Monday, 17 September 2012

More than 1000 sign e-petition in first few days!

Today I publish below the press release update on the Leah McGrath Goodman/Haut de la Garenne child abuse scandal e-petition. This was sent to all local media plus a number of UK and U.S. contacts this morning. 




In just four days, my petition in support of a U.S. journalist’s research into the Haut de la Garenne children’s home scandal on the Channel Island of Jersey attracted over 
1,000 signatures. The international response has been immense: citizens from every continent have written to insist that the truth come out (see petition on

The eyes of the world are now upon Jersey once again. I thus urge all Islanders to add their voice to this clarion call by signing this petition, which urges that journalist Leah McGrath Goodman – who has been banned from re-entering Jersey – be allowed to continue her research into the island’s handling of its child abuse investigations.

The Haut de la Garenne scandal saw nearly 200 victims accuse Jersey’s government of turning a blind eye to horrific crimes against defenseless orphans and other vulnerable children for decades; the illegal suspension of the island’s chief of police; the sacking of its health minister and key evidence – including the exhumed teeth, blood and bones of children – irreversibly compromised, as Jersey’s government scrambled to shut down the investigation at all costs.

After succeeding in doing so, Jersey’s government, to this day, squanders millions of pounds from the public purse to try to silence and discredit its critics – and, most shockingly, shield the accused from being brought to justice, a number of whom even remain free to work with the island’s children and strike again.

Jersey’s government, appallingly, has begun undertaking secretive legal action to protect those who stand accused. Indeed, only this past week, we have seen further worrying indications that all is not as it should be within our judicial system with my own revelation that an individual was allowed to sit in judgment of others as a Jurat (a lay judge) for 14 years despite huge failings in connection with child abuse at an exclusive private school where he was a teacher.

The unreasonable treatment of acclaimed U.S. author and journalist Leah McGrath Goodman – a former Tier-1 visa holder – surely has been proof that this situation simply cannot be allowed to continue.

Having successfully conducted her research into the “Historic” Abuse Scandal until 11 September 2011, when the UK Border Agency detained her at the request of the Jersey Customs and Immigration Service, Ms. Goodman was fingerprinted, photographed and stripped of her passport, phone, wallet and possessions and held in the basement of Heathrow Airport for more than 12 hours – past the legal limit – without access to a lawyer or the U.S. consulate. 

The UK Border Agency copied her papers without her consent and questioned her about her work in Jersey before sending her back to the U.S. In January 2012, the Border Agency then sent Ms. Goodman a letter informing her it had taken the additional step of banning her from entering the UK Common Travel Area for two years, but did not explain the reason for this action. It denied her the right to an appeal. UK Member of Parliament John Hemming interceded to reduce her ban to one year, expiring 11 September 2012, the day that I lodged this petition. Even so, Ms. Goodman’s visa status has yet to be reinstated.

This situation within our “democracy” should outrage not only ordinary members of the Jersey public, but every local journalist and broadcaster. I believe the time has come when those who care deeply about justice and democracy on the Island must finally say enough is enough. With the help of this international e-petition, we must insist Ms. Goodman’s Tier-1 visa be restored.

Every day that goes by without this problem being addressed potentially exposes the Island’s children to further abuses by those who have already been accused of unspeakable crimes – or have helped conceal them. It is time the public demand immediate action.

The Petition can be signed by clicking here

For further information and/or interviews please contact meon: Tel – 07797 824243 or (01534) 863436. Email:  or 


  1. Ah! Now this makes sense. So the petition will keep going up, asking for more signatures, until Ms McGrath Goodman gets her status back. Wish I had sussed that out earlier. But then it was a Saturday night when I checked it out! What about placing an advert in the Jep?

  2. Come on - let's get to one thousand two hundred by morning!

    Someone as said please put another link to the petition in the new post. Good idea - i will ask my trusty admin to do so.


  3. With reference to the suspect letter in tonight's Beano. I think everyone misses the real point. This is that even if the letter was genuine any normal person would surely be asking why?

    Why a States member had come to the point when he or she felt they had to name a jurat in this way. They would surely want to know what our esteemed custodians of justice had been doing to allow such an unsuitable person to even set foot in a court as any kind of judge?

  4. Well, I have to concede the point.

    In a 'normal' world where justice matters you would probably be 100% on the money.

    But this is Jersey. The island democracy forgot.

  5. My admin is brilliant! Thanks for the link.

  6. Ian

    A 'petion' is a petition started by drunk people!

    Sorry - I will try and correct that ASAP.

  7. You do realise that you will be slaughtered, shafted, call it what you will by the JEP tomorrow, Deputy? Should you or anyone else really be taking our problems off island in this way?

    1. Unless 'our problems' are taken off island,nothing will ever change.The corruption has become so embedded that it is impossible to destroy from within Jersey. Anyway don't you think that murder,child abuse,political corruption etc are problems the rest of the world should know about and help solve?

  8. Anonymous commenter's quote: "Should you or anyone else really be taking our problems off island in this way?"

    Could be the problem was sent off island by those terrified and corrupt authorities who denied an international journalist the right to enter. That sort of banning calls outside attention to Jersey's feudalistic problems and brings out all of us who care about international human rights.

  9. Slaughtered or shafted by The JEP? Wow, I'm sure the good Deputy is running scared now! The JEP will only print what it is told to print, and it will be believed by a few people (like yourself, no doubt). Whatever they do say however, will only strengthen this cause.

    Your question is answered at 23.02 above.


      for those who may have missed questions/answers given in the States.

  10. "Should you or anyone else really be taking our problems off island in this way?"

    Oh a very BIG yes, when the little boys in robes can't do what is right, they brought it upon themselves.

  11. Was that another fake letter I saw in the Jersey Evening Propaganda last night? Are they up to their old tricks again?

  12. Message for N

    Tried getting through with no luck. Something major ccome up. Need to push meet back till 3.


  13. When is this going to hit the headlines?

  14. Who can tell. Being Jersey the likelihood must be that our Establishment Party will pull out all of the stops to try and ensure that it doesn't.

    Hence the thinking in getting it wider a field where even without headlines it IS being noticed. Something we may well be able to demonstrate later this week.

    It surely has to have more interest than stories about cats stuck up trees and the like? Shouldn't it?

  15. Trevor.

    Do you think their might be the "odd" local "news" editor starting to feel a little bit vulnerable right NOW?

  16. I can't help but think that none of the local media will promote this story - not because they are not interested, but because they will not be permitted to.

