Wednesday 27 February 2013



 Where else but Jersey would an individual happy to look the other way on evidence against a predatory paedophile then be allowed to sit as a Jurat (lay judge) for 14 years?

Introduction to a betrayal

I publish below for readers a press release from Deputy Shona Pitman and myself. That we have reluctantly taken this step is due to the frightening reality that our island's 'justice' system has become a tool of oppression rather than arbiter of fairness and protection for all ordinary citizens.

The fact is that complaints alleging corruption being brought to a number of politicians can now simply no longer be ignored. The reported abuses are as diverse as the members of the public bringing them to us. Indeed, three of we 'backbenchers' are currently collating these for forthcoming action. Just as with our own experiences of Jersey 'justice' outlined below the facts presented are deeply disturbing.

Justice should not depend on wealth and influence. It should not only be consistent but should be guaranteed for all. Yet in Jersey today the  truth is that it is not.

For example, where else would you see the blatant double standards and abuse of process that saw the Bailiff's Office ruling that neither he, Michael Birt nor Deputy Bailiff, William Bailhache could sit on our case due to our political 'relationship' - yet simultaneously allow a Jurat who is a personal friend of a director of a powerful defendant, the owners of the Jersey Evening Post, to do just this? The appalling conflict of interest is clear to all. Yet the Bailiff and his Deputy seek to play this down. Why?

Incompetence? Negligence? Corruption? If two public figures with a comparative platform to protest can be abused in this way then what hope is there, we ask, for the vulnerable victims of decades of child abuse within States institutions? It is time that the UK government fulfilled its obligations and intervened to restore 'justice and good governance'.

Sadly, even with the added voice of other appalled States Members writing in our support thus far it has not. This situation cannot be allowed to continue. In the coming days we will be publishing a number of letters and documents relating to our own case. In the meantime please take a few minutes to watch the above video interview: the true cost of 21st Century 'Jersey justice'.

For the record it should also be noted here that in a move reminiscent of their post WW11 refusal to allow the Jersey Democratic Movement to advertise its manifesto for democratic reform, our island's only newspaper again refused to allow us to publicise our side of what is a deeply disturbing story of an abuse of justice. Just as they have done since the case. Why ever could that be, we ask?


Two Members of Jersey’s Parliament have today called for the UK government – which has overall responsibility to ensure ‘good governance’ in the Channel Islands - to urgently investigate what they describe as the ‘spiralling evidence of the wide-spread breakdown of law within the island’s justice system.’

Child Abuse Scandal
The Deputies say that ‘justice in the island’ (which came under the global spotlight with the unfolding of the ‘institutional’ child abuse scandal in 2008) ‘is being betrayed by a mixture of top level incompetence, corruption and intimidation. Much of this being a direct reaction from those in the island’s Establishment desperate to bury any dissenting opposition to getting to the truth about decades of child abuse cover-ups.’

‘Far from ensuring justice for the people of Jersey our Law Office has become the tool of choice for the clique at the apex of power to try to silence and, if necessary, drive from office or ruin those who dare challenge the established order; or persist in fighting the cause of the ever-growing number of people coming forward to complain of corruption; whether relating to child abuse or abuse of the legal process.’

This has already seen the former Chief of Police (the initiating officer of the child abuse investigations), Mr. Graham Power QPM forced from office by an illegal suspension that failed to result in any disciplinary charges. It has also seen a former Health Minister, at the centre of revelations about the abuse, ousted; and currently being silenced by a blatant misuse of the Data Protection Law within ‘top secret’ Royal Court hearings – all being paid for out of the tax coffers. Files and records relating to children abused within the Jersey care system have conveniently ‘gone missing’ from within both the Police system and government departments. Evidenced cases against abusers have inexplicably not been pursued by the island’s Law Office.

