Monday, 26 September 2011


And the only ones not happy are Horsfall, Ozouf, Le Marquand and the rest of the Establishment Party gang who hold the public in utter contempt…

With apologies for the shortness of this post following on from a couple of weeks when I simply haven’t had the time to focus on the internet. Many States Members it is true have been doing nothing for some weeks. Others, such as Senator Terry Le Main have to be roused from their snoring even when actually in the States being paid by you and me!

Inconvenient as it certainly is when trying to run an election campaign I’m pleased to say that I have not been one of those taking it easy. Constituent work has continued to grow and grow. Whilst with my Scrutiny colleagues Deputies Roy Le Herissier and Daniel Wimberley we are also putting the finishing touches to the much anticipated report on the review into the Historic Abuse Inquiry finances.

The report is set to be completed by the end of the coming week – yet a late, surprise piece of evidence may still yet have to be incorporated. Watch this space…

If a candidate won’t tell you clearly who they would ideally vote for in the race for Chief Minister do not vote for them.

Canvassing this past week, and judging by the amount of people who have stopped me in the street, phoned or e-mailed, my successful proposition to turn back the tide of ever-increasing secrecy under Ministerial government has been one of the most widely supported States decisions of recent years. Indeed, it is such a fundamental part of a democratic and transparent government that one really would have thought that it would have been passed unanimously.

It wasn’t, of course, for the truth is we have many in the States who support democracy and respect for the ordinary working public only as lip-service. Anyone in doubt should just consider the words proclaiming commitment to a ‘fairer, more equal society’ we see the Executive happily sign up to with Strategic Plans: words that then strangely never make it into policy.

My proposition was actually won by just two votes. There are still those desperate enough to risk trying to scupper it when it returns for what is normally the formality of a PPC motion to put the wishes of the majority into Standing Orders. The list of the democrats who supported me and the nineteen supporters of the Old Boys’ network who voted against already available on this and other sites, my advice to all readers attending hustings in the coming weeks is quite simple.

Ask all candidates who they would like to vote for as Chief Minister. This simple question is guaranteed to reveal who is worthy of one of your votes and who isn’t. Should a candidate refuse or claim they cannot say yet he or she will be revealed to be either a liar or a supporter of Senator Philip Ozouf and the policies running Jersey directly into the Abyss of a two-tier society. Quite probably they will be both. Either way he or she giving such answers can be guaranteed not have the interests of the Island’s ordinary people at heart.

Want an example? I am told that Mary O’keeffe-Burgher was asked this question by former Senator Ted Vibert, one of the six people who turned up to her recent ‘Meet the Establishment party candidate’ meeting. Apparently she refused to say. She supports secrecy and keeping the public in the dark. Say no more…

Grouville Hustings

Grouville was the first of the Senatorial hustings that I have been able to attend. As these hustings are being reported elsewhere on the net I will say only this. Love him or loath him – and I have certainly had my strong disagreements with the man - the undeniable fact is that on the night Stuart Syvret was simply streets ahead of the other candidates in terms of the quality and depth of his answers.

As for Philip Bailhache, not only did he not manage the same level of applause as Syvret – even in his home parish – the fact is that his incredibly arrogant and frankly plain stupid statement that too many ‘backbenchers’ haven’t got enough to do, and that there are apparently ‘too many questions’ preventing the Great and the Good from doing their work really said all that needs to be said about what an out of touch and politically lightweight candidate this man really is.

Yes, strip away the self-promoted myth of the great Statesman and the truth is actually pretty threadbare. As for his truly bizarre attempts to suddenly pretend that he isn’t a proponent of independence from the UK at all – this really is too ridiculous for words. Though many in the Establishment party might like it to be so we aren’t quite yet living in the pages of Orwell’s 1984!

Keep the Faith


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Nomination Night Speech

I publish below the speech kindly written by my proposer, Janine Catterson, in support of my nomination for re-election as Deputy for St. Helier No. 1 District at the Town Hall last week. 

Unlike many candidates who, as is the established practice, had written the speeches for their proposers to read out I had not seen Janine's speech until minutes before she read it out!

Thankfully, I can still thank Janine most warmly for her both her support and her time in putting this together. Indeed, what an excellent  contrast to the awful, arrogant and misleading speech read out by former Senator Horsfall in support of one of the Ozouf/Walker favoured candidates Mary O'Keefe-Burgher.

