Monday, 21 October 2013


As one of the very few Jersey politicians who fought long and hard to finally secure a fully independent Committee of Inquiry to look into the decades of State covered up child abuse I was very upset when the chosen Chairwoman suddenly had a stroke. It seemed we were always hit by obstacle upon obstacle.
Finally, the beginning of the end - or at least the end of the beginning?
Now,  at a time when our wholly unfit-for-purpose 'Justice' system continues to fight tooth and claw to maintain its Dark Age untouchable status in undermining police investigations; and even in colluding with abuse by refusing to face up to its own failings such as in appointing individuals (John Le Breton) who have been happy to look the other way on evidence against the most horrific of paedophiles to become Jurats it is very uplifting that today we at last have a replacement Chair announced.
We must hope that she is allowed to get on with the job at the very earliest opportunity. Further still that those who have fought we few who have struggled so long on behalf of the victims, whether by ludicrous political argument within the Assembly; or by spreading scurrilous lies about the two brave police officers who first went against the Establishment policy of silence and intimidation will now see the error of their ways Aand adopt the silence they have followed for so long when they should have been speaking out.
The victims have surely waited long enough!
Time for PPC to grant Citizens Media the 'accredited' media status we deserve
Meanwhile, in pushing long and hard for the local Citizens Media (outlets such as Voiceforchildren, Rico Sorda and others) to be rewarded for their admirable professionalism and tenacity in dragging corruption out into the spotlight by being given parity with a Jersey MSM that -  with a few individual exceptions - just regurgitates the Establishment party line I could not go without commenting on the latest example of un-professionalism and arrogance displayed by the Jersey Evening Post.
Why oh why could they not even grant the new Chairman the short time requested within the embargoed press release to enable her to inform all the necessary people of her appointment. Breaking it as the JEP did really should have some repercussions. It was pathetic. Insulting. Yet sadly also wholly predictable. Will PPC now finally do something about penalising those who break the rules and reward with parity of access the excellent Citizens media outlets who comply?
I doubt it but we can always hope...

 A senior UK lawyer with 36 years experience of family and criminal law matters is being nominated to chair the Committee of Inquiry into Historical Abuse.
Frances Oldham QC was first called to the Bar in 1977 and was appointed as Queen’s Counsel in 1994. She is regularly instructed in high profile cases in both criminal and family matters and has considerable experience dealing with cases involving sexual and physical abuse. She was appointed as a Crown Court Recorder in 1994 and is authorised to try serious cases involving rape and serious sexual offences.
She has been a Deputy High Court Judge in the Family Division for over 12 years and she spends several weeks each year sitting as a judge in the criminal and family courts. She is also a judge for the Mental Health Restricted Patients Panel Tribunal and in 2012 she was appointed as a member of the QC Appointments Panel. She was leader of the Midland Circuit between 2002 and 2005 and Head of her Chambers for 7 years.
Mrs. Oldham’s nomination comes after the lawyer initially appointed to chair the inquiry, Mrs. Sally Bradley QC, became unwell in July and was unable to take up the position. The recruitment process for the replacement chairman has been undertaken by the same selection panel comprising Michael de la Haye, Greffier of the States, Belinda Smith, Senior Legal Counsel – Child Protection at the NSPCC and Ed Marsden, the Managing Partner of Verita. Informal discussions were held in the United Kingdom with 9 potential chairmen before 3 people were invited for a formal interview.
Mr. de la Haye said "The selection panel is unanimous in recommending Frances Oldham QC for this position. She has very extensive experience in many high profile cases in the UK and her combination of criminal and family law experience at the highest levels makes her eminently suitable to chair the inquiry in Jersey. She sits regularly as a judge in both the Crown Court and the Family Division of the High Court and she has vast experience of dealing with some of the most vulnerable members of society.
Frances started her working career as a management trainee in the NHS before qualifying as a barrister and she was keen to point out to us that she did not come from a privileged background which undoubtedly, in our view, helps her to relate well to people from all walks of life. The selection panel is convinced that she has exactly the right combination of empathy and firmness to chair the inquiry successfully in a totally independent and objective way."
Following the selection of Mrs. Oldham to chair the inquiry the selection panel is now working with her to finalise the appointment of 2 committee members from the United Kingdom for the inquiry. The selection process for the members was already well underway before the summer but had to be placed on hold following the news of the previous chairman’s ill health. The selection panel is hopeful that the recruitment of 2 committee members can be concluded by the end of October so that the Chairman and members can begin to make plans for the inquiry to start.
Mrs. Oldham said "I am very pleased to have been nominated to chair this important inquiry and I am keen to do all I can to avoid any further delay so that the inquiry can start in earnest in early 2014. I am determined to run the inquiry in a way that will encourage all those who want to come forward to speak to us to do so. It is essential that the inquiry is able to establish exactly what happened in the care system in Jersey during the period covered by our terms of reference and I will ensure that everything possible is done to achieve that aim".
The nominations of Mrs. Oldham and the 2 committee members will need to be approved by the States and the Chief Minister will be lodging the necessary proposition in due course so that the appointments can be considered by the Assembly in December. 
For further information and interviews about the selection process please contact Michael de la Haye on (01534) 441013 or by e-mail (
Mrs. Frances Mary Oldham QC – biographical information
Mrs. Frances Oldham QC was called to the Bar in 1977 and appointed as Queen’s Counsel in 1994. She was appointed as a Crown Court Recorder in1994 and has also been a Deputy High Court Judge for over 12 years. She is a judge for the Mental Health Tribunal Restricted Patients Panel, is a Master of the Bench at Gray’s Inn and was Leader of the Midland Circuit from 2002 to 2005. She has been a member of the QC Appointments Panel since 2012 and was Head of Chambers at 36 Bedford Row for 7 years until 2011.
Mrs. Oldham is regularly instructed in high profile and complex cases of the most serious and sensitive nature. Her practice encompasses all aspects of both serious and complex crime and child law. She has substantial experience in family law and is regularly instructed by local authorities, parents and guardians ad litem.
Her criminal practice includes all aspects of serious crime particularly murder, manslaughter, sex offences, armed robbery and drug related offences. Many cases involve complex medical and scientific issues, and mental health issues. In the Family Division she appears in substantial matters and has extensive experience of cases involving S.I.D.S; factitious illness syndrome and sexual abuse.
Mrs. Oldham practises from Chambers in London and Leeds and she lives in Leicestershire. She is married with 2 children and 3 step-children and her interests include sailing, theatre and medieval history.
The Legal 500 states that Mrs. Oldham 'straddles criminal and family matters to great acclaim'.


