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Harking back to the early days of this blog I publish below a handful of updates on recent happenings within the tiny Neo-Feudal State on Britain's doorstep. A fairly long read perhaps but 4 separate stories with facts you certainly won't see in the Jersey mainstream media...
ESC and the strange case of the Starting Pistol 'incident'...
Following on from a suppressed story I broke a few weeks ago it has been confirmed that a teacher has now been charged over this incident. An incident that revolved around the said pistol being discharged in the school sports hall and injuring - though thankfully not seriously - a male pupil's eyes. The judicial aspect to this case must now be allowed to run its course through the courts. 
However, the alleged serious failings within standard ESC policy in the light of such incidents must also be addressed over the summer as a matter of urgency. This must culminate whatever the findings - and let us hope that it proves a situation retrievable for all involved - in a statement being made to the States Assembly by the ESC Minister. Why?
99% of teachers do a great job
In first stating for the record that, though highlighting the very serious concerns alleged to me by the mother of the injured pupil i.e. his allegedly not being taken to hospital by staff; his being kept on the premises until the end of the day; the correct ESC reporting procedures not being adhered to; and lastly - the claim that no one at the school ever contacted the mother herself, this is NOT in any way an attack by me on the teaching profession generally.
I have always supported the teaching profession and will continue to do so. 99% of teachers do an often thankless and damned good job. However, when I come across things that are not as they should be - such as in the suspension policy review I chaired for Scrutiny - I will highlight these.
It is perhaps stating the obvious but with a record like ESC and other childrens' services have come to be lumbered with thanks to a number of figures 'at the top' (departmentally and politically)following the HDLG scandal - not to mention instances of decent, ordinary Jersey parents being hit with appalling 'gagging' orders simply for standing up to be counted when their children have been victimised - that ESC still has a long way to go to prove it is wholly committed to both transparency and accountability.  Unfair on so many this undoubtedly is - but there you go.
The Bald Truth behind Option B and its leading lights' attitude to democracy...
With Special Agent the 'B Team Bug' recently joining the Ministerial Mole in my growing squad of Establishment Party infiltrators I can now reveal a very telling incident which took place at a meeting of the gang just prior to the recent States debate on Senator Bailhache's hijacked Electoral Commission referendum.
During the meeting, or so the 'Bug' tells the story, it came to be argued by a minority of the B Team's foot-soldiers that the proposals would never get through the States unless it was tweaked to actually provide some fairness in representation to the third of the population living in St. Helier. Fairness of the sort being proposed by both I and Deputy Andrew Green. Yet what happened next? Apparently the minority were turned upon and ridiculed by B Team Grandees such as former Senator Horsfall.
What is the former Senator really after?
Now I'm sure you'll remember the ex-Senator - he was a key figure in the move to risk Jersey putting all of our economic eggs into the one basket of the Finance industry. He was also a prime saboteur of the Clothier proposals he was meant to champion. He also just happened to have started out as an Option A supporter this time - even telling the Electoral Commission (in my presence) that the Constables had to go in the interests of democracy!
The bottom line in all of this? Don't be fooled by the bleating voices of politicians like Deputy Sean Power: most of the key drivers behind Option B are interested only in cementing total control of the States via ensuring massive over-representation for the smaller country parishes. For true democracy they care not as their actions reveal.
A brave man reduced to throwing himself on his knees in the Royal Square to plead for help against the 'justixce' system meant to help him...
Can anyone imagine that they would lightly take the decision to throw themselves down on their knees in Jersey's Royal Square to plead for assistance? No - i can't either. yet this was what one brave man, Mr Sam Canon felt he had no choice but to try just before last Tuesday's States Sitting.
Now the intricacies of Sam's case will be unfolded on the Voiceforchildren blog and possibly here two over coming weeks. But until such time let me just say that I took up Sam's case - one of an ever-growing number - because not only has he had to suffer wrongly for years; his case also has elements of just about every corruption and failing you could hope to (or actually would hope NOT to) find in a so-called justice system.
