Monday, 26 November 2012

The land re-zoning investigation that wasn’t to the roaring police silence on Jimmy Savile in Jersey. Is the common denominator ministerial and judicial interference? + September 28th – at last it’s now officially Jersey’s ‘Reform Day’! All this and a whole lot more from the island that democracy forgot…

In my last BTR before the promised extended ‘Jersey justice – not fit for purpose’  ‘special’ for once I’m going to start with a bit of self-congratulation. What am I talking about? Well September 28th 1769 of course and the events that were just about as close as Jersey has come to its own mini-revolution of democratic reform - yet…

The bravery of Tom Gruchy and several hundred other ordinary Islanders nearly two and a half centuries ago led to Jersey’s corrupt Royal Court losing its legislative powers; the island’s laws being written down for the first time in history within the Code of 1771; and even the beginnings of modern elections and set terms of Office. Yet both of the Chief Ministers didn’t think it important enough to warrant recognition! 

Could you hear such ignorant nonsense spouted in any other democratic parliament in the world outside of Jersey? Probably not - but fortunately for once the Shepherds of 21st Century feudalism just couldn’t round up enough sheep to keep this history buried. So a big ‘Thank you’ to all of the Members who supported me in the vote and to the Constable of Trinity for his pledge to help locate Tom Gruchy’s unmarked grave. Not to mention Mr. Mike Dun for both his research and his natty line in 18th day wear…

The Judiciary – aren’t they supposed to be all about ensuring justice? OK – so a silly question in Jersey as I now know from firsthand experience. After all, where else could someone sit for 14 years as a Jurat when an official inquiry had shown him to deliberately refuse to look at evidence against a horrific child abuser before then writing in support of the abuser himself? Nowhere that I can think of.

But more of that soon. For now we ask why wouldn’t an Attorney General want allegations of serious corruption relating to land re-zoning to be fully investigated? Not to mention ‘the’ question that the State Media are just too cowardly to confront: why would a Bailiff come to have a complaint about the aforesaid allegations that a politician had sent directly to the police?  

After all, my written question to the Home Affairs Minister this week confirmed that a Bailiff has no role whatsoever in on-going, operational police matters. So come on CTV, BBC, the JEP – stand up straight; chest out, shoulders back: what was our former Bailiff apparently doing with it in his possession? And under what powers did he summon a States Member to his office to demand she drop the complaint? If you haven’t got the TF to ask this one then you really shouldn’t be masquerading as ‘journalists’.

Then we have Finance. You don’t have to be a fraudulent Brazilian Mayor; a major gunrunner, drug dealer or even a hypocritical stand-up UK comic to know that aspects of Jersey’s key industry couldn’t pass the Senator Bailhache ‘sniff test’ even with a heavy head cold and a clothes-peg on your nose. 

So is everyone amongst the ever-increasing critics of the failings of the JFSC and co nothing more than an envious, embittered ‘enemy of Jersey’; a ‘wrecker’, a ‘traitor’ or even worse? Watch the video and find out. A more telling lesson as to how the Jersey Evening Pravda makes the message black or white according to the messenger you will be hard-pressed to find.

Jimmy Savile and the ever-spiralling number of victims coming forward about his stated reign of abuse. In the UK the Metropolitan Police are working overtime running a high-profile campaign to try and ensure that as many people with information as possible come forward. It’s in every newspaper. It’s on every news channel – TV and radio. Here in Jersey? Nothing but a deafening silence. The question surely has to be why. 

We know Savile came to Haut de la Garenne – there’s even a photo of him there on this blog. Don’t we owe it to every victim and just as importantly every potential victim of the same sort of circumstances to follow exactly the same kind of high-profile approach being undertaken in the UK? Shouldn’t we be asking who Savile knew and visited in Jersey? 

Or are we back to those embarrassing days of international ‘image’ being far more important? You might have thought that after the protect the ‘good name’ of the school before the interests of abuse victims scandal at Victoria College those at the top of government might just have learnt something.

And last but not least – well, very much last and least actually – the dark side of politics and Citizens’ media… 

Has your partner or loved one been furtively creating dozens of bogus Facebook accounts without coming up with any plausible explanation? Does he sometimes answer to other people’s names? Do they drink copious amounts of Stella and rarely wash, shave or change their clothes? Do they obsessively wipe their computer records with almost military-style fanaticism? Do you sometimes even stumble upon them dancing alone to scratched old Gary Glitter records in their underpants beneath a single, flickering light bulb? 

