Monday, 5 November 2012


Super-injunctions; banned U.S. journalist Leah McGrath Goodman visa update; Sadie sings about States Members’ pay and Ben the Tory gets shirty – it’s the Bald Truth Review Episode six!

The 28th of September 1769 was a date crucial to the beginnings of our still deeply flawed democracy. 

Yet 243 years from now the Bald Truth of the matter is that November 5th 2012 could be viewed as a date every bit as important. A day in fact when all of the efforts and personal risk of Thomas Gruchy and his companions goes down the proverbial pan quicker than an internet troll’s supper after 17 pints of Stella down the pub. 

I’m talking about ‘super-injunctions’ of course and Jersey’s steady slide into the type of justice system where even the notorious Roland Freisler would not look out of place. Find out more by watching the show…

States Members’ pay… 

Always guaranteed to make the front page in the local Pravda; and always guaranteed to see the said Establishment Party mouthpiece wheeling out some complete political non-entity desperate for some publicity to talk about it. Remember Ben ‘Ten’ Shenton a couple of years ago? This year it’s the lovely Constable of St. Saviour breaking her political vow of silence.

Should we be accepting a pay rise this year? No – we certainly shouldn’t. But the Bald Truth of the matter is shouldn’t even be discussing what a deliberately independent review panel put forward either. Forget Chief Minister Gorst’s PR stunt. ‘Just say no!’ as the old drugs advert used to say. Find out why…

Add in banned U.S. journalist Leah McGrath Goodman still awaiting the outcome of her Visa application to continue her investigation into the Jersey child abuse scandal. A suspected rebel within the ranks at Pravda sowing seeds of journalistic sedition? News of a forthcoming ‘Special’ on Jersey’s highly politicised judicial system…And yes – you have to concede: BTR Six really is even scarier than that ‘a Bitchin’ and a moanin’ Ben Quérée revealing his Establishment Party credentials in the twilight zone! 

Watch the video – and then if you haven’t done so already click on the link below to sign the petition to restore Leah McGrath Goodman’s visa status. After that – why not get on the phone to your local politician to complain about the blatant abuse of our Data Protection Law and the use of your money in the process. 


  1. I'm glad you are asking for the forensic evidence that was found at Haut de la Garenne.

    I think the investigation into what happened to that evidence will help other victims of Pindown all over the UK, not just those in Jersey, because the abuse was all over the UK and the cover up is huge.

    It's horrible having to fight fight fight all the time to have your voice heard, only to be told by the police that you are a mentally ill attention seeking time waster. The victims of Pindown have had to battle with the devil to get even a whisper of all the abuse out. It hurts to be told to shut up and stop moaning about the past by the police and other agencies which are supposed to protect vulnerable people.

    It makes me so angry to turn on the television and see that people like Jonathan Dimbleby still trying to push it all under the carpet.

    Jonathan Dimbleby and his brother can shut up themselves, their question times aren't even worth watching, except to see how the BBC propaganda and cover up departments work. As for the BBC news, what a waste of time that is, if you are looking for what is really happening in the world don't expect the BBC news department to keep you informed as all you will get from them is lies, cover ups, propaganda and more blinking lies.

  2. Strange isn't it that we "all" know about 5 November and celebrate the attempt to blow the English Parliament sky high over four centuries ago. Or do we celebrate that fact that the "plotters" were discovered?
    Yet here in Jersey, the events of 28 September 1769 are still erased from the official records and even other events where the Jersey ruling establishment has ben challenged are forgotten.
    Why is this? When we climb the Town Hall staircase and look at the portraits of the bearded Constables from former times - or when we see the portraits in and around the States building and court - what do we actually know about these people and what they did?

    Yet another book was being fanfared last week about the "Occupation" of Jersey. Just five years from a thousand years of recorded history but it recieves so much attention - why?
    Surely there is much much more to remember of Jersey's history than the years 1940 to 1945. So is it that basic ignorance of our own history the reason why we join in with the annual burning of Guy Fawkes - do we really lack our own "heroes" or "anti-heroes"?

    1. Tom

      You are right in what you say but we do have our own heroes. One of them is on here.

  3. Jersey Evening Pravda = Central Organ of the Jersey Bourgeoisie

    Ps carry on bitchin' and moanin'. They love it.