'Reporters' who apparently don't want stories
The Jersey mainstream media were all advised of what was going to happen. It should have undoubtedly have made a great, if deeply worrying news story. Yet guess what? Only reporters from the local ITV bothered to turn up to record it. Do they seriously wander why so many feel the Jersey Establishment and the media go hand-in-hand in keeping injustice out of the headlines? Fortunately, the excellent Team Voice was there to record the event; and I believe a further full length interview with this brave man will be available shortly.
And finally - the latest in the shameful saga of Le Breton-gate...
This week the Bailiff once again blocked a perfectly legitimate personal statement which I had sought to make. This having been found 'guilty' by the now defunct Simon Crowcroft led PPC for allegedly breaching the code on e-mail communications by asking for opinions on Public Sector pay negotiations and any justice system problems.
Now leaving aside the very telling fact that out of thousands of recipients the only complaints about my 'breach' were from none other than Chief Minister Gorst and one of his own pen pushers (I actually had 30 times the number of contacts of either expressed support or new information!) the aspect I want to focus on here is in regard to what it confirms yet again about the ease by which justice in Jersey can be manipulated and even abused.
That a politician can even be questioned over asking States employees to contact him if they have any points or concerns to raise on pay negotiations really says all that needs to be said. Yet when it comes to 'justice' what we saw here was an example of why the so-called 'dual role' of the Bailiff has to go.
This anachronism has no place in a 21st century democracy
Just as with Shona's blocked statement back in April; once again faced with a statement that highlighted concisely how he had, through his own office, allowed an impossibly conflicted jurat to sit on our defamation case, the Bailiff took off his 'hat' as the criticised Head of the Judiciary and put on his other 'hat' as Head of the Legislature to block the statement and thus prevent the criticism!
Not just this, of course, but also the wholly fair and warranted criticism that the Bailiff's Office had allowed - for a staggering 14 years* - a man who was happy to refuse to consider evidence against a sickening paedophile to sit in judgement of countless other cases. Cases where the said jurat, John Le Breton's ONLY responsibility was to examine and weigh up evidence before reaching a decision based on this!
I ask readers: is it really any wonder that an ever growing number of Jersey people - decent, ordinary people like we ourselves - are now coming forward (just take a look at Voiceforchildren's compilation of just a few of them) feeling that Jersey's 'justice' system is nothing more than a vehicle for oppression?
Sour grapes? Hardly - everyone should be entitled to justice. And in our own case Jurat John Le Breton has been caught bang-to-rights no matter how much he might try and wriggle. Indeed, it would actually be almost funny were it not so serious to read his excuses as quoted in a letter to us from the Deputy Bailiff.
If you made these excuses up people would laugh
He has to admit here that he has socialised with a director of the paper's owning company - even at each others homes - on a number of occasions just in recent years. He even wonderfully tells us that he contends 'there was no SIGNIFICANT relationship prior to his becoming a jurat'! No I am not making this admission up - i honestly doubt I have the imagination. Then, of course, there is the further fact that the jurat's social relationship actually goes back a whole lot longer - back at least to when he and the director's spouse were both teachers at Victoria College where Jervis-Dykes carried out his sickening abuse.
Yet will the powers that be now seek to prevent our wholly warranted application to appeal against this travesty of justice? Well, we already know the lawyers for the newspaper and their clients are desperate not to see it happen.
Strasbourg really maybe the ultimate answer
Of course, that it really shouldn't need a European Court of Human Rights to put this miscarriage of justice right is undeniable - at least to anyone who genuinely believes in justice for all. Yet maybe ultimately washing Jersey's self-soiled linen in full view of an international audience is what it will take to wake the UK justice Ministry from its slumber and make those who allowed these travesties to happen finally get their house in order?
Keep the Faith. If we can you can.
NMM. It really was 14 years!


