Friday, 30 March 2012


Time for action to replace words of promise…
Time for justice to replace cover-up and obstruction…
Time to at last put people before pounds…

A comparatively short post today – but on a very important issue. Indeed, an issue that obviously has huge relevance to my last entry regarding how it is the ‘victor’ not the ‘vanquished’ who tend to get away with writing their version of history. I talk, of course, about the latest, painfully long in coming step with regard to concluding the so-called ‘Historic’ Abuse Saga.

Maybe I should be even clearer here and suggest substituting the terms ‘victor’ with ‘perpetrators’ or ‘the negligent’ and ‘vanquished’ with the term ‘victims’? For whichever way one spins it – and ye Gods have our first two Council of Ministers spun the falsehoods to try and undermine these people getting justice – the perpetrators and the negligent have gotten away with writing their version of ‘history’ for long decades.

Now that must finally be brought to an end.

Yesterday saw yet another ‘presentation’ of what the now third incarnation of the Council of Ministers are planning to do with regard to reach settlement with the many victims of abuse that has taken place in Jersey’s care homes, such as Haut De La Garenne, over those decades.

Abuse, let us not forget, regularly reported by victims both to the police and authorities of the time who then did nothing to rectify this horrific situation.

Actually, I am incorrect. Some evidently did worse than nothing because in failing to believe or act on the cries for help they effectively colluded with what had taken place; acts that will only have compounded the pain and anguish felt by people who had been innocent children. Innocent children who had been placed in the ‘protection’ of the governments of the day!

Some, of course, ended up taking their own lives. Some, such as one lovely gentleman I met with only last week, still lead lives totally dominated and torn apart by what was done to them whilst in the care of Jersey’s ‘government’. ‘Government’s we should also not forget lorded over by what much of our lackey media, such as the Jersey Evening Post, frequently would have us believe were the ‘giants’ of Jersey’s political history!

Sick... Disgusting... Horrific! Words in fact can actually not adequately describe such acts of betrayal as carried out by those who were approached by children yet did nothing to bring this to a conclusion many, many years ago. And yet incredibly, as I revealed in the States only a few short weeks ago, it appears that even within this new Council of Ministers we still have those who would have liked to see the hard won Committee of Enquiry cancelled.

It is often said that the people get the government they deserve. There is much truth in such a saying of course. Apathy is no excuse not to vote for people who seek to make such terrible things right. Yet on the other hand how can any vulnerable child, likely taken from an already troubled home, put into States ‘care’ to be systematically abused be said to deserve ‘governments’ like those of the past that allowed this to happen?

They cannot.

To touch again on what I was saying in my previous post this Orwellian ‘1984’ style ‘Jersey Way’ of re-writing history rather than facing up to what was done must meet its end in 2012. The victims’ pain has gone on long enough. For many it is, of course, already too late. Yet that does not mean their memory should not be honoured with final justice.

Chief Minister, Senator Ian Gorst was narrowly elected only by the votes afforded him on trust by this government’s minority so-called ‘Progressive’ politicians like me.

He made promises to get those votes that he has already broken: a genuinely inclusive Council of Ministers; a commitment to a fully independent Electoral Commission. Indeed, the new Chief Minister initially also went back on his promise to me to reveal the details of the outrageous ‘golden handshakes to civil servants who should have been sacked...

Chief Minister Gorst has now rectified this last one, of course, although to read the garbage written in the Jersey Evening Post you would never know that it was politicians like me and a few other backbenchers who forced this Establishment Party climb down not this newspaper who had always been supporters of such senior civil servants and the Establishment politicians who allowed it all to happen.

My point is our new Chief Minister Senator Gorst now has the chance to do something even more important than the issues I raise above. He can use his power to make sure that justice does arrive for the victims of abuse no matter how many years it has taken. 

What do I mean by justice?

Not just significant financial compensation. For money alone – as the gentleman I spoke of earlier made clear to me yet again – can NEVER fully compensate for what has been done to so many. No, whilst significant financial compensation is essential - both in recognition of how these children were failed and to assist in hopefully helping victims to re-build lives – what is also needed for justice is for a fully independent Committee of Enquiry to leave no stone unturned in seeking to bring all of those who failed in their duties of care to final justice.

