Monday, 1 October 2012

THE BALD TRUTH REVIEW The political week in 10 minutes – or less!

Welcome to a new project on my blog – ‘The Bald Truth Review’ video. What’s this about? Well, basically it’s an internet video version of the Jersey Evening Pravda’s ‘Week in politics’. The only real difference is that on my show we actually tell you the truth about the major political stories of the past week – or as the tag line says: ‘the political week in 10 minutes – or less!’ 

Tongue in cheek, yes, it is – but deadly serious for all of that because the issues that I will talk about are ones where the public really do need to ensure that they find out the facts; rather than relying on the Establishment Party spin. So - all you need to know to get you digging deeper and presented to you in less than 10 minutes! Now that surely has to be worth a few minutes of your attention?

Is this first ‘episode’ perfect? Of course it isn’t. For a start the Bailiff had repossessed my expensive ‘Bald Truth Review’ backdrop and the autocue I had pinched from the BBC when I last did an interview was playing up a bit! Still, for one take I don’t think it was a bad first effort.

The good news – or the bad if you are a mainstream media outlet used to having your own way in pumping out whatever old tosh version of events suits your intent – I hope to make this a regular feature of the soon to be re-vamped website and blog. With Team Voice’s excellent Live Blog TV broadcast on the Thursday of every States Sitting another small step in bringing you the real stories under the headlines.

The old 1990s cult TV show ‘The X Files’ used to famously say that ‘the truth was out there somewhere’. Well, some of us actually know where the truth is being hidden and we’re increasingly going to be bringing it in to your home! Let’s start with a few choice thoughts on the identity of the ‘real’ Chief Minister; Plemont; the Terms of Reference for the ‘Historic’ Abuse inquiry; a second land reclamation site to pour more toxic ash in to and the small but hugely important issue of protecting parliamentary privilege…

Keep the Faith.


  1. Deputy Pitman,

    Excellent effort, I am confused, you a prepared to stand by what you say and be heard by the public. Where are the other elected 50 ?

  2. Love it Trevor the subjects in your video are interesting but the video itself is great and I hope it does become a regular series that will attract a cult following. MORE PLEASE?

  3. Quote of the year has got to be "TESTICULAR FORTITUDE OF A EUNAC". Great video and look forward to seeing many more.

  4. Hey, this is brilliant. A great idea. You should do it every week. You need to put a bit of white paint on the walls of the old Bald Truth Bunker though to brighten up the background. Beats the Pravda column hands down.

  5. Congratulations our TREV excellent work more please.if only there were more like you in the bighouse.

  6. Great stuff Deputy. You should get your website logo in the background, a sort of News at 10 style look. But fair play to you this is the type of alternative media we need as with the blog tv broadcasts. Citizens media is certainly coming along nicely here in the Septic Isle!

  7. Trevor.

    A welcome addition to your Blog-site which hopefully will take off and turn into a regular broadcast.

    Possibly the most important issue raised in your video is that of "parliamentary privilege" because as you rightly said it is a corner-stone of democracy and if the courts start telling our politicians what they can and can't say, then we are going straight back to pre-1769 where the corrupt Royal Court run the island. God forbid the most senior Royal Court Judge could start shutting up our politicians and ordering stuff to be wiped off of Hansard..........................Wait a minute! Tom Gruchy will be turning in his grave!

    On another note one might argue that if we had an independent, impartial and objective media over here then there would be no need for these broadcasts, or Blogs in general?

    Hopefully that will happen some day but in the meantime you forgot to mention your petition which will help get an independent journalist over here.


  8. Thanks for all comments.

    I know this first effort isn't perfect but the key thing in life is to get better as you progress. It certainly beats going backwards like our Island under the Establishment Party!

    This isn't all my effort either but largely down to my team of subversive gnomes who must have their identity kept secret. We do this by them living in isolation in a secret bunker deep in Grands Vaux woods - quite near to where Norman Le Brocq's tanks are buried actually ready for the final showdown!

    Yes, it can be a bit dark for filming but I am planning to break into the Bailiff's offices with my commando team to re-liberate my backdrop in time for episode 2. I may even have a brand new brilliantly white 'Bald Truth' t shirt printed - if I can make enough money busking this week.


  9. Meant to add this. Some people might think that in speaking about issues I should have, or forgot to mention September 28th 1769.