    Bottom line is - why should they want to supress this if there really is nothing to hide? Speaks for itself really!

  17. Interesting news on Milford Lodge - coming soon...

  18. Also a lovely story that really shows the staggering lack of professionalism in SEnator Philip Bailhache's handling of the Electoral Commission.

    Indeed, it seems Senator Bailhache is happy to conclude that a person exists - even when they are unable to appear in person - simply because he can communicate with them via e-mail!

    Ahhh! It is almost sweet.

    The message clearly is that as long as you are saying what Sir Philip wants to hear it matters not a jot if you are a real person or just the 1000th avatar of a dysfunctional social psychopath obsessed with spreading hate.

  19. Hello Trevor.

    Senator Bailhache never got around to answering your question in the States did he. IMHO his childish outburst against you was probably just to distract from this fact. Might it not be a good idea to lodge the question again? You probably can being that you had no answer?

  20. Anonymous

    Yes, I think that you are right in your assessment. I was intending to re-pitch the oral.

    However, technically I can't so have to do this via a written question. I have missed the deadline for this week having already put different questions in.

    But I certainly will do this for the following session and have in fact already advised the commission's officer that I will be doing so.


  21. Is at least BBC going to do a follow up on this story?

  22. I know Simon Jupp - who I did an interview with myself about this - has been in contact with Leah, so I would certainly hope so.

    Should nobody do so then you have to conclude that GeeGee is on the money.

    1. If they absolutely must say something, the BBC will mention the technical process of re-instating her visa status in such a dry way there would be no mention of the wider scandal involved. As it stands now, when they respond to my complaints about appalling non-coverage of scandalous matters, like the Graham Power statements, the BBC dismissively cites a few brief barely related on-air interviews or skirted mentions in defense. If they quickly allude to a hint of the story once at, say, 6 AM, they will claim they have covered it. Let's wait and see if that is their method of handling Leah's story.

  23. "Unless 'our problems' are taken off island,nothing will ever change.The corruption has become so embedded that it is impossible to destroy from within Jersey."

    Wrong, Wrong, Wrong....Taking our problems off island will achieve NOTHING!!! You think Jersey governance is bad, wait until you understand english governance fully!!!

    Our problems can ONLY be solved HERE, on THIS island, BY US!!!

    When you understand NON COMPLIANCE properly, then you will have found your remedy, but you just keep paying them, don't you?

    There are none as blind as the sighted, who refuse to open their own eyes....

    Submission No: From:
    Roy Noel
    7 June 2012
    This is simple. Expand the Senators to let's say 18? I am fed up of seeing so many 'clinging on' Deputies in the States who never risk their Politics on an Island Wide Mandate as they know the Island as a whole would reject them. Some of these Deputies even have the audacity not to stand in the Parishes they live yet have an issue with the Constables who do live in these Parishes and are willing to respond to parishioners requests 24/7. Salaries should also be tailored to the responsibilities held because some States Members not only do nothing but are forever off sick and we need to keep the Constables in the States as their voting power is important. My main wish is for the expansion of the Island Wide Mandate though. Thank you.

    This is the same as the JEP letter? Does the person exist? doubt it..

    Just how many bogus postings are there? Again, the JEP plays its part



    Why did Mr Power extend his contract in the first place>
    From Roy Noel
    I HAVE to say after reading former police chief's comments in The Guardian newspaper in which he says our Island was run by a 'Secretcy Culture' that I am baffled as to why Mr Power even extended his contract to work here in the first place. What I will say about Mr Power is that since he and his partner Mr Harper left us, crime rates have gone down to their lowest level in a decade, which possibly says more about them as police officers than any spurious unprofessional gossip either on a blog or in a newspaper can ever do.
    Milfred Lodge, Grosvenor Street, St Helier.

    Is the above letter above published in the JEP in July the Lodge you refer to?

  26. "What I will say about Mr Power is that since he and his partner Mr Harper left us, crime rates have gone down to their lowest level in a decade, which possibly says more about them as police officers than any spurious unprofessional gossip either on a blog or in a newspaper can ever do."

    And who told you that Jon? Bowron?

  27. Oh dear! A quick couple of visits to Milfred Lodge and... nobody called Roy Noel residing there folk tell me!

    Do I recall somebody saying that nobody at this address - another name for No.8 - was even registered to vote at the election? How strange. Funny how this sudden interest in politics has come about then, one might wonder?

    Of course, there is a Mr. Roy Noel in the island as Monty can attest? But not one of my constituents for sure.

    Whatever can this all mean? Could the JEP really be back to their old ddirty tricks yet again?

    And let me see... could it be that the submission from another 'Roy Noel' sent to the Electoral Commission was simply an e-mail with no address to back up its authenticity?

    Oh yes, it could!

    And... what have I just been sent? Mmmmmmm? A letter to the JEP. A letter from a real person. A letter that for some reason their editor would not print...

    More important stuff to attend to now but I feel an indepth report coming on soon! The JEP - Jersey's answer to the Sun?

    Keep the faith


  28. Tonight I am shocked. I am saddened. I am angry.

    I have just been mentioned in the same breath as Jon Sharrock Haworth! Oh the shame!

    But apart from that - GREAT, GREAT speech Mr. Hemming!

    Thank you for letting the wider world see what passes for justice in the private club of Stablishment Party Jersey.

    I did tell you all the tide was turning! Anyway, Jon, mate, when is the next hearing aand are my taxes paying for it???

  29. Whoops! Swap that 'S' for an 'E'. Or does it stand for Stassi?

  30. Injunction Jon must be really chuffed. At least he really is famous. Or is that in-famous?

  31. Thanks for the link Rico. Everyone should visit it - Rico does have a most excellent blog...

  32. Ref: Rico's link.

    Good to see Jurat Le Breton at last securing his well earned 'fame' outside of the island. But remind me.

    What did he write to Victoria College govenors about again on behalf of the eventually convicted paedophile Jervis-Dykes?

