Thursday, 19 September 2013


Whether one is a 'Royalist' or not surely the most nauseating thing about observing the unfolding of any Royal visit to Jersey is the complete affront to democracy evident in an unelected judge - the Bailiff - lording it over both public and elected representatives alike as the alleged 'civic head' or 'first citizen' of the Island to bend the visitor's ear with his version of reality.

Our 'First citizen'? Come on - what self-respecting, true democracy in the 21st Century world tolerate such a freak show of lurid, arrogant and wholly redundant elitism as we, the people of Jersey, have to put up with every time a member of the English Monarchy visits our Island? I repeat: the Island's Bailiff is nothing more than an unelected Chief Judge: nothing. He has no place in politics and he has no place as any kind of 'first citizen'.

Indeed, the undeniable truth is that the Bailiff's mandate to speak on my - or your - behalf is even less than that of a country Constable who honestly offers him or herself for election yet never ever faces an opponent!

A living anachronism

It is bad enough that despite a number of highly authoritative and scholarly reports over the past decade or so condemning this political/judicial anachronism the Bailiff is still allowed to rule on what an elected States Member can or cannot say within our own parliament by virtue of the so-called 'dual role'. 

This abuse, as we know, still - and increasingly -includes arrogantly silencing Members such as myself (via manipulation of Standing Orders) who have dared to rightly highlight his appalling failings in overseeing what is laughably referred to as Jersey's 'justice' system. 

Of course when one fully understands the reality of the bloated, rotten, black underbelly of the Jersey Establishment and its attitude to law and justice - increasingly visible thanks to the sterling work of Citizen Media blogsites such as Voiceforchildren, Rico Sorda and a growing number of others - you finally get to appreciate just why there is such desperation from within the ageing ranks of the Establishment to maintain the Bailiff's role and with it the true political control of the Island via the spectacularly ill-titled Law Office.

For make no mistake, true political power - certainly the enforcement of it - lies here NOT within the Council of Ministers or the wider Assembly.

ECHR-compliant all of this most definitely isn't. 

Yet so long as this throw back to the Middle Ages is allowed to linger on; with the silly red cloaks; strut and covert intimidation allowed to hold sway over honesty; respect and justice for all - no matter  what their financial status or background - the ears of those who are meant to protect us as their 'subjects' will forever be bent with only elitist propaganda and lies rather than truth. 

Of course, with the UK Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling MP visiting the Island next week it should also be pointed out that this carefully stage managed propaganda process will be just the same. Indeed, while Mr Grayling - like his Minister for Justice, Lord Tom McNally really should be expected to have the awareness and resolve to dig deeper; the fact is they will once again simply buy into whatever old guff our Bailiff, Senator Philip Bailhache and his nominal boss, 'Chief Minister' Gorst tell him.

I.e everything in the Jersey garden is Rosy; and anyone who mentions an unfit for purpose justice system; child abuse cover-ups or dubious tax processes is some kind of 'red-under-the-bed'; conspiracy theorist. Is HRH Prince Edward interested in the welfare of his mother's subjects sufficiently to seek out the truth? Is Justice Secretary Grayling? Probably not if the in-action of Minister McNally is anything to go by - he knows our 'justice' system is abused and used as a tool of oppression yet does precisely nothing.

