Monday, 3 December 2012

The Leveson Report & Jersey: no ‘higher moral ground’ for an ‘accredited’ media that brought it on themselves + The UK ‘negotiations’ relating to American ‘Facta’ tax policy that aren’t & even an exclusive interview with Jersey’s most cowardly and notorious internet troll… it can only be the Bald Truth Review Episode 10!

On the surface it would be quite easy to be fooled that it has been a fairly quiet week for politics in Jersey, wouldn’t it? 

After all our Establishment Party Mandarins have long deluded themselves that they can continue along their 800 year merry way of perverting the ‘justice system’; of blatant character assassination of all and any who dare ‘rock the political boat’ – not to mention passing policies that make the ordinary man and woman in Jersey foot the social and economic bill for the millionaire tax-dodgers – company or otherwise – who should pay their way but don’t.

Yet if one only looks to the wider political landscape it is quickly apparent that actually this week has not only been busy it has the potential to be ‘climate’ changing – and I’m not talking about the lousy Jersey weather! What am I talking about? Well, let’s start with the first BTR 10 segment on Leveson.

To read the front page of the Jersey Evening Pravda and its familiar headlines attempting to give the impression that nothing more untoward than a wet towel across the bottom ever happened at Haut de la Garenne you could be forgiven for thinking that somehow our Island’s only ‘newspaper’ remains piously untainted from all traces of the worst excesses of UK tabloid journalism. Yet the reality, of course, is that nothing could be further from the truth.

Disagree? Then let me simply refer you to the Scrutiny investigation I chaired into the BDO Review of the financial management of Operation Rectangle. A more misrepresentative re-structuring of the truth  in an attempt to undermine the Child Abuse investigation and trash the reputation of the two senior police officers trying to clear away the dirt of ‘the Jersey Way’ you could not have found bettered if you had been reading the old News of the World itself rather than a local ‘media’.

No – we don’t want government controlling the media per se via new legislation – hell, the two are already quite interwoven in Jersey already by means of simple incestuous self-interest. But what we do need is Deputy Tracey Vallois’ vision of a fully independent media Ombudsman to help ensure decent standards by possessing the regulatory ‘teeth’ to hit those who abuse their power where it hurts. President of the Scrutiny Chairman’s Committee the Deputy said that she was simply awaiting the publishing of Lord Justice Leveson’s Report prior to further investigation of this possibility. Well, it’s here now Deputy so we guess it’s over to you… 

Then, of course, we have also had the most unwelcome - to the Establishment Party Mandarins - intervention by Westminster into our cosy little ‘Facta’ (that’s Financial Account Tax Compliance Act to the uninitiated) tax agreement with the United States - who not unsurprisingly in ever more difficult economic times want to know just who and how many of their citizens are making use of Jersey’s ‘Off-shore’ facilities to hide their millions. 

Did even our motley crew of third rate businessmen in the Council of Ministers genuinely imagine that a UK economy reeling from crisis to crisis under George Osborne would see this all happening and not wade in with an opportunistic ‘we want a bit of that too’? Perhaps they did? But whatever the truth as the video spells it out all of the confident Executive spiel about us demanding ‘negotiations’ should be taken with a very large dose of salt…

Next? Just when you had begun to think that a little common sense might prevail on the issue of States Member’s pay given almost everyone – be they politically Left, Right or simply ‘Confused’ (the majority!) - had confirmed that they would not be accepting the 2013 pay rise recommended by the Independent Review Board up pops this year’s desperate populist political non-entity, the Constable of St. Saviour.

Defending her sudden conversion to lodging propositions – not to mention breaking her vow of virtual Assembly silence Constable Renard quite rightly tells us that she ‘didn’t come in to politics to get Christmas cards from other States Members – but to represent her constituents’. Well, Amen to that Comrade Renard – I couldn’t agree with you more. 

Only trouble is most of us political Progressives know that ‘representing our constituents’ by definition should mean fighting to maintain or bring about the policies/changes that we had promised to attempt during our election campaigns. This in turn surely also means challenging Ministers; asking questions; making your case to try and win debates. It means lodging propositions and amendments. Being a ‘politician’ after all isn’t just about pressing the ‘contre’ button. Yet how much of this ‘representation’ has our suddenly vociferous Constable of St. Saviour done in the 12 months she has been a States Member? Just watch the video and find out…

And then, of course, we have the horrible modern day disease that is the internet troll.