  33. Well, how about reading this little extract from the Sharp Report Page 23, Paragraph B35 I put up within my post of July 24th…

    ‘On 5 August, Mr. Le Breton wrote to Advocate Falle. He said that the police did not as yet seem inclined to press charges and that there may indeed be no case to answer. He went on to say that Mr. Jarvis-Dykes had served the College in an outstandingly competent and conscientious way. He accepted that there was now evidence of misconduct on off island trips and that in his view this was now a resignation matter. He asked that Mr. Jervis-Dykes be allowed to leave with some dignity and suggested that the Governors consider a resignation from Christmas or Easter. He did not believe that his (Jervis-Dykes) continued presence teaching Maths and as Head of Maths would place anyone at risk. “In the absence of a police case, the resignation would be seen as an inevitable consequence of an intolerable situation caused by an unsubstantiated allegation.” (Mr. Le Breton had not taken up the Headmaster’s suggestion in June that he might view the videos* and he was not aware that Mr. Baker had seen them)

    *videos of abuse

  34. Is it just me or is this really the sort of individual and judgment, attitude to justice and the law, that would fill anyone at all with confidence of having a fair and balanced decision if they looked up and saw such a person presiding over a case as a jurat? No. No and No again! It is sickening.

  35. An answer given by Mr. Le Marquand to Mr Pitman about the law being changed was even more concerning when the answer given was, NO.

    Who nominated Mr. Le Breton to the position of Jurat? Who made the judgement call? Is this again one of those things we learn from and move on with?

  36. Trevor, I thought you were raising questions about the Super Injunction next week in the States, so when is the next hearing?

  37. A final thought for the evening as I have a shedload of constituent visits tomorrow; and need to try and finish up on the first of four propositions that I will be lodging over the next few weeks.

    We have talked a lot about the need to take these hugely serious issues off Island and away from the bullying and corruptive influence of the Establishment. Indeed, I did an interview about this very thing only today.

    It regularly gets very depressing, and certainly on one particular issue I have really had to grit my teeth these past few months and not say anything. This, however, will soon be changing.

    And on that note I would just reiterate a very big thank you for UK MP John Hemmings for being big enough to stand up for the ordinary people of Jersey, democracy and justice in support of those of us who are carrying the fight here.

    Just remember. When you think of the 'Establishment party'; the lies, bullying, even the hijacking of the Electoral Commission to try and hang on to power...

    Old Gods, almost dead. Their time is fast running out.

  38. Anonymous

    Don't worry about the 'super-injunction' issue. really, there are so many juicy subjects that could be orals next week it is hard to choose!

    Luckily there are quite enough of us to raise them all. As that bloke on TV says...'Good times!'

  39. Sorry but I am confused because if, as, John Hemming says - Mr Syvret has evidence that criminal offences are being swept under the carpet, but nothing is being done, then why hasn't he taken these claims to the Police? Why does he need to get John Hemming to make a speech in the UK to tell us something as a fact when it clearly cannot be? It is a similar tune through the whole speech in that he claims the Government are stopping the Police doing their job. Am I being too harsh here?

    1. I suggest you read post dated Tuesday, 18 September 2012 22:38:00 BST on Stuart's blog, it is in the thread

      I think you will then realise just how bad it is.

  40. The police have not done their job far too many times - and I say that having some good friends and trusted contacts within.

    The question you should be asking is 'why' and then follow-up with 'was it their own choosing or were they stopped'?

    Stopped like Harper and Power for asking 'difficult' questions. People who for the record I have, of course, never met.

  41. 'I'

    They just help make the case, don't they!

  42. A reader says:

    "Sorry but I am confused because if, as, John Hemming says - Mr Syvret has evidence that criminal offences are being swept under the carpet, but nothing is being done, then why hasn't he taken these claims to the Police? Why does he need to get John Hemming to make a speech in the UK to tell us something as a fact when it clearly cannot be?"

    Let's address the facts, shall we?

    The comment is an insult to the intelligence of people.

    How does the commentor know that I have not given statements and evidence to the Police?

    In fact - I have.

    On many occasions - and supplied documents - and given detailed statements - and done so when in the presence of other witnesses and victims.

    The response - in the Warcup / Gradwell / Bowron era?


    Indeed, the SOJP won't even - contrary to administrative law and the requirements of the ECHR - provide written explanations or conclusions.

    Such biased and unlawful failure of something so basic as the policing function - the very rule of law - coupled with the overt structural failure of the Jersey oligarchy to regulate and police itself, is why it is necessary to seek external scrutiny and intervention. And when all is said and done - it's hardly an unreasonable step, as the Crown and the Secretary of State are, by their own admittance, legally responsible for the rule of law in Jersey.

    Let us note the empty spin; the commentor says: -

    "Why does he need to get John Hemming to make a speech in the UK to tell us something as a fact when it clearly cannot be?"

    No one can "get" Mr Hemming to do anything he does not choose to do. Indeed, he exemplifies a refreshing independence of mind that would be good to see in more MPs. But that aside - upon what basis does the reader assert that the issues stated in the speech "clearly cannot be"?

    Why can't they be?

    In fact - the real issues are so clear - so real - so true - so evidenced - Jersey's politicised prosecution / judiciary has no answer to them, so is reduced to preventing the evidence being used in court - and having secret hearings.

    Worse than Putin's Russia.


  43. Replies
    1. What a great shame we can't have televised Hansard here! Then people like 'Roy Noel from Grosvenor Terrace' would not get the wrong end of the stick when writing letters to the local propaganda mouthpiece.

      We would also be able to see those that slope off on a regular basis and leave a half empty Chamber, those who spend most of the sitting playing on their Blackberries and passing notes. These are usually, when sitting in the public gallery, the ones to the right hand side of the Chamber!

      Incidentally - did Mr Hemming not mean Danny Wherry?

  44. Blanket

    A last message to you. Your foul-mouthed rants will not be published as you surely should be aware by now. The case has not been commented upon because it still on-going. Just how dense are you?

  45. Blanket

    Any differences that I have with former States Members, current States Members, third rate journalists/editors/reporting or even 'yer average Joe Bloggs' I sort out myself.

    I will thus, for the umpteenth time, not be publishing your embittered vitriol against Stuart Syvret.

    That I have differences of opinion with him and likely him with me is irrelevant to the bigger picture. That's life. Grow up. Accept it.

    Challenging people directly is surely far, far better than making death threats to innocent people simply because you don't have the Testicular Fortitude to confront people yourself.

    Now go away and do yourself (and us) a favour by seeking psychological help before it is too late. Let the rest of continue the fight to get good, professional people like Ms Leah McGrath Goodman allowed back in the island to do what our own journalists should be doing.

  46. Cover up Jersey back in the news again. Great news and the best proof that the days when our alleged Masters could just bury their corruption and foul deeds are creaking to a close. Someone should be sacked over the John Le Breton scenario for sure. Great work all of you for carrying on the fight.

