Sunday, 7 October 2012


It can only be Episode 2 of ‘The Bald Truth Review’ – the political week in 10 minutes or less!

Yes, welcome back to Episode 2 of what the JEP’s ‘A week in politics’ should tell you but won’t in case it shook your support for their hapless Establishment Party chums in the Council of Ministers. What have we got for you this week? Well, almost a bit of ‘something’ for everyone.

A ‘political leak’ even bigger than the one that saw the mainstream media story of a ‘damning’ report that ‘justified’ the illegal suspension of Police Chief Graham Power revealed to have less substance than the Invisible Man! Indeed, a new ‘political leak’ that could mean many Members of the Establishment Party forced to spend a whole day in the States Chamber for the first time in years…

£2.35 an hour  ‘slavery’ – or the truly disgusting exploitation of Ukrainian seafarers by a ferry company who’s Jersey ‘links’ go back generations. Can we really condone this treatment of fellow workers in the democratic world of the 21st Century? Yes, we’re talking about Condor and if you travel with them you ought to be on the phone to both their Jersey and Guernsey offices - right now! Meanwhile you can watch a short video about this issue by clicking here: 

We also have Jimmy Savile in Jersey and the photograph the late ‘celebrity’ took out an injunction to prevent being seen. ‘Allegations without substance’ as our mainstream media regularly portray anything painting Jersey is a light that is less than rose-tinted? Or do we need to be digging a whole lot deeper?

Talking of ‘digging’ I also have an update on best-selling author and highly respected U.S. journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman’s fight to be able to return to Jersey to continue her research in to Haut de la Garenne. Three weeks after the launching of the very public petition we may finally have a way forward?

Not enough for ten short minutes? Well, I also have news of a Chief Inspector in Jersey’s police being suspended and news of what is rumoured to be behind it. Last but not least the Home Affairs Minister’s attempt to try and make the ‘not fit for purpose’ affront to civil liberties that is our Jurat system look a bit more plausible as the Establishment party get twitchy over my forthcoming proposition. 

All of this and the return of award-winning and freshly ‘liberated’ Bald Truth Review backdrop! Trust me – if you aren’t excited by this then you are probably already dead! Or possibly even worse – a Conservative…

Keep the Faith


  1. Thank you Trevor for these short reviews which is an idea your fellow politicians should follow. Love the background by the way.

  2. A brill show and I love the link to the Seaman's industrial action on the mainland. Tell Shona a big well done girl for bringing this issue to government in Jersey. Exploitation sucks.

  3. Can you explain any more about the suspension of the policeman without falling prey to a super-injunction?

  4. You are far too talented for local politics! This is great. At least 49 of your colleagues would not have a clue how, or even the 'balls' to do this.

    Just one little suggestion. Perhaps for readers who are not based in the island you can explain a little more about some issues? Perhaps even put a link to where you have talked or written about matters before.

    But not a criticism. Marks I would give are a good solid 9 out of 10!

  5. Sorry

    I had to ponder whether to put up the question on 'Super-injunctions' because the possibility exists that if I even mentioned that the next 'Top Secret' hearing in the attempt to hijack our Data Protection Law to transform it in to a tool of Establishment party suppression is set to take place on NOvember 5th - ALLEGEDLY! - I might be subject of one too?

    Remember, remember - the fifth of November - gunpowder, treason and plot....

  6. I am in no way bent.

    Dave Polo.

  7. Before I rush out to see the football - can I just thank everyone for comments and say a personal 'Thank you, Maestro' to my Bald Truth Review Director.

    I know we are not talking Oscars here but Jersey's own 'Oliver Stone' (or is that Michael Moore?) deserves real credit.

    Thanks, mate!

  8. Terrific open and honest Deputy Pitman " this is how I see it " video report.

    Just one little point to make I am very much alive and more Conservative than labour or liberal, but believe in truth,honesty, transparency and accountability of Government.

    Does that make me odd in Jersey ?

    1. Well, you are not alone - so there are two of us at least then.

      The Beano is not the Rag

  9. It certainly sounds more and more that Jersey Data Protection laws are in fact being used to stifle free speech. It would even seem as though our Data Protection Laws are going to be the strongest in, dare I say it the world! Most dictatorial coutries just restrict internet access whereas it appears in Jersey we will keep the internet free, we need to for gigabit Jersey eh, but we will just tinker with the law around Data Protection so as to acheive the same end.

