Monday, 24 June 2013


In the course of pursuing the latest episode of increasing international interest in Establishment Party abuse of the Jersey 'justice' system on Sunday evening Deputy Mike Higgins and myself found ourselves sipping coffee in the bar of the Atlantic Hotel. To those not aware this an award-winning luxury hotel on the Island's West coast.

Very nice. Very exclusive. And not surprisingly very, very expensive. As was to soon unfold it also just happened to be the venue selected for a slap up dinner by the Four Horsemen of Democratic Apocalypse who mistakenly believe they are Jersey's Chosen Elite: both real and pretend Chief Ministers Bailhache and Gorst; Establishment Party Chief Whip, Senator Ozouf. And the Bailiff.

Don't mention the peasants or anything unsavoury like abuses of justice..

With the Lieutenant-Governor also invited along the purpose of this shindig was to spend the evening wining and dining the three visiting members of the Commons' Justice Select Committee. How nice to have the opportunity to bend the ear of the Committee for a whole evening as to the official propaganda that all within Jersey 'justice' is fine and dandy - a veritable beacon of democracy to quote former Senator, Jim Perchard!

After all, the other 48 States Members were having to make do with a stage-managed solitary hour the following day and not even getting a glass of water let alone a Banana Daiquiri. A solitary hour where States Members had already been warned by Team Feudal that they mustn't mention anything embarrassing like local injustice cases! Okay, so as it happened only 17 of your elected representatives actually cared enough about justice; child abuse cover-ups and the like to turn up the following day - but more on that in Part 2 on Wednesday.

Come and enjoy the wonderfully bracing Jersey air...

Still, to cut a long story short having said a polite 'hello' to two of the Chief Minister's vast army of helpers who were awaiting the arrival of Team Feudal; Deputy Higgins and I found ourselves discussing next week's questions and such forth in the Hotel bar. A very nice and warm retreat from the howling South-Westerly gale blowing across the headland outside.

Indeed, the perfect spot you might think for the UK politicians to be afforded the opportunity for a quick and friendly chat with two real peoples' politicians before the Great and the Good took them off to dinner. Alas it was not to be

Its 'us' and 'them' - but please don't tell Them we said it...

For as soon as Jersey's Finest arrived instead of the convivial warmth of the bar they and their officers whisked the Committee away...out into the elements of the freezing, windswept Hotel terrace! Yes, a terrace on which - for some strange reason I cannot even contemplate the group stayed - sipping equally cold drinks  for the better part of around 40 long minutes.

Whatever could the UK dignitaries have thought of Jersey hospitality, Mike and I wondered? Were the pair of us really so dangerous; so revolutionary in our evidence-based opinions that we needed to be given a very wide birth? We can, of course, only guess.

If this is the broad, cross-section view by which Westminster assesses the state of Jersey democracy no wonder writing to Lord McNally is a total waste of time...

For as we finally watched the windswept Gang of Four and their shivering, and possibly even bemused guests troop back in  once their table was ready; it must be said not a single one would meet our gaze. Not a smile. Not a nod. Not even a polite 'Hello colleagues - fancy seeing you two peasants at a posh joint like this?' We instead found ourselves left with the uncomfortable feeling that perhaps the Great and the Good had something to hide?

And truth be told we doubted it was just the size of the dinner and wine bill - suggested by an individual who shall remain nameless lest the boys be sent 'round - to be up in the region of some £700.

After all, in these times of global economic austerity and government enforced pay-freezes if this £700 figure is anything like accurate I'm sure the likes of Jersey's wonderful, but struggling nurses and their public sector colleagues would all understand. Wouldn't they?

And we can always ask questions about who was making such sterling use of taxpayers' money next week...

Keep the Faith.

*I'll tell you about Monday's meeting and the 17 of your politicians who bothered to turn up to argue for your interests on Wednesday.


  1. How sad and pathetic that our self appointed elite should behave in this way.

    I presume our dear leader Senator Gorst would surely have been meeting with the trio today officially?

    So why the need for what looks like nothing more than a very indulgent bit of glad handing and back slapping at the expense of the poor tax payers pocket?

