Wednesday, 18 December 2013


The shameless manipulation of the 'justice' system as a tool of oppression by the Jersey Establishment continues...

I reproduce below an 'open letter' sent yesterday to both UK Justice Minister, Lord McNally (who has done absolutely nothing about the abuses of justice evident in our case - other than to offer to refer us back to the very Bailiff who had allowed it all to happen) and Her Majesty The Queen's representative here on the island, the Lieutenant-Governor, Sir John McColl.
It outlines the incredible - and it must be said, deeply disturbing - latest unfoldings of what has been passed off as 'justice' in our case since we we were foolish enough to place our trust in the Jersey judicial system.
Indeed, should you be naive or perhaps simply unaware enough to still have even the smallest trace of trust that the Jersey 'justice' system is anything other than a farce; a completely hijacked tool for the Establishment to both avoid the holding to account of those amongst their ranks who merit it; and to try and bury all and any who dare challenge it please simply read this and the attached letter from current Jurat Collette Crill and think again.
A fairly long read perhaps, but five minutes of your time well spent. Finally, tempting as it was to deconstruct the shortcomings and attempted re-writing of historical fact within the letter from Jurat Crill readers of the bald Truth Jersey will perhaps understand why I felt this better to leave to others...
Keep the Faith                                                             

Dear Lord McNally and Lieutenant-Governor 

We write to you in the form of this open letter to bring to your attention – in the remote chance that either of you should have any genuine concern for the on-going abuse of the justice system here on Jersey – to highlight the latest episode of the many abuses evident within our attempt to secure justice for ourselves via the courts.  

As you will both be aware due to previous correspondence our present situation arose from us daring to trust that we would be afforded – just like any other person – a fair and ECHR Article 6 compliant court process. Indeed, as is now well documented the reality has been not only that we were instead faced with a Jurat – John Le Breton - who has a proven history of looking the other way on evidence of child abuse against a former friend and colleague; but who also felt quite above accepted global judicial standards to not recuse himself from sitting on our case – even though he is further evidenced to have wined and dined a director of the Jersey Evening Post’s owning company the Guiton Group. 

That all of this was allowed to take place by Jersey’s Bailiff (who we copy in) and has most recently even been rubber-stamped by three Jersey Appeal Court Judges who – quite incredibly – attempted to re-write the findings of the 1999 Stephen Sharp Report into the child abuse cover-up at the island’s Victoria College to claim within their judgement: i.e. that there is apparently nothing in the report which would warrant John Le Breton being viewed as unfit for such a role would suggest that this leaves little more to be said.  

At least until we progress our case to the Privy Council; and more likely, we must accept, if this abuse of justice is so acceptable to those who should be intervening on behalf of the Queen and United Kingdom government, to the Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. Nevertheless, given the latest developments which we now outline below we will have at least placed upon record yet more evidence of the corruption and inexcusable failings evident in our case – just as this is within the cases of so many others. 

As you may or may not already be aware, having been brought to bankruptcy by our pursuit of justice; following on from the Appeal Court Judges inexplicable ruling on Friday 29th November 2013 our lawyer (yes, in Jersey you even have to engage a lawyer to become officially bankrupt!) brought to the court a request that we be granted the process of Remise de biens.

Should either of you not know of this ancient Jersey aspect of law what this does is bring about a form of bankruptcy which allows – subject to certain criteria all of which our situation meets – for one’s property and assets to be sold off by the court. The issue here is that there must be enough money available to pay off in full any secured creditor: in our case just our bank as the mortgage lender. Further still, that some surplus must remain to allow some form of dividend to then be shared between the unsecured creditors such as the Jersey Evening Post and Broadlands – the entities who colluded to publish the lies claiming we had increased our income by four times by Trevor entering politics. 

Once accepted by the court and a Remise has been successfully completed with a property being sold and the secured creditor paid in full; and unsecured creditors having received a share of the remaining dividend, the matter is concluded and a discharge from the bankruptcy debt may be obtained allowing people to start again. This is clearly the best route for us to follow, especially given the fact that having been forced to this position by the Jersey Evening Post and Broadlands an additional consequence almost no other individual would face is that we immediately lose our positions and income as States Members. 

Even given the clear UK authorities indifference to the delivery of justice here in the Crown Dependency we would thus hope that to then find the judge hearing our request for a Remise – no less an individual than the Deputy Bailiff, William Bailhache, attempt to wholly mislead our lawyer with false information as to how the process works and it’s benefits and drawbacks; and indeed, to suggest – in our view, we repeat, attempt  to mislead – that the best route for us would instead be to seek to go en desastre is wholly unacceptable. Following this route would actually place us in a far worse position and leave this hanging over us for a full five years 

That the Deputy Bailiff would not know of the damaging misinformation he was suggesting as the better way forward for us is clearly inconceivable. Indeed, the true facts have been verified by lawyers and even the Viscounts Office.  

