Sunday, 21 October 2012

Child Abuse Concealin’ Journalist Bannin’ Justice Riggin’ Tax-dodger Lovin’ Propaganda Spinnin’ Progressive Smearin’ Commission Corruptin’ Democracy Destroyin’ Lipsmackin’ Pep – Whoops – JERSEY ESTABLISHMENT!

A new fizzy drink that will rot your soul almost as fast as your teeth? No. Just a few Bald Truths that Senator Bailhache doesn’t want ‘States Deputies’ to talk about because it might damage the Establishment Party’s reputation…

Leaks on the Electoral Commission... Leaks about forthcoming right-wing ‘party politics’… A very serious question regarding the land re-zoning allegations investigation... The real reason we are having to pump tens of millions of pounds in to re-developing social housing… 

All of this and banned U.S. journalist Leah McGrath Goodman still no nearer to getting her Visa... It can only be ‘the Bald Truth Review’ Episode 4!

The video is all pretty self-explanatory: the stories speak for themselves. So I will add only this. Why I am I being a party pooper and releasing some of the key ‘findings’ of our Electoral Commission the day before it’s official launch? 

Simply because despite numerous reassurances from the Establishment that such behaviour was a thing of the past – once again the mainstream media – the States Media – have been given an important report a full THREE days before elected representatives of the people!

It shouldn’t happen. It wouldn’t happen – in a proper, functioning democracy at least. But hey, this is Jersey remember. And whilst bleating to the Finance industry that ‘States Deputies’ should not tell the truth about issues that are ruining the island I love in case it ruins our ‘international reputation’ the Senator treats his colleagues with arrogant contempt. 

Then again, when you see what the Commission has come up with I suppose that’s nothing set against the way all of you who wanted a fair and equally-weighted system of representation have been treated. Have I got anything wrong? Well, who knows – but if so my excuse would be that I’m not afforded the same access to the report as the Jersey Evening Post, Channel Television or the BBC!

Makes you proud to be a democrat!

Keep the Faith



Look out for my last words on the video. Print them on a tee shirt - they might just help YOU to help ME (and the Progressives) to save US…

'Please clink on the link below to sign the pettion to get Leah McGrath Goodman's Visa status restored. We want to hit the 2000 signature mark soon! 


  1. Absolutely brilliant. Love it. More real truth "telling it how it is"!!!! So this is what we get from our hard-earnt cash being used by Bailhache? Keep the Constables even though Wimberley has shown they do next to nothing. Love the play on the old Pepsi ad too now that is something to get on tee shirts. Need to sort out your headline though Trev, bit disjointed but not a criticism mate. Keep it going and all of the best. You are doing us proud.

  2. I love you. You are wonderful.

  3. Love it, excellent review as always!! "ruining the island & our international reputation" - priceless with a hint of irony.

    1. Good stories or truths. Fantastic use of alternative media.

  4. Thanks Richard and thanks Anonymous x 2 and even JHS - whoever she is.

    All truths in my opinion.

    I leave mere stories to the type of cowardly internet trolls who get off on peddling lies about people probably because they are too lazy to try and make the world a better, more equal place like we Progressives all do.

  5. Lip-smacking good the open and honest comment from a politician, not the drink you advertised.

    No doubt the English press are reading this.

  6. Rico

    Thanks for the comment. Not sure if it was a to publish or not so didn't.

    Anyway, don't worry about people re-using the video. At the risk of sounding like a lefty raidical subversive: what's mine is the peoples!


    The English press? Well funny you should mention that. With word spreading fast about how our Jurat and Justice system is being abused the press interest will be stepping up a notch fairly soon...

  7. Great work once again. To be fair though although I can't agree with keeping the Constables who are little more than lobby fodder for the COM getting rid of Senators is a good move.

    There is no need to have three types of member in such a small island don't you agree? Even less now when you consider that unlike years and years ago just about all of the current Senators would be hard pressed to hold down a proper job in the real world.

    I would have said cut to about 46 and one type of member and get rid of the Bailiff and Dean. Sorted.