  10. Anonymous

    If you are a Conservative second but a supporter of truth, democracy and justice first then you are OK by me. As you suggest, so many of these issues go far, far beyond whether one is left, right, centre or, indeed, have no understanding of political theory at all (like the average States Member so may people would say!).

    Thanks for your comments.

  11. Good and poweful stuff. Is this video available on you-tube generally? I couldn't seem to locate it and everyone should see all of this good stuff you Jersey bloggers are doing.

  12. No one wants to investigate COMPLAINTS OF CORRUPTION here in sleepy sunny shady Jersey?

  13. Trevor the public were told Graham Power was suspended by Andrew Lewis the former Home Affairs Minister after he read a damning report on Graham Power.

    Since the leak of the in-camera report we know he didnt read the report. The question is, why did Graham Power get suspended by the Home Affairs Minister?

  14. Totally unrelated to your video but I have a question. I would like to dump a bed at bellozanne recyling. They do accept furniture yet I've been told you cannot use a van. I The problem is my bed will not fit in my car I dont want to pay a commercial firm to take it away. A friend with a van offered to dump it but he had been told he needs a licence as its commercial. Why then can taxpayers not dump furniture at bellozanne using any van? Any ideas please?

    1. The reason is revenue and control. A license will undoubtedly cost money and will also put you in contract with Government, yet another needless contract. It's akin to getting married!

      When you get married you and your loved one sign 'their' marriage Certificate and therefore are contracting with Government and not each other. A marriage certificate is literally a warehouse receipt, chattel.

      A certificate is defined in law as "a paper establishing an ownership claim" right there you see that you are both owned. The Government created it so therefore they are the benificiary of it, and you and your loved one are the trustees of the trust created.

      When it comes to separation or divorce, the Government can sit there in judgement of you both and they decide who gets what, including the children! Anyone getting married should draw up their own agreement between themselves and sign that at the ceremony. This prevents any interference from Government in any dispute you may have with each other in the future. You are not obliged to sign "their" marriage certificate to be married.

      Remember, NO ONE is obliged to sign any Government document as ANY Government Document is ONLY AN OFFER, nothing more. They simply use Legalese to word the document so it appears to be a demand. e.g "you must" "you have a duty" etc etc

      Any Government document with the words "submission" and/or "Application" and/or "registration" on it, IS A CONTRACT.

      As for the bed, just get your friend to dump it at the gates of Bellozanne without going on to the land itself, the staff can do the rest. After all, that is what they are paid for :)

  15. I will put your question to the esteemed Minister for TTS, Deputy Kevin Lewis, tomorrow. Seems absolutely crazy as you say.

  16. I see on the news that Hugo Chavez has won the Venuezuelan election. If only we could swap him for Ian Gorst.

    We might then see moves to policies where Jersey is seen as belonging to all in the community - not just the Rich Man's private club who set policy with this Establishment Party.

  17. Regarding the van comment, I to had this problem and I pleased to say that my small van was allowed to dump lumps of plastic at Bellozanne after I convinced the helpful guy that I was not commercial but private doing my own odd jobs.He told me that La Collette was free for private but not for commercial.

    I had a old mattress to dump a couple of weeks later and thought I would test wether La Collette was in fact free, if it was not I would refuse to pay and return to Bellozanne.

    I joined the queue of vans at La Collette and pushed the button and told them I was private and not commercial. The barrier lifted and I did get rid of the mattress.

    So all well and good for now. No doubt they are minded maybe even desperate to charge the public at La Collette, but so far I found it a good and free service.

    Should they try and charge you as a private person in a van or then say no and cause mayhem by reversing out, that was also what I would have done without hesitation.


    Have a look at hearings for 15 October. Yes - the same Jersey nurse whose name cannot be mentioned on penalty of a stay in La Moye.

    Also, if I recall correctly, the name of one of the four people who, according to John Hemming MP, caused a super injunction to be issued in the Royal Court recently. I also understand that another one of the four has recently been suspended as a police Chief Inspector.

    It certainly looks like our system goes out of its way to protect the unsavoury and penalise those who try to bring public interest issues to the notice of the public.

    ... and when I think of happy Christmas!!!

    Sheeeesh .... what a place we live in.

    1. Amazing revelation! No doubt all this will come out in the wash. I am beginning to think maybe I should spend my retirement overseas. As much as I love this island the politics sickens me to the core. It is so frustrating because I am too old to do anything about it. Wish I was younger I would certainly take up the cudgels.

      Never mind the bloggers are sorting things out I hope. Keep up the good work and don't let the bastards get you down.

      As for THAT nurse I had no idea such things could happen in Jersey.

