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A perfect story update to announce the last ever Bald Truth Jersey post - and more importantly - the launch of a brand new blog project next week...

There can surely have been no more chilling blog posts this past year revealing the true, dire dysfunction of both the current Jersey police 'leadership' and what is passed off as our 'judicial' system than what was laid bare for us by Investigative Journalist, Rico Sorda recently regarding the horrific threats to his then pregnant wife: threats made by a 44 year old convicted petty criminal - Jon Sharrock Haworth. A 'man' as it happens who has also harassed my wife and I for years.
For here we had not just the usual cowardly, anonymously or fake avatar-posted abuse which allows the Jersey police under their Chief Mike 'I do take cyber crime seriously but clearly not as seriously as my lunchtime PR stroll down King Street' Bowron to do nothing to protect the victims. But instead actual, stomach-churning recordings of a middle-aged thug: manically giggling like a deranged pre-pubescent girl as he revelled in bragging about how he was going to 'f**k' an innocent women's career for no other reason than his own warped hatred and desire for 'revenge'.

And not just this of course

Haworth  was also bragging about how he had access to Mr Sorda's private Income Tax details! Details which - it should never be overlooked - all States employees having access have to sign up to swear to protect under Data Protection secrecy. Haworth's consequent attempts upon being exposed to try and con people that this was all just a joke are, of course, so pathetically desperate as to be laughable. Who does he really think he is fooling?

The recordings, truly unpleasant as they are, can be found on Rico Sorda's blog and I suggest all readers give this a listen simply in order that they may hear and understand the depth of the sickening hatred which our police 'leadership' and Attorney General obviously - as I shall explain below - view as wholly trivial and not worthy of action. For what did our police 'leadership' do about such appalling threats to Mrs Sorda and the clearly illegal activity regarding the Sordas' tax details under the Island's Data Protection Law?

The answer of course - no doubt to the acute frustration of most honest 'bobbies' on the ground busy doing their genuine best for the public - was absolutely nothing. Incredible? Definitely. But really - given the dramatic collapse in standards since former Police Chief Graham Power was shafted by the Jersey Establishment for attempting, along with his Deputy, SIO Lenny Harper, to finally investigate decades of State concealed child abuse - probably wholly predictable.

Once again the Jersey 'Judiciary' revealed as the Snake's Head
You see I was told directly by a female police sergeant just two weeks ago (I can't yet give full details given that I am in the process of an official complaint about certain matters) that 'instructions' have apparently come down from the Attorney General that 'only' harassment of the most serious kind will be acted upon. The sickening and cowardly abuse that I - and at least EIGHT others I am aware of - have filed complaints about with the police regarding the same abuser of Mrs Sorda are apparently just 'playground stuff'!

Yes, remember those words: 'playground stuff' - the true Jersey police attitude to the harassment of people lurking behind the PR propaganda of protecting the community without fear or favour. Indeed, the same officer also claimed to me that the harassment law had 'never been intended' to be used to deal with thugs hiding their identity to abuse their victims over the internet etc. Funny then I suggest how both a lawyer and a senior police contact from the UK confirm to the contrary?

Spreading lies about victims having unpleasant diseases; about victims having committed serious but wholly fictitious crimes; sending false allegations to victims employers - even mocking the death of a loved one on the very day of their passing away to try and cause distress... Yes, it is all just 'playground stuff' to the caring leadership of the Jersey police apparently. Really - whatever were Mr and Mrs Sorda doing wasting police time about the bullying abuse they were suffering? Didn't they know how 'the law' works in Jersey circa 2014?

The truth is in Jersey 'laws' are applied only according to who a person is
As to the six million dollar question of exactly what will ever be seen as 'serious' enough harassment for our police to act upon I would suggest that we can only assume from the above response that this will likely be when some poor, vulnerable person ends up taking their own life: takes their life because the Jersey police and our current Attorney General will not do the job they are paid by the people of Jersey to do.

Who, I wonder, will get the blame or be held accountable then? The history of 'the Jersey Way' being what it is I would further suggest the answer will still be no one. Instead the ranks will once more close and the standard 'lessons have been learnt'; 'we need to move on and look forward - not apportion blame' lines will be rolled out yet again to ensure the guilty are not held accountable for their failures.