  47. Watching the video of Channel news, even putting aside Senator Philip Bailhache's childish, snide and generally pathetic lies about me in the States last week (no doubt to distract from the latest example of his legendary incompetence)you still have to say it is somewhat ironic that Chief Minister Ian Gorst would send this man over to the UK to talk about 'cover ups'.

    Just the Senator's willingness to tell downright lies to the Assembly in falsely and maliciously stating that some of the bogus Electoral Commission submissions I highlighted for him were anything to do with my faimly (please tell us who, Senator?)is likely mark enough of how desperate and out of his depth politically Mr. Bailhache is.

    Yet has it really escaped Ian Gorst's notice that this is the same man who was so grossly incompetent, negligent or, to be fair, perhaps just plain stupid (you choose which one you think most likely) that whilst Attorney General he allowed the convicted paedophile Roger Holland to be sworn into the Hon. Police!

    A decision, of course, which if my memory serves me led directly to more innocent young women being abused - young wormen who would otherwise have been safe. he should have resigned or at least been sacked.

    A man who was, if my memory serves me (which I'm confident that it does) also revealed in the banned and suppressed Sharp Report to have been Chairman of the Victoria College Board of Governors when Jurat John Le Breton was writing that another paedophile, Andrew Jervis-Dykes (speciality plying young boys with alcohol on school boat trips then videoing himself sexually abusing them!) might not have 'a case to answer' at all.

    The same Mr. Bailhache in fact who not only later claimed in truly pitiful fashion the excuse that back in those days it 'wasn't known' how dangerous paedophiles like Holland were; but also hijacked the Liberation Day speech to make his revolting speech belittling Haut de la Garenne set against the global media frenzy that surrounded it.

    I ask - is this really the best you can do, Chief Minister?

    And in the same breath you expect us all to believe that you are serious about support for an independent Committee of Inquiry into 'historic' child abuse?

    Face facts, Senator Gorst, you are Chief Minister will all the powers that go with it. Yet it took me, a backbencher, to highlight the reality that you and your two predecessors in the role had done nothing to prevent individuals sitting amongst the ranks of Jurats who should not have been anywhere near a court - other than perhaps to appear before one for their appalling failings!

    And yes, the further fact is isn't it, Chief Minister - and I know this because I put you on the spot - you still haven't even bothered to read the Sharp Report as I had advised you to.

    To think...I actually voted for you to get the 'Top Job'. Can I ever forgive myself - even if the alternative was even worse?

    1. The Sharp Report is a one sided view and was never the full picture.
      You of all people with your moans about the Wiltshire Report and Graham Power's version of events not being included should even see that one.
      You know I can see why this blog is under the spotlight in States Meetings now because your behaviour as a States Member has gone off the rails.

    2. In case readers didn't notice this is the joke post from Blanket. But more on this later...

  48. Another typo! Should obviously read 'family'.

  49. A truly honourable speech Sir, I think you have made many friends this last three months.

  50. Is that what they call not mincing your words?

  51. Hi Deputy.

    Just put up the Audio of the Interviews that happen today on the BBC Radio, with Mr Norton, his Lawyer & Mr Hemming MP.

    You & your readers can Listen HERE

    We, as much as we think we Know, just have not got a CLUE about the goings on of this Lovely Island!

    What will come out NEXT?

  52. I would like to add to your comment above, timed at 00:09.

    Philip Bailhache is most certainly a liar. You are entirely correct.

    In fact, you mention only a few - a mere handful - of this man's evidenced malfeasances.

    Through his various abuses of power, he has proactively assaulted the rights of many Jersey constituents.

    The people responsible for Philip Bailhache's actions - and those of his brother - are to be found in Whitehall.

    It is in London that accountability will be pursued.

    Stuart Syvret.

  53. Why does Chief Minister Gorst need Mr Hemming to come to talk to him when all he has to do is act on the fact "Mr Syvret has evidence that criminal offences are being swept under the carpet, but nothing is being done."

    I note the comments on CTV, the CM did not deny anything, as he did not do an interview, but CTV must have heard the parts where Mr Hemming gave his justification, so why did they not send an email to him, tell the viewers what was on it and then say the CM was not available but said such and such... It was bad reporting, they should door step him!

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  55. Just to advise readers that I am going to be letting through a small example of the type of crazed, totally illogical and, in reality, sadly desperate posts I get bombarded with from our good friend 'Blanket' (as in hiding under a police). I do so only for purposes of brightening a ssomewhat dull Thursday afternoon.

  56. Sending Philip Bailhache to get the evidence on corruption in Jersey from John Hemming MP is akin to sending a burglar over to get the blueprint of a bank!

  57. Taken the rare step of removing a comment that upon reflection was likely from a silly person.

  58. The Rag today has given John Hemming and the bloggers a right slagging off. Accused the bloggers of slandering people and John Hemming of using Parliamentary Privilege to further slander people without any proper evidence to scrutinise.

  59. Well, no surprise there then, surely? Perhaps, in fairness the jEP is too busy inventing letters from people who we regularly show either don't exxist at all or certainly do not exist at the addresses the JEP are always haappy to publish.

  60. Don't suppose the JEP attitude could have anything to do with their being in bed with some of the people ruining this island being 'outed' by Hemmning?

  61. Those stalwarts of "journalism" at the JEP why would they be criticising BLOGGERS?

  62. I'm sorry - but as yet I can't reply in any depth to people commenting upon this apparent JEP article. We still have half a roll of Andrex left at home so have had no need to buy the paper today...

  63. So Leah Goodman is not banned, it was a figment of her imagination.

    There was no super injunction, in fact there was no injunction to stop Stuart Syvret from publishing what he claims is the truth about some individuals.

    The Jurat concerned doesn't exist.

    Nothing was removed from the state’s version of Hansard.

    Mr le Breton was either not appointed to judge on a case even though he is a personal friend of a director, or Mr le Breton was appointed to judge on a case and he was not a personal friend of a director

    An ex-vice-principal of Victoria college (John le Breton) who went on to be appointed a lay judge and allowed to sit as a jurat never wrote to the governors in support of Andrew Jervis-Dykes, who ended up getting a jail sentence.

    All the above is not true if we are to believe the main stream media, as they fail to ask whether they are!!!

  64. Trevor,

    Follow the money especially with the JEP.

    States and the many quangos place advert after advert for some public interest information, fair enough, but look for the large and numerous adverts which are plain useless just to pad out the Jersey Evening Propaganda paper and fill their bank account. All paid for by the taxpayer you and me.