  19. Anonymous @ 13:54
    I too have experienced a similar thing at Bellozanne. A friend with a small van offered to help me dump some junk from aorund the house. When we arrived at Bellozanne we were turned away as we were in a van. They confirmed at the time that all the junk would be accepted if I drove back in my car with it.


  20. Good video Trevor and a good backdrop. Did you buy it or go the Blue Peter route?

  21. Thanks. The Blue Peter route. It is amzing what one can get around to doing of an evening when you have no money to do anything else thanks to our 'justice' system! But more on the laater very soon...

  22. Any comment on the bus strike deputy ?


  23. Any comment on the bus strike is probably better left until after tomorrow's statement from the Minister.

    There is much that can be said and will have to be said. perhaps most important is that if we had had a grown up' approach to this whole process from those trusted with overseeing it then we would not be seeing the public suffer now.

    No one has the right to hold people to ransom of ccourse. Equally no 'government' has the right to let its flawed ideology and low level of competence in handling such matters make matters even more difficult than they need to be.

    But looking to the bigger picture any 'government' that allows a situation to develop where its power is usurped by an arrogant and not fit for purpose judiciary; where disgraced magistrate disignates can draw half a million pounds for doing nothing etc is unlikely to be one who has the welfare of ordinary community and working people at heart.

    Another wake-up call for the unions too as they really should have learnt by now that allowing a divide and conquer strategy will spell their death knell. I am a strong supporter of unionism but that doesn't stop me saying that some union members really ought to think about what is going to happen a few years if a pint or watching the football is more important than getting politically involved.

    Sorry if that upsets some people but it is true. Unions like the left generally need to start working together more - before it is wholly too late.

    1. Don't knock the pint. Sometimes it is the only bit of pleasure these men get. Soon they won't even have that if the pints keep going up in price. Wonder when the £5 pint will be on sale. I don't drink alcohol but I am married to someone who enjoys his pint, works hard and likes to see his fellow man treated justly! Never been a political beast and sadly that is where his achiles heal lies. He trust the Government more is the pity - whereby I don't and have done all I possibly can to agitate in the right areas but I am alone and get very lonely trying to help make things right. I admire the work that you and your good wife are doing and I also admire the work of the bloggers.

      Jersey needs a great big spring clean. Don't know where all this will lead but I know this island has the ability to become a lovely place again. As far as I can see the only way we can beat these b******ds is by beating them but we (who are against them) need to collect and act. What in your opinion is the best way for me to find likeminded people in order to give my unswaying support of turning the tide in this lovely isle. I am jerseyborn and not a mushroom, yes we do exist!

  24. Hi Deputy.

    I'm no way a union man & I agree with you there. The Union's Politics happens in the Pub behind the Pomme dor. I was surprised to see the Scottish union party lot in the Cafe or was it before 9 in the morning?

    I'm afraid I'm with the Government on this one, the Unions will be the deaf of everyone they should wake up & smell the coffee. 40K + & they are not happy, give me strength.

    I hope this Government do something right & stand up to them & crush them. Unions have had there day.


  25. You made that Data Protection Law question a bit melodramatic didn't you?

  26. Collas Crill give a brief on a Super Injunction, although this would not cover those who John Hemming named in UK parliament, so there must be some other interpretation or perhaps just made up at the time.

    I'm now looking for the Jersey law on Super Injunctions as I wish to obtain a better understanding, of how anyone can challenge the use of such a law against a particular case, if one does not know if it is being used or in what context.

    1. I for one can't wait to read the book and see the movie about this. It should be a stranger than fiction Catch 22 meets 1984 type thing. This will happen because the story is too hot to lose its legs now that the Beeb and tax shelters are linked to child abuse and injunctions against bloggers for telling the truth. It will be known as a most astounding true tale of a very sinister wealthy island committing grave crimes against democratic principles so close to mainland France.

  27. I forgot to include the link to the Collas Crill pdf:

  28. "Judges are basically using the European Court of Human Rights to deliver a privacy law without Parliament saying so.’"

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  29. trevor
    outstanding in the states today hit the nail on the head gorst is a coward.and so is most of the com if not all. keep up the good work that you and shona are both doing.


    Where is Jersey's list?

  31. We certainly do NOT want unions 'crushed'!

    Unions are important checks and balances against exploitation.

    What unions need to do, however, is always stand on firm grounds when making their case and stand together.

    Of course unions must also always be willing to be reasonable - just as employers, States or otherwise, must.

    On that score I have to say that with regard to the States it has usually been government who have failed to respect this.

