Monday, 12 November 2012


Yes, it’s another classic week in the comedy that is the Jersey Establishment in government…

HSBC - It’s a bank, isn’t it? The UK’s largest. In fact a top notch, diamond of the Big 500 type of a bank? But have you ever wondered what the letters might stand for? Well for those of us in Jersey after this week’s exposure in the Daily Telegraph latest bets go something like this. 

‘H’ is probably for ‘Hiding It’; ‘S’ must be for ‘Secrecy’; ‘B’ could be for ‘Blagging It’ too? As for the C - well if you were to ask me - I would have to ask if it could be for ‘Corruption’. Drug dealers; gunrunners; major banking fraudsters – didn’t Senator Philip Bailhache assure us he had a ‘sniff test’ all those opening ‘Off-Shore’ accounts had to pass? Makes you wonder if the Senator could actually smell a week old Kipper under the bed!  Never mind - back in the States Chamber a brand new comedy double-act promise to tell the wider world exactly what the Jersey Financial Industry is all about... 

But what else have I got for you in a BTR Episode 7 that could almost be called ‘what the papers say’? 

Well, there’s a justice related ‘leak of the week’ the implications of which should have you absolutely terrified – and for once we are not talking Jurats happy to put protecting ‘the good school name’ before preventing child abuse. There’s another brilliant example of what some might call ‘media opinion management’ and others might just call the Jersey Evening Pravda once again ‘telling it how it isn’t’. (But don’t sue, Montford – Jersey ‘Justice’ can be very bad for your health and your bank account!)

Then, in the very week when Deputy Geoff Southern’s been hammered for pointing out that actually ‘he’s worth it’ (a salary increase that is; not a Cheryl Cole hair care contract) we have another ‘backbencher’ quietly doing what a Minister should be doing himself – but probably won’t unless he gets a front-page headline out of it. Yes, that’s right - we’re talking an update on everyone’s least favourite exploiters of Ukrainian seafarers: Condor Ferries.

Last - but very definitely not least - I have a report on what happened when ‘Investigative Citizen Journalist’ Rico Sorda finally went head-to-head with the editors of the States Media in the long-awaited ‘Allegations without substance’ BBC Radio challenge. Would Rico get routed? Would BBC Jersey’s Gripton get a grilling? Would Chris Bright even turn up? 

Keep the Faith – and please click on the link below to sign the on line petition to get banned U.S. journalist Leah McGrath Goodman’s visa status to re-enter Jersey reinstated!


  1. At last I have been waiting to go to bed since 8.30 pm! Never mind I'll let you off because it is so damn spot-on and funny with it. Ian Gorst and Dan Murphy really could be the new Eric and Ernie of comedy. Maybe a better analogy would be the new Cannon and Ball? Keep them coming Trevor. If only more States members would engage in such inovative and thoughtful ways with us voters.

  2. Message to Anonymous:

    Thanks. the feedback on the video approach has been very positive all round I'm pleased to say. Still learning of course.

  3. Admin:

    Thanks for the late shift. Text still needs mentioned tweak.

  4. Gun-runners R Us Jersey12 November 2012 at 23:59:00 GMT

    Thank God you have got this up. I was beginning to think that the data protection act abuse was kicking in already and you had been shut down.

    I would just point out one negative in another otherwise great show. You have forgotten the link to Leah Goodman's petition you are asking readers to sign.

    On the plus side I note you are now only five signatures short of 3,000. A great bit of wwork by anyone's standards.

  5. Admin

    Thank you for your rapid response! I can now go to bed happy with my glass of warm milk (stolen from the Home Affairs Ministsr's doorstep - well. I can't afford luxuries like milk anymore, can I?)

    Nice to see increasing hits coming in from the Ukraine. Wonder who it is?

  6. Nothing about the £10 milion that slipped down the comfy sofa seats in St Lawrence for selling of part of the family silver to balance the books?