    Ask yourself next time you notice, was that advert by JFSC, Harbours, TTS or maybe Social security , whatever praising themselves or talking about nothing really necessary.

  65. Allegations without substance

    Thursday 20th September 2012

    JOHN Hemming, the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament, represents a Birmingham constituency. You could, however, be forgiven for imagining that he has a seat in our own States Assembly.

    Why? Because he seems to be at least as concerned about what may or may not have happened in Jersey as he is about affairs in his own backyard.
    In the House of Commons earlier this week Mr Hemming, a political ally of former Senator Stuart Syvret, asserted that this Island is utterly corrupt and a hotbed of conspiracies and cover-ups. We have, of course, heard all this before, but the one thing that is consistently missing from these allegations is any sort of proof that would stand up to serious scrutiny.

    All sorts of wild accusations about the Island and the supposed perfidy of its authorities fly about on the internet – but so do reports of flying saucers and alien abductions.

    It is also worth pointing out that if many of these allegations were published in this newspaper it would very likely find itself in court facing a series of libel actions – which would be indefensible through lack of supportive evidence. But the bloggers who are responsible for defaming all and sundry online have little to fear on this score because potential litigants realise that they are men of straw incapable of paying any damages awarded against them.

    Meanwhile, given that the UK has an explicit and well recognised duty to ensure the good governance of the Channel Islands, does Mr Hemming really believe that successive governments of various political hues have turned a blind eye to the scandals that he claims to detect? Perhaps he believes that the massive cover-up he is so eager to expose extends all the way to the UK’s corridors of power.

    Meanwhile, someone from even further afield than John Hemming, US journalist Leah McGrath Goodman, is keen to investigate the historic child abuse issue. The key word here is investigate, so although she has been refused entry by the UK Border Agency over what seems to have been a visa problem – though some detect yet another conspiracy – our authorities should clearly make every effort to see that she is permitted to visit.

    Honest investigation is to be welcomed – even if uncomfortable truths emerge. Unsupported slander fired from the hip under the protective cloak of parliamentary privilege is not.

  66. I let through the above post only to further show what happens when 'straw men' hide their attempts to undermine democracy under the cloak of a 'newspaper'

    Sorry, JEP, but I can give Mr. Hemmings cast iron evidence of at least two of the caes he highlighted in the Commons. But you know what is even funnier - or 'sadder' - to be more accurate, is that guess what...

    The JEP have access to this very same information/evidence too!

    I guess we can only surmise that perhaps acknowledging this reality doesn't suit the spin on events that they want to convince people is 'the truth?'

  67. Hiding under a police blanket in shame20 September 2012 at 17:54:00 BST

    How nutty is Chief Minister Gorst? Sending a political embarassment like Senator Bailhache over to the UK. Especially to talk about "justice". I honestly can't wait for next week's States Sitting!

  68. Oooooh - naughty naughty Mr.Hemming and bloggers to boot! Slapped wristies from the JEP for being guilty of telling the truth, which as we all know is not par for the course in this septic isle. This the same paper that is quite happy to print letters from people who do not exist at the address they have given!

    Lies and secrecy go down a bundle, but not honest journalism or being 'outed' in the House of Commons. I am sure Mr.Hemming is enough of his own man to take on Sir Phil.

    Indeed, it is a shame there were not more in our States who were of the same 'testicular fortitude' as you so rightly call it Trevor.

    1. Dubious sources such as B. Rantz? That the JEP fails to question the legitimacy of the views of demonstrably false citizens to support its own State-sponsored agenda is telling. Even more telling is when a current and highly popular Deputy, and former Senator and Father of the House, and an MP who possesses the actual evidence he uses to support his accusations, are considered "dubious sources." Now we may have evidence they support the venomous troll who threatens innocent families.

  69. Just a reminder to anyone around at 7 pm that team Voice are re-starting their Live Blog TV tonight.Please check it out if you can.

    Of course, you could not imagine the JEP ever doing such a 'live' version of their website/newspaper. I mean, it must take quite a bit of time to do 1984 style revision/re-writing of facts?

  70. Two interesting snippets just came on BBC radio.

    The first one was a lovely piece of satire with Senator Philip Bailhache telling people that he wanted to find out if MP John Hemming was getting information from 'dubious sources'.

    I can answer that one for Senator Bailhache. 'Only if the MP starts taking information from YOU, Philip!'

    Second thing of interest was relating to the well merited prosecution of a sicko who set up a hateful blog site to mock the brave policewomen who were murdered in the UK.

    This, of course, flags up yet again how, despite protestations from the Home Affairs Minister, Jersey police are apparently unequipped to bring to justice the sick freaks who used to run the paedophile supporting Farce blog?

    Leaves you wondering if perhaps the reality is the police are under instructions NOT to bring this clown in and throw the book at him?

  71. Reference the Beeb you make two valid points even if you were being funny.

    Why is it that our boys in blue have not brought further charges against the cowardly little bully boy who haunts the internet like a rash. Spreading lies and hate but never being brave enough to do so in his own name? The reason has to be because they have been told not to.

    Can I also say that it was hugely noticable comparing the empty elitist drivel of our ex-Bayleaf with the clear integrity of Miss Goodman who followed soon after. I know which one I would buy a second hand car from.

  72. Can I just reiterate - because I don't want readers to think that the standard of this blog had suddenly dipped to Sunday Sport level -

    The post headed 'Allegations without substance' is not a serious piece of Citizens' Media journalism - it is actually the editorial from the Jersey Evening Post.

    Apologies for anyone who was offended.

  73. JEP re-defining facts:

    [JEP - Meanwhile, someone from even further afield than John Hemming, US journalist Leah McGrath Goodman, is keen to investigate the historic child abuse issue. The key word here is investigate, so although she has been refused entry by the UK Border Agency over what seems to have been a visa problem – though some detect yet another conspiracy – our authorities should clearly make every effort to see that she is permitted to visit.]

    John Hemming said: “A journalist has been refused entry to stop reporting about an issue.”

    Leah Goodman states on her site: "To mark the ban’s one-year anniversary, Trevor Pitman, member of the parliament of Jersey (the British Crown dependency where I was conducting research before I got the boot) launched a petition on, urging the UK"

    JEP substitutes "reporting" and "research" with investigate.

    Why don't the JEP do a bit of research and produce a report that states the background for the ban and let everybody know that some nameless (I do not know) Jersey person told the Guardian she was allowed.