Banning of US Journalist
This manipulation of justice has even seen the contrived banning of a respected US journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman, from the island once it became apparent she was researching child abuse cover-ups and the island links to Jimmy Savile. A ban only lifted following the intervention of UK MP John Hemming and an international petition campaign initiated by Deputy Trevor Pitman himself.  Trevor Pitman states that along with two other political ‘backbench’ colleagues the number of complaints alleging corruption received from members of the public has reached deeply disturbing proportions in recent months.

Legal System - Corruption
These complaints have included alleged tampering with court transcripts; destruction of and refusal to look at evidence; inconsistency in sentencing; and even perjury and collusion between lawyers. The recently leaked 'Barton Report' of a disciplinary hearing involving police at the centre of the illegal bugging allegations in the ‘Drug Baron’ Curtis Warren case even revealed claims of falsified and unsigned statements being presented instead of original documents.

Yet the Deputies say the cold, hard evidence of the justice system being in desperate need of external investigation; and the depth of the obstacles facing victims of the cover-ups was only brought home to them after they pursued the island’s only, and hugely influential, pro-establishment newspaper, the Jersey Evening Post to court for defamation along with one of its millionaire clients. The newspaper and its estate agent client Broadlands had mocked the couple after Trevor Pitman’s election, falsely claiming they had increased their salary four-fold by entering politics when in reality they had taken a drop in income of thousands.

Jurat Supports Paedophile in Previous Job as Vice-Principle
‘It was shocking enough given the evidence that we then found ourselves losing the case,’ say the Deputies; ‘we subsequently then discovered that the Senior Jurat (lay judge) John Le Breton had been allowed by the Bailiff’s Office to sit in judgement of the case even though he was a personal friend of the newspaper’s longest-serving Director; the two regularly socialising together and even going to dinner at each other’s home. All of this being evidenced’.

An even bigger shock for the Deputies was the subsequent leaking of a government suppressed report (the 1999 Sharp Report) into another horrific child abuse scandal at the island’s Victoria College (an exclusive ‘fee-paying’ secondary school).  The report revealed that John Le Breton, as Vice Principle had refused to look at evidence against a friend and colleague, the predatory paedophile, Andrew Jervis-Dykes. 

He instead wrote in support of him claiming amongst other things that: Jervis-Dykes had served the College in an ‘outstandingly competent and conscientious way’; that unless police decided to prosecute, the abuse would be seen as ‘an unsubstantiated allegation’. Le Breton even appealed for the paedophile to be allowed to stay on at the school and if he had to resign be allowed to do so with ‘some dignity’. Incredibly Le Breton was put forward for the Jurat role by a politician who was both on the College’s Board of Governors at the time and a former president of the government’s Education Committee!’

The Deputies add, ‘when you bring this to the attention of the Chief Minister, Bailiff (Head of Judiciary and Legislature) and Deputy Bailiff, where both Crown Officers just happen to also be friends of the Jurat in question - you are told: ‘if you don’t like it – appeal’.  The Crown Officers know full well, that the above information not only came to light after our case and has implications far beyond this alone; but that it would necessitate at least another £30,000: monies that most ordinary people do not have.

Jurat Le Breton was allowed to sit by two successive Bailiff’s for a period of 14 years – including sitting on some child abuse cases until retiring just after the Pitman’s’ case. ‘This demonstrates just how unfit for purpose Jersey’s system of election and monitoring of Jurats is’, says Deputy Shona Pitman, adding ‘how in the 21st Century can Jurats be elected in secret by only politicians and lawyers – many of whom will regularly be friends of those proposed?’

UK Justice Minister fails obligations of good governance
Yet even with the backing of around a dozen equally appalled fellow politicians and prominent justice campaigners, the Deputies say that the injustice they have been dealt is as yet failing to be adequately dealt with as it should by the UK justice Ministry. ‘The evidence in our case is overwhelming,’ say the Deputies, ‘just as it is in many other cases. Yet even when presented with all of the details (as outlined above) and letters of support from other concerned public figures, the excuse from Lord McNally has been that as “Jersey has its own justice system we can’t really interfere’’ (see enclosed correspondence).

