Monday, 29 October 2012


Such is the strong theme of contempt for fairness, justice and political transparency running  through this week’s ‘Bald Truth Review’ collection of news stories that I really was tempted to  re-title the show: The island that democracy forgot!’ But never mind – you might see that lovely little and most apt title appearing again somewhere else very soon. Meanwhile, even with three days worth of flu and hardly any sleep what exactly have I got for you this week? 

Well, how about a CEO ‘leak of the week’ that even makes a golden handshake of taxpayers money seem all right and ship-shape… I have some thoughts on what might actually underlie the latest Philip Bailhache meltdown in the States: yes, another attack on me this time for daring to ask about a Jurat system that is so lax in scrutiny even the despicable Jimmy Savile could likely have managed to become one! Shocking, yes I grant you – but sadly true.

More on this at a latter date but you do have to ask: why is the Senator seemingly so desperate to both distract from this deeply worrying flaw in our justice system  AND try to stick his nose into my quite separate recent court case? Really, you sometimes have to think 1769 never happened… 

And this incident also links nicely, of course, into the latest exposure of what a farce our alleged ‘separation of powers’ also is: Sir Philip’s kid brother, Judge William, sitting on his hands again count cobwebs and doing nothing as States ‘president’ – even though no fewer than three States Members rose to express their disgust and complain about the latest Sir Philip meltdown of bogus allegations aimed at me.

Throw in ‘super-injunctions’ striving to close down all but the State Media, and the fact that even convicted petty criminals can apparently be given YOUR taxpayers’ money to help fund such moves. State Media ‘editors without substance bottling a live BBC Radio debate challenge from Rico Sorda. Sleight-of-hand ‘statistics’ being employed to con you about keeping the Constables in the States within the report issues by our hijacked Electoral Commission – and an update on banned U.S. journalist Leah McGrath Goodman’s attempt to get her Visa status reinstated and it really can only be…

The political news review that tells you what the mainstream media should be telling you but don’t!

Keep the Faith – and don’t have nightmares. Eventually we all wake-up. Don’t we?

'Please clink on the link below to sign the pettion to get Leah McGrath Goodman's Visa status restored. 


  1. Another deeply disturbing piece Trevor. People should not sleep reading this they should march on the States.

  2. Bailhache with the Roger Holland Affair. Bailhache the governor of Victoria College during the child abuse. Bailhache attacking journalists rather than child abusers in his hijacking of liberation day speech. Bailhache dropped some 13 cases of child abuse. Bailhache allowing Le Breton to be a Jurat. Bailhache doing all he can to ensure a truly searching Committee of enquiry doesn't go ahead. If and when the MET Police start investigating Savile's contacts in Jersey and who enabled him then the name Bailhache should crop up again.

    Great video Trevor although very disturbing.

    1. Need to check your facts here, Trev. You say Sir PB was chair of the governors at Victoria College at the time of the Jervis Dykes abuse. I don't think that's correct. I think it was a guy called Richard Pirouet.

    2. Anonymous

      I think you are slightly confused here. These are not my comments but a poster's.

      Thanks for the information anyway. You should probably refer to the Sharp Report though, if you can, and the description of a meeting of the governing body 'chaired by Sir Philip'. It is quite enlightening.

      The fact is the response from the whole board was completely inadequate and what led up to it all shameful. None of these individuals involved in any shape or form should ever have been let near a court to sit in 'judgement of others'. They were clearly not fit and proper in the opinion of everyone I have spoken to.

  3. Trevor.

    What really has changed since 1769? The Chief Judge is still presiding over the parliament and the chair, it could be argued, William Bailhache is showing favouritism to his brother, or as you put it "The Philly and Willy show." Feudalism is alive and well in Jersey but won't be mentioned by the State Media.

    Speaking of which, the discredited and disgraced Jersey Evening Post, continue to discredit and disgrace themselves for not having the courage (testicular fortitude) to go head to head with Bloggers in a live debate. This will be because they know they will get ripped apart with documented facts and evidence by the people who have exposed the Jersey Child Abuse Cover up with said documented evidence.