In Establishment Jersey it seems you even risk being penalised simply for standing up against those who abuse you

You see perhaps even more worrying for the likes of the wholly innocent Mrs Sorda and all of the rest of us victims of a deranged and twisted thug - yes, even those who have kept the evidence such as abusive, drunken rants left on his answer phone as one person has (despite the grovelling phone call to please forget it the next day) - is this.

According to this same police sergeant if the Jersey police did act against the cyber thugs and abusers who threaten and/or post anonymous, cowardly lies and hate about those they have fixations on then the  police would apparently 'also have to act' against those the very same police have left no other alternative by their failures but to 'out' such bullies themselves in the hope that this might put an end to the years of harassment!

What a truly great advert for Jersey policing. Not.

Of course the question also has to be asked as to how an Attorney General can manipulate his mandate up from simply deciding on prosecutions ONCE evidence has been presented in a police case all the way to now - apparently - issuing instructions as to who or what will be investigated and pursued by the police per se?  Incidentally I should point out here that my conversation with the police sergeant was witnessed in full so I do hope there will be no Haworth-like attempts to re-write history or recordings going missing now that I am spelling this shocking development out.

A compulsive liar exposed yet again

But getting back to Mr Haworth he has over the years made countless bogus and malicious complaints about me myself - a tactic he has also now sought to employ with the Sordas' case. This is of course a well known phenomena where the bully attempts to muddy the waters and deflect from his or her own abusive/anti-social behaviour - and thus avoid having to face up to his or her actions - by trying to portray themselves as the victim instead.

For example, as well as having made bogus complaints to a whole raft of other offices about me including to the Police; Data Protection Commissioner; the Judiciary and even to the Home Affairs Minister the details of  one of the complaints Haworth sought to waste the time of the .Privileges & Procedures Committee with about me is well worth recounting here simply for the light it sheds on the reality that he is beyond doubt a manipulative and compulsive liar.

Exposed again by his own mouth

You see here having failed with a groundless complaint to the Data Protection Commissioner - an individual Haworth has actually bragged to me (witnessed) he is good friends with (another fantasy?) - he somehow persuaded her to parcel up his failed complaint and pass it forward on his behalf to PPC! Why she would do this - it is clearly not her job - I can only guess? But what is so revealing is that within again trying to play the victim in his complaint Haworth stated - in writing - that he apparently both did 'not know' me and had 'no interest' in my politics.

Ludicrous of course - Haworth had been witnessed stumbling up to me to brag about who he was and what he did on more than one occasion. Yet given that all complaints have to initially be taken seriously by PPC I decided it was best to take along a Third Party as a witness to starkly demonstrate his lies for what they were.

A member of the public in fact who could tell the Committee the rather different truth about Haworth: i.e. that far from being a victim who had 'no interest' in me or my politics Mr Jon Sharrock Haworth was in fact so obsessed and fixated with me as a politician that he would phone this individual up on a daily basis - sometimes making multiple calls in the same day - to rant and rave about... yes, you guessed - Deputy Trevor Pitman and his politics!

Just who is monitoring the application of the Data Protection Law in Jersey?

Yet to return to the profoundly serious breach apparent in Haworth's bragging that he knew what was in Mr and Mrs Sorda's Income Tax return I believe you further have to ask what exactly is the point of Jersey's much-vaunted Data Protection Law in the first place? We have after all seen - time and time again - how it is not applied consistently and is even used in ways for which it was demonstrably never intended. To give but three brief examples for the uninitiated:

Ex-Senator Syvret gets taken to a secret court by manipulation of this law in a way that has even drawn comment at Westminster. Ironically, a share along with three others in almost half-a-million pounds of taxpayers' money being made available to the very same abuser of Mrs Sorda - Jon Sharrock Haworth to help bring this prosecution about. In Haworth's case simply because he didn't like what can, in reality, now be seen quite clearly to be the stark truth about his threatening, abusive behaviour being published by the former Senator on his blog.

