Friday, 22 February 2013


Two Peoples (Town & Country)

             Two Tier Society (Haves & Have Nots)

                         Two Fuhrers...

'If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. However, the lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic (or other) consequences of the lie'

The above was the philosophy of the late and unlamented Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister for Nazi Germany. Loathsome individual as the 'Doktor' was there is a horrible truth in the fact that this statement has still all too often become the adopted mantra of both Legislatures and Judiciaries posturing as institutions of democracy all over the so-called 'free world' in the decades since the end of the Second World War.

Sad to say but the Establishment that has so long dominated Jersey is no different. In fact they honed it to an art form having lied for decades; for generations. And the 'lie' that theirs is the only way; that we are 'a democracy'; that we can't afford a living wage for the likes of nurses and others who are the true backbone of our society; that we have a genuine 'justice' system protecting all and so very many other inter-related strands on this theme - is still being repeated today. Albeit repeated with ever an increasing and shrill desperation. 

You don't have to have a gun to be a 'Freedom fighter'...

I use the term 'desperation' because the truth is the 'lie' and those who perpetuate it in their own interest are finally both on the ropes. Oh don't be fooled - they are not out for the count yet; not by a long way. But that they are now lurching like a punch-drunk boxer is both as true as it is largely down to a handful of brave and tenacious Citizen Media bloggers.

Tenacious fighters for justice and transparency doing the job that far too many of the island's mainstream media (yes, there are a tiny number of honourable exceptions) appear woefully unwilling or lacking in Testicular Fortitude to tackle. Ordinary, yet extraordinary people such as Rico Sorda, Voiceforchildren and others.

Indeed, I read Mr. Sorda's last post only the other day. Discussing the trauma at the loss of his father within the context of that which abusers and unconcerned governments condemn the victims to, Rico's piece was so moving that I couldn't finish what I was writing myself.

Now Shona and I have seen enough hurt and tragedy these past two years - and no, I am not talking about a court case in essence little better than despicably rigged - losing a whole succession of very close loved ones ourselves. Hard as it has been we have carried on of course. Just as Rico Sorda has carried on. For at least our and Rico's loss/trauma is of the type that just about all have to go through at some point.

The trauma of victims of abuse and uncaring, corrupt governments that worry more about image than justice for damaged people is a trauma no one should have to face or should need to expect. It just shouldn't happen. In fact that it was allowed to happen speaks volumes about the type of people who have dominated Jersey politics and society for decades. 

Yet the majority of those at the apex of power now are still trying to water down the abuse Committee of Inquiry Terms of Reference to this day! The question all in Jersey need to ask is a simple:why? Or do we even need to ask? After all, what does it say of any jurisdiction when those in power allow a man proven to happily look the other way on evidence against a predatory paedophile to then become a Jurat? I would suggest it says that they don't give a damn.

Need any further evidence? Then you surely need only turn to this week's shambles of the 'reform referendum' debate.

Bad enough that it had been hijacked by a man, Senator Philip Bailhache, who had not only stated in his 2011 election material what he wanted 'reform wise' - and then by sheer coincidence -gotten exactly this put forward after all of that 'research'. Yet perhaps even more sickening still was the craven, 'we're alright Jack' attitude of the island's Constables in acknowledging my amendment to Option B was far fairer - giving St. Helier residents reasonable parity with other voters - but still voting against it!

Indeed, let us never again hear the utter tosh that the Constables care about all islanders and democracy. That they do not was proven once and for all this Wednesday. Above all else they desperately want to hang on to their jobs; and with it their ability through being head-nodding poodles for the Establishment to forever thwart the people of the island's capital, St. Helier having a fair and equal say in States votes. They are interested only in power and themselves. They have proven that beyond doubt.

Think on Joseph Goebbels words again. After all of these years the Great Lie can no longer be maintained; it is falling apart - even as Senator Bailhache, having ridden at full tilt  from the Valley of the Dinosaurs to try to desperately hold the political lightweights of the current Establishment Party together. The lie is in tatters. The only thing that may yet keep it in power a few more years would be a thinnly veiled dictatorship. Let them get away with Option B and they will have it.

Night of the Long Knives

Just consider the Night of the Long Knives action being conducted to oust the unfortunate Deputy Rob Duhamel from Planing & Environment. Forget the apologist drivel in the JEP. Forget Philip Ozouf's 'concerns' about his Ministerial colleague etc. Duhamel is being fitted up simply because he didn't do what the Ego and his glove puppet Chief Minister wanted with Plemont: i.e. buy it with taxpayers money no matter how much it cost over the odds. I gave this truth to the MSM 4 weeks ago. It was not reported so I published it myself on this very blog.

