Tuesday, 11 September 2012

FREE JERSEY! Please Help Us Restore Democracy to our Beautiful Island!

Today, I have launched an e-petition on in support of the return of U.S. investigative journalist and author, Leah McGrath Goodman, to the island to continue her research into decades of child abuse at Jersey’s state-run “care” homes and allegations of cover-ups in the wake of the government’s removal of the Chief of Police and shut-down of the entire investigation.

One year ago today, Ms. Goodman was banned from the UK and Jersey for two years after revealing to the Jersey Customs and Immigration Service during a voluntary meeting that she was writing a book on atrocities against children at Haut de la Garenne. According to the UK Border Force, she was flagged by Jersey Immigration authorities for removal upon her next border crossing – and that is exactly what happened. 

After the intervention of UK Member of Parliament John Hemming, the ban was reduced to one year and it expires today, 11 September 2012. That said, the UK and Jersey have so far declined to restore Ms. Goodman’s visa or allow her cross the border to continue her research. In order to do so safely, she will need to have her Tier -1 visa status fully restored – hence, the reason for this  e-petition today.

Leah McGrath Goodman should be permitted to complete her work in order that there is an accurate record based on the available facts and evidence. Jersey needs to confront the failings of its past so it can redress them and, most of all, ensure the safety of our children’s future.

We ask readers who care about the island’s children, who care about the island’s reputation, who believe in a free press and who want the truth to be told to sign the e-petition. We also ask fellow bloggers to copy and paste this blog onto their own Web sites so that we may show the world that Jersey wants the best for its future and its children. 

It is time to leave our island’s culture of secrecy behind and demand the kind of free and open society our island deserves. Those who would do otherwise are not representative of the majority of islanders.

Please spread the word and sign this petition (ten seconds). The Internet is the one thing Jersey authorities have not been able to lock down.....yet! The petition can be signed HERE 

Today is not a day to focus on right-wing versus left-wing politics, but the difference between right and wrong. When a democratic government abuses its substantial legal, legislative and financial powers to crack down on journalists’ freedom of speech, force policemen and elected officials from their jobs and systemically dismantle its own checks and balances so as to deny each of its targets due process, clearly it is a government that has lost its way.


  1. Did I say that the Establishment Party who dominate government and the 'justice' system had not yet managed to nobble Citizens' Media?

    Well, look out - there was a 'top secret' session all due to go down today in the Royal Court! It may have been put off but it will still happen.

    I mentioned this in the States today, of course, but did anyone in the local media start digging as you might expect?

    Don't be silly.

    Still, credit where its due.

    At least CTV did take up the scandalous issue of how the truth is that ANY person, no matter how flawed or warped his/her judgment, can and will be allowed to sit as a Jurat - lay-judge so long as you are 'one of them'

    Sick. Incredible. And wholly unacceptable.

    Watch this space for a dedicated blog on the issue coming very soon...

  2. Oh no - not content with stealing 'democracy' the Establishment seem to have even stolen my icon!

  3. Thanks for getting this petition together. Great to see that what is being done to our lovely island will be getting out to a wider audience. Good luck Leah.

  4. Meant to add a big 'thank you' to my admin for support in what has been a busy day and evening.

  5. What about a 'Jersey Loves Leah!' campaign?

  6. I have just added my signature, only 22 to go

  7. Thanks to all of those who have taken the trouble to email etc that they have or are signing. We need to get this petition for Leah up into the thousands - and we certainly can do it.

    It has only been up for slightly under a day so please, tell everyone you know to sign up. But please - just because Philip Bailhache and his joke of an Electoral Commission are happy to do it - NO FALSE NAMES! It is pointless.

  8. Can I just say that I was one of those who voted for Sir Philip. I now bitterly regret it. His behaviour towards you was truly both obnoxious and childish. It was petulent in the extreme.

    I wish he would put himself up for election again because the dip in his vote might shake even his staggering arrogance. The situation with Ms McGrath-Goodman is disgraceful.

  9. Great petition. Have signed and will tell others to do so.

    The attitude of the 'Bailhache boys' yesterday showed everything that is wrong with our island. Pompous, arrogant and elitist.

    Maybe even worse they are not even competent.

  10. Filthy Rag comments today about yourself and Deputy Tadier acting like a pair of 9 year olds yesterday so no surprise there.

