Monday, 19 November 2012


Plus… Jersey lawyers – they still want a profit even when you’re dead. How to achieve a 50% reduction in policing costs. And the complete betrayal of a local political Legend. It can only be the Bald Truth Review Episode 8! 

Sitting back in the production suite in the bowels of the BTR bunker yesterday (hidden away as it is deep within the mysterious Grands Vaux woods) to watch the rushes of the latest BTR the whole team was touched by the sense that this episode had a more sombre feel to it than usual. 

Was it just the understandable consequence of the report on how in Jersey it seems the vultures that proliferate in the local ‘legal profession’ still want old people’s money even when it essentially means wiping out their wills? (See the segment on ‘Will kits’) Perhaps that was a part of it. Yet all of us – even Sharrock the tea boy seemed to sense it now. For there it all was right in front of us: when you actually see it all reported in living colour there simply is something deeply wrong in the way so much of the Jersey ‘Establishment’ operates… 

Hi-jacked electoral commissions; top secret, behind-closed-doors ‘super-injunction’ using taxpayers’ money; Police Chief’s illegally suspended - not just for months but years; individuals allowed to sit as Jurats even though they are proven to have put protecting a ‘good name’ of a College before the bringing to book evil child abusing fellow teachers. All, of course, whilst the majority of the mainstream media happily collude with it all by ‘toeing the party line’ of twisting the true facts or keeping silent...

Then consider the current issue of Plemont and Senator Philip Bailhache’s apparent attitude that if he wants it then he’s going to have it! And if someone won’t give in during negotiations then that doesn’t matter either. Because the Senator will just blow off the cobwebs and wheel out the archaic old Compulsory Purchase ‘cannon’ and ride roughshod over democracy anyway. 

And to think: week in – week out we have to listen to the right-wingers in the States - and their Pravda mouthpiece journalists of course - spouting the propaganda that it is those pesky ‘Progressives’ who always want big, interventionist government! Laugh – you just have to or you would likely cry.

The bottom line on this particular issue is that I voted to save Plemont when it was last debated. Why? Because I know we need to start protecting what is left of our natural beauty before it is too late. Yet unlike so many of the Constables and country Deputies I also know that this view needs to apply equally – everywhere in the island. It can’t be allowed to go out of the window as soon as a Trinity borderline touches urban St. Helier. 

Yet whilst I will bet all my viewers a pint of their favourite tipple that come December 4th a whole shed-load of States Members suddenly change their minds in support of the purchase of Plemont – and for no demonstrable intellectual reason other than that Senator Philip Bailhache wants them to - the fact is that some things really do have to be considered afresh as having changed since last time we voted on this. Some things that really do mean that one has to start thinking about priorities...

We still have half-a-billion pounds in the so-called ‘Rainy Day’ fund yet our Council of Ministers remain quite happy to unnecessarily dish out hundreds of thousands of pounds for foreign offices for the Finance Industry in the same breath that they can’t even support a proper ‘living’ wage for those at the sharp end of the recession. 

Indeed, we see an attitude displayed by the Executive that continues to see the Public Sector bullied and played against that of the Private: a strategy that can do no good to anyone whatsoever. We’ve  seen much-needed frontline services being undermined; and even incredibly valuable learning initiatives for children – such as the one I tried to save at Durrell – abandoned because ‘we can’t afford them’.

Of course, it’s true that we do appear to now have a new Police Chief who has incredibly come up with a way to slash the cost of policing dramatically – though when you have watched the video I’m not sure it’s an approach you will want to support. Unless, perhaps, you’re a criminal, rogue-trader or ever-so-slightly dodgy politician…

The fact is that all too many within the Jersey Establishment have as little understanding of life’s realities for most ‘ordinary’ working people as they generally have about both political policy and economics. Perhaps even worse – all too many of them don’t even understand (or possibly even have?) any real values. Should we ideally save Plemont for future generations – of course we should. But that doesn’t mean to say ‘save it’ before all else. 

Put it like this. It’s a bit like a variant on Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs; i.e. you don’t really worry about what paintings you would like to hang for decoration if you haven’t even got four walls and a roof above your head to begin with. Maybe that’s the way I should express the concern in the States? Then again you have to suspect that to all too many in the Council of Ministers Maslow would probably be thought to probably be the European fly-half Jersey ruby club are trying to sign!