Every one of them. No matter how ‘important’ or ‘well respected’ a figure some might have once allegedly been.

The document issued on behalf of the Chief Minister further claims that the ‘redress’ scheme now being offered is ‘voluntary’ due to the apparent reason that the Establishment Party believes that ‘claimants’ for justice against this horrific abuse are now ‘too late to bring legal proceedings’

‘Too late’?

Maybe true in legal speak. But let us just remember what some call ‘law’ when it suits them is nothing more than a man-made framework. Should there be ANY time frame on securing justice then really - to use the old and very well known saying – ‘the law is an ass’. 

There can be NO time limit on justice for people who have to live in hell every day and every night of their lives because governments and departments overseen by alleged ‘political giants’ of the past did not do their job; did not have the courage and morality to stand up and show that they cared by bringing the perpetrators and the negligent – whether underlings or colleagues - to book.

Here for once Jersey really can lead the way and set an example.
I am one of those who since my election just over three short years ago have stood up for what is right; and has taken the vicious slings and arrows of the Establishment and their media for doing so again and again. I am, of course, proud having stood up for these people though such action does not require or merit any plaudits – it is nothing more than an elected politicians’ duty.

So ‘Keep the Faith’ – No matter how hard. The days of the cover-up and Establishment Party intimidation of those who would dare challenge are slowly drawing to a close...

And… just to wind up the poster who claims I ‘must be a Communist’ because I find value in the teachings of world-renowned educationalist, the late Paulo Freire I will leave you with a quote from none other Che Guevara.

Its words say all that needs to be said in how working together to bring this stain on Jersey’s history to and end is far, far more important than nonsense of left or right political affiliation.

‘If you can tremble with indignation every time an injustice is committed in the world, we are comrades…’


  1. I feel like throwing up after reading such a load of hedonistic trash.
    You are just another useless minority driven States Member who has jumped onto the child abuse band wagon in order to attack the current Government, none of who were even around when HDLG was friggin closed and Gorst didn't even ruddy live in Jersey.

  2. Here for once Jersey really can lead the way and set an example.

    It would be good, certainly, but you would not be leading the way. There is already a model for what ought to now happen - the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission. If you've not read Desmond Tutu's No Future Without Forgiveness, I'd heartily recommend doing so.

    However, there were two particular circumstances in South Africa that made the TRC work: there were leaders of sufficient moral stature, and there was the cultural outlook of ubuntu, under which social harmony is the greatest good and people recognise that they are human because they belong.

    Could Jersey find leaders of stature to take a TRC through? Could Jersey demonstrate the ubuntu necessary?

    In such circumstances, the use of the phrase "keep the faith" is perhaps all we have to go on...

  3. Sometimes people say things like "You get the government you deserve" that sound callous because they have been fighting so hard for justice and they are stressed out and so tired because of relentless persecution, but they don't really mean to be callous at all, they are just shattered, which is understandable.

    The first time I watched The Time Machine I felt really annoyed with the Eloi, I just thought "Why don't you dopey idiots stop following the Morlocks trumpet to your doom and fight for your lives?", but, of course, they had been brainwashed since birth, even though no-one came back from the Morlock place, so they knew, or ought to have known you'd think, well, they had been brainwashed into not using their own eyes and ears any more, and just accepting everything that everyone else did, even if it led to their death. I think the Jersey propaganda merchants have done that, and you would think that people could just snap out of the sleepwalk they are in, but the web of lies is such a stranglehold over everyone its really very difficult for people. You would think that the child abuse and the bones would have woken everyone up out of the trance, and in a way it has, but people probably think "Well, yes, but what on earth can I do about it?"

    Its similar to when people get sucked into religious cults. Its no use shouting at the person and calling them stupid, because that just drives them deeper into it. You have to just keep trying to show people the truth and reasoning with them, like if they are in a religious cult that is bullying, show them the Bible passages that prove that Jesus was never a bully, that sort of thing. It takes a lot of patience but you can't open peoples eyes by just shouting at them, you have to be patient with people, and realise where they are coming from.