    Well, I didn't. The fact is that I am actually now lodging a proposition which I sincerely hope will help raise the profile of this important event permantently. And justify all the hard work that people like local historian Mike Dun has done to get it recognised over a number of years.

    After a delay due to unforseen circumstances this is finally off to the Greffier's Office now and will be officially lodged before the week is out. Once it is please lobby your local politician to support it.

  10. Oh yes Trevor! This is good and can only get better.Upwards and onwards - as ever.

    Look forward to your weekly updates.

  11. Thanks GeeGee.

    By the way, I will contact the person you gave details of tomorrow.


  12. This is good and funny with it.

    Can I just add a very big and loud personal BOOOOOOoooooo!!!!!! for Senator Bailhache?

    Thanks.I feel better for that.

    Keep up the good work.

  13. Good stuff Trevor. It occurs to me that if all States members were pressured to attempt a 10 minute blog TV spot once a week, we might very quickly see who has done little or nothing and who has only the opinions given to them by others. If the spot then got extended so we had a decent interviewer, we might see who is completely inarticulate, who knows very little about anything much, who is not the sharpest tool in the box without a fleet of civil servants backing them up and other fun stuff.

  14. Good blog video, I thought the background colour was ideal as was the overall lighting (white background is a no, no).

    I am looking forward to this regular update, its nice to hear your thoughts on various issues.

  15. Thanks Nick - I think you are spot on in your assessment. Too mant of my colleagues simply accept what they are told in the States as fact. A dangerous approach.

    It always amazed me that someone could stand for election - apparently because they held strong views on what needed to change - and then were weak enough to be told how to vote by Ministers via Blackberry. If only the voting public could see this happening via live TV screening.


    I thought the lighting on the video was fine too. It musst be difficult not to get a reflection/glare off of the 'Bald Truth' Working on 'backgrounds' so hopefully something a little different for next time...

  16. Thank you for this video review of your work. I would like to hear more about the Hansard version of the speach you gave in the States. Is it not the case that Hansard provides a true and accurate report of what is said in the States sittings. Is it lawful for the version then provided to be edited? I have checked Hansard and you are right the name given has been removed.

  17. Is it 'lawful' to remove names from the public record?

    It wasn't until comparatively recently. Unfortunately, unlike the UK where such matters are taken seriously PPC brought forward a move to have our own Hansard Standing Orders modified. This went through.

    The truth is there are many in our government who simply do not believe in either transparancy or democracy - let alone justice. This is what we have to fight.

    I suppose one good sign within a depressing piccture is that some of the Establishment Party lies and 'cover-ups' are slowly coming back to haunt them. Just consider the Jimmy Saville allegations which were swept under the carpet at the time.

    As for the Jurat issue - I will have a proposition lodged very shortly which will mean some uncomfortable questions finally have to be faced. Of course, there will be attempts to block me bringing this and the Establishment Party will rubbish and try to dismiss the issues.

    Watch out for which politicians take this approach. These will be the ones you shouldn't trust with the island's future or our children's safety.

  18. How can anything be called "transparent" here when Hansard can be edited like this & how many other Hansard records have been quietly edited that we don't know of. Stinks to high heaven! Look forward to your proposition regarding the Jurat issue - will this be online pretty soonish so we can all contact our deputies as our representatives to do our best to get them on your side on this issue?

  19. Hi Richard

    The only thing holding up the proposition has been my other commitments, both political/constituent wise and with my mum's on-going illness. This and the fact that the Law Office are not exactly being as helpful as they could and in my view should be.

    To this regard because the Judicial Greffier's office were trying to convince me that no records were kept of who proposed and seconded candidates to be Jurats unless - the election was contested - I have had to waste my time down at the Library and the like! Farce this certinly is.

    The reality is that someone can only beccome a Jurat if he or she is proposed and seconded from within the 'Electoral College' so if there really is no record then all those Jurats 'elected' without a contested election ought to be suspended until the necessary documentation can 'be found'.Otherwise how are we to know that they ever were? really - how can it even be half plausible that the Court does not record such things?

    But here's something interesting that readers might like to reflect upon in the meantime. By my own digging guess what I stumbled upon? Jurat John Le Breton who is so badly depicted in the suppressed Sharp Report was actually seconded (put forward etc) for the role by none other than... a former Pressident of Education!