  11. Trevor.

    Team Voice will be returning to their live and interactive broadcast a week tomorrow Thursday 20th August 2012 at 7pm HERE

  12. Only a day ?

    Its up to just under 400 now,

    What is on the agenda of the meeting regarding Citizens Media Trevor ? I hope they are stupid enough to try and silence the blogs, this will put them out of step with the civilised world with the exception of China, North Korea and a handful of other " States."

    It will also confirm that they are afraid of the truth, this will raise eyebrows across all parties at Westminster, and then they will have to act, or be party to putting a knife in the back of democracy.


  13. No comment in the JEP about the deeply disturbing implications of the jurat issue. What a surprise, not! Makes you wonder what they have to hide? If there was any children in the States it was Phil and Will. Two spoilt brat grown ups who must always have their own way.

  14. Thanks for comments.

    Out of interest I am on the BBC at about 5.20pm regarding Leah McGrath Goodman.

  15. I couldn't possibly tell you about the 'top secret' super-injunction second session that suddenly got pulled from a Tuesday 10.00 am slot. I know nothing at all about this rumour other than that it is a rumour.

    No, I'm not being naughty, mean, elitist or anything else. It is just that if I mention the other rumour that the first 'hearing' was so secret that even the person it is intially aimed at - before the massed ranks of the Establishment Stssi move on to the rest of us 'bloggers' - didn't allegedly even know about it I'll probably get a criminal record.

    You know - like the 'criminal record' my wife got for that sickening 'crime' of helping two elderly, disabled people complete an application form to request that they might be entitled to a postal vote!

    Yes, I'm afraid I just can't be too careful. I don't want to fall foul of the Jersey 'justice' system that of course saw the then Attorney General William Bailhahce prosecute Shona and Deputy Geoff Southern for said outrage - but NOT the two non-JDA candidates who breached the same rules!

    Sorry - my lips are sealed!

  16. One jurat has two DIC convictions

  17. While I am pleased that the BBC picked up on the Leah petition, as I said in what was a very short interview, the little 'test' to see if our 100% open and balanced mainstream media picked up on it by delaying a local press release until Friday worked a treat.

    The local media generally, it seems confirmed, do not want 'outsiders' like Leah McGrath Goodman doing the job all too many of them have been cowed into NOT doing as they should.

    Look out for the usual Establishment Party strategy of branding all of us who dare question, let alone challenge the 'elite' as 'enemies of Jersey'. Or will they suddenly confound us by finally confronting the very serious issues some of us keep on raising?

  18. Meant to add. With regard to the above I will hopefully be doing a proper, full, in depth interview with leading Citizens' Media journalist VFC on all of this soon.

  19. Just short of 500 Deputy! Pretty good for a day and a half. Hopefully Leah will be encouraged with the support.

    My other point is this. You are quite wrong about the electoral commission. We would never allow fake submissions from people using false identities.

  20. Oh dearie me! Typo! I meant to say "they" obviously!

  21. ha, ha. But yes, approaching 500 already is very encouraging for Leah.

  22. Hi Deputy.

    Keep up your good work. I just put up some questions from yesterdays States Meeting, you & your Reader's can Listen HERE

  23. Thank you for email and asking to pass it on which I will do.What I find shocking is having someone from another country come to write a book when we have many journalists here who have everything at their fingertips.They have either been gagged or lilylivered.I wish you success in your petition.PS they will never confront the serious issues that have been raised.they will just bury it even further.

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  25. Bailhache & Birt out/democracy in13 September 2012 at 18:35:00 BST

    Well done Trevor. This is the way forward using media that our Lords of the Far-Right can't control.

    The Jurat story is expolsive yet is it mentioned in the Filthy rag? No. No. No.

    Thanks for fighting for justice.


    Please follow up the jurat issue it goes to the heart of what is wrong with Jersey. The sheer anger in the voice of our un-electedd Deputy Bailiff when you raised this said it all. Do as we say. Not do as we do. They are stuck in the 17th century. We must have accountability.

  27. Petition update:

    Currently 667 with people from all over the world!

    Well done everyone, pretty good for just two days.

    But come on - I want a full thousand by the weekend!

    Thanks on behalf of Leah and the Jersey Oppressed!


  28. Please explain something.
    During 2008/09 we had scores if not hundreds of journalists from around the World reporting on this story so what is so special about this woman? What will she do that is any different to the others even if she is let in?