Jersey I’m afraid is in dire danger of irretrievably losing its soul. Should you doubt this statement then just try watching my first story in BTR 8 about the disgraceful treatment of the memory of that late Legend of Jersey, ‘working class’ politics Mr. Emile Collins. This week the Constable of St. Helier should be hanging his head in shame…

But do ‘Keep the Faith’ regardless. The darkness can’t last for ever. And what better place to start than right here by clicking on the attached link below to sign the on-line petition to restore American journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman’s visa status allowing her to return to Jersey


  1. "I will bet all my viewers a pint of their favourite tipple" - could be expensive if it's a nice ripe old spirit :)

  2. Why has Bowron been so quiet about the Jimmy Savile child abuse allegations?

  3. Nice show once again. One thing though. This tea boy Sharrock you employ at the 'BTR' Are you quite sure he isn't a girl? Keep it up Deputy.

  4. A bit short on length for me this week but in style and content probably your best effort yet.

  5. Amusing letter about hapless Nick and Gino in today's Rag but don't tell me, that's all false as well I suppose and written by the right wing JEP like all the others according to you.

  6. Anonymous #4

    Thanks for comments as with others.

    The issue of length is a tricky one. If you make a weekly thing like this too long then some people won't sit right through it. Between 10 to 15 minutes is what people generally seem to say is ideal.

    The 'special' on the Jersey version of a justice system coming next week will be somewhat longer by necessity. Let's face it - you really need a whole TV series to cover ssomething still stuck in the corrupt Dark Ages as Jersey justice is.

    But learning all of the time.


    Anonymous #3

    You could be right about the BTR tea 'boy'. But he/she is working for free so does it really matter?

  7. Re the leak
    You got it wrong regarding the savings. The police now has the very hard work of walking the safe streets of St Helier during the day!!!!
    Do you know if Deputy Labbey is going to ask questions in the states regarding the non investigation?

  8. Dear Jonnie Anonymous #5

    Haven't seen the letter yet - we're still fairly ok for Andrex just now so haven't had to buy Pravda yet.

    Is the letter your refer to 'fake'? Who knows - Nick and Gino would do well to check out the address. If is turrns out to be like the ones from B. Riantz, S. Barrett, R. Noel etc then that wil speak for itself.

    Still, just to help you through your day I can let you know that in the not to distant future we may well be doing a BTR 'special' on the JEP fake letters about Progressives' phenomenon. Trust me - yoy'll love it...

  9. That I highlight the absurdity of the current Police Chief's approach to the land re-zoning investigation isn't a criticism of current policing per se.

    It simply shows that some politically touchy subjects are clearly not being given the thorough and undoubtedly brave attention that we should be able to expect.

    The question you should be asking is 'why?'...

  10. Walking the streets of St. Helier in nice white helmets during the day - or bringing institutionalized child abuse to justice. Which is more important? It should be ***** obvious.

  11. Agree that the theme of this weeks show is a bit different to usual. But that does not mean it is any less entertaining. Death and wills, government forcing people even if they are millionaires in this case to sell land against their will, and the Mr Collins' story are sombre subjects. One question though. Much as I like that you now have links to other sites on the blog page which makes it easier to skip about between sites why have you gone for direct embedding into you tube with your videos? This makes the image too big for the page and you will also discover that due to the way this all works the number of views you see come up on the picture will now differ completely from whatever your stat views total will say. Not a gripe just thought I would flag that up for you. Though seeming to recall that you have said you are something of a techno dummy you probably won't be slightly interested. I suppose I just like nice neat lines being into design.

  12. Nice one Trevor. Emile was a legend and it is shocking that the parish are treating his memory so badly. What is happening to our island?

  13. Here's another 'leak of the week' for readers. The fact is that given the sloppy research undertaken by Ministers and their officers, not to mention what some would likely call down right lies the COM are now trying to scupper Deputy Judy Martin's debate on the new police station. Word is it could result in moves to effectively pull it/refer it back.

  14. I noted on CTV, Bailhache said something along the lines that the price the owners might want for it does not mean it is worth it. However, it could equally be worth more, what would happen if the owners received an offer above £8m, surely this would be be evidence that it was worth at least £8m, its worth what someone is willing to pay for it! With such evidence, surely any compulsory purchase could not legally be for less!!!

  15. Anonymous

    Emile was indeed a Legend. If only all people could maintain his enthusiasm and commitment to trying to ensure politics make life better for the majority - rather than just for the self-proclaimed 'elite' - Jersey would be a much better place all round.

    Mr. Neat

    Thanks for comments. Such comments or 'gripes' are welcome. Just because I am a self-professed techno dummy does not mean that I do not appreciate advice. As it happens I had been told about the You-Tube issue you mention but having enough in my head wwith politics I will just pass on to Admin.

