising the issue of these disgusting and cowardly bullies. Last night's tv program was sickening. You are a brave man Deputy and entirely right. Thank you.

  53. Nice one Trevor. Bullies must be stood up to and you do that every time.

  54. To all readers

    I am advising people that I will be publishing a couple of posts (they will appear above this post) that really highlight the serious issue of cyber-crime or internet trolling as raised in the States today.

    Further to this I also apologize for the offensive - if childishly laughable - threatening language. I post them this time only to demonstrate my point.

    Though tame by the standards of some of the pathetic, cowardly abuse that I and many others get sent they are well worth considering.

    They demonstrate the complete inadequacy of such thugs. They also show the mentality of these sick creatures. 'People' - I use that term reservedly - who can only feel powerful by hiding their identity and peddling hate and abuse.

    As a politician I have no problem being challenged or disagreed with. Indeed, I welcome it. This is one of the cornerstones of true democracy. As such I always 'own' what I say by putting my name to it.

    These anonymous trolls are just too cowardly to do so - though you can fairly easily work out their ID by their limited vocab and style of rant. People of the type of the sender of the posts I highlight have led young people and vulnerable adults to take their own lives with their bullying.

    It is time Jersey led the way for once and ensured we give our police adequate powers to bring these cowardly thugs to account - and made sure that they do so as this has been lacking thus far.

    Of course, the trolls will try and hide behind 'freedom of speech' - something I support passionately. But the truth is such revolting and bullying behaviour as pursued by these anonymous thugs has absolutely nothing to do with democracy or freedom of speech.

    They are sick. They are pathetic. They are evil cowards who get off on bullying others they would never be brave enough to do so in the flesh. I can laugh at these inadequates but please remember some people are so vulnerable that such intimidation and bullying can lead to tragic results.

    We must smoke them out and protect the most vulnerable.


  55. Blimey! These troll posts say it all. Is "d***head" this horrible bully's signature? You have done a great job in bringing this to light. Not that you will be but please don't ever let yourself be silenced by such rotters.

  56. On the money Deputy. Smoke these evil bullies out as you write and let the public see who they are.

  57. Run along and play, Troll. Your threats just get more and more pathetic. I might even publish a few more before forwarding them on...

  58. Reading the trolling comments that you rightly publish can I ask whther the said troll is actually called Jon D***head as he sems to indicate in his own rant?

  59. What vile snakes these trolls are. Would the cyber thug sending you abuse do so to your face or signing his name and address? Of course he would not. Vile, vile, vile.

  60. BBC 3 should send a dvd of Richard Bacon's show to politicians throughout the uk and here in the Channel Isles.

    How anyone can try to justify such craven and vicious behaviour is beyond me. My heart goes out to the parents of that little lad in last night's show.

    Can you bring a proposition forward to try and make sure some kind of specific law is set in place?

  61. Hi Trevor

    I have noticed how CTV certainly were letting through quite blatant false posts all the time. Most of these were in the name of well known lefties or those supporting Mister Power and co.

    There were some trying to give the impression they were from you and Shona too. That these could have gone unnoticed by CTV is not credible they were so obviously malicious. You should complain about this if you have not already.

    These trolls are cowards and should be given prison sentences as another poster says.

  62. Anonymous

    Thanks for your post. I can tell you that other constituents had picked up on these fake posts already and Channel were contacted.

    Pathetic behaviour from an utter maggot and coward indeed. I have also met with Channel as a result. Thanks for your concern anyway.

    A number of people are now monitoring the site should the sad little thug continue trying to spread his hate and lies - which he almost certainly will having nothing positive to offer the community and not being brave enough, or willing to put in the hard work to do the job of those he constantly attacks.

    The clock is ticking for him and his revolting bullying though. He can't help himself evidently, so it is just a matter of time. Lot's of evidence already - just letting it mount up.


  63. Hi Trevor.

    Just put up the audio from today's Version of Questions without Answers.
    You & your reader's can have a listen HERE


  64. "and even pretending to be another person to cause trouble for them on public media sites should carry a jail sentence."

    I believe you'll find in the UK its covered by Libel laws because essentially it's no different to going online and maliciously making false malicious claims about an individual.

    It may be worth seeing where Jersey law stands.

    Certainly Jersey's Telecommunications Law presents the option of custodial sentencing (six months maximum if my memory is correct) for threatening behaviour via the telecommunications system.

    "6 Any person who by means of a public telecommunications service sends a message of a grossly offensive, indecent, obscene or menacing character, commits an offence.

    7 Any person who makes use of a public telecommunications service to send a false message for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another commits an offence."

    A number of countries define the Internet as being part of the "public telecommunciations service". I see no reason why the same shouldn't apply in Jersey.

  65. Good to see these idiotic bullies being confronted at last. The police should be taking care of this in Jersey but they obviously are not. A chance for ILM to do something useful for once?

  66. Deputy Pitman. I am not really a supporter of your politics as my views are more toward the conservative approach. However, I applaud you for bringing up this issue of internet bullying. Left unchecked this can be a killer for the most vulnerable. We may not need more laws put in place but we do need our powers that be to hammer such miscreants. Good luck with pursuing this.



    The Jersey Law Office - David Warcup and Le Marquand

    All thats missing is a Bigtop


  68. when o when will this blogg be updated