Tuesday, 11 December 2012


A particularly busy few days sees this week’s BTR appear a day late. But no excuses – accept to say we can’t all lie about on the floor all day surrounded by Stella cans and old pizza like a Jersey troll! Still, speaking of small, dark and furtive animals BTR 11 also sees the return of our Ministerial Mole. 

Seems there is a bit of unrest amongst the not-quite-so-massed (or united) ranks of the Council of Ministers with a couple of the Great and the Good becoming a bit peeved as to why their lavish lunches are being gate-crashed by a lowly Assistant bag-carrier. Whoever could it be?

This past week also saw Deputy Geoff Southern trying in vain to get Jersey’s wealthiest of the wealthy – 1 (1) ks – to contribute a paltry £3,000 per year extra Income Tax to the Treasury coffers. Of course, amongst much Ministerial shroud waving, ashen faces and gasps of terror the familiar chant of ‘But they’ll all leave! They’ll all leave!’ rang out. 

Just like it always does when some awful ‘green-eyed’ Leftie similarly suggests that the Finance industry and foreign companies really should pay their fair share like those entrapped in the wasteland of ‘Middle Jersey’. So is this warning true? And does letting those who have the most pay less just because they have more really benefit everyone else?  We flag up a book that really should be on every right-winger’s Christmas list.

And when is a ‘bugger’ NOT a ‘bugger’? No – it’s alright I’m not being rude. I’m talking about Jersey’s most famous drugs bust of recent years when a hire car was illegally fitted out with a nifty little piece of electronics. 

Five years on and it seems like three of our police officers are now facing secret disciplinary proceedings as a consequence. Fair enough I suppose. But isn’t there one annoying little looses end here? Like who gave the boys in blue the go ahead for the law-breaking? And why aren’t they in the disciplinary dock with them?

Throw in the return of the much-missed BTR subject of Jersey’s Jurats – no, we’re not talking about the ‘lay judge’ quite happy to refuse to look at evidence of appalling child abuse before stating that a paedophile might not have any ‘case to answer’ this week – and another most illuminating guest appearance from the island’s most pathetic and orange internet troll and BTR 11 really should help get you in the mood for the season of goodwill! 

Well, something like that…


  1. Thanks for the "23 Things" book tip, as people do seem a little confused about the failings of capitalism.

    Those who do the real important work never get what they are actually worth, as it would cut into the profits made by executives and investors. The labor market cannot ensure that people get paid what they're worth - the value they produce - because there's almost always someone willing to do it for less.

    We under cut each other fighting for scraps, and those at the top keep the bulk of what we produce. This is how capitalism works. The rich get richer, fund the government and ensure that they remain at the top, ever wealthier, while the 99% suffer and the middle class declines.

  2. Hilary of St. Brelades11 December 2012 at 12:32:00 GMT

    I drink therefore I am

  3. Spoke to another woman just yesterday who had had call to complain to the police about the Jersey troll. How long before they actually do something about this weirdo's behaviour? Good stuff as per usual Trevor.

  4. If only this troll would man up and put his hateful crap into his own name you could respect him more. How about it Jonny?

  5. Great stuff laughed till I cried. Trolls are sad.

  6. I heard a couple of days ago that the ‘TFI Fridays’ franchise has brought 12 Managers over from the UK – all of who are living in rent rebate assisted accommodation. All the other workers who will be employed locally will be on minimum wage, or close to it. The result – no tax benefit whatsoever to the island, while instead our tax monies will be used to subsidize excessive rents. I also understand that the rent paid by TGI Fridays for its premises on the Waterfront is artificially low. It may be worthwhile raising a question or two on this matter.

  7. Thanks for raising the issue of the law officers within this police case. You cannot have one hand being pilloried for breaking the law but then the people who ok'ed them doing it coming on all moral and innocent about it.

  8. Solicitor General getting very tetchy when asked perfectly reasonable questions about one of the stories in this week's BTR 11 i.e. if police are guilty then the law officers who advised them to break the law must be too?

