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If there is one thing that I have learnt in 5 years 'inside' Jersey politics it is that the more important to democracy and political transparency an issue is then the less likely it is to see most of the Great and the Good turn up to a meeting. This Monday's question and answer session held at the 'Societe Jersiaise' proved this disappointing phenomena to be true once again.
The States Assembly has 51 Members. Yet only 17 who had not had the benefit of a rumoured 80-odd pounds-per-head slap up meal at the Atlantic Hotel bothered to come along!
That there were no banana daiquiris or prawn cocktails really isn't any excuse...
Given that recent times have seen a staggering abuse of justice including manipulation of  the Data Protection Law about which no one could talk about upon threat of arrest - this resulting in 'top secret' court proceedings against a former politician.  The hijacking of the electoral reform process to cement inequality; not to forget exposes of Jurats happy to both disregard evidence against sickening paedophile friends and subsequently flout the rules to sit on cases where other mates were directly involved - when put under the spotlight this really can mean only one thing.
Most of  Jersey's elected representatives are either too scared to stand up for what should lie at the very core of every democracy in the world - or simply do not care a jot about justice in the first place So long, it would seem, as it doesn't impact on them personally. Frankly politicians falling into either category should be identified and hounded out of office before it is too late. In the first instance perhaps being forced to study the famous saying of Pastor Neimoller.
It would be embarrassing to raise any local justice issues with the Committee...
The order highlighted above, passed down from the apex of Gorst and Bailhache's Team Feudal, should have sent alarm bells ringing straightaway. Indeed, I actually sought out the 'ministerial aide' who had come out with this nonsense and pointed out the chances of my complying with this was on a par with Luis Suarez giving up snacking on defenders' arms.
Yet for all of these worries  I was still glad that I had gone along. Otherwise I would never have got to learn that, in voicing my concerns about the hard and undeniable facts that those who control Jersey 'justice' continue to sanction appalling abuses against those who are either not sufficiently wealthy; or dare rock the Establishment boat were not supported by the likes of Constables Juliette Gallichan and Phil Rondel.
Now no surprise when considering Constable Gallichan.  As she made quite clear only a few short weeks ago she was adamant that I definitely 'did not speak for her' in apologising to the tragic victim of abuse in the Dean suspension case, poor, vulnerable HG. But Constable Rondel? Whatever could have happened here? Only a couple of weeks ago he was telling me how he totally agreed that John Le Breton of Jervis-Dykes abuse case shame should NEVER have been allowed to become a Jurat (lay judge)*

Independence? No thank you!

Interestingly, Constable Rondel did speak at length about what he felt had been the bullying and unfair treatment of Jersey by the UK over the 'last 20 years'. A bit surprised by the 20 years statement many of us were. To most of us interested in justice the worst failing on the part of Westminster has been the policy of just turning a blind eye to abuses of justice and bad governance where they know they actually have an obligation to step in.

However, though having to qualify this with the observation that it was pretty foolish for any to set up and come to rely on an industry which was built on a tax loop-hole I do have some sympathy with Phil's views on Jersey's comparative singling out for action over LVCR.

Nevertheless, when the issue of 'independence' came up in the session the Constable and I part company. He expressed that it would be a good thing. Independence in my view would lead, within a decade or two, to financial and social ruin. It would also lead to political abuse of the 'justice' system on a truly terrifying scale due to the lack of ethics/morals on the part of those Establishment figures at the top who crave this unfettering of power desperately.

Indeed, I must say that I also found the Constable's expression of support for independence somewhat surprising given that both the 'Rondel Twins' in the States have expressed deep concerns about young James increasingly falling under the totalitarian spell of 'The Man Who Would Be King'.
Its our report - but you're paying for it all...
Another fact that had I not gone along I never would have known was that according to the Chairman, though the Committee was here to follow-up their 2010 report; the cost of everything involved was going to be down to the Jersey taxpayer.