    More evidence for the case against the JEP, they scored another own goal.

    CTV do not air any part of John Hemmings justification for what they only allowed people to hear and JEP also ignore any of the justification, which they could have researched and found to be factual.

    It just gets worse and worse, but I like, not a lot, but I do, because I guess there is more to follow, making them more stupid as time goes by.

  74. Well done to Team Voice in the return of Blog TV. Had to shoot out to a constituent unexpectedly but when I caught up there seemed to be the best part of 400 people watching. No doubt more next week all being well. Keep it up.

  75. Trevor.

    Thank you for your support and the show did appear to be pretty popular. Both Rico and I have received some very positive feedback.

    We must stress that we shouldn't have to be doing these live broadcasts but until we get an independent mainstream media the shows will continue.

  76. Ian

    Send me a direct e-mail because for some reason I just can't get on it.

    Nudge, nudge, say no more, say no more...

  77. Hi Deputy.

    More Interviews Bailhache & Leah Goodman HERE

  78. Thanks for the link. Good stuff as usual.

    So, we approach the end of the week. The press release about Leah McGrath Goodman's situation was sent to local media on Monday.

    BBC has followed up and used an interview to allow Leah to put across matters in her own words.

    I know the JEP has been in touch - but not being a regular reader (other than to check out any new fake letters attacking we Progressives etc) I do not know if they have followed through with their promise to Leah to publish her side of things today? can anyone tell us, please?

    Which leaves CTV and 103. Unless I have missed something this explains in a nutshell why we need people like Leah to come over here and 'dig'as real journalists do.

  79. Prognosis spot on Doctor!

  80. The Rag have reported on it but Senator Le M has said the claims about HDLG within the petition are wildly inaccurate so he's trashed it.

  81. The JEP can go to hell.

  82. The 'specialism' stories attacking progressives without any evidence.

    But never mind... If the JEP want to talk about 'evidence' and 'straw men' I feel a little 'evidence' coming on. Arouns about next Tuesday morning.

  83. I forgot to add - don't worry about Senator Ian Le Marquand. he can't even tell the difference between coconut and bone.

    Even when we all know the later has collegen and the former doesn't!

    But tell us Senator: how is that Jar06 audit trail coming along?

  84. Nice piece in the Daily Mail today under the Comment (pg14), section Freedom to offend, last paragraph:

    "Yes, the trolls are loathsome. But if we prosecute them, it could be the start of a slippery slope towards persecuting people who hold legitimate views which the authorities do not necessarily agree with"

    They forgot to add, like Jersey have just done!

  85. Why is it, there is a CM, a deputy CM and an assistant CM, surely one person is enough, no wonder there are calls to reduce the number of States members, two of those could go now.

    I note from the response from Phil Bailhache, he has not been challenged to respond to any of John Hemming's justifications and therefore I would like someone to ask him, is Leah Goodman welcome to resume her research? Is it true that John Le Breton wrote favourably in support of a colleague who was found guilty of child abuse and then went on to become a jurat. Is it a lie to say there was no injunction against Mr Syvret. Is it a lie to say that a name was not removed from Hansard at the last States meeting etc.. etc.. Real questions, real answers, not the - wishy washy I am off on a fishing trip to find out just how much evidence John might have before deciding how I will really answer but for now I'll divert your attention with a bit of possible slander etc.. Even on the BBC, Bailhache was very careful not to mention any of John's justifications.

  86. Keep up the good work Deputy Pitman.
    You are great.

  87. Well, trolls really are loathsome. Just consider 'Under a Blanket Jon'.

    A truly horrible, bitter, twisted, incredibly thick, cowardly, social inadequate nobody - hating all and any who are actually prepared to work for the betterment of others because all he does is whine and scrounge like somekind of human parasite.

    Like most trolls Blanket doesn't hold ANY legitimate views - if he did he would feel able to write them in his own name. But he can't because all he gets off on is spreading hate and lies.

    Almost the lowest form of human life after abusers - which oddly enough as we all know he regularly makes excuses for and even supports. Sick.

    No anonymous - prosecuting cowardly scum like that is a good thing. Along with legally enforced psychiatric treatemnt to try and sort out these troll's problems.

  88. 'Great'? Thank you. Though I may not agree with you it is always nice to hear kind things.

    Makes a nice change too from reading Blanket's boring dozen plus posts per day all spewing the same old lame-brain vitriol.

    Still, if it keeps more vulnerable people free from his cowardly hate and bullying that is fine.

    Some of us actually circulate some of his best (or worst?)deranged rants via e-mail to cheer each other up when things are stressful! Certainly Blanket's toddler level insults never fail to send me off to sleep with a chuckle on my lips!

  89. Any chance of one of you good politicians asking a question about this injunction farce next Tuesday?

  90. I'm sure that can be arranged given the questions lodged.

  91. My point was related to "it could be the start of a slippery slope towards persecuting people who hold legitimate views which the authorities do not necessarily agree with"

    They forgot to add, like Jersey have just done! (like a super injunction)

  92. The Truth.

    Fair enough. When you explain the point as you do now it throws a differeent light on the subject. However, I stand by what I said - trolls or trolling by hateful thugs like those who hide under police blankets can never be legitimate, nor hold legitimate views. They are just pathetic inadequate cowards. Talking of which...


    You post yet again about MP John Hemming's speech in the Commons.

    You are actually right in a way - it wasn't perfect - he forgot to add in precisely what the disgraceful Jurat had written in support of Jervise-Dykes about. i.e. trying to downplay the seriousness of vile and long-sstanding sexual abuse of young boys in these teachers' care.

    But it was still a great speech because what is happening in Jersey needs to be brought out into the open and to a wwider audience. Mr. Hemming's deserves every respect for highlighting that and I can tell you it has already helped move things forward.

  93. Look out for a letter in the future that compares the mark up of cigarettes and this greedy vestige interest monopoly run government. Because you are going to love it.

  94. Jersey Record Broken!!!

    Only seven months to get a complaint filed against BRIDGET SHAW alleged magistrate.

  95. Trevor.

    Tried to get someone to sign tonight, got as far as postcode, couldnt get to sign, kept scroling past,tried on another site same thing, didnt sign, because couldnt. Can someone check this out or just me.

  96. Jurat Peter Morgan 2004 - retired chartered accountant; former director of Abacus Financial Services Group, formerly chair of the Samaritans in Jersey; former member of the Youth Court Panel[43]

    Isn't the new Jurat and good old mate of Bailhache also from Abacus?