Deputy Sean Power - yet again!

Deputy Sean Power on the other hand - who equally ironically Haworth claims was supplying him with personal information on Mrs Sorda (surely a genuine case for PPC to investigate?) -  is in contrast caught out stealing personal emails from a female States Member. Yet not only does he escape being charged by the police with theft he is found guilty only of a 'regulatory' Data Protection breach by the DPC! Just what a mere 'regulatory' breach is, of course, the States were never to find out thanks to the doggedly repeated gobbledygook spouted week after week by Senator Gorst and his Assistant Minister with 'Data Protection Law responsibility' Senator Paul Routier!

Finally, as a third example, only this year Shona and I were to ourselves experience another clear and deeply serious breach of the Jersey Data Protection Law (not to mention a breach of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights). This being when the local ITV (Channel television) wholly illegally broadcast unfinalised claims details from our Desastre case. This breach of the law is a documented fact - yet despite this the Data Protection Office took no action whatsoever.

I thus repeat: like so many other 'laws' here in Jersey thanks to our politicised judiciary and subservient agencies these are only pursued according to who you are. And as is equally well documented all of this unfolds again and again right under the gaze of the very UK Justice Ministry who are actually constitutionally obliged to intervene but instead enable and clearly condone it by their silence.

Which leads me to a final question.

Just when will the UK Justice Ministry finally step in and demand that Jersey's laws are applied fairly and to all - rather than being manipulated by our so-called 'justice' system as a tool of oppression to hound and abuse any who are deemed as critics of the local Establishment - or as we are now even seeing against individuals who simply have the misfortune to be family members or friends of such critics?

For in direct regard to the case of Jon Sharrock Haworth's abuse of Mrs Sorda and so many others: what would happen, I ask, if  recordings similar to those by which Rico Sorda finally exposed the truth about Haworth's behaviour were found to include threats of actual physical harm rather than only psychological harassment?

After all, as well as the victim who retained abuse left on his answer phone I am already aware of a complainant who told me that in 2012 he had contacted the police to state that Mr Haworth had phoned him to threaten he was coming to kill him. The police once again had apparently done nothing.

Would hard evidence of such violent intentions as claimed above  be 'serious' enough for our Attorney General - and the police he is now apparently able to instruct to a degree so far in excess of his true mandate - to finally act upon I wonder? Or would the victim of the threats be arrested and charged instead for having dared to reveal them? Perhaps with an additional charge of wasting police time over 'playground stuff' being thrown in for good measure?

If it was the latter then I suggest it really would be time all the pretence of democracy and justice in Jersey was abandoned for good and our Establishment start dusting down the Jackboots in our museums.

Keep the faith.

And thanks once again to all the many, many thousands of you who have taken the time to read this blog over the past three years. Your support has been greatly appreciated. Yes - this may be the end of the Bald Truth Jersey blog but unlike my original intentions it also marks a new beginning. 

For a brand new blog also featuring input from two key Jersey industry insiders will be launched before the end of next week. A brief message advising of its imminent first post and where to find the new blog will appear here the day before the launch takes place. And come April 6th next year... a most interesting development indeed...

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The (last?) Bald Truth shows just how necessary it is to take the battle to a different arena...

If my experience of giving a first session of evidence to lawyers from the Committee of Inquiry's legal team and events taking place during this week's question time in the States confirmed one key thing for me it really was that my decision to put the Bald Truth blog into cold storage - quite possibly even for good - and focus on opportunities at a wholly different, international level not yet undertaken by anyone really must be the right one. 

Yes, okay I acknowledge the key Jersey political blogs are now far, far bigger and more widely read than they were four or five years ago. But I also believe something new just has to be done to try and help them and justice along. And it now seems the opportunity is mine to try and do this...

But let's take a good, hard look back at the truly shocking facts unveiled in  yesterday's States Sitting with a question put to the Health Minister.
Here the man who is currently the best Jersey politician by a country mile, Deputy Mike Higgins was trying once again to get some 'bald truth' out of Jersey's Health Minister. This personage is one Trinity Deputy, Anne Pryke should you be one of the apparent Island majority who have absolutely no idea who this very 'senior politician' in charge of the costliest and most essential department is.