Yes, 'the fight back does start here' Mr. Horsfall. It is time to take our island back from the speculators, anti-democrats and tax avoiders who have such contempt for ordinary working people who made this Island the success it has been!

I would also like to thank my other nine proposers for their support and list their names below. Of course, that same sincere thanks goes out equally to all those others who also offered to be amongst the ten names but were not needed. I look forward to meeting you again whilst canvassing.

Keep the faith.


Janine Catterson
James Loader
Raymond Foster 
Joy Foster
Venetia Bucholz
Mathias Bucholz
Stewart Bannon
Eileen Bannon
Diane Keedwell

Ladies & Gentlemen

My name is Janine Catterson , I am a Compliance Officer for a local Trust Company. 

I am pleased to be here this evening to propose DEPUTY TREVOR PITMAN for RE-ELECTION in St Helier No 1 District.

As a resident of the Havre des Pas area I first met Deputy Pitman through my local residents association, for which I am the spokesperson.  

The local residents of Havre des Pas Gardens and adjoining streets needed assistance in dealing with a pressing planning issue and Deputy Pitman was kind enough to attend several of our meetings and provide clear and independent guidance as to how to navigate what might otherwise be a complex process.  He also enlisted assistance from his colleagues and his advice proved invaluable to us.  
 Deputy Pitman’s commitment to the local community was clear long before his election to the States in 2008.  Whilst pursuing a career in business management Deputy Pitman was extensively involved on a voluntary basis in youth projects and eventually retrained to become a Full time professional youth worker.

Since his election in 2008 Deputy Pitman has shown himself to be a very active member of the states concentrating his efforts on a wide variety of issues with a very strong attendance record at State’s sittings.
In addition to his work directly for his constituents such as myself Deputy Pitman has been actively involved in :
  • St. Helier Representatives Group
  • P.o.St Helier Police Advisory Group
  • The St. Helier Youth Committee
  • Friends of the Town Park
  • The Privileges & Procedures Committee (PPC)
to name but a few.

Deputy Pitman’s key policies are:
  • Social Justice
  • Fair Taxation
  • Making Politicians Accountable
  • Protecting Public Services
  • Diversifying the economy
  • Protecting the local environment
  • Affordable Housing
  • Education and investment in youth
  • The regeneration of Fort Regent
These clearly cover a wide variety of local issues affecting our Community.  I am sure you will agree that we are privileged to live in this small island and the issues that affect us are naturally interlinked.  The phrase “joined up thinking” may be a horrid piece of management jargon but for me it aptly describes what is needed.

It may seem strange that, as finance employee, I am here encouraging people to vote for someone whose policies include diversifying the economy.  However, I think it is important that we recognise that Jersey needs the Finance Industry to thrive but that it shouldn’t and needn’t be to the detriment of other industries nor is it right to allow an economy to lean so heavily on one industry. 

When the public and politicians alike talk about diversifying the economy and making efforts to boost tourism, surely there is an inherent link to our planning policies. Creeping over development, (or. should I say. the relentless march of construction: lining the pockets of some and yet damaging our beautiful island, whilst new office developments remain empty - sometimes for years on end) cannot be allowed to continue unchecked.  Otherwise this beautiful island - which we hope people will want to come and visit - simply will not be a place they want to come and visit.

In this way our policies on the economy, environment and planning are intertwined and need to be dealt with accordingly.  Having grown up here and seen Jersey, especially St Helier, change almost beyond recognition, I for one want politicians who won't allow another monstrosity such as the Waterfront and who will push to redevelop existing facilities such as Fort Regent.  More to the point I want to know that the politicians we elect and the departments of the States will be accountable for these decisions .

Deputy Pitman stands for all these things and has a track record of having done so.

It is perhaps unsurprising, given his involvement in youth Projects before his election in 2008, that Deputy Pitman continues to take a keen interest in youth and education. He is particularly interested to ensure that local school leavers have access to education, be it vocational training or university to ensure that as far as is possible our school leavers are equipped to gain jobs within our economy. 

Since he was elected he has served as Vice-Chairman of the Education, Sport & Culture/Home Affairs Scrutiny panel amongst others 
As a professional educator Deputy Pitman is therefore keen, should he be re-elected to stand for Education Minister.  I am sure we would all agree that it is important that this role be undertaken by someone who has experience of both working with young people and the Education Department itself.
It strikes me that Deputy Pitman’s policies represent the joined up thinking that this Island needs and if you would like to know more I would strongly suggest you have a read of his blogsite: “the bald truth Jersey”.