  8. Anonymous

    I think what you suggest is very workable. Put it forward if you haven't already come the Commission's island tour. In fact you should as should all who feel the same.

    Because you can be quite sure that like a decade ago these meetings will be having the Constables supporters bused in under a three line establishment party whip to try and pretend they are the majority view!

  9. Another great and entertaining review Trevor. I'm going to get my t shirt printed tomorrow. Maybe two as the pepsi skit is also great. The story on a possible re-birth of official right wing politics in the island is certainly a fascinating if scary one to say the least.

    Nevertheless being a school teacher can I also be a teeny bit picky and tell you that you have an 'I' you don't need in the line about party pooping. Don't worry I am not a teacher at the College where they see it as acceptable to put a good name before acting on child abuse! We all have to draw the line somewhere.

  10. Hello Miss De Meanour.

    Why do I get the suspicion that this might not be your real name? Lucky you didn't say you lived in Belmont Road as well or I would have put you down for sure as one of Pravda's fake letter writers.

    Then again - you say nice things so you can't be one of them can you? The fake letters in the paper only attack Progressives as we know.

    Whatever the truth you must be a new poster because the amount of typos I make due to my five fingers and a thumb typing you would have been pulling me up every post!

    Thanks for your comments anyway and I look forward to seeing the t shirts. Maybe I should start selling them? I mean the troll keeps telling me a won't have a bean soon!(Luckily I have more faith in what 'friends' in London are telling me as to the long term).

    But still maybe this could be what Tel Boy - sorry Del Boy - used to call a 'nice little earner'...

  11. When Leah's visa story is understood in the context of the breaking Savile-paedophile ring-Jersey-HdlG abuse scandal, the implications will be global.

  12. Intersting comment - the only option left on the table for progressives? A workable compromise?

  13. Blimey, I didnt think the reform proposal too bad considering I expected nothing. Referendum on constables good idea. Although, when I wonder would that take place, at the same time as deciding on the reforms or would we have to wait another 4 years.

  14. Excellent report.

    I wish Leah would keep a diary page on her attempts to enter Jersey. This may be helpful for anyone else who may wish to apply, in fact it might even be worth a few others trying as well to see how they are treated. Perhaps Leah could let us see the difference in filling out a Tier 1 visa compared to the recent form, compared to what she had been told about a writers visa.

  15. Trevor.

    A good straight talking Bald Truth Review and looks like your leak about the Electoral Commission was on the money. What a disgrace that Philip Bailhache is treating States Members with the same contempt as Ian Le Marquand does and gives important documents to the State Media before Members.

    In the meantime here's an exclusive interview with former SIO LENNY HARPER.

  16. Come on people - just 19 signatures needed to hit that 2000 mark on the petition!

    I know we haven't been pushing this lately considering we thought we had a sensible way forward - but having done everything we can, if not...

    Sign and tell every person you know to do so!

  17. Re: Leah - Just a thought.

    I think you need a slimmed down version giving the totally non aware a quick snapshot and then get it passed via facebook friends and twitter. I find the long version is good for those with the time to read and understand okay, but a quicker version might get a better reaction from the younger community who link up better.

  18. "I know we haven't been pushing this lately."

    Err, I have :)

  19. Did you really have access to the electoral commission report or did you just make it up? Can you set the record straight?

  20. Dear Trevor,

    Am I correct to say that the Electoral Commission proposals are to be first put to the chamber? if this is the case does this mean that the question of the 'constables in the states' being put to A REFERENDUM to the people will mean that the 'sitting' constables simply cannot be allowed to vote on this matter due to 'conflict of interest'??

  21. Brilliant Trevor, it gets better every week. Thanks to you and your team behind the scenes for all the effort to produce the programme.

  22. Did I 'have access to the elctoral commission report?'

    Now that would be telling wouldn't it? But perhaps you should just consider the old saying 'know your enemy'?

    I know mine very well so it is quite easy to 'predict' what they will do. Particularly when they are always going to put self-interest ahead of the democracy and equally weighted vote for all that people like me campaign for.