  4. Readers

    I only let the deranged troll comment at the top of this page through because it shows what a complete oxygen thief this idiot is. But let's try and help the little bully boy with some examples...

    'Hedonistic'??? Clearly this troll does not even understand the word. Buy a dictionary. Look it up...

    'None of the current government (we must assume troll boy means 'Council of Ministers' here) were around when HDLG was closed'??? Oh dear, think you need to check that one out again, troll boy...

    'Jumped on the child abuse band wagon to attack the current government'???? Dear bitter and twisted troll. I have dedicated a large part of my life to working in support of children and young people.

    What have you been doing?


  5. To 'Ian'

    A belated thank you for sending me the link to the recording. It will be very useful indeed - just keeping it until the appropriate time.

    Thanks again


  7. There should be no time limit on justice as you say Trevor. Your words are even echoed in the JEP today by a lawyer fighting for the abused. The person attacking you for supporting vulnerable people must be very, very sick. Or maybe an abuser too?

  8. Trevor.

    From the victims/survivors of the DECADES LONG Child Abuse that I know, you have the upmost respect. You are one of the very few who have had the courage and integrity to speak out against these atrocities and have suffered "The Syvret Treatment" by the State Media and others because of your support for the Abuse Survivors but it has not deterred you from speaking up and being counted. Those who support the cover-up, and those States Members who remain silent are no better than the abusers and IMO have blood on their hands and so history shall record.

    Back in 2009 you got off your a-se Where were the REST?

  9. Big Trev

    The comments from your anonymous poster who goes on about feeling sick and calling your observations trash makes me think of an old 80's song by Alexie Sayle

    See if you can guess the title by the following lyrics?

    "He stuck his head in a dustbin

    He stuck his head in a dustbin

    And ran through the laundrette"

    Got it?

    A pint to any of your readers who can guess the title and adapt it appropriately for the person. Two pints if they can send a link through to an old Top of the Pops video of the song off Yiutube!


  10. I want to say that I agree with the poster who asks what exactly have these people who ridicule abuse survivors and those decent and brave enough to support them have to hide? I have often thought this when reading all the hate that used to be peddled on that revolting blog where the emails stolen from one of your colleagues got posted. Did anyone ever get brought to book for that Deputy? If any of those who ran or were involved with that sick site should also have children themselves you would have to ask whether the kiddies could be at risk? Surely something for the police to look into?

  11. I am probably too late because as soon as I typed alexei sayle i remembered the song

    I thought maybe you meant the B side to it which contained a song that really does some up what the troll is probably vehemently spitting at his computer when he writes his trash. I doubt you will find it on youtube unless under adult content only and then I wouldnt dare put a link to it even if it is there!!

  12. I find the viciousness that comes across in the writing of so many attacks on the victims and people who have stood up for them stomach-churning. What can such people be like as human beings? Where is their compassion for people who have suffered. There can be no excuse at all for these sickos.

    Put it this way even if my own father was found to be involved with such horrible attacks I would not only shop him to the police myself. I would also ask my mum to divorce him as I just wouldn't feel safe in my own home. Who is to say that attacks on the net on strangers wouldn't turn into physical ones if that is how these people think? People who do this kind of thing really need monitoring and some type of forced therapy.

  13. Zoompad

    Thanks for your further post. I decided not to use it but I know how you feel believe me.

    All I would say is hang in there - what goes around comes around no matter how long it takes. One sad and very nasty little troll is nearing his bullying endgame very rapidly.

    And he can't even see it coming! Priceless!

  14. "I feel like throwing up after reading such a load of hedonistic trash.
    You are just another useless minority driven States Member who has jumped onto the child abuse band wagon in order to attack the current Government, none of who were even around when HDLG was friggin closed and Gorst didn't even ruddy live in Jersey."

    Are they not the Corporate Sole?


  15. Thanks for the information Aggy. Of course I won't make it public on the site but yes it is very helpful.

  16. Trevor.

    Blogging in Jersey, is it bad for your HEALTH?

  17. I have heard what happened to you and Shona and am so sorry. Wish I could think of something better and more positive to say than that, but knowing how determined some people are to protect paedophiles and criminality I can't think of anything. Thank you for sticking up for what is right. xx