‘Most absurd of all perhaps’, add the Deputies, ‘is that ‘the Justice Minister instead offers to ‘forward our concerns’ to the Bailiff – the very individual who has allowed all of this to happen! What this shows is the deeply troubling attitude to justice from those holding power within the justice system here and the UK Minister responsible for ‘good governance’ in a small and apparently ‘insignificant’ jurisdiction’.

‘At the bottom line’, conclude the Deputies, ‘if these failings are allowed to continue, if successive Bailiffs and other Crown Officers can allow an individual who refused to look at evidence against a predatory paedophile yet supported him – to sit as a Jurat for 14 years; including on subsequent cases of abuse what hope, we ask, have the victims of Jimmy Savile and the Haut de la Garenne child abuse scandal of getting justice here? What hope has any ordinary citizen who rocks the Establishment boat? The answer must be a resounding none. It is time the UK government stepped up to the plate and fulfilled its obligations. Should they not do so then it can only be concluded that Westminster must be complicit in all of this.’ Full story:

For further information contact: Deputy Trevor Pitman 07797 824243/01534) 863436           Deputy Shona Pitman 07797 778561


  1. A shocking expose of events. So this is justice in Jersey? You have not had a fair trial and that fact is crystal clear.

    What I would ask is how can such a sickeningly sloppy approach to justice and the appointment of jurats even be allowed to happen? There can be no excuse. You must demand this be thrown out at once.

  2. simultaneously allow a Jurat who is a personal friend of a director of a powerful defendant, the owners of the Jersey Evening Post, to do just this?

    Which Jurat was this?

    1. Do pay attention please!!!!

      They are named in the above posting!!!!!

  3. What a disgrace. The whole Victoria College affair was disgusting. All involved should have faced prosecution. A typical Jersey cover up. How can anyone who would respond in such a way become a jurat?

  4. Good luck Trevor and Shona. Thank you for standing up when most people will just be bullied in to silence. True people politicians and you can't say that about many.

  5. Can't disagree with the content though

  6. There was a report on BBC Jersey news earlier this morning about you both and this subject - saying two Jersey deputies etc. I do not think it has been mentioned at all in the more recent bulletins!

  7. Will the Jersey Evening Post publish the full press release if at all or edit?

  8. Very disturbing. How much lower can our powers that be sink? You have my support all the way. Can you also ask questions about our paying corrupt magistrates half a million pounds for doing nothing please?

  9. Well, well - two more contacts about our 'justice' system and serious allegations of corruption this very day! How many more can there be?

  10. Deputies Trevor & Shona Pitman.

    Its so brave doing what you are doing. But you have got to remember that Father Of The House, Senator Stuart Syvret, started this fight over four years ago,and in that time he has lost nearly everything, in his personal life.

    He is making good progress, but in one of his most recent postings, he summed it up, as to where he is now by titling that recent posting: The End Of The Beginning.

  11. THE RATS are leaving the sinking ship that is HMS Jersey!

  12. Hi Deputies.

    Just like to say, I take my hat off to you both. It takes Balls to stand up to this lot & you two have what it takes to do your best. But always remember you can't fight if your dead! so please look after your self's.

    Thank you both.


  13. Stuart has already run up against the Jersey Judicial Brick Wall and his chances in his UK cases don't appear good. Clearly there is UK complicity here and for fairly obvious reasons: coverup of malfeasance and protection of a dicey and bloated financial sector.

    Nevertheless, it is not impossible that the UK will eventually be forced to act if enough people like yourselves help to put its credibility on the line.

    I've tweeted your latest above. Hopefully some few more will pick it up.

    May the force be with you.

