Sunday, 29 December 2013


With the old year nearly run its course and a  new one looming just a short post this evening. As the heading suggests its purpose is plain and simple yet in truth no less important than any of the many in depth political issues that have been covered on the Bald Truth Jersey these past 12 months.
So whether you simply read the blogs - be they here in Jersey or anywhere else in the world - and then help spread the word about highlighted injustices and abuses which need to be challenged; or  whether you actually run and write a blog yourself, please give yourself a big pat on the back at this time of apparent goodwill. Trust me - you all really deserve it.
You are doing the job which the so-called 'Mainstream Media' here in Jersey at least seem to have all but abdicated.
A big 'thank you' too to all of the others who help fight the justice battle in their own way. Whether this be through offering direct support and assistance to the world's victims and betrayed; or by actually standing up to let governments know that ultimately they will NOT get away with abusing the trust of people who they are meant to protect - no matter how untouchable they may paint themselves.
But let us also remind ourselves of something else here. Just prior to Christmas I had conversations with two fellow States Members which being quite honest left me feeling both saddened and deeply disturbed. The reason for this?
The two - one a Constable; the other a Deputy stated that they fully knew there was much which wasn't right within both Jersey's government and so-called justice system. Yet they further claimed that, just because they did not speak out didn't mean that they 'agreed' with it! They simply could not, these two politicians stated, 'Stand up and speak out about it like you and Shona do.' It was just 'too hard'.
If my responses were possibly somewhat blunt I hope you will understand why.
After all, for those who have actually been terribly abused and betrayed standing up and speaking out about it directly can be impossible. But a politician can have no such excuse. For there is no 'middle ground' when it comes to facing up to abuses and injustices brought to your attention when you have been entrusted with the publics' votes.
Arguing that just because you keep silent does not 'put you on the side' of those who abuse their positions just does not cut it and this is what I said to my two colleagues.  Indeed, such silence as I told them actually enables the abuse and injustices to be carried out. To pretend this is not the case is simply to try and fool yourself.
So let me end this post by simply stating that I truly hope that in the coming year of 2014 a few more politicians here in Jersey can discover that 'Testicular Fortitude' is actually pretty easy to ferment. All one has to do is ask yourself quite honestly: 'whose side will my actions leave me on and do I really want to be there?'
Keep the Faith & have a truly great New Year's Eve!
With the hard fought for Committee of Inquiry finally on the horizon at last; not to mention a couple of personal projects I hope to be able to speak about before the Spring, this year can actually be a very good one indeed.


  1. Thank you for your high quality blog and video posts over the last year. It is interesting what you say about the constable and deputy and the culture of silence. It prevails in the SoJ which is itself an out-dated institution, and much of the sllence due to the fact it operates on dirt. Like you, they have no dirt on Stuart, hence the treatment you get. Dirt was the reason behind the scrutiny panel not scrutinising the decades child abuse as it unfolded. And only when Jersey has the rule of law in place, will people be able to live free from fear and in society that protects it citizens equally not just the well connected. Wishing you a much happier new year to you and Shona.

  2. Thanks for all your efforts on behalf of the victims this past year. Justice will prevail in the end and that includes for you and Shona. Really the States will be just one big silence without you. Apart from the footstomping Constables every time Gorst and his boss Bailhache speak on behalf of the rich and the cover up merchants. Keep up the fight please Trevor you have more support than you probably know.

  3. "When a country is well governed, poverty and a mean condition are something to be ashamed of. When a country is ill governed, riches and honours are something to be ashamed of."

    "...the tapestry is mute, so are we-
    as long as we are held immobile by the tightly woven threads of fear..."

    All the very best for 2014 Trevor & Shona, through your own suffering and loss you have shown the cowards in government the way of real men and women, oh how they must envy you both ;)

  4. So very sorry you and Shona have been persecuted for standing up for the vulnerable. All I can say is God DOES exist - I KNOW he exists because he showed me all about Richard Gardner and Ralph Underwager when I was going through the Secret Family Courts falsely accused of Parental Alienation Syndrome when they didnt even tell me what they were accusing me of having - it was like The Trial by Frank Kafka what they do to people in those secret courts. They persecuted me so much I thought I was going to die - I ended up seriously physically ill (pneumonia) because of their relentless and determined persecution - I dont bknow how the heck I survived what they did to me - but survive I did, and it was me that found out about David Rose (even though everyone seems to have forgotten that) and posted it onto my blog, which Rico was then able to make good use of.

    I just absolutly know that God exists even though you wouldn't know it by the way the hierarchy of the Church behaves, I just know he does and that he absolutly hates and detests child abuse and corruption. Nobody is going to convince me that God doesn't exist because I know that he does, and whats more I know that all the people who have been persecuted for trying to stop this horrible corruption will be justified, and God will lift them up one day and open everyones eyes to the truth, and I am going to cling onto my faith and never ever let it go whatever anyone else says.