A chance to do something really useful

Back in his youth I can recall HRH Prince Edward used to have a job within Andrew Lloyd-Weber's 'Really Useful Company'. Well, we can be pretty damn certain that the Prince won't be made aware of inconvenient but now well known little realities of 'the Jersey Way' by which our Establishment operates - such as for example:
  • The on-going saga of taxpayers' money - huge great wads of it - being granted to four selected individuals including a convicted thug to bring 'data protection' cases against a dissident former politician - yet is assistance wholly denied to others who are victims of the very same criminal yob himself!
  • The startling related new claim - made to me directly by one of the said same individuals - that he believes, like he himself, none of the others even wanted their claims linked to that of the vulgar little hate-monger described above but were given no choice in the matter by... the State!
No, this kind of  Bald Truth about Establishment Jersey most definitely will not be on the chit-chat menu for any Royal visitors or those meant to be responsible for Westminster's judicial/political oversight of our Island - really useful though they would be. No more than infamous scandals like:
  • The appallingly failed and suddenly 'early retired' Victoria College Vice-Principle (John Lyndon Le Breton) rewarded with the role of a Jurat - though known by Crown Officers to have calculatedly looked the other way on evidence against the most heinous of predatory paedophiles, Andrew Jervis-Dykes.
  • Or the fact that the clearly unsafe, and unsuitability of having such an individual so lacking in integrity, honesty and judgement being allowed to judge on 'fact' within the Jersey courts cannot (so it is claimed) be challenged in any way!
Or even (and this really does show just how little Establishment attitudes to child abuse have changed)...
  • One of the more than a dozen claimed (and it must be said, compellingly evidenced )victims of an alleged abuser amongst the four afforded taxpayers' money I mentioned above being met with threats of prosecution and imprisonment from the States 'Historic Child Abuse' legal team if he does not retract his story - rather than the compassion and understanding he is surely due. Not to mention the tandem despicable and highly offensive claims made that this same victim of States failings 'was not even at Haut de la Garenne' at all - even though other victims remember him!
No, our esteemed visitors, whether Royal or political will not be told the truth of any of this you can be sure
So - to finally make use of my earlier recollection of HRH Prince Edward having once been employed by the 'Really Useful Company' - if the Prince really does want to do something that will benefit the real people of this Island and make a bona fide hero of Himself to boot: wouldn't it be great if he would use his position to look beneath the smarm and verbal horse manure he will have been passed off with during his visit last week.
And then ask - no, demand - those responsible for ensuring justice in this Crown Dependency of  Her Majesty the Queen to finally act to bring the people who allow all of this to happen to book in no uncertain terms. Starting with the consigning of the role of unelected 'first citizen' Bailiffs to the dustbin of history; and a tandem thorough Turks & Caicos style UK intervention to clean out the cancer eating away our justice system; and with it our democracy.
If not then I guess more and more people will just continue to conclude we really might as well be Dependencies of a UK Republic.
Keep the Faith
*And if you should feel the sickening injustices I highlight above a tad depressing just be thankful... With a long post I didn't even get around to mentioning the evidenced police case against a prominent businessmen for child abuse strangely not pursued for 'lack of evidence' - even though two witnesses - including the actual victim - puts him abusing her!
Yes, as the current Attorney General answered when I challenged him on this case within a private meeting: 'have to be one for the independent Committee of Inquiry that'. My thoughts exactly. Or perhaps one for the UK journalist already - however belatedly - now taking an interest...


  1. Same old stuff as always. Why do you keep on telling the truth about things when it can damage our image?

  2. Finally - the dirty underbellies of these strange applicants brought to light.

  3. This is a very telling and astute post. How much longer can the UK let Jersey's gangsters carry on like this? If Jersey was tucked away in the carribean they would have acted already.

    1. Sadly at least another 800 years unless enough of the handwringers and moaners finally stand up to be counted.

  4. I think the journalist would be better than the COI.

    1. The good thing is the journalists can get the straight evidence from the survivors and witnesses and won't have to first seek approval from the oligarchy before publishing anything. But if the COI turns out to be watered down in any way, I hope the journalists can expose that too.

    2. It will be watered down, without a doubt. Do you really think they will allow Stuart to give all the evidence that he would like to? I'm pretty sure he will be told that certain issues are not relevant and he cannot talk about them.

  5. It is a matter of when no if. Probably when the islands have been bankrupted and money stashed to provide for long and happy pensions while Jersey rots.

    This is when islanders will bother to come out to demonstrate, when its wealth has gone on office blocks, hospitals costing twice as much as they should and the elites wish list.

    Why is the Bailiff paid £300K a year twice as much as the UK prime ministers for instance, plus big earnings on retirement like Philip B. How are they value for money.

    Wake up Jersey and do something.Good post Deputy Pitman.