    Plemont - Anonymous

    This is the issue at the heart of everything isn't it. The really interesting thing would be the process that could follow if the compulsory purchase price was contested tooth and claw. Who would end up paying for that?

  16. I have spoken to at least 14 Police Officers and not one of them think green street is the right place for a station, why don,t the powers that be meet with the men and women on the shop floor as it were and ask for their ideas after all they are the ones who will be operating the station, there are some very interesting ideas coming from the officers I have spoken to.

  17. Anonymous

    I believe that if the debate goes ahead tomorrow - something which is now in question - it will emerge that Deputy Judy Martin has been doing just what you advise. And you are, of course, quite right - it is those who will have to work from there that should be listened to. But will our esteemed Establishment party do that?

  18. Dear Trevor,

    Plemont, I like many other's wrote to the Inquiry Officer expressing our heart felt feelings for this very special part of this very special Island, with regard to my own submission it had absolutely nothing to do with Sir Philip Bailaches proclomation about Plemont. I do not personally have the slightest respect for Sir Philip for many reason's but I do feel a very strong commitment for Plemont. The States assembly as a whole can be singularly short sighted at times and fail to see the 'future' needs of this Island. I could reel off dozens of examples where taxpayers money has been spent (wasted) for no other reason then a 'Minister thought it was a good idea' Plemont is pricless in a metaphorical sense, but in a monetary sense it is after all just money.

  19. Are you serious in saying no one was interviewed in the land rezoning saga? If so, then the chief officer must go, end of.

  20. Anonymous

    The individual who was at the heart of all of this has stated that he was not interviewed.

    I know first-hand that the politician who took the complaints from members of the public was not interviewed.

    Further to this I have it on similarly sound authority that witnesses to what was said to have taken place were not interviewed.

    So, unless you consider the States Member receiving the comnplaints then stating a summons to the former Bailiff's office to be lambasted for doing her job took place as having had an 'interview' it all looks pretty bizarre, does it not?

    Or more like just another day in the black comedy that is Jersey justice. All makes Jurats who are mates of defendants being allowed to sit on their cases in the Royal Court seem just standard fare...

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Congratulations on getting your proposition through to have reform day recognised Trevor. You have pretty good success with your propositions and should be pleased with what you have achieved since being elected which is more than can be said of Rod Bryans James Baker et al.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    Pete Drummond.

  23. Excellent work in the States today. Your speech had just the right timbre of humility and anger at the treatment of our forefathers in struggling for justice.

    Well done too for highlighting how the likes of Philip bailhache and even the most recent turncoat Crowcroft are still trying to re-write history 1984 style.

    Would have been nice to win them all Trevor but you won the BIG ONE. This important date in history can now be developed with much greater ease. Once again well done

  24. Thank you, Pete and Anonymous.

    I am pleased for Mike Dun aalso as he has really been the driving force for restoring public knowledge about this crucial episode in our history.

    Would have been nice to win the support to get the records investigated and for a plaque/memorial. But fair is fair - Simon Crowcroft has asked somebody to get in touch with me about the latter; and I also have another potential possible offer of support.

    So generally good news - we can indeed start to build support for this important historical day now.

  25. Trevor.

    This must be the best (OK fair cop/rabbit in headlights), answer to one of your many question, so far....

    No doubt, good follow up questions to follow?!

    (a) Further to the announcement on 16th October 2012 by the Chief Minister that the
    States of Jersey Police had concluded their investigation on re-zoning of
    agricultural land issues and concluded that there was “no evidence to support the
    allegations” would the Minister state what form the police investigation took and
    inform members whether -
    (i) key witnesses were interviewed by the Police;
    (ii) an investigating officer was found to be in e-mail correspondence with one of
    those allegedly involved in the alleged offences?
    (b) Is the States of Jersey Police aware whether one of those who made a statement to the
    police in what he believed was his public duty is now being subject to threatening letters
    by one involved in the alleged allegations and, if so, what comfort does he believe
    members of the public can have when reporting what they consider to be criminal actions
    or wrongdoings if intimidations of this type are allowed to take place?
    The investigation was undertaken by officers of Detective Inspector rank reporting directly to
    the Deputy Chief Officer who was also involved in meetings with a number of witnesses.
    Legal advice was sought and obtained from the Law Officers’ Department at various stages
    of the investigation and upon conclusion.
    (i) Yes, key witnesses were interviewed. This formed a part of the investigation which
    also saw the police search email accounts and obtain documents from different
    witnesses in order to reconstruct a detailed history of the relevant land transactions.
    (ii) Yes, email correspondence had been entered into by an investigating officer with a
    person alleged of offences; communication between the police and subjects of
    investigations is not unusual.
    (b)A number of people who made witness statements in this case did not provide those
    statements to the police. Rather, witness statements were made and then kept in a private
    safe. The police had to ask to see these witness statements when alerted as to their existence.
    In response to the police request, the witness statements were sent to the United Kingdom.
    As a result, it took the police a long time to obtain copies of them. This caused significant
    delay to the investigation.
    The States of Jersey Police is not aware of any witness in this case being subject of
    threatening letters or similar. Should any complaints of such activity or similar forms of
    harassment or threat be received, the States of Jersey Police would investigate fully as they
    would with any other such complaint.