    Yes, indeed, an experienced politician, former Constable Le Feuvre of St. Lawrence who should surely have been in a good position to judge whether somebody from 'within' Education was appropraite to sit dishing out 'fair and impartial' does of 'justice' on decent ordinary people?.

    Fascinating surely given that research reveals that complaints and concerns about the goings on at Victoria College had been talked about for years. Does all of this make you feel confident that our Establisshment Party really are committed to a 'no stone left unturned' inquiry into historic abuse?

    If yes, then you have a lot more faith than me...

  20. Rico.

    Thanks for link and your on-going hard work. People like you, VFC, the Jersey Way and the rest of you out there are slowly turning the tide. Keep going.


  21. Deputy I am shocked nearly every time I come on to your blog. Are you really telling us that it is a fact that a particular jurat was actually put forward by two proposers, one of whom was an individual who had held the very top job in Education?

    If this is true then I really do not know what to say. It is shocking almost beyond belief. Not least because by my reckoning we are talking about only the late 90s here not fifty or sixty years ago? I am just about speechless at your claim to the point where I do find it hard to believe. Can you back it up in any way?

  22. Anonymous.

    Well I'm clearly not - as yet - getting much help from the department who should be doing so, am I. But the above is what is stated in a report of the time that I stumbled upon. Always ready and happy to be corrected as you probably know. Why not look into it too...

  23. I have read the person who retired as VC principal was as of 1 October 2010, may still be, a trustee of the VC foundation.

  24. Anonymous

    The issue that concerns me and people who have contacted me is the Jurat matter. Justice must be something that everyone can rely upon, isn't it. I have zero confidence in our present system in Jersey and this is what I am putting my efforts toward doing something about.

  25. Just an apology for my typos! Tired and it shows! That's my excuse anyway.

  26. Let us not forget this gem -

    Iris Le Feuvre
    President, Education Committee

    Our Ref: ILEF/SJR/G.H

    26th July 1990

    Mr. & Mrs A. Maguire
    Flat 4, 80 St. Marks Road
    St. Helier

    Dear Mr & Mrs Maguire

    On Wednesday the 25th July, 1990, the Education Committee was officially informed of your decision to retire as house parents of the group home, Le Squez.

    The Committee recalled that you have been house parents to the children of the group home since 1980 and during the past ten years had cared for many children on our behalf.

    Several members of the Committee, including myself, were already familiar with your excellent work during this time having served on the Children’s Sub-Committee, and have always been impressed with your total commitment to the children in your charge.

    It is therefore with regret that we learn of your retirement. Although we fully appreciate that after ten years of extremely hard work for our children a change of direction and a rest from the 24 hour-a-day commitment you have shown over all these years was well deserved.

    My Committee therefore asked that I write on behalf of every member to thank you for your many years of excellent service on behalf of the children in your charge and to wish you all the very best for your future. We were delighted to learn that Mrs. Maguire will continue to work for the Committee in our developing Family Centre service and therefore would not be losing your services all together.

    Once again many thanks for your 110% commitment and hard work, the proof of which will live on in the children for whom you have shown much love and care.

    All best wishes

    Yours sincerely

    J. M. Le Feuvre
    President, Education Committee.

  27. More States Members should be brave enough to try this type of video thing. Not easy to do straight off the cuff I bet.

    Once we elect most politicians we never hear from them again. Until the next election time.

    This 1990 letter is pretty damning given subsequent revelations. Any idea where it might have come from? Or can't you say?

  28. Can't say because I don't know. Things just 'appear' sometimes.

  29. I guess one should consider that J. M. Le Feuvre
    President, Education Committee knew nothing about any of the abuse that had taken place. Somehow I cannot help thinking that the facts may prove otherwise!.

  30. This is where the letter came from.

    When I saw your reference to Le Feuvre proposing Le Breton I remembered reading this blog some time ago. I was horrified at the time and now I'm frankly disgusted.

  31. Trevor, do you have any update on your meeting with regards the Leah McGrath goodman situation?

  32. Staggering !! Every time you think you've seen & heard it all, something else makes you wonder what sort of island we live in. Seen the above letter from Anon before "somewhere" else Online, (that was totally outrageous in itself), but the fact that Le Breton was nominated by the same person that penned the letter is .. I don't know, I can't think of words to describe it. Sends shivers up your spine! What else can there be, what else is going to be revealed in the future, it seems it can't, but it truly does get worse & worse.