  7. Trevor
    Some good stuff as usual.
    As for the Minister of Justice, I guess we'll have to see what the proposal is. What will the remit be? What legal powers will the Minister have? How much influence could the Minister really have over the administration of justice in the Island? What support staff will the Minister have? etc.
    But, to answer your question about who could do this - the first thought that comes into my head is Francis Le Gresley.
    What are your thoughts?

  8. Trevor.

    Here is the link to your/LMG's vital PETITION

    Another very important BTR including your "Leak of The Week" about a Justice Minister. How many reports have been written, including from The Howard League for Penal Reform, that have strongly recommended Jersey elects a Minister for children? Why has nobody from Home Affairs, Education, or Health ever brought a proposition to elect a children's Minister?............Priorities.

    1. A Minister of Children is ideal only if it is he right person, and one who's legally and politically empowered to make the position work on behalf of kids. I suspect they'd make sure anyone selected as Minister of Children would be on the side of the cover-up. They learned their lesson about allowing good honest cops and health ministers. They won't let that happen again.

  9. Love "the alleged CM" LOL

    "Jersey Justice Minister" would be a sickening oxymoron.

    Well done, looking even better - just needs a little bit more light from somewhere below your face to fill in the shadows so we can see your eyes well :)

  10. Jersey must be the only offshore finance centre in the world where elected politicians like you openly drag it down with outside newspapers.

  11. The poster who tries to call Jersey an offshore finance centre is just playing with samantics. Our business in this island is catering for tax avoiders. That is what 'we' do like it or not. We see the evidenve leak out every month now. Attempting to deny it is all rather futile and even childish.

  12. hello all.

    With reference to the shadows - point taken. We aren't the BBC (isn't that a good thing?) so just learning as we go.

    As for wanting to see my eyes... I hope that is just another professional tip and that you are not my stalker Jonnie?

    As for St. Lawrence - please tell me more...

  13. Good interview with Nicholas Shaxson on TV this evening.

    Those who spout nonsense that Jersey does not fit into the criteria of a 'tax haven' would do well to read his most excellent and best-selling book 'Treasure Islands'.

  14. Trevor

    Jersey having its own justice minister could be good but it could equally be the final death knell of any kind of justice in our island. What you say about needing uk over-sight is abundantly clear. But when I read people putting forward Francis Le Gresley I can't help thinking it demonstrates just how hard getting this to work would be.

    Le Gresley seemed a good man when elected. Now he seems to forever vote with the stooges of the right. He has also attacked good people like Bob Hill and Geoff Southern wholly unnecessarily IMHO, and on issues that really should have had his support. His attack on Mr Hill at St. Martin's parish hall recently was unbelievable and spiteful.

    All things considered the chances of a Jersey justice minister working out seem to me rather slim veering toward anorexic. What do others think?



  15. 'L'

    I agree that all too many people do seem to start to change once they encounter the party whip and the mantra of 'group think' that is required obedience if one wants to be taken into the Establishment 'fold'.

    As for Francis - prior to his election I never had anything but respect for him based on my own dealings. Now, though you have to give him credit for bringing the COI forward when any one of the 'progressives' doing so would have meant an automatic defeat I do wonder myself.

    More than anything, however, this concern comes down to whether he is strong enough to stand up 'Chief Minister' Bailhache. The worst thing is you can just see the people being put forward as the most conflicted and unsuitable of all. Hence the need for very strong UK oversight.

  16. A worst case scenario? 2015.

    Philip Bailhahce Chief Minister as leader of some new far-Right political party. His brother William as the new Bailiff.

    It would almost be as if Tom Gruchy and co had never put their necks on the line all those years ago wouldn't it?

  17. Anonymous

    A worst case scenario? Certainly one to give democrats nightmares. Then again, things aren't much better now - and having had first-hand experience believe me I can speak with confidence.

  18. Can somebody clarify something for me? I saw a Twitter comment that stated that the Chairman of PAC had called the Channel Islands Tax Havens. Was this our PAC Chairman who I think is Tracey Vallois or are we talking about the UK PAC? Thanks.

  19. Hello

    I'm afraid I can't answer this question on PAC. maybe someone else can?