If so the last segment of BTR just might be of help to you…

Meanwhile - Keep the Faith. 

And if you haven’t done so already please sign the attached link to the e-petition to restore banned U.S. journalist Leah McGrath Goodman’s visa status to re-enter the island democracy forgot. Together we really can make a difference.


  1. Best yet Deputy. Though I have one question. What happened to the Leak of the Week? Couldn't you just make one up like the state media would do?



    I think I know a troll. What should I do? Is there any treatment available on the NHS?

  2. The silence of Mike Bowron is very telling when it comes to reaching out for Savile victims to come forward but in fairness he has more important things to do in giving out awards to his police officers probably for the money they have been saving in the non interviewing of suspects and witnesses involved in the alleged land rezoning corruption.

    Absolutely loved the Troll article and can't wait for the reading out of their comments.

    The senior UK politician who's yacht was moored at the Waters Edge is intriguing and begs the question did he wave-all goodbye?

    Keep up the good work and I too missed the leak of the week but the troll segment more than made up for it.

  3. Why are you making a big issue out of the bailiff being made aware of a policing issue? The Bailiff is the head of the island so has a right or even a duty to know about everything that goes on.

  4. Deputy

    If you are seriously telling me that our mainstream media have known that our former Bailiff had obtained or been provided with confidential police complaints and failed to report it then this beggers belief. I have made excuses long enough. I will never buy our local newspaper again. Thank you.

  5. Trevor.

    An informative and provocative BTR once more that asks the questions that the State Media should be.

    A commenter, and yourself, question the silence of Chief Police Officer Mike Bowron surrounding the Savile allegations and why he is not adopting a high profile campaign in order to encourage Savile, or any, victims of Child Abuse to come forward.

    There is a very strong argument that C.P.O. Bowron didn't land the job by ACCIDENT and has no wish to investigate Child Abuse, land rezoning corruption, corrupt police officers or anything of that nature.

    Strange that Mr. Bowron would also accept a job in "the worst police station he's ever worked in" as well. Strange that he would also promote an officer who was investigated by the South Yorkshire Police who's report was described (by David Warcup) as "career changing" for the said officer..........Well he got that right!

    Mr. Bowron certainly isn't instilling any confidence in his duty to clean this out of control and lawless regime up. #PaidFromTheNeckDown.

    Good to see you are now on Twitter which will help bring a lot more, worldwide, traffic to your Blog and make people aware of "The Island Democracy Forgot."

  6. A very comprehensive posting Trevor, the powers that be, and are clinging on for dear life, are not going to enjoy this one :)

  7. Even if you do politics, it will still do you :)

  8. Trevor,

    This land rezoning business. What was Bailhache doing with an email which had been sent privately to the Police?

  9. Global Citizen

    That is what we need to find out - sadly only we progressives and Citizens' media professionals are brave enough to demand to know. Just where are the 'we are proud of our separation of powers' brigade when reality slaps them in the face?

  10. Trevor.

    Are you speaking on behalf of Deputy Labey?

    Why isnt she speaking for herself?

    Or will they try to use it against her if she does speak up at this stage?

  11. My 'voice' is my own and to serve people who ask me. But I haven't been 'asked' in this case - just speaking from information given.

  12. The only thing trolls should be treated to is a good pasting.

  13. If Richard Syvret had been called "Stuart" do you think the rag would have talked about how his views on the damage our tax haven status is caausing should be listened to because of his "strong Christian convictions"?

  14. Hardly - which is exactly the point I make in the video. Ignore or take on board the message depending on who is the messenger.

  15. Cover ups for college is nothing new. Whilst I was there, there was an inverstigation of 12 boys growing importing and using cannabis and LSD. There were 30 questioned by police, two charged and the rest let off without charge. It was to protect the'good' name of the school, how could you charge 30 of the Islands children with drug use? Just think of the scandle?

  16. No disrespect but what the **** is Monty doing singing or at least playing his accordian 'for Plemont'? I guess we know how he will have to vote now don't we?

    Don't get me wrong. I would love us to buy Plemont.

    But I just can't agree to this in the current economic climate or at the 'any price' as Bailhache wants. It would just show what contempt some States members have for ordinary people.