    This one won't lie down easily I can tell readers because the police are determined not to be the scapegoats for a bigger picture involving Jersey's Establishment. Now that ILM has promised me to reveal the costs of all of this should make for interesting questions ccome January.

    Add in complaints made to the police being 'lost' and the Minister not apparently being aware that there is an admission of at least one of the complaints being made and the usual murky picture just keeps on darkening.

  9. Message to Sam.

    Thanks for message but don't know why you indulge the idiot.

    Message to Mike D.

    Look out Mike - the troll appears to be getting a crush on you by the rants he keeps sending me about you! Even calls YOU a troll! Time to call the men in white coats?

    Message to Jane.

    Thanks. Speak soon.


  10. Can you buy this book you talk about here in Jersey or do you need to order it off the net?

  11. I originally got mine in Waterstones when it came out about two years ago. I am sure I have seen it in the paperback version now in the same store a month or two ago. Well worth a read, trust me.

  12. Hi Trevor,

    May I use your popular site to put the record straight, because I have been told that I am on a social networking site called facebook making some weird and wonderful comments.

    I no doubt have made stupid comments in my life but at this time I do not have a twitter or face book account, but I do have an email account, again not the HotMail account the Troll invented to write a false statement to the Electoral Commission. I did submit one some time later which expressed my own views which was the opposite to the fake submission of which you were aware.

    Great BTR eleven and many thanks.

    The real Paul Letherbarrow.

  13. Mike Dunn is one of the biggest arseholes on the Net and he has been told so by many people on the BBC facebook page to get a life and stop writing dreary rubbish under Tom Gruchy. It is TROLLING. You really live on another planet sometimes Trevor and I noticed after you outburst today how nobody in the Chamber showed any support. Says it all.

  14. Dear Paul

    Pleased to help. A very timely post regarding Jersey's most inadequate and cowardly idiot.

    All bullied and/or misrepresented by this pathetic thug should go to the police. The odious little thug needs some kind of intervention desperately.

    In fact - as another perfect example of how this sick buffoon's mind works 9or doesn't) I am going to let through another of his warped, offensive posts sent this very night. Apologies to readers in advance.

    The man the troll refers to is a very genuine individual and not deserving of any such abuse - actually being a dedicated campaigner for transparent government and justice. Probably explains why the troll hates him so...

  15. The comment attacking Mike Dun is, of course, from Hilary/Gary/Jon/Jamie/James/Pete/Andy and Andrew.

  16. BBC facebook page? Infiltrated by the troll and his multi personalities. He really does need help and quickly.

  17. Back to politics. We mustn't be distracted by the loon. What are people's thoughts/predictions on which way the Plemont vote will go tomorrow?

  18. Perhaps the troll has been castigated on somebody's blog? ha, ha, ha. I'm sure if he keeps this up far from funny it will end up very, very serious?

  19. Hope i'm wrong but I fear a 29 - 21 to the compulsory purchase move.

    Madness if it happens but you just have to worry that too many will follow Philip Bailhache's irresponsible lead.

    Fingers crossed he loses as everyone I speak to says we should not even be considering this in the present climate.

  20. hahaha, aahha haaha aaahhaa, awsummo Trevor :)

    But now sadly, a little something that blows Jersey Corruption wide open again!

  21. Vote prediction.

    25 to 24 against King Philip. At least two people bound to duck the vote so as not to risk upsetting anybody at all!

  22. Hi Deputy.

    Just put up the Audio from today's Questions without Answers If you & your readers can be Bovered they are HERE


  23. Trevor, as a member of the public I'M concerned about your claim that Bailhache is routinely attending Council of Ministers meetings.

    Unless every other Assisant Minister is permitted to attend on exactly the same basis this needs to be looked into and stopped.

  24. Thanks TJW. Hopefully people continue to be 'bovered' and make use of your valuable service.

  25. Bailhache really showed his true bullying elitist colours today. If that had been you or another Progressive it would be blown up in the Rag. Just how many of his election statements is Bailhache going to go back on? He said we mustn't re-debate things the States had decided. Broke that with the electoral commission and again now with Plemont. Droned on about showing respect for people then had his brother set there like a wassock while he insulted you. Today he has started on members of the public who have upset him just because they won't be bullied by a man in love with the sound of his own voice! What idiots so many people were to vote for this clown. There are far more important things to spend our money on than Plemont.