    Meanwhile, Troll, numerous rambling, insulting posts AND phonecalls now?! You really are a sad and embittered bunny, aren't you?

    1. Ha Ha, you can't know your enemy that well as you didn;t predict the referendum :-)

  23. As for the team behind the programme - yes they are brilliant, aren't they? Even some of my media friends in the UK have now commented. And they all do it simply because they love democracy and want to see our justice system made fit for purpose!

  24. This really is very well written and presented. But can I ask some questions? Do you really manage to do this in one take as the flow suggests? Did you ever study drama and can I also ask who your production team is as they certainly do a very smooth job?

  25. Anonymous

    1 - Thank you.

    2 - Yes. Didn't you notice the bit where my voice was cracking as I had a cold? One just soldiers on, dear boy/girl...

    3 - Only if you count school which I think everyone did?

    4 - Yes, you can ask. But no, you won't get an answer. Imagine if the Communications Unit was found to be 'moonlighting'? Only joking, of course...

  26. Ian

    Well done on pushing the petition. A cause worth the effort.

  27. I just had to say 'hello - and welcome!' to whoever is watching from Cambodia...

  28. Duh! Reference 'anonymous' Jon 'ha, ha' comment:

    The referendum aspect was written into the whole process. Just how thick are you - or are you just bladdered again?

    Will you now be stalking Sir Philip on the internet too as he has proposed doing away with the island-wide mandate?

  29. Dear ha, ha, poster who is not Jon.

    Given that I have not told you the source of my leak and would obviously not do so I think your comment is rather silly. If you hope to lull me in to revealing my sources - very accuate as they were - then I'm afraid I will have to disapoint you. I'm sure you understand why.

  30. Trevor

    Don't get bogged down with this troll idiot trying to find out who your source was. Next thing you know you will have a super-injunction against you with the tax payer footing the bill. That or your source will have a summons from Slippery Phil's PPC for being a naughty boy or girl.

    Listening to the debate today I must say Slippery Phil made an even bigger prat of himself than usual with his personal attack on you. I'm so glad you brought up the Sharp report and showed where peoples concerns really lie with the jurat system. What did Phil say? Nothing to be ashamed or worried about there! My God abuse was put second to protecting Victoria College's non-existant good name? They don't have one and I should know I went to the dump. Then we let one of the teachers to blame become a ley judge!

    I wonder if the Rag will report the real issues or just do the usual and try and shaft you? Silly to ask really I suppose.

  31. Good on you for standing up to that pathetic would be bully boy Bailhache today. Can anyone clarify what it was that Bailhache junior was claiming about the Crown Officer and the Sharpe Report?

    I don't see how Birt could have ordered this to be looked at. I thought it was done through education once the college had been rumbled for covering up the horrible child abuse for so many years?

  32. Pitman 2

    Third rate ex-Bailiff 0

    How did this fool ever get elected? I hope he comes and stands for one of my deputies in 2014. I would even vote for Suzi Pinel before him. Maybe not Ann Pryke?

  33. this lesson is boring roll on saturday night23 October 2012 at 16:02:00 BST

    Cool! I might even start to take a bit more interest in politics if it is delivered like this.

  34. I found this statement by Mr Entwistle of the BBC to be of interest:-

    " 'There's no question that what Jimmy Savile did and the way the BBC behaved for years allowed him to do what he did and it raises questions of trust. I can't look back on it with anything other than horror. It is a matter of great regret to me.'"

    For surely this is what the Chief Minister should be saying:-

    "There's no question that the child abuse that took place at HDLG and other States controlled buildings raises questions of trust. Therefore to have an inquiry that does not discover who knew what and when, would certainly lead to a total breakdown of trust and more global condemnation of how things are dealt with in Jersey, we need to prove to the world we do not protect pedo's"

  35. Well done again today Trevor for not lowering yourself and parliamentary standards to the level of Philip Bailhache.

  36. Thanks to the above for comments of support.

    Don't be alarmed - you have to laugh at the desperation really. The cracks are well and truly showing. As for little brother sitting there too scared to rein his big bruv's rant in! Yet other people get pulled up for saying awful words like 'tosh'. LOL!