Deputy Higgins was asking Pryke about a child protection case to which I have alluded previously and one which I had subsequently passed on to him upon my leaving the States earlier this year. Indeed, a case which is so shocking that if the mainstream (State) media only reported it (they won't of course - dog poo, too many rocks on the beach and needing to keep their Establishment chums looking good for the election are far more important!) said facts really should have all good parents/professionals rioting out on our streets - let alone finally voting our corrupt Establishment Party out of power.

Not just hearsay - a six hour long colour video!
Now I have to be very careful here because having done so much painstaking work with the rightly concerned complainant in the hope of securing justice and accountability I really cannot say all that I would like to: protecting the identity of the children involved being absolutely paramount as readers will understand. Suffice to say that what came out as a consequence of Deputy Higgins' questioning of the Health Minister is simply jaw-dropping even outlined in the sketchiest of fashions. In fact truth be told it is actually terrifying.

You see according to an individual Deputy Higgins described as the Head of Children's Services it can now be reported here that; apparently being presented with a SIX HOUR video - not to mention SELECTED STILLS  - showing a couple of adults choosing to initiate oral sex where a young toddler is not only present but is physically being held so close to 'the action' by the male and in such a fashion as to render the child what most right-minded people (I believe) would surely view as a deliberate prop  or possibly even sexual stimulant does NOT immediately set child protection alarm bells ringing at the top of the Island's Health & Social Services Department!

Can this really be true?

Well, yes I'm afraid it can because though Health Minister Pryke was doing her usual best to waffle, time waste and plead ignorance to avoid giving an answer that might come back to haunt her I can confirm here that Deputy Pryke herself sat through a FOUR HOUR meeting at the Hospital which I had arranged on behalf of the complainant where all of this was spelt out for her in most graphic detail. 

A meeting I should point out where the Minister was not only able to again see said stills and hear first hand of the complainant's and my own concerns - but to which she was also accompanied by two very senior members of her  own Health team very familiar with the details of the case. These being Mr Pointon and Mr Jouault. Hopefully, of course, unless things are even more lax at Health than even I and Deputy Higgins already believe this meeting surely should be officially minuted: and these facts can thus be confirmed? 

One thing is for certain: I am happy to testify to the above wherever necessary. 

For let us be quite clear: this was not a case of a naïve and immature young couple forced by hard economic circumstance to risk initiating intimacy in cramped, one room accommodation. This activity; its manner and location was a matter of evidenced conscious choice. 

The consequence of both Health and Police 'professionals' refusing to admit that they were wrong and thus be held accountable was that highly damaging decisions were subsequently made in Jersey's courts.All I really need to say for now I believe to demonstrate once again that whilst most of the time servers and wannabes masquerading as States Members don't want to know Jersey's children are as vulnerable now as ever they were.

I thus repeat nothing - but NOTHING - has been learnt since Haut de la Garenne. And until professionals, Ministers, Judges, Attorney Generals or whoever who are responsible for such failings are finally held to account nothing - but NOTHING - will ever change. Shoot the messenger once again if you like but the truth of what I say - and what Deputy Higgins reported yesterday - is absolute.

Oh yes...and just in case any reader is still in any doubt on this one: the senior police officer charged with examining a copy of the video had apparently just passed it on to a more junior colleague. A junior colleague who we must also surmise either has judgment as flawed as those ,professionals' up at Health; or who simply just got bored and didn't watch it all the way through to the important bits. You see the police report didn't think what was revealed was a child protection concern either....

Could you make it up? Probably not. But this I'm afraid is Jersey in the 21st Century.

Keep the Faith 

As for me - having already given several hours of evidence on a wide variety of material I have a second session of evidence to give the Committee of Inquiry very soon. Then, unless the Birts and Bailhaches of this world manipulate things to somehow prevent it, I have further promised that I am happy - and indeed wish - to then give my evidence and be questioned on all and any of it in public.