  1. Thanks for this. Proper news instead of the vulgar crap being spouted on that Politics jersey sh8te. Just hope nothing goes wrong for this lady. You just get cynical here in Jersey the number of years this has gone on.

    1. You certainly do get a tad cynical when you follow Jersey politics closely. But you are dead right in your sentiments. We must wish her all the best and hope she has (in the nicest possible way!) a massive amount of TF. She will likely need it. I certainly look forward to giving evidence about some of the cover ups, and will do so even if I have become another victim of the Jersey 'justice' system by then. As for your comments on Politics Jersey and vulgar *****. Whatever can you mean? better be careful. Phny Tony might be sending the lynch mob around to silence you if you upset him!

  2. Trevor.

    Being one of the very few politicians in Jersey who has campaigned for the Child Abuse Victims/Survivors and for this COI to actually happen it is good to see you featuring this latest Press Release. It is also good to see that you had the professionalism and decency to adhere to the embargo unlike the discredited, and disgraced, Jersey Evening Post.

    Being a responsible Blogger (Jersey's only independent media) I too have adhered to the embargo and have published HERE

  3. @hope4jersey @tony_theprof Sorry Tony deserves to be 'hammered'. Clearly the closet Establishment bully so many warned me he was.

    I was initaiily surprised by Tony Bellows & James Rondel allowing the hate and bullying around the late Mr Abbott but not now. #TrueColours

    Can you explain what 'Politics Jersey' is ? I can't find a site under that title

    Can you also explain why you changed the subject of your latest blog from the one that was up all weekend to the one you have published now ?


    1. Anonymous. I haven't scrapped the blog about the cyber-bullying issue. I put up the taster as something of an experiment but then two things overtook this.

      Firstly, the JEP decided to break the embargo on the importnat Committee of inquiry issue so I decided that I would put the full press release up and explain it.

      Secondly a number of people were getting in touch and - probably rightly - saying that I shouldn't bother as with the site in question being hijacked and just being allowed to become an ill-informed mess of hate by a handful of people for a man who, whatever his failings obviously can't answer back, by the admins Tony Bellows and james Rondel I shouldn't encourage them.