  33. I obviously cannot know what anyone did or did not know.

    What I do know is that much in Jersey regarding 'justice' is at best a farce, at worst truly sickening.

    How do I know? Not just from the victims I keep meeting but from my own first hand experience. They are trying to bury me and Shona as I will be revealing fairly soon.

    Can this corruption and domination of the 'Old Boys Club' who run this Island as a private club for the rich and powerful be ended? Only you out there can say that.

    I'm not about to lie down and be 'buried' quietly. What will other good people out there do to put an end to all of this?

  34. A question for next week.

    So who is monitoring our Crown Officers to see that they are ensuring justice really is just that: fair, unprejudiced and just?

    The answer is: nobody.

    If that doesn't make you furious then frankly I don't know what will.

  35. With regard to Leah McGrath Goodman and the fight to get her Tier 1 Visa status reinstated I can tell readers this.

    Finally, it looks as though we have a deal for a cross-Atlantic 'conference call' meeting tomorrow afternoon. This is set to be Jersey Immigration, myself and Leah via link-up.

    I truly hope that having asked that we get in black and white, with me as 'neutral' third party observing if you like, exactly what has been the problem set out clearly; further still, precisely what Leah now needs to do to satisfy authorities to be allowed to return safely to the island to continue her work, this can be achieved without further problem.

    It is after all less than worthless if we cannot get things cleared up so that the UK authorities (who obviously control first access to the UK Common Travel Area) are also going to be happy with whatever is agreed here. Hopefully we will have something positive to report later tomorrow.

    Truth be told with the news finally being taken up by the mainstream media about the Savile allegations (allegations that our own media had known about but suppressed for years) if a journalist researching child abuse now gets blocked again the damage to Jersey would be huge. I just hope this doesn't happen.

  36. Thanks for the update and PLEASE do not give up!

  37. Hi Deputy.

    Just put up two Interviews from today on Jersey Radio of Mark Williams-Thomas & Esther Rantzen.

    You & your readers can Listen HERE


  38. Could Leah not fly into France and then to Jersey?

    Sorry to hear that both you and Shona are under pressure from those who should know better by now (lessons have not been learnt), the more blatant their actions become, the more visible that things are not quite right with Mr Big.

    I guess your petition to the home office must be deemed to have shafted Jersey internationally and we all know that is the most vile of crimes, far worse than a lunatic nurse and of course in their eyes far worse than child abuse! Just remember if you change your address, update your driving licence address otherwise your end up in prison.

  39. Anonymous.

    Fly in to France just to side-step the UK! An interesting thought but one that I can't help but think shows just how crazy this whole situation is.

    You would just have to suspect that the authorities would then try and arrest Leah for some other odd infraction of alleged subversion?

    The more I think about this the more speaking to some Americans a few years back when we were in Cuba comes to mind - and how they were explaining how in the country of the FREE it was illegal and carried huge potential financial penalties for US citizens to go direct to Cuba! Wasn't this a part of the Helms Burton Act or some such? My memory no longer recalls exactly - but a travesty for a 'democratic' country.

    Jersey WAy.

    Thanks for the link. You are providing a great service - keep delivering - we are all much stronger together!

  40. Did anyone else watch Exposed? Wonder if we will now get another Jersey Evening Pravda headline editorial of 'Allegations without substance'?????

  41. I urge your readers to take a look at Public and private personas It is excellent but could be faulted for not dealing with the role of the media.

  42. Is anon saying that Iris Le Feuvre nominated Le Breton as Jurat? Can this be confirmed? If this is true then we have just hit Def Con-5


  43. Trevor.

    Senator Francis Le Gresley tells VFC Exclusively "I WILL RESIGN" over Child Abuse COI.

  44. Why do you say they are trying to bury you and Shona, what are they trying to do to you both?

  45. Great video, lighting is fine. If the background is too light it risks having the camera darkening your face.

    Music is good for start and end, but gets annoying in the middle, unless a variety of shorter effects could be used?

    Keep it up - it certainly proves that the Lame-Stream Media aren't doing anything we can't do ourselves!

  46. Rico

    Seconded. According to a media report from 1998 of Mr. Le Breton's move to be elected Jurat.

    As you know a person needs two people from within the Electoral College - a nominator/proposer and a seconder. Then again - can you believe anything some media put out?

