Thursday, 6 June 2013


So when will the Lieutenant-Governor finally smell the coffee and intervene to restore democracy? 
A bit of a catastrophe took place in the Royal Court today. You see suddenly it wasn't just the 'little people' of Jersey; or even Progressive, Leftist politicians that the Establishment beneficiaries of the Finance gravy train wanted to silence shouting about the worst kept secret in Jersey: judicial corruption. No, this time it was actually one of the 'Inner Circle' - a Crown Advocate no less!
Yes, the Curtis Warren trial was back in St. Helier town again and this time around he may well have understandably been asking himself: hang on - why is it only me stuck out at La Moye in a cramped little cell? Could it really be, as one man described it so poetically, that the worms are finally starting to turn on each other as a few of us hardy souls digging for answers just keep refusing to roll over at the intimidation and die?
The inevitable consequence of an Establishment that is obsessed with crushing people...
Now none of this is really news to me, of course. As I have ensured is now well documented for when it seems we have to join the growing trail of islanders to Strasbourg: Deputy Shona Pitman and I have been victims of a sham judicial process that would have seen heads roll in embarrassment even in Mugabe's Zimbabwe so undeniably non-ECHR compliant was it. Its just 'the Jersey Way'.
Come on, you recall - Jurat John Lyndon Le Breton who is an evidenced mate and dinner chum of one of the defendant newspaper's senior directors and has been for years allowed by the Bailiff's Office to decide on evidence in our defamation case. Not to mention, of course, Le Breton also being a 'man' put forward by a former Education President to become said Jurat (lay judge) despite having been proven to happily look the other way on evidence against his predatory paedophile friend and Victoria College colleague Andrew Jervis-Dykes.
Oh...and at a time, of course, should anyone forget, while former Attorney General, Bailiff and reader of classified documents on planes - Senator Philip Bailhache (yup, the AG who allowed convicted paedophile Roger Holland join the Honorary Police) was also sitting on the very same Victoria College Board of Governors. Yes, the ideal type of character to make quite sure we all get justice!
Fact: our 'justice' system is out of control - just how much more evidence does the UK need?
But let's put this Warren case revelation into perspective. for its not as if the UK Minister for Justice, Lord Tom McNally hasn't had enough examples to stir him to action already, is it...
  • prisoners left to rot on remand for more than a year then intimidated to plead 'guilty' or their mother will be implicated and charged
  • police officer accused of sexual assault not charged but allowed to just leave the Island
  • illegal secret court cases against dissident former politician
  • taxpayers' money - thousands of pounds of it - given to vicious, cowardly convicted thugs to victimise their own victim
  • prime, evidenced suspects in child abuse investigations (who just happen to be Establishment stalwarts and even the odd millionaire) never taken to court
  • instead senior police officers trying to bring them to justice smeared or 'suspended' out of a job
  • hard-working businessmen arrested, bundled into a police car and forced to report daily to the police station - all for a planning offence that they didn't even commit
  • victims of abuse at Haut de la Garenne told they couldn't proceed with their case because they were 'never at the Home' - even though other victims personally remember them

And yet these are just the tip of the iceberg, of course. But now in the unfolding of the latest episode of the Warren case we actually have something different: a Crown Advocate telling the court that if this case was in the UK it would be the biggest story of the year and front page news. Because of, he says, the corruption within the...justice system!
Baton down the hatches - this could be the straw that breaks the camel's back...
But not in Jersey, of course. Oh no! Our lackey Establishment party MSM media don't want to report on that kind of thing. Bad for the squeaky clean Off-Shore image, old boy! Bad for business! But hang on surely this Warren case news is very, very serious stuff? stuff even the 'repeaters' of the Jersey MSM will struggle to bury.
I mean...did several members of the public really hear it correctly? Did Crown Advocate Baker, defending Curtis Warren, really state that the Jersey Attorney General had... lied? Blimey, whatever could happen next? A victim of abuse be pressured by the Law Office into accepting deportation and the Church leader who failed to safeguard against the perpetrator be carried back to the States on a donkey like a martyred hero? All to the accompanied mass foot-stomping of the EDL (Establishment Defence League) of course!
Secret court hearings - Jersey's new growth industry...
Still, I suppose the members of the public who swear this is what they heard a Crown Advocate say are actually lucky to have heard anything at all? You see Solicitor General Howard Sharp (a man who always wears an expression in the States suggesting he thinks he is far, far too important to be asked questions by mere elected representatives of the people who pay his huge salary) actually argued that all of the important evidence in the case should really be heard in...secret!
What? Yes, he didn't want we 'little people'; or any naughty Leftie trouble-makers who might bang on about pinko-commie nonsense like justice. transparency and democracy perhaps from knowing what was really taking place. Now doesn't this make you ever so slightly suspicious as to just what those at the apex of the Jersey 'justice' system could have to hide?
So Keep the faith and just maybe we will soon begin to find out and a whole lot more besides that worms really do always turn eventually. Meanwhile, over to you Lieutenant-Governor...


  1. 180m at stake. Is it any wonder secret hearing is the to go!