  32. Trevor,

    On the current bus strikes -

    Listening to the questions on the strike in the States today, it's always interesting to see which States Members are on the side of ordinary working people and which ones have allegiances in other, more sinister, areas.

  33. Trevor if only more members had the guts to stand up like you do to these arrogant Crown Officers and their lap dog politicians. The bailiff was a disgrace and Gorst embarassing.

    A separation of powers to be proud of? How does that play out with Birt sitting there giving out his orders on who can say what? If it wasn't so serious I would laugh.

  34. You said it on the dual role! Hilarious - not!

  35. Of the alleged super-injunction, of which our CM is staggeringly unaware, it is interesting to note that DM has been suspended, AM faces a disciplinary hearing on the 15th Oct (the details of which are there's a surprise) and JH has been blabbing and posting his usual garbage on the BBC Facebook page (unless of course, it's a troll using his name). I wonder when DW will pop his head over the parapet.

    Please keep up the good work Trevor.

  36. "The Chief Minister said he was "unaware" of the existence of any super-injunctions in the island."

    Do you know what the above statement was Trevor? It was History. That was the third Chief Minister in a row "LYING" to the house!

  37. I cannot believe that the CM has not bothered to read the Sharp Report, he really must be useless. Perhaps his lacky Bailhache told him not to bother!!

  38. I've just had a thought, scan a few of the relevant paragraphs (from the Sharp report) with the names highlighted in bold and colour, blow them up 200% and leave them around Members seats.

    It does beggar belief that the BBC/JEP both ignore facts from documents leaked to them and the CM cannot bother to check facts from the leaked Sharp Report.

    Has anyone been able to follow up on Bailhache's response to John Hemming's truth telling, didn't Bailhache say he would be speaking with John! Has Bailhache denied there is a Super Injunction? Has Bailhache denied that a Jurat was appointed that should not have been.

  39. I'm struggling to find anything within the Data Protection Law 2005 which could be used as the basis of a Super Injunction or even just an Injunction for non-famous people without any image rights to protect. Can anyone help me understand, for example, say I wished to stop a next door neighbour posting things about a robbery I might have done from seeing me return with a big blag bag, what do I have to tell that Emma to get her on my side and have it all paid for from some mysterious source??

  40. On the bus strike, I wonder how many if any of the drivers earning this kind of money are in houseing property?

  41. A most interesting set of comments.

    Alas, circumstances prevent me from elaborating upon what others have said.

    Perhaps it's as well to simply cut to the heart of the matter, and say the the United Kingdom Office for Judicial Complaints is going to be busy during the next couple of years.

    Indeed, a few of us may wish to compare notes.

    None so mighty, none so mighty.

    Stuart Syvret.

  42. A post I choose not to use due simply to its attempt to play progressive against progressive - as in the bad old days of a couple of years ago - asks 'who's side am I on?'

    Simples. I am on the side of justice. Its the only one to be on in such matters.

    Still, as someone else rightly said...

    when you get to hear comedy gold like the Chief Minister proclaiming to the BAILIFF how proud he is of Jersey's 'separation of powers' the laughter almost makes all of the tears and frustration worthwhile!

  43. If, Mr Gorst was, going to ''allow'' states members be presented with the verita report by Mr. Marsden as he did with the williamson report, Why couldn't he say yes, when questioned today?

    One reason only. He can't allow Ministers access to detailed Verita Terms of reference. If they compared Verita against Williamson TOR, there's no comparison in providing a genuine committee of enquiry. This can then be used when the explanation is given as to why members had to vote for williams TOR. It's the excuse needed.

    Government spend tax payers money with this same format, commissioning reports, to which states members well practised in the drill know, never see the light of day due to some problems in the report all in the name of PR.

    The only purpose, served (at cost to the taxpayer) is a show, of doing the right thing.

    Once a report's received job done till the dust dies down.

    The report will be kept on the back burner, until such time as it can be hidden no longer. Out come the excuses of tweaking and problems with terms or cost The COM move on with the acceptable report prepared from the outset, in this case the Williamson show. Transparent & dated.

  44. Did anyone else pick up on the the Bailiff's intervention to stop PP possibly being utilised to name names already in the public domain via MP John Hemming in the Commons?

    The States Chamber truly is an alternative universe.

    How odd too that only a couple of sittings ago Senator Bailhache was being allowed to get away with the blatant falsehood that my concerns about the shambolic Electoral Commission handling of bogus submissions was relaated to a member of my family? Indeed, this wasn't challeneged by the Deputy Bailiff - his own brother - until I stood up and said if it wasnt retracted I would have to call the Senator a liar?