  29. Duh, write a book. Have you seen many books on the subject written by the "scores if not hundreds of journalists"?

    Err, no you haven't.

    I hope that answers your question Jon.

  30. None of this would be possible without Trevor, so I just want to thank him for supporting my continued research -- and all of you for signing the petition. Jersey is my favorite island and it is the home of many wonderful friends. Also, people of Jersey, you are some of the kindest people I know. Wanted to share with you a link from a best-selling author who gave his support today:

  31. 'What is so special sabout Leah McGrath Goodman?'

    Well, Leah would say abosulutely nothing at all. But...

    Leah is 'special' because - like a few more of us - she won't be bullied away, shut up, shut down - silenced. She isn't going to be conned with all the tooth-fairy nonsense.

    She is a professional, a best-selling author and respected international journalist. Like us she is going to see this through until the truth is out. However long it takes.

    The tide is turning. We saw hard evidence of that with the desperate, foaming at the mouth behaviour of the Chuckle Brothers on Tuesday.

    As the EZLN's motto says 'Enough is enough'.

    We begin to finally stop the enemies of Jersey that have treated Jersey like a private club for the rich for decades, for generations as of now.

    Trust me - you haven't seen anything yet.

    Why, even the other day some chap came up to me while I was having a bite to eeat and told me about this allegedly 'top secret' super injunction court case that was apparently going on.

    He couldn't tell me that much about it of course - all rumours he said. But some bloke called Jon/John had apparently told him about it in a pub and he was quite convinved it was all true.

    Yes, I suppose I had better get some questions in to the States about it. Sounds intriguing, doesn't it...

    1. So, if one of the super-injunctors (assuming of course that there are, erm, let's say four) is blabbing about it in the pub, and leaving 'ha ha, you can't get me know' type messages on the blog of the alleged super-injunctee, does that not render him as liable to prosecution as the super-injunctee? Or at least void the super-injunction?

  32. Thanks Leah. Good to speak earlier.

    Already a lot of people asking about you and your visa situation. The eyes of the world are turning back to Jersey again. This time we won't let them be diverted away.

    Past the 700 mark now and climbing...


  33. Apologies. I should go back to typing with my usual four fingers. making as many typing errors as 'Philip'!


  34. "'What is so special sabout Leah McGrath Goodman?'

    Well, Leah would say abosulutely nothing at all"

    Sounds about right because what she will write will just be the same material we've heard already, so they can let her in, who cares.

    But good luck with your war against these enemies of Jersey and all your questions on super injunctions. You act like a man on a mission who has everybody over a barrel so I am sure you will do really well Trevor.

  35. "The tide is turning. We saw hard evidence of that with the desperate, foaming at the mouth behaviour of the Chuckle Brothers on Tuesday."
    What happend?I was away and missed it.

  36. Thanks. Good to have you back Blanket. Was it all delayed until you came back?

  37. Of course the fact that 'someone' can write 'so they can let her in - who cares?' shows that this person doesn't care. Not about justice, not about cover-ups, not about children. I ask readers, how sick can some people be?

  38. Leah need to be John Stuart's guest on the Daily Show in the US. She needs the petition circulated on college campuses in the UK and around the world with help from Journalism students. In time, she will have enough publicity to shock the old Jersey Feudalists right out of their fancy pants.

  39. Anonymous

    A wholly hypothetical answer to an alleged rumour...

    I think your assertions about the actions of one of the unconfirmed and simply alleged behind the wholly rumoured, alleged, unconfirmed and strictly hypothetical super-injunction hearing that may (or may not) have been cancelled from its 10am - allegedly - spot last Tuesday should, hypothetically and wholly allegedly and according to rumour be telling thrid parties about the ecetera 'super-injucntion' then he must be in breach of, or contempt of court?

    Sorry, need to take a breath here..

    And what would the, say, other three perhaps, if that is the rumoured number of others involved have to say about it all? I mean, imagine if such a person was indeed one of those behind a rumoured and completely unconfirmed 'super-injunction' hearing to close down freedom of speech on the internet per se, and had told someone about this and actually had that conversation recorded - wouldn't he look a bit foolish and hypocrtical to say the least?

    Hypothetically speaking of course...