  1. Apologies.

    I inadvertantly deleted a comment that was taking about their disagrement with a contributor who sent in the Geord Orwell parody.

    It just happened to be sandwiched in a plethora of spittle-flecked 'Jons' and got wiped out with them by mistake. )yes, i do keep the best examples of Stella-ism for Big Ian's Christmas Specials but these were just drunken whining)

    Feel free to send again.

    1. You can't cover up that easily Pitman!
      This is what you "accidentally" deleted off your last blog

      I continue to be appalled by this blog and the gratuitous insults aimed at those who frankly deserve our respect.

      It is unbelievable that an elected member would allow a plainly well ....... fictitious and malicious comment such as:

      A personal statement from George Orwell to Sir Philip - The great enemy of clear language is insincerity. When there is a gap between one's real and one's declared aims, one turns, as it were, instinctively to long words and exhausted idioms, like a cuttlefish squirting out ink.

      The provable attributes are:
      no backbone,
      adapts colour to the situation,
      (and can even perform "two faced" colouring in order to deceive it's associates)
      too many tentacles to count unless pinned down and investigated in detail,
      17,000 odd 'suckers'
      And so many other cool capabilities. Cuttlefish, you see, are beautifully adapted to their aquatic environments and it insulting to compare them to some States members !

      Please also bear in mind that cuttlefish have higher intelligence than most molluscs (and some voters) so they deserve more respect as they can at least remember simple information
      -unlike some ageing States Members ;-)

      Please Respect Cuttlefish ! The quote though, is as real as the names are in the public domain, when they should otherwise be private data.

      Cuttlefish do indeed squirt out a smokescreen of ink when they are cornered or frightened - but that's not shamefully dishonest, its adorable and the comparison is resented.

    2. spittle-flecked 'Jons' ?

      Are you sure ?

      It is a disturbing thought but as "Jon" is a colloquialism for toilet I think you would be wrong to assume that it is spittle.

      So put on your rubber gloves like his poor "Eva Braun" has to.

      I do worry that they get lonely in their Neo-fascist bunker party and have to invent imaginary friends.
      You are all too familiar with the names of some of these "fictitious and malicious friends" but I occasionally clean the cages at the "Troll Zoo" and I wonder if you have come across this gaggle of characters with the persistent and laughable claims from the far right that Hitler and his Nazis were LEFT WING ! see :


      N.B. With supreme irony the JEP ------ CENSORED ------ my totally reasonable reply to the next comment:

      -I mentioned that I had a functioning memory and conscience LOL

      but the JEP are complicit in the activities of the death-threat troll. Nonetheless I persisted in rattling his cage using the name of the Nazi Propaganda Minister. I would much preferred to more accurately call him "Noballs Goebbels". Joseph Goebbels was evil too, but unlike Jon he was clever.

      I hope our Constables would cringe at the thought of being backed up by these subhumans.

    3. Anonymous who I kindly asked to re-post.

      My, my but you don't appear to have been taking the warnings on the dangers of too much sun seriously.

    4. "too much sun" - guilty as charged and bang to rights. All without the need for a bent purposely bent system and conflicted Jurats.

      But admit it ....... you know you want to....

      Cuttlefish ARE cool :-)

      And really quite noble compared to some other invertebrates.

  2. Better go to bed - can't spell or type" 'George Orwell'.

  3. Your case has been a shambles and how the UK does not intervene is beyond me. There needs to be a whole inquiry into how someone like Le Breton ever came to be a jurat. It is just jaw-dropping.

    Was he put forward as some kind of sweetner for having been exposed over Jervise-Dykes? Whatever the reason it just cannot be allowed to go unanswered. Maybe Strasbourg is the place to reel Jersey in to the new century like you say if the UK won't do it?

  4. Sitting behind you and Shona at the parish rates Assembly the other night I was tempted to ask if you knew why Deputy James Baker wasn't there again? Does this representative of St. Helier number 1 go to any meetings at all? Does he do anything at all for constituents? Certainly doesn't reply to Emails from people thats for sure.

    1. Poor James so wants to get to all these constituency related meetings on your behalf.
      But he just can't get there in time, poor thing.

      "States Member, James Baker was caught speeding at 52mph! in a 30 mph zone."

      So I wouldn't get in his way if I were you !
      Please book the boy Baker a taxi in 2014.

  5. Trevor.

    An updated, more in-depth, look at the alleged corruption in Jersey's LEGAL/JUSTICE SYSTEM.

  6. Keep up the fight Trevor and Shona we need more people like you two. You have been screwed by the court with this jurat business but the truth will out in the end likewise justice.

