Tuesday, 4 March 2014


This post is simply to update readers on the latest collusion between the scared and corrupt old men who control Jersey 'justice' and their City of London counterparts. Yes - Act 1159 in the desperate attempt to continually delay and ultimately prevent us exposing the disgrace of Jurat John Le Breton-Gate to the Court of Human Rights at Strasbourg.

In stark contrast to the dumbed down nonsense written by the Jersey Evening Pravda's Andy Sibcy the real issue underlying the privy Council's reported refusal to accept and hear our appeal is this I outline below. The Privy Council - the very highest court in the United Kingdom - apparently do not have the jurisdiction 'under Jersey Law' dating back to 1961 to hear the case! Confused? You will be...

For actually this isn't all that important in the our particular case in the long term - though it obviously has severe implications for the ever-growing number of other ordinary people in Jersey being shafted by Michael Birt's Theatre of the Absurd; all whilst Queen's Representative, Lieutenant Governor Sir John McColl sits on his butt doing nothing. You see we always knew we would have to get to Strasbourg to obtain justice.

How much longer will the 'Justice MInister' let them get away with it...

Because what readers need to understand is that here - just as they have done so many times now and in so many different people's cases - the corrupt Royal Court is once again trying to disregard its obligations under the ECHR.

As some readers may already know under the ECHR - Article 6 etc - the courts must provide a potential remedy and a genuine one at that for anything which impinges on ones Human Rights. With the collusion of the Jersey Appeal Court Judges we had already suffered this abuse of process when these stooges ruled that we should apparently not have sought justice for Jurat Le Breton's disgusting failings and conflicts of interest via the 'political' route. But should have instead put our faith in the 'correct' channel of the Jersey justice system.

Only to then...

tell us in the very next paragraph of their corrupt and flaw riddled judgement that actually Le Breton's clearly not being fit to hold office having deliberately refused to examine evidence relating to his paedophile friend and colleague Andrew Jervis-Dykes was not in fact in the business of the Court at all! That's right - no potential remedy was open to us whatsoever! The good old Jersey Way in action once again. 

Yet now, not only were we seeing the highest court in the land claiming it had no power over an obviously lower court, the fact is Jersey 'justice' has also taken an even more sinister twist...

Yes, according to Jersey's take on the ECHR should anyone find themselves made en desastre - no matter whether it be a consequence of an on-going court battle as opposed to a failed business for example - your ABSOLUTE Human Right to seek justice and a genuinely fair court process is taken away from you overnight and placed in the hands of the Jersey Viscount! With regard to Human Rights you become a non person

Incredible? Most certainly. Utter bollocks with zero legal standing? Absolutely.

For here is the real Jersey Way gem within all of this.

When one politely points out this clear abuse to the authorities the Jersey Viscount will then still take the matter to the very same corrupt Royal Court for a ruling on the nonsense! And it gets yet better still - or worse in truth if you are the victim on the receiving end of this. For though you have had nothing whatsoever to do with instigating this farce they will then employ a Jersey Advocate to investigate the matter!

A matter which will then cost around £22,000 (and rising!) and which you will discover can actually be charged to... little old YOU!

£22,000 which should have been available to creditors (well, at least until you get to Strasbourg and justice). As former Senator Stuart Syvret used to observe so rightly: 'you really could not make this stuff up!'

But just in case Michael Birt's Theatre of the Absurd hasn't quite got you toppling off your stool in disbelief yet this pathetic farce actually has an even bigger twist to it.

In representing the Viscount's case to the Royal Court the Advocate - having done his £22,000 worth of research - actually agreed with what Shona and I (Shona of course has a Masters Degree in a Human Rights based discipline) told him and stated to the Court that in his view the claim by the privy Council that they did not have the jurisdiction to accept and hear our appeal was completely WRONG!

The consequence of all this?

You could almost predict it. Commissioner Clyde-Smith and his two Jurats - who neither, all present agreed had clearly not appeared to understand a tad of what was being argued - hurriedly decided to adjourn. And have remained adjourned now for no less than 20 days without any sign of returning. Leaving us in limbo.

Having obviously complained as until we get a ruling on this we cannot progress on the long path to the court at Strasbourg where the professional justice of a true court can be guaranteed the truth of what is going on here seems quite apparent: somehow over these three weeks something is being cobbled together to ensure we are once again delayed as much as possible and so that this whole despicable and embarrassing farce may be passed off as legitimate.

Which ironically if only those who conduct the Jersey Way were not quite so stupid they might actually realise may eventually - no matter how stressful - help us finally achieve the justice we clearly merit no matter how long it ultimately takes.

Truth as they say will always out in the end.

Keep the Faith.


  1. Unbelievable. The theatre of the absurd that is Jersey law never ceases to amaze. Keep the faith.

  2. In Jersey, your told your ECHR have been denied as well as common law rights.

    In practise I wonder?

    If you applied in person to the UK Privy council, then you are in that jurisdiction are you not?

    UK rules should apply if you are physically present and the papers were served within that process within that courts foreign jurisdiction.

  3. Your best post to date, I think, on the legal compliance with ECHR Article 6 aspects of Jersey. Onlookers want to ask, just what the remedy is! None are seen, none are offered or explained.

  4. So the following statement means nothing and as stated in the Royal Court Rules:-
    Privy Council
    The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council is the court of final appeal for UK overseas territories and Crown dependencies (including Jersey), and for Commonwealth countries that have retained the appeal to Her Majesty in Council or, in the case of Republics, to the Judicial Committee.

    Special leave from the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council is required to pursue an appeal.

    So the Privy Council does not have juisdiction in Jersey 'Ha'
    This must be the "Jersey way" of Justice

  5. Anyone know an abusive buffoon named Batho? Almost as bad and loopy as Convict Jon with multiple posts. Get help dear boy!

  6. Its a great result and lets not forget to thank the JEP and Broadlands for making this by-election possible in the first place eh Baldy?
    Ha ha ha.

  7. The mad one is on the Facebook Politics Jersey With Free Cretins page, doing his usual trick. He'll post a reasonable comment about Sam and Nick, then a few minutes later post a hate-filled rant as Sue Young. He would make an excellent PhD thesis for a psychiatrist. Totally mad.

    Feel free to post this, given that Sue Young does not exist.

  8. Trevor did you physically appeal in the UK or in Jersey? Did you post the appeal is what I mean?

  9. The appeal was sent as required and actually done with the assistance of the Judicial Greffier's office.

  10. I actually forgot to put it in the post but the Advocate appearing on behalf of the Viscount EVEN requested commissioner Clyde-Smith that the Royal court write a letter SUPPORTING our right to appeal to the Privy Council!

  11. Maybe if you have a trip to the UK coming up it would be worth trying to do it that way. Then their can be no excuses re Jurisdiction? As I read it putting the right to appeal via Jersey you play by those rules.