    1. Many thanks for your hypothesis on a supposed situation. I think, however, that your introduction of one of the imaginary super-injunctors having the stupidity to allow him (or her) self to be recorded would make a joke of the whole shebang. Surely not! Let's keep it real, nobody could be that daft, could they?

      Please keep up the good work.

    2. Reminiscent of one 'not so clever' troll by the name of Jon Haworth allowing himself to be recorded making threats to a thoroughly decent couple!!

      Deja-vu? Hypothetically of course!

  40. Free Jersey from feudalism now14 September 2012 at 20:44:00 BST

    Nice one! Allegedly.

  41. Just to echo Leah's message on the Jersey Evening Propaganda website - let's try and hit 1000 by midnight U.S. time tonight.

    Pass this on to all and everyone you know who cares about justice and get them to sign.

    We will be giving the camapaign another boost on Monday (can't say any more just yet) but please help ensure we have at least that 1000 figure before then.



  42. Anonymous

    If only you knew...

    But hey, wouldn't it be allegedly hilarious if one of these hypothetical people bringing this wholly rumoured 'super-injunction' turned up on the day this case was being heard (if it was realy - which of course we all know is only a rumour) and then he, she or 'it' was confronted with a recording of him, her or 'it' self talking about the very thing that nobdoy was allowed to talk about upon pain of death?

    But you are surely right: nobody could be dumb enough to allow themselves to be recorded while making an inappropriate phone call!

    Could they...

    Anyway, far more importantly that this the petition is now past the 800 mark. With leah being around five hours behind us I reckon we have about seven hours to try and get another 190 people to sign.

    Please keep spreading the word for Leah.



  43. Just to say a big 'well done' and 'thanks' to everyone for getting Leah's petition past the 1000 mark in just 4.5 days!

    Let's keep it going!


  44. Does you have any contacts in the NUJ who might want to help?

    Time for them to restore public faith in their profession?

    (Unlike the clowns at the JEP, CTV & Local BEEB).

  45. Anonymous

    We are taking caree of this later today as it happens.

    Meanwhile, still encouraging to see that we are just on 1,100 now and still a couple of days short of the week!

    Please keep letting others know about the petition!


  46. "so they can let her in, who cares."

    Good, so you agree, let her in, I assume you have signed the petition and are vigorously passing the message on, lets face it the quicker Leah is allowed in the sooner this whole situation can be wrapped up, but I sense there are a group of people who do care a great deal and have an even bigger problem on their hands, they added fuel to the fire by not thinking it through properly, honestly banning someone for no reason at all, who would believe it!!!

  47. A press release update will be going out first thing tomorrow and will appear on this blog.



  48. Hi

    A last quick post before bedtime!

    As I still have to write and e-mail my written questions before turning in tonight I wonder if I could ask the following question?

    It is directed to my good friend 'Jon' though anyone else who knows the answer can reply if they are 'in the know'.

    What I would like to know if Jon is still up and about is this. Has the top secret 'super-injunction' hearing (that many people in pubs seem to think was due to take place last Tuesday) been re-scheduled and if so, when will it now be taking place?

    I only ask because I want to get a States question lodged on the matter.



  49. Hi

    Just an update on the petition.

    The aforesaid press release has gone out to all media here and a number of international contacts.

    Slight problems with getting it up here but hope to have it up late today.


  50. Trevor.

    You will no doubt be busy all day today giving interviews to the local "accredited" journalists who, themselves will be wanting to highlight, the apparent assault on Press Freedom. When you get finished with all of them can we do an interview?

  51. I have checked Guernsey & Jersey press online and CTV, nothing, however I also checked all the normal news worth blog sites and nothing, perhaps it a bit too soon. Will check back after 16.00hrs.

  52. Don't fret!

    This just proves the point. And it is Jersey after all!

    Already had contact on the matter from Sky and UK BBC - plus a top UK MP.

    Now giving out more information - show our Establishment poodles how it is done by professionals?


  53. Go Trevor go! Time for you guys to fight back and get people to sit up and TAKE NOTICE.

    Ironically just listening to an ELO CD and the last 2 tracks are 'Here is the News' and 'All over the World'. I think I'll play them again now!

  54. The filthy rag's letters is off again.

  55. Just how thick are those behind the Jersey Evening Pravda? 'Milford Lodge' does not exist on Grosvenor Terrace. I should know I used to live on the Terrace!