So let me lay my cards on the table: internet trolls are scum. They are pathetic, inadequate, cowardly bullies. Basically the sort of people who would be muggers – if only they were that ‘brave’. They thrive on hate and hurting innocent people for no other reason than they are jealous of any who have the drive to try and do what they so despise – make life better both for themselves or even worse - for others. Yet what is the best way to deal with such despicable maggots?

A good sturdy piece of 2 x 4? Maybe. But then again…cast your mind back to the mocking satire in the face of oppression during the Second World War. If that seems a bit too much like hard, historical work then even think back to the brilliant deconstruction of the ‘master race’ as portrayed in the wonderful old ‘Allo, Allo’ TV series. Then watch the interview with one of Jersey’s most notorious trolls.

No. Don’t get me wrong. The evil of internet trolling needs to be stamped out – even if here in Jersey our current police leadership and Home Affairs Minister couldn’t give a monkeys about dealing with it no matter how many complaints they receive against Jersey’s most revolting ‘wreckers’ – one maggot in particular. Mark my words – ‘trolling’ can and does ruin lives. It has even led to deaths. But let’s also show these scumbag trolls up for what they are: a joke…

So there you are – the Bald Truth Review Episode 10 – and I haven’t even mentioned the short segment on the current value of Scrutiny! Nor the fact that the end of this week will finally also see the extended and long-promised analysis of what our Bailiff’s Office. Senator Bailhache and other Establishment Party apologists would try and pass off as Jersey ‘Justice’. 

Yes, do ‘Keep the Faith’ and do get involved. Because trust me: if you don’t DO politics – hey, just watch the video!

Please sign the attached link to the e-petition to restore banned U.S. journalist Leah McGrath Goodman’s visa status to re-enter the island democracy forgot.


  1. hahaha, aaahahhah ah haahah aahhahahha hah a ahhah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wonderful stuff! Political satire at its best. You know Trevor I am sure I have seen that troll around the streets of St. Helier and even propping up the bar in quite a few pubs? Dead right about Leveson.

  3. Trolls hide their identities so that they can bully people they would never have the nerve to confront. They are filth and cowards of the worst sort.

  4. Trevor.

    Once more a credible alternative to the State Media.

    The Leveson inquiry has shown the world just how corrupt and unethical the so-called "accredited" media is. It is the "accredited" media, as you explained in the video, that has destroyed the lives of innocent people including people like Christopher Jefferies. It is the "accredited" media that have told lies, colluded with bent cops, and politicians. The "accredited" media has been shown to be the scum of the earth, yet the "accredited" media STILL try and say Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) are the bad guys.

    As for the so-called "political hour" on State Radio, (that the public are prevented from phoning in on), it is becoming more of a joke as it goes along. The irony of the last two guests, mentioned in your video, Deputy Moore and Luce, who were both singing from the same hymn sheet. They were trying to convince listeners that they welcome public participation with Scrutiny. Both Deputies are doing all they can to prevent Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) from filming Scrutiny hearings, yet they allow the discredited and disgraced State Media in, including the BBC! The same BBC who appear to have protected, at least one alleged paedophile (Jimmy Savile) yet caused an innocent man to be branded a paedophile (McAlpine). The same BBC that has reported on the prosecution case against Jersey's former Chief of Police, Graham Power QPM, yet refuse to publish his defence case!

    As for CTV and the JEP, well THIS tells us enough.

    The fact is that Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) are more credible and ethical than the discredited and disgraced State Media.

    Will wait and see if Deputy Vallois is as good as her word and brings a proposition to elect an independent ombudsman to watch over the State Media over here.

    In the meantime the ethical, credible and trusted news, will remain on the Blogs.

  5. With due respect Trevor why are you misleading your viewers? You say that you agreed to disguise the Troll's voice yet I would recognise that insane girlish cackle anywhere.

    As for what you say about the facta tax issue I'm sure your source from London is correct. We really don't have a leg to stand on. When will the council of ministers face up to this and start to work toward really trying to develop alternative industry?

    Well done and good luck as always.

  6. Some form of Leveson must be implemented in Jersey. The likes of the JEP are no more than bullies. Look how they have tried to do this to you and Shona and Stuart. Okay so they have failed but their agenda is clear. We need fully independent oversight of the mainstream media and we need it now. Really good vid generally. I think the troll should become a regular part of your show. The possibilities for serious comment through humour would be endless.