    Really, the sooner the States gets truly independent Speakers in the better. And why can't we have a Justice Ministry? Well, we would have to lose our 'tradition'...

    1. I bet the rag will trash you tomorrow over this coward outburst.

  45. How refreshing to see such a stylish and different approach from someone inside the Big House. Ever considered working for Channel?

  46. Thanks and no - I have only got one 'hair cut' so they probably wouldn't have me?

  47. A truly fantastic speech Deputy. Perhaps the best ever made in the States. Our Council of Ministers are a sickening disgrace. They should be ashamed. Keep up the good work.

  48. Isn't it strange how things sometimes happen?

    Only today I found myself receiving not one but two 'tip-offs' as to the rather sad and desperate bullying tactics that certain third rate media oganisations - or rather those who control 'policy' - seem happy to undertake in interferring with democracy. Doing this, of course, by an on-going campaign of misrepresentation and even downright lies.

    I really am sorely tempted to do a post with all of this revealed right here and now. But then I thought - no. Given so much else far more use to hold fire a while; nasty as the intent behind this is. Nevertheless, a pleasing aspect of this has to be the very surprising source of one of the contacts. Right within the vipers' next so to speak!

  49. Whoops! The word 'next' should obviously read 'nest'. Its the excitement you see...

  50. Sounds intriguing?

    On a different media theme can you tell us about this Judge that the Rag says you have been alleging to have been able to sit on cases where he was friends with a defendant?

  51. Anonymous.

    'Intriguing' it certainly is and well worthy of a full length post or video in time. Be patient.

    As to the second part of your post about a judge sitting on a case where he was clearly conflicted due to being friends - I have made no such claims about ANY judge.

    This is, I'm afraid, yet another example of misrepresentation of me by the JEP.

    Whether by lousy journalism (easy to imagine I would have to concede) or deliberate intent I will leave readers to ponder for themselves.

    But being committed to transparancy...

    Given that we know the JEP read this blog - why, they only got the joke 'States leak' story from this site - why doesn't the editor come on here and tell us all when and where I have said this about a judge?

    He won't. Because he can't.

    Because rather like some of the people behind their letters attacking the likes of me, Shona and Montford any truth in this claim does not exist.

    I have spoken only about a Jurat and it is not 'allegation' it is documented truth - with more coming in all of the time.

    As it happens there is a claim about a 'judge' sitting on a case where he clearly should not have if true - but that comes from another politician.

    Of course, I guess the truth may be that the person at the JEP who wrote this garbage just doesn't care? Talk about 'straw men'!

  52. When you consider that Channel TV and the BBC treat you with respect Trevor you have to conclude that all of the attacks on you and Shona from the Jep are personally motivated.

    The Jep really is of a very low standard politics wise and the worst of our mainstream media by a mile. You really don't have to look any further than all of the obviously falsified, malicious letters. When do you see such letters attacking do nothings as diverse as kevin Lewis to James Baker. Paul Routier to Lyndan Farnham and just about every Constable you can think of?

    You just don't.

  53. JEP page 6 10 october 2012

    Chief Minister to consider claims of abuse in the judicial system

    CHIEF Minister Ian Gorst has agreed to meet a States Deputy who has raised concerns about possible abuse in Jersey's judicial system.

    Deputy Trevor Pitman has made numerous allegations in recent weeks about the appointment of certain Jurats and said that judges who were personal friends of defendants had been allowed to sit on their cases.

    During question time he also claimed that courts had been tampering with transcripts, but said that no one was prepared to look into it.

    In response to a question about mirroring the key priorities of the UK's Justice Ministry to include some oversight of the legal system, Chief Minister Ian Gorst said it was right that he met the Deputy to consider his concerns, 'I look forward to meeting him to considr some of his concerns,'he said.

    However, he added that the separation of the judiciary and legislature, which he said did exist in Jersey, was a 'fundamental principle of democracy' and, as a result, the States had to be careful.

  54. The Jersey Evening Post certainly have you in their sights Trevor.

  55. Hi

    You are right that CTV and the BBC do treat me very differently from the JEP - but then we don't call it the Jersey Establishment Post for nothing, do we? If you recall they started this behaviour barely a couple of weeks after my election swearing in - so this probably says a great deal?

    Not even worth saying any more just now though - there being plenty in the pipeline. The key thing is just not to give in to bullies who hide behind a company and wouldn't say boo to a goose if they could not do so.