  26. Hi Trevor. You seem to be in the "don't waste taxpayers money on Plemont" camp.

    Perhaps you might consider these points I just made in a comment to the JEP online.


    There's a lot of gullible people who are being sucked in with those straw polls with their very biased and leading questions. Also that the developers will "return 2/3rds of the land to Nature" - as if somehow that is doing us a favour.

    The developers are only offering land area that is surplus to the building footprint that they could get luxury housing permission for. If they retained ownership of it, they or the house owners, would be responsible for maintaining it in perpetuity. It would be an ongoing cost to them. With their "generous" offer they are handing over those costs to the States.

    Sir Philip Bailhache, at the Town Hall, claimed that a strip of the "2/3rds" land that the developers were "offering" already belonged to the public and that the majority of the rest of the land being "offered" was in fact the area in between the three mini estates and thus hardly a wild area at all.

    I don't see why so many commenters are so gullible that they have allowed themselves to be fooled by those working for someone already extremely rich who doesn't need any more and who could philanthropically fund projects like Quennnevais out of his pocket change if he felt like it.

    It comes down to a fight between a very rich person attempting to make even more money for himself by nibbling away, like a woodworm in a beam, at the diminishing semi-wild open areas of Jersey, versus those trying to protect them and all you commenters are falling for this weasel idea that it is somehow either Plemont or funds for Quennevais. Senator Bailhache made it clear that the necessary funding would come from selling off surplus States property, and thus wouldn't require taxpayer funds.

    Of course, those rooting for Quennevais and other needed projects like more economic stimuli to boost the general economy, should not forget to lobby Bailhache et al why they cannot also tap the surplus property goldmine to fund these other things too.

    Finally, the valuations that the developer has been plugging depend upon there still being a real market for new £1 million plus houses like these. Look around at the numbers of "For Sale" signs. Remember that our finance industry has contracted and continues to do so. Remember that there are large powerful and hungry international vultures, with very shaky economies, circling over our offshore business. The likelihood is that our core financial business - the goose that laid the golden eggs - will have increasing pressure brought to bear against it in future with knock-on effects against employment numbers of a certain types of people, who are the ones who can afford houses like this.

    It is even possible that the developer himself realises that it is not certain that going ahead with building these houses would be a going concern - he just might not be able to actually sell any at the end of the day, were they ever finished. Knowing this, and being aware of Article 84 of the Planning Law (that can force someone to demolish and clear a dangerous or deteriorated structure at the owners cost), he might just be trying to get as much money out of the States as possible by continuing to present this as a viable development project and that there is still a real demand for further houses like this and bamboozling the public that what he is offering is a great deal for them.

  27. Nick

    I voted for Plemont last time - back when we hadn't...

    sold out on school milk, educational trips to Durrell for young children, shafted ordinary workers with pay freezes that are actually pay cuts in real terms, simultanously refusing again and again to ensure even equity between super-wealthy tax avoiders and the so-called 'Middle Jersey' majority, abandoned some much-needed front-line health/social services, and all of the rest of the double standards and bogus 'sound economic' policy so beloved of the Establishment.

    Am I in the 'waste of money' camp as you now say?

    Hardly - I am simply totally opposed to the abuse of a practice like Compulsory Purchase. That this is being used against a highly wealthy developer (or Capitalist fat-cat as one Member described him) can not be allowed to distract from the principle.

    If I sell out my principles I may just as well become a right-winger. For next time under Philip Bailhache's and Ian Gorst's 'big government' 'interventionist' 'bully' State take on politics and democracy we could be voting to take away Granny Smith's cottage just because it sits in the way of a big money-making scheme.

    I will be interested in the case made by any of those of the right, however, who voted against before yet now support with no real justifiable reason. Other than that Senator Bailhache wants them to.