  26. Top work in the States today Trevor you truly represent the electorate in the way they deserve and I can't thank you enough.

    Gary Cummins.

  27. Nice to see you have another proposition adopted deputy and a most worthy one too.

    Hilary from St Brelade.

  28. Very good result. Jersey Reform Day can become an important event in the Jersey diary.
    The rest can follow.

  29. Brilliant to hear on the radio driving home how Reform Day will now be recognised. Especially good to hear it being highlighted how the actions of Gruchy and these other brave people led to the bent Royal Court being stripped of its powers to make bent laws.

    Maybe if you can help the Constable of Trinity to find Gruchy's grave we can bring him back to life and ask him to finish the job on a court that is still bent today?

    Staring with ending the dual role of the Bailiff and abolishing jurats who thanks to you we know are allowed to sit on their pal's court cases by the Bailiff. Congrats to both you and Mike Dun (though he did look like Adam Ants grand-dad all dressed up!

  30. So Trevor even the former top finance man Mr Syvret is now echoing what you have said about Jersey and its obsession with being a tax haven. Maybe the message is starting to get throug at last. We ordinary folk want decency and fairness for all.

  31. Anonymous

    Yes, a good piece and a suprise that even the Establishment Party mouthpiece had to run with it.

    Ref: comments on Reform Day

    Thanks to all. Getting official recognition was the big one indeed and the most important by far.

    From knowledge and status relating to these events can be developed. Shame that with one more vote we would have had the monument/memorial/plaque too.

    Perhaps someone can put up a list of the people who voted against this - hopefully none were St. Helier representatives...

  32. Ullo

    Today I have mostly been enjoying the freedom to walk around in my bedsit wearing only my 'I luv Syvret' t shirt and no underpants having been returned to the community yesterday.

    Tomorrow I will mainly be cleaning out old cheese from under the fridge for my supper...

  33. I thought that Mr. Dun looked very fetching in his 18th Century attire.

    To be honest it would great to see more of this type of thing with people dressing up to help draw attention to good causes and events.

    As to a private comment sent to me: yes, I am proud to have been behind some propositions which actually really contribute something to improving democracy.

    The open vote for Chief Minister and the one to spread this to all 'top' posts within the States for example. This one is also something that all who were involved can be proud of. History should not be 'written' or as is more the case 're-written' by the victors or powerful.

    Frankly the only people who could go against such moves are those who are not very bright and/or have elitist or uite possibly neo-fascist tendencies. Search out the names...

  34. Trevor. Perhaps you or Mister Dun can tell us what type of monument you think would be appropriate in support of this historical event? I agree with what you said about how we should celebate a whole raft of important dates in Jersey's history. The Council of Minister talk a lot about regenerating our cultural heritage and tourism but it is ideas like yours and Mister Dun's that are needed to actually do it. My own idea would be somekind of large plaque in the Royal Square describing briefly what happened and perhaps naming the main individuals who were involved. What do you think?

  35. People like you and Mike Dunn are just trouble makers really. getting the States to celebrate what was basically the spongers and simpletons of the time intimidating their more successful fellow islanders just because they were successful can only be a bad thing.

    Some people hold power and influence for a reason. It is because they are better. You are just a rabble rouser at the end of the day. You might have won this but nobody is that interested really. I don't actually know how you managed to do it. Who really cares about what a political agitator and some other yobs did 250 years ago? we should be thinking about important matters like getting the new police station at Green street built.

  36. My, my - you got out of the wrong side of bed today didn't you! Or was out of the wrong bed? If you don't understand the importance of this event then I feel sorry for you.

  37. Does anyone know if that infamous youtube recording is still around?

  38. Some people seem to think that the statue of K George II and its granite base is a sacred object and cannot be touched. One ex-States member who passed by when I was handing out leaflets on Tuesday said that my use of the granite base to display posters of the events of September 1769 "was desecration" and "scandalous". As reported elsewhere, I was questioned by the States Police too - in response to an establishment quisling's phone call to HQ I have no doubt.