    On a nicer point as you mention Senator Farnham I would just add that both he and Deputy John Young were very complimentary about my speech. 'Powerful and raising the uncomfortable things that needed to be said'!!!

    Thanks guys.

    And then they both voted the other way! Only in Jersey, eh?


  56. My dad died without even seeing the cowardly slurs against mine and Shona's names wiped clean. Do you really think they scare me in the slightest?

    It has certainly been a tough old time but the boot will soon be on the other foot - and for that we have to thank members of the public who have been coming forward.

  57. Hi Deputy.

    Audio of Mr Harper talking on Radio 5 with Tony Livesey last night, very interesting. Don't think this is going to go away too soon.

    You & your reader's can listen HERE


  58. Thanks TJW

    Keep up the good work. You provide a really useful service. I would have missed this one without you as I couldn't get back in time.

  59. Why do you think the JEP write false letters and trash you with articles whenever possible, isn't it worth calling a truce, it can't go on forever?

    1. The jep aren't trashing Trevor. They are are trashing themselves. The Denver Gals on Stuart's blog nailed it with 'they just don't get it, do they'.

      Lots of faith in a decent politician.
      Please keep it up.

  60. Nice to see a mention for us all here in Jersey in a hugely influential global business magazine like the U.S. 'Fortune' today!

    The House of Commons the week before last. Now this. Who knows where next? Well, you have to stand up to bullies don't you. You have to get the truth out there...

    I'll try and put up the link if I can't get hold of my Admin wizard. Or any reader who is not a techno dummy like me can send it through?


    U.S. fortune today.

  62. Anonymous

    How can I call a 'truce'. I am not doing anything 'to' or 'against' the JEP. I ask no favours from them whatsoever - nor anyone else. I expect only to be treated fairly and the same.

    I also simply stand up for myself and for those who need and merit it. No more. No less.

    I think perhaps you need to direct your question to them.

    Maybe asking why the attacks, the misrepresentations and the falsehoods against Shona and myself for no apparent reason - other than perhaps that we do not share their right-wing, elitist politics? You tell me.

    As for 'how long can I go on'?

    What was it that old 1990s hit single said 'I get knocked down - but I get up again'.

    No one has ever bullied me and no one ever will. I also do not give up. Should I ever think of doing so then I only need to close my eyes and picture my dad's face. Get the message...

    People who spread lies about me or my family, or seek to intimidate me or them had better understand they are going to have to be in for the long haul. Of course, even when things are tough - I am fortunate to be the type of politician who needs not a thing from the likes of the JEP to get elected.

  63. Someone told me yesterday that they had used the jep to insert flyers to advertise a certain event last year the number was 24,000,copies, this year alledgely its only 14,000 this telling us something,and is it possible to verify this.

  64. Hi Deputy.

    I've put up Audio recordings of the TTS Minister giving his Statement in the States, the Urgent Question by Deputy Southern & a Interview that was played yesterday by Radio Jersey with Mr Chris Lewis from Tantivy which is quite interesting. As he is saying that he Tendered for a completely different Contract Under Jersey Bus, Then CT Plus did. He Tendered for all employees to have there same Terms & Conditions. Even to Me that does not seem Fare!

    If you can get this too the Bus Drivers if they would like to Listen I would be Grateful. You & your readers can Listen HERE

  65. Do you know if there is any law around who can take out super injunctions? Surely for instance you could not have a person who has a serious conviction for making cowardly threats that innocent people would be murdered amd so forth?

    I also really want to know what taxpayers money is being used in this very secretive case? Why can't people pay for such cases as you and others will have had to do? If there is some untoward States funding going on we need to know.

  66. Your very good video talks about the exploitation of Ukranian seafarers.This is so very wrong but ignorance is alive and well in Jersey. I am a tolerant person who believes that we are all equal in God's eyes. But not everyone is.

    I was deply shocked to even hear one of my drinking companians from down the pub Grgor Haworth had e mailed the BBC this morning to call the union fighting for these people as being communists!

  67. Wow! Reading the link from one of your readers I am impressed to see you quoted in a powerful journal like Fortune magazine in America. You are obviously moving in circles far beyond our own blinkered shores these days.

    Is this a strategy you intend to develop? We certainly do need the wider world to know what goes on with our corrupt judicial system. This is probably the only way we can bring these crooks to book after so many years of doing as they please.

    Please keep up your hard work and ignore the knockers.

  68. Anyone who tries to defend such exploitation must, at heart, be an adherent to some kind of racist world view. How can it be acceptable to pay two people doing exactly the same job for the same company hugely differing rates of pay?