No problem with that at all - so long as the Committee actually don't buy into the Gorst and Bailhache propaganda and do what they are meant to do: i.e. listen to the concerns of Jersey people and those handful of politicians, Shona Pitman, me, Mike Higgins and Montfort Tadier brave enough to tell the truth.
And I'm afraid this also means treating the appalling abuse of justice that continues to allow an unelected judge lord it as 'president' of the States with the same commitment to 21st century reform that Westminster has forced upon to Sark. The 'dual role' of the Jersey Bailiff, after all, as has been pointed out by eminent local lawyer, Philip Sinel is far, far worse.
What exactly had the Committee been fed at the Atlantic? (no pun intended!)
I posit the question because until the above facts were pointed out by Shona, we were initially getting the fob off that discarding the anachronism of the Bailiff was down to the people and the States. Non recognition or understanding seemed apparent of the insidious structuring of the generations old 'Jersey Way.
It was even suggested that the Committee had been given no examples where the two conflicting roles overlapped from justice into the political. Fortunately I was able to intervene and  use the recent example of a Bailiff quickly putting on his 'Head of the Legislature' hat to stop a personal statement strongly criticising him in his wearing of his other hat as 'Head of the Judiciary'.
The examples given to the Committee flowed after this with the pointing out of how the propaganda they had received from the likes of Gorst, Bailhache and co of there being no problematic overlap was errant and dangerous nonsense. The Chief Judge could stop an elected member speaking; he could block perfectly legitimate questions; he could let Ministers get away with stonewalling and waffling to ride out question time. Et cetera...
A light in the darkness...
Perhaps most encouraging of all was that eventually the Committee finally conceded that the plethora of hugely varied abuses of justice that Deputy Mike Higgins and I were now working on probably did fall within the UK Justice Select Committee's mandate.
Yes, even my and Shona's own attempted shafting via failures within the monitoring of the jurat system of which the Jersey Evening Pravda and Broadlands are keeping so manfully silent about in the hope of getting away with a beneficial ruling that would be laughed out of court in North Korea on Human Rights grounds.
The above recognition was actually voiced by the Rt. Hon. Elfyn Llwyd M.P. who a number of us agreed, though not talking as much as his colleagues actually seemed to have a better grasp of the subtle but hugely important issues at stake here. Which was probably just as well.
For Deputy Sean Power - though being at great pains to tell us that he totally respected yours truly, Shona, Mike Higgins and Montfort Tadier for the huge amount of work we do on behalf of people told the Committee that he felt in voicing our concerns about injustice we spoke for only 'a small number of people' who shared those views!
You can still have a say - make sure that you do!
Still, for all of that the session did end on a positive note. Under pressure from Shona the Committee's Chairman, Sir Alan Beith, did agree that submissions which had had a cut off date of the 10th May could now be sent to the Justice Select Committee right up until the 10th of July instead. Send them to this address:
If you care about justice and putting an end to Jersey's 'justice' system and our 'Law' Office instead using the legal apparatus to enforce political and economic oppression please make 30 minutes in your schedule to send them an e-mail. I haven't yet I confess. But busy as I always am, and as so many of you will be PLEASE ensure that you now do. Our future might depend on it...
Keep the Faith


  1. Sean Power is a liar and a thief. Trevor, do not trust this man. He is now trying to set up a charity...

  2. 17? Can you let us all know who the 17 were, or more importantly, who weren't there?

    The Beano is not the Rag

    1. Yes I will get around to listing the names.

      Having counted on the day but not written them down my memory currently has three blanks that I need to fill by talking to others.

      Of course, if any of my States colleagues wish to post saying 'I WAS there' I will be happy to publish.

  3. Updated the article as I realised I had not slotted in the paragraphs I had noted down on the issue of Independence brought up by constable Rondel.

  4. What does this say about Constables and Option B supporters with their contempt for equality, justice and democracy?

    Of the 17 politicians at the Justice Select Committee meeting (not including Senator ozouf who had already had the benefit of hours of chat AND a free meal at a value that could have fed a pensioner for a week) how many Constables were there?

    I can only recall Steve Pallett, Phil Rondel and juliette Gallichan. The first and last are both anti-democracy any way as they support Option B so perhaps they were there for other reasons.

