Sunday, 16 March 2014


A short video outlining my thoughts on what we can take from the by-election success of Leftist candidates and now new Deputies Sam Mezec and Nick Le Cornu. Does this signify a new appetite for political change across the Island, or is it more complex than that?

And what does the dismal failure of the Establishment candidates to grab two Leftist seats - seats formerly occupied by myself and Shona Pitman of course and never lost at the ballot box but rather due to Michael Birt's corrupt judiciary - mean for the future of the Old Boys. Club?

Finally, and surely of equal importance what does the by-election victories for the Left really mean viewed in the wider context of renewed talk of trying to establish party politics in the Island?

Ten minutes of your time well spent even if I say so myself!

Keep the Faith


  1. Nice to see an honest assessment of what the left needs to do and why all that could be done has not happened. What we need now is all the others involved to take the message on board and work together to get these right wing buggers out. PS Almost as good to not click on your blog and be faced with that hideous troll Morgan glaring out at you.

  2. Yes her photo was a bit off-putting but the point has now been made.

  3. Trevor.

    Bloggers to be marginalised by Jersey Child Abuse COMMITTEE OF INQUIRY?

  4. Thought provoking and probably wholly correct. Well said. But you would still be ideal for a left leaning party Chairman. Reconsider.

  5. careful mate, or Morgan the Mong might turn you into an elk

  6. Trevor,

    A point I have made recently is that the past 3 public elections in Jersey have been lost by the right/ "Option B" party.

    They were not able to attain an outright majority in the referendum, the Bailhache-backed candidate in the Grouville Constable by-election lost badly, and they have not been able to put their candidates into yours and Shona's old seats. So it just goes to show that they are not invincible.

    But having the right policies is not enough to win an election. Candidates have to be well organised and co-ordinated.

    If Reform Jersey is unable to reach the full heights of being a full political party, we at least need to make sure that we have decent and credible candidates ready to fight key seats in October, who are well briefed and trained in the art of campaigning.

    It is the left that have the best answers to the problems of today. We are the ones setting the agenda and are in line with public opinion on matters like zero-hours contracts, the 'living wage' and population growth. We just need to translate this into electoral success.

    Thanks for your support. Wish me luck in my first States sitting on Tuesday!


  7. Trevor,
    Rather than the chairman of the reform party. You should seriously think about taking over Corbels position?
    You have much more back bone, you would be earning a lot more money than a states member and you are much more popular with the members.
    Please think about it.

  8. Unsure about you in the early days, brash but at least honest, unlike Sir Bailhache's incident on the aeroplane where business passengers who he called liars but had actually read his documents, they were in fact telling the truth, check Hansard.

    So here we are, on holiday in the Canaries in the hotel lounge and have just past around the laptop and headphones to view your video. We have all heard you and had a discussion. Put this up or not, as you so wish.

    May we suggest that the focus of the electorate at the October election is not about right or left because both have weaknesses and strengths, the voting in the election should be about who has Jersey and it's people's quality of lie at heart.

    The problem at the moment is the States are taking the roll of private developers, acting like business people levying charges everywhere, and act way beyond the remit of the way a practical Government should or is tasked to.

    Not that hunting out new business is in any way a bad thing but to set up expensive offices all over the world is ridiculous and a burden on us. Banks who are far wealthy than Jersey should be achieving that goal.

    In a nutshell, most of the silly overstated politicians must go at the next election. To that end we completely agree with you that new blood is needed, and your efforts at trying to make the States members accountable is highly commendable.

  9. Good stuff Trevor. Something else is going on too. The former Education Minister, deputy for St Ouen won't be standing again. The Home Affairs Minister has said he won't too. We all know what links those two. I wonder if the missing name, the one even more deeply mired in the events, has been leaning on people too hard ?

    1. What does link Deputy James Reed of St Ouen and Senator Ian Le Marquand? Frankly, I have no idea. I haven't detected any particular political alliance amongst those two.

      Shame Le Gresley is stepping down. It leaves a Senatorial door open for Ozouf.

  10. You likely don't know but the politics hate page with 'free speech' is deader than Maureen Morgan election victory party. What has happened to old Jonny Boy too? Saw him at the weekend as it happened and boy does he look rough.

    1. It's getting a little bit of action at the moment, including an absolutely disgusting homophobic slur against Deputy Mezec from Mick Rolland.

      Glad to see they are keeping it classy.

  11. I enjoyed the BTR's when you had a troll segment have you got any plans to bring it back?

  12. My mate has just moved into a flat in Vauxhall Street and says he has had to get the grime busters in to the palace to clear out all of the half eaten takeaways and mouldy kebabs. Also he says half a skip full of empty Stella cans! Strange smoke stains on one of the walls too apparently like some weirdo had been using a smoke machine or something?

  13. Good to see BBC Jersey being forced to tell the truth about their lying to the public that there had ever been a 'murder' investigation at HDLG. Well done the fighters for truth to made them behave. Stand up VFC and the Jersey media trashed Lenny Harper. The ONLY reliable media are the bloggers proved once again.

  14. Trevor.

    Bloggers (Jersey's only independent media) score a minor VICTORY

  15. What you say is 100% spot on. But my question would be how do you cope with a huge ego like that of Geoff Southern? Works hard but thinks everything is about him.

  16. An interesting development in the Max Clifford trial. I would say it is of direct relevance to your legal difficulties.

    "One jury member dismissed from the Max Clifford trial because they know one of the witnesses - trial will continue with 11 jurors"
    Tom Parmenter (@TomSkyNews)

    The full series of 3 tweets is:

    "Delay in restarting the Max Clifford trial this afternoon - court currently "in chambers" - legal discussions without the press in court

    One jury member dismissed from the Max Clifford trial because they know one of the witnesses - trial will continue with 11 jurors

    The juror who has been dismissed highlighted the matter as soon as possible - the judge is content the trial can continue #maxclifford"

    Now, in your civil action for defamation, you did not have the benefit of a jury, you had to have a trial before Jersey's jurats. To my knowledge there is no difference in their function, their purpose; the jurats, or a jury, are both supposed to be the "finders of fact". Correct?

    So, have I got this right?
    - a juror knows a witness in the Max Clifford trial and has to be removed.
    - a jurat knows and socialises with a defendant in the Pitman trial, and is not removed...

    Welcome to Jersey, where a massive 50% of citizens (not even a majority) have confidence in the judiciary.
    Source: Statistics Department, Chief Minister's Office, States of Jersey, 2014.