  7. Thanks 'P'

    VFC - I totaally agree. It is surely ironic that we have the farce of people including convicted petty criminals being allowed to abuse data protection law through our Royal Court wwhilst hearing supportive whining from a media that is happy to print lies about anyone it dislikes.

    Tracey Vallois' suggestion of an independent Ombudsman is a very goof way forward. But you just watch the States Media scream about Human Rights that they are usually so happy to trample on.

  8. Jersey's MSM need to take a few lessons from the bloggers when it comes to keeping the public up to date with real news. Your video is excellent in that it was informative - varied - colourful - serious - funny and getting more professional every week. Loved the rolling credits!

  9. Thanks again.

    Rolling credits an idea of my Artist Director, Tarquin.He is a long-lost brother (or so he says) of Oliver Stone.

    Having had quite a few private comments about the troll I can say that yes - we are considering offering 'Don' a regular contract.

    I just have to make sure the BTR does not fall foul of the Undertaking of Regulations police!There is also the slight concern that 'Don' does not usually get up until 5.30pm in the evening so may be a bit unreliable.

    We will, however, most definitely be regularly featuring his torrents of cowardly abusive posts to highlight just how ridiculous and loathsome trolls are.

  10. Wish you were here! The WAGES in Jersey are out of sight man!!!

  11. Sent a typical troll comment saying that I never talk about anything else other Leveson and Facta etc. Odd really being that I have never talked specifically about Leveson or facta previously. Too much Stella?

  12. When swearing is allowed! The comment section is FAR WORSE than the article :(

  13. Richard: get back to you during the week reference email comments.

  14. Can I have a "Don" for Christmas? I promise to house train him. Or is it her? Or an it?

  15. Sorry, 'Dons' require a special licence and an experienced owner.

    This is because internet trolls have a bizarre tendency to wander into pubs if left unattended. This often results in them peeing on the floor and sometimes even picking fights with animals smaller than themselves.

    Probably best to give a good home to a needy dog or cat. They are both cleaner and more intelligent than 'dons' as well.

  16. Are Dons closely related to Jons? The one you interviewed seemed a lot brighter than a Jon my girlfriend used to have I admit. But they look very similar and both seem to have the same anti-social habits.

  17. Brilliant! Brilliant! Briliant! Your BTR just gets better and better. As for Lord Leveson's report it simply MUST be implemented here. The Jersey Evening Propaganda just bullies and misrepresents anyone who goes againt the interests of the powerful. Please keep it up.

  18. Deputy

    I think you have been misled. This Don character - he looks like a deadringer for one of the people I saw going into court the day this alleged super injunction was meant to be taking place?

  19. FACTA or rather a UK version of it will not be dodged by our finance obsessed COM. Like Mike Higgins said our CM is living in fantasy land. You are right as well on the need to face up to forming a Plan B. We should have been doing this years ago. By the time we do it will be too late left to these wallies.

  20. Monty's Question regarding: Don't mention Operation Rectangle!
    Really got CM Gorst showing his true colours.

    TJW, did you capture it?

  21. So there is another Napier and Gorst is going to ask if napier will release it. What thinks you that Gorst will then say Napier, like the computer in Little Britain, says no? If this happens can you then put some further request in on the lines of public interest/access to information?

  22. To those puzzled about my 'pulled' question all will be revealed in time.

    Suffice to say I have my answer and now know by which route details of the complaint came to be passed to the former Bailiff.

    I can also state that it has been confirmed that it was not through the police.

  23. Reference above: typo! - I had forgot that I had signed out. The above statement is obviously mine not some anonymous third party.

  24. Classic answer
    In January 2012 the Chief Minister’s Department took over responsibility for the Human
    Resources and Information Services divisions that were previously recorded under the Treasury
    and Resources Department. There has been a reduction of 138 FTE Civil Servants in the Treasury
    and Resources Department and an increase in the Chief Minister’ Department of 144 Civil
    Servants. The resulting 6 FTE relates to growth within the Human Resources Department.

  25. The first Napier report was shredded and destroyed by Ogley and Warcup....

    In that order and at their convenience?!

  26. Trevor
    Noticed how friendly to the Minister the EAS Panel is? Even having cosy chats?
    Rest of the Panel unhappy with Chair apparently for asking Minister if there were any questions he wanted asking!


  27. Well, well, well! 'Don' must have sobered up after his appearance on the BTR Show and remembered what a Muppet he had been.