Next consider the mix of Establishment arrogance and sheer stupidity that saw not a one of the Great & the Good turn up to the Public Sector rally at Fort Regent where our nurses and the like were simply pleading for a fair, living wage after years of neglect. 

Who did turn up? Just me, Deputies Shona Pitman, Montfort Tadier, Geoff Southern and Judy Martin. That was it - 5 out of 51 politicians. Trust me - this Establishment bunch are too stupid even to prop up their own lies any more. Got no money, boys? Then funny how we don't need to tax foreign companies and other assorted tax dodgers to anything like like fair levels.

Hells bells - did we really even hear Senator Ozouf in the States going on about the 'financial implications' if we didn't cut the number of States Members? The very man who has grown his own little empire at the Treasury faster than a magic beanstalk? Yes, we did, didn't we. Sorry, Doktor Goebbels but the scam of the Great Lie in Jersey is well and truly exposed. Yes, the Establishment Party is still in power - very much so. But the sun is finally shaping up to set on them.

Rigging the reform referendum is their last throw of the dice. Their utterly unfit for purpose 'justice system' is the only last real barrier to democracy, fairness and redemption. Finally expose this once and for all and for the first time in decades there really will be some hope. I mean, after that all we Progressives would have to do was try and sort out the little matter of an economy and social fabric ruined by the 'free-market' Neo-Cons. Should all be a comparative doddle...

Keep the Faith - the dark can't last forever!


  1. Sorry to hear of your losses.

    Do you mind accepting a copy here ? - it looks a perfect fit


    The world is slowly waking up to maverick mini-fiefdoms where the "high priests" imagine themselves to be beyond the law and basic morality of this world.

    " Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny denounced what he called 'the dysfunction, disconnection, elitism - and the narcissism - that dominate the culture of the Vatican to this day.' "

    We are so fortunate that "the dysfunction, disconnection, elitism - and narcissism" do not dominate the culture of Jersey and that if you hide and ignore paedophilia - it just goes away - as if by a miracle !

    Also from the article : " Tensions have flared this month between Ireland and the Vatican over the latter's refusal to cooperate with a decade of government-ordered investigations into the church's chronic concealment of child abuse by its employees. "

    Nope - still no parallels with perfect Jersey, where we must cling to 'Pope' Philip and trust in his law ......... and of course the independent commission of non-enquiry.

  2. Another good piece. That your amendments were not supported says a huge amount. I hope you will be true to your word and take matters to the Privy Council if Option B is ever put forward? That an Electoral Commission can put anything at all forward that isn't fair is beyond belief.

  3. And no matter what the people say, even if there is a clear cut winner that goes against the 'right way', it will be defeated in the safety net option when it goes before the States via the conflicted Constables not voting for Christmas no doubt.

    Didn't some 19,000 people physically vote with their feet on the beach to protest against building on our shoreline?

    The Beano is not the Rag

    1. We have some progress : caught out by the internet the JEP has begrudgingly published PART OF Nick Palmer's comment to

      " All you commenters aren't being shown the whole picture. The JEP story was that an "email is circulating" because of Minister Duhamel's "reported as disastrous" speech at this dinner. If anyone cares to look back at Trevor Pitman's blog you will clearly see that this knife in the back was planned weeks ago. Unless certain other Ministers have access to a time machine that all rather blows the convenient cover story the JEP has been fed completely out of the water.

      "The Bald Truth" blog predicted this coup weeks ago "


      The part that the JEP are STILL CENSORING is :
      ...... "- it is apparently rooted in Senator Bailhache who was mightily miffed that Duhamel's granting of planning permission to the wannabe Plemont despoilers jacked up the potential purchase price of the land and thereby tipped the vote against Senator Bailhache's personal project. Now, I am angry that Plemont was granted permission but Duhamel had little other choice under the Planning Law, given the long history of the proposed development's applications and promises before he became Minister. In essence, it appears that Bailhache threw his toys out of the pram and screamed "off with his head" because Minister Duhamel actually applied the Planning Law against his wishes.

      What does this show about Senator Bailhache's true respect for the Law? Coming from his former legal life, he should really have the utmost respect for, and favour an honest application of, the Law. If he had a problem with the law he should have lobbied to change it. The last thing we want to believe about him is that he believes the Law should only apply when it fits his objectives and that he feels entitled to exact a terrible revenge when he is thwarted.

      This situation needs to be cleared up soon and the bright light of day needs to be shone onto any hidden Machiavellian anti democratic activity. "


      Even when we have a functional and fair democratic system - be that in 1 year or in 50 years - the democracy will still only be as good and as balanced as the press and media feeding it (& in Jersey's case FEEDING OFF IT !!!!)
      The "Fifth Estate" I think it has been called.