    What a boys club we have here

  97. Your petition could be seen to be showing our Council of Ministers in a negative light, generating bad press for Jersey. If the authorities back down and say they will let Miss Goodman back in to finish her research will you be willing to compromise in turn by ending the petition?

  98. This is isn't about 'backing down' or 'compromise' it is simply about natural justice and democracy.

    As I have said the petition is just a vehicle, a means to an end. It isn't there to score points or for the sake of it.

    If Leah had told me that she had got her visa status returned after the very first name on the petition then that would be an end to it. It really is that simple.

  99. One bit of news that I can give is that the Immigration Department have finally been in touch to ask if I will meet with them to discus matters.

    So long as this offer includes keeping Leah herself fully informed I have told them I will be happy to do so.

  100. Just when you thought you had heard it all....
    Philip Bailhache says on the news tonight....'We are not a Tax Haven'.....The what are we then???????!!!!

  101. What was that old propaganda quote - if you are going to tell a lie tell a big one?

  102. Avaas (16,000,000 members) is letting people start local petitions, could be used to link to Leahs visa petition.

    here's the link


  103. Another disgraceful hatchet job on a British member of Parliament in the Jersey Evening Propaganda today. How a newspaper making such nasty and vicious personal attacks on people can be given loads of tax payers money for nonsense like the Gazette is a joke. To think that they attack the blogs for allegedly doing this!

    You were absolutely right to ask about the possibility of an Ombudsman to monitor such things. I have not been that impressed with Deputy Vallois these past three years but if you say this was her suggestion then I have to say to her well done as well. Let us hope somebody takes it up.

  104. Yes, Anonymous, you have to have a chuckle at the irony of it don't you. Pesky bloggers and 'Leftie' politicians is all they talk about and what do we get?

    In the space of just two States Sittings we have Philip Bailhache completely fabricating garbage about there being my family involved with his shambolic handling of the fake posts to the Electoral Commission. Bullying waffle from a man truly out of his political and intellectual depth.

    Then we have the JEP not content with utter tosh about there being 'no substance' to what Hemming said - even though they have access to nearly all of the evidence themselves; having a vulgar and childish rant about Mr. Hemmin's private life.

    What a sad excuse for a newspaper this is. Luckily there are still some of us they can't bully. Look out for a story enlarging upon some of the recent events soon.

  105. "having a vulgar and childish rant about Mr. Hemmin's private life."

    Same old tactic, they do it time and time again, surely many readers can see that JEP's trying to deflect attention away from anyone asking questions about what Mr Hemming said.

    They just add more evidence to a cover up of something and it must be big!!

  106. Anonymous

    We know just how 'big' what underlies all of this is, don't we.

    It goes to the very core of all of Jersey's current problems signified by a fading bunch of 3rd rate political relics of a past age who are too plain daft and arrogant to even know that their day is done. They are the walking, talking dead.

    'No substance'? Look, a full post on a whole load of this stuff will be forthcoming in due course. Yet let me just say here and now. If you wish to consider only the two references Mr. Hemming made with regard to the Jurat.

    I have cast iron evidence of both. The JEP also know that this evidence exists. Why, they have had some of it far longer than me. They just choose (like so many of our Establishment Party politicians) to pretend it isn't there. Indeed, sadly they choose to deny and rubbish it until they are finally forced to do otherwise. Perhaps they really think they will be able to maintain this traditional stance?

    The good news I can tell you to the contrary is that the day will be arriving fairly soon where playing this same scratched record will finally have to stop. Simply because the facts will be being put out in public. The first part of this will begin with the lodging of a proposition within the next two weeks.

    I suppose I should also warn readers that political moves are already afoot to try and stop this. But they won't.

  107. Cracking interview by you on the BBC Radio this morning.
    Ian Gorst is just a glove puppet for Philip Bailhache, its ruddy obvious.

  108. "that political moves are already afoot to try and stop this"

    I feel an emergency "in-camera" debate may be coming, that's how its normally dealt with isn't it?

  109. I've been doing a bit of reading today on a particular Jurat.

    I did find the link below quite interesting.

  110. Trevor.

    The live, and interactive, guest on Blog TV tonight at 7pm is YOU

  111. The question of my meeting with Immigration has been asked.

    At present I am hoping to meet with them tomorrow Friday - hence things quieting down. Should this be the case and any meeting be helpful and transparent then I will post accordingly.

  112. Hi Deputy.

    Put up audio of VFC on the Radio yesterday. you & your readers can Listen HERE

    Is this a new Era.

  113. Hi and thanks, Jersey Way.

    Please keep providing the service that you do it is much-needed. Without you many, many people who won't listen to the BBC or the States out of principle, or simply can't due to work would never get to hear this stuff and thus be none the wiser.

    A 'new era'? I think that no matter how the Establishment try to spin it otherwise what you say is more correct than you know!

    Thanks again.


  114. Hello. Blogging late tonight?

    Nice red T shirt on blog tv tonight! Are you selling them to raaise a bit of cash after your shafting in court? I must admit I thought this live tv might be rubbish but I was actually surprised to find it very good indeed. You are almost as smooth as your bald truth head and Rico was good too. Set up all looked very professional although the black back drop might be seen to be a bit sinister by some? Good luck to all of you with the next one whenever that is.



  115. Anonymous

    If you want to buy a tee shirt I will get one done for you. £20! Come on - its a baragin!

    But maybe you are on to something? The cash would be handy that is for sure. If you are interested I am going to put a load of original collectors item metal JDA badges on to e-bay. £10 each? Go on - you know you want some?

    Also possibly a signed copy of Philip's election manifesto! You know, the one where he says he won't do any of the things he has done since getting elected...

  116. A final thought for tonight.

    Tomorrow is September 28th and an important though long overlooked day in Jersey's political calendar - September 26th 1769.

    No one has done as much as Mike Dunn to try and raise awareness to this. Tomorrow any interested people should be in the Royal Square from 5 pm I am told. For my part I have a proposition seeking to have this day officially recognised at last.

    I was hoping to have it lodged officially on the symbolic 28th. However, even if it has Monday's October 1st date on it the main thing is that we will be able to have the importance of this day debated in the States before the year is out; and hopefully get support for raising its profile.


  117. Is a sea change coming?

    Looking at CTV the other night, even Jess Dunsdon & that prat McQuillan almost sounded balanced in their report!

    The only thing was, they looked like a pair of frightened rabbits in headlights, at having to read the words.