      I had to concede that being 'banned' from the site because I highlighted the abuse Bellows was allowing and clearly agreeing with by colluding with it; not to mention refusing to be intimidated by attempts at bullying me I shouldn't sink to their depth.

      The cyber-bullying issue is the important one and that is one I will be covering in the blog later this week. I won't be putting any of their silly and childishly embittered comments up on here though should they appear - a handful of loons had already tried to hijack the Bald Truth Jersey facebook news site and frankly, it is not what the vast majority of our more than 1,000 members want to read.

  4. Where is 'politics Jersey' as I've never heard of it? Do you mean Planet Jersey forums?

  5. Who knows where 'Politics Jersey' is? No not the same as Planet Jersey - having gotten new ownership and kicked off the troll that is a far more balanced and well run entity than the former.

  6. Trevor. I am glad you are still covering the cyber bullies issue. But you were right not to get drawn in to the hateful behaviour on that sorry excuse for a political forum. Most people do just want to express their views civilly but the way Bellows was stirrring up the hateful attacks on the unfortunate mr Abbott was unworthy of him.

    The attacks on you really were disgraceful and all seemed to stem from this bitterly abusive Maureen lady who clearly just did not want to be told how horrible her behaviour had been. Not worth the time of day and if young Sam Mezec has also quit the site not a lot more needs to be said. Tony Bellows should be ashamed of himself. Stick to the serious blogs Trevor.

  7. I just want to wish Mrs. Oldham all the best wither her difficult role. Hopefully she won't face the obstruction which you rightly highlight. Any who would try and interfere should try and remember this is about children who were completely betrayed by the governments of the day.

  8. Frances Oldham is from Bedford Row though so its going to be another white wash.

    1. The Bedford Rown is an issue that most definitely needs some answers - and questions will certainly be asked for the very reason you flag up. It would be wrong to just dismis the lady because of this but it must be said: given that appearances are so important this all should have been taken into account before the announcement was made.

    2. Bedford Row is just a street full of lawyers firms like Hill Street in Jersey was years ago. Look on Google and you will see that there are loads of them. Mrs Oldham is from 36 and not the one with links to the Law Offices in Jersey.

  9. If anything else was needed to highlight just how sick and sad our Jersey troll is...

    No doubt enjoying the news that a man is alleged to have been bullied to death, the troll appeared to have been so steaming drunk he sent me a post claiming that HE had now had a heart attack due to the condemnation he has received over his 24/7 bullying of people including victims of abuse.

    One for Mrs Oldham to examine for sure - especially so given his claimed protection from Law Office and Data Protection.

  10. You may not post this given your previous comments but I think Tony the Prof has behaved terribly in his behaviour to you. I thought the man was ok but allowing the horrible abuse from Maureen Morgan attacking you and then blocking the person on the end of it is a joke. Bellows clearly just could not handle having a politician telling him to stop the sickening abuse of this poor man who died. Won't be going back that is for certain.

  11. Well I have published it but I make no apologies for taking the stance I am. You can't worry about what a few misguided people say about others on such sites.

    Incidentally I have been messaged about my question in the States regarding the cyber bullying issue and bullying generally. I do agree that an issue that needs to be made public is the one about the notorious local bully being given our cash to carry out his vendetta against Syvret.

    Indeed how such huge amounts of taxpayers' money can be wasted on such a low life without a proper background check being made on his activites is deeply worrying. It demands serious questions be asked and answered about how our 'justice' system works and is monitored.

  12. I just can't wait for this enquiry to finally get underway. Seems we have waited forever for it. But thanks to you Trevor and those few other politicians who have stood by the victims of abuse throughout. We will get there in the end.

  13. It appears you are being given the name clever Trevor, I have tried to work out why ? It could be because unlike the majority of sheep in the States, you ask questions that are indeed factual and to the point.

    There again it may be because you speak the language understood by most honest people where stupid people waffle, pant and then footstamp.

    No, its because you understand the real issues facing Jersey, see the bigger picture and are working to confront them and solve them. If only the rest had such a conscience and determination, Jersey would again become a wonderful place to live.

  14. Good luck in getting a public apology from email thief Deputy Sean Power as suggested by planning Minister Deputy Rob Duhamel. Email thief Power refused to apologize for what he did to the Deputy of Grouville when he stole her emails and put them on his blog.

  15. Thanks for Shona spelling out to the public what a disgusting bully and creep Sean Power must be. How not surprising likewise that the JEP were happy to given Power a front page to try and make you two look bad. The JEP truly do seem to have a vendetta against you as does Power. Best of luck with your appeal as well because you were shafted. How the hell can we have persons who cover up child abuse sitting in our courts as jurats!