  56. Sorry about on going problems with uploading the press release. It is a result of not being interested enough in IT. No excuse of course.

    Anyway, I can tell readers that as a result a number of media have been in touch with Leah direct. Yup - even BBC and CTV.

    The JEP?

    Not as far as I know. But then they are probably busy printing fake letters and editing all the key facts out about Jurats who are happy to help conceal child abuse, no doubt?

    But on the fake letter subject...

    Could this be the same Mr. Noel who couldn't be traced by the Electoral Commission before Senator Bailhache had a toddler tantrum and tried to get 'up close and personal' with his petty insults and lies?

    More on this and related stories soon.

  57. I hear that you can only get really long odds at Ladbrooks that "Injunction Jon" wrote it. The garbage in the same name on the electoral commission site certainly had the same ring of a deranged seven year old to it.

  58. To quote one of my all-time sporting heroes, Eric Cantona...

    I wish to make an apology!

    Earlier I got a bit of transatlantic cable crossing. I reported that amongst the international media contacts both the BBC and CTV had now contacted Leah in response to the press release.

    This is only 50% correct. It is actually the BBC and...the JEP who have been in touch with her!

    Now, obviously if I was the JEP I would never apologize - we have seen that enough times over the years when the aforesaid fake letters have been reported etc.

    But I am not the JEP. So sorry JEP. Well done - although I will obviously wait to see what you write.

    Hopefully not like the jurat 'report' which takes out all reference to individuals halping to conceal child abuse being currently allowed to sit in judgment of others as if they were normal, honest people.

    As for CTV - come on, get your backsides in gear!

  59. Perhaps the JEP contacted her, to sound out what others may report, feed it back to Mr BIG, so a defence angle can be worked out and print a pre-emptive attack tomorrow morning.

    The rules are:-
    1) get all the facts
    2) select the facts you want to run with
    3) leave out the horrible ones or twist them around
    4) make up some facts
    5) release story purporting to tell the truth
    6) enter it for a competition

  60. In three days I have managed to get eight other people to sign the petition, hopefully everybody is doing the same.

    However I did find the counter, counter productive, when I initially signed up, it seemed that only a few more signatures were required, so I didn't immediately spread the word, it was only when Leah sent a thank you I went back and realised the counter had been reset and a higher number was required.

    I am going to try and see if I can get a musician friend who has 98,000+ face-book contact list to include a link.

    I would have thought there would have been a few thousand from Jersey by now, are they all holding back?

  61. Hi Anonymous

    You have to remember that apart from Citizens' Media nobody bar listeners to Simon Jupp (BBC)would have heard because there had been no advertising of the petition.

    The US 'drive' will be starting soon. Think about it - how many of our 100,000 community really have a clue about what goes on - simply because they are spun only the garbage that the Establishment party wants them to hear and thus think is 'the truth'.

    As it happens if you get the chance check out watching/listening to Westminster tomorrow...

  62. And just as important in its way - I have agreed to do an interview for Jersey's premier Citizens' Media site, Voiceforchildren, tomorrow as well.

    The tide is turning difficult as it may seem on the service to believe.

    What's that old Bob Dylan song about how they will soon be drowning in the rising flood waters?

  63. Sorry - the other thing I forgot to point out is that the e-petition will stay up for a year - or until we get some appropriate action.

    To this degree I can also let you know that the local Immigration office are trying to come on all 'bemused' about Leah having any problems at all.

    Funny thing is we are also hearing she needs a type of visa that other sources say...just does not exist!

    So who is conning who?

    Watch this space and keep asking people to sign.



  64. Perhaps Leah ought to try travelling to Jersey, to flush out the "she is welcome etc..".

  65. Trevor. I, like you, seek the truth and believe Leah should be allowed back to finish her work. This may help. The Jersey writer's entry clearance visa does exist (check out the directions of lieutenant governor part 6 on Jersey Immigration's website). Before I sign petition though I do have some questions. Did Leah have a writer's visa (or even a Tier 1 visa) when working in Jersey in 2011? Did she have a writer's visa when she tried to re-enter Jersey via the UK? Has Leah applied for a writer's visa since her ban has been lifted? If the answer to all these questions is 'no' then it's no wonder she's having problems. Seems to me she simply needs to get a Jersey writer's visa - or am I missing something?