  47. Re: My post - Leah to Jersey via France, maybe she could fly to France and then to Guernsey (check for correct form) then do some holiday visits to Jersey.

  48. Well done Deputy Pitman, you're keeping hope alive in my Island.

  49. Really good video, worth sticking to that format although I do wonder if you have been watching lots of documentaries on Discovery and History channel of late as the music bits strike me as familiar, although different music of course.

    Yeah I really liked it and deffinately look forward to more from you. Thanks for making the effort.

  50. 1989, I Le Feuvre, (recently??) Chairman of the governors at Vic College. Something or nothing? (didn't know that...)

  51. Anonymous

    Thanks. But I can honestly say that I have not been watching either the 'History' or 'Discovery' channels. I would like to but I'm afraid I don't have Sky or cable. Maybe I won't even have a TV soon?


    Thanks for link.

    1. Well in that case you have done a very good format. Well done.

  52. Forgot to add that episode 2 of 'The Bald Truth Review' should be up Sunday night - first thing Monday latest. Promise!

    Although this does depend on things like fog. If Oliver Stone can't fly in to direct then you can hardly blame me, can you?

    Music this week may have a Latin American theme...

  53. The final post and 'apology' of the night.

    Having only just discovered that the problem with my States email was worse than I thought the proposition that I had confidently told readers I had now sent - hadn't!

    But another promise - it will be delivered even if this is by carrier pigeon!

  54. Ok - So one more final post of the night...

    I feel that I should say that today the conference call that I arranged with Jersey Immigration and Leah McGrath Goodman live from the U.S. finally took place.

    The outcome? I believe that it went well and I am hopeful that we may have now finally cleared the way for Leah to be able to come back safely and without hassle and continue her work.

    One can never be sure until it happens - and I hope that I am not tempting fate - but if things pan out as I am hoping then I will not only be saying a big 'Thank you' to all of those who signed the petition but also to the people at the department who we went through things with today.

    Watch this space.

    Last point...

    Thank you to the beautiful and obviously very intelligent Judy who took the trouble to phone tonight to say kind things about both me and the first episode.

  55. Hi Deputy.

    Just put up Audio & Links to last nights Question Time, with Janet Street-Porter saying it wasn't just Rumours.

    But didn't say anything.

    You & your readers can Listen HERE

  56. An interesting thought.........what if the alleged tax-payer funded super-injunction was not to keep SS from blabbing, but the four stooges.

  57. The exciting and many would even say 'thrilling' episode two of the Bald Truth Review should be up late tomorrow.

  58. A pathetic 15 months for conning an elderly widow out of her life savings? Who says there is not two forms of justice in this island?

    And the judge had to think 'anxiously' about the 'impact' a jail sentence would have on this disgrace of a Magistrate designate!

    Funny how Shona got a criminal record and had to go to the Royal Court 'so serious' was her awful crime of helping two elderly disabled people to complete a registration form to request a postal vote!

    The Jersey 'justice' system needs an outside investigation overseen by the UK government. Or maybe it doesn't?

    Maybe teachers happy to write to school governors to say that paedophiles may have 'no case' to answer - even though said teacher has already refused to watch videos of his friend and colleague abusing pupils are fit to sit as Jurats?

    Maybe it is also all fine and dandy to allow Jurats to sit on cases when they are evidenced friends of defendants?

    But no - I say that it isn't. Its time we took our island back from these people who seem to think Jersey is a private club for the rich and the corrupt!

    Next round on Tuesday 9th October in the Chamber of Horrors...

  59. There's some one on Planet Jersey trying to defend these fraudsters as apparently they didn't have any malice, they were just victims of a property crash.

    Err no, if they had invested their customers cash in the properties then that might be true, but it was proven in court that the money never went towards purchase of any interest in properties.

    It was nothing more than a ponzi scheme and they all deserve their time behind bars for it. White collar crime is just as abhorrent.

  60. Fifteen months for ripping off one hundred thousand quid from an old lady is a bl**dy joke. It is an insult.

    You are dead right as well. When you set this against what Shona and Southern got for actually helping old people you really don't need any more evidence as to what a rotten and corrupt, nasty place Jersey has been twisted in to by the Old Boys network.

    Channel Island, more like Chile Island circa 1973.

  61. Trevor - See update on the Condor exploitation you and Shona highlighted -