  4. Trevor, the Constable you speak of is my Constable and I listened live to the States session in which she insulted the rest of the members. I can't remember exactly what she said, but it was something about all the members who were disagreeing with Senator Bailhache were just stupid. The Bailiff pulled her up on it, rightly. She then apologised and said how all the members were her "sweethearts".

    Needless to say, the Pravda report mentioned that she had called everyone sweethearts, but didn't mention anything about what provoked her to make that comment. Typical JEP bias.

    I'm in Jersey for a few days to go to the Electoral Commission meetings and want to come watch the States tomorrow. What time does it start?


  5. Great stuff! Does anyone know how the 'gunpowder, treason and abuse of Data Protection law plot' went today?

  6. Uncle Tom (a friend of Uncle Ben)5 November 2012 at 14:47:00 GMT

    Trevor IMHO Queree and the JEP should apologize for what was terrible and gutter level journalism even by their standards. Nothing more than a personal attack from a third rate hack who moans that he doesn't get paid as much as a States member!

    IMHO Queree needs to have a reality check. He is just writing and very badly at that for a tiny and sinking local newspaper. If he really thinks he merits the same pay as somebody in government he ought to have his bumps felt!

    Don't let the buggers grind you down with their hate and lies. They attack you because you are a threat to underhand way of operation.

  7. Nice try - yet again - troll but we have indeed gone way beyond catering to your level of low-brow, embittered hate-filled cowardly posts.

    We are talking serious issues here and you quite frankly are irrelevant. Stick to fake Facebook pages and all of those fake (mainly women's names?!) you use on Channel on Line and when sending emails in to the BBC where they seem quite happy to indulge you. Possibly out of pity?

    Kind regards. Get help soon.


  8. Sam


    As for the Electoral Commission meetings you had likely better go early - I'm sure Sir Philip will be 'busing'in the Keep the Constables brigade big time to help manipulate the tone of the meeting. Give me a call.


    1. Speaking of "busing in", Deputy Tadier has arranged for some mini-buses tomorrow for St Brelades residents who want to attend the Electoral Commission meeting at the Town Hall but who might find it difficult to get there because of distance and parking etc. Hopefully that will help to balance the debate.

      They leave from Communicare at 6.15, 6.30 and 6.45. Limited space, obviously. So contact Monty in advance, so not to be disappointed.

      I might try and catch you in the lunch recess to say hi!

      Keep up the good work mate.


  9. Cheers, Sam.

    People who need a lift to the St. Brelade's Electoral Commission meeting contact Deputy Tadier and he may be able to help you attend.

    Also, noticed a good letter in the Pravda tonight about how Senator Bailhache needs to wake up to the fact he isn't quite our Dictator yet. No doubt there will be a handful of faked ones to 'balance' things out in the next few days?

  10. Do I hear correctly that Jon has a date set for next May? Sort of Darling DUDS of May if you like?

  11. A very good reason for having the strongest COI TOR, is to remove the suspicion of a cover-up once and for all, for the States to regain the full trust of the public and for the international image to as clean as a whistle. Of course if there is a cover-up and if there is a pedo-ring, then I guess those who have something to hide will shout down louder than all others, now what was Philly saying recently!!!!!

    If need be, get Bailhache (the one fond of travelling to foreign holiday islands looking for guidance on how to operate a government, get him, to have a chat with the Children's Commissioner for Wales, Keith Towler, who is asking for a full investigation, as he says, its the only way to resolve 'understandable' concerns that there had been a cover-up over the full extent of abuse at a North Wales children's home 30 years ago.

    Hw told BBC Radio 5; 'I would support a full inquiry. Unless you do that, that level of suspicion will always be around that there is a cover-up. No one should be protected'

    So why not Bailhache?

  12. The Wales issue is very relevant to what is going on in Jersey beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Your point about 'those who shout the loudest' also ties in with what I was saying about people who 'protesteth too much'.

    One only has to recall that sorry excuse for an internet site that used to peddle hate and support for those trying to undermine the 'historic' abuse inquiry. Ok so there were only a tiny number of creeps involved but...

    A good place to start a fresh investigation might well be looking at ALL of those who were behind that? Especially the cowardly yob who was responsible for 99% of its fake comments.

    What are such people so desperate to distract from?