    Finally your petition is now nearing 2,200 signatures and can be signed HERE

    1. Trevor.

      For some reason I came up as anonymous again but I did leave the above comment.

      Should have added not to expect the BBC to cover ANY of the topics in your BTR they have FORM

  4. Mr P. Gadd (but people call me 'GG'29 October 2012 at 17:43:00 GMT

    Having read this very interesting post can you advise how I might apply to be a Jersey Jurat? I have to concede that I am not of upper class origins but this aside I think I could be ideal material.I am 68 years old. I do not have to work as I have a good income from my previous career. Just as well really as employment has been difficult.

    I have had one or two problems in the past it is true. I would call them 'misunderstandings'. None were as bad as young boys being taken out on school boat trips to be deliberately intoxicated with alcohol prior to being abused and filmed by pervert teachers. I'm also quite sure a worldly wise Attorney General, Bailiff or poll-topping Senator on your island would understand and be sympathetic?

    How do I go about putting my name forward?

    1. Mr Gadd if you don't get elected as a jurat then there will almost definitely be a position for you at the education department or Health & social Services.

  5. Hello


    Thanks for reminding me about the link to signing the Leah McGrath Goodman petition. I will ask my excellent Admin to tag this on to the end of the main text ASAP.

    'Mr. Gadd'

    I understand the cutting humour which is why I am leaving the comment up. Thankfully I can inform you that with such a criminal record even 'GG' would be prevented from holding such a role. The shocking truth, of course, is that were Savile alive not having any convictions (yet) he could be put forward without any problems.

    Anonymous who sent a post mentioning a former politician and Masons.

    In fairness the way you worded this could be taken wrongly so I think whilst you may well be right you need to re-word it or send me some further evidence. Hope you understand.


  6. With reference to another post it is also important to highlight/remember that not all of the incidents you highlight are related to the same Bailhache.

  7. 'Feudal barons'? Anonymous

    Yes, you are right. But unfortunately they even seemed to have stolen your comment as it vanished mysteriously in to cyber space...

  8. Mr Gadd AKA "GG"

    Still "doing alright with the boys"?

    "Do we want to be in your gang?"

    OH NO!

  9. At present I am reading an old book all about jersey it explains the composition of the states and says that the jurats were chosen by the people, so does anyone know when this was changed?

  10. Chosen by the elite 'better' people? Remember that in our not so glorious past we dregs would not even have got a vote at all. As for specific 'Jurat' dates - maybe Tom Gruchy can enlighten us?

  11. Just for those who haven't realised yet, Paul Gadd is Garry Glitter's real name.

  12. The Philly & Willy show! Now there is a title for a real TV comedy programme? "Democracy my arse" as Jim Royal would probably say in the Royal family. How in heavens name can you have a judge presiding over your parliament? It is plain crackers. You in Jersey sincerely need the world's sympathy though I wouldn't mind betting you would rather we sent you some tanks?


  14. Damocles

    You have probably spoilt it for a few people now, mate! They were probably searching out the application forms to send to 'Mr. Gadd'

  15. Rich

    Tanks sound good to me my friend. The ones I have been looking after buried in Grands Vaux woods really are a bit rusty now.

  16. A couple of links for readers off Island


    These stories have all been updated? The job advert could be checked in the Library

  18. Trevor

    Are you able to find out either through the State Media or via whistleblower, how many complaints and allegations of abuse did David Warcup or Mick Gradwell see through, from start to finish.

    I do not count the prosecutions on the back of the work started by Mr. Harper and Power.

    I do think it is an important question the media should be asking.

    It appears to me, the speed at which these two men came in and the subsequent CTV award winning production and the released media hype in the closing of the institutional child abuse investigation is not a coincidence

  19. Trevor,

    Terrific video yet again and longer this time. Was thinking about the scrutiny hearing, you know the one that Gradwell refused to attend, he also refused a tele conference call. BDO Jersey turned up and tried to charge the committee was it £16,000 for doing no work just explaining how they went about the work already done.

    Did they ever get paid, as I remember the committee where appaled at the greed and front of that particular firm ?

  20. Replies
    1. Have you in mind the execution of anyone in particular !


  21. How many other States members support these views out of interest?

  22. Anonymous

    Where did you find THAT form!