    But 'No cover up' with regard to Victoria College? Really Senator Bailhache. Well, okay - this can all form a part of a Bald Truth Review 'special' coming very soon. An extended look at the Establishment attitude to abuse.

    Basically shoot the messenger and put back on the rose-tinted specs as quick as possible.

    Throw in the Senator's latest fantasy and you start to see a picture and pattern emerging, don't you. After all, what was it last time, Phil? I think you were busy telling conmplete lies about my reasons for highlighting your total incompetence in allowing bogus submissions to the Electoral Commission in the name of a 14 year old child who had had his identity stolen by an internet troll.

    Yes, apparently this was due to some kind of family squable? Zero truth but hey what does that matter? Then again I suppose the Senator's track record of protecting children isn't that great when you think about Roger Holland...

  37. Trevor.

    Well done. The last time P Bailhache cracked up like this in The States was when he was called a Bangkok pimp!

  38. JH Superdysfunction(al)23 October 2012 at 22:52:00 BST

    Now that we know that our data protection commissioner can/is able to hand taxpayers cash out to private individuals for super injunctions the next question has to be how much has been given. Then who they are and thirdly why the sum was seen to be justified.

  39. Hi Deputy.

    Just put up Questions without Answers from today.

    You & your readers can Listen HERE


  40. Re the putative super injunction. Perhaps the question should be about why, if indeed there is an injunction in place, it needs to be a super injunction rather than a plain old injunction. They both prevent someone from doing whatever is alleged is being done. Again this complete secrecy business being supported by our DP Commissioner - allegedly!

  41. I have noticed that two of the four worked for the States and the other two have States connections.

    Is this data protection super injunction a test run to silence freedom of speech by residents on the internet, now that the local media has lost much of its influence ?

    Column 859

  42. Trevor.

    Part two of Exclusive interview with former SIO LENNY HARPER

  43. Trevor

    All of these attacks on you from our failed former Bailiff Bailhache really look like little more than pure hate. What do you think is the motive behind this un-Statesman-like behaviour?


  44. Dear Troll

    Thank you for your latest abusive posts and phone calls. Most illuminating. They certainly display your petty jealousy of others, your embittered hate and towering cowardice. Perhaps above all your total inadequacy as a 'human' being?

    Little more time to waste on them or you in the final analysis. Other than to say that, given that society should know about creatures like you, should Mr. Syvret need a witness to your true character in any court of law I will be very happy to appear as a witness.

    Sleep well...

  45. may I post my response to Lady and Lord something or others letter in the JEP on the constables in case it is not accepted please?

    "This letter for me just goes to show how out of touch with modern living some people here really are. We cant keep living in the past with traditions that are frankly outdated in a modern democracy.

    I dont know anyone amongst my peers that agrees with the above letter but maybe there is an age difference here and my peers and i are more atuned to modern day life.

    By the way, the constables will still remain loyal to their parish and nothing is stopping them from passing on their concerns to an elected member of the states if they are removed. The problem is at present they do nothing generally in the states except receive a remarkable wage and press a voting button every couple of weeks. They dont partake very much in debates so they are not required in the states in my humble opinion, and would probably serve their parish better by spending more time in the parish and not just being in the staes meetings to press a button."

    I think the last paragraph might be a little agressive for the JEP to allow in response to a Lord and Lady.


    p.s. I hope you are recording those phone calls as it is high time this cretin got what the magistrate said would be coming the last time he was in trouble for abusive phone calls. Assuming of course it is the same inadequate little manchild,

  46. Great news about Alan Breckon.

    Have just told him about the posts and IP of Jon E Nomates' comments sent to me yesterday attacking him. Forwarding to him and his lawyers next.

    As has been said - just proves the benefit of having a jury of ordinary, decent people rather than a non-Human Rights compliant collection of jurats.