  13. Talking of States pay you mark my words the whole driver for cutting down on numbers is to try and justify giving bigger salaries to the select few. I would also bet that Bailhache is behind this.

    If pay for politicians was no longer equal you are right it really would be just another tool to make sure people kept their mouths shut and went along with the establishment party line.

  14. The results of CAPTAIN BRIDGET SHAW'S latest Pillage & Plunder Sailing!!!

  15. The headline letter in the JEP tonight was about the allegedly over-generous benefit culture there is over here. The writer, one Alan Holland, fears that:

    "the Island has gifted itself a hard core of fecund, permanently welfare dependent, non-working families"

    He also rabbits on about the good old days before the:

    "Island's social and economic suicide note was written into statute with its decision to initiate a system of welfare benefits akin to that which has laid waste to the British economy"

    Lest you all think he is some sort of economic genius who has laid his finger on what is going wrong over here perhaps, before publishing the letter, the JEP should have zeroed in for us all on the crucial and ostentatious calculation he does to back up his radical diagnosis.

    This is what he wrote:

    Since 2008 welfare payments in Jersey have reportedly doubled to £90 million, equivalent to £9,000 for every single head of population, not just taxpayers. That's equivalent to £558 billion in the UK, which actually spends an unaffordable £165 billion on welfare"

    So, according to Mr Holland, Jersey spends around 3.4 times as much as the UK on welfare - no wonder we're in such a mess and, his real meaning probably is, attracting hordes of fertile lazy parasites!

    Except for one thing - Mr Holland is either lying or is incompetent at maths. £90 million divided by Jersey's population (100,000) is actually £900 per head - still a significant figure but reflecting the unprecedented numbers out of work and the even larger numbers forced by our cratering economy into zero hours and part time, often poorly paid, work just to keep a job and keep on top of their Social Security contributions.

    So, in fact, Jersey is actually spending about 30% of the amount the UK spends per head which rather destroys Mr Holland's apparent belief that Jersey is being over-generous with welfare payments.

    With so many who read the JEP eager to grasp figures like this to justify their prejudices, surely the JEP has responsibility to check such a figure before publishing it? To anyone competent in maths, the dis-proportionality of this calculation screams off the page. I wasn't even paying attention to it and I realised it was badly wrong - why didn't the JEP see it too?

  16. Nice video, but please ask your cameraman next time to move your head up a bit in the frame to more conventional spot rather than dead centre :-)

  17. Good questions today Trevor. The point about Gradwell and Rose is one that should not be overlooked. There is a pattern here for sure.

  18. I see the nutter Jon is going into over drive on Channelonline trying to rubbish HDLG again and attacking you. It does make you wonder why this individual is so obsessed with undermining child abuse investigations? It is all a bit creepy to me if I am honest.

  19. Le Marquand was at best economical with the truth yet again this morning over the Leah Goodman issue. I suppose we should be used to that by now. But I also heard him say that she had "told an untruth" presumably to the UK immigration people, thus insinuating that this was the reason she was treated in the way that she was. Le Marquand did not have the courage to say how she had allegedly lied and why such an alleged lie was serious enough to get her banned. I wonder what Ms Goodman's version is?

    Still, reading between the lies, it is now clear that Ms Goodman had been placed under some sort of surveillance and that the Island authorities - ostensibly under the instructions of the Governor - caused the UK immigration service to detain and ban her.

    This cannot be allowed to rest here.

  20. Anonymous

    Ref: Leah

    I'm sure her version - or the Bald Truth as most call it - will be out and very public in good time. Like a lot of other things going on that the local Pravda and the likes of Shirty Ben are desperate to keep under wraps...

    Funny how our Home Affairs Minister cannot even be aware of the link between the officer who must have so betrayed his trust - or maybe not? - and the abuse denier 'journalist' he fed misinformation to who was so vociferous in claiming the Welsh abuse never happened?

    You might think Ben or someone at the Pravda would dig into this? then again probably not - that would demand real journalism and backbone. Look out for some more JEP misrepresentation of facts tomorrow!


    Ref: your concerns.

    SS was not up for questions but I will follow up on this for you. Cheers.


    Ref: stats and the JEP letter.

    I strongly suggest you send a copy of your post here to the Treasury Minister and Ian Gorst. I would say send it to pravda but you would be wasting your time. They are not interested in fact just propaganda.