    I must admit I have been surprised by the level of support. Some of this may become apparent fairly soon...

  23. PS 'Anonymous'

    I have a very interesting written question lodged on 'Super-injunctions' for next week. Unless, of course, it is strangely suppressed...

  24. Just listened to your question and Sharps answer re; data protection (jersey) law 2005.

    A good question would be what constitutes a data controller under this law?


  25. Makes you wonder.

    Have these four super-injuctions, paid out at tax payers expense....

    Has given these four a better quality of life?!

  26. The following written questions (I have had to post them in a couple of parts) were all e-mailed to the States Greffe by the usual process at 1.04am Monday morning. A full EIGHT HOURS before the deadline.

    Yet guess what?

    Apparently they all just 'vanished' in to cyber-space so now can't be asked because Ministers etc would not have enough time to answer them My computer shows they were sent without problem...

    Surely it is bad enough that we allow wholly unsuitable people to sit as Jurats and have a Deputy Bailiff who sits on his hands doing nothing whilst his 'big bruv' breaks Standing Orders and rants at another politician for highlighting some of the appalling flaws in our 'justice' system.

    Can we also now not even rely on questions not being tampered with or 'mislaid' just because they might be uncomfortable? Meanwhile, I will now have to choose two or three as orals and follow-ups.

    Think I will go with the Haut De La Garenne audit trail and 'super-injunctions'. After all a great many people are particularly concerned about unanswered questions relating to these two subjects,,,


    1 - To the Home Affairs

    'Will the Minister provide a fully detailed 'audit trail' identifying where all items i.e. teeth, bones etc) retrieved during the Haut De la Garenne investigation were sent for analysis; who sent/authorized them to go and where they went; who examined them and where each item is currently stored now. Will the Minister also confirm that no items from this investigation have been 'lost' or destroyed - and indeed confirm that any and all items could be retrieved if necessary for further analysis. Finally will the Minister clarify what explanation has been provided for the fact that Jar 06 was assessed to contain collagen - a substance only found in mammals - yet the fragment was later claimed to be a piece of coconut?'


  27. PART TWO

    2 - To the Attorney General

    'Following on from oral answers given by the Solicitor General on the 23rd October 2012 stating that public money could be granted to private individuals in support of lodging so-called 'super-injunctions' how much taxpayers' money has thus far been committed in support of the current 'super-injunction' case brought by four private individuals against former Senator, Stuart Syvret; further still who oversees such commitment of public funds and provides a safety check when an individual applying for such financial support is a claimed or alleged friend/acquaintance of the data protection Commissioner who the Assembly were advised was responsible for such payments being agreed?'

    3 - To the Attorney General

    'Given the secrecy surrounding so-called 'super-injunctions' (States Members even being advised that they should not refer to individuals despite them already being named in Westminster) can the Attorney General clarify whether an individual bringing such an injunction (involving use of public funds) found to be talking about the action openly to third parties him or her self is either breaking any law; or rendering the injunction invalid?'

    4 - To the Chairman of PPC

    'Given that the wording in support of the graph relating to the option of retaining the Constables in the States contained in the Electoral Commission report is wholly misleading i.e. not accurately explaining that keeping the 12 x Constable alongside 30 x Deputies within 6 x 'super-constituencies' will actually make the imbalance of voting in favour of small country parishes dramatically even worse than it is at present, will the Chairman undertake to ensure that the public are informed of this within both future material and within the forthcoming Electoral Commission meetings by liaising with the Commission Chairman?'

    5 - To the Minister for ESC

    'Will the Minister advise full details of

    i) all Chairmen and members of the Victoria College Board of Governors between 1990 and 1999; the periods over which they were involved

    ii) all Presidents and members of the Education Committee between 1990 and 1999; the periods over which they were involved.

  28. I just get more and more worried about what goes on in government. How do you explain this type of thing? It reminds me of Putin's Russia not a democracy.

  29. Questions have disappeared into cyber space....hahaha

    Any stunt will do hey?