      The online freedoms we enjoy (and that slightly level the playing field as demonstrated above) are already under sustained and organised attack globally and locally

      This attack is on many fronts - by the lawyers and by the BBC linked "Selective Data Protection Commisioner"
      and insidiously under attack by spin doctors and "astroturfers"

      INTERESTINGLY the cheap attempted rebuttal of Nick Palmer's partially JEP-censored comment [ie #comment-251661] is penned by a professional PR pundit whose corporate services include ASTROTURFING

      Please don't laugh - you are paying, either directly or via the "kickbacks" for [Matthew Robins] being a good citizen of the kingdom of Bailhache

      The Internet is a dangerous place Matthew. Jersey is in the middle of an intellectual and moral civil war -and sadly civil wars turn brother against brother and friend against friend.

      Truth and Reconciliation ...............
      but first you, & all of us, must be honest with yourselfs

    2. Sorry forgot to mention, those potential kickbacks tend not to materialise if you are sufficiently unprofessional or careless or indiscreet .........

    3. It's a shame that you adopt such a threatening tone. No need.

      A few clarifications. Firstly, I'm not a "professional PR pundit" (whatever that means.) I am a keen political commentator, privately, and on my own terms. And I "astroturf" for no-one. I comment according to my own views, and for my own reasons.

      You're spot on - the comment to Nick Palmer was by me, so presumably some unprofessional soul at the JEP is prepared to breach confidentiality by sharing the email addresses of commenters with third parties? Marvellous.

      This whole "kingdom of Bailhache" idea is a lovely way to puff up the conspiracy theories, but it's hardly relevant here. As it happens, as far as the whole Plemont/Bailhache/Duhamel is concerned, I'm miles apart from Sir PB. As a good free marketeer, I was very happy that the compulsory purchase proposition failed, and I was disappointed that certain States members saw fit to back it so hard, in apparent contradiction with their usual outlook on the world.

      The fact that Trevor P, Monty and many of their fellow big state, left-leaning States members opposed the compulsory purchase, in step with a rabid Thatcherite free marketeer of my ilk, shows that there are plenty of opportunities for shades of grey in big Jersey political issues, don't you think?

      Matthew Robins

  4. There is nothing 'brave' about any of these blogs mentioned, in fact they spout so much rubbish hardly anybody in the Media even reads them anymore, but if you seriously have views about our legal system like this then why are you the only vocal one out of 51? Why is no other States Members saying the same?

    1. I only published this comment because it is so laughable.

      If all of these blogs have so little to offer then why do you spend so much time on them?

      Why do so many MSM journalists also follow them?

      Why do they ignore them? Perhaps you should be asking afew editors that?

      My thoughts would be because these blogs and this one do the reporting and the digging that they should do but don't.

      Why am I the only one vocal? Well, the vast majority of States Members are cowards. This is a fact beyound argument.

      But the other fact is that I am not alone. Three of us will be going public on some of the corruption brought to us very soon - just as I reported in the States.

  5. Good to see you, Shona and so many on the march in support of our nurses today. Please bring a vote of no confidence in Senator Gorst. A total disgrace of a Chief Minister.

  6. Trevor.

    In 2008 Deputy Labey and Stuart Syvret stood up in the Royal court under oath and said that major curruption was occuring in the Planning and Environment Department.

    Last Tuesday Deputy Labey put forward a question on this subject, it would seem that she did this because she is not happy that they are obviously, still trying to bury it.

    Are you satisfied that everything has been done, especially after reading the answer that they give below?

    (a) Allegations concerning re-zoning issues were first made by Deputy Labey in 2008 directly
    to the then Chief Officer. Following an initial view by a DCI, the former Acting Chief
    Officer wrote to the former Chief Executive of the States in November 2008 indicating that
    there was an absence of available evidence to commence a criminal investigation. It was
    suggested that the matter be referred to another body with responsibility for scrutiny of
    parliamentary affairs to examine the issues. Indeed, the matter was referred by the Chief
    Minister’s Department to the Comptroller and Auditor General who subsequently
    concluded that he was unable to take the matter further and could find no evidence which
    supported the allegations. It is understood that the Comptroller and Auditor General
    reviewed documentation held by the Planning and Environment Department as part of his
    Protracted communications continued between Deputy Labey and the States of Jersey
    Police with Deputy Labey claiming to possess evidence supporting allegations of
    corruption. This was eventually received by the Solicitor General on 18th April 2011 and
    passed to the States of Jersey Police. The ‘evidence’ consisted of three statements prepared
    in September 2009 from Deputy Labey and two of her constituents.
    A police investigation ensued which involved re-interviewing witnesses, identifying and
    interviewing others who may assist, an examination of e-mail traffic and the examination
    of documentation in respect of land re-zoning. Officers from the Planning and
    Environment Department were not interviewed by police.
    The investigation has not revealed anything of evidential value to support the allegations,
    but has revealed that suspicions circulating are without firm foundation and that
    speculation by individuals has been fuelled by the speculation of others.
    (b) Two constituents named by Deputy Labey were interviewed and gave witness statements
    to the States of Jersey Police. In addition, the States of Jersey Police identified a further
    five individuals who may have been able to assist the investigation. They too were
    interviewed, made witness statements and provided additional documentation for
    (c) A full investigation has been conducted by the police based upon all the information
    obtained. Reports have been provided to HM Solicitor General at the conclusion of the
    investigation. There is no evidence to support the allegations made.