  6. Walking past Govt House the other day while the prince was present, I saw several exceedingly expensive cars heading up the driveway. Ah yes, it's good to know one's place as a peasant and have it rubbed in your face by the opulence of those who obviously matter more than anyone else by virtue of their wealth.

    I can only imagine the skewed and distorted reality the royalty live in by only mixing with these 'elite'.

  7. Thank you for speaking up against the outright corruption Jersey is so famous for and publishing what is hidden by the MSM.

  8. What's the correct term for a society run by lawyers? Lawyerocracy? Gulag? :)

    1. The term is "Bailiwick" - every bit as revolting as it sounds :)

  9. Jerseycrazy? Sounds about right.

  10. Be doing a post on cowardly bully and notorious political e-mail thief Deputy Sean Power soon.

    Maybe even one on Pravda's Toby Chang - who to set the record straight - at no time spoke to me before inventing the falshoods in tonight's rag.

    Just a thought but, given his record of lying and dishonesty I wonder if Power has ever considered writing for Pravda?

    Surely beats contributing to internet hate sites? Well, maybe not...

    1. Sean Power is the lowest of the low and should have been put in prison for stealing and publishing those emails.

    2. Whilst Shona and I were away a few weeks ago due to my mum's cancer Sean Power took advantage of us being away (which Members knew) to supply a 'story' he knew to be hugely inaccurate to the local Pravda.

      When contacted by disgusted members of the public who knew the true facts Shona confronted this dispicable maggot via her mobile. What did Sean Power do? He attempted to blame Pravda's 'reporter'!

      A coward, a bully, a shameless self-publicist and a proven thief - Sean Power makes me want to vomit.

    3. My sentiments exactly Trevor......'nuff said!

  11. Someone should start asking a few questions about Sean Powers activities since he has been controlling the planning applications panel. They start with his relationship with certain developers in my view.

  12. Your post is spot on and sums Jersey up to a tee. As for Sean Power is he still calling himself Jersey Joe do you know?

  13. Sean Power=thief=liar=deceitful=not to be trusted and a snake in the grass who will stab you in the back as soon as look at you.

  14. Has Sean Power got a flat in New Street?

  15. Of course Deputy Sean Power has done some good work, and while being one of only fifty one leaders to secure the welfare and life quality of 98,000 people admits he has a drink problem. This cannot be helped by all the drinks parties in high office. This is important, he now is influential in giving planning permission.

    Planetjersey, the public forum ( not blog ) where people can express themselves unlike the JEP.

    Last week revelations by Deputy Sean Power convinced members to put the multi million pound development of the Esplanade Quarter on hold.

    This afternoon the tables were turned. The developers Harcourt revealed Deputy Power had approached them for a job back in 2005, before he was in the States. He wanted to be their political consultant. The developers said 'No'. Since then they say he's become their leading critic.,491.msg8452.html#msg8452

    Deputy Sean Power also who just ‘happened’ to find a confidential e-mail to another States Member. Not only did he just read it, but scanned and copied another party in on the private document.


  16. Bungling who's bungling Mr. Power happy with the wages + overtime given to Pathology service?

    Sean Power ‏@seanpowerjersey 16 Sep
    Perhaps bungling is the wrong word on changes to Pathology service. However, flying people in with associated costs and accommodation is ???

    Sean Power ‏@seanpowerjersey 15 Sep
    GP friend said flying in Path lab people from outside is costing more as local staff have to show them how it works here. Not working.

    Sean Power ‏@seanpowerjersey 15 Sep
    Had dinner last night with a local well respected GP. Complained bitterly about HSS management and cuts to local Path Lab services. Bungling

    Wonder who the well respected complaining GP is?

    Sean Power ‏@seanpowerjersey 15 Sep
    Strange goings on in the States Path Lab services. Local staff hours cut back but Pathology contract staff being flown in. Need to ask Q's

  17. States Members have to sign a declaration of interests. Click on each member here and then click the link for the declaration of interests.

    The above link is for Deputies. Expand the relevant sections for Senators and Constables.

    One or two States Members argued strongly for this information not to be made available online.

