Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy Christmas - The war isn't over but just beginning!


'And so this is Christmas but what have you done...'

Well, quite a lot actually but more of that right after we celebrate New Year. This short (well, quite long actually!) post is really just to say 'Thanks for all of your support this past year'. That, a quick look back and to offer a little taster of what is to come...

But what's that old saying - 'the more things change the more they stay the same?'

As 2012 comes to a close, okay, it would be easy to think  that this is again the case regarding Jersey politics. Yet scratch away the surface of the increasingly desperate Establishment spin; and the inane and insane bluster beloved of the troll who lives in the Jon and his ilk and the reality is that nothing could be further from the truth. Believe me - all of us who actually care about democracy, justice and fair and transparent government should look forward to 2013 with a new spring in our step.

Oh yes - when even the Jersey Evening Pravda who only months before was peddling the myth of this being a great new States Assembly all pulling together (or rather, as they hoped, right-wing lobby fodder doing exactly what their hero Senator Philip Bailhache told them to do instead of so many 'Bolshie Lefties' asking awkward questions) is now decrying 'this very disappointing Assembly' in the aftermath of the Man Who Would Be King's humiliation over Plemont you can be confident all in the Far-right camp isn't as rosy as they would like us to believe.

Indeed, the defeat of Chief Minister Bailhache and his political glove puppet's attempt to steamroller the blank cheque purchase of Plemont through at the taxpayers' expense just because he wanted it should not be underestimated in its importance for the coming two years. For to enlarge upon a reality already highlighted in an excellent interview on the Rico Sorda blog: a year on from the disappointing loss of some truly high-calibre progressives at the time of the 2011 election it is the cracks in the Establishment Party that are for the first time ever looking truly potentially terminal.

Why? Because for the first time the 'Jersey belongs to the rich' brigade are actually starting to destroy themselves in a way the Progressives who have time and time again allowed comparatively small differences in political perspective to hamstring them have never come close to achieving since the effective rigging of the elections following the Second World War with the media colluding scam of the spectacularly ill-named 'Progressive Party'.

Those of us who follow local political developments closely always knew that the decision of former Bailiff and Attorney General Philip Bailhache to run for election was a desperate last throw of the dice to fill the void and paper over the cracks  left by the withering away of the rightist political dinosaurs who have run Jersey as a private club for the wealthy and morally bankrupt elite for generations. And oh how their seeming success at staving off disaster - or democracy as we would call it - is suddenly starting to unravel!

Gandhi once famously opined that: 'First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win!' Well, suddenly the 'fighting' is taking place on the inside of the Establishment Party and the defeat of Senator Bailhache on the Plemont vote is evidence of just how serious this has the potential to be. You see the 'Group-think' that always saw inconvenient little things like values and personal morals put aside in the interest of retaining rightest power has started to falter.

There are now factions within the Establishment Party ranks and a number of egos that would really like to be 'Head Boy' and actually believe that they really should be. Games are now being played of which 'Prince' Machiavelli would be quite proud. Forget the smiles and such displays as the Treasury Minister 'really wanting' the aforesaid blank cheque purchase of Plemont to go ahead. We now have at least four Establishment Party Ministers who all desperately want to be the 'Big Cheese' - Bailhache, Gorst, Ozouf and Le Marquand.

And when you throw in each of their little group of camp followers to the mix the potential to finally free the ordinary people from the fetters of generations the potential for long-overdue democratic change is suddenly better than many a Progressive ever could have dreamt just a year ago. The key for the 'left' is now to put our own minor differences aside and begin working together more closely than we have managed to do in the past.

Achieve this and the 2014 elections can be the breakthrough we thought we had achieved back in 2008. Fail and this will be to throw away the greatest opportunity to reclaim this island for democracy since 1946. We surely have no choice but to give it our all and make sure that we do.

Yes, we did see our hard-fought victory in achieving States agreement to implement a fully independent Electoral Commission hi-jacked by Senator Bailhache and a truly disgusting show of political betrayal and spinelessness from Senator Gorst in supporting it.

Yet if Plemont shows us one further thing it is that even here the consequent attempt by Senator Bailhache and his acolytes - Constable Juliette Gallichan and Deputy James Baker - to sell out the public's clear right to democracy and an equally weighted vote in order to retain the  Constables can yet be scuppered. All we have to do is make sure that we get the truth out to those who will suffer if such travesties should succeed. This is the key plain and simple.

But more of all of this in the New Year. For now let us just remind ourselves that there have been seemingly small but actually very important victories already in 2012. Yes, we have lost the likes of excellent people such as Daniel Wimberley, Bob Hill, Debbie De Sousa and co from within the States. But we have in turn seen other good people appear - people who certainly have their differences but nevertheless are their 'own men' and committed to the wider public good: people such as John Young and Richard Rondel to name but two.