  7. Cowards or simply not in agreement with you?
    I look forward to your debate.

  8. I don't know why anyone bothers with the JEP HaveYourSayIfWeLetYou censor-fest. The only sensible thing to do is ignore it, let it wither and die away.

  9. The Establishment media does read the blogs. The power of blogs like these can be shown in the defensiveness and reactionary reporting of even the BBC in Jersey. Their censoring of any story they can't control, and the JEP and CTV censoring of comments on controversial stories is evidence of the power of bloggers who have taken the lead on investigative journalism and on evidence-based reporting.

  10. Reports have been provided to HM Solicitor General at the conclusion of the
    investigation. There is no evidence to support the allegations made


  11. Anon at 23 February 2013 11:26:00 GMT

    I don't think they're that bad. They printed a further comment of mine where I pointed out that they had trimmed my comment and they also let me tell readers where to go to find the rest of it. I actually did this as a sort of informal test of whether they genuinely suppressed stuff or are just too lily-livered to print anything that might attract a legal gun for hire to sue them for libel.

    I wrote about this in detail on
    (click for link) Tony the Profs blog

    1. Hello Mr. Palmer,

      Very charitable of you.

      The JEP were always highly variable (usually between bad and appalling)

      My experience is that they have been at their wost when it matters, when the stakes are highest, and during pre-election "lockdown".
      If it does not suit their songsheet they are more than happy to regularly censor total factual comments and ones containing links even to BBC webpages like:
      "Jersey's former bailiff has said he was justified giving a speech on Liberation Day 2008 about a child abuse inquiry. In 2008 Sir Philip Bailhache said the real scandal was what had been written and said about Jersey ...."
      "Attorney General Sir Philip Bailhache, allowed Roger Holland to remain in the service, despite a 1986 conviction for indecent assault against a young girl. Holland, 42, who went on to assault three girls [that we know of] while a serving officer, was jailed last week for two years........."
      etc. etc.

      All this while allowing and promoting the most nauseating sycophantic drivel supporting favoured candidates and the most ferocious and factless or misleading attacks upon opponents.

      Things have for the moment got better now that they know they have been rumbled. The system of "multi posting" is so simple and can work for everyone, not just for people like you who already have a voice.

      My memory is too long to be over charitable to the JEP which continues to be anything but a benign servant to truth or even a semblance of balance.

      I always value your comments, I shall check them out on " Tony the Profs blog "

  12. It was amusing to hear last Sunday’s Politics Hour on BBC Radio Jersey offering for debate "how open and accountable is Jersey's government?". This was ironic because the programme is completely locked down in terms of public participation. One can only comment via twitter and face book and then those are selectively edited before broadcast.

    Gone is the Phone-in ("Moan-in") with the public actually speaking live on air (deemed “too rowdy”). All that was stopped 8 months before the 2011 elections on short notice. It was promised that one could phone in and join in "at any time". In practice there was and remains no public engagement.

    The BBC censors its programmes because it is frightened of any debate outside of limited parameters and ideological positions. The Politics Hour it totally boring because it invites only guests who are tame and have nothing to contribute. They are invited to emphasize what are the acceptable opinions that all should hold. One female guest was so dim witted that she would not dare express her views on the merits or otherwise of Senators “I don’t know if I am allowed to say”. We never found out her opinion – there was only silence – but the thought could be heard rattling around her hollow head.

    Bring back Christy Tucker - she made us laugh.

    1. The moan-in was cancelled because the same old people used to phone in day after day and it basically became the domain of a few repeat callers and very boring to listen to. Hence the new format where anyone can phone in throughout the week and at different times of the day. You are looking for censorship and conspiracy where there are none.

  13. Trev, slightly off topic, forgive me.

    In the forthcoming putsch against Rob Duhamel, it will no doubt be argued that he insulted a lady.

    If it is the same lady, she has posted in comment 47 on the JEP thread that he was "not particularly offended".

    Can you make sure Rob is made aware?

  14. Sorry, I made a typo:

    "If it is the same lady, she has posted in comment 47 on the JEP thread that SHE was "not particularly offended".