  17. Excellent stuff as always. Just two criticisms if you don't mind? One: the picture this week is too dull. You need a tad more light. Two: where is my favourite 'the leak of the week'? Apart from that excellent. Look forward to this justice special.

  18. Thanks and fair comment. It all helps us improve.

  19. Good letter from David Rotherham in tonight's Filthy Rag about the joke of an electoral commission. Have you seen it Trevor?

  20. Anonymous

    Yes, we had just run low on Andrex so went for the cheaper option and bought a copy. david Rotherham always talked a lot of sense and his sentiments are pretty spot on with this issue.

    The trouble is that Philip Bailhache and the other two politicians know that they all have zero credibility and just don't care. What was important to them was that they got to block true reform by protecting representation being weighted hugely in favour of country parishes.

  21. What will be most interesting to see in the forthcoming States debate here in Jersey is how will the Treasury Minister justify supporting Plemont and the orders of Philip Bailhache if he is going to oppose nurses being given a 'Living wage'. It should be intriguing.

  22. Today I have mostly been leaving rude messages on the answer phones of people I am jealous of. Tomorrow I will be inventing more fake Facebook accounts...

  23. Is there any hope that the National Trust could simply be lent the money for Plemont and then pay it back as per Deputy Southerns idea I heard on the Radio this morning.

    It seems too sensible to me that it can't have been discussed previously? Isnt that a win win? Would you vote for that Trevor?

    I guess there is good reason why this hasn't been brought up in public before, do you or your readers know anything about this?


  24. Trevor.

    Now that you are on Twitter (good move what took you so long?) should you come across a Percy (AKA Jones Boy)Le Maistre my advice is give him a wide birth. Known to many as a mate of the Grouville far right. And a very good friend of Stella the troll. So friendly in fact I'm told that they're closer than a six pack of beer. Say no more? Sadly Twitter has almost as many bozos as fac book. Takes all sorts.

  25. Pissicuspanticus' minder28 November 2012 at 20:17:00 GMT

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  26. Paul

    Geoff Southern hasn't floated this idea past me. I think he voted to save Plemont last time around. In my opinion he is just trying to be realistic in the present economic climate.

    Might be hard for the National Trust etc to raise that kind of money though. maybe they should approach a few 1 (1) Ks for help? After all, if Mr Kirch can fund so much why can't a few more copy his example as a number of people have said?

    My concern is simply that we will end up paying over the odds by following Chief Minister Bailhache's path - and at a time when we can't even look after our nurses and so forth.

    But £950,000 on financial navel-gazing - no problem for our Council of ministers...

  27. Oddly I had a fascinating comment sent through advising me that ssomeone calling himself 'Percy Le Maistre' had a lot in common with the late Cyril Smith. Whatever could this mean???

  28. A fan of Grouville's Deputy Labey28 November 2012 at 20:48:00 GMT

    Perhaps P isn't for Percy at all? Can I also politely echo the request for that anti-drink warning link provided by Mister Evans? It is nearly Christmas and it does only take a couple of muscles to smile when suitably stimulated! The recording is humourous in the extreme.

  29. Your recent comment on Twitter about nurses not even being given a living wage set against Bailhache's stupid preaching about Plemont really puts things in to perspective.

    We need to get our priorities right in this island. A good start really would be with some of our millionaire tax dodgers pulling their weight for once. Come on tax dodgers lets see how much you really love Jersey?

  30. Some people are being a bit unfair about twitters Percy Les Maistre. If this is the same Percy I know he may a bit dense at times and might also be described as a work shy scrounger. He does think he is brighter than he is as well. But another Cyril Smith he is not. I should know I have been his man friend for many a year.

  31. Weird to have a run of half-a-dozen comments that come in in a rwo and none can be published. I guess this says something about the net and local politics though.

    Differing reasons within the six of course. - yet surprise, ssurprise all linked. The three that demand answers however are these:


    No problem. You are quite right. The work of a desperate and probably quite sick mind. Ignore.


    The information is of benefit I'm sure. See ccomments above.


    Yes, I will call you early next week.


    All good for the bulging file of abuse. Be making good use of it in time.