We have also seen the half-dozen of us naughty Progressives left over from the last Assembly continue to refuse to be beaten down; holding the Establishment to account with a skill and tenacity that should make so many new Members hang their heads in shame. We have seen a collective effort both from some of us within the States and brave, spirited people amongst the victims of abuse and their Citizens media champions that has refused to buckle and allow the 'Historic' Child Abuse scandal; and the appalling treatment of the likes of Graham Power and Lenny Harper etc to be swept under the carpet.

We have seen the continued chipping away of the secrecy so beloved - and crucial to its hold on power - of the Establishment Party by my successful proposition to make ALL votes for Ministerial positions within the States open and transparent to the public. Following on from my earlier success in winning an open vote on the position of Chief Minister the importance of this seemingly small victory should not be underestimated. Remember - secrecy and preventing the wider public from knowing what is really going on has been the key to so much of the Establishment's usurping of power for decades.

The next step is to carry this same fight to the lamentably ill-named 'Justice' system and to dragging Jersey's Establishment mouth-piece media into the 21st Century where 'investigative' journalism is neither a dirty word nor something to be left to brave and talented professionals from the United States such as Leah McGrath Goodman. There ARE some good journalists here in Jersey. Its time they stood shoulder to shoulder with we Progressives; displayed some Testicular Fortitude and did what is right. Not what their editors tell them must be portrayed as right.

And let's not forget the undoubtedly surprising - but truly deeply significant - other recent success in finally getting the events of 28th September 1769 and the brave actions of Tom Gruchy and his compatriots in fighting for democracy officially recognised by the States in 2012. Next year we can and must build on this success. Indeed, should anyone still doubt the significance of this victory then reflect no further than the fact that Senator Philip Bailhache spoke stridently against the 28th September 'Reform Day' proposition. Just as he did against open votes.

Yet in rounding off this short Christmas blog the truth is - the BALD TRUTH of course! - that the most important people in all of this; and in what we true democrats want and need to achieve in 2013 are you, the ordinary people who have amazed me in the large numbers who have read and contributed to the first year of the Bald Truth blog.

Not just this, of course, but to all of the growing number of other excellent blogs and Citizens Media initiatives in the island such as: Voiceforchildren; Rico Sorda; the Jersey Way; Stuart Syvret; Planet Jersey; Tom Gruchy; Sam Mezec; Montford Tadier; the Jersey Evening Propaganda and so many more.

The Establishment and their on message media may hate it but the wider world IS taking a growing interest in 'the island that democracy forgot'. Just consider some of the significant people who are now following these sites from the  world of international media. Just consider best-selling author and U.S. journalist Leah McGrath Goodman; MPs like John Hemming.

This is, in the final analysis, a war of attrition. Hold our nerve; don't give in or be bowed and in the end we WILL win. We WILL get Leah allowed back into Jersey to complete her research. We will keep spreading the REAL truth via our blogs. And, on a personal note, just for those few lost and cowardly souls who think that a bent system will help them see me and Shona as their next 'victims' just remember this...

We don't do being bullied.

And whilst a  'war' for democracy, justice, equality and political transparency this certainly this  in truth - thankfully(?) we haven't yet resorted to the guns of other struggles. Yet to mix two different - yet complimentary - ideas from two true icons of the political left; Mexico's enigmatic Subcomandante Marcos and the late Che Guevara:

'Our word is our weapon' so if we should fall by the wayside in the struggle 'so long as our battle cry has reached one receptive ear; if one other hand reaches out to take up our weapon...'

Then it is all worthwhile! We WILL win in the long run.

Keep the Faith & Thanks again for all of your support.

Happy Christmas & New Year



Have no fear - a new 'Bald Truth Review Xmas & New Year Special' will be up on air before December 31st! And then in the new year itself...a further  'special' on my experiences of Jersey 'Justice'. A show that might just make rather uncomfortable viewing for some who are presently feeling ill-advisedly smug...


  1. A truly proper Crimbo! Peace and goodwill to all on our side i.e. the right side - truth and justice.

  2. Off to bed before Santa gets fed up and passes by without stopping!

    But just meant to repeat: anyone who doubts the need for the Progressives to win through in the interests of the island's ordinary people really should just click on to the laatest jersey Evening Propaganda blog. A better expose of the low-life trolls who hate democracy and justice with a vengence you sinly could not find.

    Well done that man...

  3. Merry Christmas, happy New Year & a troll-free 2013 to all! O yeah - good post. Our former Bayleaf really is proving a devisive ccharactor and long may it continue!

  4. Merry christmas to you and Shona and thank you for all the work you do and help in uncovering the truth for the abuse victims and survivors.