But once this is completed I have no shame in saying I really do have to finally take a step back to pursue the opportunities arising to change things via routes and mediums not yet tried. The battle will go on as before - just on a different battlefield so to speak. I'm actually really looking forward to it no matter where its course may take me!

Finally, I thus wish all of those wronged and abused - and likewise those who have bravely fought so hard for them - strength and the very best of luck. Remember: if you are reading this and you don't do justice - in Neo-Feudal Jersey 'justice' will certainly do you....

Take care



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Another snapshot of the Jersey ‘justice’ system – where ‘the law’ is changeable according to who you are…

Being pleased to receive some assistance from our cousins across the channel in France relating to our Strasbourg application – this arising out of complete disbelief on their part at how those who control Jersey’s ‘justice’ system continue to twist and abuse it at will to secure the desired Establishment result – the conversation got me on to thinking of how the Data Protection ‘law’ was infamously manipulated against former Senator Stuart Syvret.

Indeed, the timing for putting up this post seemed pretty ideal as I had decided that due to some rather interesting ‘happenings’ I have set for around the end of September/October I needed to take a break from regular blogging at least until nearer the election. And secondly, I had just had yet another experience of what passes for ‘law’ in the Birt and Bailhache epoch Jersey Twilight Zone via Viscount Michael Wilkins’ collusion with the State media regarding our politically manipulated ‘Désastre’.

More about this episode in a future post no doubt. Yet in the meantime please check out this link to my interview on the excellent Voiceforchildren Blog.

Stuart Syvret and the notorious Data Protection ‘secret court case’ scam

Here, should any readers not be aware, four Establishment proxies (there was actually meant to be five but one refused to go along with the ruse having been written to by Data Protection asking him to come in and join them) including one middle-aged, internet troll and convicted petty criminal we shall call for the sake of humour and upsetting his sense of deluded importance, Boozy D’ Eathreat were provided with the better part of £500,000 of our taxpayers’ money by the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office. These monies being to cover ‘legal advice’ costs to take former Senator Syvret to court and prosecute him regarding material on his internet blog.

The actual cost of the whole scam in fact ran in to millions as I know firsthand from one of those involved in the process. However, what really needs to be focussed on for the purposes of this particular post is that Mr D’ Eathreat was allowed access to this taxpayer’s money despite the fact that what Stuart Syvret had actually written about him being an abusive and cowardly cyber bully was demonstrably true. As at least nine other complainants to the police I am now aware of can confirm. Imagine that, readers – in Jersey such is the break down of law and order that you can now actually be taken to court for telling the truth! All our judiciary need to do to succeed is simply ban you from providing the evidence or calling any witnesses.

Yet it must also be flagged up – especially given the anti-Syvret propaganda pumped out by Establishment Party organs such as the Jersey Evening Pravda – that whatever one thinks about the former Senator’s decision to name the secret court case proxies on his blog it remains an undeniable truth that the former Senator does have a wholly sustainable defence in his claim to have done so in what he considered to be – rightly or wrongly – the ‘public interest’. Certainly one hell of a stronger case than Viscount Wilkins’ has in his pandering to the whims of his mates in the Establishment court and media in our ‘Désastre’ case!

The differing judicial attitude to Syvret and Boozy D’ Eathreat actually sums up ‘the Jersey Way’ to a T

You see this Establishment proxy – a perma-Stella-ed, work-shy, scumbag, who has for years viciously attacked not just Syvret himself but many others including Shona and myself and even victims of child abuse on the internet using a whole plethora of fake avatars (James Le Gallais, James Pearce, Sue Young, Julie Hanning, Percy Luce, Monty Man Hunter etcetera) to try and conceal his sick and cowardly actions can have no such defence whatsoever. NONE! Boozy D’ Eathreat’s abuse of innocent people is down to pure, twisted maliciousness and jealousy. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Yet guess what? When approached for the same support to take this truly horrible bully to court - surprise, surprise - the Data Protection Commissioner claimed that she ‘could not do so’. Because this internet troll is apparently – and I quote here: ‘not a data controller like Syvret is’. In fact according to the Data Protection Commissioner’s very own words once again our Mr D’ Eathreat ‘is just a kitchen table blogger’. ‘Syvret’ in contrast she told me ‘even calls himself a journalist.’