    Liverpool Echo

    After his conviction in December 2009 Jersey authorities re-opened the inquiry into Warren’s ill-gotten gains which once landed him in the Sunday Times Rich List.

    They believe they have uncovered more than £180m of assets and want him to pay up or face more jail time.

    Warren is also fighting to see a secret police review of the operation to stop him from importing the cannabis into Jersey in 2007, a matter which is likely to result in another hearing at some stage

    1. All the more reason that transparancy should be adhered to.

  2. Another corker Trevor. This kind of behaviour must force the United Kingdom to intervene unless it too is utterly corrupt? Keep talking to the media and keep hammering out the truth. The Jersey justice system is a tool of oppression against any who rock the boat.

    1. Don't worry I will. More international stuff lined up for next month.

      Let's face facts - if we cannot guarantee justice in Jersey is for ALL then people who would risk bringing their business here need to be aware of what can happen if they challenge the 'elite'.

      Thankfully more and more international journalists/media outlets are beginning to take an interest. Jersey needs to put its 'justice' system in order and quickly.

  3. Going to live in Korea6 June 2013 at 11:29:00 BST

    The local media won't report this because it is coming from within the establishment party camp. They know that they can not getaway with attacking this messenger as can do with the few of you brave enough to shout about this in the States. The media are in bed with the corruption if only because they don't report it to their readers, listeners or viewers.

  4. Apologies.

    Unfortunately having problems with the spacing on this post. Will try and get it back as it should be once on my own computer.

  5. Trevor.

    Senator Bailhache's Grouville Parish Hall MEETING

    1. VFC

      You have made a meeting that was largely a complete waste of time for all and anyone hoping for real understanding and compasion for the only real victime in this - HG - into a short piece that adroitly shows the crux of the problem here.

      Senator Bailhache and too many of the people who hang on his every word simply do not want to face up to a spot of 'looking in the mirror'. Indeed, the attempt to invent HG making complaints in Jersey and leave people thinking it was fact says so much. Well done former Deputy Bob Hill for being brave enough to correct matters.

      Given that Jesus is often credited as being 'the first Socialist' you really have to ask what he would have made of all of this lack of vulnerable people before 'corporate' image?

  6. Had to laugh today - verybody's least favourite internet troll sent one of his typical rants about the content of this blog post.

    What he said was that a Crown Advocate slamming the Jersey 'justice' system was 'a load of crap' and not true. basically the mebers of the public who sat through the hearing yesterday were 'liars'.

    Now ok, so maybe Mad Jon - for it is he - has been sitting next to a certain Assistant Chief Minister on Gatwick to Jersey flights too often; but the hard fact is this sad and embittered cyber loon was nowhere to be seen at the hearing so is once again just spouting *rap.

    Of course, to be fair I can understand why the Stella Artois Kid would NOT want to go along - lots of policemen with machine guns (if today was anything to go buy?) and the loon, of course, having a rather unpleasant criminal record.

  7. And here is a little bit of damning evidence of just how 'in bed' with the Establishment and 'justice' system our local Pravda is...

    Though a 'front page story' according to the Crown Advocate guess what I learnt today?

    The Liverpool Echo newspaper were apparently relying on a Pravda 'reporter' to keep them up to speed with what was happening.

    And surprise, surprise the Pravda/Establishment spokesman/woman didn't tell the paper a jot about wwhat was being said about corruption and failings in the Jersey 'justice' system!

    Indeed, 'bad news' best kept under wraps to be sure...

  8. The Jersey Evening Pravda - the newspaper so 'influential' or is that simply 'Establishment cosy' that it have a mate of a director sit a Jurat on a court case where it is a defendant! #TheJerseyWay

    1. Whoops! Typos - missed out a 'can' and an 'as'. Apologies.

  9. A good piece and one that does suggest the cracks are continuing to grow in the ranks of our masters. All of the blogs your own included really have to take a lot of credit for this.

  10. Reminds me when Stuart Syvret was in Court in front of Bridget Shaw. Steven Baker was acting for the prosecution and got extremely huffy when Stuart suggested that the police were corrupt.

    Stuart then reminded him that not too long before, when acting as the defence lawyer for Curtis Warren Advocate Baker himself had said in the Royal Court that all police were corrupt!


  11. I'm glad you highlight the secret case against former Senator Syvret which nobody is allowed to mention on pain of a visit from the Stasi. Agree with him or not, and I know you have been quite open that you do disagree with him on some matters, fact remains he should still be entitled to a fair court process as you say.

    This latest revelation is only the latest in what is anyway already quite mind-boggling evidence of an unfit for purpose Law Office. Speaking personally however I would even say that the example that makes the point on its own is number 4 on your list.

    What kind of justice system for Heaven's sake gives working peoples money to an individual who so many know is guilty of far worse than anything Mister Syvret is meant to have done to him? Answer a corrupt one.

  12. Deputy Pitman,

    It is time for all people that care about Jersey and the quality of life this island could offer, to stand up for what they believe in, rather than just a comparatively few rich lawyers, wealthy business people and over paid States employees enjoying the cream.