  47. Brilliant news on Senator Breckon Trevor.

    Just shows how keen the establishment were to try and get him putting the head boy Baker in charge though. Also shows you are dead right about the difference with a jury instead of having mates of the party IE jurats!

    But on a different note is it true Trevor that a well known local loon made a failed complaint to PPC about you? If so can you tell us any details?

  48. After reading the article in todays post it could explain why you lost your recent civil case in the action you brought for defamation.

    If the court was being ''seen to be fair'' and actually had a Jurat of which Mr Bailhache pointed out himself you have been raising issues over, during your long line of questions then Mr Bailhache is blind to the reality of fair justice in a court of law.

    The above is aside from the issue of whether a person who was a Jurat, was actually an ideal candidate.

  49. Trevor.

    It stands to reason that Bailhache and Co are out to get the majority vote to keep Constables.

    The usual non voters and Bailhache and Co's opposition have now really got to get it together and make US the majority!

  50. "By the way, the constables will still remain loyal to their parish and nothing is stopping them from passing on their concerns to an elected member of the states if they are removed."

    Just as they did/do in Guernsey when they were removed from the Guernsey States.

    No need to visit far off eastern islands to find a better way to run Jersey, just don't do half of it.

  51. Can anyone answer me a question? I know that it is me who is the States Member - but we are talking 'top secret' possibly even illegal 'legal' machinations of justice here in my opinion; so I probably know no more than the rest of you.

    But my question to you is this: if an - admittedly drunken - thug approaches/phones me and amongst some abuse braggs to me that he ihas taken out a 'super-injunction' against a third party has the said thug actually breached this injunction process himself?

    Indeed, if he has, what are the penalities? I mean we can hardly have a Bailiff going on about the need not to mention names in the States if a person involved in such a ludicrous case is happy to blab about it himself.

    If any lawyers or even the AG is reading this again could one of you please advise? After all, we surely can't have taxpayers' money being handed out to people in secret when one such individual is not even keeping matters 'secret' themselves...

  52. I'm no legal expert but not sure the answer matters if they (AG, judges) can make it up as they go along. I do hear steady gossip of this drunk blabbing about the Super-Injunction in public. But then he is already on YouTube bragging about his connections, referred to as "WE." Has anyone asked him who he means by the "WE" who "Know everything?" Is he referring to those who facilitated and supported the politicized misuse and corruption of the Data Protection law?

  53. Common sense and logic would lead you to believe, that iff anyone tells you, they have taken out a 'super injunction' against someone, obviously he has broken the terms of the engagement undertaken. I suppose whoever is financing or behind the reasons can adjust the terms to suit. all i m o

  54. Three quick points...

    The Bald Truth Review Episode 5 should be up later this evening - if Mr. Stone the director can finish his other commitments.


    Yes, I think you are right - our legal fraternity are likely making this super injunction process up as they go. I mean, I have already exposed how individuals who help try to conceal child abuse can still become Jurats with no qquestions asked, so this is surely chicken feed in comparison?


    The letter you refer to attacking Montford Tadier and my good self in the Jersey Evening Pravda - would this be the same one exposed as yet another fake being from a 'Mr. Noel' who was found (or rather not found!) to not exist at Milfred Lodge at all? Thought so...

  55. Busy week but I must say that the two highights of the past week have been you rattling the cage of the P*****s B******d, (who incidentally shares the same initials!) and standing your ground as well, and secondly the visit of Ed Marsden from Verita, which sadly took the threat of a proposition from Monty to get the CM to back peddle.

    Good stuff!

  56. Hi

    My only comment for this evening. I thought I should let people know that due to some uploading problems linked to the length of the video the BTR Episode 5 will now be up around 10 o'clock Monday morning. Apologies for delay.


  57. Hiya Deputy

    Thats a shame but problems happen. Will check out the blog tomorrow to see if the "BTR" is up. If the problem is to do with you-tube then I can tell you this happens fairly often and for no apparent reason sometimes.