  5. A very merry Christmas to you Trevor and Shona, and a happy new year. Look forward to the BTR Xmas / New Year special :)

  6. Merry Christmas Trevor and Shona. I think your blog is excellent. Thanks for all the hard work you put in, both behind the scenes and on your blog so us Jersey plebs are kept informed as to the real facts around the child abuse 'scandal' and the Jersey government cover ups. I hope next year sees the proper exposure and therefore inevitable downfall of the Jersey gov. officials over the child abuse cover up. Similarly I hope next year is a year the survivors can move on agreeing that justise has finally been served in Jersey. Finally I hope the year brings proper recognition by the Jersey authorities that what's been said by people such as yourself on blogs is infact true, thus causing the local MSM to start back peddling quickly and their dopey readership to wake up.

    Thank you, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you both.

  7. Replies
    1. Now we will really find out whether our police are interested in police work since Graham Power was shafted. My bet is that they are not.

  8. Happy Christmas Ian!

    Oh dear, some people obviously didn't even manage to enjoy Christmas by drowning it with Stella?

    A whole raft of abusive posts from Jersey's biggest , saddest and most cowardly troll. Seems the little chap is more obsessed than ever with what he hopes is our court costs figure.

    Well, sorry to disappoint Jon, but the fact is you and a few other idiots can only look foward to 2013 with a rather large amout of egg on your face! Still, be a change from the clown paint you apparently adopt to accompany your trolling cloak...

    As for death threats - if you want to meet up to outline the full details over the next few days I will be happy to raise the question officially as to why Jersey's police refuse to enforce the law of the land as required...

    Happy New Year my friend!

  9. Clicking on the link to the excellent JE Propaganda blog I have to agree. If the police do not act against these latest reported phone threats then some of you States members must please damand answers 'in House'.

    This type of thing going unchallenged makes a mockery of Jersey's police saying confidence in them is going up. How can anyone have confidence if thugs are allowed to hide at the end of a phone line and their abuse and threats go unpunished?

  10. It is still not clear Trevor,

    The Chief Minister Gorst said in the States that the Terry Le Main investigation was brought to a close without charges being brought. Then the public are informed that key witnesses were not actually interviewed. If this is the case, then the Grouville land corruption investigation has not been completed just shelved to collect dust.
    In your opinion Trevor has a full and impartial police investigation taken place or not ?

    If not, then this does indeed raise worrying aspects about Jersey Police methods, and CM Gorst statement, which was clearly not accurate nor true.

    If an ex member of the States is not properly investigated, why should the Trolling idiot who harasses non establishment politicians. What is really going on ?

  11. Dear Troll

    Please get into the Christmas spirit and stop blocking up cyber space with your deranged threats and rants.

    I mean, be fair - although I can quickly tell your insane drivel and hate-filled bluster either I or my Admin still have to read the first few words of your multiple post garbage.

    That's several seconds of my/our lives that can be much better used.

    As for making 'a complaint' to PPC - please, PLEASE DO! We could all do with a good laugh to start 2013. Just a quick glance from any of the Committee (pretty useless as this group are in the main)at the recent JEP expose of trolling shows just how seriously people like you should be taken. i.e. not at all.

    Still, if you are feeling lonely at this time of year then - chin up! From what I hear the police will be calling before too long.

    Karma indeed...

  12. Two quick things. The first serious and important. The second - like the 'person' it refers to not important at all.


    I was contacted by a nice lady today who felt very strongly that some of the 'bigger' shops were not open on Boxing Day. She raised two different though related points. The first was that with economic times being tough it made sense that the shops should all be open for business.

    Whilst I can appreciate that argument as I said the other view is that many people forced to work should really not have to do so at what is meant to be a 'special' family time of year. Should money be more important at Christmas than people?

    What do readers think? Seems to me a bit like Plemont where you will never please everyone.

    The other related issue that arose from speaking to this very nice lady was this.

    She also felt strongly because she had wanted to go out and, she told me, purchase a sofa on Boxing Day. Now this is where I personally find it far more difficult to agree with people holding such views.

    I simply ask why do we have to be able to go out and buy a non-essential - any non-eseential - itme the day after Christmas? Running out of food, milk etc I can understand but...

    Again, what do readers think?

    The other thing I am going to raise - yet again I'm afraid -is poor Jonnie Troll. Really this 'man' does seem to have nothing to do with his time other than post myriad threats and abuse. Now according to this fruitloop's latest rant he is best buddies with every other States Member, the whole JEP, the Queen, Jonny Rotten and Beyonce.

    Yes, of course you are!

    But does this not raise the question as to why anyone of these people would befriend a sad sack who supports the concealment of child abuse; is happy to run a hate site, supports corruption, indentity theft, cyber bullying or beating up women?

    The answer can only be that our troll is even madder than we thought. So please go away and sort yourself out.

    In the meantime - I look forward to 2013 Jonnie - I'll wager mine is a whole lot brighter than yours. And I'm not making a pun about how little light gets in those dark cell windows where you're bound to be ending up very soon!