  18. JEP saturday "man who threatens teenagers with a dummy gun gets jail.
    But a teacher who actually "shoots" a student gets a fine,something wrong somewhere if I was jailed one would appeal on the basis of the teacher incident.

  19. Methinks almost everything they are doing to you and Shona is designed to ultimately bankrupt you, thus making you ineligible for elected office.

  20. 12:06

    Thank you.

    Senator Bailhache has been no where. Your link above shows the that most, not all, of the Jersey States members have no interest in you knowing their business. Ozouf says, go to the treasury its all listed there. No Mr, the tax man would not care that my accountant holds the information it should be placed in your financial interest box on line, such arrogance from the man.

    It gets better people all the forms filled in are so on the ball, they are dated 13/4/2012 what ever happened to 13/4/2013. They just forgot to tell you where they have been on there jollies around the world, and what they have spent your tax pound on.

    Where is the new auditor general, is she just a yes bend over lady, unlike the last Auditor General who was a serious heavy weight.

    They really are taking the p**s.

    1. I think I disagree with you about Swinson. I am not at all sure he was "a serious heavyweight"

      Example 1: his incinerator report - nowhere did he clearly expose the amounts lost, the careful reader (me) had to "join the dots".

      Example 2: his disgraceful report written at the say-so of Sarah Ferguson and her PAC, about what would happen if 'public expenditure continued to rise at its presnet rsate of x'. . .

      It was a) outside his remit, which is to analyse PAST mistakes and recommend ways of avoiding them in future b) blatantly political, and he should have refused to do the report on the grounds that it could not paint a true picture and was based on en entirely invented and false premise and c) led to an entirely predictabkle headline in the JEP, just as Ferguson knew it would.

      In doing this he lost all credibility with me, an establishment go-to man, I am afraid. I hope the new one is better than this.

  21. Interesting Senator Bailhache list of trips away = in his honest and truth full sponsored trips = none.

    The efficient declaration of interests last updated 5th April 2012 is 2013 too embarrassing ?

    Ozouf breaks the rules, interests ? list held at treasury. It is not supposed to be held at treasury it is supposed to be listed in the Members interests declaration.Plain arrogance.

    I will tell the tax man next time, if you want all the information go to my accountant, I shan't bother to fill in your forms.

  22. Trevor
    I understand that on Tuesday members of the States Assembly will be asked to elect a Foreign Minister for the purpose of drumming up investors to invest in the economy of Jersey and the name nominated by our so called Chief Minister is P. Bailhache
    But surely what needs to be achieved first of all is that we have in Jersey an established Rule of Law which applies to everybody, not a rule of law to be used and abused as and when it suites.
    Considering the fact that there is a fundamental breakdown of the rule of law, endemic corruption within the establishment and endemic corruption within the judiciary, who in their right minds will consider investing in any business in Jersey where the rule of law is non existent and legal contracts/documents are ignored. I am quite sure that any potential investor will be only interested in investing in Jersey knowing that their investment is protected by the Rule of Law and security of investment
    Do we need a Foreign Minister ??
    Is Bailhache the right man for the job considering his past record ??

  23. Well spotted other Anon

    Section 5 of Philip Ozouf's declaration

    The rules are that this should all be online for the public to see. Unless note 5 on p8 of the (unseen) guidance notes provides a kop out...

    Trev, can you help unveil this please?

  24. Trevor.

    Full credit to Deputy S. Pitman for objecting to the feudal debacle that was able to take place in the States today. She pointed out exactly what was going on, in that the Bailhache brothers run the show and are accountable to nobody.

    Jersey is trying to promote its image on the world stage, and credit to Montfort Tadier for pointing out that the feudalism is going to hinder that.

    Where else in a western so-called "democracy" would you have a parliament where the (unelected) brother of a candidate seeking election is able to chair the session?