  14. Nothing in today's JEP of CTV about this press release so far.

    1. No - deafening silence
      But JEP did this editorial the other day attacking the Jury system and supporting Jurats and not mentioning Jurat Le Breton :

      "But the Jurats bring with them a wealth of experience, a wise head and a degree of understanding of the complex legal system"

      Basically saying that the 'great and the good' can only be judged by great and the good.

      Commentor "Proud Jerseyman" is a comic genius BTW

  15. Trevor and Shona,

    You could always begin a fighting fund, via Paypal, to raise the 30 grand to appeal.

    Admittedly it would take 3000 people at a tenner a go, although some philanthropists may be more generous.

    If, as you say, there are a large number of States Members who are supporting you, those who have refused the pay rise and are donating to charity could instead donate to you. A very polite request to those members might meet with success. It would be regrettable that some charities would lose a donation, but it would be for the greater good, the cleaning out of the judicial stables that is long overdue.

    Some of those who signed your petition for Leah might be able to commit 10 pounds to ensure law and order is restored.

    Raise the thirty grand and bring this house of cards down.

  16. Thank you both for speaking out Deputies. Takes guts in our sordid litle world of 'financial centre' Jersey. Look out for the JEP hatchet job on you. What choice do they or our Law office have? You have them bang to rights.

  17. I do wonder about the safety of the judgement in Pitman v JEP & Broadlands. Irrespective of your politics, it ought to be of concern that the Island's primary source of news and political comment might circulate factually incorrect statements (in news columns, or indirectly by way of advertisement) in relation to a candidate ostensibly responsible for the advancement of minority interests.

    "ARTICLE 10 - Freedom of expression

    1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This Article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises.

    2. The exercise of these freedoms, since it carries with it duties and responsibilities, may be subject to such formalities, conditions, restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and are necessary in a democratic society, in the interests of national security, territorial integrity or public safety, for the prevention of disorder or crime, for the protection of health or morals, for the protection of the reputation or rights of others, for preventing the disclosure of information received in confidence, or for maintaining the authority and impartiality of the judiciary.

    I think the question that needs to be considered quite carefully is whether the element of "political relief" potentially given to the Jersey Evening Post and Broadlands based on the plaintiff's political activities unduly infringes some other principle of law given that "the exercise of [such freedoms of expression] carries with it duties and responsibilities [that] may be subject to ... restrictions or penalties as are prescribed by law and necessary in a democratic society" where the nature of the statements may marginalise a representative in his or her relevant constituencies.

  18. I haven't seen or heard this press release on the state media have any of them contacted you?

  19. The JEP will not print this press release because they are very, very, much involved.

  20. Nick Shaxson, on his Treasure Islands blog, has covered your plea for UK oversight.

  21. Trevor.

    When you put out a Press Release, do you not expect it to be taken seriously? Especially when this Press Release is given out by two elected members of the Jersey States?
    But realistically if the only local press available, that can and should put out this Press Release is totally conflicted....

    What do, or can you do?!

  22. The elite or wealthy will always over rule the people as it has done for centuries as money buy's there immunity, upset the sexual predators in powerful places then your into the higher echellons of those who are like minded & see nothing wrong with murdering raping children for there own perverted needs often aided & albeited by the press. Would be lovely to see the truth out the benefactors of covering up. I believe that is what social services was hatched for to do just that as well as access children already vulnerable of lower understanding to do what they wish to them as the state controls it all.What happend to the person who murdered raped there slave in the Landmark Hotel London. Diplomatic immunity allowed these barbariuns to do as the please.

  23. The state which is the law will always seek to protect there own as the did with JS & there are an awful lot more of them to be exposed this is only the tip of the iceburg. Take care of your children because the state won't they'll defile them by grooming them into believing it's ok to be that way when it isn't. I have known so many who could no longer stand the shame of what happend to them whilst the predators got a slap on the wrist. Making a child look mental makes them then seem to be un safe or just liars even telling the parents there child must be evil to dare suggest anyone could do such a thing especially if there famous wealthy or good good people. The facade of goodness which these predators hide behind or political immunity. The Law sticks for barbaric criminals before the stand up for the victims despite these child sex predators are in there own government who even foster and adopt children to do the same. Hence the sickness will flourish as there allowed freedom to continue there habit, they never stop at one child. Stay safe.