    But was there another Constable lurking that I missed? I know Dan Murphy is ill so we'll obviously excuse him. I also know Judy Martin was out of the island. I still have three blanks on my count list of 17. Who were they?

  5. Thanks for a very informative report on this meeting. It is as you say very telling that so few of our elected representatives could be bothered to even attend. Their names should be ciculated prior to the election next year.

  6. Why didn't the select committee meet with the (paying) public and is there anything you can do to get them to hold a public meeting Trevor?

    1. Good question - because as we were told - the Jersey taxpayer is paying for the trip and all expenses incurred.

      Possibly because it would be apparent that the public hold different views to Gorst and his boss?

  7. Suppose the reason they don't feel any need to attend is because they trust they'll be told what to think and say and do about anything The Powers That Be discussed or decided there?

    1. Who told you that these people actually 'think'? I believe you may be giving too much credit there, anonymous.

  8. Jersey will feature in the Sunday Express newspaper tomorrow. Be sure to buy a copy.

    1. Link to report here :-

  9. Hey, Jonnie. Or can I call you Sue Young today? two questions;

    1. What was this fictitious 'deadline' you kept going on about? Another figment of your Stella addled brain/

    2. Wouldn't it be better to channel some of your pent up frustration with life away from posting inane hate to me and other progressives and instead try looking after your child?




    Nice photo by the way - I'm glad your 'friend' showed it to me.

    1. Dear troll.

      In response to your latest unpublished post. Pplease don't send a photo of you with your apendage hanging out. Not that anyone would notice from what I am told. But i tend to eat late on a Saturday - some of us are busy helping people you know.

      I also note you didn't answer the question but never mind. many of us are used to your fantasies by now.

      Meanwhile, as for bragging about your bank account - please feel free to post that for publication. I can then send it down to SS with a question as to your claiming you haven't been able to work for so many years - all while genuinely ill/unemployed people are struggling.

      Odd how someone committed to 24/7 running of hate sites and fictitious Twitter accounts can be 'too depressed and ill' to work normally. Remember that is what you told me once when shambling up to me having stumbled out of the pub!

      Sleep well.

  10. To all readers I keep getting messages telling me that it should be well worth all people interested in Jersey, justice and democracy buying the Sunday Express tomorrow...

    1. Read it and there is no story in it.
      Why do you rely on things that are so vague?

  11. Hi Trevor,

    If I submit an e-mail to the Select Committee, in your opinion, how likely are they to agree to my request to keep it off the internet? I am asking this as I fear repercussions such as losing my job if my name is publically known. Thank you.

    1. If you explany why you are concerned - along the ines you mention here - I'm sure they will agree to this. You might also mention that you had taken advice from one ofyour political representatives.

      When people face sanctions - and let's be honest in some places providing evidence can lead to violence or even death - such bodies will always take that in to accout.

    2. Just done it. Thank you for your help.

  12. Link to Sunday Express report:-

  13. Hi Trevor, my submissions to the Justice Select Committee will be sent first thing tomorrow morning. I do hope that all other bloggers will follow suite

    1. Well done - the more the better. Think I'll e-mail them on the many avatars of well know cyber thug Jonnie Nomates as well.

  14. On institutionalised corruption; can someone do a 'link' for this please:

    "AS another storm swirled around Scotland Yard last week, sucking in officers over alleged secret smear operations against Stephen Lawrence’s family, three MPs boarded a plane for the Channel Island haven of Jersey."

    Continues into a good article but is quite short and limited and does not even mention the constructive dismissal of good Police Chief Graham Power and his replacement with a pet copper on a leash.

    There is a comments section for the Sunday Express story if people wish to register on the site. It might be worth submitting links to some of the good blog postings from the past that will fill in some of the blanks that the article did not have time for.

    1. Good idea anonymous. Jonnie will be working overtime with his trolling smoke machine belching at full throttle writing in fake names. All no doubt why a kiddie goes completely neglected.

  15. Slightly odd Sunday Express article linking Jersey with Stephen Lawrence, but nonetheless good to see some exposure. Something oddly familiar about the syntax in the comment from 'Islander 1967'...