    We should be continuing to try and negotiate with the owner and not following the arrogant strut of the same Senator; a Senator who as we heard today thinks it outrageous that anyone dare argue against him and what he wants.

  28. I think they should build a nice shiney new Butlins on there.

  29. But what do you think about the point that the developer might actually be angling to be bought out because he realises that the project is not viable with the economic situation like it is? Plus, he realises that he could be forced under Article 84 to clear the site at his own expense and be left with a development site that no-one else wants to buy or develop - therefore effectively of zero value?

  30. Hear hear. The important issue at stake here is not a piece of headland. It is an individual's right to be protected against the tyranny of a government which decides it can take somebodys private property at a price it alone decides is fair and just.

    Shame on any politician who believes this is an appropriate way for a democratic government to act.

  31. As a few people have said today - it is a shame that this has been left in the incapable hands of a Senator who lectures others yet appears to have little understanding of negotiation. A flaw likely made worse by his arrogance and a misplaaced sense of his own superiority to all and sundry? Clearly not that hot on valuations either...

  32. The worst thing about today though has probably been the confirmation of the utter hypocrisy of both Bailhache and Gorst.

    Can't afford to protect the basics of life yet happy to risk paying over the odds for a portion of land? Philip Ozouf has some explaining to do as well. Wonder what he will say when faced by understandable requests in the aftermath of this for a living wage for some wworkers?

  33. Nick Palmer 12 December 2012 13:53:00 GMT

    "Also that the developers will "return 2/3rds of the land to Nature" - as if somehow that is doing us a favour."

    Well, completely at no cost to the public, that 2/3rds gives the public MORE use of land at Plemont than the vast majority of the public have experienced in living memory.

    I'd say that's quite some favour.

    1. Anonymous @ 13 December 2012 02:26:00 GMT

      "I'd say that's quite some favour"

      Obviously you didn't read the rest of my post which would have helped you understand my points better.

    2. Actually I did, and my comment about your attitude towards those who accept the "2/3rds" argument remains perfectly valid.

    3. You use a strange definition of favour. One would have thought someone doing a favour for someone else would not be by "giving" something away that it is very much in their interests to "give" away. Are you sure you understood the post? Just saying you did doesn't necessarily make it so.

  34. Absolutely anon, my thoughts all along. No, this is all about Bailhache trying to dupe the people again!!!

  35. The headland is higher than the lane, so even with no buildings on it you're still not going to get a sea view back.

    At least there's already a cliff path, in contrast to many other headlands and bays around the island - that no-one complains about. No coastal path all the way between Flicquet and White Rock, for example; or Beauport to St.Brelade's Bay; Noirmont to St.Aubin, etc etc.

    So I don't really care what happens to Plemont, let the developer give us enough land to let more heather run wild (where the NT might even allow up one more footpath if we're lucky) and let them try to sell homes in the back of nowhere for people with nothing better to do than waste hours of their lives driving to town and back.

  36. Trevor

    Your speech hit it all on the head. Priorities. Bailhache and Gorst, Ozouf just don't care about people or understand about real life. As for Birt pulling you up - farcical. If he can't keep his ignorant VC prejudices out of his chairing he should get out and find another job.


    The best news this year so far. We are opening our 1st bottle of bubbly of the eve. Brilliant victory for common sense.

    The fact that PB is having an awful evening makes the bubbles taste even sweeter. LATERS LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!

    Loving your blog Mr P.

  38. Oh another thought.....what happens to all the £££££ the mugs pledged towards this "love Plemont" cause?????

    What happens to the cash Trevor?

  39. Actually I don't think there was going to be a true 'winner' whatever happened today.

    The truth is if Bailhache and Gorst had an ounce of professionalism (and in Bailhache's case a bucket less of ego) maybe Plemont could still be a possibility.

    A sad day that these two made Plemont and the National Trust a political football. Compulsory purchase entuirely wrong in this case and all but the most extreme in my view. Neither are fit to be 'leading' a government in terms of ability or understanding of socio-economics.