    Welcome to our world Trev :)

  30. Trevor

    Please do ask about what has happened to the items from HDLG. I think we might find they have vanished in to cyber space as well? The super=injunction issue also needs more questions. Can people who think it is fine to brag about their bringing this in pubs really then whinge if somebody names them? It is complete madness.

  31. Re Anonymous & GG.
    Not all pedophiles are gay. The scum Glitter, as convicted, has a thing for little girls

  32. Has this happened before Deputy ?" Missing emails " to the States Greffe and no - could not be delivered warning, appearing on the senders computer.

    If it has could this be just a blip, if it has not, is it worth requesting the police forensic IT department take a look as the correspondence will be on the hard drive of the computer at the Greffe.

    At the very least it will send a serious warning to the greff if they are deleting questions lodged that " someone " does not want on record ( or indeed to answer ) in the States Assembly.

    Here is me thinking If not a genuine computer blip, this can only be a delaying tactic as you will lodge them again.

  33. Hi Trevor

    Just a thought - with reference to Leah Mc Grath Goodman's attempt to enter the Island, I noticed a Canadian news crew were here reporting about the Red Cross aid sent by Canada following (or during) the occupation. It was given air time on our local TV news. The journalists flew in on Monday from Gatwick!

    I wonder how long they will be here doing research and if they needed a 'working visa'? Maybe the time staying on the Island working might have a factor to play!


  34. If what 'they' are trying to do was not so alarming it would be funny.

    I really do think we are still all perceived as downright thick and stupid (or plebs as Andrew Mitchell would call us).

    My goodness, if they didn't before, please wake up and smell the coffee all you people of Jersey.

  35. Remember, remember the 5th of November - abuse of Data Protection, drunken death threat phone calls and plot!

  36. I bet Emma Martins is impressed with all these blog posts you do Deputy.

  37. Trevor .

    Play them at their own game.

    In two weeks time hand deliver those lost questions to the States Grefe with a film crew as witness.

    Make a complete drama out of it, for the world to see!?

  38. I let the above post relating to the Data Protection office from our troll friend throughg because it is so amusing.

    My answer is that I have never been that impressed by cowardly trolls who threaten people down a phone line. Nor, come to think of it, individuals who run errands for convicted petty thugs.

    Hope that is plain enough English?


    Did I mention how a drunken, abusive troll had phoned me no less than three times the other week - even though his behaviour has been reported to the police previously? Some people just don't learn, do they? Or is it just when they get a few beers down their neck?

  39. To the person who asked about 'making some noise' - sounds good to me.

  40. The article is utter tripe! But comment 'one' looks WORTHY OF DEBATE in the Chamber of Horrors.

  41. Trevor.

    Jimmy Savile, Haut de la Garenne and the STATE MEDIA


    "Edwina Currie, then a junior health minister, appointed Savile to a taskforce to manage the hospital in 1988. She told Channel 4 News in a statement: "What [Savile] did have, as I know for certain, is information which gave him a hold over staff. That could explain why they said nothing, even with their knowledge or suspicion of his misbehaviour. As a result ministers were never given the information, when we could have barred him from the place."

    The currency of corruption in use - The Savile Way = The Jersey Way

    Chief Minister Gorst - Are you reading the blogs yet?

    Be very careful choosing who is selected to sit on any COI. You don't another Savile "appointed to the taskforce" - Or as Jurats for that matter !

    Do you?

    Until you start reading outside of the MSM, you cannot claim to be informed enough to make the right decisions to protect children.

  43. Trevor.

    If what you are saying about your "gone missing" questions, is true, (absolutely disgusting by the way).

    But the sad thing is that you have no way to prove it.

    So the best thing you can do next time is to put them in by hand. "Make some noise", as you say.

  44. Two things need commenting upon within our local rag the Jersey Evening propaganda.

    The first is the utter hyporisy of any JEP editor talking, ney, leccturing people about integrity. This is the paper that printed downright lies about the child abuse scandal.

    It is the same paper is it not, Trevor who printed complete lies that you and Shona were now getting a 'four times the salary' pay rise when you got elected, even though you have proven that you in fact took a pay drop. Have they no shame at all?