  2. I fully agree with your view that the uk needs to be asking far ranging questions of Jersey people about justice. The dual role is an obvious one that needs attention but will never get it from the lackeys who hang on the unelected Bailiffs every word.
    The rip off price of Jersey lawyers is another area in desperate need of external action I would suggest. tax law likewise. One other point I would like to raise is this.
    I know of a Polish girl who has just married a Jerseyman and fairly recently also had a child by him. She openly tells people who know her well she is only doing this to ensure she can ultimately have qualies in her own right and will eventually dump the man.
    Don't you agree that this type of thing also needs looking into? I believe that it is fairly common and even know of another case myself.
    I must stress that I am not intending to be racist here either I just think it is wrong in terms of immigration.

    1. Is it not actually the child that gets the quallies?

  3. Justice delegation jets to Jersey (CTV)

    Trev. You are such a cynic! All you have to do is look at how 'The Best ITV company' CTV on Channelonline deal with this 'visitation' and sucking-up opportunity for our brave leaders.
    No pleb response possible but you do get this......


    1. Even better! an hour later it has been expunged and replaced with.;...ITV's Text Santa back for third year..

      This really IS serious journalism.

  4. I am told by a colleague that the Chief Minister did indeed meet with the Select Committee earlier today at some length.

    Actually, without ruining Wednesday's Part 2 post. I did have a good chat with two of the Committee in particular having made them aware of the intention of the CM's Office to restrict what we could raise with them.

    As to the cost of the lovely dinner at the Atlantic Shona already has a question in. Luckily Ian Gorst will be away in China so someone else will be doing the explaining. Or not.

  5. Did I hear correctly that the Island's Citizens' Media were given just 15 minutes to ask questions - and away from their 'accredited' MSM colleagues who rarely ever ask anything 'investigative'. A couple of honourable exceptions excluded.

  6. Visite Royale 2000 - St. Brelade-
    several x elite cars chauffeuring the elite= expensive
    1 x Signature type coach for the media and lesser dignitaries
    I spread of the poshest sandwiches, mini cakes that looked like they had been flown in from a patisserie in France, filter coffee, tea, soft drinks and the like - enough for 40 people.
    followed by lunch for about 25 people at the Atlantique Hotel.
    Cost- a heck of a lot- paid for by the St Brelade rate payers.
    Purpose- to decide if a tree was overhanging, a bush was in the way of pedestians and if a 1 foot high wall with a loose stone was breaking the law.
    (Not forgetting the specialist dry cleaning costs for their fancy costumes).

    1. Cool, hopefully this will leave enough in the St Brelade rate payers' kitty for Steve Pallett to make his proposed donation to a charity of which he is a trustee. All explained in a 'to the Householder' letter on parish headed paper...also paid for by the ratepayers. Ah, truly it is better to give than to long as it's other peoples' money you are giving, to your own pet projects.

  7. The Polish woman cannot get quallies if she dumps her Jersey husband, she has to live in Jersey for 10 years to get quallies even though she married a local.if she or anyone in Jersey wants quallies under "hardship" they have to make a very strong case to the Housing Minister ie medical etc and even with a child it will not be easy, she would have to have sole custody of the child or children and if the husband has been " dumped its very unusual for the father to grant her "sole " custody.

  8. Philip Ozouf ‏@philipozouf 15h
    Good to meet Sir Alan Beith & Justice select Committee colleagues last night for dinner. As always, staff & food @Atlantic Hotel was superb.

    Philip Ozouf ‏@philipozouf 28m
    Following @atlanticjersey tweet I equally commend @OrmerJersey @Longueville @JSYPotteryRests Banjo for excellent service & food #jerseyfood

    Whats with the endorsements?

    Plenty establishments could do with a visit from the Justice select committee. One would hope food is not the topic of conversation.

    1. All the cost of this visit is being met by the Jersey taxpayer according to what was said in the Monday meeting!

  9. The bloggers video recording of the meting referred to above can be seen on Tom Gruchy UK Select Committee Jersey You Tube (ok I cannot do the link) but feel sure that you can all find it if sufficiently interested...and then of course you can contact the Committee yourselves and make your own views known - it is not too late...

    1. It was great that at least some of our bloggers managed to meet the Select Committee and aired so important questions and concerns. The Justice Select Committee asked what needs to change in Jersey, well how about:-
      1/ separation of powers with elected members
      2/ the Rule of Law is implemented and enforced
      3/ Human rights Law is enforced and protected by 'Law'
      4/ that British residents of Jersey have the same rights as British citizens in the UK

  10. Great article on Voiceforchildren featuring Deputy Mike Higgin's submission. Readers should also be aware that you can STILL make submissions until 10th July 2013. I will put up the address for this shortly.