    So if there is any kind of 'victory' then it comes within the comments of a surprising number from within the COM and even the Constables criticising and deploring their arrogant and bullying approach.

    Will they learn? Don't be stupid. next stop - ensuring they don't get to rig the electoral commission referendum to set back democracy even further.

  40. The cash?

    Most of this was just in pledges or promises. It will likely just fall away. But this is all in the haands of the NT anyway nothing to do with government.

  41. .....Senator Sir Philip Bailhache who brought the proposition on behalf of Chief Minister Senator Ian Gorst, said he was shocked at how divided the States was on the subject.

    He said: "How can we as an assembly be so divided on something that goes to the heart of our approach to the environment and the kind of island in which we want to live."...........

    I would say that you, PB, are to blame for the failure of this proposal. Your attitudes, your bullying, your arrogance lead to your downfall.

    My guess now will be far more opposition to anything PB is involved in.

  42. Bailhache and Gorst. Jersey politics' Laurel and Hardy. Only more full of themselves. They lost this vote with their attitude.

  43. Terry Le Main guaranteed to make you laugh in the Rag today. Ranting on about blogs. Maybe Rico needs to put up that piece about the good Senator again? What was it called, the 'anonymous'?

    But in the bigger picture anyone who contributed to that old pro-child abuse cover up blog that also had the emails stolen from Deputy Judy Martin needs their collars felt. Wasn't there a 'Gary Cummins' involved with that troll fest? Maybe 'Don' 'Jon' or 'Hilary of St. Brelades' can write in?

    1. I need a pint I've only had 12 tonight17 December 2012 at 20:05:00 GMT

      Yes. Well sort of. I was calling myself Gary that week.




  44. One of the original Jersey wreckers and one of the troll's heroes.

  45. I was at an old folks home to-day and was amazed at how many people listened to the debate,on talking with some of them I was again amazed at how many said it was lack of information and the attitude and arrogance of gorst, bailhache, and ozouf,that lost the day,but it was a good sign,that the people who voted against will not be infulenced by these three muppets,hopefuly half the members at least have seen through them,and we might expect change for the better in the way we are being goveorned in future.

  46. Good news on Treats for Trolls.

    Obviously our guest spots for 'Don' and his friends is really getting to J The Muppet. Lots of material coming through ideal to read out.

    You could laugh and laugh if he wasn't doing it whilst sponging off we tax payers!


    Good and interesting post from Leah on her continuing trials and tribulations seeking to return to our Septic Isle

  48. Could anyone remind of the date and details of the infamous Jon Haworth phone threat/abuse case if they have it please; or any similar? I'm researching a proposition on bringing our laws up to scratch on any cases involving cowardly threatening behaviour?

  49. Gotta be a thick man to get THAT drunk!

  50. So pleased enough of you thought with your head instead of your heart on Plemont. How Philip Bailhache has the nerve to try and con people that buying Plemont would have cost the tax payer only a couple of million pounds is disgraceful. Has he no shame at all?

  51. Reference Plemont:

    It is interesting to note that in stark contrast to the usual garbage spouted by the Pravda editorial and Bailhche acolyte Quereee the response to the Plemont vote has been very positive.

    As I have said previously, I don't really consider this a 'victory' for anyone. Except perhaps for commonsense given that Senators Bailhache, Gorst and Ozouf were going to risk a blank cheque of taxpayers' money with a compulsory purchase order landing us a court battle.

    But the true reaction was made apparent to a number of us straight after the debate and sitting had finished. About nine or ten States Members - left, right and confused - went to the Pierson for a quick Christmas pint.

    Why do I mention this, well, the first comments we were all met with was a 'Please tell us that you haven't agreed to waste our money on that 'wasteland'. 'We can't afford it' and That Bailhache ought to come down out of his ivory tower and visit the real world.'

    None of the Ben Queree nonsense trying to con people that Plemont was going to cost 'only' £4 million - something which should be obvious even to a fourth rate hack. Not even any of the other Pravda nonsense that people - well, 'lefties' can only have voted against this because it was Senator Bailhache who had brought it. hang on JEP...I thought it was Senator Gorst's proposition???