  69. I don't know if you aware of this Trevor but I tried to post in support of you rightly calling Gorst a coward on Channel on line. The post wasn't rude in any way but has failed to appear. So I can only assume that perhaps supportive views are being knocked back. Please say well done to Shona on the Condor issue for me too. I heard her on the Beeb and what she and Mister Proctor had to say was spot on.

  70. Anonymous

    I am a bit surprised to hear this as CTV are usually fine with me. Fact is I don't tend to even read the mainstream media net comments because as many of us know the fact is none of them are as tight as they should be with the multiple 'comments' from the nutter. But if you try again without luck let me know.

  71. Somebody sent me an e-mail suggesting that a person would have to be weak to attempt to use a 'super-injunction' rather than go the open court route. I would have to concede that this would have to be a posibility unless there was a very good reason. Otherwise why not go 'public' unless there is something 'dubious' somewhere in what one is attempting?

    The big concern, however, must remain the issue of public money being used where everyone else has to take the hit themselves. The good thing in the long run - because I have information on this - is that at the end of the day this factor will be made public. It will not be allowed to be buried.

    You really have to ask whatever next in this island?

    A constant fight by just a few of us to get a full investigation into the 'historic' abuse scandal.Then we find a jurat who has an at best demonstrably 'malleable' commitment to justice and what is right and wrong; at worst is clearly utterly warped in terms of judement. Yet still being allowed to sit dishing out justice for years.

    Next we even have further hard evidence of said person being allowed to sit on a case where he is an evidenced long term friend of a director of the company who owns the defendant in a case... This has to stop. It needs to be made public outside of the island and it is going to be. Indeed the process has already begun. The good thing is that a growing number of powerful people are disturbed by all of this.

    After all, if such things were genuine 'mistakes' and acknowledged as such it would be different. But when does the Establishment Party ever say sorry without being forced to? They just don't.

  72. Surely the correct method for paying employees who have company accommodation and meals etc.. is to record the correct hourly rate x hours worked to arrive at gross pay. Then deduct for tax/social insurance especially the employer element, to arrive at net pay and then with agreement of the employees then deduct for meals/accommodation.

    This would ensure everything is absolutely clear and that Condor do not avoid paying their full share of employers social insurance.

  73. What intrigued me about the names that John Hemming read out was how these four people knew about each others concerns and then went about contacting each other and then arrive at an agreement to seek a joint injunction for exactly the same strength of argument. I bet it is unheard of anywhere else in the world. It could well be a big first for Jersey.

    PS don't tell Gorst, he doesn't know, he might have asked his deputy sorry next one down his assistant but was told it was on a "need to know basis" and he didn't need to know!

    1. If the Chief Minister of Jersey is not familiar with the current controversy over the misuse of Super-Injunctions in Jersey, the Denver Gals would be only too happy to explain it to him.


  74. This is the last wword on 'super-injunctions' from me tonight. And all it is is this...

    Being a bit bored with some of the abuse that one particularly sad individual seems to get off on posting I have come to think it may be very helpful - should it need to be established what a compulsive liar the person is - that if necessary I will make some evidence available.

    Not just the usual abusive stuff sent me but perhaps some e-mails sent by this pathetic bully to a third party. Stuff that has him stating that 'he doesn't know me' and apparently 'has no interest in my politics'. With it I will enclose some truly fascinating evidence demonstrating just what a threadbare liar the person clearly is.

    This being evidence from both myself and others that shows I am actually an obsession in this sad individual's life. Indeed, an obsession and target for his hate surpassed only by his obsessions with Lenny Harper, Stuart Syvret and Gaham Power. Should help his case no end...

  75. Meanwhile, certainly good to see the exploitation of Ukrainians by Condor actually making leas stories thanks to Shona's questions and this blog.

    Whenever the mainstream media take up a story they have otherwise ignored simply due to any of the Citizens' Media sites we really ought to celebrate that.

    On a related issue I should also say 'Thanks' to Leah McGrath Goodman for putting a link in her piece for the influential U.S. Fortune magazine to my blog. This all helps spread the word about what is being done to the island so many of us love.

  76. Look out for some big news fairly soon on jurats being allowed to sit on cases where they are impossibly conflicted.

    I wonder if the JEP will report it?

    Perhaps the biggest and most serious question of all underlying this - why has it been allowed to happen by our 'judiciary'?

    The international publicity around this one should be most interesting...