  16. Seems like the Establishment has their weather machine up and running. Nice bit of fog to keep the critical newspaper reports out LOL I'm joking of course but in case the papers don't make it in later on the article is at Peace

    1. Perhaps King Philip Canute had ordered the clouds not to clear - but they disobeyed hm?

    2. It could be a Troll's smoke machine going into overdrive over the Express story.

    3. LOL @ "King Philip Canute"

      Considering the original spelling as Cnut ( that seems most appropriate :-)

  17. Hi,
    I think I have spotted Jonny Worthless commenting at
    "Islander1967" 8:15am
    """I live in Jersey and know that the allegations made by the Pitmans are utter rubbish, they lost a libel action against the local newspaper and have done nothing but publicly attack people ever since.
    If all these people have the evidence that they claim to have, why don't they publish it so we can all see it?""
    he then realised his stupidity and resubmitted 2 minutes later with the last sentence removed.
    "If all these people have the evidence that they claim to have, why don't they publish it so we can all see it?"

    Over to you - it would be rude to disappoint :-)
    You could even mention paedophile protector EX Jurat Le Breton and how he was selected to sit on your case and on the judicial review of the dodgy suspension of Police Chief G.Power QPM.

  18. Jonny Worthless is also commenting under the name "Burnside"
    7:33am 30th June 2013
    7:37am 30th June 2013
    others ....

    True to form. It seems the 'self medication' from the night before has not warn off yet

    I suspect that he may also be the first commentor showing his usual racist and neo-fascist side :

    "Negotiator321" 7:13am 30th June 2013
    """Enough of this thug's was over 20yrs ago and it has caused the political correctness of the police which has made them weak in dealing with black crime. The lawrence family are publicity seeking again...trying to keep the pay cheques coming in......disgusting exploitation. Newspaper editors should be ashamed of re-printing this story except a money grabbing attention seeking family and their marxist govt supporters"""

    Is Jonny Worthless flooding the comments section of Sunday Express?
    Perhaps someone should provide Sunday Express a link to one of the inadequate TROLL SPECIAL blog postings.

    Don't mention the super dysfunction protecting him ;-)
    errrr... the rule of law and the extent and effect of it's corruption locally.

  19. Note they say they do not look at individual matters - so prepare for a few more years of establishment inaction. Try getting LA's to reveal which children 'holidayed' in Jersey? Oh record no longer held.

    Whilst the press making passing comment on these matters, elements of the establishment, prefer to maintain a status quo. Preferring 'not to rock the boat'.

    The public care more about the price of a loaf than good governance - Hills borough would have been buried long ago if it not for a few key people who refused to accept the cover ups. The press were manipulated and possibly conspired. Many people of influence turned blind eyes.

    Stay strong and may I be proofed wrong.

  20. Great piece in the Sunday Express. I do hope Mr J can expand this line to examine our bent judiciary though. Where else would you get people refusing to examine evidence against a sickening paedophile yet then writing in his support? Nowhere. Then being put up to be a jurat for Gods sake? Well done to all involved in the fight, not just you and Shona but Mike, Stuart, Rico and Neil and of course the brave abuse victims. Yu are the real champions of Jersey.

  21. Trevor.

    More of what you won't be learning about from the local State Media and why Bloggers remain the number 1 trusted news source on the island. HERE

  22. What an excellent piece in the Sunday Express. So good to see the word getting out about the corruption here at last. It has inspired even me to stop writing mindless bile and fight for good instead. At least until the Amber Nectar takes control again.

  23. Did I read in the saturday JE Pravda piece on Monty that 'there will always be questions about his personal credibility'?

    Really? Lucky he hasn't done anything like...

    allowed a convicted paedophile to join the Honouray Police then; or supported a college Vice-Principle who looked the other way on being confronted with evidence of paedophile abuse by a mate/colleague to become and remain a jurat in Jersey's courts!

    Indeed, had Monty done a Philip Bailhache he might have had REAL question marks about his credibility...