  11. Trevor,

    Here is the YouTube video mentioned by Tom Gruchy above -

    UK Select Committee Jersey

    A group of democracy activists in Jersey somehow managed to get an individual meeting with the UK Justice Select Committee on their visit to Jersey and make some excellent points well worth listening to.

  12. Deputy. The Chief Minister spending this amount of the public's money on stuffing his and other ministers faces is completely unacceptable. Please can you try and ensure the full figure is made public? Thank you.

    1. Okay - you have twisted my arm. Shona has a good written question in already that is very specific and (in a normal government) could be expected to reveal very interesting information.

  13. The magic of our trusted media to get it right !!

    BBC says
    Unemployment in Jersey continued to fall in May, according to the latest figures from the States Statistics Unit.

    CTV says, Unemployment continues to rise
    The number of people out of work in Jersey last month was up 20 on April and now stands at 1,880.

    1. Investigative journalism, eh - you can't beat it!

  14. How much is a prawn cocktail at the Atlantic then?

    1. The prawn cocktails? I don't know - neither Mike Higgins or I could afford to eat even pooling our money!

      Still, no doubt those fine, upstanding bastions of political transparancy Sean Power, Terry Le Main, Ben Shenton and Jim Perchard will be demanding a full States inuiry as per Lenny Harper?

  15. I have done a blog on the meeting of the Three Musketeers with the Justice Select Committee yesterday and posted the video of the brief encounter.

    It is important that there be pressure from below from concerned citizens upon the Committee lest they believe all that heard across the dinner table at the Atlantic Hotel on Sunday evening.

    Of particular interest and note on the website of the Justice Committee are the various submissions from residents in the Isle of Man. They have similar complaints about the justice system in their island albeit without an incisive or historical critique of whence the problem.

    Not all the Jersey submissions are yet posted.

    What is happening in Guernsey and why are there none from that island? Can we assume contentment and that their 80% turnouts in certain electoral districts at general elections indicate their government has legitimacy?

    1. Thanks Nick.

      For those who haven't seen it the link of Nick and Mike Dun meeting with the Select Committee has also been provided by sam Mezec above. If someone can send a direct hyper link to Nick's blog please feel free.

      Maaybe bloggers will be invited to a nice, slap up wine and dine next time?

    2. A bit of Champagne Socialism? Why not!

      Here are the links:

      Nick's blog -

      Justice Select Committee meeting.

      Also here are the current submissions that have been published -


      I'm writing one at the moment. Have you done one Trevor?


  16. A little more COVER-UP from Police and Home Affairs!

  17. Harking back to comments I think were in a previous post. I suppose you know you are the fall guy in a marriage of convenience when this happens.

    Your new wife puts up your wedding pictures on the net but only includes one of you on the supposedly happy day. And this showing just the back of your big fat head! My lord now that guy really just has to be ugly and something to be discarded once the opportunity comes along.

    1. Ugly or maybe just a geezer with something to really be ashamed about that he doesn't want his boatrace known by the public at large?

    2. Have to be something pretty heinous, Anonymous.Whatever were you thinking of?

  18. Part 2 should be up by 6pm latest on Wednesday.

  19. In answer to a not for publication question as to whether a certain 'oval ball-liking' commentator on a number of blogs is a troll: my opinion is that he is not.

    Instead likely just being a rather nasty, ignorant and possibly not too bright right-wing amateur agitator with little or no life.

    Either just ignore him or challenge his rants with facts. just like our Jon he likely just can't help it.

  20. Ian .. every person born in Jersey or a person born to a Jersey born parent has to do an aggregate of 10 years residence to be able to get housing qualifications, so if someone born in Jersey leaves Jersey with their parents at the age of 5 years and upon their return to Jersey whenever, they will have to do another 5 years living here ie thus making the 10 years...after this they will get their qualies

  21. Apologies.

    Unfortunately, having managed to pick up a puncture on the way home (an Establishment plot to cause a blow out obviously!) I am having to now attend to this.

    As a consequence my intended new post will not be up until I get back from the parish Assembly later tonight.

    It will also be a short post relating to my written States questions for next week. The Justice Select Committee part 2 post will go up Thursday or Friday.



  22. Can you tell us more about alleged secret court hearings that are now concluded?