  77. As Emma Martins is now in charge of Guersney's Data Protection, I guess she will be trying to (with the help of perhaps Bailhache) to persuade Guernsey to use the same wording of a new law. So Guernsey maybe sleepwalking into imposing the same wording, which I doubt would be acceptable to the Guernsey states members.

    Where can I find a copy of the proposed new law?

  78. Hi Trevor, I assume Leah must have now completed the new form and must be booking her air flight, when do you think she will be coming to complete her work?

  79. I just read that a senior Met Police officer was recently charged with offences under the Official Secrets Act -

    Given the apparent circumstances of this, is this not very similar to what Gradwell did in Jersey a few years back? I wonder if anyone ever looked into this aspect of Gradwell's behaviour? The Home Affairs Minister admitted publicly that Gradwell had leaked information to the media but, as I recall, he added that there was nothing that could be done about this as he was no longer a serving police officer.

    As far as I am aware, the Official Secrets Act applies even after someone has left the job in which he acquired the information .......


    One man who did the right thing at the right time. Why are people intimidated and do nothing?

  81. hello

    The question aboutLeah mcGrath Goodman is one that I can't answer as yet. She is clearly working hard and the article in the very influential Fortune magazine can only help raise global awareness to the abuses of law that are going on in Jersey, and thus help bring about much-needed change.

    I may not agree with everything Leah sayd but then I don't agree with everything my own wife says politically! The important thing is that the reality is getting out there and, as a result the pressure will grow on those those like Mr Bright who claims we don't need a media Ombudsman even with the biased and demonstrable garbage that the likes of the JEP write will have to improve their standards.

    Episode Three of the Bald Truth Review subtitle: 'Inside the States Chamber Twilight Zone' will be up on Sunday night or first thing Monday morning.

  82. Trev

    I think the story about the way the sailors from the Ukraine are being exploited is diabolical. When people are attacking the bloggers and the progressive politicians they ought to just note that it was Shona in the States, and you through your blog who raised this so that the public would see what was happening.

    Tonight even the filthy rag has one of their holier than thou and badly written editorials about the issue. Channel ran a piece yesterday. Yet was any credit given to Shona or even you and the blog - course not. The media here are fast being exposed as not only lacksidaisical but clearly biased. Long may this continue.

    Keep up the good work both of you.

  83. I wonder if the news story that I heard about the BBC doing an inquiry into how and why the Newsnight programme on Jimmy Savile was dropped will be a full and proper investigation? Or will they be following the Jersey Way of watering things down and bringing in 'the boys' to ensure nothing too damning comes out?

  84. I think this inquiry will eventually be quite revealing and possibly in more ways than one?

    The thing is when you look at what has finally happened with the likes of the Hillsborough einquiry, and what has come out about journalists in the UK any attempt to cover tracks might really blow up in the Corporations face.

    Will they take that risk with taxpayers money for the licence at risk? A more likely scenario I believe may be a blame fest within arguing who should have been blowing the whistle.

  85. Can I just echo a well done to both you and Shona for helping fight the cause of the appallingly treated ukranian staff on Condor's vessels.

    Good to see politicians standing up for true social and democratic principles. Might not sound much to ask but you know what a rarity that is in this government.

  86. Thanks and I will pass that on to Shona as always.

    Last post for the evening. So I will just add that we shot the next episode of 'The Bald Truth Review' today. Will write up the accompanying text on Saturday. Probably put the video up Sunday evening.

    Also interesting developments in London relating to Jersey's utterly flawed judicial system. Probably be able to say more next week. Well, you have to fight to the last 'bullet' don't you? It is what is ultimately changed that matters...

  87. You are top politicians, communicating with the people telling them how you feel what you stand for, what is going wrong in Jersey which is all open to different many different points of view and you are fearless.

    So here is a question, apart from a handful of question askers who are well researched and relevant like yourselves, aimed at those who have poor answers or no answers. What are the rest of the politicians achieving for the people that voted for them ?

    Keep up the good work deputies more people are reading the blogs, than the established politicians hard core could ever imagine, and numbers are growing by the day.

  88. Jersey courts trumping up false charges and disobeying International Human Rights Laws. Time to take a good look at our JUDICIARY

  89. I wrote to advise about the comment sent to Channel within their daft story about you calling Gorst a coward saying that this had not been published. I can tell you that it has now appeared rather later than I would have expected.

    But I can also tell you that a comment I posted the same day praising Shona for bringing the Condor issue to public attention however has still not been published. I have to wonder why as they have a whole raft of negative comments up which have all the trademarks of the Jersey troll. Do Channel really wander why so many people have them down as little more than another mouth piece for the old boys club?