Wondering what a ‘kitchen table blogger’ is?

Me too!  Because, even though I asked the Commissioner to kindly explain, her answers left me largely none the wiser. You see someone writing on the internet can call him or her self whatever they like – investigative journalist; reporter; political activist – anything. Most of course use plain and simple old ‘blogger’. The best are also quite open about who they – we - are.

The key issue here then is that such claims don’t actually automatically have any legal standing whatsoever. Syvret, after all, may use the term ‘journalist’ even though – just like other individuals such as Mr Rico Sorda for example – he is not actually employed or contracted by anyone. Indeed, such people in truth are ‘employed’ only by their social conscience; their ‘contract’ being only with their commitment to social justice.

Indeed, it is a similar story with the guff used in court against Syvret in throwing around the term ‘data controller’. Is Syvret any more a ‘data controller’ writing his blog than the sick and vicious internet troll who sets up and controls fake political forums where he uses avatars to both register it and spout his easily identifiable hatred as if this was coming from real people?

Or who even sets up bogus blogs - again registered under fake names - to do the same? Indeed, is Syvret or any other of us who write in our own name on personal and genuine blogs more of a ‘data controller’ than the sick and twisted troll who undoubtedly ‘controls’ the hateful bile he pumps out – i.e. the ‘information’ via Twitter of Facebook? Hateful information we know even pillars of the State media such as BBC Jersey Managing Editor, Jon Gripton are evidently happy to re-tweet as ‘amusing’.

No - Syvret is not

The truth is this whole ‘data controller’ concept is actually one originally intended to be utilised in relation to big business and institutions and was never constructed with the idea of being used against the likes of Syvret at all. It has simply been seized upon here in the courts of Jersey – the Hazzard County of the English Channel – as a convenient additional tool of Establishment oppression. (Who is Jersey’s Boss Hogg? Answers on a postcard…)

As for an individual like our Mr D’ Eathreat being able to pump out his cowardly hate to bully people he becomes fixated upon year after year without fear of falling foul of either Data Protection or the police because he is a ‘kitchen table blogger’ this also utter garbage. The term’s legal standing is zero. Both agencies are fully aware of who this creature is and what he does. They both know there is a huge file of complaints about him. They also know that he could – as both honest local and UK police officers have confirmed to me - be charged under the Harassment Law and should have been.

But charged he isn’t

As for me personally, having pursued all of the correct complaint procedures following the years of sickening and vicious abuse from this social inadequate scumbag and yet still seen the authorities do absolutely nothing I actually can’t wait to be taken to court having decided my last resort was to stand up to this thug.

You see one little thing the Jersey Establishment Party may not have realised in deliberately allowing this freak’s reign of abuse to go on and on is that - finally - there are a great many of his victims who are now willing to give evidence about the how they have been abused and then betrayed by the authorities meant to protect them. And unlike James Pearce, James Le Gallais, Sue Young, Julie Hanning, Alan Gower and Uncle Tom Cobbley and all – they are all real!

Keep the Faith


In the meantime should you be one of this thug’s victims yet somehow suddenly find yourself down the police station due to one of his own bogus complaints (D’ Eathreat has made dozens of them!) please just remember this.. The police actually need a Centenier to charge you. It can’t – as it appears happened recently - be attempted by a couple of the mates the troll is always bragging about. And when you get out of the station if you haven’t got anyone else to turn to feel free to give me a call so I can add your name to the list… 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Bailhache: the ‘reformer’ again exposed as ‘wrecker’

Of all the many things that can be said about yesterday’s States vote to yet again hold back the tide of desperately needed political/constitutional reform in the Island surely the most crucial point to take on board above all else is this: not only did the manner by which democracy was thwarted see the States Assembly sink to an all time low but ‘Sir’ Philip Bailhache has now been exposed beyond argument as having free rein to abuse the system by whatever means he sees fit to maintain the Establishment Party’s grip on power.