    Or maybe he has just gone through a few more cans of Stella since then? Anyway, he has since contribued a whole wealth of new 'material' for airing on future episodes!

    Yes, that's right - we're giving the clown a regular slot. Maybe even his brother 'Noj' too...

  28. I had a horrible nightmare the other night after watching the video of Don. I dreamt I was in bed with him. I woke up with a start and in a cold sweat. Then I screamed. In the dark my boyfriend looked just like him. He was even wearing a bacofoil cloak instead of his usual baggy uderpants! What could all of this mean? Are there special troll police that I can call? I'm frantic.

  29. A worrying experience. But perhaps not as worrying as the thought of these 'udderpants' you say that your boyfriend wears...

  30. Replies
    1. FATCA. Easy to remember. Just think of FATCAts.

  31. Trevor Nick is right. Maybe you need to get yoyr Admin to type read your otherwise excellent posts? In my opinion it should really have another letter in the title and be called FAT CAT! Can you or Admin correct the text anyway for the record?

  32. Anyone who doubts the power of citisens media need look no further than the impact your blog has had on my useless Constable Renard of St. Saviour.

    Like you pointed out she has done nothing for a whole year then has the cheek to bring a truly populist proposition on States pay. Now you can't shut her up! Really you just have to laugh. Shame when she does talk its all rubbish.

  33. Trevor (Comment at 20-15 yesterday)

    Can you explain the jist of Constable of St Johns question regarding the escalating number of SOJ HR employees? Especially when the CMs admits its resulted in 6 new HR employees.

  34. I have my answer and now know by which route details of the complaint came to be passed to the former Bailiff.


  35. The English language is wonderful but like all language just gives an idea of the authors views. Several people reading the same paragraph will take similar but not the exact meaning.
    That is why your video presentations are so cool because the message you put over does not dwell on spelling mistakes but more on a person speaking to people. Keep up the good work Trevor and thanks for your efforts to keep the people on Jersey informed. Thats a lot more than most in the big house do, until election time that is, when they are desperate for our votes.

  36. Anonymous - Oh yes, bang on.

    Another anonymous - Thanks. The videos are a slightly different approach but maybe all the better for it. There's no reason any States Member wishing to do so could not engage in this way.

  37. How come you are asking so many questions about the fairness of Jersey Courts Deputy?

  38. Hi Deputy.

    Just put up Questions without Answers from Tuesday you & your readers can Listen HERE


  39. Anonymous Don

    Simply because so many people from across the island are contacting me about their problems with the failings within the local 'justice' system. Perhaps this is put in perspective by the fact that next week I am even going to meet a lawyer about his concerns. Maybe I should charge him a similar rate as they charge all of us???

  40. In answer to a private post on Plemont.

    My firm belief now is that Philip Bailhache's attempt to use the potentially bottomless pit of compulsory purchase to buy Plemont at the taxpayers' expense will be lost.

    I wouldn't have thought this would happen pre-budget but I am 99% sure of it now. Frankly his and Gorst's attempts to spin people that it won't cost an arm and a leg is laughable to the point of being offensive.

    If only this pair cared the same amount about the ordinary people who are the backbone of Jersey...

  41. With regard to the justice system I'm afraid Jersey's isn't worthy of the name. When you consider that our tax monies are being stolen in my opinion to support people to bring paranoid and petty minded court proceedings abusing the Data Protection Law there is little more that needs to be said. One of these people is even a convicted criminal exposed in the same courts as an evil drunken yob going by the report at the time in the rag. We need United Kingdom intervention urgently.

  42. Plemonte would be a disgrace to purchase within the present economic situation. I hope you will vote against doing so.

  43. Trevor.

    A lot of people agree, why arnt this pair looking at the much bigger picture?

    But think about this.

    If Gorst is ousted....

    In this current state, who is fit to become Chief Minister?!

  44. Please give Don-Juan or Don-Jon the troll a major role in future BTR shows. Everyone who has seen it just loves it. Trolls suck big time and ripping them is the best way to show what sad sac bully bods they are.

  45. Dear JTM

    Calm down. Take your tablets. If you must - keep talking to yourself on your pro-paedophile site. But stop clogging up the net with your sad and desperate bile. 'No one is interested'....