  32. A question especially for the petty thug who so many of know about...


    'Given that cyber-bullying and internet 'trolling' as it is commonly known has actually led to the deaths of vulnerable people/children and has resulted in prosecutions in both the UK and US and that the Minister has previously stated that the States of Jersey Police has both resourcing and expertise to match that of the UK, how seriously is this issue taken in Jersey?

    Have there been a number of complaints to the Police from different victims relating to one particular individual making threats and, if so, how is such cyber-bulling being dealt with currently?'

  33. Leveson report out today. Where do you stand on it? I think a balance to be struck but something does need to be done about the gutter press who give the others a bad name. But what? Considering that here in Jersey the newspaper want to close down free speech by citisens media due to the behaviour of the one very sick idiot your question must be directed about how can it be that they don't believe that they too should meet decent standards? All seems a bit of a mess.

  34. Anonymous

    You highlight the hypocrisy of this issue locally. If you go back through historical documents you will find that our newspaper has been carrying out what most would call blatant bullying for decades. Certainly since the end of the Second World War.

    Just read the late Senator Normaan Le Brocq's book 'Jersey looks forward' (he describes the Dr. Goebbals like campaign run against non-right wingers) or even the origianl JDM manifesto - which the 'newspaper' refused to publish even as a paid document. There is also in existence a quite remarkable letter sent to a now former politician and much else besides.

    They attempted to do it with me within two weeks of my being sworn in of course. Yet while convicted cowardly yobs are being afforded taxpapyers' money to attack Citizens' Media via the courts they not only support those attacks want to write whatever falsehoods they like in time honoured tradition.

    The bottom line is that locally Tracey Vallois' idea of a Media Ombudsman totally independent of government is the best way forward. Hand-in-hand of course with sorting out the court system here.

  35. Private message: 'Questions' Call me just before 4pm tomorrow as in town in between meetings...

  36. Hello Deputy. Could you please publish this troll alert on your blog? Another one for all normal net users to be wary of. 'James Le G'. I think your readers will all guess what the J really stands for? Thanks.


  37. Strangely Leveson (according to reports) has little to say or suggest regarding bloggers and the rest of the internet. His report was of course already written by the time that the wronged Lord starting issuing writs against the BBC, the Press and bloggers for the libels published about his supposed sexual behaviour.
    That he has now claimed many £thousands - without so much as a court appearance - demonstrates that whosoever publishes beyond his own living room runs great risks and we are none of us immune to expensive actions. I have already warned about Gibraltar and Anguilian bloggers expensively silenced though libel actions - and bear in mind that the latter was a respcted ex Judge and QC himself.

    This Island does not have to follow any UK legislation that might eventually arise and the "voluntary" adherence to self regulation by the Press is long proven to be ineffective. So what might happen here in Jersey? Shall "Press and blog freedom" be a common cause or shall the rush to control anything and everything be the rallying call to swat the irritating blogs once and for all - leaving the "accredited media" to carry on much as before.
    As usual, the public and bloggers can sit around and wait for the agenda to be set by the establishment but I would urge an attempt at least, to form a common view with specific plans for the future.

  38. Andrew Lewis interviewed on Radio Jersey early Saturday morning Ist December. They must trust his expertise

  39. Leveason report - isn't he recommending exactly what you were putting forward several months ago? No doubt Gorst would take the precise same cop out stance as the lame brain Cameron. They booth stand to lose if the mediaa had to be accurate in what they report don't they?

  40. Not one but two BTRs will be up this coming week.

    BTR 10 - the usual format but including a special treat for socially inadequate internet trolls. This will be up early Monday latest.

    Then the long-awaited extended 'Justice special' later in the week. Probably Friday - to tie with one or two other 'happenings'... standard

  41. Leveson? Yes, I suppose you are right really.

    However, whilst I simply stressed the need for a wholly independent body to ensure both decent standards in the media AND that government wwould be kept away from interfering in this it was Deputy Vallois who actually suggested the Ombudsman format.

    I think her suggestion is spot on. I mean - we just can't allow a situation where cowardly convicted criminals can be allowed taxpayers' money. This to bully others and trot out lies in the hope of shuting down Citizen Media - all in the same breath that we have third rate newspapers for example completely impervious to any restraint.

    Hopefully now that leveson is finally out she will have the TF to put her promises into action and bring something forwrd.

  42. Trevor, where's BTR 10?

  43. Be up Monday - hopefully by lunchtime as per usual.