    Not a single person who approached us had wanted the States to spend an unknown amount in the present economic climate. Strangely enough upon going out for a bite to eat the next evening Shona and me were approached by other people who actually left their own meals just to say 'Thanks for voting with your heads. Thanks for protecting our money'.

    Now I know you will never see this reported in the Jersey Evening Pravda but far from Queree's garbage the likes of me, Mike Higgins and Shona were entirely consistent in our vote. he is right that we voted FOR something that was going to cost £8 million last time. But totally WRONG that we somehow snubbed a bargain this time.

    As I say, Bailhace's folly was going to play Russian roulette with taxpayers' money and could have cost us twice as much. Probably why I voted for Gerard Baudains amendment to pay no more than the strangely familiar £8 million...

    Odd how you never mentioned that eh Ben?

    1. Stop making excuses, a woman said on facebook and it was further said on the radio that you reckoned Plemont was a 'nice to have'.
      A 'nice to have'. I bet that is read back in the years to come by historians.

  52. Anonymous above

    Shouldn't be too difficult for even a moron like you to refer to Hansard. There you will see that I said that I don't like to use terms such as 'a nice to have' but that there are greater priorities.

    Of course, to be fair even Philip Bailhache tried to give the false impression that you do. But in his defence he was at least being consistent - his whole argument was based on misleading Members in my opinion.

    Not least the utter tripe that Plemont would have cost us only £4 million.

  53. Do you think that with Obarma in his last term of office in America that he might really try to bring some sense to the issue of their crazy gun legislation? These killing sprees happen every year now and yet we hear the same old excuses of how the country would be even more dangerous if people couldn't "defend" themselves.

  54. Just like 9/11 these shootings are planned, and are designed to turn the people against guns. That will make the New World Order job a lot easier when it comes to demolishing America from within in the next three years. No one will have the ability to fight back when the military step in to enslave the people, then it will be off to the FEMA Camps for the slaves. And before you laugh, go do the research on sh*t like Agenda 21, Codex Alimentarius, FEMA Camps, Chem-trails, and other assorted goodies such as Fluoride, Swine Flu Vaccines and good old Cancer....It is all there for your inquiring minds to discover. Obama is the peoples nightmare passing all his control laws without consulting the people, or even the Senate, just like Bush did with The Patriot Act....

    1. Just to PROVE MY POINT take a look at the video of the alleged father of one of the alleged victims, Emilie Parker. He is laughing and joking just before he goes on camera and falls apart with grief!!!

      Then take a good look at the video of the alleged top medical examiner, Wayne Carver, laughing and smirking his way through an interview wherein he cannot answer any questions asked of him by the press!!!

      Anyone still think this incident ever even happened? Let alone, that there were any victims???

  55. Sorry - pretty tied up today.

    Good piece on the truly ludicrous Plemont 'reporting' by the JEP on Sam Mezac's blog. Well worth a read.

    May do a piece on this my self later. Can't entirely agree with Sam on the quality of Bailhache's speech though. Thought it was cliche riddled and actually pretty dire.

    Also think that more than PB and Gorst relying on appealing to emotions (certainly a key aspect on some amazing political speeches throughout history of course) I think he/they were just relying on everyone bending the knee to the Great One.

    A right-wing Constable actually said this to a few of us afterward - though his language was far less...polite! Probably explains why a few Establishment party followers did finally vote the way they did?

    Unlike we awful 'Progressives' who voted simply according to our assessment of the true facts - not to mention seeing through the utter tosh from Bailhache about £4 million being a realistic valuation.

  56. If the Progressives voted according to the true facts then they would be in charge of this Government by now.

  57. I think this comment must be my favourite anonymous post of all time - anywhere!

    Wake up - smell the coffee. Anonymous, it is BECAUSE the 'Progressives' vote only according to the facts and what is right and just that they are NOT in charge of government.

    That and the fact that 'they' or rather 'we' all need to work together better to save Jersey from the Abyss where the Establishment party are leading us at Warp Factor 9!