    I made a start. In a good an eager conversation with older retired Jersey businessmen the other evening, we were discussing effective and honest politicians taking Jersey forward.

    These people are not fools, but are right wing big time.

    I shocked them by announcing Trevor Pitman is one of the best, a most open and honest politician working for Jersey. One of them almost spat his drink out, such was the reaction he was not alone. They thought I was mad.

    This conclusion I reached, after seeing your videos and reading your blog for a year or so.

    Of course they all agreed that checks and balances were important in any business including Government. But who asked the really deep necessary questions I asked.

    It took a while but the argument was won. It was a gentle, deliberate factual conversation and as you now control your questioning in the States without showing anger, this makes you agreeable to older more stayed generations, and I used your published information on them. As I said they are not stupid just not well informed.

    Just thought you might like to know.

    1. Thank you for your comments.

      When one regularly wins the argument/debate but know you will still lose the vote because of the childishness and/or lack of professionalism of all too many in the Establishment camp it is hard not to get angry.

      Having said that I believe that I am just passionate about important things like democracy, justice and transparancy. Indeed, when you have politicians coming up to you to say 'I wish I had the nerve to say what you do because you are right' but they don't once again it is difficult not to feel anger simply at this.

      We don't need and can't afford either head-nodders or shrinking violets in the States. The 'Silent Assassins' of democracy and justice. Such people need to be exposed and voted out.

  13. The implications of the current urtis Warren case (to seize his assets) are significant and far reaching - certainly way beyond the shores of Jersey. That is probably why the SG wanted to smother details under a "public interest immunity" secret hearing before the Judge in chambers. That application fortunately failed.
    It soon became obvious that seeking to place this whole case in this jurisdiction might yet prove to be be the very reason for its final collapse. Warren's lawyer Adv Baker complained bitterly and at length about his inability to take instructions from his client because he was so often incarcarated in Belmarsh jail and other difficult places. Even now nobody in Jersey could say if Warren would be available in Jersey today, tomorrow or at any time...on such little difficulties whole cases can collapse.
    But Adv Baker in court was complaining about much bigger issues such as "this small jurisdiction is only interested in keeping things secret...things that should be in the public domain"...."this jursidiction is too small and too afraid to disclose information about what has happened to Curtis Warren"...."the police have lied"...the Jersey AG has given wrong information to the court"..."this is an extraordinary would not believe it"... "prosecutions may now be pending against police officers and a Crown officer"..."how could a man of Mr Warren's {alleged} stature be joined in a shabby little venture such as this"..."Mr Warren is not admitting to drug trafficking or money laundering"...."he has never been convicted of such offences...""Mr Warren has no assets"...."he has been free for only 3 weeks during the past 20 years"..."Why are the three other principals {of the alleged gang} not being pursued here too when they have convictions for drug smuggling?"..."It is the SG who has raised the 1991 case"....

    There is so much more that has been said in this hearing but when Adv baker uses expressions such as "State sponsored crime" to describe what has been going on during the past two decades it is not at all surprising that the governments of several countries want it all kept secret. In the circumstances it is all the more puzzling to understand why they are pursuing Curis Warren at all.
    He claims to have been demonized and that it is only his "reputation" that is on trial here.
    He also claims that the government won't recover a single £1 even if the SG wins his case because there is no money to be had so the cost of his legal aid bill, the fourteen armed guards outside the Magistrates' Court building, the specially hired armoured vehicle, private plane to and from the UK and incarcaration in the most expensive prisons in Britain makes this look like a very poor business plan.

    For those more interested in the history of Mr Warren a search through his Google entries and those of Brian Charrington's activities from 1991 etc can be educational....

  14. A message to Stuart Newby

    If you wish to have your post considered for publication I'm afraid I must ask you to re-send it in English so I can understand the content.


  15. A note regarding this story.

    Yes, I am, of course, aware of allegations relating to some statements arising from the same Crown Advocate within hearings involving former Senator Stuart Syvret.

    But for now let's just say: these 'inconsistencies'in the Crown Advocate's views make the whole scenario of Jersey 'justice' even more...interesting!

    Hope the UK Justice MInister is keeping his eye on the blog...

  16. Hope you'll be updating us on the Bailhachegate story soon Trevor. Till Bailhache comes out with a proper response you will be branded a liar and your constituent with you. You can't let this happen. More to the point nor should our Chief Minister let it happen if he is any way fair.


  18. According to the news you must have a warrant to listen to phone calls and read emails whilst discussing the Prism situation.

    Is that you must have a warrant unless in Jersey? I am thinking the Curtis Warren case.

  19. Due to a truly fascinating - yet utterly predictable - meeting this evening with the Chief Minister (that's Senator Gorst in this case not Bailhache) and two nice businessmen working hard for the local economy I may just have a new post up tomorrow evening once my last constituent case of the day finishes around 7.00pm. The truth, as they say, will always out in the end - in this case The Bald Truth.

  20. Trevor.

    Previously banned US journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman, returns to Jersey EXCLUSIVE.