    Happy New Year!

  13. Is it true that Haworth has called you up to three times late at night on ocassion?

  14. I feel Xmas all shops closed is good but Boxing Day and Sundays in the summer some shops should be opened. Jersey is in need of tourists and should do everything to accommodate then when they come. Maybe shops could take it in turn to open. I do not see the need for furniture shops to open on those days.

  15. Anonymous @ 23.58

    Yes, I'm afraid I am one of the 'lucky' people being on the end of this idiot's phone calls.

    Anonymous @ 12.31

    I am with you generally on the issue of non-essential retailers being closed on Boxing Day I think.

    Anonymous (Not published)

    Anonymous - I largely agree with what you say on the issue of family coming first - though we all obviously differ on the 'religious' element.

    I haven't used the comment simply because I think it is unfair to label the lady I mentioned in that fashion. Re-submit and I'll be happy to publish.

  16. Keep it coming Jon. Another step nearer that cell with every passing day. Still, when we put all of the evidence up against you I suppose one good thing is that you may at last get the help that you need?

  17. At least we've got £400,000 to burn on a pointless plan that would spoil historic heritage!

    Can you do anything to help save the old slipways, please, Trevor?

  18. Dear 'Anonymous' not published.

    If you 'don't give a monkey's ****' then why, pray, do you keep up your multiple posts hour after hour, day after day?

    I mean, trust me - if I want to communicate directly with an intellectually challenged, racist oompahloompah I can always phone you up...

    Just go away and find something constructive to do with your life.

  19. reference 'not for publication' message:

    Was there meant to be a link attached?

  20. Did you hear Dick Shenton on the radio this morning saying there is a minority looney left in the States who are only there for the money?

  21. Seems a bit harsh. But maybe he has fallen out with his son?

    After all, I certainly never heard someone go on about 'value for money' so much who would then disappear to his private business while we the taxpayer paid him to be a 'politician'?

    Personally, I am with the majority who hold the view that those who are most likely to be open to such accusations are those who play at politics while refusing to give up their day jobs.

    True politicians working for the majority good make politics there only job and give it their all.

  22. Is that why another recently departed Senator currently enjoying the winter sun told a friend of mine they used call Shenton junior Ben Ten? Because he said he was gone by that hour?

  23. Abusive post (filed) but not published:

    Of course I could phone you in answer to your question. Simply because:

    one - even hiding behind a proxy IP and the like doesn't do half of what you imagine to people (not me) who know their stuff.

    Secondly, your abuse is so repetitive; your low IQ ranting so stylised that anyone under the sun knows the bitter and twisted loon writing it immediately.

    I suppose, sad as it is, this is your claim to fame? Well, infamy really. Indeed, one of my friends in the force was saying just the other day that you would make a fantastic case study for students.

    Happy New Year. Hope you can get the help you need soon.

  24. Oh dear, it seems from your posts that JH has not taken my advice and changed his ways!!?

    Bad move Mr the words of the former bay leaf be it!!!

    I am so looking forward to 2013. It's going to be a very interesting year.

  25. Somebody should actually go around and check on the fruitloop - he is actually sending me posts calling me 'my love' now! What next? My 'precious' perhaps? Well' he does look very similar after 18 pints of Stella... Sleep well too, Gollum!

  26. Happy new year to you and Shona Trevor, hope you have health and support in the States because you deserve it. The game is up we have the internet which you use to strong and worthwhile effect informing the public about your views and what you stand for.

    You get in the ring and take it on the chin while other pretend politicians are happy to waste the taxpayers hard earned money jetting off to Barbados and hijacking committees which are supposed to be impartial, non conflicted and working to make Government better - not one mans views or narrow options supported by a spin machine and the local media. We have seen this all before and have had enough.

    2013 is a new year, please keep on with your blog and the BTR ( Bald Truth Review ) It shows people that leaders do speak their language and do care. Come the elections the silent politicians will find out the hard way that as time goes on and with the economic landscape politicians who are silent fools are no longer accepted nor are self interest merchants.

    Beat wishes to Shona and yourself.


  27. When's BTR12 due Trevor?

  28. To all readers/viewers/supporters/enemies

    All the best for 2013.

    So the literal Mayan of the end of days did not arrive? Or maybe it has?

    This year let us make sure that justice and fairness, democracy and transparancy finally escape the Dark Ages.

    A new BTR may even be up this evening...

    Best of luck to everyone with theeir New Year resolutions - so long as they are aimed at making life better for people/not at other decent peoples expense.

    The BTR in question will be Part One of Two briefly looking at the real key issues/happenings of the past 12 political months. Part Two up later in the week hopefully.

    A final point...

    A final New Year's resolution...

    This will now be going back to a Troll Free Zone. No such posts accepted or even acknowledged. In 2013 there are, indeed, far bigger issues to concern ourselves with.