  46. Good to see you on Twitter at last Trevor. You have obviously noticed that one of the Ballsache Shitler Youth seems to be becoming infatuated with attacking you. I'm talking about local Tory boy Jimmy James Rondel. What is it about some of these kindergarten rightwingers? They just regurgitate the same hateful speil of their chinless heroes attacking any to the left of the unlamented Fuehrer him self. Yet clearly not even knowing what they are talking about. I thought with modern education such people would have died out?

  47. Anonymous.

    Deluded would be 'Master race' types will always be with us I fear.

    In contrast to what you say 'modern' elitist schooling such as at Colleges where they have a history of putting the institution's 'good' name before confronting child abuse must take a lot of the blame for germinating such delusions.

    Forgive them - they know not what they do...

  48. Please vote against Plemont, it doesn't stack up that we can afford millions for this but not much smaller sums for more important things. Things that could make a difference to the daily lives of people.

  49. Good interview with you and Roy Le Herissier on the Tom Gruchy blog. Can you confirm that Jeremy Macon was meant to be part of a three-way interview but had failed to set his Mickey Mouse alarm clock to ring in the morning and turned up late?

  50. Can't comment on the Mickey Mouse alarm clock question. But yes, Deputy Macon was meant to be there from the beginning. As to why he was late you would have to ask him.

  51. A little something for your upcoming enterprise on the judiciary. I present....How the people are denied a fair trial in Jersey....The legacy of LIARS, LAWYERS, AND JU-RATS!!!

  52. When will BTR 11 be up Trevor and will the Troll be appearing on it - not just in the next posting - but as a regular feature?

  53. Due to my mum's health not being so good this weekend and one or two other things BTR 11 will not be up until Tuesday.

    Apologies for that but there you go. I can't just sit around all day sponging off the taxpayer pretending to be ill like a certain troll and taking money that should be there to benefit the sick and those out of a job through no fault of their own!

    And yes, Don-Juan-Jon as somebody called him will definitely be in the show. Or maybe a troll going by a different name...

    What do people think on the likelihood of the Plemont vote being won or lost now that we have this quite ludicrous and, one has to wonder, deliberately favourable valuation on the land value?

  54. Looks like there is a blanket ban on prosecuting any BENT COPS

  55. Hey Trevor, I've just read Ozouf's comments which provide the ludicrous valuation. Look on the bright side, it's the first time he's ever listened to Property Holdings and the experts they employ!!!

    Do you think he will be down the pb tonight asking some "friends" if they agree with the valuation?

  56. Hi Deputy.

    Just put up the Audio from this morning of the Insideout Journalist nailing our Home Affairs Minister.

    You & your readers can Listen HERE


  57. BTR 11 will be up sometime tomorrow - and yes, as well as political comment it has a special treat for a troll...

  58. I just read the crazy low valuation of Plemont at

    Trevor, in tomorrow's debate, will you please remind those States members who themselves have been involved in property development (Eddie Noel recently) that the developer's maxim is "a third, a third, a third".

    One third is the cost of the plot, one third is the demolition/build cost, one third is the developer's profit. None of us have to like it, but that is how property development works. Mr Hemmings is legally entitled to proceed in that way.

    The valuation accepts that the 28 houses will eventually be valued at £26m. If we ignore the build cost (£12m) then Mr Hemmings is still entitled to the plot cost AND the profit that he is being forced to forego. Please advise your colleagues that the true value is £14m.

    I do not mind if the States buy Plemont. But they MUST do it with their eyes open to the fair price, otherwise there will be a nightmare legal dispute.

    I also note that the valuation is caveated with:

    "The valuer has not had sight of surveys and other data that may vary the assumptions made.

    We do not have sight of an equivalent valuation undertaken by the landowner and cannot comment on the evidence in support of statements made in public by the landowner’s representative as to value."

    This is CRAZY. The States are being asked to forcibly buy land that has not been PROPERLY valued.

    What do they say in the building game? Get three estimates...

  59. Anon. "a third, a third, a third" may be what developers have come to expect but why on earth should they continue to expect such gross profit mongering? Those expectations arose in a white hot expansionary phase of construction. Now, if anything, the need for housing, certainly in that price bracket, is contracting. It is conceivable, even probable, that if the houses are built that they just won't sell at all. Remember, we do not owe commercially motivated property "developers" anything at all - we certainly do not owe them even one penny unrealised profit. These characters would no doubt like to portray themselves as freemarketeers taking business risks and getting high rewards because of that? Well, it's about time some of these parasites took the consequences and suffered some of the risks materialising to bite them

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