    Just look out for the keep the Constable propaganda that will be conjured up after a tiny percentage of the community go to the Electoral Commission 'roadshows'. Then ask yourself these two questions:

    1 - Why won't the JEP starkly and clearly illustrate the hude imbalance in 'fair' representation that will result if we keep Constables within 'super-constituencies'?

    2 - Why was it that when large turnout confirmed that nobody present supported Bailhache's hijacking of the EC that was not given the same weight as the minority who we now know still wish to retain the Constables?

    Like the Barclay Brothers - they want 'democrcy' but only as it suits and benefits them.

    Well, no further comment for tonight. As some of you may have heard I had to return home yesterday afternoon as I wasn't very well. I'm afraid that I have a stomach bug which has flared up on and off the past couple of days so maybe an early night will do me good?


  21. Hi Deputy.

    Just put the Audio from today up,
    You & your readers can Listen HERE

    Better late then never!


  22. Keep going Trev you are best hope for returning this island to a democracy. If it ever was one.

  23. Hello all

    Still not very well I'm afraid so won't be able to go to tonight's St. Helier Electoral Commission meeting. Please do go if you can - certainly if you feel strongly that everyone should have an equally weighted vote in Jersey.

    I shouldn't need to remind you that this is exactly what Senator BVailhache and his friends, not to mention the JEP do NOT want at all costs. So go along and have your say.

    Other than this just to say:


    Well done I hope they take notice.


    Thanks as always - a valuable service that you provide and one that I use myself.


    Thanks for the email and I will pas on your kind comments about my 'artistic director' and his effects both here and in person when I see (him or her).

    A star indeed - and I don't even have to pay them (which is just as well, eh Jon!)



  24. Hi Deputy.

    Is this person James La Gallias who I think he is, the unmenstionable one ? I reproduce posts from the BBC Facebook.

    BBC Jersey

    Jersey historical child abuse inquiry 'could cost £6m'

    Abuse review 'could rise to £6m'
    A committee of inquiry into historical child abuse in Jersey could cost £6m including legal costs, the Council of Ministers says..

    Paul Bentley Here's a good one.
    Why don't the lawyers donate their time for free?
    Ha ha ha.

    Mike Aubert So thats £1m in actual costs and £5m in lawyers fees then..?

    James Le Gallais £6 Million for what? So a bunch of miserable people can carry on moaning about the past to others.

    Christian Randolph Robertshaw James, here you go again. You complain about people moaning yet that is all you ever seem to do. It's not just moaning. This is about getting to the truth of what happened to those who were abused!

    Trevor Richomme James you are what this COI needs to expose, all the rotten people that covered it up. Are you that other person that come on here? That gets our money to shut people up?

    James Le Gallais So I cover up child abuse by having an opinion. Kindly explain how that works?

    Trevor Richomme So your opinion is it happened a long time so lets move on, yes!

    Richard Bougeard James Le G - if this was about children nowadays (still children), being sexually, physically and mentally abused by the people that were supposed to be caring for them, there would be an outcry, posts like this would be 100s of comments long, full of outrage and calls for hanging and castration. No doubt you yourself would also be most vocal on the subject.
    As this is about adults, who were abused as children, suddenly the crime is considered less serious by society, it seems like people like yourself have decided that they have no rights to highlight their abuse, no right to be treated fairly and justly, they should just shut up & accept what happened.
    Why the prejudice? Why the different treatment for the same crime?Why the prejudicial term "Historical"? Do we hear about "historical knife crime", "historical rape"? Seems like this is the only crime which is stigmatised and undermined by this term.
    Maybe, just maybe, Jersey is close to getting its "Savile moment" - maybe, just maybe, with the vast amount of evidence, reports and reviews that are available to all on the net, Jersey cannot hide away it's dirty little secrets for much longer. If the investigation had been allowed to run a proper, impartial course back in 2007/2008, and everything had been allowed to be out in the open, for all to see, we wouldn't be in this place now.
    Your attitude is narrow minded, highly prejudicial and appalling - I hope that you never have to deal in any way with child abuse in any guise - only then would you see just how life-changing and awful it actually is!

  25. Part 2.

    Christian Randolph Robertshaw Bang on, Richard. Child abuse is child

    Christian Randolph Robertshaw Sorry I pressed the post button before I meant to. Child abuse is child abuse, no matter how long ago it was.