  20. Hi Deputy.

    just like to thank you for the plug, I do what I can little that it be. I enjoy your review of the weeks going's on. It's so not what they want Deputy's to do. So keep it up.

    I which only one thing that we didn't have to do all this!


  21. No problem TJW.

    Thanks for the service that you provide. If we all do our bit then it will make a difference all the quicker - however daunting the task seems now.


  22. Trevor, you say:

    however daunting the task seems now.

    You have got to agree that the task now is much less daunting than 3, even 2 years ago?

  23. Trevor,

    I made a comment on twitter about PAC, so it may be my tweet being referred to. It was the UK PAC chairperson that said it. She was interviewing reps from Google, Amazon and Starbucks. It made for a good watch seeing MPs grill these companies on their tax affairs.

    On another topic, could I ask for your views on the Education Ministers statement last Tuesday about the changes to university grant funding? Where he is looking to save £500,000 a year from kids from broken families?

    I've done a blog on it here -


  24. Sam:

    Thanks for explaining the PAC question. I didn't think it sounded like Deputy Vallois!

    Anonymous if you want to go on to Sam's blog - the link is on the side of this page - seems like you might find out more.

    Cartoon Star:

    Reference 'questions'. OK I will look out for a call tomorrow to discus. Should be able to talk after constituent cases. Best calling after lunch.

  25. Trevor.

    So the JEP and CTV bottled it? Here's an example of their JOURNALISM ehich might explain why.

  26. Hope U got some good questions in for next week Deputy? Theres only about two or three of you worth listing to.

  27. Anonymous

    Oral questions need to be in by 12 on Thursday so I am sure I will again have something ...interesting for ssomeone to answer.

  28. The original 18th century Tom Gruchy wanted the bare bones of a Department of Justice as does this one.
    The same or similar problems still exist. The need to separate judicial from adminisitrative and governmental powers, to control, supervise and regulate the legal profession from training through to qualification and punishment, publish information about Jersey laws and pratice,separtion of prosecuting and other functions of the "law officers", a proper legal aid scheme, control and regulation of the courts and a carer structure for those seeking to enter "public service" as lawyers, law draftsmen, advisers to government, States departments and the public when necessary.
    All this and more should be put under the authority of an elected States' Minister...but of course it cannot be done properly "on the cheap".
    There is no need really for outside "supervision"on an everyday basis - the eyes of the UN and Council of Europe should suffice for most occasions provided that international treaties and obligations are fully embraced theory the residents of Jersey should be capable of running the show properly - it is is just necessary to overcome some prevailing inhibitions against reform....

  29. Trevor.

    Your "Leak Of The Week" has finally made its way to the discredited, and disgraced, JEP.

    Once again the State Media way behind the Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media).

  30. So the Pravda did a number on Naughty Nick and Rowdy Raviloi misbehaving down in the lefy lanes of Grouville. But who is this Bertram Bree? hardly sounds like a die-hard, rabble-rousing progressive, does he?

    I read that ressidents were shocked by his outbursts but surely such views would be standard fare for any Senator Bailhache party of the far right?

  31. Pleased to see someone has the cajonnes to ask about the farce of the so called investigation into the land re-zoning business.

    How exactly does an investigation work where nobody at all is even interviewed? If anyone can explain we really could be on to a winner in cutting down on policing costs.

  32. Another thing. What is the justification in spending millions on a bit of scrubland in times when we are cutting front line public services because we apparently have no cash in the bank? Twaddle if you ask me and any of you who Bailhache on this need to have an answer.

  33. Someone who is obviously a bit thick (not to mention childishly abusive) sent in a post prattling on about how I had apparently said the JEP was 'disgraced'.

    Well, as anyone who can read will have noted above the comment was posted by the excellent VFC - a perfect example of Citizens' Media who do 'proper' journalism.

    As for the threat about 'glass houses and people who throw stones' dear oh dear - the day I allow myself to be bullied by a thrid rate, right-wing newspaper or a cowardly thug who posts anonymous threats is the day I will change my initials to JTM!

  34. Whats wrong with being Right Wing, that's a bit harsh isn't it?

  35. Re 'Jersey is not a tax haven ' Perhaps it would be in our best interests to be blatantly transparent about our status!