We were fortunately tipped off to the above by a concerned person who was in the court on the day and we have now even secured an audio disc of the exchange. We feel that we must ask that you look into this as a matter of urgency as – very co-incidentally – the Jersey Evening Post and Broadlands, having no doubt been failed by their own lawyers, just happen to now suddenly be seeking that the court reject the fully justified Remise and push us down the desastre route suggested by William Bailhache. We repeat: what a strange coincidence. Not only do two of the biggest critics of the Establishment’s failings on matters such as abuses of justice and child protection cover-ups get forced out of public office; we also face manipulation by the court down an even more damaging bankruptcy path than is necessary.  

We would thus hope that you might understand that all of the above cannot do anything, other than fill us with concern as to a likely pre-decided outcome of the Remise hearing set for Thursday 19th December – just two days hence. After all, should you also not be aware of it this was actually set to be concluded this past Friday. However, any hopes we might have had of some degree of fair play - given that both our lawyer and the two Jurats who compiled the necessary report confirmed we met all criteria to satisfy a successful Remise were quickly stripped away when the lawyer for the Jersey Evening Post, Advocate Nuno Santos-Costa, informed our lawyer just moments before the hearing that he had a close personal friendship with one of the Jurats sitting; this being Jurat Collette Crill. 

Having been made aware that both the Jersey Evening Post and Broadlands were attempting to buy time as they knew they really had very little grounds for argument, the fact that this Advocate – who had at no time appeared for the JEP during the defamation case – suddenly appeared to be followed by this announcement was highly suspicious in itself. Has Jersey really got such an unprofessional and shambolic court-process that a lawyer- any lawyer – would not know beforehand which Jurats were sitting?  

With this conflict raised the court retired for a brief time then returned. Here, quite incredibly, Commissioner Julian Clyde-Smith announced that whilst the court would reconvene with two other Jurats at a later date Jurat Crill, nevertheless, apparently felt that her close friendship with the lawyer for the Jersey Evening Post – and a lawyer whose firm obviously stood to make many thousands of pounds from a decision in his client’s favour did ‘not’ conflict her from ‘administering justice’! 

We must put it to you as representatives of the Queen and UK government respectively that the picture this all paints of the attitude to justice for all within the island, is totally unacceptable. Indeed, once aware of who Jurat Crill was once we returned home a little on line research following further contact from the public revealed matters to be even more disturbing. 

Not only was it quite apparent that we had a Judge in William Bailhache who has no love for us or our politics, attempting to mislead our lawyer to take us down a route far more damaging to us than the requested and merited Remise de biens; it now became apparent we had had a Jurat who was intending to sit on our case in the full knowledge that she had previously written an insulting – many would say malicious – personal attack on Shona within a letter published by no less than the Jersey Evening Post. All, we would point out for the record, because Shona had dared to bring a vote of no confidence in Sir Philip Bailhache whilst he was Bailiff. This being on account of his several well documented serious failings on child abuse. 

That such behaviour could not be seen as a serious conflict of interest is impossible to credit even within a jurisdiction with Jersey’s laissez-faire approach to judicial corruption. That Jurat Crill could not be aware of her resulting conflict; or that her remaining silent on the matter was completely at odds with the principles of justice – certainly as applied by any respectable jurisdiction - are even more inarguable. Indeed, not only does the Jurat’s letter reveal just how little she was aware of the true facts relating to Jersey’s appalling child protection failings arising from those in high office; her choice of insults demonstrate beyond any question her entirely prejudiced attitude to a person upon whom the Jurat wished to now ‘administer justice’. For the record we reproduce the letter from Jurat Crill below.  

As you will both be aware we have little reason to have any faith in the justice system that is allowed to operate under this present Bailiff, Sir Michael Birt, and for very good reason when one considers the evidence of our case alone. A case that is, of course, just one of many destroying the lives of ordinary Jersey people simply because the UK does not fulfil its obligation to step in on ensuring good governance and law and order. As with a growing number of other islanders we will continue to highlight these abuses and fight for them to be rectified no matter what.  

Yet with our hearing set for just two days hence we first urgently ask you: what confidence can we have that a process for which we meet all of the criteria (even with our home having been mysteriously undervalued compared with independent valuations of just a year ago to the tune of some £60 + thousand) will not somehow instead be manipulated to accommodate the wishes of the Jersey Evening Post and Broadlands estate agents? We have, it must be said, been put through hell by the catalogue of appalling failings allowed to go un-rectified during our case. Yet it seems that even having reached the stage when we expected to achieve – at least - some degree of conclusion for ourselves and our families the system was once again manipulated to thwart this with the unfolding of the deeply disturbing events surrounding this past week or so.  

