Monday, 29 October 2012


Such is the strong theme of contempt for fairness, justice and political transparency running  through this week’s ‘Bald Truth Review’ collection of news stories that I really was tempted to  re-title the show: The island that democracy forgot!’ But never mind – you might see that lovely little and most apt title appearing again somewhere else very soon. Meanwhile, even with three days worth of flu and hardly any sleep what exactly have I got for you this week? 

Well, how about a CEO ‘leak of the week’ that even makes a golden handshake of taxpayers money seem all right and ship-shape… I have some thoughts on what might actually underlie the latest Philip Bailhache meltdown in the States: yes, another attack on me this time for daring to ask about a Jurat system that is so lax in scrutiny even the despicable Jimmy Savile could likely have managed to become one! Shocking, yes I grant you – but sadly true.

More on this at a latter date but you do have to ask: why is the Senator seemingly so desperate to both distract from this deeply worrying flaw in our justice system  AND try to stick his nose into my quite separate recent court case? Really, you sometimes have to think 1769 never happened… 

And this incident also links nicely, of course, into the latest exposure of what a farce our alleged ‘separation of powers’ also is: Sir Philip’s kid brother, Judge William, sitting on his hands again count cobwebs and doing nothing as States ‘president’ – even though no fewer than three States Members rose to express their disgust and complain about the latest Sir Philip meltdown of bogus allegations aimed at me.

Throw in ‘super-injunctions’ striving to close down all but the State Media, and the fact that even convicted petty criminals can apparently be given YOUR taxpayers’ money to help fund such moves. State Media ‘editors without substance bottling a live BBC Radio debate challenge from Rico Sorda. Sleight-of-hand ‘statistics’ being employed to con you about keeping the Constables in the States within the report issues by our hijacked Electoral Commission – and an update on banned U.S. journalist Leah McGrath Goodman’s attempt to get her Visa status reinstated and it really can only be…

The political news review that tells you what the mainstream media should be telling you but don’t!

Keep the Faith – and don’t have nightmares. Eventually we all wake-up. Don’t we?

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Child Abuse Concealin’ Journalist Bannin’ Justice Riggin’ Tax-dodger Lovin’ Propaganda Spinnin’ Progressive Smearin’ Commission Corruptin’ Democracy Destroyin’ Lipsmackin’ Pep – Whoops – JERSEY ESTABLISHMENT!

A new fizzy drink that will rot your soul almost as fast as your teeth? No. Just a few Bald Truths that Senator Bailhache doesn’t want ‘States Deputies’ to talk about because it might damage the Establishment Party’s reputation…

Leaks on the Electoral Commission... Leaks about forthcoming right-wing ‘party politics’… A very serious question regarding the land re-zoning allegations investigation... The real reason we are having to pump tens of millions of pounds in to re-developing social housing… 

All of this and banned U.S. journalist Leah McGrath Goodman still no nearer to getting her Visa... It can only be ‘the Bald Truth Review’ Episode 4!

The video is all pretty self-explanatory: the stories speak for themselves. So I will add only this. Why I am I being a party pooper and releasing some of the key ‘findings’ of our Electoral Commission the day before it’s official launch? 

Simply because despite numerous reassurances from the Establishment that such behaviour was a thing of the past – once again the mainstream media – the States Media – have been given an important report a full THREE days before elected representatives of the people!

It shouldn’t happen. It wouldn’t happen – in a proper, functioning democracy at least. But hey, this is Jersey remember. And whilst bleating to the Finance industry that ‘States Deputies’ should not tell the truth about issues that are ruining the island I love in case it ruins our ‘international reputation’ the Senator treats his colleagues with arrogant contempt. 

Then again, when you see what the Commission has come up with I suppose that’s nothing set against the way all of you who wanted a fair and equally-weighted system of representation have been treated. Have I got anything wrong? Well, who knows – but if so my excuse would be that I’m not afforded the same access to the report as the Jersey Evening Post, Channel Television or the BBC!

Makes you proud to be a democrat!

Keep the Faith



Look out for my last words on the video. Print them on a tee shirt - they might just help YOU to help ME (and the Progressives) to save US…

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Sunday, 14 October 2012


Yes, it’s just another day in the mad cap world of Jersey ‘democracy’…

Look – I love my island.

But the Bald Truth is that if you had stumbled into the Public Gallery for the States Sitting beginning October 9th 2012 you surely would have wondered if you had not been magically transported into the Theatre of the Absurd – or at the very least into an old episode of Sci-Fi classic ‘The Twilight Zone’.

Why? Just watch the video. We haven’t got a ‘separation of powers’ between Judiciary and Legislature anymore than we have a bona-fide working judicial system. I mean, where else in the world would a Jurat who is an evidenced, long-standing personal friend of a company director of a defendant in a court case still be allowed by the Bailiff’s Office to sit in judgement on this? That’s right – nowhere.

Throw in the further truth that this same Jurat is revealed in the government suppressed Sharp Report to be anything but a fit and proper person to hold such a role in the first place and the whole thing stinks: stinks more than a week old dead kipper! Unless you are a part of the Establishment Party, of course, in which case this is likely seen as perfectly normal and all in order? 

And they wonder why this stuff is going to London!

Shh! Don’t tell anyone but we also have another exclusive ‘leak!’ A whinging, whining letter from the editor of the Jersey Evening Post trying desperately to defend the fact that his ‘newspaper’ regularly publishes fake letters. Mmmm? Just a bit odd don’t you think how these are always about the same ‘Progressive’ politicians, eh Mr. Bright?  Oh, and don’t tell Senator Philip Ozouf anyone but apparently he is making ‘thinly-veiled threats to the freedom of the press’!