  36. Anonymous

    What's wrong with being 'right-wing'?

    Well, where to start in order to qualify the statement...

    Each to their own as they say. Shock horror - but when I was very young I used to lean ever so slightly to the right. Might just have been my Cuban heels? But as the old saying goes:

    'When I was a child I thought as a child. When I became a man I put away childish things.'

    Like right-wing politics.

    In my experience of life,however, you can usually find some good and bad, beneficial and negative attributes in all political doctrines, as with all people.

    Call me old fashioned but it is just the bullying, elitist, might is right, tax-dodging is fine, a two-tier society of 'if you are sick and poor it is both automatically your own fault and tough - get down the charity shop' idealism of all too many who adhere to right-wing politics that I find repulsive and destructive.

    But when it comes specifically to newspapers such as our own...

    If we lived in a larger community with more than one such media outlet then the position of the local Pravda would be fine.

    This would simply be because natural forces would dictate that a newspaper that wrote such low-brow, hate-filled, one-sided propaganda about all and any who dared challenge the status quo or were to the left of General Pinocchet would likely quickly fall by the wayside.

    The reason would be that the only people who would buy it would be of the same mentality. Those with more discerning tastes/intellect would turn elsewhere simply because they had the option to choose.

    That choice has not existed in Jersey for generations. Yet now with the rise of Citizens' media that choice is slowly becoming known with the result that more and more people are turning to 'bloggers' for the truth.

    No wonder they are scared and increasingly desperate.

  37. Can I also just mention that the Bald Truth Review Episode 8 (BTR 8) will be up before lunch tomorrow. Would have been tonight but I'm afraid I just can't shake off this bug 100%.

  38. I can't pretend that I agree with all of your political views but I will say this. Your assessment of the JEP is spot on. People buy it because they have had no real choice.

    Bloggers really are now providing that alternative. Your initiative with this video show, agree with all of the views or not, is a perfect example of why this change is happening. You deserve a gold star for that if nothing else. Whoever your team behind the scenes are they deserve credit likewise.

    My own view is that the JEP will either have to change and imporove dramatically in terms of writing quality and political balance or will vanish within ten years.

  39. Reference 'Not for publication'

    What about Tuesday lunchtime and I will see what I think?

  40. Trevor. I like the new layout of the blog and good to see you featuring links to so many of the other pregressives. But here is a question for you and for others too.

    You have links to just about anyone who is anyone on the local progressive political scene. Even a couple who have been less than kind to you in the past if I can put it that way. This is agood thing for sure if the progressive cause is to grow as it has the potential to do. I know that others like Rico Sorda and Voice do the same.

    But my question is this. Dn't you wonder why some of these others like Nick Le Cornu and Tom Gruchy as examples don't do the same for you in return?

  41. "But my question is this. Dn't you wonder why some of these others like Nick Le Cornu and Tom Gruchy as examples don't do the same for you in return?"

    Hahaha, that's our Trollbot again Trev, not "The Wet mattress" but one of the more educated halfwit's from the Law Officer's Dept, but just as lame as Jonny nonsense!!!

  42. Anonymous

    What other bloggers put up or do not in regard to links on their own sites is their business. So long as I am happy generally with another site I will consider putting a link.

    That doesn't mean I support all of the views expressed. I may even not put a full time link as an example if a site seems to quite often have a lot of bad language in its stories.

    I also won't put links up if I totally disagree with a site generally because of the style of politics or perhaps because a site is racist in my view. That's about all I can say.

    I did not even know that the blogs you mention did not have such links to mine. I would be very happy for them to do so as they both appear to be coming from the right place in terms of reform and democracy.

    But the fact that they don't have a link to my blog does not mean I will be taking down the link to their sites.

  43. Well anonynmous. You just caught me before I turn in. Still got a speech to write before Tuesday...

  44. Oh well troll or not if it keeps him or her happy and away from attcking the vulnerable, eh...

  45. Your turning into a 'real' champion Pitman....Kindest Regards :)