We believe this is what is known locally as ‘The Jersey Way’. 

Yours sincerely 

Shona & Trevor Pitman 
17th December 2013
The letter published in the JEP from the now Jurat Collette Crill who attempted to sit to 'administer justice' on our case... 

JEP – 2 July 2008.  Collette Crill, Le Solaize, Les Ruisseaux, St Brelade. 

“On the day of her election, Deputy Shona Pitman engaged in offensive behaviour in public.  Many would deem that such behaviour rendered her unfit for elected office.  Since then I am unaware that the Deputy has distinguished herself as a States Member.  It seems particularly ironic, therefore, that it is she who sees fit to call for a vote of no confidence in order to vilify and bully the Bailiff.  Mont of the Bailiff’s career has been devoted to serving this Island in Crown Office, instead of pursing a more lucrative path in private practice.  One can’t help wondering whether Deputy Pitman even understands, let alone appreciates, that all our Crown Officers are highly skilled and in many cases brilliant legal practitioners who choose for altruistic reasons, to offer themselves for Crown service instead of using their admirable academic and intellectual skills in far more self-serving ways. 

Given the behaviour and performance of many of our present elected representatives on can’t help feeling that precisely the opposite motivation applies to them.  The list of our current Bailiff’s achievements for this island good is as long as it is impressive, not only as a lawyer and judge, but also in so many other aspects of island life. In common with the reset of humanity, he is not infallible and as humility is one of his many qualities, I believe he would be the first to acknowledge this.  Indeed, he has publicly expressed regret for a possible error of judgement made years ago, long before he became Bailiff, in relation to the Holland case. 

Deputy Pitman, though, would have us believe that along with one sentence in his Liberation Day speech when he spoke about Jersey’s recently maligned reputation, using a turn of phrase not quite up to Deputy Pitman’s exacting standards, this is enough to wipe out years of exemplary service and dedication to the island. 

Deputy Pitman’s use of this form of politics is absurd and risible, yet sadly dangerous and adding to the immense harm that some of our politicians seek to cause by being so obsessive destructive and negative.  She and her cabal would be far better employed in using their position and salary, our money, in trying to rectify the many genuinely important matters of injustice and inequality in this island.  Of course, it’s so much easier to be negative and destructive.  Or could it be that they don’t actually have any positive or constructive ideas to offer?”




  1. Would it be Broadlands that have valued your property?
    It has been stated that Lawyers use this as a way of favouring family etc to purchase a property on the "cheap"

    1. No. You have to maintain some degree of standards even if bankrupt!

  2. Absolutely disgusting. Just how low can this judicial system sink before the idiots in the uk get off their backsides and put an end to this corruption? This should see criminal charges never mind a ticking off from Birt but will it? Not a chance and we all know it. I love my island Trevor but I also find myself hating what people like Birt and the Bailhaches and co have made it. Queen and country I ask myself why did I ever bother.

    1. Fully understand. Maybe you should write to Lord McNally and Sir John McColl and tell thems straight?

  3. Scandalous but sadly not even that surprising anymore. They are desperate to silence you and they will go to any lengths to do it.

  4. Just had a comment I knew was Jon when he wrote 'Moet' when we all know sad, embittered freaks like him only drink six packs!

  5. Ignore the troll he is a very sad, hateful person. But this issue of conflicted jurats really cannot be left unchallenged. If you are not there to bring it up then I do hope Mike Higgins will do so in the States?

  6. Amusingly this entire blog is written to a man who has been replaced in his duties over Jersey today.

    1. Duh! It had to be written to a man who had the chance to do something but instead did nothing but pass it back to the Bailiff.

      That is also why I had to forward it relevant people in the Justice Ministry.

      Still with me? Good.

  7. this is all rather worrying but not at all surprising.

  8. Its worth being reminded that the good Mrs Crill has a husband who a few months later was appointed to the Carswell Review into the role of Crown Officers.

  9. Thank goodness Jurat Crill has no connection to Sir Peter Crill the ex bailiff or her husband also Advocate Crill or the lawyers Crill Canavan that became Colles Crill that Nunos Santos Costa is a partner within.

  10. Let the leading villagers run around, try and hold on to power, play the game unfairly and screw truth and justice egos and money are all that matter.

    The biggest disappointment by far is Her Majesty The Queen's representative here on the island, the Lieutenant-Governor, Sir John McColl. He could inform the right people in the UK of injustice, wrongdoing and outstanding questions regarding Jersey's justice system. A proper inquiry could ensue by outsiders.

    He is just the man to do so. Sadly the man is mouse without conscience, just a caretaker just a nothing.