    Secondly we have our St. Saviour Constable Sadie Renouf saying States members are not worth their money. Well she is definitely right in her case. How many times has this do nothing "politician" opened her mouth in debates since being elected? I believe that it is three and every time it has been unparliamentary garbage.

    If sshe brings this to the States I do hope somebody highlights how bone idle our Constable is. A better argument for removing the Constables from the States you could not get!

  45. Just been on to Channel on Line. You have to laugh at the troll. Busy pretending to be mainly women attacking you about the Reform Day. Does his missus know about these leanings? The funniest bit is a comment where the clown asks why do we need to look at the history books when they have already been looked at. Duh! Because the relevant material was scribbled out dumb a**!

  46. Jersey Police unlawfully refuse to give me INFORMATION about their illegal raid!

  47. Hi Trevor, what action is being taken now to bring back Leah McGrath Goodman to Jersey to finish her book?

  48. Anonymous

    My colleague Deputy Mike Higgins has an excellent oral question on the issue for next week's States sitting. There are also other 'developments'. If you can just hang on for later next week things will begin to get 'interesting'... Wish I could say more but I can't just yet.

  49. Here is a puzzle for you and your readers.

    Why would a troll want to win a mug? Would it be to put his Stella in so he could pretend he is drinking tea and not getting rat-arse? Or is it because he has too much time on his hands?

    Answers on a postcard to -

    The Soggy Cardboard Box

    Under the old p-stained mattress

    Behind the overflowing wheeliebin.

    Next to the pile of binbags.

    St. Helier

  50. Can anyone lend me a memory stick (I have to save my pennies you know!)? I only ask because the relentless and seemingly never-ending posts of abuse and threats from the island's most infamous Muppet are now reaching epic proportions.

    I almost begin to think that maybe it would be kinder to publish them as they obviously provide this Jonnie No-mates with some kind of release or therapy? Then again - no. It will all be coming out in time, won't it... No doubt next time some psychological help will finally be put in place?

    But something for Jonnie No-mates to ponder: it isn't the odd battle that you lose short-term that matters it is the war you win in the long-run. yes, the next month or two are going to be very 'telling'.

    1. Open a new folder in your Email account entitled "Crap Blog Comments" like I have, and store them in there. I have hundreds of them, and all from just two morons :)

  51. Just forgot to add. The next BTR - Bald Truth Review - should be up on Monday.

    That's 'Bonfire Night' - or maybe 'Super-Injunction Day' depending on whther you are in to history or rumours?


  52. What time the royal court?

  53. Hey Jon

    I forgot to ask you this question when you phoned. Now that you have told me about the super-injunction does that mean you have broken the 'rules'? Come on, I'm really intrigued...

  54. The Rag up to their old tricks again. When will they do some proper investigative journalism? Or is that a silly question?

  55. The JEP just reports the news and this investigative journalism people keep on talking about is nothing but exaggerated manipulated bullshit.

  56. Just to say that the BTR Episode 6 will be up either later tonight or fist thing tomorrow.

  57. Message for Martin

    Am I right that your comment was a private one and not for publication?



  58. Good question regarding "evidence lost or destroyed" Trevor :)

    I seem to remember somewhere sometime, at some press conference, that DW destroyed evidence as it wasn't credible (or similar wording). Is there still any vidoes of this anywhere? (sorry, I have looked but can't find it anywhere.

  59. Regarding the superinjunction which everyone knows about due to a UK MP.

    Would they ? could they ? be that stupid and narrow minded, completely out of touch with the UK media's eyes on Jersey to lock up the infant terrible, Jersey's true son who has no material wealth, but gave everything for his beliefs.

  60. Is it not a very serious criminal offence for evidence to be destroyed? If evidence has been destroyed or lost! will there be an inquiry to establish how it happened and criminal proceedings to follow?

  61. I liked you question Trevor, did you aim to get the answer you received from ILM, as he has now given you the option of reading out a list of various bones (as in Mr Harpers blog post on SS site some time ago), asking if each one is still held as evidence, including the one that some lab assistant thought looked like coconut (like me saying a bit of salt looks like cocaine).

    You can ask about each tooth, the fleshy bones as well, you could have a new list for each session.