  25. well done Shona for standing up to Bailhache in the states is about time he heard a few home truths

  26. Trevor.

    Cost Of Failed, Taxpayer Funded, Super Injunction remains A SECRET

  27. Dear Sean Power

    Do you think that you will still be Chair of the Planning Applications Panel once your latest bit of cowardly, bullying behaviour goes public? Don't think even running to the local Pravda with your lies and bile ist going to save you this time. Housing-Minister-Gate deja vu?

  28. Do I hear correctly that Deputy Power has been behaving inappropriately in the role he never should have had on planing appeals? Power and the jep a marriage made in hell!

  29. Deputy Power just can't help him self and yet he does not get charged like Stuart did.

  30. Hi Trevor,

    In case your readers are interested, I've examined PPC's new proposals for electoral reform and have explained why I think they are excellent and well worth voting for -

    PPC's Proposal

    I've also drawn up a response to the ridiculous propaganda in Pravda on Thursday about these reforms. Unsurprisingly, the editorial line of the JEP is to oppose democratisation.

    A Rebuttal to JEP Propoaganda

  31. Trevor- just to say that was a brilliant speech you delivered on the Jersey un Justice System. You said it as it is. You were consise, covered alot of areas, you were sincere, firm, factual and of couse - correct. It was brilliant- well done.

  32. yes, well done with your speech.

  33. Heard your speech because of the efforts of the blogs VFC and TJW.

    Was it brave as Bob Hill remarks on his blog ? was it accurate was it relevant ? every bloody word.

    In a strange way I am seriously disappointed because a speech stating the truth which it was without doubt, is considered brave when it should actually be the norm. Considered brave when it singles out the first citizen as an unelected civil servant Judge being paid around £300,000 a year to order the assembly around, allowing or not questions, when Mr De la Haye the states greffe is more than capable of acting as speaker.

    What is far worse than all this is that after your " truthful " speech from the heart there was no foot stamping, and calls of hear hear or well done.

    What a complete load of tossers sit in the States feeling good about themselves, apart from yourself and a handful of others which light up a very dark place.

  34. This bears repeating; from the 2nd page of comments (#215) at

    2 October 2013 15:02
    "A civilised Jersey conservative" said...

    Mr Syvret, the magnitude of what you have done may well be lost on most of your readers. It isn't lost on the legal profession nor intelligent observers further afield. You have, as you correctly observed, 'faced down' the Jersey courts. People never, and I mean 'never', 'face down' a court. At least, not if the society is respectable and the person not a tyrant with an army at his back. Or, of course, in the case of an ordinary person like yourself, no court confident of its respectability would be 'faced down'. Our society is not respectable. And alas our courts even less so. As some 'higher external power' has finally had the good sense to recognise, it would seem. There can be no other explanation for you not being in prison. I am, incidentally, glad that you are not, and relieved, and deeply saddened at the same time. I've savoured a certain schadenfreude when discussing the situation with other lawyers & saying 'I told you so' when reminding them of the innumerable times I said 'no good would ever come of the folly of the actions against you, and it could only end in lasting damage to the island'. So it has come to pass. It saddens me that so many colleagues have been too fearful & foolish to have moved to stop this madness (and that is not an inappropriate word)when our Crown Officers embarked on the lunacy several years ago.

    Will you be a candidate in the next elections?

  35. Para 45 of this judgement:

    "If there is any real possibility that one of three judges is biased, that is a very large advantage for the party in whose favour the bias might be thought to exist."

    Three cheers for James Devaney. He succeeded where others failed, in getting himself a tribunal in Jersey that is not biased. He forced a recusal, and rightly so.

  36. Hello readers

    Jusst a short apology for no new post in more than two weeks. No excuses - just a brief explanation.

    As well as continuing to somehow get 'constituent' cases in every parish (what do some States Members do in their parisshes?) as well as having to work on the appeal application stuff being heard in the week of November 25th; I am having to spend a good bit of time with my mum every day.

    Will get a new post up tomorrow though and thanks for all of the support/words of understanding regarding both the legal abuse issue and with regard to mum's illness.

    Much appreciated.


  37. You should not have to apologise for doing your job and looking after your Mum.

    No pressure.

    Keep up the good work.

    You are mentioned in dispatches (but you know that via Twitter)