  7. Dear Deputy Pitman,
    As a born and bred Jerseyman it simply breaks my heart that our dictatorial 'Establishment' clique still rules the roost (at least for now) the fact that the Bailiff (an un-elected person) still has the capacity to stop elected members saying what they feel is the right thing to say (parliamentary privilege) by simply swopping hats. Still look on the bright side, he could have switched off your microphone....yes Philip we real ordinary people have very long memories and we do not forget. On a positive note can you confirm that Hansard records all these collective 'blockings' of democracy? I say this because in the long run this will be important when the failure is finally brought to light.

  8. Talking of jurats, some years ago an elderly lady I know had given power of attorney to a male relation, to become active if she ever had mental problems, however since doing this he had given her a hard time and also let her down in more ways than one, and so she decided to change to someone else, being elderly she went to a jurat she had known for many years and asked his advice, she gave the name of the new person and asked that the previous one should not be informed until the new paperwork was completed. The Jurat agreed and said he would take care of matters, two days later the elderly lady answered a knock at her door, it was the person who had power of attorney, she says he went ballistic saying that he had found out that she was changing his power of attorney, and the name of her new person and he wanted an explanation, she asked him to leave several times, it took him at least 5 mins to say what he had to say shouting all the time, he then left leaving one very frightened lady, it turned out the jurat was a friend of this guy, I wonder how the guy found out?

  9. With all of this corruption going on Trevor if you are blocked from appealling what about trying this.

    Lodge a vote of no confidence in the Bailiff for debate. Okay so you know the lackeys would not support it. But you would get to highlight how Birt did not do his job in ensuring Le Breton did not sit when he is conflicted.

    Failing that what about some kind of test case against the Royal Court for not ensuring you and Shona got a human rights compliant trial? You clearly did not so another chance to make this very public in a way even the Filthy rag won't be able to stop.

  10. Both very interesting ideas. You can be assured tht whatever else we will not be allowing this injustice to be buried just because the Law office and the JE Pravda doesn't want anyone to know the truth.

  11. Good to learn that Jersey is getting its own 'Cyber cop' to target internet thugs and cyber criminals.

    But will one be enough? With the troll's hundreds of avatars for his sick outpourings he probably merits one designated just to track him!

    What does Jane Care, Julie Hanning, Pete Drummond, Gary Cummins, Alan Gower, James Le Gallais, Sue Young, Hilary of St. Brelade and Co-Co the Clown think about all of this, Jonnie?

    1. Don't forget Bo Hambly. That is another of the troll's inventions as well.

    2. errrrrr..... Has Jersey changed Trev ?

      If Jersey Data Protection law and budget (+secret funds) experience is anything to go by, 'Cyber cop' will team up with "internet thug" to target the victims and the good errrr..... "guys and gels"

      Why different Trev ?

      Can always turn to the nuclear option that is based off island

    3. Word is that the Vogon Poetry Competition is still accepting submissions!

      For further information and competition rules please visit


      ODE TO A LIAR:

      It's fictitious, It's malicious
      I don't read such stuff on planes

      Is it fictitious? ....... Is it malicious? ......
      I can't remember ..... What's my name ?

      I remember contrived cant so admit it I shan't
      It don't even make sense so I'll end this rant

      ..... And I won't be drawn any further on this matter.



      A proper apology and several resignations

      A functioning media; Bellyache is the mystery man of mistakes that the JEP fakes


      Yes, definitely the third worst poetry (& excuse) in the Universe
      And like the best Vogon Poetry it gets worse with every reading so feel free to copy and tweet it everywhere to say "how much you like it" because I'm in a good Vogon mood.

      ...... anyway the airlock is bust and then it needs a health and safety inspection :-(

  12. I see on Tony's Musings that there is agreen paper on restricting what can stated in emails and bloggs.

    How does that work, if there is a blog based in the US, edited by someone in South Africa, posted to by people all around the world and is called Jersey Freedom. How could a Jersey law be enforced?

    1. I thought the States owned the telephone company?
      Some blogs have gone to far over the past few years and need to be policed and why people can't all meet up for coffee instead of slagging each other off is a mystery. You should be doing this Trevor, because fighting people over the Net proves to get nowhere.