  58. I Was waiting for BTR 12 all day yesterday and it never arrived. Will it be today Trevor as I need my fix?

  59. When will the next BTR be online please Trevor?

  60. Anonymous x 2 and everyone else for that matter:

    Unfortunately, BTR 12 will not be appearing this week due to other matters needing to take priority.

    The first of these is simply trying to tie up a shed load of constituent case work load before Christmas so that I too can have a bit of free time to let my hair down (OK, so not the best joke!) like everyone else. With my mum obviously not being in the best of health it is important I try and get this done as I am sure all will understand.

    The second is the unbelievably sad fact - especially given the amount of close family deaths and serious illness that we have had over the past two years - that Shona's step-sister Jo (a Jersey girl)is very ill indeed in hospital in Southampton. Shona has flown over to see her as have other family.

    Unfortunately, things do not look too good. But whilst I am not too sure I believe in prayers - but am ever an optimist - if everyone can spare a thought/hope for her to pull through it would be appreciated. Not a nice situation for two young kiddies to be in under any circumstance, even more so stuck over here whilst their mum is away in a UK hospital. Certainly puts things in perspective.

    I will, however, try and get a new post up before the end of the week if I can. The good news? Look out for a Christmas/New Year 'Bald Truth Review Special' over the holiday period! A 'special' with some very special 'guests'...



  61. Trevor,

    You make a massive effort to inform and keep up to date the people of Jersey by using this medium. It takes a serious amount of work to get the facts right and then make it interesting
    and real for ten minutes.

    Where are, lets be honest the other 50 members wanting to get there message out, they rely on the chief ministers office public relations team, spin doctors costing the tax payer a fortune.

    Fair play to you Trevor, no wonder you wish to support you family in times of need,

    If only more politicians thought like you.

  62. Totally agree with the above. Trevor it is people like you, Shona and a small but important number of others who give us hope in this corrupt island. To be honest you are probably way out there on your own now. Just don't let them do to you what they did to Stuart Syvret. Please give regards to Shona she too is a star. Helped me out more than once a couple of years ago when things were tough. I can't imagine the strain it must be but hang in there if you can both of you. Happy Christmas and hope the New Year brings better fortune.

  63. Thanks for the above and to everyone who has sent Xmas cards and e-mails etc.

    Interesting meeting today with a gentleman who has a quite stunning case. This it is not an exaggeration to say shows just how unfit for purpose both the 'legal' industry and our 'justice' system both are. Looking forward to exploring it in detail in the new year.

  64. Yes Jonnie you can be in the Christmas special - so long as the person looking after you gives written permission!

  65. Trevor.

    There is no doubt that there is a lot of pressure on you and a hand full of other politicians to expose the truth.

    There is no doubt also that you and the other few good politicians will have the least problem of getting re-elected.

    Also your weekly look at the bald truth in local politics is much appreciated by many, and hope that you appeciate this.

    Have a Great Christmas break and no doubt you will be comming back with avengance in The New Year.

  66. Hi Deputy.

    Put up some Audio of Senator Bailhache attacking who ever doesn't agree with himself, the Jersey People need to wake up & see this man for what he is. A Bully & a Spoiled One at that.

    You & your readers can Listen HERE


  67. TJW

    Possibly the best, and most telling audio since the cyber-loon forgot that he had said who he was when making an 'anonymous' threatening phone call?

  68. Hope to do a post updating people on the Leah McGrath Goodman situation soon.

    Does our Establishment Party/Immigration Office (you take your pick as to the main culprits)really not understand our just how bad they are making us look to the wider world?

    OK - silly question really...

  69. Mayan calander update!

    Thanks for the following message - Not the 'end of the world' - just the beginning of the end of the Establishment party 'darkness'!

    Now that will be worth embracing!


    Knew our trips to several Mayan temples in 2004 would be worth it eventually...

  70. trevor and shona i wish you both a happy christmas and all the very best in new year. my thought,s go out to you both and your family,s warmest regards martin

  71. Thanks Martin as with all others who have sent e-mails, cards etc.

    But please people also spare a thought for cowardly thug Jon the troll.