Bailhache, of course, was carried into office by the likes of fawning Establishment organs such as the Jersey Evening Pravda on the back of farcical propaganda that he was the very champion of ‘reform’. That such claims were – as I and others from the progressive Left made clear at the time – utterly fake and in fact highly dangerous for Jersey’s democratic and socio-economic future – have now been proven 100% accurate. What after all it must be asked has the ‘Great Reformer’ Philip Bailhache reformed? The answer is, of course, absolutely nothing.

Indeed, Bailhache's track record on this could not be any more appalling if he tried. lets us not forget his very first move was to hijack and deliberately sabotage the reform referendum - wholly deliberately turning it into a loaded shambles which could only result in one outcome: failure.

In deeply disturbing contrast Bailhache is in truth a political reactionary of the very worst type – a draconian dinosaur in fact. A man absolutely desperate to preserve not only the ‘political stability’ that the Finance industry which has so captured our Island demands of its co-conspirators to guarantee its spiv culture of individual and corporate tax avoidance; but with it the two-tier society of an all-powerful Establishment minority totally immune to the democratic norms of the wider modern world.

And as yesterday shows, terrifying as it is, without outside pressure and ultimately intervention the conclusion must be that in this Bailhache is currently winning. At least until time takes its natural course and he and his aging band of power-obsessed neo-feudalists wither away and pass into an embarrassing history. Anyone who doubts this should simply consider the basic facts of yesterday’s debacle.

In what was so transparently nothing more than a blatant wrecking motion ‘Sir’ Philip Bailhache was allowed to bring an amendment to the Constable of St. Helier’s rehash of former Deputy Shona Pitman’s proposition to put an end to the role of Bailiff and replace this in the States with a democratically elected Speaker and President. Though sad in itself this amendment was, of course, not actually the real problem as I will explain.

It was the fact Bailhache was quite outrageously allowed to bring an amendment which if successful had clear and undeniable potential financial benefit to his own brother: Little ‘bruv’ William after all had already been named in an act of true arrogance and provocation by ‘Sir’ Michael Birt as his successor to the role in advance of the debate.

This is a blatant abuse and manipulation of the intent and spirit of Standing Orders and any claim to the contrary is simply untenable even with the most liberal interpretation of Standing Orders imaginable. Indeed, that ‘Sir’ Philip Bailhache was himself then even allowed to participate in the debate of such an amendment demonstrates just how utterly corrupt and craven the whole system is.

Yet where were the champions of democracy themselves – the voices of the progressive Left – in raising all of this to public attention? From what I heard – and I acknowledge I didn’t listen to the whole debate so depressing was the quality of much that was said within speeches – it appeared they just let the blatant abuse of process pass unchallenged. My word - but not a single one of the Left appeared to stand up to challenge the absolute joke of a claim that the judiciary in the form of the Bailiff could influence or interfere with the democratic process! 

Has no one from the new political party noticed that the Bailiff completely controls what an elected Member can say, what questions he or she may ask and what propositions may be lodged in support of those who elected them? If I missed this then I apologise but regardless it is something surely for the newly announced political party Reform Jersey at least to get to grips with fast if they are to live up to their name as I truly hope they can do.

Who needs a future it might be stated when ‘Sir’ Philip Bailhache can give us a whole new past?  As for me…depressing as the Bailiff debate and abuse of process was I took solace in the fact that I have a project likely to make a far bigger impact on the democratic deficit here in Jersey on course for the early autumn…

Keep the Faith

Friday, 18 April 2014


It really should come as little surprise to learn that ‘Sir’ Philip Bailhache has awoken from his political slumber following the debacle of his sabotaging of the reform referendum to now try to do the same with the latest moves to put an end to the non-ECHR compliant anachronism of the role of Bailiff. Bailhache’s whole career after all – through both his time as Attorney General, Bailiff and now as a Senator has, in my opinion, been marked by his utter contempt for justice and democracy.

Like his brother William his name is now synonymous to an ever-creasing number of people with child protection failures and the application of ‘law’ only according to who a person is. Indeed, at a time when generations of Establishment cronyism and corruption to ensure our Island was run as a private club to benefit the rich and powerful at the expense of the wider community is finally in sight of its Endgame simply due to the Party having run out of credible ‘big hitters’ to run the show Bailhache is the last desperate throw of the dice as I observed back in 2011.