  24. Good news it seems. Jon has just posted that he was busy discussing corruption in Jersey with himself this morning; apparently whilst enjoying a discarded, half eaten bacon roll down the harbour. Seems he has finally recognised that his rapidly approaching arrest may allow him to get help. Please all keep your fingers crossed for him.

  25. I thought at first that the Stephen Lawrence photo might confuse people in the Express article. Upon reflection though I think it will be good. A lot of people won't know much about Jersey so might not have bothered to read it. The terrible murder of Lawrence and the sickening treatment of his family due to corruption may well have brought a lot of new eyes to what is happening in Jersey. Well done to all involved and well done Sunday Express.

  26. I haven't got Sky or cable so I don't think i will be able to see the documentary tonight about the tragic killings here a couple of years back. I am told by the way that serious failings in our mental health care played a big part in what happened.

    What I would say is that it would be very beneficial if we can get some interest from tv channels over injustice and coruption the same way as newspapers are slowly waking up to what is going on here. What do you think?

  27. Just a thought that the control freaks, they know who they are in the Jersey Government, will be seriously upset that with Jersey media under their control, the spin doctors attached to the Chief MInisters department, working flat out, but they still come under heavy guns of another national UK newspaper even better the blog owners and deputies are the preferred sources.

    It may have been late arriving into Crapo's ISLAND, but as sure as Ian Le Marquand and Ian Gorst refuse to give honest and straight answers, the paper was sold all over the UK.

    Great work Trevor and other blog owners. Stick to the facts and stick it up em, they are looking increasingly weak mostly by their own excesses and untruthfulness.

  28. Trevor
    Submission sent into Justice Select Committee.

    Had a problem with their Wedsite though. With not having Word format, I tried to download the document using OpenOffice and PDF, which would not download on there site.

    I sent a email to parliament office at and asked for advice and was told to send in my submission as an email attachment in PDF or OpenOffice format
    Reply from parliament was, Received and thanks

    So to all of you who intend sending in Submissions, do not give up, just email first and make contact, then attach your submission as an email attachment and ask for confirmation that all was received

    Don't forget closing date for submissions is the 10th July so come on all you lot, get moving and all the best

  29. Page 2 of the "filthy rag" last night (but not online yet ..... Big Ian? .... please)
    Deputy Pitman using Parliamentary Privilege to ask written question about the secret cost to taxpayers of secret civil case (Super Dysfunction?) brought by our esteemed government, on behalf of third parties, against a certain Ex-health Minister. [I paraphrase]

    It is presumably only because of the current mainland press interest in corruption in Jersey that an elected politician has been 'allowed' to successfully table this question - until ILM changes the law to gag even our politicians ....

  30. I was right when I said the 3 men from the UK would be having dinner with the Bailiff, I was spot on! if anyone saw the interview between the 3 men from the UK re: good governance in Jersey and saw how they clearly were asking 'what is wrong with the Bailff?'.... well now we know, well done JEP for highlighting the jolly dinner that took place where the 3 men should have headed back to the UK, they did not have to stay a night and have a dinner with the Bailiff and I expect they were all after a few bottles discussing the role of the Bailiff, when the 3 men should have taken the information they had and went back to the UK to sort it out and then arrange meetings with the appropriate individuals from there, that would be professional. But no, they all shared a glass or two of wine and sat and spent a lot of tax payers money on their time spent in protecting the Establishment, is it any wonder people are fed up with the Jersey system! a total disgrace! lets get an open debate on this very subject, the way in which the UK should do Good Governance, this is so far not it! lets highlight this very incident and now! enough is enough!

  31. Can you please press this issue of a notorious drunk and internet troll being given our money basically to take Syvret to court for telling the truth about him? As many people know this individual is nothing more than a vicious lunatic who goes crying to the court about Syvret yet spends all his time spreading lies and hate about other people, including Syvret him self.

    1. Today was the first I have heard of this - I am appalled. As Stuart says, you couldn't make it up!


  32. Deputy Pitman,

    This may appeal to you. Civilian media at its best, the true story of the Co-op buildings never published by Jerseys so called professional media, unbelievable.,3755.msg57389.html#msg57389

  33. Will any of the mainstream media be brave enough to report let alone discus the implications of this secret court case you have revealed?