    Of course the gaudily gilded King masquerading as a Roman Emperor has been silently observing history unfold in and around the square for 250 years. Yet he hardly declares even his own identity - much to the confusion of tourists and newcomers alike - which is very odd. Especially since his blank base would be perfect to display a few words of clarification.
    With a little skill there is hardly need to interfere with the existing granite. Four simple light bronze tablets could be secured to each face and describe not only some details of the mysterious golden man above but also the events of 28 September 1769 and that of 6 January 1781 too.

    I feel confident that George would be pleased to share his knowledge and plinth for such a good cause.
    Any aesthetic differences would surely cease to be troubling to the purist zealots after a few weeks...After all, George occupies a space that was once open land...

    1. We always thought that statue was Sir Philip Bailhache and made in anticipation of when he gets all the sychopants to name him King upon independence being declared.

  39. Interesting point Tom.

    I actually favour something attached to the States/Court building so that Members are reminded of these events every time they enter.

    I have also had another contact about possible help in funding something to mark this event.

    1. I don't think other states member see this event of the 18th Century as anything but a bit of history.

    2. Well Anonymous

      The majority voted for the day to be recognised so that must be grounds for optimism? As for the others? Some people only vote for things that either:

      a) benefit them and their friends

      b) if it is something for which they will get the credit.

      Others don't vote for things because they are:

      a) so petty that they vote according to who is bringing a proposal

      b) are just too thick to understand the importance.

      All in all winning the key vote has to be seen as a positive.

  40. Thank you for the link Mr Evans. That telephone recording is quite superb. I have a teenage daughter who in my opinion is starting to drink a little too much and let it influence her behaviour negatively. I think I will get her to listen to it as a very stark illustration of how girls should not drink more than they can handle because they can end up making complete t*ts of themselves.

  41. Your very welcome :)

    Boy of boy is he having a good trolling session at me tonight! Something about me dying soon after having heart surgery seems to be on the agenda this evening, and a reference to suing people because of HIS telephone outburst! hahaha, what a loser....

    1. Yes sirree!

      This recording is a master work. It should be available at the museum or at least to be broadcast to all schools. The individuals who were subjected to these snivelling threats that reek of cowardice should be encouraged to sue for damages.

  42. Today I will mostly be setting up false facebook accounts which will help me to be loads more people and then convincing myself nobody knows it's me. I'll be doing this while wearing a pair of my grandfathers white-with a spot of yellow- Y fronts.

  43. Set Menu of the Day, we have deep fried TAX HAVEN for starters, followed by SLICES OF SUPPRESSION for main course, and a delightful dollop of DECEPTION for afters....

  44. Great news on September 28 1769. I look forward to seeing the celebrations develop as of next year.

  45. Leah's petition has now passed the three thousand one hundred mark and rising.

  46. What an idiot Deputy Rod Bryans makes of himself in the Rag tonight. Waffling on about Jersey's ned to promote culture as if he knew what he was talking about. Then I note he voted against your proposition on recognising the most important date in our history in regard to justice and democracy. I suppose in his defence he isn't even a Jerseyman is he.

  47. Interesting to see that even the JEP have had to give front page reports to the ever-growing criticism of Jersey's finance industry and its failings - two days running. Whatever can be happening?

  48. Hi Deputy.

    I've put up the Audio of Deputy Judy Martin's Debate to stop the Relocation of the Police HQ going to Green Street car park.

    I've put it up because I think this debate & the ones to follow "which I will also Record & publish" show's everyone the incompetence of our Ministers to do anything Right.

    I just can not Believe they want it there! & they are going to pull every trick in the book, to get there way.

    You & your readers can listen to the Debate HERE

    I think its a classic already, with a couple of Deputy's Martin straight to the point, no messing Statements. I know its long but if you just do it in parts, you'll get there in the end.


  49. When can we expect the next episode of the BTR please?

  50. It will be up on Monday as usual. The next one after this, however, being the previously mentioned 'special' on what is passed off as a 'justice' system in Jersey may be up by the Saturday of the same week.

  51. Thought this was a Sunday thing? People look forward to this on a Sunday evening, all week they look forward to it on an early Sunday evening.

    Sunday gives everyone time to share your fabulous video's Trevor, keep it that way, once a week on an early Sunday evening and you can't go wrong.

  52. I'm afraaid that life sometimes isn't that simple - other things have to come first as they demand. Thanks anyway.