    Christian Randolph Robertshaw James, it is the attitude of yours, in calling those who have suffered child abuse 'miserable people' 'moaning about the past' that helps lead to the abuse being covered up, since you need to have it explaining. Not just having a go at you here. You are not the only one with that attitude. Unfortunately!!!

    Trevor Richomme Well said Richard & Christian, This James guy is a dangerous person I would be surprised if he is real, Ive heard that someone is out there just to put out stuff like this. Ive just looked & hes not in the book Surprise Surprise. Do the BBC ever learn!! just as bad as the JEP printing letters without checking they are real. These are the Credited Media, what on earth is going on? this should not happen.


    Why do the BBC keep on upsetting people with there total disregard to Victim's of child abuse. You have to beg the question Why!

    Trevor Richomme.

  26. I understand from Rico's blog that ILM told you in the States, that Leah Goodman has lied, how does he know if he has not read her report?

    Furthermore, is this the government/msm line when anybody from outside the islands phones them to get a balanced view.

    ILM sounding more like a muppet or is it poppet, ranting on about another person who dares challenge the status quo.

  27. Essential reading concerning the Committee of Inquiry

  28. Trevor.

    Your/LMG's e-petition has passed the 2,600 mark and steadily climbing. Could those who haven't done so, please sign and share to keep the momentum going and help to get an "independent" real journalist to come and report some facts that the State Media keep covered up? It can be signed HERE

    1. We should have gotten 50,000 signatures at a minimum. This petition needs to have multiple avenues of exposure. A single day at a University should attract 1000+ if done the old fashioned way - with ink and paper. The entire journo community also really needs to step up. I'll help if we can coordinate that with Leah.


    2. Elle

      Thanks for the post. If you want to send me contact details I am very happy to forward on to Leah for her to get in touch.


    3. Now reached over 2,800 please keep signing, and sharing HERE?

  29. What do you think about Geoff Southern's comment about keeping the salary increase?

  30. What do I think of Geoff Southern's decision to take the proposed pay rise?

    It is his choice - and that is just as it should be.

    Neither I or Shona will be doing so. But that is our choice. To us - given the Council of Ministers mishandling of the economic situation and general contempt for the public sector generally - we feel it would send the wrong message out if we were to accept the rise when others are being overlooked/struggling.

    What we can't afford to see is a repeat of last time when you had the likes of Ben Shenton going on in the States about 'value for money' and how people should not take the rise - then quickly pushing off to run his private business while you and me (taxpayers) paid him to do so and the rest of us carried on in the States doing what we were paid to do.

    The Constable of St. Peter was another populist opportunist to be fair. Failed to mention his rather large final salary pension when spouting the rhetoric that others who often worked far harder, more efficiently and probably needed the money more should not take it.

    It has to be down to the individual - that is the whole point Ted Vibert initiated the fully independent review panel to make the recommendations.

    You can't have politicians deciding how much they should be paid - especially when you have multi-millionaires who do not even know what it is to have to make their own wy in the world without the inheritence from parents/companies the success of which had nothing to do with them.

    Whilst I may disagree with Geoff Southern on accepting this pay rise what also does need to be said is that love him or loath him Geoff is one of those who is worth the money due to the huge amount of work he puts in.

    Put it this way - being kind I would value him at at least 20 x the Constable of St. Saviour who was trying to score points on this issue. Or maybe 30 x the value of Senator Bailhache who has views which, in my opinion, are a threat to democracy,justice and Jersey's future prosperity.

    Bottom line is Geoff Southern will get hammered for this - but he probably knows that anyway.

  31. Just how many 'people' getting in touch by E mail this morning to the BBC was really our Jon? I spotted at least four. It is almost tragic that somebody lives his life hiding behin avatars.

  32. Anonymous

    I can tell you that there was some chuckling in the studio.

    What you also have to ponder - if you have a strong stomach - is whether or not he gets into charactor by dressing up as Hilary, Gregor, Pete, Tinker-bell or James 1,2 & 3 etc?.

    Perhaps he has a wardrobe like the old kids TV show Mr. Ben?

  33. James was a busy chap I noticed. Listened to it in the car a few times and he seemed to either have a different email each time or had sent in a very long one that had to be read in parts it was so big. And, there is no doubt to me it was the same James each time as they were so alike. Surprised I didn't here any from Julie or is she only for online commenting.