The editor also whines that he thinks I have a ‘grudge’ against his organ because I have highlighted the above letter issue – not to mention, no doubt, my Scrutiny Panel review into the ‘Finances of Operation Rectangle’ blowing the ‘factual reporting’ of the JEP and other mainstream media completely out of the water to reveal another stinking, cesspit of Establishment Party propaganda. 

According to Mr. Bright I’m even ‘abusing’ Parliamentary Privilege because like others I have called for an independent media Ombudsman?  No Mr. Bright all I ask for his fairness and accuracy in reporting. I’ll be publishing the letter in full very soon.

But what else do we have for you?

Top secret ‘super-injunctions’ perverting the island’s Data Protection Law that we taxpayers are helping to pay for - but are not allowed to know anything about. A Chief Minister who wants us to believe that he is fully committed to investigate the ‘Historic’ Abuse scandal – but still hasn’t bothered to read the horrifying Sharp Report. And finally, after 243 years a proposition seeking to officially recognise the true birth of the democracy our Establishment Party are still trying to strangle to this day. That’s right September 28th 1769…

Yes, it can only be ‘The Bald Truth Review’ Episode Three. But don’t have nightmares: the truth is out there somewhere and some of us are slowly bringing it in from the dark!

Keep the Faith


Sunday, 7 October 2012


It can only be Episode 2 of ‘The Bald Truth Review’ – the political week in 10 minutes or less!

Yes, welcome back to Episode 2 of what the JEP’s ‘A week in politics’ should tell you but won’t in case it shook your support for their hapless Establishment Party chums in the Council of Ministers. What have we got for you this week? Well, almost a bit of ‘something’ for everyone.

A ‘political leak’ even bigger than the one that saw the mainstream media story of a ‘damning’ report that ‘justified’ the illegal suspension of Police Chief Graham Power revealed to have less substance than the Invisible Man! Indeed, a new ‘political leak’ that could mean many Members of the Establishment Party forced to spend a whole day in the States Chamber for the first time in years…

£2.35 an hour  ‘slavery’ – or the truly disgusting exploitation of Ukrainian seafarers by a ferry company who’s Jersey ‘links’ go back generations. Can we really condone this treatment of fellow workers in the democratic world of the 21st Century? Yes, we’re talking about Condor and if you travel with them you ought to be on the phone to both their Jersey and Guernsey offices - right now! Meanwhile you can watch a short video about this issue by clicking here: 

We also have Jimmy Savile in Jersey and the photograph the late ‘celebrity’ took out an injunction to prevent being seen. ‘Allegations without substance’ as our mainstream media regularly portray anything painting Jersey is a light that is less than rose-tinted? Or do we need to be digging a whole lot deeper?

Talking of ‘digging’ I also have an update on best-selling author and highly respected U.S. journalist, Leah McGrath Goodman’s fight to be able to return to Jersey to continue her research in to Haut de la Garenne. Three weeks after the launching of the very public petition we may finally have a way forward?

Not enough for ten short minutes? Well, I also have news of a Chief Inspector in Jersey’s police being suspended and news of what is rumoured to be behind it. Last but not least the Home Affairs Minister’s attempt to try and make the ‘not fit for purpose’ affront to civil liberties that is our Jurat system look a bit more plausible as the Establishment party get twitchy over my forthcoming proposition. 

All of this and the return of award-winning and freshly ‘liberated’ Bald Truth Review backdrop! Trust me – if you aren’t excited by this then you are probably already dead! Or possibly even worse – a Conservative…

Keep the Faith

Monday, 1 October 2012

THE BALD TRUTH REVIEW The political week in 10 minutes – or less!

Welcome to a new project on my blog – ‘The Bald Truth Review’ video. What’s this about? Well, basically it’s an internet video version of the Jersey Evening Pravda’s ‘Week in politics’. The only real difference is that on my show we actually tell you the truth about the major political stories of the past week – or as the tag line says: ‘the political week in 10 minutes – or less!’ 

Tongue in cheek, yes, it is – but deadly serious for all of that because the issues that I will talk about are ones where the public really do need to ensure that they find out the facts; rather than relying on the Establishment Party spin. So - all you need to know to get you digging deeper and presented to you in less than 10 minutes! Now that surely has to be worth a few minutes of your attention?

Is this first ‘episode’ perfect? Of course it isn’t. For a start the Bailiff had repossessed my expensive ‘Bald Truth Review’ backdrop and the autocue I had pinched from the BBC when I last did an interview was playing up a bit! Still, for one take I don’t think it was a bad first effort.

The good news – or the bad if you are a mainstream media outlet used to having your own way in pumping out whatever old tosh version of events suits your intent – I hope to make this a regular feature of the soon to be re-vamped website and blog. With Team Voice’s excellent Live Blog TV broadcast on the Thursday of every States Sitting another small step in bringing you the real stories under the headlines.

The old 1990s cult TV show ‘The X Files’ used to famously say that ‘the truth was out there somewhere’. Well, some of us actually know where the truth is being hidden and we’re increasingly going to be bringing it in to your home! Let’s start with a few choice thoughts on the identity of the ‘real’ Chief Minister; Plemont; the Terms of Reference for the ‘Historic’ Abuse inquiry; a second land reclamation site to pour more toxic ash in to and the small but hugely important issue of protecting parliamentary privilege…

Keep the Faith.