  16. Ironic on a day when the cyber bullying issue is raised in the States that I am on the end of yet more abuse from the worm behind 'James Le Gallais', 'Sue Young' and countless other avatars used to bully people. Surely time Social started looking into how a 'man' who spends 24 hours a day spreading hate in this way can be handed taxpayers' money? Then again as the Law Office and Data Protection are 'in his pocket' according to his claims probably unlikely? Roll on the Committee of Inquiry when he can be named and shamed for his attacks on abuse victims.

  17. I wouldn't usually post this but given that the cyber abuse issue is yet another strand of the wider abuse issue - certainly one that has featured extensively in the attempts to undermine the child abuse investigation and anyone brave enough to support the vitims I will.

    Being just one of a significant number of complainants to the police and Data Protection about a particular individual behind much of this; as with others I was told to keep all abuse to add to the extensive complaint files that already exist on this worm (no offence to worms!)

    Why do I mention this now? Well, this week the worm has been in overdrive in providing further illustrations of his demented hate and fixations with a small number of people. Eventually all of this will be acted upon and, with even the reluctant but now evidenced example of an attempt to intimidate witnesses recorded in a local court it is all wholly relevant to be submitted in support of the victims treatement when it comes down to the inquiry.

    Yes, truth will out in the end. No doubt including the very sad States Members - ex and present - who contributed to a well known hate site.

  18. 1 Power should never got another position of trust in the states again after that email biz with labey. 2 Everything to do with hdlg bullying an coverups should be fair game for inquiry. 3Ozoffs bullying of mike higgins should be looked at by the boy Macon and his ppc. 4 The reform debate should get scraped as its gonna be a joke now with so many props. 4 Comments from rondel about Romainians shocking. Jersey people first bt racism like this we dont need.

  19. Trevor.

    If only most States Members could take a leaf out of Michael De La Haye's BOOK!

  20. Comment left on Rico Sorda blog:
    "The chairperson of the committee of enquiry is not going to have experienced anything like Jersey before. A child gets shot in the face by a teacher, the gun takes the rap for it - the teacher carries on teaching - the scrutinisers won't scrutinise - the top man at education is accused of being a child abuser and the Attorney General who didn't prosecute him and lots of other child abuse suspects chairs the government meetings."
    October 24, 2013 at 10:09 AM

  21. With the skullduggery (sorry - is that how you spell it Jersey Establishment?) reaching new depthes in the desperate attempt to distract from the true state of Jersey 'justice' and bury those who dare try to drag the truth kicking and screaming out into the daylight been somewhat tied up of late on top of usual work. But finally - once I have Friday's meeting ddone and dusted I will actually get a new post up in the evening.

  22. Apologies once again. Things not gone to plan. No new post. With my dear mum having a fall this morning the firsthalf of the day went out of the window. This evening too as a consequence.

    But a particularly interesting meeting at a local hotel late today with some more UK individuals watching with ever increasing amazement and disgust at what is being passed off as 'justice' and democracy here the day was far from wasted in terms of inroads to finally changing matters for the better.

    Will try and get post up over the weekend.

    Meanwhile, good to note that a couple of advocates are reading my blog so earnestly. Maybe I should block them unless they pay a fee? Only joking - I'll leave the blocking to people like Tony....

  23. Trevor, talking of justice, and of conflicted members of court, a lot of people are waiting to see if they are stupid enough to lock up Syvret on or after the 4th after a secret, super expensive trial, based on some wobbly data law.

    As you are painfully aware there is a liable law in place which you and your wife used correctly, but they dare not in the case Mr Syvret, in case he called witnesses which would have proved he was correct opening a can of worms.

    In fact there is evidence against one of the four already, held by several people including yourself showing that Syvret was correct in the trolls case.

    Will they be that thick ? Haven't they damaged Jersey's reputation enough, by not being honest over the child abuse failures, police chief suspension, and Mr Ogley, keep quiet and get paid off scenario's, that every thinking person can see through.

    The English papers would have a field day with a political dissident being jailed. After the Channel Island Stock Exchange failure, and Euro Bond tax story, Jimmy Carr, and Sir Phillip Green scandals, Jersey is still thought of as a tax haven and not popular in the UK, France and who knows where else.

    Just light the blue touch paper, for more bad press.