    He has obviously not had a good start to the Christmas period because his mindless, embittered hateful abuse has been going into overdrive. Let us pray he gets the help he so desperately needs.

    For all of our flaws and shortcomings here in Jersey at least we haven't got the same potential for the disturbed to go out and buy a gun and attack innocent people like we have seen yet again with the U.S.


    PS Get a post up during the weekend all being well.

    Get well soon Jon

  72. Trevor.

    The Nick Pollard Report into the discredited and disgraced BBC with a little FOOD FOR THOUGHT

  73. Trev

    Don't wworry about Jon. he will neever be alone so long as he has all of his hundreds of faake IDs. LOL! Just laugh when you contemplate a 'man' sitting alone in a darkened room making up faalse posts but then actually answering himself! Come on, sad maybe but hysterically funny. This guy is the biggest loser in Jersey. He is obsessed with you and Stuart and Lenny.

    Happy Crimbo

  74. Trevor,

    Thank you so much for all you have done for us over the past few years. Please keep up the fight in 2013 and beyond.

    Merry Xmas to you and Shona. Hope your Mum is feeling better.

    Bert and Ernie.

    P.S. may be in your 40s, but you still have the opportunity to turn your life around. Think about it lad. Take time out over the festive period and think about it.

  75. reference the jersey troll. I would say that anyone who posts to his own site 17o plus times has to be a bit deranged. maybe he is jerseys version of Rudolph Hess? Only less intelligent.

  76. Trevor.

    Its maybe now time to stop moking the aflicted.

    We all know Don/Jon is finished and its only a matter of time before he is taken down/out... or in?!

    So leave him to stew and please carry on taking on the real and true issues that matter to us who care. Happy Christmas and thoughts for the New Year.


    All readers should take a look at this post on the Tom Gruchy blog.

    I may have brought the proposition that led to this important day in Jersey's history finally gaining official recognition but Mike Dun deserves all of the credit for raising awareness of this over recent years.

    In 2013 we will be making sure we build on this small but important victory (against the wishes of Philip Bailhache, Ian Gorst and even Assistant Minister with 'responsibility (ha, ha, ha!) for Culture' Deputy Rod Bryans - so must be a good thing!

    Anyone interested in helping or with genuine ideas contact either the Bald Truth or Tom Gruchy blogs.

  78. "Anyone interested in helping or with genuine ideas contact either the Bald Truth or Tom Gruchy blogs."

    How about having the most authentic re-enactment the world has ever seen! :)

  79. Come on Trevor let's have a BTR christmas special!?

  80. Probably get one up between Christmas and New Year.

    My director is away in Tenerife on a Troll hunt and trying to get a tan. As an ARTISTE, darling, I obviously need him back here to allow me to focus on the BTR content rather than boring technical matters!

    Plus Sharrick the tea-troll is under curfew for stealing copies of Ben Ten magazine from a newsagent. He thought they were about his former political hero...

  81. Read the post about 1769 on the Tom Gruchy blog. Good stuff, we could do with more historic dates being celebrated.

    I know you suggested this when you presented your proposition but the potential could be huge. Not least being a good opportunity to develop some events for tourism.

    We could even have more recent worthy historic dates celebrated. Perhaps March 29th could be 'Say no to death threat trolls Day?' Got a certain ring (as in telephone pun)to it, has it not? Ha Ha Ha!

  82. Trevor - I sincerely hope yours and Shona's fortunes improve in the New Year and the health problems with family members get better.

    I know how very much hard work you both put in, not only to your own constituents, but anybody who needs help, and with all the other pressures you have I am full of admiration for you both.

    Have the best Christmas you can, and may the New Year bring you all you want for yourselves.

  83. Ho! Ho! Ho! Or is that Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Great entertainment and the best illustration of how sad trolls are one could find. Please send again when my next blog goes up.

    The funniest thing? You have trolling comments sent to several different people and different blogs - yet the sick, sad and pathetic comments from a cowardly, hate-filled troll are pretty much seamless and inter-changeable.

    Happy Christmas!