  34. No way! That sounds brilliant!

    Jon you are a star :-x

  35. Hi Deputy.

    Got up the Audio from today. You & your readers can Listen HERE


  36. When is the next bald truth review?

  37. Leigh

    Thanks for for the private note.


    The next Bald Truth will be up on Monday. I wasn't going to record one this week due to the 'justice system' special that will be recorded later next week - but knowing that the troll's life revolves around it I felt that I should.

    Jersey Way

    Thanks for the recording as always.

    Global Citizen

    Noted. Thanks for the private message. The issue is being looked at.

    Jon/HilaryJames/Pete & Gladys

    Why does it trouble you so much that the wider world is increasingly watching us? What are you so nervous about?


    'Jon' is a star - his antics put a smile on the face of hundreds...

  38. Listen to the recording on the Jersey Way of Friday's BBC show. The points you all raised were both lucid and to the point of what is happening in our island today. Thanks for all standing up for what is right. Good to see so many standing together as well. That is the way forward I am absolutely convinced.

  39. Hello all

    Just a quick post to say that whilst I have not been very well today - the after effects of the stomach bug from last week - the Bald Truth Review Episode 7 will be up tomorrow. Hopefully by lunchtime.

    A slight problem with confusion over whether some technical 'assistants' brought in by the show's director were members of the right union or not delayed production slightly. But hopefully all now resolved!

    When you watch Episode 7 you will notice that there is a slight gap to my right. Why? This is because we were hoping to have a 'special' guest from outside of the island. Unfortunately, that they didn't show appears to indicate that the Establishment Party tactic of banning 'dissident voices' from the island may be spreading...

  40. I notice Jon Fruit-Cake trying to stir things up on CTV reference the Southern pay rise story. Considering the truth of what you say that Jon's life revolves around his obsession with you and Stuart Syvret and he knows full well that you and Shona aren't taking the rise you have to ask just how fixated with you is this weirdo?

    Have you considered taking out some kind of re-straining order Trevor? You may think I am over reacting but if he has some kind of sexual crush on people like you, Shona and Stuart which seems highly probable he could be dangerous?

  41. Hi Deputy.

    Just put up Audio of the John Humphries interviewing His Boss George Entwistle & you can comepair that interview with the one our Matthew Price did with his Boss Jon Gripton.

    You & your readers can Listen HERE



  42. Wow Deputy, you are unpopular with some wealthy people I had a drink with last week.

    They have digested so much misinformation and rubbish, from the local media over the years they are kind of brainwashed. This is interesting because even putting forward in a gentle way questions to break up one way traffic of illogical bile, and inaccurate non facts, was not that successful with this old school.

    The good news is that above the tuttering and shaking of heads about deputies who have no place questioning the great and the good, including yourself, a suggestion was made to see your easy to watch ten minute tv like video each week.

    It became clear how hard it is for good politicians to get the message across, which means you are doing exactly the right thing enabling anyone interested to see the logic of your points of view in real time. Slow but sure, but it will take time.

    Well done the bloggers ( real people that write on the internet ) keep up the good and factually correct work.

  43. Bald Truth Review Episode 7 will be up before tea time (that's din-dins time if you are posh!)

  44. Hiya Deputy

    Love the new look and slogan. Can I just ask when the bald truth review seven is going up? You said tae time today?

  45. Bald Truth Review 7! We wants it and we wants it NOW!

  46. Trevor

    Do you know what happened to the rumoured BBC programme set for tonight about Jersey? Can I also echo Smeagol's question and request. You said show 7 would be up tonight. Is it still happening? Like the new slogan too by the way.

  47. I hope the video will be up. Just can't get the staff. They won't be rushed since they found out Geoff was getting a pay rise and they weren't...

  48. still waiting for no.7 and waiting. Come on Trev I need to get to bed

  49. Anonymous

    All I can do is apologise. I would like to go to bed too. There seems to be some technical problem preventing upload.

    Whether this is down to 'base camp' being hidden in the Mexican jungle I do not know. Even as we speak Admin is in contact with the Director to try and sort it out.

    Whoever wins the 'punch-up' will get to lay the blame at the feet of the other. Seems fair to me...