    2. Perhaps by monitoring all local visitors to the sites and then charging them with a new offence of "Making/viewing indecent images of Jersey"

      Picture this:
      Beautiful Jersey and her children prostituted. Drugged and tied spreadeagled on the bed while the usual suspects systematically take advantage, commit unnatural acts and grow fat on the immoral earnings.
      -In a way you have glimpsed reality, and not entirely figuratively.

      Much of outwardly respectable fur-coat-and-no-nickers middle jersey are wilfully blind to this, or perhaps they keep their mind on the money and their eyes on the JEP and don't really mind but go to church to make it seem okay.

      If the shysters capture the technology they will use it in the same way as they use the captured legal system.

      Mark my words.

    3. Anonymous.

      I DO go out and meet people who have differences of opinion. Why, I met up with james Rondel only last week.

      This would not work with 'James Le Gallais' however as 'he' is not a real person; and that the troll behind his comments is too scared to go out anywhere before dark due to the amount of people he has abused in uch a cowardly way.

      But you are right - talking about differences is the best way forward when people are willing to do so. Not, of course, in the behind closed doors way favoured by the Establishment.

    4. You should bury the hatchet with James Le Gallais because its not healthy.

    5. Hello Jon.

      Your up early today. Pubs and betting shops closed or something?

      Now how could anyone 'bury the hatchet' with 'James Le Gallais'?

      As you know better than anyone - and indeed, as most of the population now knows - 'James' isn't a real person is he.

      He is just you in one of your desperate and rather childish trolling guises.

      Still, at for this one I don't suppose you have to put a dress on like you apparently do for 'Sue Young', 'Jane Care', 'Julie Hanning'. and 'Hilary of St. Brelade'?No wonder you pretend to be him so much.

      Sleep well.


      Jjust a helpful thought... But given your prediliction for pretending to be a woman...have you ever conisdered that you might be a bit happier if you have the op?

      I mean, if it made you happier you might not feel so drawn to cowardly, internet assaults on innocent people and the like?

  13. I know James Le Gallais. He is a very close friend. In fact we agree on everything. Apart from our name that is.

    1. LOL :-)

      He said he agreed with me.

      This made my skin crawl but luckily it only happened the once

  14. Its a bit unprofessional to out your Option B source, James Rondel the foot soldier

    1. Sorry, anonymous - but James Rondel isn't 'the B Team Bug'and he definitely did NOT reveal the information that I quoute on the blog.

      To be completely fair to James I also know that while he obviously supported Option B because he wanted to keep the Constables he was also supportive of my amendment that St. helier should have fairness in weight of vote.

      As to who the B team Bug is - you'll just have to let it keep 'bugging' you. I will not speak even under torture!

    2. "I will not speak even under torture"

      Oh yes you will !

      I thought you would know this after the conversation starting 22 July 2013 22:05

      But you asked for it. Here is some more Vogon Poetry !



      Hay Worthless ......

      Hay Worthless ...... Where are you?

      The airlock is mended and we need to test it

      Hay Worthless ......

      Ahhhhh ........ [very brief struggle]

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      Thud! .... Clunk!

      Test complete: Health and safety certificate achieved.

      Refresh online recruitment advert :
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      Benefits include Inter-Stella beverages and blanket
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      I love this job, especially the shouting and the venting
      Feel bad about the space junk though.

  15. More shame heaped on Jersey by our political NUMB-SKULLS

  16. Trev, just read the posting on Tony's Musings blog.

    I know you will fight for free speech, if ever this mooted green paper becomes a proposition. Remain vigilant at all costs.

  17. Trevor.

    Not a mention of yours and Shona's latest press release.

    OK there has been a bit of a distraction with the birth of the Royal baby. Then there is the convenient summer break.

    So no doubt you will be re-releasing your press release, again, again, and again, as the needs arise.

    And hopefully with the Rags huge(?) readership of just over 10,000. When they finally publish your press release, it will be exposed to the majority?!

  18. The Hansard for the electoral reform debate is online. It makes interesting reading. It's a good debate, with some cogent arguments put forward. The media are nevertheless presenting it as "28 members ignored the public". I urge readers to read the debate and make their own minds up.