    It's probably dawning on them that they've been backing the wrong horse & that Leah McGrath-Goodman, a real (U.S.)investigative reporter is waiting in the wings to expose their shabby little outfit for the Toadying, cover-up Merchants, they have been...... Historically speaking of course !

  118. Trevor.

    Last night's live, and interactive, broadcast recording with DEPUTY TREVOR PITMAN.

  119. The JEP comments have laid into Hemming and Syvret again today.

  120. Channel - on - line - tonight28 September 2012 at 19:53:00 BST

    Well hardly any surprise. The JEP is getting increasingly shabby and increasingly desperate. I wonder what upset them so much? My bet is that it was the diabolical scam they got away with regarding a certain court case?

  121. Great interview last night on Team Voice's TV show. Thanks for standing up for what is right. It must be a struggle but we will win in the end.

  122. Thank you for the compliment I enjoyed doing the Live TV blog very much. Neil, Rico and the Team at Voice have a good and professional set-up going which seems to be getting better all the time.

    What a contrast to the JEP's rapid spiral into tabloid journalism of the worst kind - check out the personal and wholly irrelevant abuse aimed at John Hemming in recent 'comment'. And yet their 'editor(s)' have the gall to call other people strawmen!

    Nothing like hiding their bullying and lies behind a big company and all the backing that goes with it, eh? Strawmen indeed.

  123. Hope to have a new blog up on Sunday or Monday.

    Meanwhile I seem to have a problem with a script causing the page to run slowly.

    Hopefully my excellent Admin can fix it ASAP.

  124. I’ve just read Ben Queree’s piece in today’s JEP. I just could not believe what I was seeing – I had to read it again just to make sure.
    There has been a marked change in recent media reporting of child abuse – especially in the BBC – but the JEP has appeared to fervently hang on to its previous ridiculous reporting policy. However, Ben Queree’s piece is truly remarkable in that I cannot really disagree with anything he writes! What a sea change in approach!
    Perhaps someone could post this piece on the relevant blogs?

  125. Hi

    I will leave Leah to answer your questions should she wish to do so. I belive that she actually explains all of this on her own website which is worth checking out.

    The fact remains that she was treated illegally and appallingly as a consequence of Jersey immigration 'flagging her up' as a person of interest. A wholly unnecessary response.

    Our meeting which was due to take place on Friday past has now been re-scheduled for early next week. The sticking point has been that Immigration do not want to have Leah involved in a three-way meeting until I have viewed their files. Just why seems impossible to answer.

    The hope now is that as I have suggested that I will meet them to do just this and then we will immediately bring in Leah via a conference call this mess can finally be brought to a conclusion. Sound reasonable?

    As I have repeated many times the petition was simply a vehicle to help ensure this was brought to a final conclusion. That I have had to follow this route is a bad joke.

    As soon as matters are sorted the peptition process (which will otherwise stay up for a year and no doubt continue to slowly build interst in just how Jersey treats people who ask difficult questions will stay put.

  126. The JEP have one heck of a way to go before they can ever be considered to have been 'rehabilitated' as a responsible let alone fair media organisation - though any signs of change are welcome.

    Maybe next they can stop publishing clearly faked letters that most strangely only ever attack the likes of me, Shona, Montford, Geoff Southern or Stuart Syvret - and equally stop banning letters from people who write in support of us.

    After all - how much effort does it take to check out an address to see if the writer is a real person or not? Okay, so Senator Philip Bailhache is either too lazy or plain unprofessional to do this with the Electoral Commission but does that mean the JEP has to follow their heroe's failings? Surely not.

  127. I agree that the JEP has a long way to go. If they do decide to at least appear to be balanced and objective it certainly won't be because they have grown a conscience or that they have decided that professional reporting is the right and proper way forward. It would be because they have read and at last begun to understand the writing on the wall.

    One swallow does not a summer make - and one balanced article does not mean a true change of general approach. But it is at least a start.

  128. The Evening Pravda of Jersey will never willingly stop kissing the butts of the Establishment. They have done it for so long it is just second nature.

    The only thing that will cause this horrible organ to join the side of democracy is when they see that they can no longer pull the wool over peoples eyes with their lies and bullying of any who challenge or question. We would be much better off if they folded.

  129. Something that I forgot to add in to an earlier reply.

    Though things are hopefully moving on the Immigration front toward getting Leah McGrath Goodman's visa status restored can I ask anyone who hasn't to still try and sign the petition please.

    It is only about 60 short of one thousand and five hundred now even without any drive to highlight this in the U.S. itself. The fact that the blogs here now have a wide readership is great of course, but let's see if we can get a few more before we need to step things up profile wise beyond our own audience.


  130. Trevor. Good luck with your meeting with immigration next week and I look forward to hearing outcome. I would particularly like to know why Leah was banned from re-entering the UK and Jersey for 2 years (seems harsh). I have checked out her website but can't find the answer. The UKBA website states that someone gets banned for overstaying a visa, working illegally or using deception on entry. So in the interest of the truth, if your reading this Leah, please answer these simple questions:

    1. Have you ever held a Jersey writer's visa, or UK tier 1 visa, or were you working in Jersey on a tourist visa which prohibits employment?

    2. Did you use any deception on arrival in the UK which might have triggered your ban?

    My real worry with this mess is that, if Leah is indeed exposed as having worked illegally or, more importantly, of lying to UKBA officals on entry, then it is too easy for the establishment to accuse her of being someone of questionable integrity who cannot be trusted to give an open and honest account of the terrible wrongdoings at HDLG, and I for one believe that our victims of abuse deserve better.

    One other minor observation. I don't doubt that Leah was treated appallingly by UKBA when she was refused entry but it would appear that she was not detained illegally. There's loads on-line information that explains the rules on immigration detention (not be confused with police detention where completely different rules apply). Leah was refused entry to the UK for, it would appear, not having the right visa, and held in immigration detention pending the next available flight back home - perfectly legal.

    Whatever the answers Trevor, keep up the good work and I hope things go well next week. Keep us informed.

  131. 'Maybe next they can stop publishing clearly faked letters that most strangely only ever attack the likes of me'

    Were they not accused of publishing a load of fake letters attacking Freddie Cohen in the last elections and other standing candidates?

    There was something in the news about it but we never heard anything since.(?)

  132. I just realise that how strong these petitions are. Surely you need to make it at more bigger level.Take them from thousands to millions so that the entire world should notice this.
    My best wishes are with you.