Yes the political Left has failed over these long years to put aside what have generally been inconsequential differences of political priority to put together a strategy to outflank the endemic corruption of the ‘Jersey Way’. Just as the wider community who have become second class citizens under the ‘Jersey Way’ and its appeasement of Finance at all costs have failed to rise above the culture of fear; the apathy of moans and non-political participation to do the same. 

Yet the reality is the Establishment Party is finally facing its first glimpses of its nemesis because of things even its corruption and bullying cannot control: time and the reality that in a shrinking media world the anachronisms which have helped maintain its power can no longer be talked away with smarm and a dry sherry.

So now we see The Man Who Would Be King – surely King Philip the First and Last - desperately tilting at windmills to sustain the ‘Jersey Way’ and all it allows a little longer by attempting to defend the indefensible position of the Bailiff. A role let us not forget that has absolutely no mandate from the public. A role that allows an unelected judge to control what those who have faced and won election to the States Chamber via the public can say or put forward as policy proposals.

Hells bells - a role that allows these unelected judges – and as the recent past as shown us so dramatically not even ones who uphold justice for all as per their Oath – to strut about in ridiculous red cloak and gilded bog chains as the Island’s ‘First Citizen’ assuming the position afforded some kind of President!

And yet Philip Bailhache wants to keep the anachronism in place. Of course his aforesaid brother, William has already been announced as the next Bailiff - even before the vote set for later this month! But the key reasons why really do not any longer even need to be spelt out. Its removal will be the final cutting away of the critical first leg of the three-legged Establishment Party stool upon which the fat, bloated backside of the ‘Jersey Way’ squats. Once gone the final and long-overdue fall to earth will follow as inevitably as night-time follows day.

Yet to distract from this Philip Bailhache instead waffles via the State media about the importance of maintaining ‘tradition’! Really, Sir Philip? Leaking through the heady aroma of a nice Chateau-Neuf-du-Pape in the luxury of the Atlantic Hotel perhaps do not even you detect just the faintest whiff of sickening hypocrisy in the air? Perhaps then I should give you a little clue: Jersey's link to the Diocese of Winchester. Wasn’t that built around 500 years of ‘tradition’ – yet you threw it away without a thought in your desperation to dodge the holding to account of yet another member of the Establishment Party – the Dean - who had also failed to act on abuse.

Really, Sir Philip have you learnt nothing in your overbearing arrogance since as Attorney General you allowed the convicted paedophile Roger Holland to remain in the Honorary Police setting in motion a reign of abuse on young girls?

Have you learnt nothing since - as Bailiff - you illegally banned an elected Member of the States, former Senator Stuart Syvret from taking up his seat in the States for six months?

Have you learnt nothing since as Bailiff and Chairman of Victoria College you happily allowed a Vice-Principle – John Lyndon Le Breton - with a proven history of disregarding evidence against yet another predatory paedophile, Andrew Jervis-Dykes to be rewarded with a job as a Jurat ‘administering justice’ in your own Royal Court?

Indeed, have you learnt nothing since your grotesque and disgusting Liberation Day speech where you claimed global media reporting was the ‘real scandal’ above the appalling suffering of the victims of Haut de la Garenne which your generation of power holders had allowed to come about?

No, Sir Philip, quite clearly you have not. Or perhaps the truth is that you simply revel in all of this because all that matters is trying to prop up the ‘Jersey Way’ and ensure the Establishment Party hangs on to power a few more years no matter what? Either way the bottom line is that although I believe the craven deference afforded you by so many of the poodles currently passing themselves off as politicians will ensure you win the vote on the Constable of St. Helier’s re-working of Shona Pitman’s proposition to replace the Bailiff ultimately you will fail.

Indeed, if I may paraphrase a favourite rock song ‘This isn’t the end – but at least we can see it from here’. Justice eventually comes to all. Even in the tiny Neo-Feudal State of Establishment Jersey. Sleep well…

Keep the Faith