    Why is the monarch on her way out slow though it may be, because of people like Her Majesty the Queen's representative here on the island, the Lieutenant-Governor, Sir John McColl takes the money, talks the talk but does nothing when it comes to making sure the Queens subjects are treated in a fair and just way. Just sits in the States like a nodding Churchill dog on the back parcel shelf of a car.

    Another puppet with no brain or moral compass or sense of justice.

  11. Some interesting commentary about the case:

  12. ..."brilliant legal practitioners who choose for altruistic reasons, to offer themselves for Crown service instead of using their admirable academic and intellectual skills in far more self-serving ways."

    This extract from her letter really made me laugh. Trevor, you have both been shafted by a society of the most nefarious, and secretive kind. There are dark forces at work here. I wish you and your good wife all the best for the future.

  13. Don't let today's court decision stop you fighting for justice and democracy for Jersey PPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSEEE?

  14. So very, very sorry re. todays outcome. Two voices for truth and honesty now lost in the States Chamber. I know how many people value the work you have done for them and I am disgusted at today's outcome, albeit not unexpected.

  15. This is so wrong . The pitman's are good people i have been keeping an eye on this case for a long time . As i have been fighting one myself . I will explain later about my case and the curruption i have seen in front of my own eyes . Can someone explain to me just how this is going to work please . They lose there house and jobs with every thing they own and if they get a job they will have to pay the laywers . So they will not work (would you ) 2nd day of january 2014 i see them at housing they will get a house or flat then i see them at social or income support they will get that too . What about Furniture ok income support will do that too (who is going to pay for this ? think the tax payer ) so why would the court do this . I believe its because they have spoken out about the child abuse cases. The people voted them in . so let the people decide . I have never voted but would start now and vote for them . This is a sad time for jersey and its true people don't stop fighting i will never stop

  16. to shona and trevor all the very best for xmas and new year. i hope it can only get better in 2014 warmest regards martin

  17. You did imply that your blog might vanish if you lost the appeal etc.

    A sad day for Jersey.

    Hope you can take some solace in family and support over the Christmas.

    Thoughts with you and Shona.

  18. Don't worry blog not vanishing!

    Apeal lost but that was always expected. Just a hoop Jersey makes you jump through to keep a few unemployable lawyers on the gravy train.

    Privy Council next and if necessary of course Strasbourg - where there will be no hidden againda of needing to protect a beneficial Tax Haven over clear breaches of the ECHR..

    1. Hopefully the P/C will refuse your application to Appeal, which will satisfy Article 35 of the ECHR convention which in turn will open the road for your application to Strasbourg. When P/C refuses your application, do ask for a letter to confirm that you have exhausted all possible forms of redress within the UK as a citizen of Jersey. Bingo !! and good luck. I am 2 months ahead of you on this road, but the road looks pretty clear at the moment !!!
      All the best to you and Shona for Xmas

  19. Best wishes for the New Year. Hope you succeed in getting justice. Stuart, Shona and yourself, who will be next? Can you make it Strasbourg before end of 2014?

  20. Best wishes to you and Shona. Channel online and BBC will struggle to attract listeners to the live debates with states members who do not contribute and sit in silence.

    Has the Lieutenant Governor replied to your letter?

  21. The letter published in the JEP from the now Jurat Collette Crill who attempted to sit to 'administer justice' on our case...
    Taken from the above letter.

    It seems particularly ironic, therefore, that it is she who sees fit to call for a vote of no confidence in order to vilify and bully the Bailiff.

    Did Shona ever reply to the above assumption made by the now Jurat Collete Crill as was published in the JEP? Specifically to vilify and bully.?

    That is some assumption made by

    1. Truth be told Collette Crill - almost as much as the paedophile protecting John Le Breton - sums up neatly why our Jurat system needs to be scrapped and replaced with a full jury system at all times.

  22. Will hopefully have a new post up tomorrow evening having eaten enough mince pies for a whole year. Don't want to start piling on the pounds to the point where I might start to look like waddling Sue Young-Haworth!

  23. Trevor, did Collette Crill recuse herself for the hearing at which you ultimately failed in your remise application, or was she one of the sitting jurats who made the decision to refuse?

  24. Lord McNally is the same one who came to Oak Tree Farm near Eccleshall Staffordshire, he's friends with Ian Parry who has made an outrageous attack on the Staffordshire Youth clubs which do excellent work in Staffordshire, they're about to have their funbding stripped and good social workers face losing their jobs, meanwhile McNally has provided extra funding to the corrupt as hell Secret Family Courts!

  25. And theres something really suspicious about the way Oak Tree Farm is being run, its an ACORN business (re David Abrahams and the dodgy donations and the paedophile Richard Gardner visiting the UK to lecture on PAS via Eagle Associates (chairman David Abrahams) and the Kensington Institute) ACORN also were involved in election fraud in America