    In particular I noticed that Senator Philip Bailhache said on p 31 that he is
    "not in the slightest bit interested in my own political future". That has to be good news. Perhaps he can stand aside and let a younger man have the opportunity in 2014?

    He goes on to say that the legislature should be smaller and more "efficient". I completely disagree. The States is a government, not a business. I've had enough of the Chamber of Commerce types preaching smaller, fitter, leaner. It might work in a computerised bank, but it doesn't work in government. For once I agree with Deputy Macon - there is a case for MORE members, to ensure effective scrutiny and that a heavy workload is adequately shared. I mean, preventing just one Bill Ogley pay off would pay for an extra 10 States members for a year!!!

  19. Trevor could you ask a yes or no question structured as a vote, to each and every member in the States how they feel about the Jurat sitting on Graham Powers review? In fact being a Jurat per se.

    I would like to know which members are happy to sit behind the establishment those who stay silent yet block vote.

    I notice Mr Ozouf never debates on twitter he issues statement then congratulations people that's it.

  20. "The States is a government, not a business."

    Completely wrong anon, the States is very much so a REGISTERED BUSINESS....

  21. Ian Christmas reckons he hasn't got enough assets to pay the £100K compo. Wasn't he being paid for doing nothing? Wonder where all his cash has gone?

  22. Having been the States Member who brought the issuing of Jersey's one man cyber virus troll to political attention I wonder if following the first arrest they will be allowing Jersey's most dispicable coward to wear a blanket over his head for his court appearnce?

  23. This troll law will realy kill off the Rag's on line comment section and that of the BBC Jersey.

    Without trolls making fake comments about progressive politicians and honest policemen their pages will be blank.

    Jon's appearance in court should be a classic thouh, shouldn't it? "It wasn't me m'lud, it was James Le Gallais!" LOL!

    I can't wait.

  24. The Rags readership is getting less by the day.

    Have been well informed that the only letters published in letters to the editor section have 100% been in favour of the 21 turkeys (10 constables 11 establishment), voting for Christmas.

    So the good(?) politicians, according to the Rag are those 21(hijacker P Bailhache), included.

    The Rags bad(?) politicians, according to the Rag, are the majority....

    How sad is that?!

  25. [Please delete the previous post - with silly typo's etc..]

    I find it odd that the judge did not ensure that the full £100,000 plus compensation and interest was recorded. So when Ian Christmas leaves jail, he will have to get a job and pay back the money.

    If not, surely, anyone prosecuted in court and fined, who are pennyless, should all be let off!!

  26. Same three mainland QC's....but very different JUSTICE

  27. He transferred everything into his wife's name it appears, before standing trial. There is a lot wrong here with the victim still being victimised financially and the guilty party not paying fair dues.

    Is it because he was a member or the legal club, that he can get away with it. It must be an awful strain on the old lady.

    Why was the Lotus sports car driver awarded all his defence costs and yet this innocent lady is left out of pocket even though the case has been proved, where is justice in Jersey ?

  28. Trevor,

    Some interesting info over at VFC about one of your written questions from March.

    It includes more detailed info from Mr Harper.

    Clearly, we are not at the bottom of this issue yet. Do you have any comments?

    1. Deputy Police Chief L Harper's comment :

      "On 19th February at 3pm Ann Pryke attended HDLG. I was asked to go to the entrance by officers on security duty there. Pryke was demanding entry and a full update on our activities. She was complaining loudly that we had not pre-informed her of our entry to HDLG. I told her it was police business and she should leave. The following day the Chief Minister Frank Walker e mailed Graham Power who passed the e mail to myself. Walker stated that he wanted Pryke fully updated and told of any discoveries. He was told "no" in firm terms and given a number of reasons why it would not be happening. He was also warned that all approaches such as his would be recorded and would be disclosable.
      At 5.30pm that day (20th Feb) Danny Wherry turned up at HDLG and demanded entry to recover some items he had left there previously. He was refused and told to leave as it was a potential crime scene.
      I am somewhat surprised at Mr Le Marquand's reply for two reasons. Firstly, both visits are recorded on the official security log for the scene, and the e mail from Frank Walker will also be logged. Secondly, there are a number of officers still serving with the force who could confirm the visits. The Home Affairs Minister needs to do his homework!"