    I doubt it which means in essence that they all support such Stalinistic behaviour.

    From what I understand one or possibly even two of the individuals involved may have a genuine case to wish to pursue Mr Syvret to court.

    But I also have it from a close friend of another that the man (if I can use such a term) is nothing more than an oddball bully who delights in attacking others while hiding his identity behnd a host of fake names.

    How can such a person as this be given money from the tex coffers?

  34. I think this blog is no better than Syvret's.
    Be funny if your next to get involved in a secret court case.

    1. It would be funny actually...

      Because if it involved a pathetic little gutter rat who is so inadequate he bullies women, children, the vulnerable.

      And anyone else he is jealous of simply because - unlike him - they have an IQ bigger than their shoe size I would name the toe-rag no matter what abuse of justice injunction was slapped on me.

      I mean... we know he hasn't got any friends apart from those who float in the bottom of a glass - but his family need to be able to protect themselves when he finally blows a gasket.

      And i'm not talking 'gasket' as in a troll's smoke machine!

  35. I gave ITV's Leah Ferguson - one of the few decent journalists here who clearly wants to do the right thing and report instead of just repeat - an interview today on the secret court case brought against Stuart Syvret.

    Will ITV use it? Well like the Pravda they say that they have wanted to follow it/report it but could not until it was officially mentioned in the States.

    Well, it has now - so over to you MSM.

    What do I hope comes out of this interview? That, as I said, people wake up to the fact that it being Stuart Syvret is wholly irrelevant. If we keep our heads down and say nothing about this then next time it could be ANYONE who falls foul of the Establishment.

    Yes, even one of the Silent Assassins who dominate the States never doing or saying anything least they risk losing their seat next election and with it their 'celebrity status'.

    Does my bringing this up for the public's attention mean I agree with Stuart Syvret on everything? No, as I have said before, of course not. Not any more than he will agree with me on everything.

    But when we have a 'justice' system that allows a perpetrator; a vile convicted thug, to gain access to huge sums of public funds to pass himself of as a victim - which he is not in a million years - we all need to stand shoulder to shoulder what ever our differences and say 'enough is enough!'

  36. If ITV don't use it, would you do a video interview with VFC? I'd like to hear you talk about it.

    1. Happy to do an interview on this but I think the bigger story is; who was present at the meal, what business they had being there and who wasn't invited.

  37. Quite a decent bit in the Post today on the Syvret secret case. Looks like even the establishment are realising that the usefulness of the drunken one is all but finished. If I was this horrible little bully I would be booking a flight to somewhere a long way away.

    1. Interesting to note that is was Andy Sibcy who wrote the article. From what I know, a decent bloke, studying for a law qualification, who has successfully overturned reporting restrictions without need for a lawyer in other cases.

      Shame he can't report on you and Shona being fitted up in an unlawful trial though, can he? He might be itching to, all said and done, but it would be "goodbye career" if he did, wouldn't it? Maybe you should give him a call? One day, when all the dinosaurs are gone, he's got to be a candidate for editor, after all?

      I see you are teasing us on twitter with a 'justice' event on 16th July. Tell us more, when you can.

  38. Two more arrests for misconduct or assisting misconduct in public office. In this case it is Plebgate:

    One wonders what the alleged misconduct could be? Is it because of an alleged LEAK of the incident log by a police officer to the Daily Telegraph?

    It is noted that the 37 year old is a police officer. We do not know the profession of the 46 year old but they are not thought to be a police officer.

    It will be interesting to see if charges are brought, the professions involved, and whether money changed hands or not.

    Sound like anyone we know?

  39. Can't say a big enough well done for making public both the hundreds of thousands wasted in this secret court case against Syvret and the Atlantic Hotel piss up for the local mafia big boys. If only a few more of the wastes of space in the States had the balls and public conscience of you, Shona and Mike Higgins.

    One day this island will be free again and a decent place to live again. Whenever that day finally comes and no matter what these criminals may have done to you know that you can hold your heads up high with pride.