    May God bless you Trevor and Shona, may God reward you for what you have done, and other whistleblowers and survivors of abuse, keep strong and keep the faith!

  5. Firstly to both you and Shona, a New Year filled with the truth and honesty that you both stand for, notwithstanding the obstacles you face full on, and the hard work you do for not only your constituents but anybody in need of help.

    The following comment from two other States Members speaks volumes about the calibre of most of them with very few exceptions. This is not what we vote people into the States Chamber for! Let us hope that more people 'see the light' and use their votes wisely this year.
    They simply could not, these two politicians stated, 'Stand up and speak out about it like you and Shona do.' It was just 'too hard'.


  6. Trevor.

    In relation to the Constable and Deputy's silence.

    "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Martin Luther King.

  7. trevor&shona it would be help full to know the names of the deputy and constable so people do not vote for them next year they are of the same mould as gorst jelly.any way all the very best for 2014 and a big thank you for all the hard work in 2013 regards martin

    1. Martin. First thanks for kind words of support. You are probably right about me naming the two States Members. But why I haven't done so as yet is down to this.

      The two, as it turns out, are both indivoduals who I quite like as people outside of the States. They are certainly not intentionally 'bad' or devious people - a stark contrast to many I must say.

      Thus while this is no excuse for them failing to stand up to be counted when faced with abuse and injustice I am (perhaps misguidely) hoping that our very frank content of our discussion might just begin to sink in and spark a change in attitude.

      Of course, if I am wrong then there will be plenty of time to refer to these matters come the election.

    2. Hang'em High....If they are not part of the solution, then they are truly the problem!!!

  8. Happy New Year to yourself and Shona let us hope it is Troll free

  9. Had a belated Xmas present! Yet more evidence for the eventual prosecution of Sue Jon Young. 'He' really just can't help himself can he.

  10. Wishing you the very best in the new year. May 2014 be victorious for those who seek justice and truth on behalf of many.

  11. A happy new year to you and Shona. Hope the new year is kinder to you than this one has been. You both deserve huge credit for standing up for we plebs like you have done year in year out. But can I also share a little snippet which made me chuckle today?

    I happened to go on to Nick Le Cornu's blog having noted he was talking about feminism again. Nowt wrong with that at all. What made me chuckle though was when I recalled our Nick making one of the most sexist and pretty bizarre election speeches of all time just a few years ago.

    You probably remember this but for your readers who might not this was a long and rambling tale about how Nick enjoyed being up a lamp post at night ogling an attractive Polish lady in a short skirt! Not quite Germain Greer yet Nick.

  12. That's Jersey's Culture Of Fear in a nutshell, isn't it? I think we can guess which constable it is :)

    Happy New Year to you both, hope you manage to stay afloat.

  13. Contacted - as with other citizens' media - about yet another complaint apparently lodged with police about one JS Haworth! What a file the police must now have!

    LOL! Certainly even thicker than the bogus, vexatious complaints this sorry individual has made about me on the back of his fixation - and to think I haven't even lodged a tenth of my collected material yet!

  14. I wish you and Shona a happy and successful New Year. Thank you for all you do on behalf of others.

  15. Wishing you & Shona a better 2014 than 2013 has been & thank you for another quality blog to add to the other great Jersey ones

  16. Happy New year Trevor and Shona. We come into this world with nothing and leave with nothing. You guys have integrity. As for the boy named Sue he is about to get a rude awakening.

  17. Jon. Please keep the abuse coming. It will all help in the longrun. My oh my - the way you rant all of this hate anyone would think that perhaps someone once cstigated you on a blog or some such?

    1. Whoops! Missed out the 'A' above in castigated. However did I do that when truth be told whenever I think of Jon the word Asinine springs straight to mind!

  18. Will you be doing any more bald truth reviews? I used to luv them and the troll one's you did.

  19. I've just read the Nick Griffin report - interesting side fact:-

    Gavin Stamp Political reporter, BBC News

    Changes to the law in 2002 - which came into force in 2004 - mean bankruptcy does not, in itself, disqualify anyone from being an elected representative or standing for office.

    I guess once again, that is not the Jersey Way!

    1. Hi

      Thanks for this and a link someone sent in earlier - also for all the great many calls and emails of support for people known and unknown.

      Yes, seems like the goood old Jersey Way may have done us a great big favour in the long term. ECHR? When will Jersey's moronic Establishment realise they just can't stick a little stamp on something and say that means its compliant!

      No wonder they would never agree to Bob Hill's proposals for full explanations.

  20. trevor and shona sad news today wish i could help in some way as i would not have the flat i have if it was not for shona and her help which i will all ways be great,full for.if there is any thing i can do i will do my best to help. you have my number .