  24. As always I feel that it is necessary to remind ourselves that others, such as Barrie Cooper, have trod this same weary road. If States members and lawyers had only given him and others support decades ago...
    He for example started out in the 1960's and is still battling against the injustice of the Jersey system - including the Crown Officers - and he successfully petitioned the Queen on the way (resulting in compensation being paid to him).

    It is only the lack of a unified voice that allows the "establishment" to prevails and that is one message that we should learn from 28 September 1769. It is just so very important that Jersey Reform Day is marked and celebrated in a meaningful way....

    Tom Gruchy's two part interview with Nicholas Shaxson in Jersey can be seen on the Tom Gruchy youtube channnel for October 2011. I still can't do links but it appears at
    Tom Gruchy writes

  25. Dear Trevor and Shona,

    So as always the 'state media' will not publish your 'press release' what is to be done to rectify this, perhaps 'everyone' who reads your blog and gives a s...t could 'print' and then photo copy hundreds of your release and leave said copies on Royal Square benches, Liberty Bus seats, infact anywhere that the ordinary people of this Island will get a chance to read it.

  26. Well just followed my own advice and WOW perfect, multiple copies tomorrow to be left just where I please, how can the JEP and other 'so called' credited media 'ignore' elected politicians official PRESS RELEASE? well of course they can because this is Jersey!

  27. Good luck to you both with this. You are not the first to try and get some honesty in to the corrupt justice system. Your case is a clear and obvious one so please keep fighting it. Justice should be for all. Our joke of a Bailiff cannot just adhere to conflict of interest requirments when he feels like it. You should call for his resignation.

  28. Trevor.

    Former Deputy Daniel Wimberley's letter to Ian Gorst looking at two sides of THE STORY

  29. Hi Deputy.
    Just put up Questions without Answers from this morning, You & your readers can Listen HERE


  30. A great result today. Thanks on behalf of all victims and their families to those few of you who fought for truth. A long way to go but well done to all of you.

  31. Hi Deputy.

    Here's Two Speeches from today's Debate Think they sum up the two camps, the ones that actually want the COI & the ones that want to carry on the Cover Up to save there own back's or there friends?

    You & your reader's can make up there own minds to who is on which side of the fence! HERE But should I say one is a Constable so says it all really.


  32. Failures by the Jersey Police & Jersey Justice System results in a five year old girl BEING RAPED IN ENGLAND

  33. Hi Deputy.

    Put up the Audio of the whole COI Debate, so its there for anyone to listen too in the years to come. You & your reader's can listen to it HERE

    I can't get over the Dean of Jersey is as bad as a Abuser of Children & he Spock in this Debate. Un Bloody Believable.


  34. Don't forget how much Broadlands spend with "the rag" each month with their advertising.

  35. Intimidation, corruption, collusion, and cover up, it can only be "THE JERSEY WAY"

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  37. Dear Trevor,
    So we are about to be 'required' to have a registration card to proove who we are and to show our 'residential' old Mum had one of these during the occupation it was called an 'IDENTITY CARD' (i.e Full Circle). So how long before the photo is a requirement, followed by all the Data from all other states departments (social security, income tax, health etc. etc.) all to be added to THE CARD...fine, but! when this happens, which it surely will, WE MUST have full access to this data, in other words we must know exactly what is on the card. NO b....s.... about data protection, confidentialty, it is OUR data and THEREFORE we would have every right to know what is there AND to see it. Otherwise it is back to 1940......."Zow yaw pappers arr nut int awtter, and you vill cum vit mee to zee fur interigashun" P.S This would no doubt also mean that the huge varius departments would no longer be needed because THE CARD would have it all?