    1. Thanks. As you suggest it is a war of attrition We just have to make sure we out last those abusing the system to hang on to power.

  40. Andy Sibcy really has a very low opinion of people’s intelligence living on Jersey.

    Why could Andy Sibcy, not be honest and write, the JEP had no intention of challenging reporting restrictions once the story was put into the public domain by a UK MP.

    This would have at least been truth-full ( now where have we heard that before ). Not a lot of truthfulness going around at the moment.

    Completely unbelievable that Mr Sibcy, nor any of his reporters happened not notice the story on citizens media at the time, and writes a lie in the hard copy of his JEP story by stating:

    The islands media were not aware of the court case therefore were not able to hear or challenge the reporting restrictions.

    You are jesting right Andy ? an apology should be forthcoming.


    CTV Certainly noticed MP J. Hemming on this different, but relative occasion.


  41. Deputy Pitman,

    Not one person, not data protection, nor a politician nor the Judiciary, has made the case - that - this super injunction is in the public interest.

    Four civilians are involved in a civilian defamation case, one of them found guilty by a judge of threatening serious abuse. Now a clear explanation is required, as to why they did not pay for the case themselves ?

    How much was the total cost including the data protection staff and associated States departments man hours ?

    Obviously the person who ordered this action, will have no problem answering these straightforward questions.


    1. Hi Boatyboy.

      Sure you'll be pleased to know the drunken inadequate troll has been posting abuse about you to me.

      You really should push the issue of this twerp stealing your identity and all of the threats.

      As I know another individual did so only recently it can only add to the evidence against the fruitcake.

  42. Just stumbled upon an old - and rejected because it was the usual tripe - complaint that one Jon Haworth (he of death threat phone call infamy) made to Data Protection about me. Might make a very telling - and amusing - future post?

    1. Yes please - I could do with a laugh!

    2. Your wish is my command O sad-sac! After all, you don't appear to have much to smile about in your embittered little life?

  43. Apologies to readers expecting a new post today. This will instead be up around lunchtime tomorow.

    Why is it late? Because it is a story that had to be checked out. The 'inside' story of the hushed up scandal of the pupil who was shot in the face with a starting pistol


  44. Deputy Pitman,

    I have a belief that the majority of people, want to live in a society that offers standards that they can relate to in a good way. They want to improve their quality of life and that of their children and also of the community generally.

    Most people are not stupid ( whatever certain ministers may think ), and want their hard earned taxes be to used in an honest and open way to fund a decent judiciary, police force, hospital, and education service which they can be proud of.

    It is reasonable and important, that checks and balances are given a high priority by Politicians for a secure and confident family of islanders.

    You and a minority of States members ask questions that have been researched and clearly are designed to hold to account wrongs you perceive.

    It has to be said, that there is a lot of misleading and frankly rubbish on the internet, which will appeal to a minority.

    This is probably why the better and established Jerseys blogs stand out, and have gained so much ground and respect in the last few years. The information supplied to the reader is evidenced, objective, factual and trusted even if the reader may take a different view in which case they can offer an opinion.

    There will of course always be a person or people who are basically inept, mentally challenged, or just plain nasty who offer no structured informed or researched viewpoint just make personal attacks because that is all they are capable of.

    I certainly do not claim to be perfect in my views, or correct all the time, but acknowledge other apposing views, many of which I have learned from.

    The person using my name, who you mention, and who has made personal death threats to me, is of no consequence, because there is no intelligent point of view or reasoning coming from him.

    Therefore the thinking people of this island will see no value in his personal attacks, regardless of how many different living peoples names or catalogue of imaginary – both- gender names he writes under. Better to just not bother with him.

    Sorry this is so long.


  45. Dear Jonnie.

    I'm sorry but even one as barking as you cannot hope to spin people that a phone call where innocent people are told they will be murdered is just 'an annoying phonecall'!

    Of course, there certainly does remain serious questions as to how such a serious, sick and cowardly offence was at first simply to be quietly slipped to a parish hall inquiry.